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Watch My Dirty Videos

Well, we had our knuckles wrapped by YouTube and they suspended our account. So, although they never actually said what we’d done wrong (and yes we did ask), we must be doing something right. Lol Therefore over the past few days I have been converting them and setting them up for you to view online […]

Lots Of Dirty Pictures

Our New Video Channel OK, not new, but fully refurbished. ASTV is back. After a short absence for a bit of work under the hood ASTV is back better than ever with all our sex toy review videos. We nearly have all 40 videos plugged into the page. Let us know what you think, and […]

Sharing Our Naughty Videos With You

We have been independently reviewing adult products for over three years now and publishing the results on our toy reviews page. We like to think we are respected by the community and have been approached many times via personal emails for advice on personal issues which we always make time to respond to. This site […]

Celebrity Video Revealed

… just not quite yet (I have to upload if first). Last night was one of those evenings that you can’t tell the guys at work about. The question “So what did you get up to last night?” or “See anything good on TV?” really couldn’t be answered honestly this morning. I spent most of […]

Glamour Model Exposé

We have an exclusive video coming up here on AlexSuze so stay tuned. Alex and I got to ask a glamour puss a few questions, not something you get the chance to do every day! All I can say is that she is one of the hottest new UK talents around at the moment and […]

New Adult Video Channel

We’ve been creating videos for a while and posting them on YouTube. Until now however you’ve had to go to YouTube to see them all together. We thought it would be much easier for you to access them via a page on our site. To that end we’ve created the ASTV channel page here.