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“This Morning” Bondage Shocker

Well, the FSOG bandwagon is approaching full speed isn’t it. Even ITV’s “This Morning” woke everyone up by featuring a “Beginner’s Guide to Bondage” and immediately providing the doltish “journalists” the Daily Mail with something to get irate about. I have no reservations in linking to the Daily Fail because everyone else is and it’s […]

Being Naughty In Germany

It’s almost that time of year again as we make our final arrangements to visit the eroFame show in Hanover, Germany again. eroFame is Europe’s largest B2B event and now in its 3rd year, every year sees the event increasing in size and reach with participants coming from all corners of the globe to show […]

You Know It When Things Don’t Seem Right

I was totally amazed when I read the story in The Mail about Melissa Smeaton’s discovery that her boyfriend had been unfaithful.  Apparently, love rat Richard Antony had promised to put an end to his infidelity.  Not  a good start.  Lol Of course you do have to wonder how sincere and genuinely reformed he would […]

Be Breast Aware

It’s not often I find it necessary to beat my drum about something I’ve read in the papers.  More often than not I try to forget I just read another article about some star or other’s baby weight or the bloody Kardashians. But in this case I want to express my utter distaste at the […]

Cocking It Up

The story I just read tickled me on more than one level.  It involved a sex toy as you might have come to expect from me but it wasn’t so much that but they way in which it was used. But best of all is the recollection of the dimensions of the object in question.  […]

Naughty Screaming Orgasms

I’m not so much a screamer in bed but I do like to vocalise my appreciation of Alex’s ministrations by moaning, the occasional phrase and grunt.  All this comes quite natural but I do have a level of awareness during sex and do try to moderate appropriately. We are adjoined to the house next door […]

Swinging Coming To A Neighbourhood Near You

I just finished reading an article in the Daily Mail about a detached property in Hampshire which isn’t classed as business premises being used for adult partying and regular events. The five bedroom house sports two dungeons, a dancing pole in the living room, hot tub and various pieces of bondage furniture in the back […]

Krankie Sex Parties And Swinging

I’m still wondering if what I have just read is true or a publicity stunt… The Krankies renowned for their double act where Ian and Janette Tough plays Ian’s son Jimmy have given an interview to the Sun claiming that back in the 70’s and 80’s were swinging on a regular basis. Could this be […]

Boob Art

I heard of Pricasso a couple of years ago now when he was featured on a late night television program.  He lives on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Australia and paints pictures using his cock as a brush. He is even offering to paint your portrait for Christmas on his site here now that would be […]

Mega Melon Boobs

Every now and then I come across a news story that raises a smile.  I just read a story about a Co-operative supermarket in Jersey. One of the customers queried the cost of a green pepper which was charged at £1.95 instead of the usual price of 79p.  It was discovered that they had been […]

Oooh My Bollocks!

Most people have had an argument with their boyfriend that turned pretty heated but not quite as heated as the one I just read about. Maria Topp aged 44 and Martin Douglas aged 45 had a blazing row back in January and she ended up doing the unthinkable.  Just thinking about it now make me […]

All Porned Out

I’ve just read an article which claims that exposure to internet porn is de-sensitising people making them less responsive to normal sexual encounters. It’s claimed that the constant stimulation of the brain to produce doparmine is creating problems in the brain’s ability to process the dopamine spikes and the viewer requires more extreme porn to […]

Not So Sexually Deprived

I will admit that from time to time I covet new sex toys, I have to have one to test and review and until I get my hands on one I won’t stop trying. There is something exciting about being one of the first people to have not only played with a product but reviewed […]