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London Porn Shoot

Yes, I’m off on another porn shoot.  Lol  This one is on the outskirts of London in a large mansion complete with outdoor swimming pool although I don’t think there will be any pool action unless it is heated.  Normally at this time of year you would expect to be able to utilise an outside […]

Porn Next Door

A report I read in a daily newspaper just made me realise how fortunate I am to have a partner who is also a partner in my adult life and activities. For me leaving sex toys around and testing them at impromptu moments isn’t a problem, likewise if he wishes to take a new toy […]

The World Of Porn In 2012

Porn’s a funny old thing isn’t it? Amongst the oldest forms of artwork, erotica and pornography appear in various forms throughout human history but at each stage of our evolution from Palaeolithic hunter gatherers to the tech savvy hominids that we are today our views about depictions of the human body and the sexual act […]

Porn Done State Side

I have been chatting to legendary porn star Tommy Gunn recently and he agreed to send over some of his productions when I told him that I hadn’t seen any. So guess what landed on the doormat this morning.  Yes, you guessed it.  I now have 4 naughty DVD’s to watch and review. I’m particularly […]

Porn Times Two

I did something weird yesterday. I reviewed two Adult DVDs. For someone who reviews sex toys and DVDs you might not think that’s too unusual but frankly it is because I hadn’t done a DVD review for ages. So it was quite a novelty. They were not the cream of the crop I’m afraid, both […]

Slipping In The Porn Where I Can

As you are aware I test and review adult products for a living.  Therefore my daily routine usually involves playing with toys and watching porn…oh, and writing filth for the sites. In fact my day just doesn’t seem the same without I participate in at least one of these activities.  I get withdrawal quite quickly […]

She-Male XTC 9

It seems the older I get, the kinkier I get…especially when it comes to pornography.  When I first set out reviewing porn DVD’s my taste was limited to heterosexual and lesbian because I am bisexual and can appreciate both angles.  Or if you like I’m just plain greedy. I wasn’t an anal fan either and […]

Interview With A Filthy, Sexy Bitch – Angel Long

We interviewed Angel Long on the hottest day of the year in a baking hot TV studio. Thank goodness we weren’t shooting porn, we would have been dripping with sweat – but Angel had been making porn in the sweltering heat. All in a day’s work for a professional porn star. So what did she […]

Porn With A Twist

I have just reviewed my first Wicked Pictures DVD and I must say I was quite impressed.  It’s a completely different format to the norm and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It makes a refreshing change to watch something which is unlike anything you have seen before.  After a while watching the same formats over and […]