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It’s That Naughty Time Of Year Again

I don’t know where this year has gone.  It’s been a busy but life changing year for both Alex and myself. As some of you may be aware we took a trip of a lifetime in June and spent 15 glorious days touring Western Canada.  A trip we will remember for years to come for […]

Suze Gets Balled Hard

You may have seen this post on A-Rouse, earlier today. The product of that is the first review of a toy supplied by by Suze – The Doc Johnson Pleasure Ball. You can read it here. We already have some more to review for them, here’s hoping this will be the first batch of […]

New Look Smut

We noticed a few bugs in the LicList software over the weekend, so I fixed them and while I was at it I changed the format and colour of the list itself. If you don’t know about LicList it’s a list of adult blogs that lives here on our site. It’s been around for a […]

Sex Online

If you have been reading our adult blog since it’s inception just over 3 years ago you will know that we have been trying to register with Britblog. They are a British bloggers listing and for some reason they wouldn’t accept us on to their directory. We wondered if they thought we weren’t British […]

Generation Sex Video

You’d be amazed at the emails I get. Alright so perhaps you wouldn’t, but I got one yesterday from a television company asking us for a little publicity for a new programme they’re developing called Generation Sex. For details see this video. Please note rather than call the contact number in the video you should […]

Generation Sex Video

You’d be amazed at the emails I get. Alright so perhaps you wouldn’t, but I got one yesterday from a television company asking us for a little publicity for a new programme they’re developing called Generation Sex. They’re looking for people who are willing to appear on-screen and tell the viewing public what you get […]

New Adult Video Channel

We’ve been creating videos for a while and posting them on YouTube. Until now however you’ve had to go to YouTube to see them all together. We thought it would be much easier for you to access them via a page on our site. To that end we’ve created the ASTV channel page here.

Sex On The Move

I have noticed that we seem to be gaining popularity on all formats at the moment, some of which I have never heard of before but that is hardly surprising. We have vast numbers of visitors from all around the globe and I suppose you could say that we are truly cosmopolitan. It’s a wonderful […]

Taking Control

This story originally ran here. Adult Blog Hub is a directory for all adult/sex bloggers and readers of those blogs. It has been in existence for almost two years and has undergone several redesigns taking it from simple post listing site to one incorporating sections for different genres and content mixtures. It also has a […]

I Just Couldn’t Resist

Yesterday afternoon I registered with BritBlogs. Again. The last time we tried, over a year ago, they rejected us because they couldn’t verify if we were British. Well, I’ve registered from a British IP so I think they should be gather from that that I’m not located in darkest Peru. Now I’m waiting for the […]

Subterranean Kink

You will never guess where Suze spent Sunday afternoon. No, not down at the pub. No, not shopping at the mall. Ok, I know that sex is at the forefront of your naughty little minds, but I wasn’t doing that either. I was out and about meeting people. To be specific we visited a dungeon, […]

China Girl

I think we’re going to have a themed week here at AlexSuze this week. And the theme is David Bowie. Enjoy the video. Tags: David Bowie, China Girl

Oh Cock!

An appology. For about an hour yesterday from aroun 20:00 GMT to 21:00 GMT the site became inaccessible. This was due to someone at our host making a change to the web server settings which buggered the site up.  All back now as you can see. But as I say it wasn’t of our doing, […]

Suze Does Double

Suze posed the question “Which header image do you prefer, the existing one or this new one?”.Reaction was mixed, pretty much split 50-50. But Alfie has come up with the perfect solution. Use both!Here’s what we’ll do, Use both images and randomly display one or the other every time you load the page. That way […]

So Do You Wanna See More Of Me?

In my post on the 7th of January…Oh, click here to go straight to it. Lol I asked you which banner you prefer to see at the top of the site. Both have images of me but the new one shows a little bit more of me. The post attracted comments from seven of my […]

Lucrezia Magazine

Just a quick one. If you haven’t already seen it Lucrezia Magazine is now up and running. All connoisseurs of erotica should visit Lucrezia Magazine’s January 08 edition. And that is just the start. February’s edition promises to be bursting with even more quality content. Tags: Lucrezia Magazine, erotica, online erotic literature

Celebrities Being Bad

It’s nice to be noticed. Especially by the people you’d least expect and for something that was quite simply a spontaneous outpouring triggered by a piece of relatively unimportant celebrity gossip. Last night I found out we’d been linked by the Guardian for this piece that I wrote last week. Subsequent to writing this I […]

He Got To Fuck Jenna Jameson

Now you all know what Alex has been up to. As Alex pointed out, if anyone had suggested to him a couple of years ago that he would be fucking Jenna, he would have laughed. But it came true the other day and I even got the chance to watch! If you want all the […]