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Licking Me Better

Since Alex wrote his post about cock sucking the other day I thought I should write one about cunnilingus. Seems only fair, right? Cunnilingus is something that I enjoy receiving and where possible giving too, but that’s another post altogether 😉 The problem is that not every partner you have is into licking pussy, fortunately […]

Sex Toys And Cum

Being professional sex toy testers the one thing that is certain in our house is that a vibrator, cock ring or other device of personal pleasure is never far away. Yes we have to be careful and keep it all out of sight for when visitors pop by, especially so at the moment when selling […]

Blow Jobs All Round

There are some things that each of us never tires of. It varies from person to person but there are some common threads, especially for men. We are such simple creatures. LOL One of them is blowjobs, show me a man who’s tired of blowjobs and I’ll show you someone who’s tired of life. Well […]

The Cum Dilema

Further to my earlier post about whether a woman chooses to spit or swallow, or indulge in head at all, I think I ought to make a point. You really shouldn’t ask anyone to do something that you’re not prepared to do yourself. So in the case of getting a mouth full of your own […]

Fruity Cock

Oral sex is a pleasure that most people enjoy, but a few don’t. That’s OK, if you don’t enjoy it don’t do it. The last thing anyone should feel in the bedroom is that they are pressured into something they are not ready for or don’t like doing. Like any other sexual practice oral sex […]

A Blow Job In Your New Car

This was sent to me by a friend four years ago as a WMV file. I’d put it to one side to watch but never done so and was rather amused by what I saw. Pity it’s a show real for a director, but then I suppose it would never have got past advertising standards […]

When His Cock Tastes Of My Pussy

Alex nuzzled between my legs, hard cock bouncing invitingly up and down.  As he pushed ball deep in to me he leant in to kiss me on the lips, forcing his tongue in to my mouth.  His firm tongue jostled with mine as we embraced kissing me deeply, passionately. Moments later he broke his embrace […]

Muff Diving Classes

I would like to thank one of our wonderful readers who brought a site to my attention today, she knows what makes us tick at AlexSuze.  We are always on the look out for news, articles and just plain naughty subjects to feature here. She pointed out that in County Donegal there is a diving […]

Pussy Licking Goodness

Human beings have been experimenting with sex for thousands of years so it came as no shock to me to find out that cunnilingus has been around since at least the time of the Roman Empire. There’s even a picture of it on a wall Pompeii. One thing that did surprise me was the amount […]

Suck Me While I Sleep

My waking dream this morning was pretty amazing. I dreamt that Suze and I were working in a factory making some form of electrical devices. Don’t ask me what, it’s irrelevant. We were seated on what I could only describe as bar stools. We were apparently being instructed on how to assemble these “things” by […]

Oral Sex

Before a girl had had her mouth around my cock I was totally unaware of how much technique oral sex could involve. My recollections of the first time a girl sucked my cock were of enthusiasm, but not much else. I was excited of course and she was too. She started gently, not knowing exactly […]

Rough And Wet

Some sexual encounters can quite simply blow your mind and tonight’s was one of those moments.  It was so good I just have to share with all you appreciative naughty people out there because I know just how much you like to be a part of my bedroom antics.  😉 There is far too much […]

I Love To Suck

I make no bones here I love to blow a guy.  Over the years I have studied and perfected my technique and I think Alex will agree the time was well invested.  Lol Not every guy responds to the same stimulation so it’s all about discovering what works for him. But I’m sure most guys […]

When I Need A Doggy Fuck

I lay in the dark on the bed next to Alex watching our latest instalment of porn, something to do with big boobs. And they were big. 😉 We watched about 10 minutes of the first scene which was quite different from the norm, I’m sure Alex will be reviewing it later. Then I felt […]