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She`s My Flexible New Friend

Found this image and loved it. Then I thought how uncomfortable she must have been while it was being taken. Still her partner is a very lucky person. I mean, imagine the sex 🙂 You already were weren’t you LOL

Going Down On Alice

Alice In The Nude These pictures aren’t to my taste, though in the context of alternative Alice Illustrations they are inventive and of a style that fit the Alice stories in a perverted way. I’d never come across Frank Brunner until I found the image and like I said I don’t realy get his stuff […]

How Extreme Does Hentai Have To Be

How big is too big when it comes to breasts on Hentai cartoons. This is a serious question. I like Japanese Manga, but I don’t actually get sexually aroused by Hentai. I look on it more as art. I believe that good Hentai is art. It can be inventive, provocative and really help the author […]

Sexy Wax Play

When you have finished running around visiting friends and spending far too much time with relatives whilst over stuffing your face you may wish to take a break from the over zealous yuletide celebrations. And indulge yourself in something which will be both therapeutic and naughty.  Why not spend some time colouring in naked women […]

Santa Likes Butt Sex

Paul McCarthy is apparently an artist who lives in LA. The inset picture is one of his pieces of art which was created in 2007 and displayed in a public park in Antwerp. To me it’s ludicrous in an artistic sense in that despite all the interpretations applied to it – i.e. that intrinsically it’s […]

Boob Art

I heard of Pricasso a couple of years ago now when he was featured on a late night television program.  He lives on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Australia and paints pictures using his cock as a brush. He is even offering to paint your portrait for Christmas on his site here now that would be […]

Sex On A Chair

Art is a wonderful medium for portraying and exploring human sexuality. The problem with sex in art is that it often spend more time expressing the sex than the sexual and does nothing to investigate our relationship with our bodies, sexuality and each other. At least pornography is honest in its intent. When I see […]

Sexy Pole Dancer

I love watching pole dancing, I’ve only ever seen one show some years ago I got to watch the girls doing their stuff at one of the adult industry shows. The girls make it look so easy but we all know just how much strength, agility and flexibility is required to make all the moves […]

The Naked Stranger

Don’t you think that this picture is all the more alluring because you can’t see the model’s face? It adds a mystery that is subtle and powerful. She also has a nice ass 🙂

The Sexy Angle

I like this image because someone has actually taken the trouble to use a different angle to make the picture more interesting and intimate yet playful. Other photographers please take note, sometimes legs akimbo is not the most attractive shot.

The Most Extreme Kind Of Blog Porn

Sometimes it’s difficult to judge where art ends and porn begins and that’s probably the way it should be. Art should provoke an emotional response, and the flow from the intellectual, through emotional to the animal instinct at the far ends of the human psychological spectrum is individual to each and every one of us. […]

Bondage On A Sunday Morning

I do like a bit of bondage. Nothing too serious or heavy but we play around a bit from time to time. What I do like is nice, good bondage photographs; Truly artistic images not someone being thrashed or bound until bits of them go purple. No thank you. I also like body hugging clothing, […]

Naked And Head Bowed

Pictures of naked bodies do not have to be about full-frontal, explicit imagery. In fact it’s often best to leave as much as possible to the viewer’s imagination. The naked human form is beautiful in itself and presented in a well taken photo can be utterly stunning and subversively sexual and sexy, arousing in the […]