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Post Christmas Update

Alex and I didn’t intend to buy each other a Christmas present this year due to me being out of work but…We were passing our favourite Adult Store and just couldn’t resist a quick look inside.

It’s months since we visited for fear of spending money that we just don’t have at the moment.  However today got the better of us.  🙂  I couldn’t believe it they had the same staff as last time we visited and what’s more they recognised us and asked if we had a good Christmas!  Nothing like the personal touch.  Lol  *thought…maybe I could get a job there…but would I end up spending all my salary in the store?  Hmmm…*

So we hurriedly did the shopping we originally set out to buy and then made our way home.  We were both excited about the prospect of watching some new porn, it’s ages since we had any new DVD’s to watch.

Alex passed me the shopping from the bags and I put it away.  Very organised and hurriedly we got everything unpacked.  I tried to grab the discreet packaging (floral paper bag) containing the new PORN but Alex grabbed it first.  He then ran up the hallway and up the stairs with me in hot pursuit.

Giggling like a couple of school kids we arrived at the bedroom and he turned on the DVD whilst I went to close the bedroom curtains.  Then I noticed the light on in next door’s bedroom, the one adjacent to ours.  FUCK!  How could we have a decadent and horny afternoon watching porn with the next door neighbour listening to every groan, moan and thrust…

So as I write this just imagine my frustration as I hit the keys on this keyboard in a rather pissed off fashion.  Of course I will update you on all the interesting and dirty bits later but you will just have to wait just like us…


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Drive 3

I was buying a sandwich at the supermarket when I saw it.

It seems to be a standard accessory, like the iPod, the Prada handbag and Gucci watch. A Mini Cooper S. They all have one, successful young things, either as part of their “Excellent Bens” or on finance that would fund a reasonable size mortgage.

I could see her perfectly manicured fingernails gripping the steering wheel, careful not to catch them, they might chip and she was out tonight, the Friday before Christmas. First the office party then, when the senior management began to cruise the room for young talent she’d be off. She is ambitious, but not so desperate that the MD would get to feel her tight ass while rubbing his cock against her thigh as he lurched her round the dance floor.

Let’s call her Lucy, her friend Emma. They both slip into their coats as the disco begins and walk across town to the nightclub quarter. The beat from the clubs hits them before they see the neon signs. Soon they are immersed in the throng queuing outside the doors. Stern faced doormen turn into leering, sneering welcoming committees as they approach. They are dressed to thrill, in the flush of youth and obviously moneyed, and that opens doors.

They ignore the prestige clubs, heading for something a little different. A little more down-market. They’re ushered past the ranks of glaring girls in the queue, VIPs because of their demeanour and poise. They’re dressed like models and look the part. Lucy blonde, Emma black haired. Both straight and exquisitely cut. Their dresses too set them apart, below the knee, Lucy’s red, Emma’s green, expensive, very expensive.

They wait by the bar. Not for long, the first of many prospective suitors offers to buy them both a drink, his friends at his shoulder, waiting for their reaction. They refuse him and the second, and the third. The fourth they accept and take a booth with him and his friend. They have nothing in common, to the boy’s credit they attempt conversation. Their small talk is limited to football, a subject that neither Lucy or Emma have the slightest interest in. They don’t try and fake it, the boys aren’t interested in their soccer allegiances. It’s their cocks that are leading the way tonight, like every other night.

The boys hold back knowing the girls are different, not their usual prey. Something about Lucy and Emma makes them diffident, so the girls make the first move Lucy plants a kiss on he partner’s lips, forcing her tongue inside his mouth. The taste of cheep lager excites her. So much more base than red wine and expensive brandy. Emma does the same, her suitor is transformed from hunter to hunted as she grabs his hand and places it on her exposed knee.

Emma looks straight at him, eye’s widening in an obvious invitation. His hand travels upward, under her skirt. He licks his lips, mouth dry with excitement. It’s a long way to go, most of his girlfriends wear skirts so short that sitting down would reveal the colour of their panties. For his hand this few inches is like an epic journey. Reaching the confluence of her legs his surprise shows on his face, instead of the underwear he expected his fingers touch a freshly shaven pussy, naked and moist, its lips swollen with her coursing blood.

Emma glances over at Lucy, flashing an amused smile. Lucy’s eyes smile back, knowing her friend’s secret, her mouth not breaking contact with her new partner’s.

Tasting the promise of an evening to remember the boys are despatched to the bar for more drinks, leaving the girls sitting demurely in the booth. Emma spots two more suitors, beckoning them over with enchanting eyes, her hand toying playfully with the necklace she wears. These two are older, but no less eager, soon sitting next to the girls, close enough to feel each other’s body heat.

Lucy and Emma feel the moment approaching, Emma’s exposed pussy becoming wetter under her dress, Lucy’s gusset awash and heavy with her rich perfume at the thought of it.

It’s as thought the thunderous music in the club stops for just a second as the two pairs of face each other. Emma and Lucy take up an unassuming posture and watch the inevitable unfold.

The conversation is brief, serving only to provide an opportunity for the contestants to size each other up before the mêlée. “Who the fuck are you?”, “Who’s fucking asking?” The four roll into the dance floor, fists flying. A circle opens around them, the shrieks and screams of the gyrating girls cutting through the megawatts of sound.

The DJ fades the record for a moment to shout “Security!” before fading it back up again and mixing in a more hardcore beat to accompany the new floorshow. Before the bouncers reach the heap of anger, testosterone and adrenalin blood has already begun to flow. Noses have been broken, tomorrow eyes will be closed by the impact of well-aimed fists.

Lucy and Emma sit quietly, watching, evaluating, contemplating. Lucy’s tongue glides across her lips the anticipation is now palpable.

A dozen black clad enforcers physically hurl the protagonists out of exits at the opposite ends of the club.

Lucy and Emma rise and make for the exit. Once outside they turn towards the exit where the second pair of suitors where ejected. The alley is dark, illuminated by a guttering street light and the glow filtering from frosted windows of the gents toilets of the club. They can see two indistinct figures leaning against the wall. One is leaning towards it, hand resting flat-palmed on the brickwork, letting the blood drain from his broken nose. The other has his back to the wall, fumbling to hold and light a cigarette with a fractured left wrist and a right hand sporting shards of glass.

Lucy dips into her handbag to retrieve a lighter. She flips the case and spins the wheel with her thumb, cupping the flame she lights his cigarette. His face is illuminated in the yellow flame, his left eye already closing from the injury it had sustained. His lip is split, blood dripping from his chin.

He draws deeply on his cigarette, “Thanks”. She waited a moment, watching Emma stroking the back of her gladiator.  Emma turns her partner round and pushes him against the wall, which was what Lucy has been waiting for. She did the same, pressing her face against his, smelling the fresh smoke and lager on his breath.

He drops his cigarette under the force of her onslaught. It rolls across the asphalt and into the damp gutter hissing into extinction. She grabs his cock through his jeans, demanding it respond to her, but already having its undivided attention. She is ravenous for the taste of him, her tongue rampaging in his mouth. The ferrous tang of freshly spilt blood thrilling her like nothing else can, it brings out a side of her that cannot be unlocked in any other way.

The ferocity of her onslaught wakes the animal in him. The pain in his hands and face numbed, for now. She pulls at his belt, freeing his cock, yanking at it.

Now he pushes her against the wall, she pulls at her skirt, lifting the hem to a roll around her waist, exposing black silk panties to the cool December air. Lucy pulls them to one side and guides his throbbing head between her sensitive lips, made even more so by the kiss of the icy air.

She cums almost immediately and screams it out to the world. He takes it as a compliment and thrusts into her fast and hard. Her legs wrap around his waist, her back pressed uncomfortably against the wall, brickwork grazing her exposed shoulders. He’s grunting now, the animal in him wanting to cum in her tight wet cunt. Not to give her the best orgasm of her life but to fuck so she knows she’s been fucked. Which is just what she wants.

Emma’s yell of satisfaction cuts into Lucy’s personal cocoon of sexual bliss. Lucy glances over to see her friend being fucked from behind over a stack of crates, her back spattered with blood from her partners shattered nose. Then Lucy cums again, with her chosen cock pumping it’s sticky payload into her.


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Parents Say The Strangest Things

As I mentioned in my earlier post, Alex’s parents came over for Christmas dinner with us.  They are the most down to earth unassuming couple you could hope to have for your perspective in-laws.  Dad has a wicked sense over humour and a very jovial personality and Mum is more steady and reserved but also possesses a good sense of humour, although tempered.

So you can imagine my shock when Alex and his father were clearing the table she came out with “Did you see that Kate Mellor series on television the other day?”.  I replied that I hadn’t, to be honest between writing for the blog and having lots of sex I don’t really get much time to watch television these days and when I do it’s whilst laying in bed pre or post sex.  LOL.

I think his Mum wonders exactly how we fill our days when we don’t watch television.  Best she doesn’t know too!  😀  Anyway, back to what I was telling you.  So, Alex and his Dad are busy in the kitchen…”It was a very good series”, she continued.  “The plot was very complex and compelling, there were a couple of lesbians in it.  One of them decided to do that thing where they hang themselves from a door, you know what I mean.  He did it a few years ago and it went wrong”.

She must have seen the look of surprise and astonishment come over my face as the words came out.  I had to rerun her words by me again, just to be sure that I had heard right.  I had…It took me all my time not to say those words “Oh, you mean, Erotic Asphyxiation”.  I just confirmed that I knew what she was talking about.

It takes me all my time now not to come straight out with the correct terminology when people are relating to sexual fetishism or acts.  I can never imagine sharing my secret blogging world with either my parents or Alex’s.  In fact it’s kind of hard to imagine talking to them about sex, period. 

When Alex came back in to the room I must have been wearing a grin, he looked at me and frowned as much as to say, what have you been talking about.  I didn’t tell him until she went to the toilet later and we both giggled.  For all we know she could be as well informed as us and could even have her own blog.  LOL



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It’s A Cracker!

We both hope all our readers had a wonderful Christmas and indulged heavily in whatever they enjoy!

Alex and I have had a fairly quiet Christmas this year.  We spent Christmas Eve in bed when we finally finish the last minute preparations.  Including getting the house nice and tidy for Alex’s parents to come over to eat on Christmas Day.  I don’t keep an untidy or dirty house but somehow it makes you so conscious when you know that your potential in-laws are coming over. 

So Sunday was tidy, tidy, tidy, especially the sex toys which we tend to leave around the place without even a thought.  We are so comfortable about our sexuality and each other that we don’t tend to look upon having toys to hand or where we last used them as being strange.  The odd R18 DVD can be left out by the player without even a thought.  You have to develop an unfamiliar view point when expecting company, in order that you seek and hide anything which could incriminate you as being sexually active.  Lol

Butt plugs, cock rings and vibrators are common place around the bedroom and the Cupids Couch was quite happy remaining inflated in one of the spare rooms.  But we couldn’t take the chance that Alex’s parents wouldn’t happen on it by accident so we had to deflate it and put it under our bed.  😀  Also the rabbit which Alex fucked me with the previous night as I sat typing in this very chair at my desk.  Had to be removed from the bookshelf and hidden away.

Well, after all the tidying and cleaning preparations for the Christmas meal we were both exhausted.  So at around 10pm we both decided to make our way to the bedroom and watch some TV to relax for a while.  We both lay side by side playing with each other, comfortable but also enjoying the release from the intensity of the day’s activities.  It didn’t take long for Alex to get hard, he flipped me over and I assumed the position on all fours facing the bedhead.  He may have been tired but he fucked me with such vigour that at one stage he pushed me in to the wall behind the bed and I banged my head!  🙂

He became quite wild and was making animalistic sounds behind me.  I just had to look over my shoulder and he had his head pointing upwards, eyes rolling and practically snarling like a wolf.  I must admit I love to see him taken over by this inner beast, it makes him rough and insatiable.  Even after he has come inside me he continues to thrust and drain every last drop of semen from his body.  Usually he is very sensitive after he has ejaculated but when he unleashes the beast he is insatiable.  And lets face it who am I to complain?

After the animal fuck we both cleaned up and then drifted off in to a well deserved sleep.

The meal was going well, the turkey was cooked and resting on the kitchen side.  The parsnips and potatoes were cooking in the oven.  But when I checked them a while later they were no browner than last time I checked.  It was then I noticed that the cooker didn’t seem very warm either.  Yes, you guessed it!  The bloody cooker had only gone and packed up.

Fortunately we have a small convection/micro wave oven so I placed them on the appropriate trays and finished them off in there.  All things taken in to consideration the meal turned out OK.  I’m sure many people would have panicked at this point, normally I would but by the time the disaster hit I was a little merry on the red I had been sipping whilst cooking.  My attitude went from “Oh, no!” to “Fuck it” within seconds.  So anyone planning on cooking their first Christmas dinner next year, take my advice and take a liquid companion in to the kitchen with you before you start.  LOL

The crackers we bought this year were a revelation.  Mine contained this…has anyone any idea what it is?

Just to give you some techie info, the span between the two balls is roughly 4cm and both of them screw off.  Without thinking Alex proffered that it could be a Prince Albert.  His dad laughed, I looked a little taken aback and his mum sat looking puzzled for a moment before joining in the laughter.  😀 





There are two crackers left in the box and in one of them is this little beauty.

Yes, you were thinking the same as me weren’t you?  It could be a mini butt plug but I think it is probably more likely to be a bottle stopper.  🙂  I wonder if Adult stores do their own versions of naughty crackers…that would be fun for next year!







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A Christmas tale

Eight reindeer stood patiently waiting, the hot breath escaping from their nostrils condensing in the sub-zero air. Three figures waited for the beginning of the yearly ritual. Powdery snow swirled around them in a quickening breeze. Two were tall and dressed in green, the other smaller, wearing an ankle length fur coat that almost covered a pair of bright red leather boots.

The round jolly man stepped from the door of the log cabin in his black boots and red outfit trimmed with fur.  He strode towards the sleigh to which they were tethered.

He shook the hands of the two senior elves, “Well done. Jolly well done!” he exclaimed jovially. Then he moved on to his young wife and leaning over to kiss her whispered “Mary, I’m so glad that I can leave this place in safe hands while I’m doing the rounds.”

With that he was off, leaping onto his gift-packed chariot with an athletic bound that defied physics considering his portly physique. “Come Donner, come Blitzen …” were the only words the three members of the farewell committee heard before the sonic boon that heralded his departure from the North Pole.

Mrs Claus turned to the two elves “You two must be ready for a break, 364 days a year inventing and making new toys, and one night off. Get inside and I’ll see if I can’t find a present for you two tonight.”

She bid the elves sit on the benches beside the wooden table and poured a flagon of beer from the hog’s head in the corner of the kitchen. The snow had begun to melt on their neat green jackets. They all three drank a toast to the special night.

The fire roared in the hearth. “My, it’s hot in here.” Commented Mrs Claus, peeling off her long fur coat and letting it fall to the floor around her feet. The elves looked on approvingly. Mrs Claus always took special care to dress for this particular night. The one night when she didn’t have her red-faced husband around, the night she could relax.

The elves watched her intently, unable to prevent expressions of pure, carnal lust appearing on their faces. Mrs Claus had great legs enclosed in black fishnets, an ass that screamed to be squeezed. She wore skimpy knickers a basque and suspenders, silk and sinfully red. Just like her hair, fiery, hotter than the flames behind her.

Looking over the heads of the elves as if addressing the world in general she said, with mock innocence “I wonder how a girl can amuse herself for twenty-four hours while her husband’s away?

One elf stood and stepped towards Mrs Claus. She pushed him back onto the table and deftly unbuckled his breaches.  His stiff elfhood popped out, she noticed with interest that if bent very slightly to the left at the tip. She bent forward and grabbed her new toy and began to play with it, sliding the skin of his impressive cock. Her tongue circled him, wetting his shining stiff glans until she tasted his delicious slippery pre-cum oozing out.  Her tongue seemed intent on burrowing down the centre of his cock to extract each drop of the nectar like liquid as soon as it could.

Her hand grasped his balls in a grip as firm as a vice but as soft as silk, pulling gently, nails playing across his scrotum.

The second elf stood up, unfastening his breaches and moved alongside for a better view of what she was doing to his colleagues candy cane. He held his own Christmas treat in his hand, slowly fucking his fist. His balls were tight in his groin.

Mrs Claus slid “lefty’s” cock deep into her mouth, pressing it against the back of her throat. Lefty groaned a contented groan as her tongue writhed against his frenulum.

Mrs Claus glanced across at the second elf and christened him plum after the colour of the head of his cock, shiny and purple-red. She could feel her panties becoming first humid, then most and finally wet as she devoured lefty’s cock. The taste of precum in her mouth becoming mingled with the first morsels of semen escaping from elfish balls.

She felt plum’s hands grasp her buttocks and part them slightly, the silk of her panties falling into the cleft and between her swelling lips. Fingers probed for her opening, sliding between welcoming labia and into a molten mass of Christmas joy.

She slurped on Lefty’s cock while Plum slid first one, then two and finally three fingers into her, stretching her. Finally, when she was about to interrupt her feasting on Lefty’s throbbing organ Plum slid his now dribbling rod into her, the thin and soaking wet gusset of her panties presenting no resistance as he slid past it. He was big and filled with the lust of 364 nights alone in his bunk with only “Shaven Elf-Maidens” and “Woodland Sluts” for company.

Mrs Claus’ eyes widened as he drove his full length into her. Her mind seemed to glow with sensation. Thought and reason were gone, only the raw instinct and desire remained.

Plums shaft embedded itself into her, rubbing and massaging her g-spot until she came. The feeling of his balls slamming against her swollen lips and clitoris ensured that moments after first orgasm, another washed over her.

She wanted to taste lefty, feel him release his seed into her mouth. She pushed herself deeper and faster onto his quivering cock, gagging as it collided with the back of her throat. She was rewarded with the deep muscular contractions that started deep within him, the tightening of his balls and the warm, sticky, salty stream of cum that washed over her tongue.

Seeing Lefty’s paroxysm, Plum felt himself grow closer to his own climax. He wet his thumb by pausing for a moment and dipping it into her silky-wet pussy, then pressed it gently against her ass. He resumed his thrusts, now accompanying them with a gentle circular motion on her pink puckered hole, teasing the opening, pressing more and more firmly with his slippery thumb. Finally it slipped inside, just to the first knuckle, where he continued to massage with slow circular movements.

Mrs Claus tried to lick Lefty clean, to claim every drop of his issue.  She was hampered by the now frenzied pounding from Plum. He came, with a shuddering yell, the bell on his hat jingling.

Her pussy clenched his cock as if to possess it forever.

Plum laid Mrs Claus’ coat on the table and her on top of it. Her legs, bent at the knees hung over the edge, red leather high-healed boots made a richer red by the light from the pinewood fire. Her breathing had calmed but her eyes were still closed.

Lefty scooped one full breast out of her basque and teased the nipple with his tongue. He was rewarded with a quiet moan. Plum began to lick her pouting labia. He circled her clitoris, then, as she began to squirm grabbed her thighs, holding her down. His strokes became more firm, lapping upward, rasping her folds and sensitive nerve bundle.

She became more vocal, a smile breaking across her face. One hand grabbed Lefty’s head and pressed it onto her nipple, the other cupped its twin and pinched the nipple, pulling and squeezing it until it throbbed.

Plum’s flaccid member was beginning to stir again. He took it in hand, rubbing and squeezing it, shuddering as he rubbed the end, lubricating it with a little saliva. The taste of her, suffused with that of his own cum was all that he needed to bring him to the brink.

Mrs Claus pushed herself up onto one elbow, Lefty still suckling at her bosom. “Lay on the bench” she was addressing Plum. Grudgingly he ceased his lapping of her fragrant furrow and laid back on the bench. She stood astride him, glistening lips just above his face. “Make me come” she demanded.

He slid two fingers inside her, curling them around her pubis and onto their mark. His fingers curled and uncurled, the effect immediate. She started to shudder, knees becoming weak. Lefty held her from behind his erection pressing into the small of her back.

The smell pouring down onto Plum’s face was soon joined by moisture of her fluids, splashing onto him and her stocking-clad legs.  The musky smell exciting him further, iron hard cock testifying to his exhilaration.

The flow from her pussy increased until his face was showered with droplets from her sloshing cunt and his arm streamed with her climax.

Mr Clause collapsed into Lefty’s arms. Lefty and Plum laid her back on the table where Lefty straddled her, cock waving across her chest. Her hands rose up to grasp their prize. One encircled his cock the other slipped under his balls, cupping them.

Jerking him off with no attempt at finesse her fingers pressed and squeezed his perineum. They worked further back until they found his asshole. She teased him, enjoying the look of impish glee that stimulating his ring solicited.

With a long “Aaaahhh!” he came across her chest. Jets of hot cum falling onto her milky flesh. Lefty rolled off her. She directed Plum to take the place she had occupied. Then she crawled over him and facing his cock, nestled onto his face, like a hen settling onto her clutch of eggs. His tongue began work on her, pushing deep inside her opening, lapping furiously.

Plum’s cock was ready to explode, two-handed she pumped his tool, his hips thrusting upward. He came more oozing than gushing. Cum slid over her hands, covering her fingers, dripping onto his balls.

So you see while Christmas comes but once a year, Mrs Claus manages to cum a little more than that. In fact at the North Pole she’s known as the Mary Christmas had by all 😉

Christmas Novelties

I received this card in the post today from a relative.  Nothing strange about that, you may say.  But take a closer look at the card and try to visualise it the other way up, just like I did when I opened it.  Lol. Knowing who this was from I don’t suspect they put it inside the envelope upside down just to make me laugh but It did make it even funnier.

When Alex got back I showed him the card and without saying a word to him he pointed out the alternative greeting on the front.  So, it’s not just me then!

Readers who have been with us from the outset of this blog will have seen what happened to my new Smart Balls.  You will recall that I didn’t think they were very smart, in fact I found them useless.  But I did find an alternative use for them.  I hung them on the tree throughout Christmas and waited to see if our parents spotted them when they came round.






Well in time honoured tradition (I have just made it one 😀 )  Here is another use for one of our other toys.  This one is probably gender specific for obvious reasons but I suppose I could use the Butterfly for the ladies settings.






When it comes to stuffing that old bird you need that extra bit of length.  😀  So how about using this to help ram that stuffing home.  After you finish up it can then be used to relieve the tension of the morning food preparation.  😉



Take a look in your Toy Boxes and see what you can cum up with.  Oooh Errr!


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Christmas Capers – Part 2 of 2

We danced our way through a couple of tracks and then he shouted in my ear, did I want to go outside for some fresh air.  I agreed it would be a good idea as I had now boogied up a feminine glow.  He told me to go and he would join me in a couple of minutes so that nobody suspected we were going out there together.

It was bloody cold out there mid December wearing just an evening dress.  I made my way down the steps at the side of the dining hall and in to the garden.  Shortly after the sound of the disco poured out on to the grounds as the door from the dining room opened and out stepped Carl.

I think we exchanged a “hello” before embracing with a deep and passionate kiss.  How long I had waited for this moment.  My panties were instantly moist and I could feel his excitement pushing against my leg.  Without parting lips he reached his hand inside my dress and cupped my breast.  At that moment the door flew open and someone began to descend the stairs.

We separated and tried to regain our composure, then made our way back up the stairway.  Fortunately it was one of the sales team and he was wrecked.  He sat down on a step halfway down and held his head in his hands.

Carl and I spent the evening trying to engineer our escape outside again but we were thwarted ever time.  The evening passed too quickly and before we knew it we were being ushered out to the waiting coaches again to go home.

The line up for the transport didn’t seem quite as long as it should have been.  I remembered suggesting to Carl that we head for the bus furthest away and go to the back.  He followed and we made our way to the far left back seat.  I sat against the window and he slid in beside me.  Not that we were making it obvious that we wanted to be together or anything.  😀  By this time we wanted to get in to each others pants so much that we had become a little blaze about it.

A few more got on the coach but sat near to the front.  Some looked worse for wear and I hoped that we didn’t have any projectile vomiting.  The driver shouted out the window to see if anyone else needed to climb on then closed the door and started the engine.  The CD of Christmas hits started up and everyone capable started to croon.  By now Carl had his hand though the side slit in my dress and was heading towards my wet crotch.  I placed my hand on his thigh and was greeted by the tip of his erection.

It must have been the alcohol which brought about what I did next, I’m sure in a more sombre mood I wouldn’t have contemplated it.  I pulled down the zipper in his suit trousers and reached inside for his cock.  He was pulsing hard.  He whispered in my ear that I could sit on his knee if I hoisted my dress up.  The coach was in total darkness, so I agreed.  I carefully hoisted my dress up to around my hips and raised myself off the seat.

I placed myself over his lap, he pulled my thong to one she and guided his erection up in to me.  The feeling of exhilaration was indescribable.  Having waited and wanted for so long to get close to this guy.  It wasn’t the best fuck that I have had, with the restriction of movement.  After all we didn’t want to get noticed and then be made to walk home.  Lol.  But the mind fuck made up for the lack of thrust.  Just sitting on his erection made me come and he did too.

Only minutes after sitting on his knee he was twitching beneath me as he filled my pussy with this fluid.  We were only minutes from his flat when I regained my composure, just enough time to pull down my dress and ease back in to my seat.  I’m sure someone must have realised what we were up to at the back but nobody said a word.

Carl shouted from the back “we are alright here mate”.  And the bus came to a halt.  “Are you coming in?” he asked…

Christmas Capers – Part 1 of 2

Some years ago I was lucky enough to work for a company who gave great Christmas parties.  The first year I was with them we were all taken to a Country hotel by coach.  We could eat and drink all the wine provided at the table for free and not even have to worry about getting back as they provided 3 coaches to take us home.

At that time I was single and looking forward to a bit of flirting, especially with one of my work colleagues Carl.  I fancied the pants off him and I was sure he felt the same about me.  He would tease me during office hours and it somehow showed through.  I was hoping that he would give me some sign that he fancied me during the evening.

During work hours despite the odd bit of fooling around and teasing we were very professional and I certainly didn’t want anyone in the office to know that I had designs on Carl.  I would never hear the end of it, there were some pretty immature people in that office.

It was a formal dinner and disco and I bought a full length black evening dress with a very, very (just above ass) cut.  It was a halter neck and the front was nice and low too.  Just showing enough boob to catch his eye.  I hoped.

The coach picked everyone up on route, I was one of the last to get on and ended up sitting next to smelly Nigel.  There is one in every office isn’t there?  The guy who has personal hygiene problems.  Who thinks that body odour is natural and should be accepted as such.  A stranger to anti-perspirant.

Forty five, long minutes later we arrived at the hotel.  It was a large country house set in it’s own grounds.  Very grand and not what I had been used to in the past.  Other parties had been as cheap as possible with cost per head in the region of MacDonald’s.  Lol

Carl wasn’t on my coach and I hoped he was still coming.  He had promised to be there, so he was probably on one of the other’s.  He had to see me in my dress.  After all I bought it for him.

We alighted the coach and climbed the stone steps to the reception area.  Coats were handed in to the cloakroom attendant then we made our way down the hall in to the dinning room.  It was very grand, with high ceilings, decorate plaster mouldings and lashings of guilt paintwork.  The tables were laid out in settings of 10 and I still couldn’t see Carl anywhere.

I decided to go to the bar at the far end of the room until he showed and I could then take a seat at his table rather than end up stuck with a group of people I didn’t like.  A couple of drinks late he appeared at the bar to buy a drink.  My heart began to race as he looked me up and down with approvingly.

Neither of us wanted to draw attention to our obvious attraction to each other.  I made my way to first to try to throw people off the scent.  He took his position opposite me at the table.  Not too close but it enabled us to engage in facial exchanges.  I almost got caught winking at him by a colleague, I rapidly averted my gaze to the glass of wine in front of me.

It was exciting to at last be sure he like me too.  I had spent months waiting for this night to come.  A chance for him to see me out of my office attire, looking like a “woman”, not just an office bod.  I’m not sure how much I drank but I could feel my inhibitions slipping away by the gloss.  I had to stop myself several times from saying something to him over the table which would have given the game away.

The meal slipped down with very little attention, my focus was on him and the meal was a mere formality before the fun really began when the disco started up.  I wanted to get him up and dance.  To show him how I could move and gyrate, perhaps even get the chance to grind up against him.

Clare and Dave got up to dance and I joined them.  Slowly others poured on to the dance floor to strut their stuff.  After a few minutes of troilism with Clare and Dave, Carl appeared at my side.  I waisted no time in engaging him in a dance, he wasn’t the best of movers but that didn’t matter.

We danced our way through a couple of tracks and then he shouted in my ear, did I want to go outside for some fresh air.  I agreed it would be a good idea as I had now boogied up a feminine glow.  He told me to go and he would join me in a couple of minutes so that nobody suspected we were going out there together.

It was bloody cold out there mid December wearing just an evening dress.  I made my way down the steps at the side of the dining hall and in to the garden.  Shortly after the sound of the disco poured out on to the grounds as the door from the dining room opened and out stepped Carl.

I think we exchanged a “hello” before embracing with a deep and passionate kiss.  How long I had waited for this moment…

To be concluded.

Drive 2

I waited for her car to pass me at the traffic island. Her right of way. Me waiting. Giving me the chance to look at her and imagine what was to come.

I could see it in the way that her eyes were focused not on the car in front, but slightly beyond. It was as if her soul was trying to arrive home before her body so she could indulge herself to the full when she arrived.

As she drove past I knew, she needed to be ready for him …

Her flat was built amongst others on a side of a gently sloping hill. It meant that she was overlooked by those apartments in blocks further up the gradient. She glanced at her watch and saw she had time for a quick shower.

Ten minutes later she was rubbing soap into her limbs. She was not in the flush of youth anymore, but forty wasn’t old and she tried to look after herself. Boyfriends had come and gone, leaving her feeling that relationships weren’t for her. A couple of engagements, to the wrong men. Better to find out before you walked down the aisle, she consoled herself.

She tried not to think about it too much these days. She wasn’t actively on the lookout for a partner. On-line shopping for sex toys meant orgasms were only a few clicks away and the odd dirty movie helped that sort of release along. Sad? Some might think so but not her. She’d been lucky, never had a man treat her really badly, but then never had one treat her that well either.

Expending all that effort for a mediocre relationship seemed pointless and, well, she’d found a new game now.

The water cascaded down her body following her flowing form, full and curvy. Shower gel foamed and slid over her skin. Her finger followed her contours, neck shoulders arms, breasts. Nipples erect and grateful for the gentle squeeze she gave each one. Her palms slid over her stomach and down to her pussy moist with its own anticipation from within.

Her fingers probed her lips, parting and caressing them, enjoying the warmth and lubrication of the water. Finding her sensitive clitoris, two fingers enclosed and teased it. She thought of what was to come and brought herself to the point of release under the warm torrent from the showerhead. She stopped short, wanting to save herself for him.

Skin moist and perfumed, hair sticking to her neck she briefly dried herself and slipped into a towelling robe. She enjoyed being slightly moist, a diaphanous cloak of humidity. She’d have another shower later so her hair was left in damp dreadlocks across her back.

The curtains in the lounge were open, the wide floor to ceiling window. Looking out onto an inky blackness, punctuated by the lights from the other apartment windows opposite. All those windows obscured by blinds or curtains. Except one.

When she stepped into the room she was picked out in the ambient light filtering in from outside. All he could see from his curtain-less vantage point was an indistinct shape moving around in the blackness. She turned on the lamp. Its bulb was hidden in a large diffusing shade, suspended from an overarching arm. It created a bubble of glowing light that enveloped her and the leather recliner couch.

She could no longer see out of the window, but knew he was there, knew he could see in. That was their connection, a tunnel of photons reaching out between them. She smiled as she reclined on the couch.

She parted the robe to expose her breasts and the landing strip of hair leading to her pussy. She imagined him standing there, cock already in hand probably, stroking and fondling his throbbing member.

With that thought her hand drove to her crotch with un-ladylike haste, one finger dipping into the honeyed opening and spreading the slippery liquid around her sex in a series of long slow circles. When she was glistening with her wetness more fingers joined the slowly intensifying assault on her pussy.

He was watching intently. He had considered binoculars, but handling them while masturbating would have been impractical and that would have put him in the room with her. That’s not what he wanted, he was a watcher, a voyeur, the delicious decadence of observation without the complications of commitment.

Her form was generous but firm, he imagined taking hold of her and pulling her skin to skin. When he did that with his young bride he sometimes felt she might snap. She was twig-thin, able to wear any size 6 and look like she’d just stepped off a runway, but he was finding that despite being pleasing on the eye she had limited appeal in the bedroom.

His wife didn’t matter now, his attention focused on the hard, pulsing cock in his hands and the voluptuous figure indulging in a masturbatory repose in the window across from him. He could see her hands on pussy and breast, almost smell her aroma as she became wetter.

He began to seep pre-cum and with a flick of the wrist spread it across his purple head. She began to contort, back arching from the thundering orgasm that gripped and controlled her.

She loved this new discovery, her exhibitionist streak and with every new voyeur the orgasms became more intense. Her anticipation of the next “show” had begun to distract her during the daylight hours, always waiting for the next contact from her growing group of male admirers in the apartment block opposite.

Her thighs were slick with her climax, her moans turning into screams as she convulsed, fingers buried deep in her pussy. Seeing here rapture he sprayed his sticky white lust across the single pane of glass in the window in front of him.

He watched the light go out, cloaking her again in oily darkness. For a moment he watched his own semen begin it’s slow crawl to the bottom of the window and wondered when it would be his turn to watch her again.

Why Don’t You Take A Peep!

I finally made it!  I submitted my image to the lovely people over at 25 Peeps a few weeks ago and I have now been accepted.  If you haven’t already visited this site go and take a look, it’s a novel idea and a great chance for everyone to promote their site.  There are lots of wonderful images for you all to ogle.

And now I’m one of them.  Click this link to register a vote for my image. So show me some love and check out what I’m wearing 😉 

Strange How Things Cum To You

I was in the kitchen preparing dinner, not the most sexy of jobs but necessary.  🙂  I chopped the ends off the runner beans and then it hit me!  Not a magical culinary eureka moment but I could smell sex.

To be more precise, I could smell the male ejaculate.  I bet you all think I have gone mad at this point but I haven’t.  The seed (Lol) for this thought may have been planted by my last post In Essence but I don’t think so. 

The next time you are preparing runner beans for your dinner, take the time to smell them and see if you agree.  It could be that they don’t smell of cum to anyone else but me.  I’m sure we all smell differently and pick up varying aromas.  Otherwise, I suppose we would all be wearing the same perfume and the requirement for choice would be negligible.

Over the next few days, with my heightened awareness I am going to set about a mission.  The mission to detect sexual smells in every day objects.  Why don’t you all join in and let me know what smells remind you of sex and lets see what we can come up with.

This could be the first experiment in this field we could make history, you just never know.  Lol.  Add your smell-a-likes to the comments and lets see how many we can come up with.

In Essence

Alex and I decided to have an early night last night and went upstairs around 8pm.  It didn’t take long for us to nod off.  Ha! Got you then.  No, we didn’t go to sleep.  We watched a little TV and fumbled under the covers in a very lazy laid back way.

He was playing with my clit and I had my hand around his cock, gently stroking him between the odd ball squeezes and tugs that he likes.  😉  This play resulted in me being fucked up against the headboard doggy style whilst Alex went at me like some kind of wild animal.  He even growled and snarled as he came inside me.

That was only the start of the evening.  We fucked another couple of times during the course of the night around a couple of our favourite programs.  Yes, we don’t take sex too seriously.  It should be comfortable and honest and if we watch a little TV between shags then that’s fine.

We had our last shag, cleaned up and then fell asleep in each other’s arms.  I can all hear you saying “ahhh”!

In the morning Alex jumped out of bed to get ready as he does on a work morning and I lay in bed enjoying the warmth and luxury of not having to get up for work at the moment. 

When he has left and the car noise disappears down the road, it hit me.  Monday!  I hate Monday’s after being in Alex’s company all weekend I am suddenly alone again.  This morning was different, I rolled over and lay my head on his pillow.  The heat from his body had dissipated but I could smell his aftershave, captured by the cotton fibres.

I inhaled deeply and closed my eyes.  For one moment he was with me again in the bed.  A nice thought but reality soon crept back in again.  I jumped out of bed grabbed my silk wrap and made for the bathroom.  First pee of the morning is always a pleasure.  It always leaves me with a sense of relief as the last drops leave my body.  I’m not sure why it feels good, perhaps because it has been in there all night and I feel cleansed afterwards I’m not sure.

After wiping, flushing and washing my hands I returned to the bedroom.  As soon as I walked in the door it hit me like an invisible wall.  The smell of sex.  Our bedroom was heady with the scent of passion and body fluids.  Lol

It raised a question, can others smell this sexual aroma?  Or are we finely tuned to pick up each others scent just like pheromones?  Can anyone else smell what we smell?  Alex and I once went away for a long weekend with a couple we knew very well.  We stayed in a wonderful old house in Scotland.

The house was steeped in history and had bedrooms with four-poster beds.  It still annoys me to this day that I didn’t take any restraints with me that weekend.  I have never stayed in a four-poster bed since.  🙁  It would have been perfect for a bit of naughty play.  Anyway, I digress.

We had a really good fuck on that bed once we discovered that it didn’t creek and alert our friends to our activities in the next room.  Shame we didn’t quite know them well enough to join us.  I think we tried every permutation that included wooden uprights before falling asleep.

The next morning we were woken by a tap, tap, tap…”are you awake?”.  That was Debbie’s voice at the door.  “Just a minute”, I answered jumping out of bed and putting on my wrap.  I opened the door to a fully dressed Debbie.  We had slept in after our night of debauchery.  She made her way in to the bedroom and settled at the bottom corner of the bed.  Alex was now sat upright against the large wooden headboard.

I remember the thought going through my mind as Debbie sat down.  “Can she smell that we have been having sex all night in this room?”.  To be honest I felt a little embarrassed and didn’t say very much as not to encourage her to stay too long.  Not that made any difference, if she could smell sex then the length of her stay had no bearing on it at all.  Weird, the things which go through your head when you are conscious of something being a little strange.

That was the only time that I have been in that position.  Was it all in my head or can you smell sex in the air?  I have had quickies before work with no time to wash.  Can you smell my moist gusset when I walk past you in the office?  Can you smell the cum on my breath when I talk to you?

I know when Alex had been down on me, I love the smell of my pussy juices on his face and the taste of me on his tongue when we kiss.  But do Alex’s colleagues know from his aroma that he was eating my pussy just this morning?  Or again, is it just being sensitive, senses heightened?

Have you ever detected the essence of sex on one of your work colleagues?  If so did you tell them?


I spend a lot of time driving at the moment. The nature of my job means that from time to time throughout my career I have spent a lot of time on the open road. It’s cyclical, I’ll spend years in the office, then, either through change of employer or change or role I’m on the road again.

Sometimes being on the road is a plus, I get to listen to music, something we do too little of at home. Sometimes I just think, often the music inspires me.

A lot of the time these days the time in the car is effectively non-productive. I have masses of ideas bubbling up in my head, for writing, for tweaks to the site, but it’s not something you can act upon while driving. I have half written posts lurking in every dusty corner of my mind. So it can be frustrating.

The extra time behind the wheel also means I don’t get to visit other bloggers either. But something occurred to me on Friday night. If I’m feeling like that, what are the rest of the drivers feeling like?

We pull up at the lights. I glance across through the rain-spattered side window of my vehicle and into his. He glances back and just for a moment our eyes meet. I see it in him…

It’s been a month since he sat in the room with his stern-faced boss and the prissy little spinster from HR. Both staring at him disapprovingly across the desk. He’d been found out. Not because he was any more of an offender than his colleagues, but because they were a little younger than he was. A little more technically savvy. “Browsing History”, what was that then.

It was a small firm, they didn’t monitor Internet access, but the boss knew how to click the “History” button on a browser and so Ted’s fate was sealed. Apparently he should have been setting an example to his younger colleagues, he felt like pointing out that his younger colleagues were running their own eBay businesses in company time, but thought better of it.

Now sitting in his car on his way home from spending the day in the library he wished he had. Little bastards. He spent a few a few minutes a day perusing a few porn sites. Whereas that little fresh-out-of-school shit Kevin bought and sold who knew what on the auction sites all day.

Ted’s key slid into the lock and opened the door onto his knew guilty little web of deceit. How could he tell Margaret that he’d lost his job at 56? Even worse why he was dismissed? The money wouldn’t last forever, He’d have to tell her soon.

He only got chance to peruse his favourite sites on a Friday now, when she went out with their daughter to the bingo. That was why he’d been browsing at work, so Margaret wouldn’t discover his growing addiction to pictures of half naked women in stockings and tight business suits. And they were women, mature women, he didn’t regard himself as a pervert lusting after “Barely Legal Teens”.

He settled down in front of the PC in his dressing gown and submerged himself in his alternate reality.

He found the site by chance, a click from a link, from a random site. For a moment he thought it was her, the spinster from HR. It wasn’t, but it so easily could have been, right age, right hairstyle, right disapproving look.

He started to get hard at the thought of her. Spinster she was, but old maid she wasn’t. About 47, hair always plaited, nice curvy figure and a chest that promised much more than a handful when released from her bra. He knew she wore stockings too, he found her adjusting them in the stationary store once.


He thought about it now, mind alternately switching from the images of the increasingly undressed model on his screen and the brief, awkward encounter of six month’s previously. She’d had her skirt hitched up, stocking top and full, milky thigh exposed. Classic pin-up girl shot. She wasn’t Betty Page, but she was there, a few feet in front of him.

Sliding doors, if things had been a little different.

He closed the door and slipped his key into the lock, the tumblers rolled and sealed them into their unfolding scene. She looked at him skirt still high on her hips, chest beginning to rise and fall. A heaving bosom, ripe and full.

He feels himself swell against the fabric of his business suit, clichéd but classic, the juxtaposition of the respectable and the sordid, the clean cut and the dirty thoughts.

She licks her lips, wetting them slightly, they seem fuller in the glow of the single, yellowed, dusty bulb. She leans back against the shelving, a box of ballpoint pens overturns, several of them fall to the floor.

Ted stands in front of her, an inch away from her swelling chest. Looking down he can see her lacy white bra down her blouse. She’s opened more buttons than usual, did she plan this? Maybe, she doesn’t push him away, or object.

“Ted”, she says, haltingly “What are you looking at?”

“Your tits …” He realises he can’t remember her first name ” … Miss Heath.” And somehow addressing her like this makes him feel hotter. She’s more taboo, more dangerous. The hard cock in his trousers needs to be released now, but he wants her to do it. He hints by pressing it against her stomach.

Without taking her eyes from his she reaches down and unzips him. Her hand reaches inside to find the hot swollen cock that longs to be touched by her oh so prim and proper fingers. Her hand eases him from his trousers and holds him firmly. Her mouth forms an “O” of surprise, as if she didn’t expect to find a hot, hard rod of flesh in his pants.

The sensation of his skin being drawn back to expose an already moist head makes him draw a short breath and smile.

His hands grasp at her ample breast through blouse and bra making her moan appreciatively. Then he fumbles open the buttons to gain better access. Joy of joys it’s a front-loader! Her tits spill out into his waiting hands, full but not as saggy as Margaret’s, dark nipples erect and appreciative. Definitely not like Margaret’s.

He toys with them for a while as the owner of the magnificent chest slides the skin of his cock back and forth. Then he’s ready to take her, she’s ready too and leans over the boxes of photocopier paper, hitching up her skirt.

His hands pull her pants down to her knees, With satisfaction he notes that their crotch is wet with her pussy juice. He plants himself in her, gliding into her with a satisfying friction. She moans, “Oh, oh” and becomes more appreciative with every stroke. He can feel the glow rising in his groin the familiar and welcome precursor to release.

The rushing, pumping flood of hot semen follows within seconds. She welcomes it with “Oh yes Ted, I’m coming,” as thanks for his sticky gift.


Then he’s back in front of his computer, cock in hand, covered in his own issue. The model has a but plug in her ass now and is toying with the idea of inserting a huge dildo. Not Miss Heath, she’d never consider such behaviour.

Well, maybe next time.

IM Quite Literally Satisfied

I set myself up an account on MySpace a few weeks ago, couldn’t let the chance to make new friends pass me by.  It’s still in its infancy as far as how I want it to look is concerned, but as they say, it is functional.

Furthermore, I actually have some new friends over there too.  Although I don’t get as much chance to communicate with them as I would like, the experience up to now has been very interesting.

I’ve held short naughty conversations with my new friends via email but only recently have I ventured in to IM’ing them.  If anyone would have asked me a few weeks ago if I could find myself getting turned on by a complete stranger using IM, I would have said “No” for sure.

Now I have changed my mind.  One of my friends over there, he knows who he is 😉 gave me the mental fuck of a lifetime last week.  Yes, I’ve watched the television ads for chatlines and never really thought that kind of sexual play would turn me on.  WRONG!

This guy had me wet from the first couple of lines in.  Not only did I get turned on by his lewd suggestions and storyline but I found that just typing in my responses to his virtual moves on me, was making me horny as fuck.  There I was laid out in front of him being massage with warm oil all the way down to my pussy, where he stopped and drizzled some of the oil down between my lips…you see where this is going don’t you?

I licked, caressed and teased his cock, eventually giving a virtual deep throat.  This sent him over the edge and he came whilst sitting there in front of his screen.  He wished he had a wireless connection so that he could have laid back on the bed and let me guide him in to his orgasm.

The major problem with this of course is that you aren’t able to totally take care of yourself when you are typing away.  If you neglect the keyboard your cyber lover is left hanging.  This is where voice recognition could cum (lol) into it’s own.  I could sit giving my keyboard verbal commands and see them being entered on the screen as I sit a frig myself.

Well, back to the real world…I had to keep breaking off and slipping my hand in to my panties and giving my clit a rub.  Before long my panties were sticking to me and I had to remove them.  I was now sitting in front of my screen eagerly awaiting the next line of text from him.  Within minutes I had gone from smiling coyly at his words to “needing” them.  Does that sound strange?

I wanted to be brought to a climax, what started as a typical conversation had now taken over my mind, my body.  My feet were now up on the desk, spread wide before the screen, almost as if the some phallus was going to burst forth and fuck me.

My cyber friend was now back in full swing having spewed his seed in to his waiting tissues.  He began to tease me and encourage me to play with myself and I just settled back in my office chair and let him lead me to orgasm.  My middle right finger was now hitting the spot and I was now trying to type with my left hand (not easy) whilst I continued to work myself to orgasm.

The room took on the odour of a tart’s boudoir as my scent filled every corner.  My pussy was now so wet and slimy that my fingers glided across my swollen bud with little friction.  He now had his head between my legs sucking my clit in between his lips, tongue flicking and darting across it.

My fingers and toes began to tingle, then my lower back as I arched in to the familiar spasm which precedes my orgasm.  I dug my heels in to the desk and raised my arse of the chair, rubbing faster and with less delicacy.  My whole body tensed with the wave of ecstasy which hit me like a tidal wave of pleasure.  I was coming and my fingers were now saturated in my own body fluid.

I typed…”I just came…thank you!”

Little Insecurities

Adult Blog Hub featured a picture of Suze yesterday. Cheers guys 🙂 .

It got me thinking. What must it be like not being so relaxed about the idea of lots of people, men and women, ogling your woman’s bits and pieces? You see to me it’s OK. Suze always has the final say on what does or doesn’t get published so there’s no problem from her side. But I suppose for some men it would be a problem.

Perhaps I’m just secure in the knowledge that we trust each other to be open and honest in our relationship.

There are men at one end of the scale, jealous of every man who so much as glances at their other half. That must be nerve wracking, always on your guard, never trusting her when she’s out of your sight. Not the recipe for a great relationship. And unless the guy has real reason to suspect extracurricular activities on her part I suspect it says more about him than her.

We’re all prone to little insecurities, or big ones. “Does my bum look big in this?”, “How come I have laughter lines and I’m not laughing?”

So what’s your little insecurity?

Other News…

We are considering withdrawing from HNT until next year as participation seems to be dwindling on the run up to Christmas.  So next week may be our last one for a while.  But we will be back in the New Year.  In the meantime you can always see Suze in the Galleries which we will be updating over the coming weeks.