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Suze’s Insatiable Cock Lust

If you’ve got a woman who likes her cock, likes looking at cock you might want to see this book review on Erotic Buzz by Suze. The book’s unusual and possibly unique so read what she has to say and take a peek over at the publisher’s preview if the girl in your life could […]

Dirty Centrefold Girls

Despite the rumours the print media is not dead. The new media revolution delivered via the Internet hasn’t killed off the glossy mags and newspapers quite yet. Hurrah for that I say because it’s difficult to get as attached to a website, no matter how well put together, in the same way that you can […]

Going Down On Alice

Queue Richard Burton voice “Who would have believed that in the first years of the 21st century the Lewis Carol’s classic children’s book would be turned into a groundbreaking porn movie?” And that I would be able to use the schoolboy humour version of the lyrics for the song “They’re Changing Guard At Buckingham Palace” […]

Perverts Wear Purple

Well, they do tomorrow, because January 16 2009 is International Fetish Day. You signify your support the day/flag your involvement by joining in with the “Perverts Ware Purple” movement. There’s more information about this over at Thanks to Larissa for the heads up on this one. Of course all perverts and dedicate kinks need […]

Celebrity Video Revealed

… just not quite yet (I have to upload if first). Last night was one of those evenings that you can’t tell the guys at work about. The question “So what did you get up to last night?” or “See anything good on TV?” really couldn’t be answered honestly this morning. I spent most of […]

Caveman Sex

Since we started reviewing on this blog, and then setting up Sex Toys Buzz, we’ve come across increasingly ingenious sex toys. Although you can still buy the traditional phallic vibes and associated paraphernalia there’s a lot out there to intrigue and excite that looks unlike any sex toy you’ve seen before. We have two such […]

Sex In All Its Forms

Since taking over at Adult Blog Hub we’ve been trying to make changes to the site to improve it and how it serves its members. The most obvious change was the initial colour scheme update. Since then a number of internal changes have been taking place, the visible signs of which are just appearing … […]

Discover Your Lover

We were sent a new game a couple of weeks ago. It’s by Teas & Please and it’s called “Discover Your Lover“. We’ve played it and I’ve posted a review over at I’m expecting three more deliveries this week from various sources so we’re not short of things to review at the moment … […]

Marilyn Monroe Sex Tape A Hoax?

Big names sell. Big Names having sex sell even better. Photographic evidence too? You just name your price. But the fact is that when someone suddenly “discovers” a previously unknown piece of film or photographic print picturing a celeb you have to demand provenance. Recent cases in the UK where autograph dealers were convicted for […]


BDSM is intriguing to most people. It may not be that they actually fancy the idea of the BDSM scene but most people know enough about it to make them curious. This might be because they are interested, tempted to try it out or because they can’t believe “what some people get up to”. Either […]

New Erotica at Lucrezia Magazine

The latest edition of Lucrezia Magazine is out now. Read all about it here.  About Lucrezia Magazine “Our mission is to present quality erotica, art, photography, reviews and sexual discussions. Lucrezia Borgia is sex in all its forms, and the personification of freedom. She is the light and dark, the subversive and divine: sexuality in […]

Subterranean Kink

You will never guess where Suze spent Sunday afternoon. No, not down at the pub. No, not shopping at the mall. Ok, I know that sex is at the forefront of your naughty little minds, but I wasn’t doing that either. I was out and about meeting people. To be specific we visited a dungeon, […]

Be As Bad As You Want

When you’ve found your perfect partner the possibilities are endless. Aren’t they? But what if you want to indulge yourself and your partner to the full and act out your wildest fantasy? It’s not like you can just pick up the Yellow Pages and look up a company in the “Wildest Fantasies” section now is […]

A Naughty Visit

Alex and I hit the road yesterday to go and visit some lovely people we were interviewing for Without giving too much away they are involved in adult naughtiness. After a reasonable trip we arrived at their offices and were greeted by Gavin, a very pleasant young man who I wouldn’t say no to […]