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Cocking It Up

The story I just read tickled me on more than one level.  It involved a sex toy as you might have come to expect from me but it wasn’t so much that but they way in which it was used. But best of all is the recollection of the dimensions of the object in question.  […]

Thinking About Swinging?

I just finished reading a story about a couple of swingers in Germany.  Their daughter had watched a program on television about swingers and spotted her parents in rather compromising positions. At first I thought how irresponsible they had been in allowing themselves to be filmed carrying out sexual acts without though for who would […]

Big Heavy Cock

Does every guy have this feeling? I’d be glad if you’d enlighten me. I was taking a pee earlier today and I became acutely aware of the weight of my cock. It wasn’t that I was hard but for some reason, perhaps because I’d just finished work and was therefore feeling more relaxed than I […]

Mirror Fetish

I’ve seen hundreds of images of girls taken via a mirror on adult sites. Sometimes they are amateur, mainly they are pretending to be amateur … occasionally they have something in the background the shouldn’t have, LOL This one however gets my vote for being different and inventive. Don’t you think?

Keep Quiet After Sex Even If You Scream During It

I read this story about a man who has allegedly confessed to a murder in a bout of post-coital chumminess. Whether it’s true or not it did get me thinking. When in that state of bliss following a sexual encounter our defences and inhibitions are down. It makes us quite vulnerable to letting things slip. […]

Sex Dollies

When I was watching Jeremy Kyle a few months ago as I tend to do every other day when I don’t go to the gym I spotted a real treat.  He had his usual compliment of reprobates on with their sordid little stories which never fail to amuse. But what followed in the ad break […]

The Cum Dilema

Further to my earlier post about whether a woman chooses to spit or swallow, or indulge in head at all, I think I ought to make a point. You really shouldn’t ask anyone to do something that you’re not prepared to do yourself. So in the case of getting a mouth full of your own […]

Sex Toy Hysteria

Made in 2011 the “Hysteria” film is about to go on general release. Was it because the release schedule for the movie studios was so packed , was it that the studio thought the subject matter was so sensitive or was it just and administrative oversight that meant we have to wait until now to […]

Lovely Tit Wanks

Pushing your hard cock between a pair of full breasts is an experience that few men heterosexual would turn down. It’s stimulating, naughty and ultimately satisfying. It’s also one of those sexual practices that women can feel like they have to take part in to please their man whether they enjoy it or not. I […]

Odd Boobs

I don’t know why the artist decided to do this but this is just weird. Something about the placement of the boob … … those crazy Japanese guys!

Crowds Of Bisexual Women

It’s difficult to move these days without falling over bisexual women. You talking about me?  Lol Specifically I’m talking about celebrities. A cynic might say that pop stars and the sort of celebrities who are famous just for being famous have discovered that announcing that they are bisexual increases their public profile. It also means […]

Naughty Screaming Orgasms

I’m not so much a screamer in bed but I do like to vocalise my appreciation of Alex’s ministrations by moaning, the occasional phrase and grunt.  All this comes quite natural but I do have a level of awareness during sex and do try to moderate appropriately. We are adjoined to the house next door […]

Panty Flash

I used to have a manual job, and as I’ve mentioned before it was like workplaces the world over; Male dominated and misogynistic. There was a constant obsession on the part of the workshop staff with what the office staff were wearing. Female office staff that is. Heaven forbid that any of the guys might […]