Monthly Archives: July 2005

Ice, Ice Baby

Maybe it’s the hot weather but I have concluded that coconuts were a mistake. When nature designed them it decided that they should only be eaten by humans with a toolbox. Suze fancied a bit yesterday (double entendre intended) so we bought one from the supermarket.

Opening it required the use of a Bosch drill, to drain the milk and a claw hammer to break the shell. Then there’s the highly hazardous task of separating the flesh from the shell with a knife, 1 2 3 … 9 10, fingers all still in place, just. And I didn’t even have to remove the thick fibrous husk which I believe involves a three foot metal blade buried into the ground, pointy end up, while the poor de-husking operative impales the coconuts on it levers off the husk.

So how did our ancestors eat them? Maybe this is proof of a forgotten technology, ancient power tools energised by pyramids?

Yes my brain’s cooked. Which is why Suze tried to cool my “brains” down yesterday by dipping them in some icy water. We were screwing last night, when I had to stop due to my cock being severely abraded by a stray labia while we were pounding away.

Suze disappeared to the kitchen with an evil glint in her eye and returned with a tall glass half filled with water. This was very welcome as it soothed my cock, after the initial jolt, and turned me on immensely. The shock of having my semi-erect penis plunged into icy water made me cry out with delight.

Suze also had the forethought to only fill the glass half way,as with the added volume of my member the level rose almost to the top. I was so turned on at the time I would have filled the glass and sloshed water everywhere as I dipped my wick. Ah Suze, randy as hell and practical with it.

Her reward for this was that I was soothed and soon developed a health stiffy. Better than that I was able to shaft her with a cool hard cock. She shrieked with delight as I slid into her. I warmed up quite quickly with the healthy blood flow to my tool. Suze still had a huge grin on her face when her orgasm began to take hold and I shot hot spunk into her.

Once she was onto the cold theme it didn’t take long for Suze to get the ice cubes out. Top tip here is that using ice straight from the freezer is potentially disastrous as it sticks. The solution is to put it in water first for a couple of minutes. Also, don’t use cubes, use crosses, you can hold them better as they melt and get slippery. We got our ice cube trays from Ikea, they are perfect.

I discovered ages ago that I like Suze to rub ice on my nipples, down my chest and along my shaft. The glans is a bit painful, but when she cools my balls I’m in heaven. The real revelation was my anus. I love having ice rubbed gentle over my arsehole, the intensity of the sensation is making the hairs on the back of my neck stand up just thinking about it.

Well, I’m off to make sure the freezer’s fully stocked with ice …

Office Tease

I have spent most of my day at work prick teasing the office junior, it relieves the boredom. The only exception to this was the mundane meeting that we had this morning. My god they bore the pants off me, or at least they would if I had been wearing any!

My mind wondered constantly throughout the meeting. When I feel repressed by the trappings of work, my mind turns to dirty, lustful thoughts. My muse during today’s meeting was the new girl in accounts.

Andrea is a very fit brunette, you can tell that she works out, her body is very well toned. Today she was sporting a tight grey knee length skirt and a red cotton blouse which was buttoned low. Which revealed the most fantastic pair of tits. They bobbed about within her black satin plunge bra every time she moved. I’m going to make a good friend of Andrea!

I couldn’t help but slyly ogle her today, my juices were flowing. I imagined crouching under the table and slowly moving my hands up to cup her breasts. Setting them free of their confines, I would suck hard upon each nipple in turn. I wanted to push my face between them, probing with my tongue.

I’m not sure if I gave away my desires for her in some way. She caught me looking at her towards the end of the meeting and rather surprisingly gave me a wide smile. Yes I think we could be very close friends.

Most of the guys in the office probably get stiffies looking at Andrea and I wanted some of that attention. That’s why today I decided to go all out and prick tease. I wore my black wrap around top, it’s great for gaping open when bending forward and a pair of arse hugging Capri pants.

The meeting now complete I returned to my desk, which is next to the office junior’s. Paul is very tasty, he looks a little like a young fit Simon Le-Bon. I noticed him ogling my tits this morning when asking if I wanted a coffee. I responded by leaning forward making my top gape open and passed him my cup. His face was a picture. His mouth was wide open and he made no attempt to cover up the fact that he had been looking down my blouse.

I stared at his groin in a very deliberate way and could see the outline of his cock as it stiffened. He quickly grabbed my cup and exited the room. I wonder if he went to the toilet to jack off, the drinks seemed to take a long time to prepare.

Later in the afternoon, I suggestively rubbed my tits against Paul as he held open the office door. My nipples hardened as I slowly glided them across his outstretched arm. This prick teasing was really quite enjoyable, the crotch of my trousers was moist.

My days at work are getting better … now what shall I wear tomorrow?


Bloody work!

I’m shattered. I sat down on Monday with a carefully prioritised list of 5 tasks for this week. By ten o’clock it had grown to twelve tasks, and the priorities had gone out of the window. The MD had snapped his fingers and all the managers we metaphorically sat like attentive puppies next to a puddle on the parquet floor, all hoping that the other would get blamed for the mess. And guess who had to mop up? Good old Alex.

What, I hear you ask, has this got to do with sex. Everything. I’m mentally and physically exhausted. It was all I could do last night to bang Suze three times. It was enjoyable, yes, but I was spent at the end and I should have been joyous and full of kinky ideas for tonight’s activities. But I wasn’t.

This morning I woke, managed to keep thoughts of work out of my mind and made love to Suze before we set off for work, which was great. As soon as I let work intrude on my consciousness I was pissed off again.

End of rant.

When I’m pissed off I’ve discovered that my imagination switches off. For a randy couple like Suze and myself this is a real problem. We enjoy any sort of sex, but we love to try new things, talk about new things, experience pretty much anything. But if my imagination has been beaten into submission by work and Suze is upset ‘cos I’m upset, that annoys me as neither of us can shake off the black cloud. Suze usually comes up with some pretty hot ideas, but I’m so ticked-off and she’s so affected by it, this is not happening either.

Soooooo, what now? Deep breaths, and begin.

Wet T-shirts, don’t you just love ’em? Suze has a cracking pair of breasts, see photographic evidence in her area. And I do love them under wet cotton. Especially if the water’s cold as this has a very beneficial effect on nipple hardness. So why don’t I have any pictures of Suze’ gorgeous puppies in that state?

I don’t know. So I promise, the next opportunity we get, that’s what we’ll do.

And for the ladies, do you feel the same about wet swimwear that clings to a guy’s bits? I have a pair of light green boxer style swimming shorts which I discovered, after I had swum in them and much to Suze’s delight, become translucent when wet. I’ll do a photo …

Well, I’m feeling a little better now. Writing about tits has been cathartic.

I think normal service will be resumed tomorrow as things got a bit better today at work. Suze bought some Primula cheese spread today and has told me she’ll not be eating it on a cracker. I’ll let you know what we get up to.