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Fleshlight Review

A quick teaser for you. Full review of our latest toy for review to follow shortly. Tags: fleshlight, sex toy, sex toy review, adult toy, adult toy review, masturbator, male masturbator, superskin

Please Make It Stop!

Creepy how some things stick in your head even though you’d prefer them not to. It’s like a pine needle in the carpet that you can’t vacuum out and you have to remove with tweezers and a torch. Except with memories it’s a little more difficult and a lobotomy has the obvious downsides … I […]

Plums And Plumbing

A short video introduction to this post by Alex. Alex and I have been on holiday this week and despite the weather have had a great time indulging in each other.  Well, it’s turned cooler at nights and has barely stopped raining in days, so what is a couple to do?  😉 It’s been a […]

About Us – On YouTube

For all the belong members who got a notification email about this post earlier today, sorry that this is late. We were, kind of otherwise engaged *grin*. Things I have learned today: I still can’t do “About Us” spiels Video editing takes ages I’m my own worst critic My PC is too slow to use […]

Answer To Your Questions

In case you were all wondering where all the answers were … here they are. Well, here’s one of them and the rest can be found (#4-#7) on the AlexSuze page at YouTube.

About Time Too …

What with one thing and another it’s taken far too long to respond to your questions from our podcast. I’ve posted the first answer on  You Tube for you all. Our broadband is playing up so this took ages to upload. I’ll try to get the rest up tomorrow 🙂

Questions, Questions?

Click the button for a quick podcast from last night. The audio is in Quick Time format, you’ll need the player from if you don’t already have it.