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Continuous Sex, Keep It Cumming

We were a bit nervous yesterday as we were having the server on which Adult Blog Hub runs upgraded. Everything seems OK thankfully, ABH and Sex-Press sites stayed up, phew! If you don’t know about Adult Blog Hub it’s a sex blog directory that allows user to register links o their own sites and individual […]

Fast And Easy Sex

A few weeks ago I mentioned that Sex-Press was about to cross the 100 member mark. Well, over Christmas it did. So there are now over 100 blogs feeding into the sex blog directory over there. We’re really pleased, the whole Sex-Press idea has worked out very well. It’s easy to join, and requires little […]

How Do You Cope With All This Sex?

We always knew that there is a bewildering array of sexuality out there, expressed on sex blogs. Finding it can sometimes be a problem, or more to the point finding the sex blog that turns you on, floats your boat and pushes all the right buttons is a bit of a nightmare with so much […]

Easy Porn

Being an inventive sort and having a great deal of time on my hands since I was put on short-time working I’ve been scooting around the sites looking for improvements that I can make. If you’re not already aware we run a sex blog directory Adult Blog Hub. Up until now you’ve had to go […]

Big Pink And Even More Fun

There are a couple of things I want to bring to your attention. Firstly, for bloggers and readers alike there is a great resource for you to promote your site and increase your traffic. Adult Blog Hub has been around for a few years now and searches well at Google. There are two sides to […]

Me And My Filthy Friends

Alex and I took over Adult Blog Hub with the intention of developing it alongside our other sites. We are doing so slowly and members will see those small changes over time. Each one adds to the ABH site a increases its usefulness to readers and authors of adult blogs. For those who haven’t ventured […]

Perverts Wear Purple

Well, they do tomorrow, because January 16 2009 is International Fetish Day. You signify your support the day/flag your involvement by joining in with the “Perverts Ware Purple” movement. There’s more information about this over at Thanks to Larissa for the heads up on this one. Of course all perverts and dedicate kinks need […]

Sex In All Its Forms

Since taking over at Adult Blog Hub we’ve been trying to make changes to the site to improve it and how it serves its members. The most obvious change was the initial colour scheme update. Since then a number of internal changes have been taking place, the visible signs of which are just appearing … […]

Hot Adult Sites And Where To Find Them

Since taking over Adult Blog Hub we’ve been making changes to it. This process is quite painstaking and will continue for a while yet. What you will have seen if you’re familiar with the old site is that there are now multiple categories into which we are re-categorising sites to ensure that everything is easy […]

Taking Control

This story originally ran here. Adult Blog Hub is a directory for all adult/sex bloggers and readers of those blogs. It has been in existence for almost two years and has undergone several redesigns taking it from simple post listing site to one incorporating sections for different genres and content mixtures. It also has a […]