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Too Much Of A Good Thing

I seem to have spent the last 3 weeks eating out with friends, relatives and work acquaintances.  Oh, and the woman from gym whose friend thought I was gay.  Lol You didn’t hear that one.  Ok, because you didn’t see the previous post about it I will recap for you. Working from home means that […]

Fast Cars & Hot Sex

Alex inherited a very nice Mercedes 4 x 4 recently which meant that we had the inconvenience of having 3 cars to provide parking for. This pushed us in to the decision to trade our two old jalopies in against a new vehicle for me, after all my car was now 8 years old.  It […]

The Thing About Escorts Is …

If you were to mention the services provided by an escort agency you might get a very mixed response no matter what company you keep. The reason is simple, like a lot of professions the whole idea of paying someone for their company comes with a lot of baggage and preconceptions that colours people’s views […]

Sexting – Whatever that is?

At the risk of being a bit of a pedant I do likes words to have a fixed meaning, or at least meanings  that don’t change over time in an arbitrary fashion. It happens quite a lot and the Internet hasn’t helped because with a lively and dynamic youth culture added to cosmopolitan cities full […]

The Thigh Gap Fad

I was introduced to the latest fad for the female population via all those images of skinny models on cat walks.  It’s the “thigh gap”. It seems that there is an ever growing population of women who want to be able to stand with both knees touching but a gap up at the top of […]

Gym Insights

I’ve decided due to popular demand to give you regular updates on the daily goings on at my local gym.  It’s a bit like visiting the local zoo as the behaviour in some cases resembles that displayed by animals but enough of that later.  Lol Nursing a hangover this morning, I decided it would be […]

Porn Star Pussy, Gang Bangs And Fleshlight Girls

It’s not so long ago that men had to use their imaginations when it came to masturbation and most of them still do. If you fantasise about a specific porn star you might think that an imaginary tryst with them might be the nearest you’ll get to fulfilment with them. However this is the 21st […]