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Xxx Pick, I want My Fucktoy

I haven’t checked out the posting list over on Adult Blog Hub for a few weeks and so I decided to take a look today and found an interestingly wanton post written by Fraile. Her blog is entitled Changing Views and it’s a collection of reflective posts, poetry and erotica with a  hint of BDSM. […]

XXX Pick, A New Sexuality

I’m usually so busy these days keeping stuff up to date on our sites that I rarely get the chance to catch up my fellow bloggers posts. Today I made myself check out the latest posts on Adult Blog Hub and to my delight I found a wonderful post by Severin at Prattlings Of A […]

XXX Pick, When You Whip Me

If you’ve been reading us for some time you will know that both Alex and I like a little light bondage and the occasional spank or glance from one of our collections of whips.  I in particularly am partial to my rubber whip, it feels good when dragged across the skin and delivers a stinging […]

XXX Pick, A Pussy Pump

I was looking through the posts over on Adult Blog Hub and stumbled across a very amusing post regarding pussy pumps. Being a sex toy tester and reviewer I have had the pleasure of using one of these in the past so reading “Pussy Pump” amused me no end. If you haven’t visited “Walk On The […]

XXX Pick, Sexy Summer Camp

I was over on Adult Blog Hub today and spotted a post which took me back to my holiday in June.  IT was a post about a summer trip and a raunchy pool encounter. It had been my intention to get down to a little bit of pool sex with Alex while we were over […]

XXX Pick, How Many Partners

I just found an interesting post over on Adult Blog Hub.  It touches on a subject that I’ve never really given much thought to, the correlation between the number of sexual partners you’ve had and your likely hood of settling down and getting married. I’m not sure where they found the statistics but they are […]

XXX Pick, Last Night I Wanted A Treat

I’ve never been out with a guy who didn’t appreciate a good blow job and to be hones I really love giving them.  It feels empowering to be able to bring him off with my lips, tongue and throat, to have control over his orgasm. But I also find myself in a slight dichotomy in […]

XXX Pick, Pussy Whipped

When I first saw this post over on Adult Blog Hub I thought it was going to be a raunchy BDSM post.  You can see where I’m coming from can’t you with the title. But no Blue Eyed Vixen from “Secrets Of A Blue Eyed Vixen” brought a question to the table in here post “Pussy […]

XXX Pick, The Choices Women Must Make

I was intrigued when I read the title of this post by “Walk On The Wild Side” and had to go take a look. And wow! Did I get an eye full. The quotation by Louise J Kaplan was inspirational but even better than that was the hot picture below it of WOTWS. Go check […]

XXX Pick, More Mastubation

Naughty Fairy posted up an interesting post on Adult Blog Hub entitled “More Masturbation” and being the dirty girl that I am I just had to go and check it out. She discusses her favourite way to bring herself off and reminded that I also missed out on the pillow humping as an adolescent.  In fact […]

XXX Pick, Are You A Tits Man Or An Ass Man?

This age old question raised its head again on Adult Blog Hub and I never tire of giving it some thought. Sexy Fairy over at The Naughty Spot pondered the question in her post “Are You A Tits Man? Or Ass Man?”. I sat and thought about this for a while and then came to […]

XXX Pick, Sexual Acrobatics

I selected this post from a relatively new blogger to join Adult Blog Hub and even better this guy is a fellow Brit. It’s good to see a male blogger on the scene they are by far out numbered by the ladies and it’s a refreshing change to read a males perspective on all things […]

XXX Pick, Pushing Boundaries

I found this post over on Adult Blog Hub and whilst it’s not really a sexual post as such it does make for interesting reading. His Kit Kat from the aptly titled Possessed writes about her fears and insecurities and how having her Master in her life has changed her, is changing her for the […]

XXX Pick, Say It’s Hard

I just read a post on Adult Blog Hub that I wish had thought of writing I still may if DDD doesn’t mind me borrowing her idea.  😉 It’s nice to come across a post which is so original in its concept and “Say It’s Hard” is just that.  It started me thinking and I […]

XXX Pick, The Party

The reason for me selecting this post on Adult Blog Hub is because it appealed to my naughty side.  Slut broke the rules and fessed up the following day after a rather deliciously dirty party by all accounts.  Can’t wait for the full details, this girl has also been made “Ho Of The Year”. So […]

XXX Pick, Oral Caress

I’m a girl who loves to give as much as receive and there is nothing I like more than giving a guy a blow job.  Watching their face as you administer your oral delights on their erect phallus is such a turn on. So I was delighted to read Slut’s post on Adult Blog Hub.  […]

XXX Pick, Birthday Blow Job

If you were a guy what would be your perfect Birthday gift.  A tie, some socks…after shave? I think you would all much prefer a blow job wouldn’t you? Well, I was just reading the latest posts over on Adult Blog Hub and it seems I’m not alone in my way of thinking and neither […]

XXX Pick, Facebook And Sex Blogs, Just Like Heaven

I spotted an interesting post over on Adult Blog Hub regarding Facebook and sex blogs and why we do it. For me it’s all about sharing my naughtiness with the reader anonymously which means I can be frank and open on my blog without the fear of being discovered by a friend or family member. […]