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Villicci – Part 2 of 2

Tessa’s eyes opened slowly to regard the vaulted roof of her cell. It was yellow sandstone like the rest of the building, orange-red veins of iron oxide giving it an organic quality like petrified wood. A warm light leaked in through the small, high window above her head, it was late, the sun was setting.

He was still there, blonde hair cascading across the pillow. She became aware of the cold in the air, the hairs of her arm standing erect. Tessa carefully got out of bed. She covered her lover with a blanket and dressed herself in her white dress, slippers and grey cloak, her only possessions. She needed to think, to calm the tempest in her head.

She headed for the sook and tried to loose herself in the loud chaotic marketplace.


At this time of day the sook turned from trade to entertainment and an assortment of food vendors serving those being entertained. Tessa found she could think almost as well in the hubbub of the sook as in the cloisters of the library. The sensory overload helped her to be alone in a very crowded place.

She should have been looking forward to her new path, her new master. She should have been tantalised by the voyage of discovery she was about to embark upon. The new training, new experiences, learning her place in his house, in his life, learning to serve Him.

And there was the problem, she could only think of her new master as him. With her old master it had always been Him, Master. Unquestionably, implicitly, indisputably her Master.

This blond angel had destroyed all that. She wanted to be with him, to live outside the rules of the city, like the savages did before the cataclysm, un-order, divided forever seeking their paths and finding only the abyss.

She stopped to watch a man juggling fire-clubs. The flames danced in her eyes echoing the dangerous thought’s running through her mind. She was like the juggler, holding in her hands her own destiny, one mistake and she would be burned, scarred forever.

There was a commotion in the crowd around her. Tessa heard swords being drawn. The crowd parted around her, leaving her at the centre of a rapidly growing circle of faces, illuminated by the juggler’s torches. The guard commander she had encountered earlier approached her, sword drawn.

“It’s her!”, said the commander menacingly.

The smooth steel of the commander’s sword rested on Tessa’s collar bone. “Damn you girl, what were you thinking?”. One of the guards unhooked Tessa’s cloak

The commander lunged forward, the sword slewed across Tessa’s throat, the skilful thrust cutting the dress from her shoulders.

Tessa was naked, surrounded by strangers. She silently thanked her old master for his training, she wanted to cry, to break down, for the earth to open up and swallow her, but she had been trained well. She was humiliated, unmasked as a deviant, a traitor to Villicci but she simply bowed her head and was led through the streets to her cell.

Her angel was gone, her possessions were gone. The blanket which had covered him was gone. She lay through the night, naked, curled in a ball, night chill seeping into her bones. At first she wondered what the morning would bring, she feared she knew. But later as the cold became painfully acute she simply thought of the now, the first part of her punishment for her transgression. It focussed her mind on the futility of her position. She had thrown away everything and was going to pay.


The dawn light heralded the last day of her life. The door of the cell was thrown open to reveal a hooded figure. Unbidden she stood and followed the dark spectre through the streets. The rough cobbles cutting her feet. She could not feel it because of the cold but knew her soles were becoming sore and broken.

After about half an hour they came to a palatial house in the peaceful east of the city. The hooded figure drew a key from the recesses of its robe and unlocked the dark entrance door. They entered and the figure locked the door behind them.

Tessa stood still in the centre of the hallway, not daring to move, was this the place of her execution? It seemed wrong somehow. It was airy and the light filtering in through the large windows promised to make it a bright, pleasant room.

A hand grasped the back of her neck in a vice like grip. “What do you think your Master thinks of your conduct?”

“I have no master?”

“Why’s that, a slave girl like you trained by a legendary Master like Govian should never be without a Master.”

“It is I who failed my Master Govian. I should be punished”. Tessa felt tears welling, she thought that she had come to terms with the depths of her wrong-doing, but standing on the cold marble of the hall with the dark spectre behind her she finally began to sob.

The hand on her neck forced her to her knees, then to all fours. She saw the spectre’s cloak fall to the floor, but dare not look at his face.

Tessa felt hands part her buttocks. An erect phallus was drawn down between her cheeks then thrust forward into her pussy. She had expected a sword across her neck, ending it all, but now felt her passion rising as she was taken from behind by the unseen assailant. Strong hands grasped her shoulders, pulling her back onto the member.

She wanted to cum, to cry out with her release, but she sensed that to do so would be wrong. This man was a master, or a master in training and only masters had the power to allow her orgasm.

“What do you think your Master would think of you now?”

“I have no Master, I do not deserve a Master.”

He thrust into her with a fiery burning passion. His hands bruised her shoulders their grip was so intense. He was so big inside her, the slave in her responding to this powerful commander. She feared she might cum and bring his displeasure raining down on her. She bit her lip until it bled, denied herself the glorious release she so desired.

One shoulder was released, but the pounding ceaseless. She felt a blade on her, tracing its way from the small of her back to the nape of her neck, then round until it rested a breath away from her throat.

“You may cum my little slave girl”, said the spectre, there was satisfaction in his voice.

And she came as the dagger was withdrawn from her throat and cast, clattering, to the side of the hall.

He new Master came too and then Tessa knew him the sound of his triumph. Her angel, her blonde angel.

She collapsed to the ground and let the glow of her orgasm subside. When she opened her eyes he was standing astride her.

“Govian trained you well. The beast inside you is still there, but it does not control you. You’re a credit to him.”

She was on her knees now looking up at him uncomprehending. “But I gave myself to a man who was not my Master?”

“Govian and I spoke many times before his death about you. He knew that I would enjoy seeing the animal in you before your new training began. It was not your decision, it was ours”

She bowed her head “My Lord, my Master”.

She began her new life.

Villicci – Part 1 of 2

This story is inspired by and a gift to Padme

The marble-white skin of Tessa’s cheek seemed to have an inner glow. Her eyes were closed, her head cradled in the chair. Her delicate lips were slightly open, picked out in claret red lipstick. Her raven black hair plaited down the back of her head, laid across her shoulder and left breast. She wore a white cotton dress, high collared and ankle length. White silk slippers peeked from beneath it at the foot of the reclined chair.

Anyone happening upon her could easily have mistaken her serene repose for sleep. But she was awake, aware, listening to the quiet sounds around her.

Look closer. Her hands were held to the chair’s arms by soft leather straps. As were her ankles. Her neck was immobile too, another strap held her there. She knew what was to come, she did not struggle, she did not beg, she accepted it, welcomed it, knew it was her path.


The city of Villicci dominated the fertile plain of the Nile delta. There was no world beyond it’s boundaries, none worth speaking of at any rate. The people of Villicci knew they were fortunate, blessed, spared the torment of the trackless, endless deserts in the wastelands. The life giving water of the great river fell as rain in mythical mountains far to the south and ran through the tormented lands of Africa. Occasionally the corpse of a monstrous beast would be washed through the plain during the spring floods. But no one ventured out to find where such animals might live, or if other such cities thrived out there.

The people of Villicci knew they were fortunate and knew their place. Each had their station, their role in the realm. To suggest otherwise was treason, to act otherwise was to invite the cruellest of torments. If one fell from grace, all risked falling into the pit that had consumed the rest of the world.


The laser crosshairs aligned with the brand on Tessa’s cheek. She listened to the sound of the equipment as it charged and readied itself. The quiet humming rose in amplitude and frequency until it exceeded her ability to hear it.

Then the searing pain, the white blizzard of sensation which tore the brand from her flesh molecule by molecule. It lasted only a few seconds but each second seemed like hours. She hardly flinched, knowing that moving would cause the machine to recalibrate and therefore take longer in its task.

A single tear welled in her eye, not from the pain, but a lament for the passing of her old master and her old life.


Tessa sat in the cloisters of the library, repository of all the knowledge of the old world. The cloisters were a colonnaded gallery around the perimeter of an immaculately tended garden. A fountain played in it’s centre, white marble paths criss-crossed its lush green lawns. It was peaceful, restful, a place to contemplate, to reflect and in Tessa’s case, prepare herself for her new life.

There was a noise from above her, something landed on the tiled roof above her sending a cloud of dust and sand cascading down from the rafters. She stood and stepped out into the garden, avoiding the worst of the debris. Looking up she could see a young blonde haired man, around her age running across the orange tiles. The roof was steeply inclined and the inevitable happened. He slipped and rolled off the roof into a clump of neatly trimmed shrubs.

Tessa went to his aid. What emerged from the bushes was a vision of masculinity. His blonde hair almost shone, crystal blue eyes sparkled in the bright sunlight and his broad shoulders and powerful exposed forearms made Tessa think only of one thing. That he should take her in them, now.

But what was she thinking, in a few short days she was to be owned by her new master, as yet unknown to her but chosen by her previous master before his death. The thoughts that played in her mind were sinful. Worse, the feelings that filled her head, her heart, her sex were depraved, animal.

He held her in his gaze. Could he see the desire in her? He was smiling, seeming to drink in the sight of her. Did he know she wanted her to hold him, crush her against his chest, grab her ass with his hands? Could he see her imagining him tracing the outline of her breasts with his tongue, his teeth grazing her nipples? Her mind raced, her pussy pulsed …

Voices, loud and commanding broke the spell he cast on her. She pushed him into the deepest thicket of bushes and held a finger to her lips. Six city guard burst into the cloister through a side door, swords drawn. The commander, a gaunt woman with cruel fiery eyes shouted to Tessa, “Where did he go?”.

“Through there”, said Tessa before she could stop herself, indicating an open door on the west of the garden. What was she doing? The man was obviously a fugitive, and she was aiding him. Now as guilty as he was. She waited until the guards were out of site and dragged her blonde angel through the quieter corridors of the library to her cell.

She closed the door behind them and turned to admonish the stranger for getting her into so much trouble. Hoping he would explain how it was all a mistake and a few well chosen words would sort out the …

She found herself kissing him. While he did not object it was her kissing him, passionately, hungrily. The door had no lock but she wanted him. They would be heard in the silence of the cells, but she wanted him.

She could feel he wanted her, his hardness pressing into her. His hands grasped her shoulders and pushed her towards the bed. She reached up behind her neck and untied the chord which held her dress in place. She shrugged the cotton over her shoulders allowing it to fall to her feet. He took her in his arms and carried her the last few steps to the bed. Never taking his eyes from her he lay her on the rough straw filled mattress and divested himself of his blue cloak and sword. He unbuttoned his flies to release his manhood. Veined and pulsing it waved proudly in front of him.

She hungered for it, her sex demanded it. She wanted to be filled by him, the knowledge that when he did she was as good as dead, guilty of breaking all the most sacred codes of Villicci.

He pulled her to the edge of the bed by her ankles and knelt, his cock hovering at the entrance to her pulsing shaved pussy. She glistened with the torrent of sweet fluid the excitement had brought to her swollen pink labia.

She felt him enter her sex, and the guilt passed. Inch after inch was slowly pushed into her, filling her, stretching the walls of her vagina. A raging sexual animal replaced the guilt transforming her form a quiet supplicant slave girl into a wild and wanton creature. Her eyes glinted and bored into his, urging him to fuck her as hard as he could. No words were spoken, the look in their eyes, the sounds and the smells of their bodies were more than enough to guide them.

He drove deep into her, hard and brutal. She savoured every thrust, every violent collision of his pelvis with her buttocks. The rough, dry straw of the mattress was driven through the worn ticking into her back scraping the skin, penetrating in places, the discomfort adding to her rapturous appreciation of his cock.

Her hand clawed at him, leaving wheals in his arms, and one scratch down his face narrowly missing his eye. She flinched and returned to reason momentarily. Fear was in her eyes and dread at what punishment her master would inflict for lashing out at him.
But he was not her master, smiled at her a lustful smile and carried on the assault on her pussy.

Then she came, not with her masters permission, but at the command of her own inner animal. The creature she had trained, the beast within her that had been trained so well by her old master.

Oh how she came. A tingling in her stomach, a smouldering fire bursting from her pussy. The conflagration spreading across her skin, up her spine and consuming her whole body. She shrieked, though not too loud, her training did not desert her entirely. And as the sound formed on her lips he came too pinning her to the bed growling triumphantly.

They lay together on the bed their energies spent, bodies hot from the exertion and warm from the feeling of guiltless release.

For Tessa the guilt returned as she began to dream …

To be concluded …

Marco 2

This story and “Marco” (its predecessor) were inspired by a story on Anastasia’s blog.

“A pleasure to see you again Mr De Marco.”, oozed the matre’d.

“Miguel”, replied Marco with a nod. Marco was “A list”, no “A+ list”. The Spaniard knew this and tolerated the obnoxious star because of the photographers loitering outside his doors. On leaving a dozen shutters would chatter capturing “Marc De Marco leaving the famed San Juan’s restaurant”. One day, when his films began to flop and lenses pointed elsewhere he would not find it so easy to leapfrog the three month waiting list for a table.

Miguel escorted Marco to the best table in the house and called over the head waitress. “No” interrupted Marco “I want her”. He pointed out a dark haired girl, around twenty five years of age, latin in appearance. “You want Tierra, she’s only just joined us, maybe …” Miguel knew what an asshole Marco could be.

“I want Tierra to serve me”

And that was that. Tierra attended to Marco. She ignored his leering down her cleavage, staring at her ass. She even managed not to flinch when his hand “accidentally” brushed against her stocking clad leg. She was polite, smiled and served him without feeling the need to drop anything hot on the little shit’s lap. Miguel was impressed, she’d be getting a bonus in her wages.
Towards the end of the main course Tierra returned to the table to ensure Marco was enjoying his meal. He beckoned her closer. She leant in, quiet words were exchanged. He got up and headed for the rest room. Moments later she followed.

Marco checked all four stalls, empty. He waited for the waitress to enter and indicated the stall furthest from the door.

When locked inside Marco immediately grabbed her and pushed his tongue between her lips. She grabbed his head with such enthusiasms that for a moment Marco was stunned. But only for a moment, hey, he was Marco de Marco woman adored him.

Frantic oral play was soon accompanied by hands exploring and groping. Her boobs were false, about a D, so what, real ones are over-rated he thought. Her hands were wrestling with his belt and flies. Suddenly he felt her fingers delving into his underwear. His cock was liberated from its fabric prison. He cursed the tight skirt she wore, sexy but making it impossible for him to reach inside and find her pussy. It tantalised him with the outline of her suspenders under his fingers.

Still locked in a kiss her fingers worked his member. She dropped to her knees and licked his swollen end. Marco was so turned on, you could have knocked nails into a four-by-two with it. He held her head as she gorged herself fully on his erect sex. Her fingernails dug into his exposed buttocks, pulling him into her.

Marco considered coming in the little cock whore’s throat, but instead he asked “You wanna fuck?”

“Oh, yes. So very, very much.”

Tierra hitched up her skirt, revealing her stocking tops and black suspenders. Marco licked his lips in anticipation, a sneer of a smile spreading across his face.

Tierra pulled her underwear to on side. Marco’s face drained of colour as he found himself staring down at an erection as big as his that had sprung from between Tierra’s legs.

“Oh yes. I do so want to fuck you Marco” smiled Tierra.

“Holy, fuck!” shouted Marco bending forward to pull up his boxers and trousers from around his ankles. His head perilously close to Tierra’s throbbing penis.

There was a flash from above them, then another. An enraged Marco, still fastening his trousers, emerged from the stall to be confronted by another flash from the paparazzi’s camera. A beautiful picture, Marco in the foreground with Tierra behind, cock waving from under her skirt.

Marco was transfixed, but only for a moment. “I’ll fucking kill you. You bastard.”

“You still want to fuck Mr De Marco?”, asked Tierra.


This story was inspired by this post by Anastasia.

The room was almost dark. The mood lighting was turned as low as it would go, the rest of the illumination was provided by the screen of the laptop.

Marco was hunched over the keyboard, the normally glowing health of the skin of his face transformed into a pale blue-white death mask by the light from the LCD. He was sitting in a hotel suite at the writing desk. His fingers rapped his user name and password into the site’s login page.

Which of our girls would you like to play with today Starman?

The mouse pointer hovered above “Latin Beauties” before being drawn to “Barely Legal Teens”. Click.

New today ! “Clara”. Click.

A face appeared in a window. Too close to the webcam, out of focus. The image smeared and pixelated until it’s owner, a youthful platinum blonde in a pink bikini, settled on the bed a few feet from the camera.

“Hi …”, she peered at the monitor of her PC, ” … Starman. How are you today?”


“Oh good, cos Clara’s horny too”. She raised a finger to her lip and pouted, her mouth opened slightly. She gave him her best doe-eyed stare. “What shall I do today Starman?”.

Take off your bikini.

Clara knelt on the bed and reached round to her back to remove the bikini. The straps loosened as the clasp was released. She shrugged the garment forward, letting it slide over her arms and onto the bed.


“Of course”, smiled Clara. She grasped her breasts and kneeded them. Leaning towards the camera as if to proffer them to her audience she tweaked the nipples. “Ooooh, that feels so good.”

Take off the rest of the bikini.

She rolled onto her back and lifted her legs. Fingers hooked into the sides of her bikini and slid it down and over her feet. Then, she sent it flying towards the webcam with a flick of her wrist.

Play with yourself.

She rolled onto her side, one hand on her breast the other delving towards her slit. Clara kept her legs together and pushed her middle finger across her clitoris. “Ah, ah yes”.

Marco watched her for a few moments, stroking his erect cock. He licked his lips rapaciously consuming the jerky image on his screen. His breathing was quick and uneven, pupils wide.

He unsteadily typed with his free hand


Clara reached on to the bedside table to pick up a nine inch monster. She played it along her lips the massive plastic glans dwarfing her petite mouth. He tongue flicked around the member leaving it glistening with her saliva. She dragged it down her body, between her breasts and across her mons.

Push it in

She did, slowly, parting her labia, spreading her legs to accommodate the outsize cock. “Mmmmmh!” she murmered, “Ooooh”.

Marco watched the whole nine inches disappear inside her.

Fuck yourself

Marco’s hand worked his cock. He spat on the end while his frantic fist pumped. But he needed more.

Pull it out

Good girl

Now, up your ass

“I’m sorry Starman I don’t do that”, purred Clara, “Would you like to see how wet you’ve made me?”

Fuck yourself up the ass!

Clara’s tone changed from a purr to matter-of-fact, with teeth. “I’m sorry “Starman” but our terms and conditions state that it is at the performer’s discretion which acts we will or will not perform. ” She looked straight at the camera, “And I’m not putting that up my ass.”

Listen you bitch don’t you know who I am?

“Of course I do …”, said kitten Clara softly.

In that case do as you’re told or I’ll have you fired!

” … you’re Starman, account number K6709-1. And if you don’t drop the attitude I’ll have your subscription terminated.” Her piercing eyes were feline slits.

You fucking bitch, I’ll …

… * Session terminated by host * …

Marco swept the laptop across the desk. It landed on the floor with a thud and ominous cracking sound. He picked up the phone and dialled room service.

“I need some company.”

“Com-pan-ee. Yes that’s right, around twenty, brunette … hmm and make sure she doesn’t have an attitude problem.”

My First Test Drive

Well, first of all can I apologise to the friends I didn’t get around to commenting on yesterday evening. I bet you can guess that I was more than a little busy.

I’m sure you are all dieing to know if I managed to wait to open the “special delivery” until Alex got home. I did, not only that I held out until after dinner, so that we could have an uninterrupted “threesome”.

Click the image to see what I got to play with.

I opened the package and out popped my Eclipse Ultra 7. Not that it particularly matters but it was also in my favourite colour, purple. I removed it from its plastic casing and held it for a moment (good to get to know your equipment before getting intimate) taking in the flexing soft gel feel. Non of the traditional stiff plastic feel about this instrument of pleasure. It’s really nice to hold and looks good too. I am almost tempted to leave it out on the coffee table as an ornament. Perhaps not. LOL.

Lets do the techie stuff first:

  • It has an Ultra-soft jelly outer
  • Ultra-soft jelly rabbit
  • Insertable length 5″
  • Actual length 6.5″ (9″ including controls)
  • Girth 5″ – that’s 1.6″ in diameter girls

Now the important stuff:

  • 3 vibrating speeds
  • 3 pulsing speeds
  • 1 escalating mode

And finally if you can stand all that:

  • 6 Stage ocsilation/rotation
  • 48 rotating ball bearings hitting the spot

Powered by 4 x AA batteries (and you’ll know why when you try it)

All the controls have illuminated indicator lights so you can see what you are doing down there. Personally I had no problems working out where they were and what they did as the controls are clearly different in shape. Differentiation between the speed button and the rotation buttons is simple because they are different shapes which is really helpful when you are guided by touch.

The Run

I lubed up (it’s a fair size, don’t attempt to insert without) but forgot to warm my toy up in the process. Boy, it was cold going in. Too, eager that’s my trouble. My advice when inserting the Eclipse is to make sure that you tilt the base towards your ass as you go in, this lifts the rabbit’s prongs so that they glide over the top of your clit.

It slipped in nicely and the contours and bumps around the head could be felt as I worked it in deeper.

I tried the Pulsing mode first to get me in the mood. This setting is nice and relaxing, taking you slowly there. The start/stop action is very laid back, not like the full on vibration that most provide. The pulses of vibration could be felt resonating through my pubic bone. The three pulsing settings increase in intensity as you work through them. The final escalating pulse pattern goes something like this 1234444444, giving you the kick on the final pulse. I must confess right now that I came earlier on the escalating pulse setting, so this is my second attempt at the review. 😉

The Vibrating sensation is very powerfull, It was then I realised exactly why you needed 4 AA batteries. I turned it up from 1 to 3 and on 3 it nearly shook my brains out, I had to turn it down for fear of having to abandon this review again. I know I’m all heart.

I can only compare the vibration mode to that of being placed on top a fast spinning, slightly off balance, washing machine during spin cycle. However, that doesn’t do it justice. Believe me I have tried the spin cycle and it’s not this good. 🙂 The rabbit’s action brought me to orgasm earlier after I overcame the laughter (as you know I orgasm intensely with clit stimulation). The best simile I can give you if you have never felt a rabbit on your clit, is that it is like having a bumble bee in the crotch of your pants. I know that sounds a little crazy but just think about it for a while. So it’s a definite thumbs up for me.

I now felt comfortable using my Eclipse, we were getting to know each other well. It was time to step up the action and try the Oscillating/Rotation mode. The combination of the oscillation and rotation inside your pussy feels very much like having a cock inside you. It rubs against your inner walls and certainly lets you know there is something powerful between your legs. Whereas other vibes I have used rely on in and out hand action this one satiates on it’s own. If you don’t cum with this and the rabbit combined I would be very surprised. Alex and I had to abandon the review once again at this point, fortunately we had covered most angles, again and again. 🙂

This vibe is a winner with me and it would be quite possible to use it in your room whilst auntie Betty sleeps next door as despite its power it’s reasonably quiet. Don’t stand it on a table unattened while turned on because it will soon make it’s break for freedom.