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Porn Star Pussy, Gang Bangs And Fleshlight Girls

It’s not so long ago that men had to use their imaginations when it came to masturbation and most of them still do. If you fantasise about a specific porn star you might think that an imaginary tryst with them might be the nearest you’ll get to fulfilment with them. However this is the 21st […]

Games Not To Play On Christmas Day With The Family

As a sort of public service announcement I thought I’d help you all out by mentioning a few games that you shouldn’t pull out of the cupboard when things get a bit boring on the TV when you and your family are sat round digesting the Christmas lunch. The Monogamy Game This venerable member of […]

Getting Bound And Teased

In our last post I mentioned that I’d point you at some sensible BDSM sex kit so that’s exactly what I’ll do right now. BDSM equipment doesn’t have to be complicated, expensive or scary. Well, not unless you want it to be anyway. For beginners it’s often best to start off with the old cliché, […]

Making Me Mona

Being a sex toy tester and reviewer I’m never short of something to play with.  So it goes without saying that I sometimes don’t get round to revisiting previous favourite toy for some time. Tonight I was feeling in the mood to share a little mutual vibratory pleasure with Alex, it’s not often that we […]

How Wet Are Your Panties

Everyone wants to make their girlfriend’s panties wet. Suze find out how to do just that with her sex toy review over at Sex Toys Buzz. There are male and female sex toy reviews over there but if you want exclusively male sex toy reviews you should visit Himdulgence. We seem to have a higher proportion […]

November Sex Toy Roundup

Is it that time already?  Lol  That’s because this month I am posting up two roundup’s because silly old me forgot to do one last month, so you get double the pleasure this month.  😉 As I mentioned in the last Roundup I have been to Erotica London and I thought I would be brimming […]

I`m Picking Up Good Vibrations

Whilst I was at the gym the other day my neighbour took in a delivery for me.  I opened my front door to discover a parcel delivery card on my door mat. They said that my parcel was round at my neighbours house.  I dismissed the idea of collecting it because I knew my neighbour […]

Scary Cock!

I love my sex toys in whatever shape or form they come. Some toys which look as if they simply wouldn’t hit the spot can take you by surprise on occasion. This has happened to me a few times when I have suggested that I test a toy expecting to be pedestrian and it amazes […]

Jerking Off Someone Else`s Husband

As I’ve already mentioned I get a lot of mail from people asking my advice on sex and sexuality.  I got this one the other day from someone I regularly chat online to. “She wants to try on me some male masturbaters and dont know which one to get do you highly reccomend any???? some […]

Sex Toy Fun

Got a box of sex toys from a brand new client today, Two for me and two for Suze. Fun, Fun, Fun! Read the Sex Toy Reviews here. (When we’ve done them of course :), in the meantime there are plenty of others to read)

Sex In The August Sun

August Sex Toy Roundup I’m starting to get excited as the weekend fast approaches because we will be flying over to Amsterdam for 5 days of naughtiness.  As mentioned before we will be visiting Scala’s open day and attending Mr B’s barbeque which is promising to be interesting. We are promised some authentic Dutch fun […]

Cock Pumping

I do enjoy a good sex toy review. Especially when it involves a bit of especially naughty testing. Even when I’m testing a male masturbatorlike this Suze gets involved so an enhanced hand job is not something I’m a stranger to. All our latest reviews are over at Sex Toys Buzz if you’re interested. And […]