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Cock And Balls But Not As You Know It!

I was hoping that by the sixth week of my new job I would feel more invigorated and energised.  I thought by now I would be sitting at the top of my learning curve and employing my knowledge instead of absorbing more by the day.

It seems the more I take onboard, the more they are showing me.  A constant drip feeding of information and knowledge and not much time for digestion.  This has manifested itself in me being fucked (not in a good way) every night when I get home.

I’m waiting for a sign that I have nearly reached the end of my learning but no such luck.  At the moment I seem to be covering 3 different jobs and far more than I was originally taken on to cover.  How come that every new employer I have worked for over the last 5 years has tried to get the most out of me, in most cases to the point where I break and pack the position in.  Would it not be far more shrewd to realise that the employee has enough to do and that other job you just thought of may result in her walking.  Did you?

Ok, enough feeling sorry for myself there are people out there who can’t find employment at all so I suppose I shouldn’t complain.

The result of all this is a lack of stamina and it is taking it’s toll on my sex life.  And we can’t have that can we?  😉  I just tend to flop in to bed and let Alex take advantage of me.  No…I do participate but not as fully as I used to, too tired!  Foreplay for me has taken a back seat, I go straight for the money shot.  Lol

Alex is great he still goes down on me and drives me wild but I haven’t been reciprocating quite as much as I should.  Well, last night I felt a little guilty and as we lay there watching, you guessed it some FFM fucking in latex action I got a kind of second wind.  No silly!  I don’t mean flatulence but a small surge of energy and the desire to give my man some oral pleasure and pay him back for time invested.  😉

Picture the scene…girl on all fours in raspberry red latex catsuit, being fucked from behind by a naked guy in leather riding boots.  Sounds good eh!  In front of raspberry girl is another girl in an open crotched white catsuit with her legs spread wide, she is getting some serious tongue action on her pussy.  And best of all the girl giving her a tonguing has the longest tongue I have ever seen in a film.  Yum…gulp!

I reached my hand over Alex’s left hip and down towards his semi erect cock.  It seemed he was enjoying the visuals too.  😉  I ran my finger over the enclosed tip of his cock and picked up the fluid which had gathered in the top of his foreskin.  Then like a total whore I withdrew my finger and ran it across my lips (don’t you just love acting like a complete tart?)  I then retraced my finger with my tongue and turned my head to face Alex with a smile.  He has that look in his eyes.  I knew it was going to be a good night.

I raised up on to my right forearm and took hold of that cock with a firm grip in my left hand.  After a couple of squeezes I ran my fingers down it’s length, over the base of his shaft and down between his legs.  I pushed firmly up against his perineum and gave it a gentle massage with my palm.  Alex shuffled himself and pressed firmly in against my palm.  Just there I could almost feel his cock growing as he hardened under my touch.

His balls were now tight against his cock and rolling.  I bent over him and pushed my tongue down between his legs, with one stiff stroke I ran it up his perineum to the base of his balls.  Alex gasped.  I took his hard cock in my right hand and started to pull the foreskin back in one swift but gentle stroke as I did so I took his left testicle in my mouth and rolled it around on my tongue like a hard boiled sweet, savouring it’s texture and taste.

I sucked gently and tugged on his ball, stretching his ball sack to it’s full.  Alex loves to have his ball bag pulled gently.  The naughty boy!  Lol  I then moved across to the other and gave it a good roll and suck.  Alex was now squirming and I started to gently stroke his erect prick.  No need to lube him, he was wet with his own pre-cum.
I couldn’t see what was happening on screen but I could here the slapping of groin against buttock and she was being more than grateful.  The sound of them fucking in the background and Alex’s lustful moans made me all the more energised.  I leant over Alex and climbed between his open legs and slid down the bed.

His cock was now trying to stand to attention, proudly bouncing in mid air just above his abdomen.  I took it in my right hand, pulled back his foreskin to fully reveal his purple head and gently blew air all over the tip.  Instant blood surge, he grew even harder in my hand.  I then leaned over it and encased it in my mouth, being careful not to touch it and pushed hot breath out over it.

Time for contact…I opened my mouth wide stuck out my tongue and swirled it around the shiny purple helmet now bursting with blood and desire.  I pulled my probing tongue back in to my mouth to moisten it for it’s next assault on his erection and…
…Pttt, pttt, ptt,  my oral ministrations had introduced something foreign in to my mouth.  I ran my tongue over my palette until it picked up one of the offending particles, then stuck it out and ran my finger over it picking up the unwanted matter.  I ran my finger and thumb together over the object.  It was toilet paper, small balls of toilet paper.  🙂  I had to clean his cock several times with my mouth and spit out the tissue balls before I could continue.

Word of warning to you guys out there, yes you need to wipe thoroughly but not that thoroughly.  🙂

Celebrity Ghost Catchers – Part 2

Amy slipped her arms around Anthony’s waist underneath his coat. With one hand resting hard against her shoulders and the other in the small of her back he pulled her hard against his own body, her stomach pressed against his hardening crotch.

She seemed an inexperienced kisser, his invading tongue almost a surprise to her as it pushed its way over the battlement of her teeth. He found her a quick learner too, repulsing his onslaught with almost equal force. Teacher and pupil engaged in the lesson of deep kissing for a while, the world around them was calm and bid them not to hurry. Amy’s enthusiasm  grew, indeed it was Anthony who eventually pulled away, the kiss leaving them both breathless.

They were invigorated, eyes alive, sparkling. Anthony’s heart beat loud in his chest. To know a woman wanted him was exciting enough but she was, well, something else. She seemed to have an innocence he had never encountered before, coupled with an intensity of feeling that  he felt in his mind rather than perceived with his five senses.

Anthony looked around them, his hands still on Amy’s waist. They were on one side of a wide valley, fields filled the valley bottom within which nestled a small town. They stood in a clearing between the gorse that grew on the steeper slopes, shielded from the sight of all but the occasional bird that flew overhead. The ground was covered in soft grass, punctuated with small outcrops of rock.

He lay Amy on her back on the soft grass, propped up on one arm the other around her. He leant in to kiss her, his hand automatically straying to her breasts, feeling her hard nipples under her, her what would you call it? cotton blousy thing?  He realise something was wrong, he did not belong to her. Then the moment passed as she arched her back pressing her soft mound into his palm. His hand strayed inside, touching her flesh finding a nipple and rolling it around the areola.

His hand strayed downward and into her bloomers, his middle finger delved into her thick bush of hair, hot and humid. He found her wet folds and slowly traversed the length of her pussy before returning to her clitoris. Anthony toyed with her for a moment, stroking her swollen clit, savouring the power he had over her as she bucked and writhed.

Then he drew his glistening finger to his mouth, tasting her essence. She looked shocked for a moment then, with his finger still in his mouth she kissed him, tongue demanding a share of the fragrant delicacy.

His breeches were bursting, and feeling her hands unfastening the buttons of his flies was almost a relief. She reached inside to coax out his stiff cock and its two companions, drawn up tight beneath it. She held it, exploring its soft skin, obviously excited by its hardness. her fingers drew back his foreskin, exposing his glans. Clear pre-cum oozed out. Anthony lifted a drop with his finger and placed it on her lips. Taken with this new tase she slid down and licked him, cleaning him of the clear nectar, eventually probing the tip with her tongue.

She rolled on to her back and removed her bloomers. Anthony rolled on top of her and pressed his cock against her pussy, rubbing it along the length of her lips, balls nestling into her moist curly nest. They watched each other intently, studying each reaction to every movement. While she enjoyed the touch of him against her labia, her true desire was written in her eyes. He wanted it too and so slowly drew back before resting himself at the smouldering entrance to her sex.

He pushed forward, every millimetre forming a deeper union between them. They held each other tight, Anthony having to rotate his hips to thrust into her. She began to moan, soft and joyous at first but soon louder and more insistent. Her hand reached behind Anthony’s neck and pulled him to her lips, her kiss open-mouthed and frantic. Anthony felt her hips rising to meet him, her heels digging into the turf allowing her to push her pelvis hard toward him.

 She broke their kiss and began to shriek, Anthony’s final thrusts let loose what seemed like a river of cum, rippling along his cock inside her pulsing sex. “Amy …” was all he could say in one long quiet breath to the smiling angel below him.

He lay on top of her feeling himself soften inside, but not wanting to withdraw from her tender comforting embrace.

“AMY!   AMMEEEYYY!” A man’s voice pierced their post-coital bubble.

“Father!” Amy exclaimed, her face terrified.


“Quickly, hide.” She urged him, gathering her dress and attempting to pull it on.

It was too late. A tall man built like an ox strode out of the surrounding gorse, a look of fiery malice on his face. “Slut!”  he spat the word at  Amy, then turned to Anthony who was attempting to  button his breeches. Amy’s father raised his hand to strike Anthony, but as the blow fell Amy appeared between them. The huge hand struck Amy across her face, throwing her to the ground. She collapsed like a rag doll, head landing with a sickening dull thud on an exposed rock.

Both men stood looking down at Amy’s motionless form as blood began to flow from one of her perfect ears.

Anthony opened his mouth to shout “No!”, but at that moment the world seemed wreathed in a grey fog. The fog thickened and he seemed to be drawn away from Amy and her father. Soon they disappeared into the mist and an inky darkness took Anthony.


The cry echoed through the undercroft, breaking the “trance” that the show’s psychic had just slipped into. The female presenter stopped mid-gush and, for the first time in the show’s history, looked genuinely frightened. This wasn’t a hammed-up scream, it was full of desperation and fear.

When they reached the chamber where Anthony lay the cast and crew stood for a moment in silent shock. One of the celebs started sobbing uncontrollably.

“Oh fuck, I think he’s dead!” Observed the psychic, then earned himself the prize for the day’s dumbest question. “Do you think we ought to call the police?”

“You think?” Mocked the presenter and began to make a mental list of newspapers who would pay for this story when the inquest was over.


Anthony slowly regained consciousness. He felt cold at first, bloody cold, then a strange sort of warmth filled him, and as it did the darkness gave warm to a dim glow. It strengthened second by second until he could make out a figure. It was Amy. She held out a hand, “Come with me Anthony.”

“After what happened last time?”

“This time it will be just us.” she took his hand. “Forever.”

Celebrity Ghost Catchers – Part 1

“What do you mean makeup? It’s going to be fucking dark!”

“You’ll have to do your piece to camera before you go in to the dungeons Mr Reed…”

“Dungeons! Blood damp cellar under a condemned chicken packing factory you mean.” Reed scoffed at the trembling 18 year old makeup girl.

Grudgingly Anthony Reed harrumphed his way to the chair and flopped into it. Relieved that he had complied, the make up girl, Hannah, hastily prepared the aging star for his appearance on “Celebrity Ghost Catchers”.


Four D-List celebrities stood in a circle with the show’s two presenters. The red brick arches above them dripping with moisture seeping from the derelict factory above. Or medieval castle, whichever you chose to believe. One an over-fake-tanned man with bouffant white hair and a theatrical looking coat, the other a thirty-something ex-Children’s-TV presenter, renowned for her screaming.

“Please, everyone, all join hands.” Instructed the tangerine coloured medium.

They did, Anthony gritting his teeth and remembering what his agent had told him … “Look Tony, there is no eight series of “Extreme Pub Quiz” for you to present. The format’s dead. Take the money from the frigging production company and be thankful you’re not doing panto with Jim Davidson.”

The lights were turned off and the squeaky presenter started her usual monologue of “Oooh there’s a strange feeling about this place … what was that noise! … there’s a definite chill …”. Anthony fought back a chuckle, submerging it under the comforting weight of the cheque from “Frantic Productions”.

After several minutes of mounting, well what the show’s producers would have liked to think of as tension but Anthony decide was the same stuff as mounts up in the corner of a stable, the psychic suddenly threw back his head with a jerk. From his mouth came a contorted high pitch falsetto voice “Ooooooo, please sir don’t leave me alone down here I only took that apple cos I was starvin’ for sure.”

Anthony covered his laugh with a cough, why were the ghosts always bloody cockney, they were in Stoke for goodness sake. “Sorry.” He explained “I have a tickle in my throat.”

“That’ll be one of the spirits trying to communicate through your voice.” Said the one of the other celebs earnestly. Anthony seemed to recognise as a former news anchor who’d been photographed doing a Sharon Stone, getting out of a limo at a film premier with a short skirt on. Sad cow.

The show presenter then decided that they should all take their guttering candle and the mini-cam they had been given and sit in a different section of the labyrinthine undercroft on ghost watch.

Anthony elected to make his way deep into the cellar, out of earshot of the rest of the guests and crew. He sat in an alcove in a room at the end of the deepest corridor and placed the still rolling camera on the floor facing the wall. Time for a recreational ciggy he thought.

Halfway down the reefer he started to feel quite at home. Each time he drew on the roach-end of the spliff it illuminated the vaulted ceiling of the room with a comforting orange glow. He held the smoke deep in his chest for a moment.

A dark shape appeared in the doorless entrance to the chamber. “Don’t worry darlin’ I’ll put on a bit of a show for the cameras in a bit when I’m mellowed out.” He added, “Just tell em the smoke’s ectoplasm.” He began to giggle.

“Cat got your tongue?” he asked the shape.

As he drew on his exotic cigarette the shape moved forward, resolving itself into a figure. She was dark haired, shorter than the presenter and pale skinned. He thought he recognised her but couldn’t quite place her.

“Oh, I see. Surprise guest eh? Well the show’s getting a bit tired so I suppose they have to throw something in other than objects floating across the room on black cotton.

“I’m Amy. Who are you?”

Deciding to skip the indignant “What do you mean? Don’t you recognise me?” speech he replied “Anthony. Nice costume by the way, they splashed out on that didn’t they? Not the usual moth-eaten props … ” His voice trailed off, she was looking at him in a way that sent a chill down his spine. It was a sort of good-bad chill. It disturbed him, but the intensity of her stare was quite captivating, almost a come-on. She must be ten years his junior, but what the heck!

As he was about to unleash the famed Reed charm assault a piece of cannabis resin dropped out of the roll-up and burned its way through his shirt, searing the skin just above his navel.

“Fuck, fuck, shit!” He threw his spliff to one side, it sizzled and was extinguished by one of the shallow pools of muddy water on the beaten earth floor. Anthony rubbed his now very sore stomach, “Another shirt ruined …”

“Are you hurt? Let me see” Amy moved toward him her hand slipped inside his shirt. Her fingers were cold, ice cold. Their eyes met and for a moment he could see the veins beneath her skin, skin like rice paper dissolving in a waterfall of light. First the veins and arteries pulsed with blood, then black tar oozed from their rupturing, rotting walls. Flesh fell from her bones and her sensuous dark brown eyes melted down her cheeks leaving only pitch black holes.

He closed his eyes, threw his head back and opened his mouth to scream, but the darkness swallowed the sound. He shut his eyes and waited for, well he didn’t know what.

Moments passed, a warm summer sun warmed his upturned face. He became aware of birds singing and the sound of leaves rustling in a gentle breeze. Anthony slowly opened his eyes and lowered his head to find himself gazing at Amy. Her skin was warm and full of life, cheeks flushed, unlike the pale white phantom in the undercroft. Her eyes were the same, dark and soothing, the eyes don’t lie.

She stepped back, away from him. Amy turned and asked, “Unfasten my bodice.” He did, uncomprehending, slowly unlacing the garment. What was he doing? Where was he? When was he?. She slipped out of the light blue gown and turned to face him dressed , rather immodestly in her cotton undergarments, bosom heaving, eyes wanting him.

He reached out and took her in his arms. Their lips met and all his questions were forgotten

To be continued …

I’ve Been Having A Bit On The Side!

Well, that’s a lie because I have been having a bit on the side a lot lately.  I just heard all the sighs out there in the blog world.  You all think I’ve been naughty and seeing someone behind Alex’s back don’t you?  You dirty minded people.  Lol  And I love you for it.

Now I’m going to check if you have all been paying attention.  😀  Do you recall me describing a couple of new positions we have discovered we like to fuck in?  Only one of you remembers!  Hahaha…

The position I have become quite addicted to lately is the one where I lay on my right side and Alex is on his knees below me.  I then slide my right leg down the bed between his legs.  Are you keeping up?  😉  Then I place my left leg around his waist, so that my heel is resting on his left buttock.

I just lost you didn’t I?  Bugger I will now have to slip off into Draw or something like it and try to draw a diagram for you.  Lol  Stay there I’ll be right back…

…right, how is that?  Can you see what it is yet?  😀  It’s the best I can manage don’t laugh, art wasn’t one of my strongest subjects.  Alternatively I’ll give you my address and you can come over and I’ll show you.  You’d like that wouldn’t you?

Alex can then push deep inside me and as he fucks I get to feel his balls rubbing against my right inner thigh.  But best of all I get to play with myself at the same time.  I have a small confession to make to you all…I’m also addicted to popping my finger inside my ass whilst being fucked.

I have always enjoyed reaching behind and placing my hand with open fingers over my buttocks so that I can feel Alex working his hard cock inside me.  Now I have discovered the delights on anal play, I just can’t stop myself from pushing my left middle finger inside my anus as Alex fucks me.

The membrane between the colon and my pussy is so fine that I can feel him slipping past my finger with each thrust.  This adds to my arousal and I find myself coming after only a few thrust from my lover.  I’m hoping in time to train myself for that delicious anal fucking that we both want so much to try.  To feel Alex pump in to me until he can’t hold back any longer and then fire white ribbons of cum deep inside my colon makes me feel so horny.

I’m still an anal newbie and my next step is going to be trying out some of the anal toys we played with the other week.  The only reservation I have about using the toys is that I won’t be able to feel that hard thrusting cock through my anal walls.

Today I tried pushing my finger inside my ass whilst being fucked hard and I mean hard I felt so dirty today.  This was accompanied by me massaging my clit with my right hand.   That is the good thing about this position, you can use both hands on yourself unhindered and get to see the expression on the face of the guy fucking you at the same time as he cums.

Nothing compares to the facial expressions of the male face when he is fucking a blend of ecstasy and pain all brought together in a facial contortion which is both funny and arousing at the same time.  But who am I to jest, I may be pulling equally funny faces whilst orgasming.

Now there’s a thought I haven’t videoed us fucking for some time…

Full Service

Suze needed a couple of tyres on her car this weekend. The offside front was right on the legal tread depth and the spare was not much better. So rather than take the vehicle to the garage and wait, wasting half of the morning I took the wheels down in the back of my car and left them with the fitters.

That’s the down side of Suze getting a job, having to run two cars again. Living in a rural community has its obvious benefits, but as the jobs tend to be in the nearby town commuting costs are a real consideration. Which is why I took the wheels to a back street garage for the new tyres. Cheaper.

Although not sunny Saturday was quite warm, I mention this fact as it has a real bearing on the fantasy I’m about to describe to you. It’s one that’s based on an incident I remember from when I was scraping to make ends meet as a teenager and is based partly on a girl I met and partly on the flood of memories that washed over me on walking into the garage yesterday.

You see I worked for a time as a motor mechanic, before entering my chosen career, in a small garage. There’s a smell about a small repair shop that the larger places don’t have. The dealerships, while performing the same function tend to be cleaner, more pleasant places to work, while small workshops are dingy, damp, cold places, even in the height of summer. They smell of oil, grease, rubber and degreaser.

So when I smell a hot engine, or a new tyre, or gearbox oil things happen to me.

It was late one March afternoon. The phone rang in the small brick office in the corner of the workshop. A raucous cacophony because it was connected to an ancient bell fixed high on a wall outside.

It was the owner of the dark blue Audi parked in the middle of the floor. He wasn’t going to get back to pick it up today, it would be tomorrow morning. Was that OK? No problem.

The car was still being valetted by the contract cleaner we employed for that task. I left the office to begin securing the place ready to leave for the evening. The sound of the vacuum cleaner scouring the carpets masked my footsteps. I tapped on the glass of the rear passenger window. The cleaner looked up startled, “Sorry” I apologised. She turned the vacuum cleaner off.

“What’s up?”

“He’s not collecting this until tomorrow” I motioned toward the car.

“I’m nearly done, any chance of a cuppa in about ten minutes?”

“I think I can manage that.”

She disappeared back into the car, her round ass defined in a rather provocative way by her green overalls. Not that I was looking of course, OK yes I was looking, a lot. She’d been subcontracting to us for a few weeks and she was hot. Curly brown hair, permed, tied back, but hey that was in fashion at the time, a little mascara and on Fridays, red lipstick. Don’t ask me why Fridays were lipstick day, they just were. She always wore green overalls, which rather than androgynise her served to emphasise her more womanly features. Both of them. Look I was in my late teens, shoot me.

She finished up and came to claim her mug of tea from the corner of the workbench next to the sink which served as kitchen for the workshop. We sat down on the pair of old armchairs, covered in dust sheets, next to the wood burning stove that heated the place.

She clutched her mug in both hands. “Is it Friday yet?” she asked.

“Tomorrow.” I replied, tomorrow was lipstick day. But here lips were fine without it, more than fine. They were kissable, I’d venture to say pouting. Things began to stir as we talked. I was single, so was she, or I thought she was. I’d never been able to figure that one out and engaging her in conversation was difficult. We both worked hard and had little time for chat, until now.

“Brrr, is it getting cold?” she asked. “Or is it just because I’ve stopped working?”

“It’s getting a little chilly. Do you want me to move your chair closer to the heater?”

“That’d be nice.”

So I moved the chair, pulling it nearer to the stove. I turned to find her standing behind me, if she had been nine inches taller we’d have been nose-to-nose, as it was she stared up at me and breathed “Thank you”. She’d done it on purpose of course, but why? Flirting because she’d seen me eying her up? Teasing to teach me a lesson? Or maybe …

I stood to one side allowing her to sit, head now level with my restless crotch. No this isn’t a porn film, no she didn’t whip it out and have a good long suck on it. But she did stare at it, then up at me with dark brown eyes. I sat down in my own chair.

“Plans for the weekend?” I ventured, weakly.

“Not yet.”


“How about you Alex?”

“Nah, a quiet one I think”

“That’s a pity.”

“Huh?” I was still undecided, another tease?

She began to unfasten her overalls. Underneath she wore a lemon yellow T and stonewashed jeans. Her womanly charms peaked invitingly out. Oh shit, this was going to be such great wank material for later.

She unfastened her boots and removed them. “Give me a hand with these overalls, would you?”. I didn’t need to be asked twice. She wriggled her arms out leaning forward pushing her breasts against her T-shirt, nipples full and hard against the cotton fabric, then slid them down to her hips. I pulled the legs and with a little hop to allow them to pass under her ass she was free of them.

She drew up her feet, knees under her chin and began to massage her feet. “Shit these are like blocks of ice”. Go for it Alex, I though. I slid out of my chair and knelt on her overalls in front of her chair. She smiled as I took one foot in my hand and massaged it through the sock.

“Mmmmm. That’s nice.”

Now the other foot. She was almost purring like a cat.

After a few minutes I asked “Better?”

“Much better.” She slid her legs around my back, pulling me close as if I was trapped in a vice with jaws clad in skin-tight denim. My face was level with her inviting chest. I looked up, she bit one side of her lip. I slid my hand up inside her T-shirt, the rough skin of my fingers and palm rubbing against the softness of her belly, until I found a soft mound. Cupping it I smiled at her. Her mouth opened slightly as I squeezed my prize, she gasped when I rolled the nipple between my thumb and forefinger.

There’s a certain sensuousness in groping an unseen partner, or touching them without seeing what you’re touching. It’s a pleasure that both parties in the act share. I kneaded her breasts for a while, watching her writhe with enjoyment, a smile playing on her gorgeous lips.

The though of her flesh was too inviting to stop there. I lifted here T-Shirt and unveiled her pert mounds. Cupping one in each hand I licked them with a hard tongue, flicking each nipple.

“Stop” she said suddenly. My heart sank, but she wasn’t having second thoughts, “Lock the door”. I jumped up, ran over to the roller-shuttered entrance, dropped the padlock through the hasp and staple to prevent anyone outside from pulling the shutter up and dropped the latch on the door.

When I returned she was kneeling on the chair, jeans gone, wearing her yellow T and a pair of inconsequential pink panties. I stood in front of her, breathing heavily. Her hands grasped my overalls and one popper at a time opened them. I shrugged the overalls over my shoulder as she unfastened my jeans and pulled them down. My tight briefs were now the only thing between my cock and her expectant lips.

She grabbed the waistband and pulled my underwear down just far enough to release me. Her hands took hold of me, cupping my balls and squeezing them in her palm. The other hand slid back my foreskin to reveal a glistening head. She blew gently on the tip, cooling it, making me clench my butt cheeks and draw up my balls against the grip of her hand.

She drew a wet tongue slowly across her lips. “Fuck me.” Was her instruction.

She turned, still in the chair, kneeling, with her head over the backrest. I pulled her moist panties to one side and pressed myself against her opening. She leant back against me, impatient for my entry. Slowly I pressed forward, stopping when she cried out when only half my shaft was inside her. “Don’t stop, please.”

I pushed a little more feeling her stretch relishing the pressure. She was no virgin, but the sensation was sweet and intense. She cried out again when I was almost fully inside her, but this time I carried on until I was pressed against her buttocks.

My hands grasped her shoulders, I took control, the cold air in the workshop cooling my shaft at every withdrawal, only to have it warmed again by each deep, satisfying plunge into her hot wetness.

It wasn’t a marathon fuck, only a few minutes, but I was in control, which is where she wanted me. Whether my hands were on her hips as I ground into her, or on her shoulders allowing me to pull her back onto my cock with as much force as my intense desire demanded. She came, once, twice? And with a final thrust I came too, gyrating my hips hard against hers as muscular spasms gripped my loins.

I’ll leave you to decide what was real and what was fantasy. Some of the above did actually happen, she did exist, but more than that? I’m not saying.

This And That And A Bit Of The Other ;)

Regular readers know after almost two years of faithful readership that AlexSuze don’t stay still for long.  We like to think of ourselves as innovators rather than sitting still and stagnating.

Over the past 23 months we were the first to develop the “Click-Through HNT”, to promote co-operative writing with Chinese Whispers blog, and first with a reader voting system for our Adult Toy Reviews and much more.

And this year is to be no exception.  We have lots of ideas and projects which we are hoping to get off the ground.  One such project I announced early in the new year, we will now be featuring our unique, honest and exhaustive Toy Reviews more often.  Yes, now we will be able to provide our readers with many more naughty toyshop encounters.  😉

This is partly due to us taking onboard a new Adult Store with whom we are currently negotiating. I will let you know more when things are sorted out. When it’s all signed and sealed you may want to pop over to their site and check them out, then come back and tell me what you would like me to try out for you, because 2007 is going to be double the fun.  😉

Stay tuned and just see what we can do for you.  😉  Oh, before I go I would like thank each and everyone of you for stopping by to read every day. If you have any suggestions for features you would like to see on the site just drop me a line at  And I’ll see what I can do to please you….I’m such a flirt.  Lol

Becoming by Mistress 160 (Part 2)

Mistress160 Banner
This is the second part of “Becoming” by Mistress 160 which began on Monday. Enjoy.

Part 2: Becoming Mistress160:

So I began – we BOTH began – reading up on everything. Book after book came into our home on how to become dominant, the psychology of D/s, power exchange, how to use a flogger, types of fetish, etc. A weekend attending Fetish Diva Midori’s workshops resulted in a major confidence boost and the birth of my Domme identity / style. I then took my new persona online and began establishing an online identity at several BDSM sites. I also began to work on practical skills such as corporal punishment, attending several flogging workshops and even requesting advanced caning lessons from the Madam of an internationally acclaimed BDSM establishment.

At home we created our own “seminars” – basically a series of practice sessions on specific subjects such as bondage, hot wax, CBT, etc – which proved extremely successful because they provided a real time play environment without pressure (for example I could ask how sol felt without shattering a mood, utilizing a feedback system of 1 to 10).  They also provided an unexpected glimmer into what might be in store: sol will never forget the moment I first tied him to the bed during a seminar on hot wax – the moment that fourth clip went into place and he found himself firmly tied, he experienced incredible sub lurch (where the pit of your stomach drops)!

SolWhen we felt confident to begin real scenes we were lucky to have access to a friend’s very private cabin, which gave us over 100 acres of complete privacy. The hour long drive to the cabin, and the fact that it became the place we played, also helped us psychological make the transition from “normal” life to BDSM play time. There was room to use floggers and cats, lots of room outdoors for pet play – for everything, really. We’d arrive, set up our toys, strip off our clothes (and sometimes put sol in his French Maid outfit), and then relax. We discovered it was best to wait 24 hours to play: by then we were both in the perfect headspace for whatever I had planned. Next day sol would serve breakfast and prepare dinner (so that we didn’t have to cook after playing), I’d have a long bath and late afternoon we’d begin… the resulting games are documented on my blog.

While scenes are central for many kinksters, for us (like other D/s couples) they are simply the icing on the cake; the majority of our D/s relationship takes place in our daily lives. Sol – who is tattooed with my signature – is truly happiest kneeling at my feet, undertaking domestic duties, dying of embarrassment when ordered to wear my lingerie or undergo puppy training, or sneaking home from work for half an hour for a quick intense caning (which as a masochist he adores, and always takes photos of his marks). But we can equally be found enjoying what others define as “normal life”: weekends away, or weekends in bed curled up together reading, with our cats, or making love tenderly. Holding hands in the cinema. Visiting friends. Doing boring jobs like bill paying. Just living life.

SolOur happiness and closeness are often commented upon by family and friends. We sincerely believe BDSM and D/s has brought us closer together – and importantly kept us together (something a recent psychological study on kinky relationships has confirmed – see “Power and Love: Sadomasochistic Practices in Long-Term Committed Relationships” in Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality, Volume 9, Nov. 23, 2006).  Ms Alice was 100% right when she wrote: “a Mistress/slave couple gives much more to each other than a married couple gives. The responsibilities, the obligations, the demands, the rewards and the intimacy are in such a high level that conventional people can definitely not comprehend”.

Our relationship has also helped others to come to terms with their own D/s natures. I now mentor subs – usually couples new to BDSM or with a vanilla partner struggling to understand their kinky lover’s needs.  I set up my blog late in 2006 partly to provide a space that would be user friendly for newbies, and was delighted when a reviewer recently wrote: “if I was to direct any novice to a BDSM blog, I’d direct them to … Mistress 160’s Abode [which] offers education, sensuality, testimonials (from subs) and a wide array of resources that’s suitable for everyone interested in BDSM (from connoisseur to novice)”. I also began administering and moderating a variety of kink friendly forums and groups, many with an educational component (list below). People sometimes ask what I recommend to other women interested in starting down this road. That’s easy: “communication, communication, never stop reading or practicing … and more communication!”

So, what turns me on about being a Domme? The power exchange that brings confident, successful men and women to my feet. My ability to keep them there. The satisfaction of giving people I love something they greatly desire. And then there are the more specific turn ons of experience that I list on my various profiles:

The sight of a well trained sub, kneeling, waiting…
Of perfectly symmetrical cane cuts…
Planning complex scenes for my subs…
Writing them up in my blog afterwards…
The deep warmth of well spanked buttocks…
The little whimper solipsist makes after being gently humiliated…
My scarlet suede boots (and what I do with their heels)…
Extending the moment before I strike with a cane or flogger….
The way my online sub bimbo used the word BLUSH in chat / play…
Clover clamps pulled tight on nipples, their chain taut in my fingers…
Judging sub cam contests and edging competitions…
Running my fingertips over raised welts…
Watching solipsist take off his garter belt and stockings…
Smooth, hairless balls in a ball stretcher…
The moment after the drop of wax falls from the candle, before it lands on skin…
And the scent of the perfume I only wear for play (Chanel’s Cuir de Russie)…

This is the secret essence of what I have become … and sol’s and my journey has only just begun…

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Mistress160’s groups and forums: (for new female subs)
Kinky Style @
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My First DIY DP

Alex and I have found an excellent range of videos from a production company called Harmony who are based in the UK.  We made our usual trip out to the Adult Store on Sunday and decided to take home one of their fetish DVD’s.

We have only watched a couple of scenes so far but have not been disappointed by the quality, production and originality of the DVD.  I won’t go in to too much detail about the scenes, I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who is about to watch this title.  🙂

What I will say is that the second scene takes place in a dungeon and the girls are clad in latex.  Raspberry latex was something which I never could really see myself wearing until I saw a young hot blonde wearing it on this DVD and now all I can think about is saving up to buy something in latex, perhaps even raspberry.  😉  You could say I’m a convert.

Wine poured and snuggled up together in bed we started to watch the scene unfurl before us.  A MMFF dungeon scene.  I set off being rather sceptical about the prospect of being turned on by the scenario but I was soon gripped.  Two girls being fucked with manacles around their wrists, holding them against a wall.  *Gulp*

My body language was betraying me.  I started to twitch and move my legs up and down, a precursor to my pussy starting to rush with blood and my heart beat increase.  Alex knows the signs and he is very quick to respond.  His hand made it’s way down my stomach, over my mons and between my aromatic and very wet pussy lips.  I could smell my sex drifting upwards under the sheets.  Musky, sticky and steamy.

As if by automatic reaction, an auto response,  I reached my right arm over Alex’s left hip towards his awaiting cock.  My he is a naughty boy, he never told me he was hard.  I raised the sheets to take a look in the blue neon light of the DVD.  The weight of the sheets had not given him away, pushing his hardon against his stomach.  I took a firm grip of him and ran my finger tip across the bulging tip.  He was dribbling, oozing with pre cum and the sheet above my hand was sticky damp.

I scooped up the remaining fluid from his helmet and brought my wet finger to my mouth.  He tastes so sweet, so delicious on my tongue.  I pushed my hand back under the sheets and took a firm hold of his erection once more.  Alex shuffled his hips, usually a sign that he wants me to push his foreskin back and begin wanking him.  He thinks I don’t know this little move says…but I do.  😉

Alex now pushes his fingers inside my hot cunt and I push down against them, wanting him to push deep inside me.   I look up and check out the action on the television, the guys have now inserted their cocks in to the girls asses and are fucking them hard.  Don’t you just love to see the outer walls of the sphincter stretch with each withdrawal and then recede as the guy takes the inward stroke?  It’s the same with the opening of the vagina, I love to watch it stretch around the guy’s cock and grip him, creating a hermetic seal.  Keeping in the goodness.  🙂

I was now being vigorously finger fucked and could not contain myself, I came on Alex’s hand.  He moaned appreciatively as his fingers became wetter and my thighs became lubed with my own juices.  It was no good, I just had to have that hard cock in my mouth.  I raised myself on to my right elbow and headed under the sheets to take him in my mouth.

Alex manoeuvred his torso over to my side of the bed and we embraced in a 69.  I felt greedy for him and took him deep in to my throat and began to batter the back of my throat with his hard cock as I fucked him with my mouth.  I felt his tongue push between my throbbing lips and start to lap at my clit.  This sent me wild and I picked up pace, almost choking myself on his cock.  After several thrusts down on to his cock I had to come up for air.  I released him from my mouth and snatched a deep breath.

“Roll on to your side I want to fuck you”, came Alex’s request.  No demand.  I span my body over to the same side as my upper body and opened my legs wide.  I wanted it and I wanted it deep and hard, almost painful, if that makes any sense.  I felt dirty, horny, nasty and I couldn’t wait any longer.  Sometimes you simply don’t want the niceties you just want a good hard drilling.

Alex was now on his knees and I was laying on my right side.  He moved in closer and I pushed my right leg between his and placed my left leg around his waist and round his back, calf resting against his lower back.  Are you visualising this?  Bugger I may need to draw you a diagram.  Lol

He manoeuvred up to me and pushed his hardon in to me.  I pulled him closer with my left calf which was wrapped around his back.  He began to fuck me gently, considerately.  “Harder!”, I demanded.  No gentle fucks, I wanted to be taken, to be forced to take all his cock, deep and up to the hilt.  If he pushed against my cervix I knew I had him completely, totally, ball deep.

He hit the spot and it wasn’t long before I could feel my orgasm building again.  I now felt extremely nasty…I pushed my middle left finger in to my mouth and ran my tongue over it, ensuring that there was plenty of spit on that finger.  I then reached round between my open buttocks and located my tight little anus.  Alex was still fucking away and pushing hard in to me.

I encircled my hole, wetting the puckered flesh with my own spit and then raised my finger to my mouth to reapply some saliva.  This time I gently pushed against the drum tight opening and almost audibly popped as I entered my own ass with my finger.  I didn’t know if Alex had noticed me but I was now beyond the point of no return.  I was so horny that nothing would stop me from finger fucking my own ass.

My finger was now in up to my first knuckle and I could barely feel Alex moving in and out of me through the thin skin tissue separating my colon and my vagina.  I wanted more…,my orgasm was very close and my muscles were relaxed and I felt confident and dirty enough to push my finger in a little more.

I was now up to my middle knuckle and I could clearly feel Alex fucking me at the other side of the fleshy wall that was between us.  This spurred me on all the more, I had to try hard to subdue the building tension of the orgasm which was going to explode within me soon.  I started to fuck my ass with my finger, almost fully withdrawing it and then pushing it back in.  I timed the rhythm to work against Alex’s so that I could feel him push inside me.

It didn’t take long and soon I was moaning like a over sexed teenager and releasing my juices all over Alex’s cock.  “Fuck!”, came Alex’s response and he ejaculated deep inside me, with a kind of twitchy thrust and the carnal growl of a wild animal.  Alex gave his last thrust as his seed filled my pussy and I slowly retracted my finger from my ass.

I thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of being full in both my holes at the same time.  I wonder if it would be the same if I had a small vibe in my ass next time or was the experience enhanced by feeling Alex’s cock through my colon making the experience more intense?  I need to give it some thought.

Becoming by Mistress 160

Mistress 160 and SolThis post and the second part “Becoming Mistress160”, which will follow on Wednesday, were written by Mistress 160. They form part of my occasional series, “The Journey”, where I attempt to explore different and unusual aspects of sexuality. I hope you’ll enjoy reading Mistress 160’s work as much as I do.

A D/s life story in two parts:

Part 1: Becoming Dominant

Suze writes “As a novice I would like to know what turns you on about being a Domme … how did you get into BDSM? I assume that BDSM is as natural to you as vanilla is to most other people and that’s what I want you to express in your own words”.

I should have written back and said “it was never so easy, I am not what you think” but perhaps that really doesn’t matter.  So let’s start with Suze’s second question, and finish with her first…

In the “real world” my husband solipsist is a senior IT contractor and I am a professional curator / anthropologist, with between us several academic degrees. But in our secret world – what for us is the “real world” – he is my submissive; happiest kneeling naked at my feet.  I am the dominant part of our D/s relationship. That relationship is central to our world.  In this alternate reality I have an online presence as an experienced Mistress who (amongst other things) runs several kinky forums and groups, holds online erotic humiliation cam contests and has an artistic touch with CBT. I am as proud of a good review of my BDSM blog as I am of a critical review of my academic publications….

So, how did this come about? Have I always been into BDSM? That’s easy to answer for solipsist, who was born a masochist and has dreamed of submission since the age of 5. Society however exacted a high price for his difference; by the time I met him aged 18 he thought he was doomed to be a lonely pervert for the rest of his life. I introduced him to my collection of Variations magazines and watched him blossom as he began to realize other people shared his interests and that if he re-aligned his fantasies towards real life situations, he might even have an opportunity to fulfil them. But due to miscommunication and a lack of confidence on my side, I assumed he did not want me to be a part of this. I believed he desired the typical latex clad dominatrix whip wielding fantasy, an image I found too extreme and disconcerting…

To be brutally honest it took sol and I a damn sight longer than it should to work through these misconceptions. It took years. Other things got in the way. Like life: we both had successful careers, we travelled a great deal. But BDSM was always with us in some form, whether via the publications we acquired and read, the rare Madame journals sol collected, the experiments we tried with subspace (right from the start, any order simply to stay still while I touched him would send him under), my control of his orgasms for the last ten years, and of course his continuing D/s fantasies. But as he grew older it became clear that both his masochist and D/s desires needed to be met. I greatly feared this, assuming not only that this would bring another person (presumably a professional Domme) into our marriage but that I would be left behind, unable to share his BDSM explorations. On the other hand it broke my heart to see a vital part of him denied expression. Finally, seeing him so unhappy, I agreed he could go ahead, although at the time I was not sure our marriage would survive. You can imagine my amazement and relief when he finally clarified what he desired: BDSM and a D/s relationship, yes, but not with a stranger. With ME…

Thus after over a decade of kinky “foreplay” we finally embarked on our journey into D/s, a relationship once described by Ms Alice on her blog Narrations of My D/S Lifestyle as “a very serious and absolute ideology … not a game [or a] a joke [nor] transient [but] a deep belief and a major commitment … a vow … even more binding than marriage”…

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Mistress160’s groups and forums: (for new female subs)
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The Return Of The Magnificent Seven

The final part of the review of the Maginficent 7.

I then lubed the outside of the dick shaped sleeve and gently moved it around Alex’s waiting anus.  As I encircled his tight little hole he spasmed once more almost inviting me to penetrate him again.

Gently I began to push against his taught anal muscles until they relented and allowed me to penetrate him slowly and carefully.  Alex is very sensitive and at the moment likes to be taken like a virgin.  My heart was racing as I watched him swallow the green dick right inside his rectum.

I was so excited it had escaped my attention to check if he was getting hard being fucked anally.  With a tilt of my head I had his cock and balls within my sight and there hanging from his semi erect penis was a silver strand of pre cum, stretching between the tip of his cock and the bedsheet.  It hung taught between fabric and skin like a silken yarn, glimmering in the light from the bedside lamps.

He was beginning to get hard and I’m not one to miss an opportunity.  😉  The dick continued to sink deep inside Alex’s arse, it was now half way in and I turned on the vibe to add to the pleasure of the experience.  It must have been good.  Alex sank further down on to the bed lowering his shoulders and sticking his ass higher into the air.

The vibe was close to being completely engulfed now and I turned up the speed to max.  With a twitch Alex shuffled on the bed and moaned.  Don’t you just love the feeling of control?  Being able to control your partners stimulation and ultimately his/her orgasm.  The very thought makes me wet, even now writing up this account.

I think there must be a little dome in me.  😉  I began to retract the vibe, watching as his outer muscles gripped and pulled against the vibe as it made it’s way out of his ass.  Then slowly I pushed it back inside him again.

Another look at his cock.  He was now hard and bouncing proudly.

“Shall we try the cock ring?”, I asked.  “Go on then”, he replied.  I reached over and took hold of the ring.  I clicked it open and expanded the ring and passed it to Alex.  He pushed it down over his erect phallus and locked it in place.  “Alex, would you like to fuck me?”,  I enquired.  Did I really need to ask?  😉

Bugger I just sneezed all over my keyboard…just hold on a moment.  🙂

Alex manoeuvred round on all fours and pushed me on to the bed.  He then took both legs and placed them up over his shoulders.  I then felt him part my lips and push his erect cock inside me.  No pleasantries just straight in, then hips pushing in and out of me.

I took hold of my nipples and began to pinch and pull them as he slowly fucked me.  He placed each of his hands over my knees and began to fuck with even more vigour.  I rolled and pinched my nipples hard, I think under normal circumstances it would have been painful but now it felt right.

Alex now has his head tilted skyward and his tongue out over his top lip deep in concentration.  My tits began to jump up and down as he banged against me, pushing deeper inside my pussy.  I began to pull on my nipples as he pounded away at me, watching the pinkish brown flesh stretch with each tug.  Alex looked down at me and I came right then, telling him so, the squelshing noise between my legs speaking louder than my words.

I was so wet, it was now running down between my buttocks and on to the bedsheet.  Jesus, I was on my way to another orgasm just as Alex exclaimed that he was about to come.  With one last thrust and the vibe still on max in his ass he came, again and again.  It was one of his extended orgasms and he fucked his way through it, until his last spurt of cum filled me.

Alex then collapsed over me, head resting on my left breast.  A few moment later he raised his body up off mine and I caught site of his cock ring.  Yes it does glow in the dark.  I will have to try this under the sheets as a location device.  Lol

I was now sated.  But there was one more toy to try!

Alex raised back on to his hands and knees and spun around.  I gently pulled the vibe free from his puckered anus.  “Do you want more?” I asked.  “In the name of research, yes”, came his reply.

I pulled several sheets of toilet roll from the roll and wedged them between my pussy lips, washing can wait, I thought.  It was then that it occurred to me that I hadn’t tried the egg up inside Alex’s ass.

The petroleum jelly and egg were within reach.  I pushed a finger inside the jar, scooped up a liberal amount and applied it to the egg and the outside of his sphincter.  Then I inserted the egg just inside his ass and began to slowly turn up the remote.

He like that!  Moaning and groaning his appreciation for all to hear.  The tart.  😀  He was just enjoying the sensation, when…Whooops, the egg was sucked right in to his colon.  I quickly grabbed the power lead to stop it from being pulled any deeper inside him.  I must confess I was a little concerned that it could disappear forever.

I gently pulled the electrical wire and managed to retrieve the egg.  It’s powerful but so small it could run away never to be seen again.  Better to try the last toy I thought to myself.

I took the last sleeve and lubed the inside, then inserted it on to the vibe.  This one is purple and can be best described as looking like an elongated logan berry or raspberry.  It has rounded nodules all over it.  Very interesting, I thought.  Alex will either love it or hate it.  Oh, well…

When the sleeve was full lubed up I began to push it against Alex’s tight little sphincter.  It began to pop in millimetre by millimetre and I watched as he took each nodule inside him.  I was very careful not to be over eager, I knew this one was going to be felt as it entered him.  All went well until the vibe was about halfway inside him and then Alex declared that he could feel a pulling, as if the vibe was dry.

This could be because the nodules cannot retain lube and it collects in the valleys between, so for so long it feels good and then you loose the lubrication and it doesn’t feel quite so good.

Not wanting to hurt him, slowly withdrew the purple loganberry.  Perhaps we could try this another day when he is a little more broken in.  😉  After all, I want to train him to take a strap-on one day.  It’s my deepest desire to fuck him from behind whilst wanking his cock until he projects cum all over the besheets.

Don’t tell him…

Pros for this toy: There are a huge variety of combination of stimulation that can be achieved with the vibe, egg and sleeves. The power of both the egg and the vibe is phenomenal, far more than their sizes would indicate.

The interchangeable speed controller/power pack means only one set of batteries can drive two toys (the egg and the “magic ring” with it’s own built in egg), though not at the same time.

Cons: Because of the power of the vibe in particular you will get through a few batteries. Though you’ll not be complaining 😀

Just a Quickie

I was thinking about something that I first discovered when I was a kid. I’ve always been fascinated by Britain’s history, particularly the period from the Neolithic to the iron age. One rather unusual site which is the subject of some debate as to it age and therefore inclusion into my particular period of interest is the Cern Abbas Giant .

Now I thought, would Microsoft feature this site on their aerial photographs in You betcha!. Click here to see for yourself.


My writing has evolved over the two years since we started. I think it’s improved, though lately I’m pushed to find the time to really hone each post in the way I’d like to. I often read and re-read my words, knowing that I can improve them but not really having the time to polish a piece to the level I’d like to.

I’ve always been self-critical, sometimes to extremes, but I know there are deficiencies in my technique, and coupled with the time pressures this often leaves me feeling “could have done better”. Anyway, enough of the sulking.

Apart from the improvement that comes with practice and reading more than I ever have done, there’s the issue of subject matter. I find myself drawn to subjects that are extreme. I don’t mean extreme in a sexual nature, though I do allude to this in some of my stories and touch on it briefly in others when the plot demands it. No, I mean the effect that extreme circumstances have on human beings.

Suze and I have a great relationship, physically, emotionally and intellectually. We fit very well together, so while we do post about our sex lives, I think that is becoming less and less frequent for one very good reason. Yes, we have great sex, yes we explore each other with an unfettered openness and sense of adventure that can only happen when two people are truly right for each other. But do you want to hear about that all the time? I think not, occasionally yes, especially if we discover some new aspect of sex or reach a new level of understanding  about the dynamics of our sexuality, but to hear every day how “we had such great sex last night …” I don’t think so.

What I find much more interesting to explore is what makes people who they are sexually, and what happens to people when they are placed in extreme situations. Any human being can find themselves in a position where they feel torn apart by outside influences. Circumstances often conspire to put humans under intolerable stress and this changes people, sometimes for a few moments, sometimes for the rest of their lives.

Suze and I have our problems, at the moment because of the lack of funds in the house. Now Suze is working this situation should slowly improve, but even that has tested our relationship from time to time. However because we love each other this financial blip is just part of the journey we’re travelling together. One day we’ll look back on it as character building, I hope LOL.

To explore the real extremes I have to use fiction, I have no aspirations to become the next Tom Clancy (do we need another?) or Clive Barker, but violent conflict brings out the best and the worst in people and the supernatural taps into our most primal of instincts and fears. That is why my current fiction takes the form it does.

My writing also reflects my hopes and fears for the future. Sadly my fears weigh far more heavily on my mind than they ought to. I’m not a depressive type, far from it I tend to be a hopeless optimist, but I’m a realist and I see a world with dwindling resources, uncaring leaders and societies putting their personal greed before their children’s future. Can we avoid our children having to wage wars over the dusty remains of a once beautiful world? I hope so, though the road to a sustainable way of life for all of us is a treacherous one paved with good intentions and it is so easy to be distracted from our ultimate goal unless we’re utterly selfless in our quest for a future for our species.

I read somewhere once that during our evolution the branch of the primate tree from which we derive was so depleted by environmental change and predation that there may have been only 2,000 individuals alive on the planet. Pre-humans a breath away from extinction and unaware of what their descendants would one day achieve. Having survived that it would be an appalling if we were to now wipe ourselves out.

I didn’t want this to turn into an environmental/anti-war rant so I’ll say no more on my current state of mind.

Let me leave you with a message of hope.

In the mid eighties a BBC news report came out of Africa which moved the world to do something positive to help people on another continent. Live Aid raised money and more importantly awareness of the problems facing Africans and soon, I believe, to face us all. Live Aid inspired a charity called Comic Relief. This runs a massive media event in the UK every two years, the lead-up to which is taking place now and culminates this Friday 16 March 2007 with “The Big One” on BBC 1.

The link to the charity’s website is on the top of our sidebar. If you can, please donate a little to this very worthy cause and as Lenny Henry put it on Radio 1 the other day “Help your neighbour next door and your neighbour in Africa”.

We all deserve a future where we can live in peace with each other and with the dignity that comes from being given the chance to help ourselves.

Magnificent Seven!

As I eagerly opened the package, the heavenly aroma of English roses filled my nostrils.  The rubber sleeves were nicely fragranced, not like other rubber toys I have used which smell of…well, rubber.

(click the image to see the contents of the package)

There was so much to choose from I didn’t know where to begin.  The box contained, or should I say the Magnificent 7 Erotic Mini Kit contained:

7 x Coloured Jelly Sleeves
1 x 4″ or 10cm, depending on if you’re metric or not (lol) vibrator
1 x Cock Ring Vibrator
1 x Glow-In-The-Dark Magic Ring
1 x Vibrating Bullet
Oh and lets not forget…3 x AA batteries, so you are ready for immediate action

Now you know why my eyes light up when I opened the box!  😉  So did Alex’s, he knew I would be after his ass, quite literally. 

Alex was going to enjoy trying out all these new toys, they were the ideal size for anal play.  I must admit that being new to the anal play arena it looked like a good opportunity for me to try some mechanical stimulation too, there were some long thin sleeves which I noted for later. 

But Alex wanted to give me some fun first, he is so considerate.  Lol  He plugged the bullet in to the remote and gently inserted inside my very moist (no lube necessary) pussy.  It slipped in easily and to be honest I didn’t even know it was there.

THEN HE TURNED IT ON!  OMFG, the power of that little egg was incredible.  He began to wind up the speed and I could feel my vagina vibrating in time with the egg.  Alex turned it up to max and I could now feel the reverb inside my ass.  It felt great, better than any vibe or washing machine for that matter.  For something so small the power was…enjoyable.  🙂

I lay back on the bed to enjoy the full effect of that little demon.  My whole body was vibrating and I could feel my clit and pussy lips starting to show their appreciation as they swelled between my legs.  The egg kept trying to get out of me and I had to help it bounce back in a couple of times.

Although very stimulating, I don’t know if I could bring myself off on it but I may give it a try if I get another early finish from work one day.  😉  Now it was time for me to enjoy the vibrator with the funny blue sleeve.  I can only describe this as a sleeve which splits in to four rubber strips at the end.  I know it’s not easy to visualise.  I’ll have to add a picture of it at some point, OK?

I don’t know quite what you use the blue sleeve for but Alex decided it would be nice to hold over my nipples and tickle them with the vibe on full power.  I close my eyes as he moved the vibe over my now erect and hard nipples, it tickled but in a nice way.  Next I took it from him and tried it on his and he loved it, I noticed at this point his cock was twitching as it started to swell.

The vibrating cock ring took my eye next and I unplugged the egg from the control unit and plugged it in.  I Vaselined the inner flaps of the ring and by the time I had finished Alex was standing proud and to attention.  He doesn’t hang around, does he?  😀

Then we hit on a problem.  The ring wasn’t big enough for the girth of Alex’s cock.  No, I’m not bragging but the inner diameter of the ring is not very big, I tried eagerly to get it over his swollen head and had to give in.  There is no give in the rubber and I was in danger of either taking the skin off his cock, a home circumcision, or strangling his erect cock to death if I managed to get it on.

I gave up on the idea.  It’s a shame it didn’t fit because it looked like he would have enjoyed it.  There are little rubber nodules all over the bullet and the ring itself to increase stimulation and again the bullet is really powerful.  🙁  I must admit I was a little disappointed that we couldn’t use that.

Not being one to give in easily, I spotted a pink sleeve which didn’t look unlike Mr Punch’s hooked nose.  G-spot!  I thought and quickly lubed up the sleeve inner and pushed the sleeve over the vibe.  Top tip, you need to lube the inside of the sleeves to facilitate easy application and removal.  Alex already had his ass in the air and waggled it at me to entice me to hurry up.

I applied a liberal amount of Vaseline and began to insert it in to his rectum.  My excitement was growing as I pushed it inside his anus right up to the hilt.  Unfortunately the sleeve was too soft to actually stimulate his g-spot but he enjoyed me entering him.  😉

Slowly I withdrew the vibe from his ass and watched his rectal tissue spasm as the last of the vibe slid free.  Almost like he was blowing me a kiss.  Lol  My eye was taken by the green sleeve and I just had to try it.

This one is shaped like a cock and is it dirty to confess I really liked the idea of fucking his ass with a vibe shaped like a cock?  Good, I’m glad I got that one straight.  I lubed up the dick sleeve and pushed it down on to the vibe…

To be continued

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Skin Deep – Part 2

We slept together that night. Just slept, nothing else. I watched, propped up on my elbow, as she drifted off to sleep in the small hours, her red glow melting into a pale yellow serenity. As she finally slipped into the world of dreams I kissed her on the forehead and lay back, contented and at peace for the first time in years.


I woke to find her watching me with her beguiling dark eyes. “Good morning” she said softly. The words slid around me and seemed to stroke my back such was their cadence. “Hello” I smiled, “Still here?”

“It feels like home.”

“Steady on, you’ll be choosing flowers for the church next.” I laughed.

“No! What I meant was that it’s nice to be close to you.”


“Can I show you something?” Her voice was a little unsteady, doubt flickered across her face, inside and out. The slight frown she now wore accompanied by a tempestuous grey swirl behind her eyes.

“Sounds interesting, though I thought I’d seen pretty much everything last night.”

She sat up in bed and crossed her legs, then closed her eyes for a moment, the frown leaving her face, replaced by a calm contemplative expression. She emanated a serene singular white, I saw an angel born inside her. It was small at first, like the glint of summer sun on a slowly turning diamond. It quickly grew in her centre, growing, glowing, gaining intensity until it filled her. Its face was her face, and yet not because it was more beautiful than any mortal face could be.

It’s rare I see someone without the veil of confused, contesting emotions and when I do its like I have rediscovered the innocence of my youth. The realisation struck me, she knew about the gift, or at least she could project herself so I could see her clearly…

The angel swiftly changed, it slid from white to dark olive green. It grew teeth, claws, wings and malevolent yellow eyes before leaping out of her and through me, gnashing jaws seeking out my heart.

Then it was gone and Sally opened her eyes.

“Well?” I asked, “What are you going to show me?”

“B-but … you? Never mind, nothing, nothing, er, it’s not important.” She looked deflated, no devastated. I put my arms around her naked form and gently pulled her down onto the bed.

I looked deep into her eyes and saw her grey-blue melancholy. “Your daemon was a little too green for my tastes, I preferred the real you.”

“But I thought I was wrong. You really are like me?” she was incredulous, relieved, excited.

“Yes, and I’m sorry for acting like that. I’ve been hiding this for so long, scared to tell anyone that it’s become second nature. You’re only the second person I’ve met with the gift.” Strange, as I said it my curse had become a gift, without it I would not feel like this toward Sally.

“I’ve never met anyone else who understood. I tried to tell a teacher once when I was at school, and that ended with me going through three years of therapy.” She was smiling, I could see that with my eyes open or closed, her happiness shone.

“So you see things like I do too?” I asked.

“I don’t know, this is such a personal thing. Until just now I thought I was unique. Are you hungry?”

“A little.”

“But you’re not thinking about food are you?” In that moment I knew she had seen the desire rise in me. It didn’t feel like an invasion of previously inviolate, secret self, it was a joining, closer than I had ever dreamed possible.

We held each other close, our physical bodies melting together. We could sense each other in a way that no other couple could or perhaps ever had, but that was of no consequence. It was the physical world that enthralled us now. We only needed five senses to feel our mutual desire.

We kissed in the sure and certain knowledge that we were already destined to be late for work, both on the same day and the subject of water cooler gossip. Though as our fervent caresses continued we both realised that work was not going to feature in either of our days.

Her nipples grew hard against my chest as my cock rolled on her thigh, at first turgid, then hard and insistent. I rolled toward her, pushing Sally onto her back and pinning her to the bed. Her eyes as she stared up at me asked only one thing of me, and that I did.

I slid into her expectant moist pussy feeling the thrill of the night before amplified by the singular bond we had forge a few moments before. She gasped, eyes pleading for me to drive into her, not wanting to be taken but to be joined with me.

Her knees rose as I moved deep and slow within her, first beside me then higher, legs bent double. With each stroke I felt myself deeper inside her, balls slapping against her buttocks. I grabbed her ankles and raised them to my shoulders, her ass rose from the mattress presenting her sex to mine.

Sally’s eyes rolled, her face a blissful visage. Her breasts rolled on her chest with each stroke, a rolling current of living flesh breaking across her, circulating round and round.

We both felt the blossoming of sweet ecstasy. I wanted to be close to her, holding her as we came. I rolled to the edge of the bed, my arms around her. Settling on the corner, duvet wrapped around one foot I let her legs slide down until she sat in my lap, my cock still inside her.

The timing was perfect, we were both on the edge of the precipice at the edge of sweet oblivion. Sally ground against me, her hairs entwining with mine, the slightest of movements between us making the breaths catch in my throat, my heart raced.

Then it happened, she came, wave of muscular contractions gripping me. Her nails dug into my back, her face buried into my neck, a joyous growl escaping her lips. The glowing eruption of my orgasm filled her, pulsing, maddening in its intensity, inconceivably bright.

Still together, with Sally still impaled on me we rolled back onto the bed and drifted back to sleep.


That was just a year ago. Though what happened between then and now makes it seem like a lifetime has passed. I’ll tell you about it.

One day.

Photograph: Paul Bratescu, manipulation by Alex

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Spending Some Quality Time…

I went in to work early on Thursday and therefore got to finish earlier.  The morning dragged and I must confess I spent most of it clock watching.  Strange how your body soon gets used to you being at work at certain times and it feels alien to be there out of your normal working hours.

Anyway, the small part of the afternoon I had to work passed quickly once lunch was over.  The school bell rang and I nearly sprinted out across the car park with gusto to my car.  I started the engine, turned out of the carpark and then it struck me…

I was going home early and to an empty house, how was I going to fill in the time between arriving home and Alex returning from work?  I toyed with the idea of catching up with some household chores, then nipping out in to the garden and doing a spot of tidying.  Then I came up with the idea of writing something to post here.

Guess which one I went with…

…Getting out of my work clothes, turning on a naughty DVD and laying back on the bed to indulge in some self love.  😉  It must have been weeks since I had the time, energy and inclination to indulge in a clitoral orgasm.

I grabbed the latest purchase from the DVD box, a new British production by Harmony Films and pushed it in to the player and closed the curtains.  I bet the neighbours will talk.  Lol, My heart was now starting to beat faster with the anticipation of a bit of afternoon delight.  I felt like a giddy schoolgirl about to go out on her first date, dizzy, flushed and eager.

The first scene began with two guys opening a box containing a girl who looked very, very dirty.  I slipped under the covers so they were just covering my legs.  I didn’t want any restrictions of movement or to get too hot it was warm in the bedroom.

The girl was having her nipples sucked and bitten whilst the guy finger fucked her.  A good scene for me to join in with.  😉  I parted my now moist pussy lips and began to run my middle right finger up and down my slit, moistening myself with each pass.

I could feel my bud swelling with each stroke of my finger and I began to intensify my digital stimulation.  A change of stroke was required, now moving my clit from side to side with increased pressure.  That was now doing the trick.  I suppose you could say that the sensitivity moves and you have to adjust your stroke to follow it.

My ministrations were now hitting the spot and my back was starting to arch, pushing my buttocks in to the mattress, I crossed my feet as I often do to focus the stimulation.  My orgasm was close and I wanted to delay it and savour the moment.  I slowed down my fingering.

But shit it was too late!  Before I could do anything to curtail the onset of my orgasm I came, violently thrashing about and almost shouting out loud.  The final flicks of my clit made me twitch as my pussy and clit throbbed beneath my fingers.

The orgasm was intense but too quick and I wasn’t somehow prepared for it.  Now, those of you who like to indulge in this practice may or may not agree with me as everyone is different.  But I find that I have such and intense orgasm from stimulating my clit that I cannot repeat the experience twice in a day.  Incidentally, I would love to know if anyone has managed to achieve this.

It didn’t stop me though.  I felt slightly cheated and tried to bring myself off again but to no avail.  If I could have just captured the moment and replayed it again, this time a little slower. I won’t have to leave it so long next time will I.  😉

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Save Me! (From our nephew)

The weekend is those two days when you leave the cares of the world behind and relax. The time when you leave the daily grind and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Or you have the nephew round 🙂

We love having the little monster but it seriously eats into nookie time, whilst simultaneously knackering you. He is a wonderful kid, but having him overnight, then meeting up with his parents today for lunch and running them over to see my aunt, well we’re a little drained.

I suppose it’s like blogging, you put in a lot of effort, it’s rewarding, but it eats your time up. So it’s off for an early night and then tomorrow …

Oh, alright off for an early night, then in two hours when we wake up horny it’s party time! 😉

But we will need a lay-in tomorrow morning. Thank goodness for Sundays.

Oohps I Did It Again!

Work is still tiring me out but I am picking up more and more each day, which makes me feel better about my abilities and ability to learn new things.  I’m beginning to feel settled, that transition between feeling awkward and out of sort is underway.  You know how it is when you first start working in a new place, everything seems strange and unfamiliar.  Now I am happy to say that I am beginning to feel part of the place if that makes sense.

There is still a lot for me to learn but I’m getting there and day by day I am feeling more useful and less dispensable I suppose.  The women I work with are still very friendly but are starting to irritate me a little.  They all have “telephone” voices and it occurred to me today that they sound like a cat and when they are on the phone together it sounds like they are caterwauling.  😀

It’s hard to describe their voices but they seem to take on a higher pitch and become slightly drawn out and deliberate.  It makes me laugh when the southern sales guy calls, they get very loud and all unnecessary.  One of them appears to develop a flush of colour, it’s so funny to observe.

When you first start, you are on best behaviour.  No fooling around or jokes, keeping your head down in an effort to impress.  That front is now beginning to subside and my fun personality is coming out.  And it nearly got me in to trouble twice today.

On the first occasion I was in the very compact and bijou kitchen making drinks for us when a girl from the other department walked in.  She was busy washing up the cups she brought with her and the guy from technical squeezed past me and was reaching in to the wall cupboard for teabags.

As he reached up in to the cupboard he must have gotten intimately close to the other girl and she said “Are you making moves on me?”, with a giggle.  The guy replied “I’m a quick mover”.  More giggles from other girl as she rubbed up her back against him.  Me not thinking said, “Ooh, a bit of FFM action eh?”.  Luckily I got away with it, they both laughed and I made my tea and disappeared pretty rapidly.  🙂

The afternoon went quickly as I was in training with the girl from the kitchen earlier.  She was leaving at the same time as me, so we both went downstairs to my office to hand over some paperwork we had processed to the nice blonde with the chocolate eyes I told you all about the other day.

The other girl said to her “Oh, you’re wearing pearls today”.  I walked over to her desk to check her out (she had a low cut t-shirt on today, lots of cleavage.)  Taking one look at the pearls draped from her neck I said without a thought, “A pearl necklace uhm…”  Nobody said a word, I don’t know if they got the joke but I has one of those “I’ll get my coat”, moments and said a hasty good night as I walked out of the office.

I will have to try harder not to be so naughty tomorrow.  🙂

Skin Deep – Part 1

“Beauty is only skin deep. But ugly cuts straight to the bone” That’s what my grandmother told me. I didn’t know what she meant until I was nine years old when I started to become aware of the curse, a gift she called it, but I know better. She was a kind, strong-willed woman, gave birth to and raised five children almost single handed. She’d seen war, hardship, cruelty and greed. Yet still she never lost her faith in what she saw as the fundamental goodness in every human being.

The “Gift” first showed itself to me when I was playing in her garden with the kids from next door one warm summer afternoon. Billy had just taken his ball from me and stormed off with it after a tackle that had seen him fall to the ground and graze his knee. The look he gave me turned my blood to ice water. He was not a bad kid, but like all kids prone to throw a tantrum from time to time. What I saw in his face and more importantly just under his skin fixed me to the spot.

She came out of the house wearing an unfamiliar look, an expression of grave concern. She rarely let her countenance slip from a mask of vague optimism, her reaction worried me more than the darkness I had seen in Billy. She was an anchor to me, always welcoming, always cheerful. Now her concern was evident and perturbing, I started to cry.

She tried to explain what I had seen in terms that a nine year old could understand. She told me how my father, her son, probably had the gift, but had always denied it and had managed to suppress it. She encouraged me to embrace and develop it. “It’s helped me get through some bad times over the years, it’ll help you …”

So I developed it, with her help. Now years after she died and left me alone with my secret curse I live in your world, but outside it. Or perhaps I am immersed deeper in your world than any of you will ever be.

You decide.


It was eight in the evening, 7 March 2006 and I stood in the centre of London waiting for her to arrive. I was surrounded by the greys amongst you, the seething mass of ordinaries. I love to watch the greys, looking for a glimmer of colourful emotion just under their skins. But for the most part they stay grey, fooling themselves that their lives give them happiness.

To see real colour you need to see them off their guard, or at their extremes. The joy and the sorrow, the ecstasy and the pain, that’s when I enjoy you normals the most. Yes, I’m addicted to you and yes I revile your ordinariness, your blindness to your own abilities and frailties.

Is that wrong? There is no right and wrong, and if you could see what I’ve seen you’d agree. My opinion is formed as one who is alone and to the best of my knowledge unique, so maybe my outlook is a little unbalanced. We’ll see.

She arrived few minutes late. I’m one for punctuality but the tube was busy because of emergency maintenance shutting down a line so I wouldn’t hold it against her. It’s funny seeing someone out of work, out of their office uniform is in some way deliciously naughty to me. Without their familiar attire anything they wear, from a bikini to an overcoat, woolly hat and scarf is exciting in a peculiar way. I suppose it’s like being able to look inside their wardrobe, even if it’s with their permission it gives me pleasure.

“Hi, Tim. Sorry I’m late … “, she apologised.

“No problem I heard about the tube.”, I smiled a relaxed smile. I bent forward to peck her on the cheek, but she too turned her head and the kiss landed half on her lips. I pulled back, not wanting to offend her by being too forward, but saw the glow in her rise and realised a kiss on the lips would have been welcomed. Later perhaps.

Usually when I meet someone outside work for the first time I’m nervous, with Sally I was relaxed immediately. I gestured towards Trafalgar Square, my hand leaving a trail of golden, glittering stars in the air between us that only I could see. She walked beside me, past the National Portrait Gallery and into the square itself.

To me a crowded street is like walking through the gates of hell.

When I look at you I see you clearly, all of you, every part of you. I see the you that lurks under your skin, the real emotions, the real personality, the dark and the light, the whirling maelstrom of tones in between. I see them just under your epidermis, fighting for control of you. The black daemons and the glowing angels, you all have them.

And so do I. I’m nothing special, just different, apart. For me to look in the mirror each morning is to behold a waking nightmare, my daemons feed from yours and without my grandmother’s strength they may soon overwhelm me.

What we’d met to see was a piece of performance art come allegorical street performance. A juggler with communist pretensions, a liberal balancing a chair on her chin and a fascist breathing fire. As a spectacle rather interesting, but I was left unmoved and Sally seemed to feel the same.

It was cold and it seemed the most obvious thing in the world to stand behind her, looking over her head with my arms around her. This was our first date, but physical closeness seemed so natural. The warm orange-purple glow from inside her seemed to intensify as I hugged her back, she looked up at me occasionally and smiled, completely at home in my arms.

The performers were quite appealing though. The apparent fascist burned yellow inside with a selfless generosity that gave him away as hopeless philanthropist. There was something in his past, some hardship, his own or his parents, that drove him to hate anyone like the character he portrayed.

The communist was a pure grey, certain he was right in his beliefs and certain that the socialist revolution would never come to free his brothers and sisters.

But best of all was the liberal, teaming with murky yellow guilt and a the ghosts of a thousand regrets that swam under her skin, picked out in the flaring breaths of the goose stepping faux-fascist.

“Shall we go?” I asked after a few minutes.

“Let’s. I fancy a drink.”

“I don’t know any bars around here, any suggestions”

“My place.” Her tone was mater of fact. Her glow changing from the golden-purple to a deep reddish plum. The torrid swirling of a dozen passionate thoughts reached out from her like ethereal ribbons and ensnared me. “I want to talk, get under your skin, bars are too noisy for that.”

Funny I thought as I hailed a taxi, that’s exactly what I had in mind.


We sat cradling our respective glasses of red wine, we’d talked until eleven and now the words had run out. I looked at her sitting at the opposite end of the decadently comfortable sofa, not into her but at her appearance as you would perceive it. She was, is, about five-two generously curvy with a real womanly shape. She had emphasised this with a tight white t-shirt and ass-hugging jeans. Her skin was a delicate latte tone, betraying her African heritage a couple of generation back, hair black, eyes brown with flecks of green. The candlelight bathed her like a sirocco of photons, nothing was in a hurry now, not even quantum particles.

She placed her glass on the table behind her, crossed her arms and grabbed the hem of her t-shirt. She raised her hands, pulling the t-shirt above her head and dropping it over the back of the sofa. Her breasts were unfettered by a bra and invited my immediate attention. I slipped off my shirt and slid across to kiss her.

My lips met hers and received a full and luscious kiss. I could feel her hard dark-brown nipples against my chest, beckoning me. She reclined while I slid towards the waiting feast. She was deep red now with excited eddies of purple from her deepest sexual fantasies boiling beneath. I could feel a passion in her that for the first time in my life matched my own. Only my appetite for her soft welcoming bosom prevented me from attending to the growing discomfort in my cloth-caged groin.

I let my tongue circle and flick each succulent fruit of womanhood, winding from bottom to top, from the warm crease beneath each mound to the engorged biteable summit.

I leaned back, watching as Sally toyed with her breasts, cupping them and gently squeezing them together.

I divested myself of jeans and socks, now as nature intended I reached out and leaned toward Sally, cock moist with anticipation. She sat upright and pushed me backward until it was I who reclined on the soft couch. Her fingers wrapped around my pulsing phallus and pulled the foreskin back. She kissed the tip of my cock gently. No porn star moves to impress me, no cock worship for the benefit of a nonexistent audience like so many women I had come across. There was a combination of tenderness and passion as she took the head of my penis gently but firmly between her teeth that almost made me lose my control. She could feel the excitement in me.

Moments later her jeans and underwear were a memory and her wet labia were rubbing up and down my cock as it lay on my stomach. She rocked forward, beasts rubbing across my face, then down again entrapping my cock.

We became lost in each other’s expressions as she moved back and forth the sweet friction of my cock inside her amplified by our apparent empathy. We were both ready for the moment and when it came, only minutes later our first and only orgasms of the evening were as intense and blindingly sensuous as any that we had ever known. I saw a storm of angels inside her when she came that took my breath away and stopped my heart for a beat.

But that was nothing to what I saw the following day.

Image : Alessandro Marzio (

Special Delivery

Now I have returned to work I don’t get to see my friend “The Rammer” any more.  Don’t all sigh at once!  😀  I must admit I miss his bulldog-chewing-a-wasp face walking down the driveway every day and his amiable manner.  Lol

I now arrive home from work and can see immediately if we have any mail, because it is there hanging out of the letterbox.  Most days is just dangles from one corner, displaying for all to see that there is nobody home.  Don’t you just love your postman…

And arrangements have now been put in place for delivery of my “Toys”.  I just couldn’t stand the thought of my elderly neighbours taking them in for me and then handing them to me on the doorstep.  What if they took a quick look or the packaging ripped.  It just didn’t bear thinking about.

Now instead of them being delivered any time during the day I receive them before I leave for work.  Useful too!  😉  My first special delivery from toy supplier arrived the other day, my “Adult Toy Selection Box” and we aren’t talking chocolate.  I couldn’t wait for the driver to turn his back and walk away from the door.  No sooner had the door closed and the key been turned in the lock, than I was unwrapping my adult selection.

I had a quick look through the cellophane lid and took the box upstairs out of sight before I left for work.  I have made the mistake of leaving personal belongings visible in the house and my mother knocking on the living room window.  🙂  She never actually mentioned the vibrator but she must have seen it before I pushed it behind a cushion of the sofa.  I ask her to ring me now before she turns up.

Alex and I need some time to try all the goodies out, when we have we will tell you all about it.  In lots of detail.   Because we know you like that.  😉