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Anyone For Anal?

  If you’re interested in a little anal sex play, on your own or with your partner you should pop across to Himdulgence for a few tips. Alternatively for a more in-depth explanation of the ins and outs of anal sex  you can see this anal sex guide over on Sex Toys Buzz.   There’s […]

Whipping Things Into Shape

We went out to do some shopping today so I did a bit of research while we were out. You see I received 5 very special and quite hardcore canes this morning from Europe. So I wanted to refresh my memory about what is available on the high street to compare and contrast with those […]

Hard Cocks And Wet Panties

Everyone wants to make their girlfriend’s panties wet. Suze find out how to do just that with her sex toy review over at Sex Toys Buzz. There are male and female sex toy reviews over there but if you want exclusively male sex toy reviews you should visit Himdulgence. We seem to have a higher proportion […]

Sex N Fun

Alex was right the other day when he said to me “I’ve got to go to work now. It’s alright for you, you get to play with yourself all day”. How many other people can say they get to work from home and every now and then slip off to the bedroom in the line […]

The Orgasm Machine

We’ve been busy over at Sex Toys Buzz, our sex toy review site. After a lot of deliberation we’ve installed a new template and while it’s not quite finished we’ve made it live. It gives you more information on the front page with lots of nice thumbnails that are clickable and take you through to […]

Sexy Hand(y) Job

Couldn’t resist that. In Germany a mobile phone is know as a “Handy”. And for those of you with a mobile phone with a web browser you can now view our sex toy review site even more easily. We had a basic mobile site up for several years but now we’ve made changes to […]

Sex Toys Boys And Girls!

We thought it would be useful to write a little article giving advice about shopping for sex toys. It’s very general, doesn’t mention any particular brands or stores but does try and give you all a clue as to where to start when searching for a sex toy online or in a high street store. […]

Rude Tube Lemon Lube

There’s a new sex toy review over at in case you’re interested 🙂 It’s not a unique product but quite nice and a little more versatile than most massage lubricants.

Suze and Her Vibrators

It’s a new month and we’re offering a new prize over at Sex Toys Buzz. Pop over and register if you haven’t already done so. And while you’re at it check that you have activated your account fully – if you don’t you will not be in with a chance of winning our monthly sex […]

Filthy Schoolgirls

In case anyone is interested I’ve reviewed Gazzman’s latest release over at Erotic Buzz. It’s another in the Young Harlots DVD series. “Young Harlots’s School Trip” Lots more DVD reviews to do at the moment, people will keep sending them to us. Love it. Lots to do tonight. I shouldn’t have spent today at the […]

Slippy Wet Clit

Suze has written another brilliant sex toy review over on Sex Toys Buzz. Pop across and check it out. Remember that while you are over there you can sign up for our newsletter that automatically enters you into the monthly draw for the chance to win free sex toys. And there’s our Erotic Buzz section […]

Power Pussy

Suze has very exacting standards when it comes to sex toys. When you’ve been testing sex toys for as long as she has it sort of comes with the territory. It’s not that she is picky, she just knows what works for her. Of course what works for one person may not work for another […]

Pumping His Cock

Is Alex the Fleshlight King? Maybe, he’s had loads of them to review, and has seen the toy develop slowly over the past five years. His latest review is available over at Sex Toys Buzz. It’s his first time with a Fleshlight Ice and if you know anything about me I love to see a […]

Charging For Sex

The quest to lead greener lives and reduce our carbon footprint is becoming more prevalent.  You simply cannot ignore it, if we don’t become more energy efficient we are all going to suffer in the long run. I extend this ethos to the bedroom too, I quite often use rechargeable toys avoiding the need to […]

Queuing Up For Free Sex

We’ve had a bumper month of sign-ups for free sex toys via our newsletter at Sex Toys Buzz. Luckily our sponsors are all providing generous prizes so each month brings even more chances to win. The winner of the February competition will be announced later this evening and current subscribers will be receiving their copy […]