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Cum On Glass

This is a piece of erotic I wrote years ago, thought you might want to see it … I waited for her car to pass me at the traffic island. Her right of way. Me waiting. Giving me the chance to look at her and imagine what was to come. I could see it in […]

Girl-Girl Stories

Most guys will tell you they like a bit of lesbian porn. There’s something hot and unthreatening about two women getting it on for you to watch. I’m not saying that all men are threatened by the sight of a penis in a porn movie but it’s certainly easier to avoid distraction if there are […]

Filthy Christmas Sex Story

Seasonal smut for you over at Kinky Halo. “His trousers were yanked down and a stiff, heavy cock slapped against her thigh. He pressed her against the painted brick of the wall and lifted her up. His erection sought out a route past her wet panties. With one arm around his neck her other reach […]

More Sex At Work

The second part of the latest sex story is now ready to read over at Kinky Halo. “I released his cock from my mouth, except for the tip that I sucked hard, rubbing the frenulum with my tongue. I grabbed his balls and formed an O with my thumb and forefinger around his shaft so […]

Fantasy Sex

In the Film Risky Business, Tom Cruise has a dream where he screws the babysitter on his parent’s dining table. The cops surround the house and get on the bullhorn. The senior negotiator (don’t ask me why this is a hostage situation requiring police attendance) shouts “… you are surrounded, get off the babysitter”. LOL […]

Top Class Fucking Story

More filth, in case you missed it: “She lowered her head onto her prize until she could take no more, tasting him, smelling his masculinity. Then she felt his hands on the back of her head, and grabbing her hair she felt herself pressed harder and deeper onto him. She was unable to draw breath. […]

Fucked In A Flash

My hand is cold from the autumn air. I’ve already pushed her up against the tree. I push my palm between the soft skin of her belly and the waistband of her jeans. My mouth is pressed against hers, my tongue probing inside and dominating hers. My fingers slide closer to the prize and just […]

The Bisexual Threesome`s Climax

A three parter about a prolonged threesome over on Kinky Halo. “I did as I was told and had the shirt ripped off my body by the two women. Andi faced the top of the bed and squatted over my face, Trish rode my dick, engulfing it in her wet, hot, swollen pussy so I […]

Take Two Girls In The Shower

Feeling hot this morning? No? Then read this and you soon will be. “I reached down between Trish’s legs and slid the middle and ring finger of my right hand inside her swollen and sensitive pussy. She was as ready as Andi had been to cum and I knew she was about to put on […]

Sex To Go And Cum For

Sex to go? Sex to make you cum over at Kinky Halo: “His lips were on her clitoris, kissing it gently. Its sensitivity because of her growing excitement meant she was tingling but she craved his tongue to flick and tease it. He made her wet, kissing up and down the length of her neatly […]

Sucking And Fucking

Here’s an extract from the latest story over at Kinky Halo: “His finger then slowly slid down the cleft of my ass and found my asshole. It twitched when he touched it and relaxed as he moved on to my pussy where it found a warm and wet welcome. He immediately moved back to my […]

The Sex Assessor

From a time when sex is illegal – da, da, DA! “The man pressed his glans against her waiting furrow and slowly became one with her. In a smooth movement she raised her legs and wrapped them around his waist. The leisurely, yet passionate ballet that followed drew Evans in from his position as silent, […]

Sex In The Woods

This is an unusual story, indulge me, you might like it 😉 “His hands enclosed her breasts in a way that told her he possessed them, at least for now and he was in control. He rubbed his erect phallus between them sticky fluid oozing from the end, coating her stomach. Her nails ran down […]

Hand Jobs And Retro Fucks

Being young and carefree is great for all sorts of reasons, especially sex. You have boundless enthusiasm, energy and every encounter is a new experience making every new partner exciting and totally different from the last. So with that in mind how about this, an amalgam of some of the experiences from my youth … […]

Stuff For Anal Addicts

Right porn pickers, here’s one for all you anal addicts out there. A filthy story for all your depraved minds to enjoy. “My cock had been rock hard since I started to fill her with the plastic phallus and I was ready to fulfil her anal lust so I took one of her hands from […]

Public Anal Action

Ever fantasised about anal sex, ever fantasised about public sex,ever fantasised about public anal sex? “Mark felt Liz lean forward and reach round to grab his cock. The change in angle pressed the dildo inside him hard onto his prostate and made him shriek with the intensity of the sensation. She stroked him gently pausing […]

The Hottest Sex Shows In Town

A little later than promised but here’s the latest of my kinky stories: “A vigorous session of cunnilingus was followed by a marathon doggy style fuck. The woman then licked her partner avidly for several minutes not neglecting a millimetre of his cock and balls. Finally, she lay on the small round, upholstered podium on […]