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“This Morning” Bondage Shocker

Well, the FSOG bandwagon is approaching full speed isn’t it. Even ITV’s “This Morning” woke everyone up by featuring a “Beginner’s Guide to Bondage” and immediately providing the doltish “journalists” the Daily Mail with something to get irate about. I have no reservations in linking to the Daily Fail because everyone else is and it’s […]

Whipping And Stroking, Licking And Fucking

Suze described how we played with a little light bondage at the weekend. Using our current favourite set of web restraints allowed me to also use one of our old favourites, a multi-stranded rubber whip that is as good at delivering subtle and glorious sensory pleasure from gentle teasing and stroking as it is at […]

Ride Me Like You Are In A Rodeo!

I don’t know why I did it, last time I vowed it would be the last time and yet I still went ahead despite everything.  It’s possibly because I’m so tight with my money.  Lol If you were wondering exactly what I was wittering on about, it’s my hair.  I only have it trimmed every […]

Tie Me Up And Fuck Me

What do you do on a Sunday evening to liven things up as you consider the week of work ahead of you. You get out your bondage web… I asked Alex if he would set up the we on the bed, it’s a great restraint set which is so quick and easy to use and […]

Cruel Red Nails, I Love `Em

Talons Of Passion: If there’s one thing I hate it’s having long fingernails. I hate the feel of them. I mention this for two reasons. Firstly because I currently have long fingernails. Well they’re long for me at just over a millimetre. But more practically because I hate getting dirt under them and they tend […]

Bound And Wet

Alex and I have indulged from time to time in BDSM play, I say play because we aren’t hard and fast BDSMers by any means. We enjoy the role play and the restriction that this kind of sexual play has to offer. And when coupled with a light spanking of flogging it can be a […]

The Sex Slaves On Amazon

When I was growing up a feature of my televisual entertainment was a stream of situation comedies and British comedy films from Pinewood and Elstree. One of the running themes that appeared with a low frequency but often enough to be noticeable was “White Slavery!”. Why the exclamation mark? Well because it was always uttered […]

Figging For Fun

I’m a very open minded girl and welcome new ideas and practices in the bedroom, a firm believer if you keep things fresh the boredom daemon will not wriggle in to your lives. That said I do have restrictions on what I’m prepared to do based upon safety and comfort. We have tried quite a […]