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The Colours Of A Good Fucking

I like a good slow and deeply penetrating shag, one where hips grind together and my breasts roll and massage his chest.  The intimacy of feeling him so close to me, his breath hitting my cheek, his strong arms around me and his hands stroking my soft flesh. To feel our pubic bones grind together […]

Amazing Sex

Long time readers will know that I experience a form of synaesthesia . In my case this manifests itself in me “seeing colours” whenever I experience intense sensation. This can make for some amazing orgasms. Last night we made love twice. The first before we watched a film, the second afterward. The first time was […]

Beyond Orgasm

I remember finding out that I was different quite clearly. I’d mentioned how I felt when I orgasmed on a comment on someone else’s blog. I described seeing colours, well feeling colours and the blog’s author was the first to use the term synaesthesia to describe it. I looked up synaesthesia on the Internet and […]

Spectacular Orgasms

There’s a place that I go every time I have sex with Suze. I can be making love gently and sensually, or I can be fucking her hard and fast. It doesn’t matter, this place appears almost every time. It’s the same place on each occasion but each time is unique. Like visiting a city […]

Pond Slime

There are some things that you don’t think of as sexy. Some things that would never pop into your head and make you think of getting jiggy. For example, filling out your tax return, Woman’s Realm, John Prescott … you know what I mean. So take pond slime. Grab a stick and thrust it into […]

Lemon Zest Sea

Polished chrome balls reflect the light of distant stars as they float in a viscous yellow and orange fluid. The meniscus clings to the smooth surface of the spheres rotating and bobbing in the surreal ocean of colour. I can see the ocean of citrus shades directly but behind my head the black sky and […]