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Anyone For Anal?

  If you’re interested in a little anal sex play, on your own or with your partner you should pop across to Himdulgence for a few tips. Alternatively for a more in-depth explanation of the ins and outs of anal sex  you can see this anal sex guide over on Sex Toys Buzz.   There’s […]

Anal Sex

Here’s something that surprised me when I heard it. Some girls are having anal sex with their boyfriends because they are “saving themselves” for their wedding night. That is, vaginal sex is out of bounds so they can honestly say that despite having had numerous cocks inside them they are a vaginal virgin. Well, I […]

Anal Sex, Again, Again!

Being a relative anal newbie I can’t help at be in awe at someone who can manage to take two cocks in the ass at the same time. I have only managed to successfully take Alex’s cock up my a few times.  It requires you to be 100% relaxed for it to work properly, otherwise […]

Anal About Anal

As I caught up on my porn viewing last night it occurred to me just how much trouble the girls in the scenes go to.  And I’m not just talking about taking showers and anal douching in preparation but the constant maintenance that they undergo to keep themselves employable by the industry. It must cost […]

Secret Anal Tricks

Here’s an interesting thought. I was just washing an anal toy that we’ve recently acquired for review, and it occurred to me; Could you slip a butt pug inside your partner while they are asleep? I’m not talking about something big here, just a small one, something sensual rather than sphincter stretching. This may seem […]

Anal Sex On The First Date

I don’t go out like I used to any more.  And to be honest I don’t miss it, I can’t be doing with the cattle market routine any more.  Also, people’s idea of a good night out seems to have shifted since I was on the scene. Standards seem to have dropped.  And I’ve heard […]

Stuff For Anal Addicts

Right porn pickers, here’s one for all you anal addicts out there. A filthy story for all your depraved minds to enjoy. “My cock had been rock hard since I started to fill her with the plastic phallus and I was ready to fulfil her anal lust so I took one of her hands from […]

Public Anal Action

Ever fantasised about anal sex, ever fantasised about public sex,ever fantasised about public anal sex? “Mark felt Liz lean forward and reach round to grab his cock. The change in angle pressed the dildo inside him hard onto his prostate and made him shriek with the intensity of the sensation. She stroked him gently pausing […]

Up My Ass Now!

The aroma of sex hung heavily in the air, fuelling my desire and urge to fuck Alex’s brains out.  You see one orgasm isn’t enough for me, like the Duracell bunny I can just keep on coming.  I’m one of the blessed people capable of multiple orgasms. Alex arose from between my legs again, the […]

Sex On The Desk

Ah, from our filthy minds comes another filthy story: “He pressed his cock against me and I tensed up again, my almost virgin asshole protecting itself from penetration. I et myself relax and felt the bulbous end of his cock open my anus. His hands grabbed my waist as he pushed slowly into me, the […]

Workplace Fantasy Sex

Sex in the workplace is a common fantasy, that’s probably why it’s so popular: “I kept thrusting until she went limp and was about to release myself inside her when she pushed back against me and twisted round, causing me to withdraw from her. My cock waved in front of me wet from the deepest […]

Anal Domination

I received my strap-on and harness the other day.  The postman knocked me up to give it to me. Lol  That sounds naughtier than it was, he was early and I was still in bed when he delivered it.  He was so eager to give it to me (there I go again  lol) that he […]

Oh My Aching Asshole!

We took a trip out to the Sex Shop last weekend. I forgot to tell you about it. It’s a great place to check out the consumers and what they are purchasing and I like to check out any new DVD’s on the shelves. In fact we ought to be offered a cup of tea […]