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Which Butt Would You Prefer to Spank?

Having a boob job is now almost an everyday procedure. Women compare boob size in the showers after gym, maybe clandestinely maybe overtly (it depends how friendly they are I suppose), but instead of just wishing they had bigger boobs it’s now possible for many women to actually have their chests enhanced. And if they […]

Time For Your Spanking From Ms Perkins

Kinky Christmas Viewing I’m a huge fan of anything featuring Sue Perkins and Giles Coran, I find them funny when solo but hilarious when paired up.  If you haven’t seen their eating through the ages series “Super Sizers” you should, it’s brilliant viewing. Earlier this year they made a series of self sufficiency programs based […]

Naughty Girl Needs A Spanking

The ad had read “Wanted, naughty girl in need of spanking, OTK only, no restraint.” The email exchange between Him and her had been brief. The Journey to his house in the idle of an urban Georgian terrace was uneventful. She stood outside the black painted door and contemplated the brass knocker for a moment, […]

The Elements Of a Spanking

If you have been a regular reader you will know that despite spanking not being a major part of our lives there have been occasion when we have dabbled. Even then the moments have been widely separated and fleeting. The urge to be spanked or administer a slap to an exposed rump often occurring during […]

Spanking, The Way I See It

After my Unexpected Spanking post the other day I started thinking about my attitudes towards spanking in a sexual context to date, and how it was shaped by the views of others and the media. Despite considering myself an enlightened soul I was pretty naïve about spanking until a couple of years ago. About the […]