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Thinking About Swinging?

I just finished reading a story about a couple of swingers in Germany.  Their daughter had watched a program on television about swingers and spotted her parents in rather compromising positions. At first I thought how irresponsible they had been in allowing themselves to be filmed carrying out sexual acts without though for who would […]

Blow Jobs All Round

There are some things that each of us never tires of. It varies from person to person but there are some common threads, especially for men. We are such simple creatures. LOL One of them is blowjobs, show me a man who’s tired of blowjobs and I’ll show you someone who’s tired of life. Well […]

Mirror Fetish

I’ve seen hundreds of images of girls taken via a mirror on adult sites. Sometimes they are amateur, mainly they are pretending to be amateur … occasionally they have something in the background the shouldn’t have, LOL This one however gets my vote for being different and inventive. Don’t you think?

Porn Next Door

A report I read in a daily newspaper just made me realise how fortunate I am to have a partner who is also a partner in my adult life and activities. For me leaving sex toys around and testing them at impromptu moments isn’t a problem, likewise if he wishes to take a new toy […]

Three In A Bed

I was reminded reminded just now of something Suze once said to me. It was about that very friend, the one Suze fancied. We were lying in bed one night, post-coitus and Suze said, out of nowhere “I wouldn’t mind if you slept with xxxxx.” I was a little amazed. Yes Suze knew I found […]

The Big Wet Shower Of Cum

Tonight without any formalities or verbal communication we slipped off to the bedroom from the office next door.  We both knew from the mutual look in our eyes that we…wanted it. We were already semi naked in our night attire and so jumped on to the bed without any need to undress.  Alex was straight […]

Sex Dollies

When I was watching Jeremy Kyle a few months ago as I tend to do every other day when I don’t go to the gym I spotted a real treat.  He had his usual compliment of reprobates on with their sordid little stories which never fail to amuse. But what followed in the ad break […]

The Cum Dilema

Further to my earlier post about whether a woman chooses to spit or swallow, or indulge in head at all, I think I ought to make a point. You really shouldn’t ask anyone to do something that you’re not prepared to do yourself. So in the case of getting a mouth full of your own […]

Cum In Her Mouth

We have an old porn movie on VHS where one of the scenes features a woman who insists that her male partner cums in her mouth. Not in the mouth gaping expectantly, cum splashing all over her face sort of way but actually cums with her mouth wrapped around his cock wallowing his rather copious […]

Sex Toy Hysteria

Made in 2011 the “Hysteria” film is about to go on general release. Was it because the release schedule for the movie studios was so packed , was it that the studio thought the subject matter was so sensitive or was it just and administrative oversight that meant we have to wait until now to […]

Lovely Tit Wanks

Pushing your hard cock between a pair of full breasts is an experience that few men heterosexual would turn down. It’s stimulating, naughty and ultimately satisfying. It’s also one of those sexual practices that women can feel like they have to take part in to please their man whether they enjoy it or not. I […]

Crowds Of Bisexual Women

It’s difficult to move these days without falling over bisexual women. You talking about me?  Lol Specifically I’m talking about celebrities. A cynic might say that pop stars and the sort of celebrities who are famous just for being famous have discovered that announcing that they are bisexual increases their public profile. It also means […]

My First Dominatrix

Jacqueline Pearce’s portrayal of Servalan is still regarded by many people as the sexiest thing to come out of the BBC in the early eighties. Jacqueline’s powerful and driven President of Earth is unremittingly self-serving, ruthless and regards her sexuality as simply another tool in the armoury that put her in charge of the entire […]

Gender Swapping

What do you all think of us Brits? Here in the UK we have a long standing tradition of men dressing up as women, especially in the theatre. I’m not talking about transvesticism here, but guys who may or may not dress in women’s clothes away from the stage being required to don a frock […]

Sex From The Classroom

How would you feel if someone from your past turned up and revealed they had a thing for you after years without contact? That’s almost what has happened to a number of people on sites like Friends Reunited, leading to warnings by a lot of serious faced agony aunts about the dangers of re-igniting old […]