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Charlie’s Porn Family

I’ve just finished reviewing a Reality Junkies porn DVD featuring quite a mixture of stars.  This Canadian based production house does tend to make some unusually themed films and this one is no exception. It’s loosely based on Charlie Sheen’s ex girlfriend Ginger Lynn with a few younger girls thrown in for good measure.  There […]

The Nymphomaniac Girls

I was forced to fit a radiator in the study over the Christmas break. To do this I had to remove most of the furniture from the room except Suze’s desk so I could roll back the carpet and get to the pipe work. I just got round to putting everything back today and decided […]

Getting In To The Whorehouse

You can read my new DVD review Gazzmans’ Whorehouse over on Erotic Buzz. It’s a surprisingly satisfying watch, especially for someone like myself who until Gazzman’s last couple of films has found him to be a bit formulaic. Pop across and take a look at what I think about the new look Gazzman.

Viv Thomas Does Anal

It’s the first time I have had an all anal DVD from Viv Thomas.  As you may well be aware he is famous for his girl on girl action which features some of the most gorgeous girls in the industry, including the delectable Peaches who we had the pleasure of meeting in Berlin at the […]

Watching cock sucking Girls

We both watch one hell of a lot of porn as part of our work. Ok, I can here you all shouting “any excuse” but we do. If you haven’t already checked out our porn DVD reviews you should go over here and take a look. Erotic Buzz features adult product reviews including DVD’s and […]

She-Male XTC 9

It seems the older I get, the kinkier I get…especially when it comes to pornography.  When I first set out reviewing porn DVD’s my taste was limited to heterosexual and lesbian because I am bisexual and can appreciate both angles.  Or if you like I’m just plain greedy. I wasn’t an anal fan either and […]

Randy Rabbits And Loadsa Horny Guys

My review of Malice In La La Land over at Erotic Buzz is probably the most interesting one I ever did, simply because the production is so different. It has its faults but in comparison to most of the stuff on the adult DVD shelves it’s a breath of fresh air and can easily be […]

Porn With A Twist

I have just reviewed my first Wicked Pictures DVD and I must say I was quite impressed.  It’s a completely different format to the norm and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It makes a refreshing change to watch something which is unlike anything you have seen before.  After a while watching the same formats over and […]

Great Porn – Dirty Filthy Secrets

I have had the pleasure of reviewing the Secrets series of DVD’s from Viv Thomas.  They are a great series of scenes with more foreplay and intimacy than the run of the mill stuff available at the moment. So if you like your porn with great looking girls and guys to have a softer edge […]

Russian Milf Porn

I’ve published another review over at Erotic Buzz. A Milf porn DVD this time. Very different from the other DVDs I’ve reviewed for lots of different reasons. Pop over and take a look and while you’re at it have a poke around Sex Toys Buzz itself for the latest sex toy reviews. We’ve had a […]