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Fifty Different Ways … A Guide To The Sex Toys Of Fifty Shades Of Grey

When we were across in Hanover last month we were interested to encounter a large grey-black box that represented the Fifty Shades of Grey sex toy range launch stand. What’s come out of it since is interesting, if a little er, familiar. Now, if you like, feel free to go out and buy the FSOG […]

Making Me Mona

Being a sex toy tester and reviewer I’m never short of something to play with.  So it goes without saying that I sometimes don’t get round to revisiting previous favourite toy for some time. Tonight I was feeling in the mood to share a little mutual vibratory pleasure with Alex, it’s not often that we […]


G-spot orgasms are knee tremblingly good but the ones I can achieve playing with my clitoris rip through me like a bolt of lightening.  First it starts off in my toes and fingers and then it works its way around my pelvic girdle and up my spine. The ensuing orgasm sees me twitch and spasm […]

Skull Fucking

I don’t know if I’m sad to admit it but I know exactly who made the strap-on dildo featured in this wonderful X-ray. It’s probably an aside that someone who has been testing and reviewing adult products for the best part of five years now knows them inside out. I’m sure that the strap-on is […]

Suze’s Clitoris Gets Attention

Toy Joy Cherry Blossom Nibbler Now what can I say about this little baby…fffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccckkk! End of review. No seriously.  When I first opened the packet for the Chrerry Blossom Nibbler I must say it didn’t impress.  It reminded me of a small torch without a light.  Lol  But, Oh boy, was I wrong.  Lesson learned…never […]

Suze Gets Balled

Cyberskin Screaming O Balls Review I’m not in the habit of trying any toy consisting of balls these days. Least not since I acquired an unusual sex toy at the time, a pair of Smart Balls several Christmases ago, long before I started reviewing here. I bought them with my own pennies and wasn’t at […]

Buzz Fucking

I spent this afternoon writing up a couple of reviews, one of which I’ll publish later this evening. Reviews, yeah sex toys reviews. If you haven’t noticed that’s one of the many things that we do. LOL It’s odd but only a few years ago that would have been a completely weird thing to be […]

Pumping That Pussy

I’ve seen them I was fully aware of pussy pumps but was never really tempted to try one. That was until Nice Sex Toys sent one out for me to try. Have you guessed what I am talking about yet? There is a clue in the title of this post. Ok, I’ll tell you. I […]

Cumming To The Point

You can never have enough clit vibrators or for that matter clitoral orgasms. Lol I have a variety of toys for bringing me off but nothing like the Acupoint Duo Massager. And I asked if Nice Sex Toys could send one over for me to play with. Unlike other clit vibes the Acupoint has two […]

Keeping Your Pussy Moist

As you are well aware Alex and I test drive sex toys and review them for you as our “evening job”. As a result of this we have accumulated a large collection of lubricants both supplied for use with the toys or for review. Alex’s bedside draw is full of them, everything from tingling lube […]