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Masturbation For Relaxation

Suze and I have both been experiencing a little stress recently and because of that we’ve been looking for healthy outlets for our frustrations and anxiety. We’ve just moved into a new house so there’s plenty of scope to lose yourself in DIY and gardening particularly because the previous owners were terribly unskilled at hope […]

Porn Star Pussy, Gang Bangs And Fleshlight Girls

It’s not so long ago that men had to use their imaginations when it came to masturbation and most of them still do. If you fantasise about a specific porn star you might think that an imaginary tryst with them might be the nearest you’ll get to fulfilment with them. However this is the 21st […]

Mutual Masturbation

My social networking site never fails to amaze me.  From the requests to see more pics of me and do I do porn to the requests for me to meet up for a quick shag.  Some people are so unsophisticated it wouldn’t surprise me if that was the only contact they have with opposite sex…but […]

Playing With My Pussy

I decided to do sex toy review yesterday afternoon as it was so grey and dismal outside.  Turning on the DVD player on route I pulled the bedroom curtains closed, don’t want the neighbours watching my porn.  Lol The DVD was already loaded in the player and kicked in to action, I started the first […]

Bring The Dildo Honey

There’s a scene in Fight Club where Tyler Durden walks into Marla’s room and he spots a dildo on top of a chest of drawers. She says something along the lines of “Don’t feel undermined by it”. Funny ‘cos I wouldn’t. I love to see Suze masturbate. In fact I even enjoy hearing it as […]

Cum In The Kitchen

I’ve written before about methods of masturbation and the story about a friend coming back to the house he shared as a student to a surprise. His housemate had fallen asleep on the sofa with his trousers around his ankles and clutching his cock with a tea towel. The same guy also told me of […]

Girls And Boys Both Love To Masturbate

In case you haven’t noticed girl masturbate. Whether it’s with their hand, with the washing machine or with a sex toy they do enjoy orgasms. Go figure Huh. In case you were in any doubt try this article over at

Where Not To Put Your Cock

Weird Masturbation Technique Male masturbation has come on in leaps and bounds over the last couple of years.  No longer do they have to resort to using their left hand, a sock or…I don’t even want to think about it.  Lol There are some wonderful male masturbatory devices that take some of the arm work […]

Having A Woman’s Hour Of Masturbation

I always miss those little gems of naughtiness, television programs with lots of innuendo, programs with adult references and as I have just learned radio shows based upon female masturbation. Yes, I did say radio show about women’s masturbation…and I missed it.  Will have to look it up later.  The Radio 4 show Woman’s Hour […]

Robo Wank

I was just finishing off my lunch at my desk when I felt the urge to search Google images for “strange wanking”. My search discovered this wonderful piece of machinery.  It looks like you insert your cock in to the palm of the hand and the machine takes care of the rest. One for the lazy wanker […]

Frig Me Silly

I have some strange thoughts I know, don’t remind me but can frigging be bad for your health. I was reading an article last night about vibration white finger or as it is medically known, Raynaud’s Disease. The symptoms can be range from tingling which continues after the machinery is switched off (Oh, bugger that […]

Watching Guys Masturbate

In my humble opinion and experience of the opposite sex, they don’t need telling twice to masturbate. Lol I once went out with a bloke who must have feared that someone would try and attack his cock because he constantly had his hand down the front of his trousers, even when driving. I can only […]

Cum Every Which Way

I remember watching Suze pleasure herself to clitoral orgasm for the first time and it was something quite special. I said it in a recent post, there’s always something new to be experienced, always a new facet of sex that presents itself. Until that night I’ve been the one administering the clitoral orgasms as it […]