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Bohemian Rhapsody

After Suzanne had a little fiddle with me early in the evening yesterday I wasn’t expecting any more unusual action. Not that I wasn’t expecting any more action, it’s a given that on any particular evening we’ll be involved in some form of sexual activity. We had a very sensual screw later …

We sat outside until quite late enjoying the cooling air, a respite from the oily, clinging humidity of the past few days. Our patio is sunken into the hillside behind our house and combined with the layout of the surrounding houses and mature planting in our garden we are, visually, totally private from the neighbours. While getting slowly cooler the air was still heavy with the promise of a storm. We sat and watched the sky darken and looked forward to the display. To pass the time we did what we always tend to do in these situations, play with each other, in this case through our light clothing.

I soon had a promising bulge and Suze a couple of nipples you could hang cups from. We began to kiss, deep and long. Several minutes into the snog with my hand inside her shorts massaging the silky, soaking went pussy I found down there the first flash of lightning coruscated across the sky. We broke off to watch as the clouds were lit from within by regular flashes of sheet lightening.

We stood up and moved away from the house to the retaining wall at the edge of the patio to get a better view. The lightening began to strike the ground all around us, a strike every couple of minutes, some blue-white, others appearing orange. We listened for the accompanying roll of thunder, holding each other and getting very turned on by the raw power of the storm. Standing in the half-light I kissed Suze hard and explored her back, her neck, her breasts and her pussy with my hands.

Her expert fingers stroked me in return and increased my excitement to the point where I was grinding so hard against her that she almost fell backwards against the wall. She pushed me away slightly to remove her shorts, which she threw onto one of the garden chairs. I took advantage of her exposed pussy and rubbed her clitoris as the rain began to fall.

Suze tugged at my polo shirt, eventually forcing me to stop the stimulation of her clit while she removed it. Then she undid my shorts. I stepped out of them and kicked them across the patio, I’ve tripped over discarded clothing in the height of passion before, it’s very off putting.

Huge warm raindrops splattered across my back as I gently but firmly pushed Suze to the retaining wall and lifted her slightly so her bum rested on it with her tiptoes just on the floor. Her t-shirt was getting soaked and sticking to her glorious boobs with hard, sensitive nipples. She grabbed a boob in each hand and massaged them, tweaking each nipple occasionally.

I parted her pussy lips with my now raging erection, making her gasp. Each flash of lightening illuminated a shamelessly sexual vignette. Suze pleasuring herself through her wet t-shirt, me naked, glistening with rainwater driving into her.

Normally when we make love outdoors we have to stifle our cries to avoid detection, but with the noise of the rain hammering down and the crashing thunder we let rip, giving voice to our passion. The storm around us made our senses alive and amplified our lust. We were both thoroughly excited and frantic, Suze cumming I don’t know how many times and me managing to hold on, just at the point of orgasm for longer than I thought possible in such an aroused state. At the final climax Suze gave out a loud “Aaaaaaaah yes!”, while I grunted as I came, thrusting hard inside her.

Almost immediately after we finished I looked at Suze and said, “It’s bloody freezing out here now”. Our passion had insulated us against the cold air that the storm proper had brought. We rushed inside and spent a long time towelling each other down.

Grasp It By The Horn

The weather has become increasingly hot over the past few days. Now I can hear you all thinking that is a good thing. However it can play havoc with your sex life. It is too damn hot to screw; you end up waiting until quite late in the evening for some grinding action and then feeling quite literally shagged out the following day.

There is an up side to this in that you can walk around with very little on and access to genitalia is easier. Also clothes become thinner and this leads to some very distinguishable erections, there is nothing like seeing a hard cock in profile through very thin cotton. The profile of the head becoming more discernable as the blood surges.

I personally like to dispense with panties, I believe that you need to give your pussy a good airing every now and then. The bra is cast aside as well, nice to see pert nipples against thin fabric than the outline of a lacy bra.

As a result of all our late night activities we have been taking regular naps whilst the sun goes down. Last night Alex and I disappeared off to the bedroom for our pre fuck rest but for some reason he fell deep in to sleep and I didn’t. I think this was because it was too hot for me to settle.

I love to watch Alex when he sleeps, he was wearing a thin pair of khaki shorts and a black t-shirt. You know me I’m not one for turning down an opportunity to have some sexual pleasure.

I just couldn’t resist sliding a hand up the leg of his shorts and stroking his balls. The shorts were quite roomy and I managed to locate his cock as I leaned in against his body.

The thought of me being able to bring Alex off without him stirring from his slumber really appealed. I began to gently massage his responsive tool, it’s great how even when unconscious a guys prick responds to wanking.

It didn’t take much persuading to become hard and his pre cum made my hand very sticky. I removed it from his shorts and licked my fingers clean, not wasting a drop of that tasty juice.

It was amazing how his hard cock was now pressing at the front of his trousers, begging to be released and Alex was completely oblivious. This just led to me being even more turned on. I gripped him firmly and began to move my hand up and down slowly and deliberately.

His balls began to churn and more sticky juice oozed from his pulsating glans. I picked up speed and at one point Alex groaned, not sure if he was partly aware or having a horny dream. He kept on sleeping and I kept on wanking.

His cock was really pushing hard against his shorts, begging to be freed but I wasn’t going to succumb. My breathing became a little loud and rapid and I tried to stifle myself as not to wake him.

I spat on my hand and gripped the very tip of his shaft and worked on his helmet. I love to see the male member with foreskin pulled hard back, the tip shines as if to beckon the mouth. This time I had to imagine how his hard penis looked trapped in his shorts with my hand encircling it. Anyway, I digress. Moments later Alex without warning began to come inside his shorts. I watched with eager excitement as the front of his shorts darkened with his ejaculate.

I wanted to lean over and lick the moistening material, but Alex began to stir. I slipped off the bed and tiptoed downstairs. When he joined me a few minutes later wearing a clean pair of shorts and looking very relaxed, I asked “Ok darling?”. “Yes”, he replied, “I just had a very erotic dream, judging by the state of my shorts. But I’m damned if I can remember what it was about”.

I managed almost an hour before I told him what I had done. When I did he got so aroused that he immediately took me into the kitchen and gave me a damn good seeing to on the kitchen floor (it was the coolest place in the house at that time of day, if you were wondering).

For King and Cuntry

We’ve been invited to a friend’s annual fancy dress party in a couple of weeks. I don’t know if we’ll get time to go. I’ve got to get a summer job and Alex is busy at work as usual so if we have the time we probably won’t have the energy.

Last year’s was memorable, not just for the party, they are always good fun, but for what happened while Alex and I were getting ready.

I couldn’t wait to pick up my outfit for Julie’s party. She has a large rural detached property with extensive grounds, sweet reward for being a successful artist.

Alex had already organised his outfit, he was going as a Goth ( he knows I love him in black, with chains and buckles). He was dressed in black when we first met any the rush I get seeing him dressed like that is still as strong as it was then.

My outfit was a WWII WRAF officer, complete with stilettos and fishnet stockings. I didn’t tell Alex what I’d ordered, he likes a surprise.

I popped out to the shop and picked up my outfit before Alex was back from work. Alex was back when I returned and was eager to have a discover what outfit I would be wearing. I slipped upstairs to the bedroom and changed, the skirt was nice and short and the jacket nipped me in at the waist. I looked extremely good in it.

I shouted for Alex to come and look, he was so eager that he ran upstairs. “You look hot”! he exclaimed. He had a noticeable bulge in the front of his trousers, he’d being getting horny just wondering what I was up to.

He pulled off his trousers and thong and sat on the chair by our bed. His end was already wet with his own juices. I removed my panties and sidled over to the chair. I strode across Alex’s groin, his erection was now pointing up at my moist twat. I slowly lowered myself on to him until I was completely filled by his tool.

I let out a groan, part pleasure, part surprise as his helmet hit the back of me. Then with hips swaying I ground down hard on that wonderful instrument of pleasure. Alex’s eyes rolled to the back of his head as he asked me to fuck him.

The stilettos were great, providing me with plenty of leg length to rise and fall on Alex’s prick. I lifted myself upwards almost completely off the tip of his erection, just to that point where you are still gripping the head. Enough of that I thought as I sat back hard on his cock and picked up speed, fucking him hard and fast (I love it like that).

I was very wet and had to concentrate, so that he didn’t slip out of me (this has happened in the past and it is not very pleasant for him if his cock gets bent while I’m bouncing on it). Alex lifted my shirt free of my skirt and slipped my white satin bra over my breasts. He grabbed hold of both erect nipples and tweaked, and I dug my nails deeper in to his shoulders.

I could feel myself getting closer to orgasm as my insides began to go into a pleasurable spasm. Just one more stroke and I was there, panting glistening and fulfilled I sat down on Alex and held him tight in my arms.

“Did you cum”? enquired Alex. “My god that was good” I gasped, “How about you, did you cum”? No, I’ m going to save it ’till next time so I’ll fill you up”. Uhm, more cock promised for later, I couldn’t wait!

Looking for Clues?

Sexual activity has a tendency to leave a trail of forensic clues that, if not dealt with can lead to all sorts of embarrassing situations.

There’s pornography, books, magazines, videos, DVDs and Internet porn. How about clothing, particularly discarded underwear- how does it end up hanging from light fittings or between the cushions on the settee?

But most insidious and incriminating of all is bodily fluids. Suze started me thinking about this with her posting yesterday. When we screwed in my parents’ kitchen we cleaned ourselves up with kitchen towel and enjoyed the post-coital glow in each other’s arms. It was only when I turned on the lights that I noticed the mixture of Suzanne’s pussy juices and my semen making their slow but inexorable way down the door of the kitchen unit we had screwed on. A couple of minutes of frantic, but very quiet, cleaning up saved embarrassment on that occasion.

Suze used to occasionally borrow her dad’s car if we were going out a long way from home. We usually had a quicky on the way home in any convenient layby. We used the front passenger seat fully reclined as the rear seat just wasn’t comfortable. The morning after one such shag Suze was lucky enough to be up first and notice a blindingly obvious stain on the front passenger seat of the car. She later explained her vigorous washing of the seat upholstery to her dad by saying I’d spilt a milkshake whilst driving back the night before.

Another occasion was after Suze and I got our first place together. Her parents came round unannounced only moments after we’d finished a Sunday afternoon shag. I answered the door in my bathrobe. I invited them in mentioned I was just about to have a shower and got changed while Suze made them a cuppa. It was only after I left that I noticed a fresh line of jizz splashes down the front of the robe I’d been wearing. Had they noticed? Nothing was said, but then I don’t suppose there’s much to say.

To my knowledge, despite the numerous occasions on which we could have been found out, we haven’t. But then I suppose, what would anyone say? “Oh, Alex do you know you’ve got spunk on your robe” or “It took us ages to get rid of the smell of the fish milkshake from the car.”

Surreptitious Sex

My mind wandered to encounters of surreptitious sex as I mowed the lawn on this afternoon. Most of them occurred when Alex and I started going out with each other.

I remember vividly taking a trip out in the car with Alex’s parents in the front seats. I was feeling particularly ready for “It”, I carefully opened Alex’s flies under his loose t-shirt and grabbed hold of his cock. He had a semi already and I gripped him firmly with my hand and began to wank him.

Trying desperately not to give the act away by moving my shoulder rapidly, I slowly worked my hand up and down his erect cock. Alex was really getting off on the idea of being wanked in the back seat of his dad’s car, whilst his parents were blissfully unaware. He almost gave the game away as he started to lift off the seat and gently fuck my hand.

Just at the right moment he grabbed hold of my hand and placed it over the top of his moist glans. He came in my hand and his hot juices oozed between my fingers. It’s was a good job that I had a skirt on because I came all over the gusset of my panties. I managed to clean up Alex and my hand with some tissue, just before Alex’s mum offered us both a mint!

Another occasion in Alex’s parent’s presence was in the kitchen whilst they slept in bed. This can be a little difficult for me, as I like to vocalise as I am being fucked. We had both been out for the evening and wanted sex badly, as the opportunity had not arisen earlier in the evening. Alex pulled down my panties (I had a short skirt on) and lifted me on to the work surface, legs wide apart. He pulled off his trousers and boxers to reveal a stonking great hard on. Grabbing my legs and lifting them on to his shoulders he drove in to me.

The sex was heightened by the thought that just above us his parents slept and we both came within moments of him thrusting deep in to my pussy. This was fortunate as he had to screw me while standing on tiptoes, the height was just wrong, but that just added to the fun.

Oh, I’ve just remembered another time we both fucked whilst Alex’s parents slept (or at least I think they did!). Again, we had both been out for a night on the town and wanted to shag. We lay in front of the telly on the settee, Alex behind me head propped on his arm.

I felt a hard bulge press in to the small of my back and Alex whispered in my ear, “do you want this inside you”? I never need to be asked twice and I hitched up my skirt and pushed my thong’s crotch to one side. He eased slowly in to me as we spooned, then fucked me very carefully as not to give the game away should his parents come downstairs.

Car experiences can be particularly horny. On our way back home in the early hours I reached in to Alex’s trousers and began to wank him. I tried to suck his hard tool but this is very difficult for both of you whilst driving.

Alex pulled over in to a layby at the side of the dual carriageway and once the car was parked I tore at his trousers. I pushed my mouth over his cock until I gagged and began to move my head up and down in his groin. Alex gripped the steering wheel hard and began to move his hips too and fro, fucking my mouth. I kept a firm grip with my lips and sucked hard as he moved in and out of my mouth.

I felt his cock throb and with a deep-throated groan of sexual satisfaction he came in my mouth. I swallowed most of his juice but kept a little on one side so that when we kissed he could taste his own cum.

Placing my lips on his I poked my tongue inside his mouth so that he could taste his musky juices. Tap, tap came the noise from the side window nearest Alex. He wound down the window to be greeted by a guy asking for directions. We pointed him in the right direction and then wound up the window. We laughed about that one for weeks after.

Playing the Pink Oboe

Suze and I made a discovery on Tuesday night about the possible origin of the phrase “Playing the pink oboe”. I always thought it was some vague euphemism to the phallic nature of the instrument and the use of the partners mouth. How wrong could I be.

As you’ll be aware if you’ve been reading the back postings, I was away on business Sunday to Tuesday night. So when I got back Suze and I had some shags to catch up on. While I’m not complaining this can be hard on the male member. When I mentioned my state of discomfort to Suze she gently licked my cock from balls to tip, then blew on it to cool it down, while I lay back and enjoyed the sensation.

This had the effect of making it stir again, despite the recent pounding. The colder it got the more aroused and ticklish it got. I started to get the giggles, she blew harder. Then she did it, blew into and slightly across the glans of my semi-erect penis. It whistled.

“Ouch!” I exclaimed, my first reaction was just pain. The end of my urethra resonating like the reed of a wind instruments was consumed in a short, sharp, hot pain. In a strange way an enjoyable type of pain. Then I realised I had heard a whistling noise. “What was that?” asked Suze. I looked down at the newly discovered woody-wind instrument and raised an eyebrow.

She did it again, this time harder and was reward with a louder, shriller whistle. “Shit, that hurt”. She licked my end. I relaxed as the soothing caress of her lithe tongue lulled me. Then she did it again. “Aaargh, you cow!”.

I jumped her and tickled her until she threatened to wet herself then relented.

“Don’t get into the habit of doing that.”, I warned.

Top tips for Pink Oboe players:

  • You need a semi-erect member, too soft or hard will not work.
  • The state of the erection directly affects the note. It’s not the size but the rigidity which alters the frequency of the “reed”.
  • Tuning is very important, practice a lot!
  • Get your partner’s consent. No really, it hurts.

Alex 🙂

Hotel Rooms

I wrote this on Monday night, but wasn’t able to post it until today …

I’m writing this in my hotel room. I’ve got satellite TV, a mini-bar, room service and a pool to swim in if I want to. But what do I want? What all guys alone in hotel rooms want? Sex.

I’ll correct that last question, what do all guys in hotel rooms want? They don’t have to be alone, they just get horny. Or is it just me?

I’ve done a lot of thinking about this, not just today but during previous stays away from home. I look at it like this, men have a predisposition to masturbatory fantasies. Take the man away from his partner and put him into a private room with double bed, en-suite, alcohol and access to a “porn” channel … do I have to draw a picture.

The possibilities for a man to indulge in self-gratification are legion. And that’s what I’m talking about. Not engaging in some elicit, drunken liaison with a stranger, just honest wanking.

You could think about your partner whilst fiddling. This is my personal favourite, though tonight I had a bit of a hybrid fantasy, read on … Partner fantasies are cosy, familiar and comforting after a hard day away from the person you know so well that screwing them is like screwing another aspect of yourself. Extra nice if you’re talking to that person on the phone whilst doing it. Unfortunately tonight that was not to be, it was too late to ring Suze.

You could pick from your catalogue of fantasies. The one which each man accumulates from early puberty. It’s like having an album of images and scenarios, some full blown role playing from initial contact with a female (or females) to orgasmic conclusion. Others are simply vignettes of your experiences, a glance from your lover, or a stranger, a still image from a film or magazine. Anyway all guys have them, and they are handy to carry around in your head for just this situation.

You can resort to pornography, photographic, literary or both. Thoughtful partner that she is Suze slipped a copy of Penthouse into my suitcase before I left. I discovered it when unpacking (luckily whilst alone!). I’ll peruse it later, not for a goodnight wank, just general titillation. I’ve had my fun (see below).

You can adapt a fantasy. For me, fantasies have to be vaguely credible. It’s unusual for a total stranger, sober and in possession of their inhibitions to jump out of their clothes and onto me. It does happen, very occasionally and it’s great, but life’s not a Jazz mag”.

When I checked in yesterday the desk clerk was very hot. Mid thirties, straight auburn/brown hair and curvy. She was wearing the standard hotel chain uniform skirt suite, and managing to make it look sexy. I chatted with her casually while I checked in, resisting the urge to flirt. How many businessmen, reps and assorted salesmen must she have to put up with clumsily flirting with her every day?

So I had the basis for a fantasy. In my head I called down to reception for someone to have a look at a dripping tap in the bathroom. “Curvy” was on duty and said she’ d be straight up. I open the door in my bathrobe. Yes I know funny place to have a door! Hang on a minute, rewind. Hotel bathrobes, aren’t they better than your own? They don’t have to be as soft or as comfortable but, they feel good. They always feel to me like you’re wearing someone else’s clothes. Epiphany moment -I think I just discovered I have a new fetish there.

Back to the door. I open the door and there is “Curvy” only it isn’t, it’s Suze in Curvy’s uniform. I invite her in and lead her to the bathroom. I explained that the bath tap dripping would keep me up all night. She bends over the tub to investigate, presenting her beautiful heart shaped ass to me, perfectly outlined in her tight knee-length skirt. I admire her shapely legs covered in black nylon. A familiar stirring beneath my bathrobe accompanies a quickening of my breathing and pulse.

The next bit is corny but so what, this is my fantasy. She slips on the tiled floor and nearly tumbles into the bath. I grab her waist and help her up. As she turns and thanks me she inadvertently pushed my robe open, catching a glimpse of my swelling cock. She gulps, dry throated and looks up into my eyes as I gaze down, first at her seductive stare, then lower to the hint of cleavage displayed by her top-two-buttons-undone white blouse.

I raise my hand to caress the back of her neck along the hairline. She sighs her assent, so I kiss her. Slowly at first, just lips, hers full and moist, mine harder, demanding. Then I push my tongue into her mouth, a little resistance at first then our tongues slither and wrestle. My free hand presses the small of her back to me forcing my now erect cock against her stomach. Her arms wrap around my back, fingertips pressing through my robe.

I slide her skirt up and lift her onto the marble surface between the double sinks. Our groins grind together as we continue to kiss passionately. Her blouse is undone and my hands mercilessly massaged her breasts.

Then, with her crotch wet with anticipation and my cock aching I turn her around, pull aside her panties and enter her. We both watch ourselves reflected in the mirrored wall as I drive into her giving her orgasm after orgasm, each more powerful than the last, until finally I cum. We collapse breathless onto the floor.

Suze enjoyed reading this, hope you do too.

Married Women and The Dangers of a Wet Shave

I woke up early this morning, this is not unusual for me and it gives me a chance to have a good screw before starting the day. Alex turned and looked at me and I could see by the look on his face that he was already hard.

He grabbed my hips and rotated my body so I was me face down, then sat astride my legs and pulled my hips upwards (oh goody, doggy style I thought). I was already very moist with anticipation and perfectly lubricated for s speedy entry.

Alex eased my legs apart and pushed his hard cock in to me, it felt very good but even better was to come. His right hand was on my hip keeping me in the right position whilst he thrust faster and deeper in to me and his left hand came round and gently pushed my face in to my pillow. Well that did it for me, I love a little dominance, and I could feel an orgasm building.

I could feel the shape of Alex’s cock change, it seems to fill me and become very engorged. This is the sign that he is about to fill me up with his juices and I began to my hips back hard on to his cock. This very quickly brought me to orgasm, just moments before Alex let rip inside me.

Anyway I digress, what I really wanted to reveal to you is how great a clitoral orgasm is. I have never been able to cum by having my clit stimulated. Although I once had a fling with a married woman who could only cum in this way. She was a very cute leggy blonde with nice pert tits that had wonderful hard rose pink nipples.

I spent ages (in front of her husband, who got off on seeing us both in action) finger fucking her, sucking, licking, kissing and then she guided my hand to her mucousy slit. I wet my finger inside her cunt and rubbed her clitoris very gently. She freaked out, arching her back and letting out a very loud moan. Obviously she had been waiting for this moment, while I had been fumbling around trying to find a way to bring her off.

She came quite a few times that night (so did I. And I think her husband had very sticky underwear) and I lapped up every drop, I love warm pussy juice. There I go again. I was telling you about the revelation I had this morning.

After cleaning myself up I got back in to bed with Alex, he was still very horny (I can tell, because he lays back playing with his cock – It makes me feel horny watching him). I started to rub my clit, then Alex turned to me and took over.

I don’t know if everyone goes through the same stages as me but, at first my clit swelled and then for some strange reason I became ticklish. This passed and I moved in to the next phase, which was when I became really sensitive and responded to the slightest touch. The final phase was before I went in to a very deep orgasm. It started with my toes tingling, then my fingers and my whole body quivered.

At this point my mind was in nirvana, I felt like I had taken something illegal. As Alex continued to massage my clit my body went in to a spasm, with my back arched and head thrown back. Alex had total control over my body as I came over and over again, my thighs were saturated.

Alex was really enjoying watching me writhe around on the bed, totally under his spell. I caught site of his groin as the covers moved back and his glans was so swollen that the veins on it could almost be seen pulsing.

Completely sated, I lay back on the pillow and reached down to hold Alex’s erect cock. “I’ve got to get up Suze or I’ll be late” he exclaimed and began to get out of the bed. To his surprise I kept hold of his tool and followed him in to the bathroom, wanking him all the way.

He started to brush his teeth and I crouched down in front of him. I lubricated the tip of his cock with my spit. Taking a firm grip close to the end of his cock, I pulled his foreskin back and forth over his helmet. He loves that.

Alex had now started to shave and I began to jack him off slowly at first and then with vigour. It didn’t take long before he was firing hot blasts of cum all over my tongue.

Good job that he doesn’t wet shave or he would have cut his face to ribbons!

Not the Only Fruit

I remember my first true sexual encounter was when I reached the tender age of 11. Prior to that I had a voyage of discovery with a next-door neighbour when I was about 9. He was the same age as myself, a good looking blonde lad who was very athletic. We would go out to “play” in nearby fields during the summer and lay naked, inspecting each other.

He was fascinated by my pussy and it’s many secrets, spending hours examining me at close quarters. I enjoyed this but really wanted him to spend more time around my breast area (not that you could really find them at that age!).I would keep moving his head upwards with my hands and asking him to lick my breasts. He obliged for a short while and then returned to between my legs.

These regular activities excited me immensely but went no further. That is until I reached the age of 11 and met a very attractive brunette in my first senior school class. She was a curvaceous girl with an olive complexion, brown eyes and long brown hair and stood about 5′ 6″ in her stocking feet.I knew I liked Elizabeth deeper than our friendship and later discovered that she was a lesbian (how lucky was that?). We spent many innocent days together, getting to know each other as friends but I knew that I wanted more than that and Liz did too.

Liz’s parents had a static caravan out in the countryside which they used on a regular basis for weekend getaways. They would go as a family when possible but at other times Liz was allowed to go for a weekend away with one of her friends. Liz’s father dropped us off early Friday evening at the caravan with our changes of clothes and provisions and would not be picking us up again until Sunday afternoon. I remember it was early summer and the days were nice and hot but the evenings could still be very cold.

We put our food and clothes away and decided to go for a walk. We decided to take a 5 mile round walk, strolling hand in hand up hill and down dale admiring the wildlife in the late evening sun. When we got back to the caravan it was dusk and we decided to cook up some tea. Not sure that we had cordon bleau, probably sausage, egg and beans. We finished up tea, washed up and sat down for the night in front of the tiny portable TV.

The evening passed uneventfully at first, while we watched banal TV. Eventually we both got undressed for bed, the intention being that we both sleep on opposite sides of the living area on those sofa bed things. We were both very uncomfortable both of us complaining to each other that the beds were lumpy and cold. I suggested that we make a double bed by pushing the seat cushions together on the floor so that we could then snuggle up and at least keep each other warm, Liz agreed.

Eventually we both climbed in to the bed in our flimsy night dresses and snuggled under the covers. All perfectly innocent until I turned my back to Liz so that I could spoon with her. Liz gently pushed her breasts in to my back as she moved closer in and I could feel her warm breath on the back of my neck. “Uhm that’s nice” I purred. I then felt warm fingers glide under my arm and over my left breast. I let out a light, approving groan and Liz gave me a pleasing squeeze.

There was no room for misunderstanding, I wanted Liz and she wanted me in a very adolescent but undeniably sexual way. I turned around to face Liz and began to gently kiss her on the lips. She reciprocated by parting my closed lips with her tongue and running it around my mouth. This was a sensation I hadn’t encountered before, up until then my kisses had been closed mouthed.

I remember being extremely turned on, though not understanding the feelings in my head or the reaction of my body at the time. The slight swelling of my small breasts and the strange hot sensation in my groin were tantalising, exciting and a little strange. Every sensation was new. I was enjoying the events as they unfolded, but also knowing that it was slightly taboo. We engaged in mutual breast licking, sucking and kneading, which left both of us wet and eager to be satisfied.

Liz put her hands down my panties and at first I did recoil, she reassured me saying that it was alright. So I moved my hand away from hers, therefore allowing her access to my pussy. This was trust indeed, as the most I had allowed anyone to do was take a look. She very gently cupped my pussy with her hand, this felt warm and comforting. I gave her a smile of consent and she began to move her hand to and fro between my slightly parted legs. This felt good, so I placed my hand between her legs and rubbed her too. We experimented for what seemed like hours, touching and caressing each other, until finally falling asleep in each other’s arms.

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