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Drive Special Edition – Crosstown Traffic

This is a special edition of my Drive series of stories which came to me as a result of tonight’s events.

The traffic in the cities of the western world gets worse by the year. I’m lucky in that I only have to skirt around the edge of a city on my way back home. I’ve been fortunate enough never to have worked in a city centre. It would drive me mad not to know that the countryside is only a few footfalls away.

As the urban sprawl increases and everyone has a car the road network, even in our relatively rural location, can get snarled up. That happened tonight. The road into the village is being resurfaced and some bright spark ignored the “loose chippings” sign and the 10 mph limit currently in place at a T-junction about a mile from our house. The policeman who had the unenviable task of redirecting frustrated drivers on the best way around the accident on the narrow roads told me that the driver had put the car through a wall. I hope he’s alright, though I’m not feeling terribly well disposed towards him as it added 45 minutes to my journey home.

Anyway, stuck in traffic, the intense sun turning my small, non-airconditioned car into a mobile oven I spotted someone. She wasn’t local, I’d have noticed her before. She was just the type Suzanne likes, strong features, mid to late 30s, sun glasses, dark brown hair, black top with large white polka dots gathered under a pair of sensuously curved boobs. She was sitting in an old, but beautifully maintained cream MGB GT. It was a rag top, an early one, before the hideous plastic bumpers that were fitted to make the vehicle comply with US safety regs.

I was stationary on the main road, she was trying to join the flow of traffic from a sideroad, but nobody was going anywhere. I acknowledged her and indicated, with a nod, that she could pull in front of me, when the queue moved enough for her to do so. She nodded back and smiled her gratitude. It was a slow smile. It started off as a genuine thank you, but lingered like a lover’s kiss, not wanting to end. I smiled back. She dragged her gaze away from me. Obviously enjoying the flirtation, safe in her car, me confined to mine, a little mutual appreciation. No strings. A mutual ego boost.

My collar was already undone, tie loosened. I pulled on the parking break and killed the engine. We were going nowhere. She fanned herself with her left hand, chin raised, head carelessly thrown back, brown hair cascading over the seat back. Careless my arse, she was preening for my benefit.

She retrieved a bottle of mineral water from the passenger seat and unscrewed the top. She opened her mouth to receive the bottle, slowly, carefully, glancing in my direction to ensure her audience was watching. Air bubbles displaced the liquid in the bottle as she drank long and hard. Thirst sated, her lips relinquished the container. She allowed a trickle of water to spill, down her chin and onto her chest. The sunlight glinted on the rivulet as it disappeared between her breasts.

I smiled a lascivious smile.

The traffic moved a few meters forward, she pulled into the space and we were confined to exchanging glances in her rear view mirror while the traffic crawled until our paths diverged at the next junction.

Pity she’s not local.

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My First Taste Of The White Stuff

This weeks posts seem to have a rock theme running through them and today as I sat at work day dreaming I remembered this as I thought about Ted Nugent, would you believe, enjoy…

I had watched many porn films, read articles and looked at images of it but never tried it.  Not that my boyfriends would have objected but I just never felt the need to go that far with them, don’t ask me why.  Perhaps I didn’t want to give them a full 100% of me or something, who knows.  The never asked me to take them in my mouth either.  I know…most guys would love to be sucked off.

It seemed to me to be one of the black arts, something you wanted to try but didn’t quite have the confidence to try…”What happens if I wretch?”…”If he cums in my mouth will I like it?”, so many questions, enough for me to decide that the guy who I try it with has to be trusted 100% not to make fun of me but be encouraging and sensitive.

We were together in our flat and the moment just felt right, I knew I could trust Alex of all the guys I had been out with to be encouraging and thoughtful.  If I recall properly, we had been smoking weed and had a few drinks and Ted Nugent (don’t you just love the old rock songs) was playing in the background.

I was laying across Alex’s lap on the floor, best place to be when you are rolling joints and drinking, you can have everything around you.  Lol  We were both quite mellow and I decided to undo his jeans.  I popped the button, pulled down his zipper and reached inside his trousers.  His cock needed time to catch up with events, it was probably feeling mellow too.

Alex rolled over on to his back and wriggled out of his jeans, swiftly followed by his boxers.  I think he must have known what was on my mind.  Within moments he was naked from the waist down, just a t-shirt and his socks.  I took them off, can’t keep a straight face if a guy leaves his socks on.  🙂

His cock was semi hard and still resting against his groin.  I began to fondle his balls and roll them in my palm, whilst my left hand took hold of his cock.  Alex was looking very expectant as I pulled back his foreskin and opened my mouth.  He asked if I was sure I wanted to do this and I replied that it was fine.

Strange he didn’t ask me again.  😉  I recall looking at his stiffening cock and thinking, which way would be best to take him in to my mouth.  From what I had read I knew it was best to open up the throat as much as possible by straightening the alignment of my mouth and throat.

But I wasn’t sure that I would be able to deep throat him, not without gagging.  I decided to lick and suck his cock until he was fully erect and then see how far I could take him.  Opening my mouth wide and pushing my tongue against the bottom of my mouth, opening my oesophagus I lowered my head over his pulsating member.

I got as far as the opening to my throat and then I started to gag, tears streamed down my cheeks.  But not being one to give in easily I kept on trying but just couldn’t overcome the desire to puke.  Despite all the things I had read and the videos I had watched, it needed time and practice.  I was a little disappointed but I knew that persistence would pay off.

Alex was very patient and understanding and realised that I needed to quite literally back off.  He was also enjoying my sucking his cock and I continued to flick my tongue around his frenulum (although I didn’t know what they called it then, just that it got a good response)  😉 and down around his balls.

It wasn’t long before Alex was bucking his hips up to my mouth as I sucked and licked and did everything I could to substitute for the deep throating I really wanted to give him.  Strange I hadn’t even considered what I would do if he came, I was more interested in being able to suck him off.

I rolled his wet balls in my right hand and flicked, sucked, licked his erection in to submission.  Within minutes Alex was announcing that he was going to cum.  It was then that it struck me…should I take him in my mouth and let him ejaculate?…was I ready for that?  Ejaculation was imminent and I enclosed my mouth around his throbbing penis and closed my eyes.  I felt the globules of cum hit my throat and begin to run down in to my mouth and throat.  A feeling of satisfaction came over me as I realised that I had just given my first blow job.

I could feel the warm cum on my tongue and I began to taste it, running my tongue against the roof of my mouth.  I wished I hadn’t done that.  The taste made me balk again.  It was my first taste of cum and I didn’t care for it.  I had no option I swallowed hard and cleared my mouth.  Trying not to spoil the moment for Alex who had a supercilious smile on his face as he lay prostrate on the floor.

When he came round he was on cloud nine.

It took me two whole days to tell him that I didn’t like the taste.  And a couple more after that to get used to it and begin to enjoy the distinct flavour.  😉  You just can’t stop me now! 

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Suze In Leathers Mmmmm

We were out filling up my car at the weekend when we pulled up behind this bike.

Now Suze knows I would love a bike (if we could afford one), but objects on the grounds that I might wrap it round a tree and do myself some mortal injury. Though I think she’d like the leathers, no I know she’d like the leathers, what sort of rock chick doesn’t.

Come to mention it, Suze in leather grrrr!

Anyway, do you think she’s object to an number plate like this one ? LOL

Communication Breakdown

Following along from Suze’s post yesterday I thought we’d have a bit of classic rock. Why? Well, read on.

Blogging is still pretty much undiscovered country for most of the world’s population. Diary keeping has been around for centuries, millennia even, but blogging and its inherent interactive nature sets it apart from the predominantly solo pursuit of journal keeping.

I would say that the audience of a blog is hugely wider than a diary and that is true save for a few notable exceptions such as Peyps, Woolf, Frank. But I think it’s the interactivity of a blog which sets it apart from the paper and ink that presaged blogging.

We as bloggers (the wider we, all bloggers, not just Suze and I) are part of an exclusive and auto-elected club. Being an adult blogger makes you part of a very specific section of the blogging world. It’s a fringe group, loosely attached to the other non-commercial bloggers out there. And I feel we’re often misunderstood.

We choose to open up part of our life that others keep behind closed doors. That doesn’t make us any less valuable as part of the online community than any other blogger. Though some might think that’s the case. There is an overwhelming majority of the online community who would ignore or deride us in public (even if they have a sneaky read in private).

That’s there choice. However I found myself wondering if, moral/ideological objections aside, there were not other reasons why we are misunderstood. That’s it you see, perhaps we as adult bloggers do not speak in a language that the rest of the world understands. Perhaps we are too open, too at home with the terminology, the practices, the recognition of our desires as natural and not sinful that we inadvertently build a wall between us and some of the people who read us.

It’s like me and the Japanese language, I know a few Japanese words but drop me in the middle of Tokyo and I would be somewhat at sea. I would recognise where I was and the commonality that I have with its population as fellow human beings, but most of the spoken language of Japan and all of its written word are indecipherable to me.

I don’t know how we get round this problem, or if indeed we should even try. Adult blogging is our world and I feel we’re welcoming enough. For example if someone has the courage to ask what the letters BDSM mean, or what BDSM is (a question with as many answers as there are practitioners) we’d all try to answer to the best of our ability. The problem arises that a description of any non-vanilla aspect of sexuality from the most common/well-known of fetishes to the most extreme of predilections cannot be complete without an understanding of the psyche of those involved. You have to get to know the adult blogging world and the bloggers within it to fully appreciate it.

Yes of course you can dip in and read what is effectively mass-produced pornography on some blogs. You know the ones, mono-thematic, repetitive and deliberately appealing to an audience whose attention span demands posts have a low word count. The commercial “blogs” tend to be like this, the trash that Blogger seems unable or unwilling to remove, hook sites with petty entrepreneurs attempting to survive by buying content, affiliate linkage and gaudy sidebar advertising.

I think we’re happy as we are, different, slightly marginalized, but true to ourselves and if anyone wants to come in and joins we’ll happily show them the ropes, and the chains and the rest of the toys …

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Sleeping On The Job

On Friday morning before I left for work a large excavator turned up at the house down the road.  The guy started to dig up the driveway.  So, being the perceptive person that I am, I guessed that they were having a new drive.  Lol

I got out of bed because the noise was too much to sleep through and went downstairs to put the kettle on and make some toast.  Afterwards I returned to the bedroom and sat in bed watching the morning news on the television, whilst eating breakfast.

The hum and clatter of the digger was plainly audible over the news, so I turned up the volume.  Then it stopped and I was able to hear again.  I peered through the gap in the middle of the curtains to see if there was any talent out there.  Don’t heckle, nothing like ogling a good looking workman without his top on.  😉

Unfortunately, no good looking workmen to be seen and the guy in the cabin of the digger was in a world of his own.  Check him out in the image below.  He had turned off his machine, folded his arms and nodded off in the sunshine.

Never being one to miss an opportunity, I took some images to show the neighbours when they retuned from work.  😀  No, I wouldn’t do that.  I took them because it struck me what an amusing picture it would make.

I was reminded of my rock chick days and this track by the wonderful Ian Gillan.  Sorry it’s a bit crackly but it is from 1979 and I couldn’t find a better clip.  If anyone finds one let me know and I’ll change the link.

It also reminded me of the time I fell asleep whilst being fucked.  Yes, I did…don’t look at me like that there were mitigating circumstances.  😉  Alex and I had woken in the night and decided to spoon, before we knew it he was hard and parting my legs to gain entry.  Nothing quite like a sleepy fuck in the middle of the night. Hmmmmm.

Anyway, there we were rocking in unison as his hard cock pumped in and out of me.  It felt so relaxing, not like the sweat inducing fucks we normally have but a slow luxuriating grind.  It was so relaxing that I was rocked to sleep and woke up some hours later with me glued to Alex’s groin by sticky cum.  I think I removed a layer of his skin as I moved away from him to get washed.  Lol

Has anyone out there ever done this or similar?  I would love to hear about it.

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And Finally

Well, I think that does it, the site seems to be working again now. Boy that was hard work.


If you notice anything odd, OK, odder than usual, please let me know by emailing



Strange Behaviour

You may notice strange things happening with the site at the moment. We’ve moved servers and, well, some things work and some things don’t. Comments and the “Latest posts” section seem to be playing silly buggers, but posting, as you can see, is working.

I’ll have it all worked out for tomorrow 🙂

Edit, 01/09/07:

Sex Toy Reviews now working

LicList, a bit sick, still working on it

Comments, you can add them and they are being written away to the DB, but not displaying

Latest posts section (top of left sidebar) – I think it’s haunted, looking into it 😛