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We don’t tend to take part in tagging but how could we refuse when it was by that kinky little witch Mistress Sky.

So here goes…”Reveal six weird things about yourself“.

Now I must say this was easier for Alex to answer than me because I’m perfectly normal.  Lol.

Alex’s answers will be in blue and mine in red so that you don’t confuse us.  Not that you would because he is far more weird than me.  🙂

1. If I casserole anything in the oven and it carbonises around the dish, I have to eat it.  I get a fork and chip away at it if necessary.  Yum!
2. I love my vegetables.  If there are any left over from dinner I save them and eat them cold later.  I’ve even been known to eat cold sprout sandwiches.
3. I have a set cleaning pattern for the house, always starting with the bathroom.   Then the upper floor and working my way downstairs.  I never, ever deviate from this routine.  If I did it would probably throw me a little.
4. I’m a sucker for a bargain and will buy almost anything if it has been reduced or there is a special offer on it.  Once I bought a blouse which had been drastically reduced and put it in the wardrobe.  Several weeks later I took it out to wear it and discovered that I hated it.  See what I mean.  😀
5. If I park the car it has to be perfectly straight and in the middle of the space.  I have been known to walk back to the car if it isn’t and repark it.  Oh, and also the wheel has to be straight, I nearly forgot that one.
6. I can’t stand to see dirty pots around the sink after dinner.  As soon as we finish eating I have to start the washing up or I cannot settle down.  You know now I come to think of it, I am a little weird aren’t I?

1. I like rich tea biscuits, dunked in orange juice.
2. I have a very slight congenital defect. My right foot turns out by about five degrees, so the inside rear of my right shoe is always slightly more worn that the rest of the heel. My Grandmother was the same, but it skipped my Mother. Weird eh.
3. I love cat’s and dogs, despite being acutely allergic to both. Is that weird or masochistic?
4. I’m a realist and an optimist when it comes to people. I know the world is full of arseholes with their own agendas, but I always believe that people are fundamentally good and look for that good in them. Now that’s really weird, but wearing off with age.
5. I have a condition called synaesthesia. To you that’s weird. To me it’s normal and a wonderful thing to have.
6. Despite Suze being so weird I Love her, to the end of the earth. No, to the end of the Universe. I get up in the morning because of her, I rush home from work in the evening to be with her. Now that is weird.

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No, I Said Cooking!

My parents were partial to the odd drop of wine when I was a teenager.  They weren’t posh enough to own a wine cellar but bought it by the crate and stored it at the back of the garage.  Consequently we were never short of a drop or two for enjoying with the Sunday dinner or any other meal come to mention it.  Lol.

One of my favourite pastimes was cooking and I would quite often knock something up whilst my parents were out and serve it up when they got back.  I’m not sure if they were just good at making the right sounds and faces or if they really did like my cooking but I never heard them complain.  Mind you I would probably had a girly tantrum if they had.  😀

They would occasionally go out on a Saturday shopping together.  Very brave of my father, not many men would do this.  Ok…Alex just kicked me and pointed out that he shops with me.  Is it me or do most men becoming struck dumb when they are out shopping with us girls?  You ask for an opinion on something and it takes an age to get an answer out of them.

Anyway, where was I?  Yes, I used to like to cook and if my g/f Elizabeth came to stay over as she did quite often.  We would cook something up together.  Strangely enough all our recipes involved wine!  I don’t know why that was or why we only used the smallest amount of alcohol but always placed an empty bottle in the bin.

Our favourite dish to create was steak diane, this comprised of sirloin steak (no surprises there!) cream, mushrooms and WINE!  I had a thing about being a television cook and would narrate the whole process from start to finish.  I can remember those famous words now, “and here is one I prepared earlier”.  🙂

During the preparation and cooking of this dish we would taste it frequently and then follow it up with a drop of wine.  No glasses were required, that would make for more washing up.  Not being used to alcohol at the tender age of 11 it wasn’t long before we were ratted and giggling like a couple of schoolgirls.  Ooh, we were a couple of schoolgirls!

I always tried to keep Elizabeth at arms length when we were together, for some reason I didn’t want her to think that I was taking advantage of the fact that she wanted me.  But when I had been drinking alcohol the defence system went slightly awry.  We would be giggling together and then catch one another’s eye and before we knew it we would be kissing.  And shit the food would be catching before we knew where we were.

Being with her and having intimacy with her felt natural.  She never made me feel ill at ease, on the contrary she was a very calming influence.  We would embrace and kiss deeply, hands searching in to bra cups or up under each others tops.  By the time the food was cooked and my parents arrived home , for some reason we weren’t hungry.  Having consumed all the wine and testing the food throughout we didn’t want anything to eat.

It’s so hard stopping yourself from giggling and acting the fool in front of your parents when you are sowsed.  I think the harder you try the sillier you look.  Your annunciation and mannerisms become over embellished and false.  I think they did know that we were quite often the worse for wear but turned a blind eye.

Or was it because we would be off to bed early with the alcohol induced malaise.  Either way they never fronted us up about it but often joked about just how much wine went in to the dish.  😀  On reflection I should have kept back some of the double cream for later too.

After dinner and a couple of hours watching television downstairs with my parents, we would retire to bed.  Mum always set out a camp bed for Elizabeth to sleep on.  She would toss and turn and I would ask her to jump in with me.  Not needing to be asked twice she would climb in behind me and spoon up with her arms around me.

We would fondle each other gently and then drift off in to a blissful sleep.  If she came to sleep over now I would be delving in my bedside cupboard for interesting play things to share with her.  There would be very little sleep in my bed that’s for sure.

This post just reminded me I need to look her up…

Large Parcel Opening = Big Toy

Cupid’s Couch

As I mentioned back in Matching Collar & Cuffs I took receipt of two parcels from our toy supplier that day.  Today we unpacked the second much larger parcel and removed a large poly covered lozenge, a piece of A4 paper and a…no, I don’t think I’m going to tell you…

Oh, go on then.  A foot pump.  I can hear the cogs turning in your heads as you try to think of the reason for the foot pump.  Well, I won’t keep you in suspense any more.  The package contained a Cupids Couch, courtesy of our toy supplier an early Christmas present and what could be more apt for us than a couch for fucking on.  Did I mention it’s wipe clean too?  😉

Alex unfurled the couch attached the pump and began to pump away.  I just love how that sounds.  Meanwhile I looked at the usage diagram sheet and memorised them for later.  Lol

The couch needs a reasonable amount of space to inflate and use, so we decided to blow it up in the living room.  Praying that neither of our parents popped round to see us.  I had my excuse at the ready, “It’s an ergonomic bed for your friends to use if they need to crash out at your house”, would be my response to the inevitable question.  I’m so good, aren’t I?  Almost a pro.  😀

We did wait until nightfall to inflate the couch so that we could close the curtains or all the neighbours would be wanting one too.  It didn’t take Alex long, when he first laid it out I thought by the time he had finished inflating it he would be so out of breath that he wouldn’t want to use it.  Lol

One thing I do advise is that you allow it to warm to the ambient room temperature before you start.  That’s me ever practical.  Another thing to watch for is your cat taking a keen interest, especially with it’s claws!  Mine just had a quick sniff, looked at me as if to say “Dirty Cow” and walked off.

First position, and I’m not talking ballet!  Lol over the backrest, being fucked from behind.  Postion was wonderfully aligned, unlike in the past when there have been differences in height to contend with.  This was a perfect position with added bounce.  Each stroke could be accompanied by an upward bounce from me, something which normally doesn’t occur unless you have rubber knees.  It felt just like wearing air soles must feel to an athlete.  Yes, I said air soles, don’t be so rude.  LOL

I noticed later that the position we used was not on the diagram.  😉  Do you think I could earn some commission for submitting it to their creative department?

Unfortunately, we didn’t manage another position on the first run because we were enjoying ourselves too much.  Pity!  We had to try again.  I can just hear you all saying “ahhh”.  Another thing which did cross my mind in the throws of passion is that I wanted to pee on Alex and it is possible without worry of staining on this pvc love couch providing that you have it placed on a vinyl floor or something equally water resistant.  Right, I am leaving this section to jump back in bed with Alex if you will excuse me!

The following morning we picked up where we left off.  We’re so dedicated to this job.  I must mention at this point before I forget, that the PVC compound this couch is constructed from is not at all slippery.  In fact it tends to aide your grip and therefore increase your leverage.  It also smells nice, I may have to include this as my second favourite smell after leather.

I decided to take control and got Alex to lay with his back on the couch whilst I straggled him, reverse cowgirl.  This position can often be a tricky one for the girl, if practiced on a chair you either find you require high heels to gain the height required for good movement or that you are squatting so low to reach your cock target that your thighs have only limited use before you collapse. 

I found neither of these to be a problem, my legs quite comfortably stretched over the width of the couch allowing me to place my heels soundly on the floor.  This is where the added bounce I mentioned earlier comes back in to play.  For every downward thrust I gave, Alex met me with an energetic upward thrust.  This made for a very deep, very satisfying fuck.  I lost count of the orgasms, it was a truly mind blowing experience.

I have only good things to say about this couch.  It fits both Alex and I perfectly and aids sexual stamina in some of the most demanding positions and that has to be a good thing.  Don’t you agree?  😉  Anything which enables me to fuck for longer gets a vote in my book.

The only criticism I do have is it’s overall stability when you are giving it your all.  I found myself either leaning to one side or the other and having to straighten up but it didn’t present too much of a problem.  To counteract this we added more air to the top portion of the couch and that reduced the movement.

So a top tip is, keep your couch fully inflated at all times and if you are going at it like porn stars you may need to jump off and give it a quick pump now and again.  I suppose this could be called “couch fluffing”.  😀

Something which made me smile whilst I was being take from behind whilst leaning over the backrest was one of the usage notes on the base, “Intended for novelty use only”.  For some reason this made me chuckle.  Perhaps it would have been more apt to have put “This couch is going to make you fuck like a teenager”…

Oooh, still got another 12 positions to try out and some of my own, this weekend is passing too quickly!

This couch is a revelation. It allows you to try out positions you’d never considered before. It also allows you to enjoy those awkward positions you may have tried without the risk of physical injury, and for longer, thus increasing your enjoyment.

Its design is strong, practical and because of its gently curving shape, will suit any couple’s stature.

One great feature is that the inflation takes place in two main sections and two very small side bars which run the length of the couch. From box to use it’s fifteen minutes of pumping. If you store with just the top section deflated and slid discretely under you bed it’s less than four minutes before the couch is ready for action.

The only gripe we do have is that it has to be fully inflated before use. Even a slight deflation, as we experienced overnight between uses, makes the couch unstable,. But a few stokes with the supplied pump and you’re ready to go again.

And we promised you something special, so here’s a movie file of the couch.

Getting Erogenous With His Zones

Following on from yesterday’s post, this was also published earlier this year.

Suze X

Males technically speaking don’t possess a G-Spot, however the prostate cums as close as a man will get. For those who don’t know the prostate is the gland which produces the seminal fluid which contains the sperm. When stimulated it can drive a guy wild and it can give him the most explosive ejaculation.

Some men may baulk at the idea of anal stimulation but before you knock it I suggest you give it a try. It is by no means an indicator of your sexual orientation. If you have never let your partner loose in that area before, begin gently by using a well lubed finger to gently massage your anus. Then when the time feels right, you can let her push just the tip inside your anus. This should feel pleasurable, given the first 3″ of your anus is sensitive to stimulation.

When you become more comfortable with your partner’s finger being inserted try pushing it in a little more. By the time your finger is up to the hilt you should be in roughly the right area to massage the prostate gland. Gently curl your finger downwards and press firmly around the pulpy area. If you are in the correct place the area beneath your finger should feel spongy and soft.

The prostate can now be pressed repeatedly or massaged to provide stimulation, your partner will guide you with his responses. You will soon discover if you are doing it right. His eyes may roll in to the back of his head and he may become quite vocal. When Alex does this it’s wet panties time, I find myself rubbing my clit in rhythm with him.

After experiencing the delights of the finger you can move on to using a slim (finger) vibrator. If the vibrator is inserted and pushed downwards against the prostate he will be butter in your hands before long. Just watch him as he writhes with pleasure.

Whilst moving the vibrator around his g-spot, try gently rubbing his anus around the vibrator with a lubed finger. Then give the occasional squeeze to the balls and rub his perineum firmly, these moves all help to increase the stimulation. Just watch he doesn’t go off in your face. What was that? Oh, you want him too, very well then.

Now with the male g-spot covered back to the male erogenous zones. This listing although comprehensive is by no means exhaustive and certainly not all men will respond the same. Take time to find out what turns him on. I know nails are a must have, most men I have cum across (there I go again) love the feel of a finger nail being dragged over flesh.

So study the picture below and read on. Or if you don’t want to read on, just study this guy. I know I did, it took me far longer than it should have to put this together for obvious reasons.

1. Ears

There are bundles of nerve endings around the ears, making them very sensitive to touch. Try massaging the outer edge and lobe of the ear between the thumb and index finger with slow firm movements. Try squeezing the ear lobes gently and running the tongue and lips behind the ear. Linger for a while, blowing hot breath on your lover and if you don’t feel too much like a porn star, try making quiet moans in his ear. Top tip: saying “Yeh, baby”, doesn’t usually work.

2. Lips

Don’t forget to kiss your guy on the lips, perhaps taking a single lip in between yours and sucking on it occasionally and even a gentle bite can be arousing. This will usually get his juices flowing, not only is it arousing but also a prelude as to what is to cum (yes, I did mean to say that).

Alex likes me to slowly run my tongue across his closed lips and lick him.

3. Neck

A combination of gentle kisses, licks and naughty nibbles normally does the trick here. Remember not to slobber, he may not mind Rex the dog doing that but not you. Start off soft and gentle with little flicks of the tongue to sensitise the area, then gradually work up to full on skin worship. Feel him melt under you. At this point you may be able to ask for that expensive gift you spotted the other day. Do that when he is inside you. LOL.

4. The Scalp

This is one I forgot to mention in the Female Erogenous Zones, I don’t know how I forgot it drives me crazy to have my hair brushed and head massaged. Anyway moving on, the scalp can be very sensitive to touch and often gets forgotten (case in point). Men love to have their heads massaged and gently scratched.

Don’t go at him manically with your nails as if he has nits, just gentle slow scratching. Run your fingers through his hair making circular movements on his head. You should have him purring in no time.

5. Chest/Nipples

Brush your hands up and down his chest and run the occasionally finger nail from his navel upwards. Gently massage his chest with warmed hands. Tug at his nipples and make them firm, you can then bite them. Men’s nipples are generally not as sensitive as women’s, so go on have a bite or too. However, if he screams you should probably back off a little.

In addition to running your nails down his chest, try running them down his side from the armpit. Then back up again, circling the back edge of his armpit.

6. Inner Thighs

Run your fingers and finger nails gently up and down his inner thigh and just watch him grow. He will also enjoy your kisses, licks and nibbles in this area.

I like to tease Alex by starting at the knee, running my tongue just up to his perineum and then stopping. How, l love to tease. 🙂

7. Glans Head

This is the most sensitive part on the male organ and contains the largest number of nerve endings. Very much like the clitoris is for females.

Therefore this is the area to concentrate on to bring him off, although care should be taken as the head can be over sensitive. Lube, lube and more lube and a good stroke will make him a very happy guy.

Remember to pay particular attention to the frenulum (the skin bridge between cock and fore skin at the back of the shaft.) as this contains a concentration of nerve endings too. Be careful not to catch it on your teeth (like I once did) it hurts like fuck I am told.

8. Perineum

This is the area between the scrotum and the anus for those who haven’t been there yet. The Perineum or Taint, again contains a high level of nerve endings and responds favourably to gently massage, fondling and firm licking.

Try using a little massage oil or lube with gentle massage, gradually working up to a more firm movement which stimulates and comforts resulting in a need to penetrate. Oh, yes it will have him wanting to be inside you in double quick time.

9. Scrotum/Testicles

This very sensitive area has to be “handled with care” as too firm a grip can cause pain and possible injury to you when he kicks you. Always fondle his balls with a gentle but firm grip, rolling them in your hand is very pleasurable.

Try licking them and taking one gently in to your mouth. Whilst carefully sucking run your tongue around his ball, if he likes that try taking both in to your mouth. You can throw in a gentle pull, this will make him moan.

If you are instrumental try humming with both his balls in your mouth. This will drive him crazy.

Overall, watch his facial expressions and you will know if you are hitting the spot. Foreplay is all about experimentation, whilst paying heed to your partner’s responses.

10. Buttocks

This area can so easily be overlooked, especially if they are on them most of the time. Only joking guys.

These can be stimulated by gently stroking and running your finger nails over them, to full on massage. Massage them as if kneading dough but don’t try throwing them down on the board. Alex is also partial to the odd nibble or two and when in the throws of passion he likes me to dig my nails in to them.

Now, ladies if after all this he’s still not in the mood then come over the UK and I’ll sort you out. 😉

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No Butts

This was originally publish in May of this year, but a fellow blogger expressed an interest in it and the subject matter so I thought it was worth  dusting off and posting again.

Suze X

Alex assumed the position on the mattress. Ass in the air pointing directly at me, cock and balls visible between his widely parted legs. His breath was quite rapid and expectant, posture taught and eager.

I reached over for the purple butt plug and applied a generous blob to the tip of the plug. Using my index and middle fingers I worked the lube over the plug until it glistened, being careful not to coat the bottom. I had done this once before and the bloody thing shot across the bed and had to be retrieved when I stopped laughing.

Alex shuffled on his knees, parting his cheeks in anticipation. I worked the tip of the plug around his tight anus, lubing the sphincter in readiness. Gently I pushed the plug in to his anus and watched as he accepted the tip. He let out a slight moan and I enquired if he was OK. Alex confirmed that he was ready to take more with a further groan.

I worked the tip in to his ass, slowly rotating the plug from side to side making sure to coat his colon adequately. Easing the plug a little father in to his ass and squeezing his perineum simultaneously. The vocal response was one of pleasure as I pressed my palm in to the base of his cock.

As I pushed in a little more he arched his back, making his bottom point upwards and tilting his hips downward, moving the butt plug within himself. I smiled a knowing smile, he was getting turned on by the rectal stimulation and most probably sensing the plug pressing against his prostate gland.

His balls had now become tight and his cock was pointing out front. I pushed the remaining inch inside him and then felt the pull as his muscles gripped and pulled the plug out of my hands and up to the base. Those muscles were so tight and the plug was now locked in place.

I shuffled round to the front of Alex and leaning on my right arm took a grip of his balls. The tip of his bouncing cock was dripping pre cum on to the bed sheet, a little puddle had formed below his erection. Too late for me to lick it from the sheet as it was now lost to the fibres of the sheet but at the very tip a bead was forming ready for me to taste.

Alex still on knees before me I enclosed my mouth around his helmet and gently sucked. He tasted good and smelt of Palmolive soap. I ran the tip of my tongue around the underside of his hood and then firmly circumnavigated his cock with my grip. He gasped at the firmness of my grip on his erection and his balls. Slowly I pulled the foreskin back to see his proud head shining with the tension of his stretched skin. God he was hard.

I spat on the tip and began to stroke him, slowly at first. Alex was really getting in to this now and with eyes closed, head tilted back and face pointing to the ceiling he began to thrust in to my hand. I changed grip, creating an “O” out of my middle finger and thumb and began to stroke him more intensely. Alex was moaning and reassuring me with his confirmative moans of pleasure.

His cock was really wet now with all the pre cum he was releasing, no need for spit. I pushed up against his perineum with my hand and stroked him faster. He was now thrusting quite hard in to my fingers, the rhythm intensifying by the minute. A small dribble of saliva was running from the corner of his mouth, the result of the concentration on his face. I love to look up and see him when he reaches this almost transcandental state of euphoria.

He was close, I placed my full hand around his erection and pumped away at him. His body tensed and with one huge thrust and an arching of his back, cum began to shoot from the tip of his glans. Another thrust and it fired straight on to my cheek. I loosened my grip as the last of his seed hit my left breast. With a final groan Alex collapsed backwards on to the bed a smile appearing on his previously almost pained face.

No need to ask if he enjoyed that.

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Finding A Place In MySpace

They had studied together at Uni seven years ago and now she had sacrificed her degree to raise a couple of children.  Taylor meanwhile had gained a successful placement in one of Manchester’s most renowned solicitors offices, Keaton and Keen.

Sometimes she resented the fact that she now had to keep home instead of pursuing the career she had trained for and worked towards all her life.  She had always been a talented artist, her school work adorned the walls of Bainbridge High.  Her name could now have been proudly displayed over the door of any design studio.  But no, here she was, a mother of two young children and a housewife.  There were days when she felt empty, useless.

Taylor had been the most adoring boyfriend, always lavishing with gifts and kind words.  He even wrote her verse and captured her heart.  He courted, dined and wooed her until she gave in.  They were soon married and their love for each other kept them warm at night during the early years.

He was a relentless lover too, he fucked her in every room of the house and she enjoyed being taken over and over again by this insatiable man.  Their love making was hot and furious, filled with passion.  She never tired of his demands on her and every moment they were together seemed to be spent in bed or fucking somewhere in the house.

Those days were now history.  Their relationship began to crumble when he started to work late at night, leaving her to sit with television as her only company when the kids had retired to bed.  Her nearest family member was over fifty miles away and she had no friends in this neighbourhood, yes she said “hello” to the mothers at school gate but nothing more than that.

She was watching the BBC news, on her own, as usual. They were running a story about MySpace and how it had opened up a new virtualworld to some people.  It intrigued her.  The children had gone to bed and Taylor was yet again working late at the office.  She decided to start up her own account.  If she couldn’t make any real life friends, then maybe she could find some cyber ones.  People with similar interests to her, people who were tied to the house in the evenings and wanted some company.

She laboriously set up her account, following the instructions to the letter, she wasn’t computer literate at all.  She was more of a hands-on, practical kind of person. So when the account was finally set up she felt the unfamiliar glow of pride in her handiwork.  “Houswife Kerry”.  Ok it sounded a little bit kitsch but she did think of it in a hurry.

Right, all she had to do now was to sit back and wait for people to read her profile and contact her.  She was excited for the first time in ages, her heart raced at the prospect of having someone other than four year old Toby or six year old Kirsty to talk to.  She loved her kids but it wasn’t the same as having a adult to share your thoughts and troubles with.

Mission complete, she made her way to the kitchen for a cup of coffee and left her PC logged in.  She couldn’t wait for the first response.  As she poured the hot water on to the coffee granules the sound of a message hitting her inbox was audible from the study.  She hurriedly added the sugar and milk then made her way upstairs to see what she had received.

“MySpace Friend Request”, greeted her as she clicked her inbox.  It was from a guy called Leo, who wanted to be one of her friends.  Without a further thought she clicked to accept him.  She now had one new friend.  She settled back in the chair eagerly awaiting another response.  “Bing, bong!”,  a new message arrived in her inbox.  It read, “Hi HK, thanks for accepting me as one of your friends.  Would you like to chat”?

Her heart began to beat faster and faster as she contemplated the prospect of communication with another adult.  It was a guy too, which made it all the more exciting.  She wondered for a moment if she should mention this to Taylor…The thought didn’t stay with her for long.  Of course not.  Did he care when she caught him at the office with his secretary?  She had gone over unannounced after Terri his receptionist had left for the day, she didn’t know why but something told her to go over and find out why he was staying late on Kirsty’s second birthday.

The party at the house had gone well, all of the children from playgroup had been invited over for birthday tea.  Kerry did well to keep it all together and make her excuses for Taylor not being there and having to work late on a client.  After they all left she asked her mother to stay for a while longer, she needed to drop something off at Taylor’s office.

Most of the office was in darkness when she arrived and Taylor’s door was open just a crack illuminating a strip of floor which lead the way in to his office.  Before she reached the door she heard a woman’s giggle.   Was this the client he was working late for?  She made her way across reception, towards the door.

Adrenaline coursed through her as she placed her hand on the door handle and pushed the door inwards.  She was greeted by a woman wearing just her skirt laying across Taylor’s desk with her legs wide and dangling over the edge.  To the side Taylor was stood wearing just a shirt and tie.  The girl’s ample tits bounced up and down as he moved in and out of her.  She was struck with horror as they continued to fuck in front of her, seemingly unaware of her presence.  “I won’t stay”, she exclaimed as she turned to make her way out of his office.

Taylor and the girl looked over to the door, mouths wide, a look of surprise frozen on their faces.  It took them a while to plaster over the cracks following his betrayal of Kerri but they agreed to give it another go.  Months later Kerri was pregnant again with Tony.  All seemed well.  At least for a short while…

Now she had nothing to do with female friends, she tried not to engage them in conversation.  At school she would merely exchange greetings and niceties but nothing more.  It was dangerous to have girlfriends too.  She made do with the children and the odd exchange at the local shops.

She typed in her reply, “Hi Leo, I would love to chat.  Just give me a moment to install IM”.  The she pressed reply.  She clicked on the install option for IM and within moments the message popped up that it had installed correctly.  Leo wasted no time…

“Hi Kerry, how are U?”

“I’m fine.  Just settling down for the evening with a cup of coffee”.  She replied.

“Where are U?”

“We live just outside Manchester”

“Have U any photos you can put on your page?”, he enquired

She thought this was a little strange, asking about photos when they had only just started to talk.

“No, I have only just set this thing up”.

“I see.  So what do U look like?”

Kerry was slightly taken back by his forthright attitude.

“I’m a 5′ 5″ brunette with brown eyes and slim build”, she reluctantly keyed in to her message.

“I am a 6′ 3″ medium build blue eyes and I love MILFs”

What the hell are MILFs?  She asked herself.  Not wanting to seem stupid or unfashionable she didn’t pursue the question with Leo.

“How about U send me a picture and Ido the same?”, he asked.

“I don’t know if I have one on the PC”, she replied.

“U liv near to Manchester?”

“No, about 30 miles away.”

She took in a deep breath and responded.

“Have you been on MySpace long?”

“About six months.  R Uwearing a skirt?”

Kerry felt herself trying to avoid his questions. Despite her discomfort she continued.

“I am new to all this, I thought it may help me find someone to chat with.”

“Kerry, you can chat to me whenever you like.  Now where were we?  Oh yes, what RU wearing?”

Kerry began to type slowly in to the keyboard…

“I…am wearing…a black skirt and red t-shirt.”

“RU wearing any underwear?  Is your pussy nice and wet?”

Desperate, lonely and now resigned she relented…

“No…I don’t have anything on under this skirt and I am a little moist…”