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Well Hello!…

The final results of the Clone a Willy kit. (You can read the first part of the review here)

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We left the mould to dry for another hour and then began preparations to cast the willy. The mould was still slightly wet but it needs to be to be able to flex whilst casting takes place. Note: the mould does shrink slightly (about 5% in length), so guys don’t be upset by the finished result. LOL.

As instructed I cut a piece of card to fit over the top of the mould providing support for the vibrator insert. I removed a circle of card from the centre just large enough to insert the vibrator through, leaving the end exposed so that it can be turned and batteries inserted.

Now I combined the two part rubber compound in an old glass jar and mixed the two parts together with the stir stick provided. When blended I poured them in to the mould, leaving as instructed a 2.5cm gap to the top to allow for the vibrator. Don’t worry guys there is enough compound left over to be able to cast a cock the size of John Holmes. 😉 Then I placed the card complete with vibrator inserted in to the end of the cast.

A word of advice at this point, make sure you weight down the end of the vibrator because it has a tendency to rise out of the cast as it sets. You don’t need much weight just enough to keep it submerged. Then we had to wait for the rubber compound to cure, I’m not the most patient of people but I knew it would be worth the wait.

I now had to leave the mould in the kitchen on the work surface for the next 24 hours. Hopefully, nobody would decide to visit. How would you explain a cast of a cock with a vibrator sticking out the top sitting on your work surface? Some people may cast little Beatrix Potter animals but not me. 🙂

Well, I made it and managed not to keep taking a poke at the mould for the curing period. The mixture does feel slightly tacky to the touch at first but it is fully set. I gently removed it from the flexible mould and out popped the most perfect Mini Alex. There was just one thing left to do in the cloning process…shave the cock. Yes, you did read that correctly. During the casting process air got trapped and created little bubbles of rubber on my willy which need to be taken off (as you can see from the image at the top). It looks like Alex has some kind of nob-rot. LOL.

The whole process from start to finish is simple and straightforward, just add cock and off you go. So with care I removed the nodules from my willy using a craft knife, then a quick wash and now my stand in for Alex is ready to go…oh, but not quite I need some batteries.

Living The Dream – Part 6 of 2

I moved down the bed as Jack backed off and removed spunk filled condom from his prick. Alex was now up on his knees and I slid myself between his legs and took hold of his cock. It was hot with the collection of blood in the tissue. I took my finger and worked a little of his pre cum around the tip, then I began to stroke him. He immediately began to fuck my hand. I made an “O” shape between my middle finger and thumb and he fucked me so hard that I had to use my other hand to steady my make shift pussy.

His eyes went back in to his head and hips kept thrusting. Jack sat on the chair by the bed watching as I brought Alex to his climax. Alex steadied himself with both hands on my shoulders as he fucked away at my hand. His cock thrusting just level with my mouth. I wanted to taste him, wanted to swallow down his cum. He was now pumping me with such vigour that I nearly fell over, he was close. His back started to arch and his nails began to dig into my shoulders.

I opened my mouth just inches from his thrusting cock and stuck out my tongue. Pumping, pumping and then…”Oh my God”. The first spurt of cum ejected from his cock and hit my top lip. Without thought I ran my tongue over my top lip, it was thick and gelatinous, sweet and musky to the taste. I waited as the spurts flew like fireworks from his erection. My tongue caught one of the shots but most landed squarely on my breasts.

Ejaculation over, Alex fell back on to the bed, his head awash with the colours of his synaesthesia. Jack pulled himself out of the chair, right hand stroking his own cock. He sat on the edge of the bed and continued to jerk himself off whilst pulling me closer with his left. I opened my legs around either side of his hips and moved in closer. His tongue traced over my left breast around the nipple and then upwards in to the warm globule of cum resting there.

He licked my breast clean with long stroked of his tongue. Occasionally looking up at me with those dark brown eyes of his. Warm, inviting and mysterious. Everything a girl could ask for, a truly uninhibited sexual being. He continued to stroke himself and lap at my pert bossom. There is something so arousing about watching a guy masturbate, I just love to watch.

Tits now clean he looked up and moved in to kiss me. I hesitated for a moment and then opened my mouth to receive his tongue. He was wearing a very nice aftershave, not too overbearing, a nice clean fragrance. His chin was slightly stubly and rubbed up my chin as he pressed his lips against mine. He kissed quite firmly but not too wet, I don’t like sloppy kissers. His tongue moved around my mouth with certainty, perhaps one acquired over the years. He knew which buttons to press, a seasoned lover.

My need was now driving my head, I wanted to fuck so much. If my pussy could talk it would be purring. No growling loudly, demanding to be fed. I broke away from Jack’s kiss and lay on my side. I grabbed hold of his cock and he loosened his grip. It was semi erect, generous in size and not even up yet! It had the faint aroma of lube and cum. I placed my hand at it’s base and firmly grasped it, trapping the blood and making it firm. A small drop of cum appeared out of the urethra and was taken by my tongue.

I adjusted my grip and pushed my fourth and little finger against his perineum. Jack gasped in agreement. I pulled back his foreskin to reveal his bulging head. Smooth pink and ready for me to take it in my mouth. I blew gently across his exposed glans, making Jack wriggle. Just then Alex began to stir and sat up behind me.

Jack was close to being hard enough to fuck me but just needed a little more tweaking. I pushed my head down in to his lap, mouth open ready to receive him. Forming a pornstar “O” with my lips around his head, I moved on and off his cock just catching the edges of his head against my lips. More pre cum oozed from the tip to be taken by my tongue. Enough of this I needed to taste more of his hard flesh. I pushed my tongue forward and out of my mouth whilst dropping down his erect shaft. My tongue pushing hard against the underside of his erection.

He placed his hands upon my head not pushing me on to him, more caressing me and feeling my long red locks between his fingers. I swallowed him right down and gagged a little as he hit the sphincter at the back of my throat. It takes a while to overcome this reflex but I’m working on it. I bring my head back up his cock and take in some air. Now down I go. I start to fuck him with my mouth and tongue his cock bouncing off the back of my throat leaking salty nectar down my gullet. I fuck and fuck with my head, ribbons of saliva now dangling from my chin as the swallow reflex is overridden.

“I’m close Suze”, Jack exclaimed in a slightly higher voice than the one he had earlier. I backed off, we didn’t want him coming too soon. I turned to look at Alex who was now proudly sporting a huge hardon and the look of a wanton man. I took Jack’s hand and guided him on to the bed, kneeling before me. I moved up on to all fours, pointing my ass at Alex. Subtle I’m not. I felt my ass cheeks being parted and then his cock penetrate my pussy lips.

My lips popped as he pushed himself in to me. This is what I needed so badly. I wanted to be taken, impaled upon his manhood. Carnal biting, scratching, thrusting and howling sex. I have waited so long to be sated, that my desires are now amplified 100 times. I want to scream and buck against him, ensuring that every inch is thrust home.

I feel his hardness against my vaginal walls and I clamp my pussy on to his cock. Those pelvic floor exercises allowing me to almost strangle him. Alex placed his hands on either side of my hips and pulled me back against his pelvis. Jack is now kneeling before me with his cock directly in line with my mouth. I open up to receive him once more. Alex begins to work his erection in and out of my hot hole.

Jack is spurred on by my moans and pushes a little deeper in to my throat. I must not gag, I relax my throat and open it as wide as I can, depressing my tongue to accommodate him. His balls hit my chin and I know that he is fully inside me. He is cleanly shaved like Alex, which makes for easier oral clean up. No pubes stuck in the teeth. “Yes Alex, just there”, I prompted. Jack was now slowly moving in and out of my pursed lips, his hands holding my hair out of the way in two bunches.

We were now synchronised, Alex pushed in to my cunt and Jack thrust in to my mouth. The only problem with this was that each time my pussy was pumped my head was pushed deeper on to Jack. I found myself gagging a few times and my swinging tits were covered in rivers of my own saliva. As Alex fucked my unsupported breasts clanged together like a Jacobs Cradle. Slapping of buttocks against groin and tit against tit adding to the whole wild fucking experience. I had never been spit roast before and my first orgasm was about to hit the shore. “Yes, yes, fuck me deeper”, I shouted as my vaginal walls began to pulse with the orgasmic wave washing over me. My knees began to tremble and I backed off Jack’s cock to take in a breath. Alex kept up the rhythmic fucking and Jacks hard-on slipped free from my mouth and slapped me across my right cheek. Fuck that felt good. Alex kept on fucking.

I opened my mouth wide and recaptured Jack without the use of my hands, which were being used to steady my balance. Jesus, Alex was fucking me like a man possessed and was clearly being fired on by my oral ministrations on Jack. We were working like one well oiled machine in perfect time with simultaneous moans of appreciation accompanying the grinding.

“Suze, I’m about to blow”, exclaimed Jack and he pulled his erection out of my drooling lips. He began to stroke himself in a frenzied fashion, his purple cock screaming out to cum. He pumped it with vigour right in front of my face as Alex continued to take me from behind. His rhythm changed and he thrust his pelvis forward, fingers still clasped firmly around his swollen glans. “Oh, ohhhhh”. With that Jack jettisoned a hot white streak of cum on to my left cheek. Then another followed and landed on my nose, then another and…”Fuck Suze, I love you”, came the pained voice from behind as Alex thrust his last and came inside me.

Jack’s cum began to run down from my nose and I licked my top lip clean. Jack has collapsed before me on the bed, his cock still quite firm and pointing skyward. His hand still grasped around it’s base. Sweat glistening on his bronzed body. Alex slumped across my back and for one moment I had a problem holding his weight. Recognising this he sat back up on to his knees again. I turned my body around and lay back between the two of them on the bed, with my legs dangling off the edge.

“Who fancies a Jacuzzi?”, asked Jack.

Living The Dream – Part 5 of 2

I placed the water bottle on the bedside table and settled back on to the bed. Alex sat at the side of me, sweat glistening on his body, chest heaving with the breathlessness of his exertions. Terri slipped off the other side of the bed and reached for her bag.

“I must go”, she said rising to her feet. She had a tell tale glow about her, one of a woman satisfied. With that she headed towards the door. Alex leaned over me, right arm resting on the mattress. “You look so beautiful laying there naked, just waiting to be taken”, Alex whispered in to my right ear, his breath heating up my lobe and rekindling my inner fire.

The door closed against the jamb and Alex leaned over me taking in my very essence before opening his mouth and pressing his lips to mine. I wanted him so badly and couldn’t hold back any longer. I pushed my enquiring tongue inside his mouth and our tongues jostled for supremacy. He tasted sweet and still had Terri’s aroma around his face. I pushed my tongue deeper in to his mouth and rubbed my inner thighs together as my pussy started to replenish its moisture.

There was the sound of the door opening again. Terri must have decided to come back. I was too engrossed in Alex to open my eyes. His tongue was tasting my lips and wrapping around my tongue like a snake in the sexual act. I was becoming quite heady with the aroma of sex and the assault on my mouth.

What was that! Warm air on my pussy lips, now something wet and smooth pushing between my labia. It was a tongue, warm wet and probing. I gasped as it pushed deeper between my lips and up inside my sex. Hands were now resting on my inner thighs. My slit was being lapped like a dog. I began to raise my hips as the tongue flicked in and out of me. Hands supported my bottom as it flicked in and out like a viper.

My swollen bean was now being flicked by this expert tongue and I was now so close to cumming. I moaned deep inside Alex’s mouth as I started to let go and tremble with my first orgasm. It was so long awaited and so powerful. My arms and legs began to tingle then my whole body went in to a minor spasm as my juices began to flow. The mouth enclosed my pussy and audibly began to suck me clean as I came.

In the intensity of the moment I had broken free of Alex’s lips and I could now see under Alex’s right arm pit the wet face of my oral pleasure giver. To my surprise it wasn’t the lovely Terri at all. This was a guy, a very distinguished looking man perhaps in his mid to late 50’s greying slightly at the temple but toned and good looking.

He smiled back up at me. “Hi, I’m Jack”, he offered. I must have looked a little shocked seeing him there instead of Terri. I smiled back, “you know sure know how to bring a girl off”, I said. As he stood up at the foot of the bed. I must have sounded a little bit stupid but what do you say in those circumstances. He reached over for his robe which was thrown over the back of the chair and pulled out a little silver packet.

It was a condom. Alex had now straddled my body and was sucking on my left nipple. God, I love it when he flicks his tongue around it and then sucks the tip in to his mouth, taking me by surprise. Meanwhile Jack was rolling the condom down his now erect cock. My oh my, he was a big boy. I just caught site of it before Alex leaned in to kiss me again. “Aaagh!”, exclaimed Alex. The his body started to rock and our lips were pressed harder against each other.

I opened my eyes and there behind Alex was Jack on his knees. He was rocking forward and back head held high in the air and sucking deep breaths in to his nostrils. Alex has now mirrored his posture and his head was tilted up to the ceiling, mouth open and drooling slightly from the left side of his mouth. I pulled myself slightly up the bed until I had my head on the pillows and Alex was hovering over my feet.

My nipples were hard and my heart began once again to race. He was being fucked. Alex was being fucked from behind by Jack. I never imagined that I could have been so turned on seeing him being taken by another man. I felt naughty, no dirty just watching them, trying hard not to give away my arousal which was now audible as I excitedly pulled breaths of air in to my lungs. Jack had hold of both of Alex’s hips and was swinging in to him with a steady and deep rhythm.

Alex’s cock was swinging in the air and becoming harder by the thrust. Pre cum dripping from him like a tap. His balls were so high they were nearly returning to their pre-pubescent sanctuary. Jack was now thrusting quite fast and biting down on to his bottom lip, maybe holding back his orgasm. Alex was still facing the ceiling with eyes rolling to the top of his head and moaning out with the movement over his prostate.

I wanted to be fucked right here and right now, whilst watching the sexual act taking place in front of me. My pussy was again pulsing with desire and I spat on my finger before placing between my lips and on my clit. I began to gently rub it up and down with a “cum hither” finger flex. It felt so good and I was so ready. Now rubbing it from side to side and up and down again. Pulses of pleasure passed through my clit, though my whole body. My pussy was so swollen and moist.

My concentration was broken. “Oh fuck, oooohhhh” Jack’s voice called out. His face looked pained and he pulled air in between his teeth. He had come. Alex remained on all fours as Jack withdrew his cock. “Agghhh”, Alex exclaimed as Jack slid free. Alex’s cock was almost purple with blood and as hard as rock …

To be concluded.

Living The Dream – Part 4 of 2

This story was originally meant to consist of two parts. Everyone enjoyed it so much I expanded the original idea to six parts. Links to the other five installments are here. Read them on their own or as a whole.

I could only see the back of Alex’s head descending upon her pussy as he pulled her thong to the side. She sighed and pushed her hips towards him, raising her ass of the upholstery. Alex grasped her by both hips as if eating a piece of melon and pushed his face deep into her open thighs. He started to lap at her and she began to buck against his tongue. Her hands gripped the back and side of the chaiselongue as she enticed him to fuck her with his tongue. I was now starting to feel slightly delirious, I had probably taken in too much oxygen with the excitement of the situation. I need to fuck but who? The strap on was waiting and ready for action on the chair. How I would love to fuck Terri with her legs up around my ears, so that I could look down on her and watch that prosthetic cock fuck her pussy.

I’d have her begging me to stop as I rammed her so hard, watching her tits bounce up and down with each thrust. I had never fucked a girl with a strap-on before or a guy for that matter. Maybe I could fuck her and then insert it deep inside Alex’s anus and slowly fuck him whilst Terri blew his cock. So many possibilities, If only I could free myself from these cuffs.

Alex was now finger fucking Terri and wow she was a screamer. “Oh, yes, yes, fuck me…harder…YES, just there…oh, my God I’m… She arched her back and Alex repositioned himself and fucked faster. Terri bucked and moaned, her toes curling back from the floor, Le Petit Mort clearly visible on her face. She fell back against the cushion and Alex withdrew his hand and placed his finger tips against her lips. I wanted to taste her, I could smell her, I could see her moist pussy from between Alex’s legs.

She licked greedily at his fingers and then sucked them in to her mouth. Alex pulled them out for a quick taste and then replaced them in Terris hungry mouth. The once red gusset of her thong was now deep blood red, wet with her orgasm, her thighs shimmering in the soft candle light. The smell of sex was heavy in the air. It kept returning to me in waves like a craving. I needed to fuck.

Terri was now recovering from the intensity of her first orgasm. She looked at Alex and smiled, then turned towards me and licked her lips, slow and deliberately. She was a without a doubt one girl I would love to engage in a threesome with. There was I thinking about threesomes and I couldn’t even get off the bed.

She raised herself from to the floor and took Alex’s hand and started to lead him over towards the bed. My heart started to race again. Were they going to let me join in some of this carnal fun? I was so excited that my body started to tremble.

She guided Alex to the chair by the bed and he picked up the strap-on. Is she going to fuck me again. Thoughts were racing around in my head. I felt heady, giddy a slight butterfly feeling in my stomach. Expectation I suppose. She placed her hand on his shoulder and pushed him gently back in to the chair. She started to crawl up the bed on all fours, legs straddling my torso. She kept on coming until she was level with my face and she licked my right cheek with one long stroke. Smiled and then placed her knees either side of my head. Her pussy was only inches from my face and I could feel the heat and moisture escaping from her sex.

The smell of her juices was filling my nostrils and my pussy was pulsing, flush with blood. She spun around and moved her knees down to just under my armpits, calves under my outstretched arms. Was she going to remove my gag and allow me to lick her moist fleshy folds? There was a small creak from the chair as Alex stood up and made his way across to the bed. What were they going to do to me? My heart was about to burst out of my chest, I’m sure this wasn’t good for my health.

He was now kneeling on the edge of the bed and his hardon was pointing right at me. I had been so preoccupied I hadn’t notice him masturbating in the chair beside us both. The tip of his cock dripped on to the brocade bed cover. A glistening drop of pre cum teasing me as it disappeared in to the cotton. Terri pulled her cum soaked gusset over to the right and I braced myself for my release.

Alex move in above my head and placed his knees either side of my head, gently grazing the wall with his left leg as he did so. His cock was bouncing up and down just above my nose. Another drop of pre-cum fell and spattered on to my chin. Terri started to wriggle her ass in the air as if adjusting her hips. Alex rubbed his hand on her wet slit and smeared his the head of his penis. Terri backed up a little and tilted her pelvis down, raising her arse higher in to the air. Her pussy was now clearly pouting and open and her aroma was captivating me. Alex moved forward and pushed the tip of his pulsing prick inside her. I watched as her lips spread around his ample dick and seemingly pulled him deeper in to her wet pussy.

They were now in genital union only inches from my face. I had a better view than any POV DVD could offer. He pushed all the way in to the top of his shaft, her ass bottoming out against his groin. Then a slow withdrawal, his cock coated in her cum. White concentric rings of her pussy juice coating Alex’s erection. Terri gave a little shudder and encouraged Alex with her “fuck me Alex”, demand. Neither of them wanting the sweet moment to arrive, but animal desire and lust taking over them both. He began to pound away at her. His balls were swinging to and fro above me, slapping against her arse with each impalement.

Alex adjusted himself for better entry, he was now on his right foot and his left knee. Slap, slap, slap,slap…”Alex, that feels so good, ahhhh!”. I couldn’t see the expression on his face from this angle but his posture was concurring that he was enjoying the fuck too. Have you ever been this close to a couple fucking before? If not you have to try it, the visuals are out of this world and I’m sure that I came. No manual stimulation, no penetration, just watching.

“Yes, yes, YES!”, Terri screamed and her legs began to tremble as she lurched forward to steady herself. I love a vocal orgasmer (ies that a word 🙂 ), it always worries me if someone represses their inner most pleasure, denial is not how I like sex. With a last thrust and slap of balls against ass Alex released his seed deep inside her. “Arghhhh, arghhhh”, followed by “Grrrrrrr”, as he dug his nails in to her pink buttocks.

With a shudder of sensitivity Alex withdrew his spent member from her swollen hole and let it dangle freely whilst he regained composure. Another drip fell upon my forehead this time. I so wanted to scoop it up with my finger and taste the combination of their fluids.

Terri crawled to the bottom of the bed and collapsed between my legs and Alex lay back next to me on the bed. Both sated but I had only just started. Moments passed and then both Alex and Terri set about releasing me from my bonds. Alex removed my ball gag and Terri offered me a bottle of water from her bag. Once my thirst was quenched I turned to look at Alex sprawled in the chair by the bed.

He must have guessed what I was thinking from the expression on my face and softly said…

“Darling, we are booked in for the night”.

Living The Dream – Part 3 of 2

Note: Due the overwhelmingly favourable response Suze had for the two part story “Living The Dream”, she’s written two more parts. The first is below, the second will appear tomorrow.


“Hi, I’m Terri”, she announced in a sweet but husky Irish accent. Strapped around her hips was the instrument which had pleasured me only moments before, still shimmering with my juices. 

Terri wore a red lace ¾ cup lace bra and matching thong and a 7″ cock. She had the most beautiful heart shaped face, with green eyes and painted crimson lips. Not the usual Mediterranean type who I would normally go for but very attractive and as I found out only moments ago the perfect lover.

The room was illuminated by candles strategically placed on top of the pieces of oak furniture, no longer honey in colour but dark, aged by the passing of time. There were two chests of drawers and 2 double wardrobes on the far wall with a large gilt framed mirror hanging in the centre. Two large almost floor to ceiling windows and an ornate chest covered the wall to the left of the bed.

The windows were draped in a heavy claret velvet, trimmed with gold tassels. They afforded no daylight except for the crack between the curtains at the far end of the room. Light infiltrating the room through a small gap, casting a gold stripe across the oak floorboards. In the middle of the room angled slightly towards the bed was a chaiselongue upholstered in the same material as the brocade bedspread I was prostate upon. To the right of this huge four-poster bed was an oak dressing table and chair, bedside table and lamp. I turned back to look at Terri who was still perched smiling on the edge of the bed.

“I…”, I started to enquire. “Shhh, don’t say anything”, she replied whilst delving in to an overnight bag she retrieved from the floor next to the bed. She pulled something out which resembled a rubber ball and strap. She leant over me and gently raised my head from the bed. She slipped the ball between my lips and into my mouth and reached around the back of my head to secure it in place.

Jesus she had ball gagged me. So I’m now still strapped to the bed and unable to cry for help. I pulled against my bonds, there was no give and Terri gave me a sideways smile as she slipped off the edge of the bed. It was futile, my bonds were too secure, no play in them to be able to escape. I resigned myself to the fact that I was going nowhere and I must admit I felt a slight stirring between my legs.

Terri walked slowly and deliberately to the other side of the bed. That girl had a nice ass, which rolled as she walked in her 3″ red stilettos. Nice breasts too, I guessed somewhere around a 38C. The dark aerolas clearly visible through the sheer parts of the bra, her nipples strained to be set free. She unfastened the sides of the strap on dildo and placed it on the chair in front of her.

She turned towards me and smiled, then made her way towards the door. “Don’t go”, I was trying to plead but the words were lost to the rubber sphere in my mouth. The words were just muffled and lost. Terri carried on walking towards the door. She pressed down the brass handle and opened the door on to the landing. Rather than leaving the room, she started to slowly back up into view again. Good, she wasn’t leaving after all.

The girl extended her right hand out and it was grasped by someone on the other side of the door. She backed up further and the dimly light shape emerged through the jamb. It couldn’t be! It was Alex standing in the doorway dressed in a claret towelling robe. He move in to the room fully and Terri closed the door behind him.

He didn’t glance my way despite my attempts to call him. Terri placed her right arm around his shoulder and pulled his face to hers. She parted her lips and pushed her tongue in to his mouth. Thoughts began to well up within me. “What the fuck did she think she was doing with my man?”. “More to the point, what the fuck was Alex doing with this other woman without my permission”. I pulled hard against my hand restraints and the leather dug in to my soft white flesh.

The pair continued to kiss deep and passionately, right there in front of me. Alex raised his left hand and placed it firmly over Terri’s breast. His fingers squoze, dimpling her lace bra. I pulled hard against my bonds once more. This could not be happening, Alex wouldn’t do this to me. Terri released a deep throated moan directly in to Alex’s mouth as they continued to kiss, despite my protestations.

They parted lips and she dropped to the floor in front on his and pushed her hands up and under his robe. Alex pushed his head back, eyes rolling upwards as she grabbed her prize. She pulled open his robe with her left hand not wanting to let go of Alex’s semi erect cock. The robe flew open, the belt dangling down at both sides. She started to stroke him slowly along his length. Alex bit down on his lip as she stared up at him from the wooden floor.

Every move clearly visible to me from the bed. I had been riding an emotional roller coaster since Alex entered the room but now I was beginning to accept the situation. No…to be honest I was starting to be turned on by this floorshow. If you had asked me on any other day of the year how I would have reacted to such a sexual tryst, I would have probably confided that the Mr Bobbit scenario would have been appropriate. Not today, I was becoming very turned on by the events unravelling before me.

Alex was now standing proud and hard and Terri removed her hand, parting her cherry glossed lips. She moved forward and down over his hard shaft. I watched her take every inch of that erect cock back in to her throat. When she had engulfed him up to the hilt she closed her mouth over him. Alex groaned and leaned back, legs almost giving way with the stimulation.

Terri pulled back her head and then pushed down over his cock again, breathing out as she did so. “Yes”, Alex exhaled. She began to move up and down his erection more assuredly and within moments was quite vigorously orally pumping him. The muffled moans and wet popping sounds clearly audible.

My cunt was now pulsing with desire and my heart had picked up pace, almost jumping out of my chest. This was fucking hot and I wanted to join in. We had videod ourselves fucking before and thoroughly enjoyed watching it back but this was different. Live action, unexpected with no opportunity for me to involve myself in the reveries. I wanted to rub my thighs together against my clit to give myself some release but my bonds held me firm.

I would never have dreamed in my wildest fantasy that I would be so aroused, seeing my husband being sucked off by another woman. She must have the sweet taste of his pre cum on her tongue by now. How I loved to lick it from his hard glans, I hope Terry liked it too. Alex started to thrust his hips against her mouth, forcing his cock deeper in to her, fucking her throat. He placed his left hand on the back of her head, caressing rather than forcing her down on to his erection.

“Stop, I’ll cum”, he exclaimed and Terri backed off his cock. She looked every bit the dirty girl with her lipstick now smeared around her lips. Alex took both her hands and helped her to her feet. He placed his hand inside the left cup of her bra and teased out her breast. It spilled out of the cup and Alex bent over and took the nipple in to his mouth and sucked it hard. He then moved over to the right breast repeating his ministrations. Terri, now with eyes closed licked her lips and sighed loudly. She wanted Alex it was evident.

Alex took Terri’s hand, led her over to the chaiselongue and reclined her against the brocade cushion. Her legs were hanging over the edge, body leaning to the right. Alex parted her legs and squatted on the floor in front of her. I tried to attract their attention again by forcing a squeak past the ball in my mouth. It tasted sweet but rubbery and I found myself drooling slightly. Just what had my tormentors got in store for me?

Living the Dream – Part 2 of 2

The car rounded one last left hand bend and then made it’s way down a gravel track. The occasional stone hitting the underside of the car. We had now stopped and the engine was turned off. I listened in the dark intently for any clues as to where we were. A car door opened and the door-open warning beeped, then it was closed with a bang. The car shook. “Is this the place?”, came the familiar husky voice I heard earlier. “The map says it’s the right place”, came the voice of the Yorkshire guy. Feet crunched around the side of the car and a key was turned in the boot lid.

“We’re here”, the Tyneside voice announced into the boot. The cool outside air rushed in and swept across my naked body. A hand reached in to the boot and pulled my trapped gown free and back around me. “You have the…”, he began. “Right, do you want me to get her?”, said the third guy. I couldn’t detect his accent, it seemed to be a mixture. “Ok”, said Tyneside guy, as a hand swept under my back and legs lifting me fee of my confines. It was the same guy who carried me out of the house, his aftershave smelled familiar.

He placed me over his shoulder and off we scrunched on the gravel path. We walked for a couple of minutes then I was taken inside, the air temperature was warmer than outside. There was a musky, old smell about the place. Footfalls could be heard quite clearly, so we were crossing a hard floor. If it was possible my heart picked up pace and I found my breathing difficult, almost asthmatic. Although I wasn’t frightened, well maybe just a little but the feeling was more one of excitement. Where were they taking me? Was I about to meet my captor?

The footfalls were now muffled and we seemed to be ascending a stairway. With each tread a little jolt. Yes, we were climbing stairs. That smell seemed quite strong on the stairs. Did this guy know just how horny I felt? Surely he could smell my slippery wet thighs. Was my robe wet where it had wrapped between my legs? I pushed my legs together hard as my clit pulsed against his shoulder. It felt like I was about to come, my lips were swollen wet and throbbing.

A door opened and the air became a little cooler as we entered the room. The musty, old smell was now replaced with the aroma of night scented stock, heady and fragrant. I was placed on something soft, face down. Could it be a bed? My hands were released and I was gently rolled on to my back. Both arms were taken up above my head and the left was secured, quickly followed by the right. I was now prostrate before my captor. Helpless and almost naked before him.

Next my legs were unhooked from each other and pulled to the corners the same as my arms, right then left. “Are you going to remove this hood?”, I exclaimed. No response came. “At least let me see what is happening.” “Shhh”, came the reply. My hood was loosened and pulled back to just under my nose and the strings pulled tight again.

The door closed, I assumed my captor had now left the room.

The door creaked and closed in the jamb. “Hello, who’s there?”, I asked. Again no reply. “Won’t you please tell me who’s there?”. I jumped with surprise as my robe began to open at the front, it fell to either side of me on the bed. “Please, tell me who is there?”, I pleaded. “Shhh”, was the response.

Was that a feather? Yes, it was. A feather was slowly and lightly being traced up the inside of my right leg. Up, up and around my mons, then onward across my stomach. Funny how it didn’t tickle, more tantalising than tickling. Around my nipples and then across each one in turn, they were so hard now that they felt as if they may burst. I pulled against my restraints, more for the effect than the desire to be set free. No, I was enjoying this far too much to give it up.

The feather moved up my neck and ran across my lips. I sighed, as I did so a kiss was placed upon my lips. My tongue ran across them as if trying to discover who had stolen that kiss. I could feel hot breath against my cheek now and that mouth kissed my neck. I so wanted to be able to put my legs together and rub my clit against my thighs until I came. This was torture, sensory depravation but at the same time my senses were becoming so honed. Every noise, smell and sound magnified by my highly aroused state.

Teeth grazed across my ear and then sucked hard on the lobe. “That feels so good”, I exclaimed. “Shhh”, came the reply. I squirmed as he sucked and licked my neck. My pussy was so moist now, I could feel the cool air as it met with my wet thighs. Hands were now upon my engourged tits, moulding and rolling me beneath them. Plucking and squeezing my erect nipples. Then the warmth of a mouth around them. A tongue licking beneath my breasts and then up to the nipple. I writhed with pleasure and desire, helpless, unable to satisfy this person or myself. Shackled.

Was that a tongue tracing across my stomach and down towards my steaming pussy? Something warm and wet pushed between my labia and ran along the length of my slit. Now back up and “Jesus”…sucked my clit between their lips. I wanted to shout “Fuck me, take me”, but I obeyed my captor and remained quiet. Fingers pushed deep inside my cunt and I raised my hips off the bed and began to buck against them. I fucked myself, bucking and tilting my pelvis on them. “I’m coming”, I shouted as my pussy contracted and oozed on to those knowledgeable fingers.

With a last thrust down, I came and then collapsed back on to the mattress. As my pussy pulsed with post orgasm contractions the fingers were pulled out of me. I could sense heat and smell my juices close to my face. Hot wet fingers were smeared across my open lips and I licked my cum greadily from them. I stuck out my tongue, begging for more. I was not disappointed as two fingers were inserted inside my eager mouth. My tongue lapped up every drop of my own sweat liquid.

My captor withdrew. Then a hand on my left thigh, a dip in the mattress at the bottom of the bed. Someone was climbing between my legs. Something hard nudged against my labia and with a side to side wiggle parted my lips and pushed inside me. My muscles were still contracted and I felt the pop as my pussy swallowed every inch. At first the strokes were slow and deliberate, almost pulling completely out. Then deeper and faster. I felt another orgasm building within me. “Fuck me faster, harder, I want to feel you bumping my cervix”, I begged. No shhh this time, my captor must be enjoying the moment too much to speak.

Their breathing was fast and deep. As there was no verbal communication, it was difficult to tell if they were close to orgasm. How restrained, not to even let out one moan of pleasure. Just the heavy breathing of excitement. “Jesus, I’m cuming again”. My hips pressed in to the bed as I arched my back, this was a very strong and intense orgasm. My whole body tingled and I felt euphoric as my pussy spasmed for the final time.

My captor climbed off me and walked around to the top of the bed. Kissed me on the lips and then sat next to me. The hood was loosened and removed. My eyes could not focus at first and I squinted as they became used to the light. Beside me sat a blurred figure. As they became accustomed to the light, I saw a delicious blonde girl smiling down at me.

Living The Dream – Part 1 of 2

Two weeks ago…

The email read:

We have now received your final payment against Personal Fanatasy #111872. Details of implementation will follow within 4 working days.

>May we take this opportunity of thanking you for your valued custom and we hope you will revisit us in the near future for further enjoyment.

>Yours sincerely

>M Preston

>Marketing Desk

I asked Alex what this email was all about and he simply and rather dismissively replied that he was setting up something special for his fathers 60th Birthday. With that I thought no more about it. Alex was so thoughtful and his father has always been so welcoming to me from day one, I was never made to feel uncomfortable when I visited his parents house. If anything they went out of the way to make me feel comfortable and tried a little too hard. But I’m not complaining because I know potential inlaws can be, well set of arseholes. I suppose you are all out there thinking that is putting it politely. 🙂

Today was another beautiful hot and sunny day. Yes, it can be nice in the UK occasionally and this June has been exceptionally hot and dry. Here is where I am going to do what the English do best and say it’s been a little too hot lately.

Alex left for work around 8:30am after a quick shag on the landing outside the bedroom. Ok, I feel I need to explain this one. The bed frame has taken to squeaking (maybe a bit too much action) and for some reason the floorboards in our room have come out in sympathy and squeak too. So the nearest and quietest spot at the moment (until the situation is resolved with a big hammer LOL) is to come out on to the landing on top of an old duvet. Which needs a bit of a wash as it’s looking a little like spotty dog with all the cum stains on it. I know too much information.

He left for work shortly after our quickie and a cup of tea with toast and marmalade. Got to look after him and keep his strength up. I took my tea upstairs and climbed back under the covers and started to watch the news. No point in rushing out of bed these days, me having no job to go to. The days are long enough already. Unfortunately most of the neighbours work or are retired.
I drank my tea and settled back against the bedhead to take in the day’s headlines. I started drift off and my eyelids began to close. The next thing I knew there was someone knocking of the door. I quickly jumped out of bed, a tad bewildered as you are when suddenly woken from sleep. Grabbing my red satin robe I wrapped it around me and made my way downstairs. Through the obscured glass in top of the front door I could make out the shape of two people, possibly guys, as I descended.

“Ok, I’m on my way”, I shouted from the top of the stairs. I placed the key from the console table into the lock and turned, as I did so the door flew open and the next thing I knew was my head being cloaked in a dark hood and the bottom drawn up with a cord. It had a slightly musty damp smell about it. Arms took a hold of me, I wasn’t sure how many and I must have let out a scream as a voice said “don’t make any noise and you’ll be fine.” I didn’t recognise the accent, could it have been Mancunian?

My arms were pushed behind my back and someone was binding them firmly with what felt like leather restraints. “Please don’t hurt me”, I pleaded hoping for mercy from my captors. “We won’t lady, providing you stay calm and don’t try anything clever”, said another of the men. His voice was local, definitely a Yorkshire man. Did I know that voice? No, the accent just sounded familiar. All of this had happened so quickly that I didn’t really have the time to panic or take in the true gravity of the situation. I had to think logically.

My legs were now being bound with restraints and pulled together in the middle with a locking clip, I heard it snap in to place as my legs were forced together. My weight was suddenly being taken from the floor and someone was bundling me over their shoulder. “Right, you take her to the car and we’ll lock up”, said the first voice, which gave away it’s origins. It was a husk quite sexy Tyneside accent. So, there were probably three or more of them.

I somehow didn’t want to scream, after all they had been very gentle with me up to now. “What is it you want?”, “we don’t have any money”, I protested as I struggled to break my bonds. “Be quiet, you’ll find out …”, came the reply from the third person, the voice being unfamiliar to me. It may sound strange but I didn’t really feel threatened at all by these guys. Call it adrenalin rush if you like, they had shown no hostility or aggression towards me up to now.

My heart was beating fast and I’m sure the one who now had me hanging over his shoulder would be able to feel it resonate through his scapula. Surely they wouldn’t carry me in broad daylight to a waiting car with a bag over my head? Not in broad daylight. The door closed and was carried down the driveway to a waiting car. Supposing everyone was at work and the others were in bed or at the golf course, nobody would see me.

I was placed on a hard surface and then the lid came crashing down. This must be the boot closing. I could smell exhaust fumes and my head hit the hard shell of the car as I adjusted myself to try and get comfortable, well less uncomfortable. It now came to me all I was wearing was my robe, no footwear, no panties or bra. The car started moving and I must admit that I was now aware of the stickiness of my thighs as they rubbed together with the sway of the car. I was wet! I was actually getting off on this. Was I wrong to feel so turned on?

As the car rounded the left bend out of my street I pushed myself against the sides of the car to avoid rolling around. Someone turned on the radio. “and I never saw the sudden curve till it was way too”, belted out Meatloaf. The volume was swiftly turned up and I could no longer here what was being said, the voices were far too muffled. My heart was still racing in my chest and my excitement was now becoming very much physical. I could feel my pussy pulsing as the cold air penetrated the opening in my robe.

I tried desperately to follow the cars path, mapping each turn but I soon lost my bearings for the desire within was taking over my whole body. Why was I feeling so aroused? Surely anyone else in my position would not be feeling like this. But they didn’t intend to hurt me, they said so. If they wanted to hurt or rape me they would have done so in the house. I reasoned away every reservation and fear I encountered as it arrived.

The car turned, stopped and started and the music was playing loud and I just wished that I could loosen one hand for a moment and run my fingers between my beating lips. My breathing was almost in synch with my heart beat, fast and excited. I could now smell smoke as it drifted through the back seats and in to the boot. So at least one of them smoked. But not the guy who carried me over his shoulder, I couldn’t smell any tobacco on him.

My right arm was now beginning to get tingly and ache from being laid on. I shuffled and turned on to my other side. The robe around me got wrapped underneath my body and I was almost totally exposed. My nipples began to harden as the left one brushed the carpeted floor of the boot. I had the overwhelming desire to fuck and be fucked, hair pulling, ass slapping, deep thrusting fucking. I wondered what these guys looked like. Were they tall hard muscled and able to fuck you whilst suspending you in mid air. I tried to stop myself from thinking about sex but it was becoming more and more difficult.

Alex and I had only fucked a short while before and here I was desperate to feel a hard cock inside me again. Not just any old cock but perhaps one of my assailants. Would he grab me out of the car, take me inside and place me over a table. Then fuck my brains out from behind? Or was I being taken to someone who wanted to screw me? Was I being kidnapped for sex? This thought fuelled the fire which already burned fierce and hot between my legs. I felt like an animal needing to be satiated to be impregnated with someone’s seed. To lick hot cum from the cock which had just fucked me so hard.

“Never felt so good, it never felt so right”… Meatloaf belted out. The car was still hurtling along. How long we had been travelling now, I had no idea. Maybe twenty minutes, this track is near to the end of the CD. God, who cares, there is nothing I can do about it. I just have to go along with what they ask of me and keep quiet.

To be concluded …

This story originates from two source most recently Miss Understood and her post “Freaky Fantasies”. But also there’s the master of the genre Simon Kade ;).