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Clarissa – The Final Chapter

Pole dancer, AlexSuze.comThe fact that the club only had one entrance didn’t seem to worry Guido. The fire officer should have been worried but the certificate above Guido’s desk assured Guido’s insurers that the club complied with regulations. That had cost Guido the price of a Mediterranean holiday and use of his villa for two weeks by the fire officer’s family. But it was cheaper than making the place safe.

The stairway into the club was secured by steel doors top and bottom, and by two bouncers with restless fists and no sense of humour at street level. Just inside the outer door was a ticket booth come cloakroom where a nervous looking gaunt man, who Clarissa had been introduced to as Simon, dispensed admission through a tiny grilled aperture.

A self-satisfied Guido sat in his booth, a girl either side of him, Champagne on ice. The seating was upholstered in red, trimmed with gold. Like everything in Guido’s life he liked ostentation in his wine, women and ambience. Subtlety had been Tipexed out of his dictionary. It was now past eleven and the club was full of customers drinking Guido’s over-priced spirits and watery beer. His contented smirk disappeared when he saw Clarissa leading Sarah across the club to the exit.

“Where the fuck are you taking her?” demanded Guido.

“Outside, she’s says she’s going to throw up. I thought she could do with some fresh air” Clarissa smiled with as much innocence as she could muster.

“Oh, alright, just so long as she doesn’t throw up on the punters.”

Clarissa and Sarah slipped out of the inner doors and up to the ticket booth. Clarissa tapped on the door. “Simon, let us in it’s Clarissa and Sarah.”. Three bolts were drawn back and the door opened. Clarissa liked Simon, he reminded her of her brother. She hadn’t seen him for months …

“Simon, Guido said I should relieve you on the door, he said you’d had a hard week and should take the rest of the evening off.” Explained Clarissa.

“Is he feeling OK? He’s never given me the evening off.”

“Don’t complain, just go, enjoy yourself.” Laughed Clarissa. With a “See ya” Simon was gone

Clarissa turned towards Sarah and pulled her close. “Did you enjoy our little tryst earlier?”

“What do you think? I’m still tingling.”

Clarissa slid her arms around Sarah, one hand travelling up the back of her neck and into Sarah’s hair.

“Good, because I’m going to enjoy myself a little later. But first I want you to do something for me.” Clarissa pulled Sarah to her, their lips were millimetres apart.

“What’s that?” Asked Sarah, her words shaking with excitement.


Clarissa pulled back Sarah’s head and plunged her teeth into her neck. Sarah screamed. The universe stopped for a moment, time frozen for them both, the world around them blurred and shimmered. Her scream died on her lips, blood flowed from the two gaping wounds in her neck, her life became a memory as her heart beat raced, faltered, then stopped.

In ninety brief seconds it was over, Clarissa lay Sarah’s body in the inky darkness at the back of the booth and returned to the club.


Clarissa slipped into the first private room, unnoticed by the three clients and waited for the girl to finish her performance. She walked into the glare of the spotlight as the pole dancer lowered herself down the chromed pole and came to rest on the floor.

“Gentlemen”, she announced to the unseen audience outside the pool of light she and the girl now inhabited “You’ll be getting a further free dance, courtesy of the management. Just a moment while Amelia catches her breath.”

“What?” Breathed Amelia under her breath. “So Guido is doing a two for the price of one day?”

“He’s paying.” Replied Clarissa, he just doesn’t know it yet she thought to herself. “Amelia come here a moment.” Clarissa stepped into the shadows, Amelia followed. “Let me explain …”

Two minutes later Clarissa left the private room, closed the door and held the handle.

She waited, listening. She heard the sounds of a scuffle, a protestation, a strangled scream. Someone tried to turn the door handle from inside, frantically they hammered on the door. Then a man’s voice “Let me out! What is she?. Aaaargh!” The voice dissolved into a gurgle.

Clarissa licked her lips tasting Amelia’s blood on them. She then visited each of the remaining private rooms in turn to deliver the management’s free gift.


“Where are you?” It was Timothy calling her from across the city. The words rang in her mind.

“So they’re sending you to despatch me? To undo the damage you did?”

“You’re not going to comply with The Code?” The regret in his thought was palpable.

“What do you think?”

“That’s a shame, you would have made eternity bearable.” Timothy managed to utter the whole sentence as a sigh.

“Cut the crap.” Clarissa chuckled. “I’ll still be at the Pink Kitty at midnight.”


Timothy arrived outside the club a few minutes before the witching hour. He abhorred lateness. The door staff’s challenge to his entry left one unconscious on the pavement and the other flying down the stairway into the club, stopping only when his head crashed into the door. His body slumped down the painted steel leaving a viscous trail of blood, bone and mangled soft tissue.

The music in the club stopped as Timothy strode through the door. No one spoke.

Except Guido.

“Who’s this fucking joker?” Guido strode towards Timothy.

Timothy grabbed Guido by the neck and peered into his now terrified eyes. “Moron” said Timothy, flatly. He twisted his wrist, a swift sudden flick. There was a dull crack and Guido’s body hung limp in Timothy’s hand.

The room was silent except for the whimpering of Guido’s two favourite girls who attempted to hide behind one another. Guido’s corpse fell to the floor.

“Tim! I was looking forward to killing him.” Admonished Clarissa.

“Clarissa, this is your last chance. Will you comply to The Code?”

“No.” Clarissa answered and simultaneously realised that her whole existence pivoted around that one word. “So you’ll be despatching me then? Do you think you can?”

“No.” replied Timothy. “You’re too strong.”

There were footsteps on the stairs outside. Clarissa backed away as she saw the eight Others join Timothy. They began to back her into a corner, Clarissa snarling like a cornered animal, her composure apparently deserting her. Her eyes darted from one face to another, hands clenching and unclenching unsure what to do.

The old female member of the Others from her meeting earlier in the day stepped forward “You know we have to do this. But we’ll make it quick, that’s why we all came. It’ll be easier for you.”

Clarissa relaxed and smiled at her would be executioners. “I thought you might, which is why I recruited a little help myself.”

The Others looked around at the customers in the club. Yellow eyes glinted in the darkness and began to move towards the nine. A dozen pairs of hands grasped at each of the assassins and one by one their faces became submerged under a writhing mass of clawing hands and ripping teeth.

“Timothy I remember you telling me that you feared the newly turned because you can’t use your powers on them, they’re too raw, too wild.” Explained Clarissa to Tim’s pleading face as it receded into the morass. “But they do have their uses.”

She walked around the edge of the club, avoiding the growing pool of blood and severed limbs. The screams of The Others began to mingle with the now vampiric customers in the club as they turned on one another in their killing frenzy. She pulled shut the inner and outer steel doors, locking them with Guido’s keys and with Sarah in her arms she melted into the night.


Clarissa sat in the park and held Sarah’s lifeless body for hours. The chill of the night warm in comparison to the intense burning cold of Sarah’s flesh. Sarah was far away, her soul a flickering ember that even Clarissa struggled to sense.

Eventually the sky began to grow brighter, a gentle glow grew around them both, sunlight scattered in the upper atmosphere filling the sky. An autumn mist swirled around them, softening the outlines of the buildings at the edge of the park to silhouetted charcoal monoliths against the brightening dawn.

Clarissa looked down at Sarah, a light was intensifying inside her, pulsing, growing, changing hue with every moment. First it filled her then seeped out into the surrounding air, its luminous filigree tendrils wrapping themselves around Clarissa.

Sarah opened her eyes.

“Good morning.” Smiled Clarissa.

“Is it over?” Asked Sarah.

Clarissa laughed. “Oh, no it’s only just beginning.”


The Importance Of Not Being Bean

Sean BeanI admit it, I used to smoke. A bloody silly thing to do, damaging to your health, foul smelling and expensive. See you can tell ex-smokers they’re worse than people who have never smoked at all. It’s probably the feeling that the dreaded cigarettes robbed you of years of activity as you wheezed after strenuous activity. Then there’s the mornings, coughing and spluttering into the bathroom until you cleared the kack from your chest. And perhaps most importantly the money you literally burned. Most packs of 20 are over five quid now, how did I ever afford it?

But there’s one thing I do miss from smoking, and it’s not the nicotine hit of that first drag. It’s the effect it had on my voice. My voice used to be much deeper and more gravely, on the telephone it had an unusual effect on the female of the species.

It was only the ciggies, I didn’t have to go to the extent that Mercedes McCambridge did to voice the part of the possessed Regan in the Exorcist – i.e. drinking raw eggs, smoking goodness knows how many packs a day, drinking to excess and not getting any sleep. Though that does sound like a few debauched weekends I enjoyed when I was younger.

I used to work in a call centre, taking calls from all over the UK. Now to people outside Yorkshire a Yorkshire accent is a Yorkshire accent. Often people from the south of the UK can’t tell whereabouts in Yorkshire you’re from, they even mistake Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Manchester for Yorkshire. So when I picked up the phone and started to talk they immediately decided they were talking to Sean Bean and as Sean had appeared in Lady Chatterley’s lover. You fill in the blanks LOL.

And Suze agrees. If you ask she’ll tell you that having spoken to me on the phone on a number of occasions before meeting face to face she already had a mental image of me that was quite appealing.

It must have been a shock when she saw me for the first time 🙁

However I’m happy to leave the Sean Bean voice behind. The ciggies are too high price to pay even for that. So why, I hear you ask, do I mention it? Well, the voice is back for a few days if only because I have an appalling cold and chest infection.

Even being ill has its benefits. 🙂

I mean, who of us doesn’t like receiving a call from a stranger with a sexy voice?

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Men Aren’t The Only Ones To Have Wet Dreams

Suze, AlexSuze.comIt’s strange how things happen to you that you never even mention or give a second thought to. Men have never made it a secret that they have wet dreams. I’m not sure I really understood exactly what this meant when I heard this whispered around the girls locker rooms as a teenager. And as every school kid knows you never admit to not knowing something, especially if it involves a certain amount of sexual innuendo.

After all if you were to admit to being unsure what the expression meant and the fact that yes you were still a virgin, the whole thing would turn in on you. Before you knew it other pupils would be standing there pointing at you and calling you names.

Far better to act knowledgeable, even if you didn’t have a clue what others around you were talking about. There were girls around me having periods and claiming that they were fucking guys in my year. As if I would question this and reveal that I was indeed a virgin and hadn’t even started to menstruate yet. For heavens sake I could only just fill the A cup bra I bought last week! Some girls just grew up too quickly in many ways.

Girls can be very mean and cruel, I don’t know how guys can be. I was once called a virgin and I denied it implicitly not even knowing what the bloody hell they were on about. Lol That is just how innocent I was and shows the pressure we were all under to appear knowledgeable and sexually active. I can only sympathise with the youth of today and the pressures they must be under. They have my deepest sympathy.

Which brings me to the here and now. I didn’t realise until this evening when the penny dropped and I put two and two together as we spoke openly about how much we enjoy our sexual explorations that girls have wet dreams too. 😉

I know you guys wake up with the sheets a little more starched than they were when you went to bed. That is understandable, seepage during sexual thought is common to both sexes but men being men, your arousal results in ejaculation. With women it is a little more subtle given that our sexual organs are internal. I suppose the same could be said for arousal, yours is obvious whilst ours can be hidden.

So although we complain that we have to cope with menstruation. You on the other hand have to cope with having your feelings displayed publicly. You cannot hide your erections, well not easily and your wet dreams are no secret from your mother, assuming that she cleans the house and you don’t know how to use the washing machine. Lol

All things considered I think we had quite a good trade off! Although I’m not sure about the menopause, I think you men can take that. Oh, just remembered there is the prostate problem…so I suppose we are almost even.

And so back to where this all started…

…I have stirred in the night and whilst semi conscious become aware that I was aroused due to the throbbing between my legs. Almost like being on auto pilot. Aware that my pussy is swollen and aroused I push my legs together and rub. Even in my soporific state I knew that my clit was swollen and ready. Usually it takes a while for manual stimulation to bring me to climax.

But in a matter of minutes I can feel my orgasm grip and then the warmth of my cum moistening my labia and inner thighs. And then without so much as a murmur I drift back to sleep without Alex being aware and probably wearing a satisfied smile. 😉

I have done this many times and didn’t realise that I was having wet dreams.

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Ergonomic, Organic And Orgasmic – The Delight From Fun Factory

Suze’s review of the Fun Factory Delight Vibrator.

This toy had me excited from the start just from seeing the catalogue images. We girls have been waiting for something this good for a long time. I couldn’t wait for the sex toy store to ship it out to me and much to my delight (no pun intended) the postman delivered it yesterday before I left for work. No time to use it before I left unfortunately. 😉

But when I arrived home I couldn’t wait to take a look. The outer box offered a glimpse of what was within on the left side and on the right a flap was held in place by two rather neat magnetic catches. Once opened the product description/functionality and rather a nice extract are revealed. The packaging is normally something I discard as a necessity for keeping the toy clean and safe. But in this case I was almost savouring it. Classy just got classier. (Is that a word?) 😉

I opened up the top and slid out the inner sleeve containing a wonderful clamshell style purple/turquoise box held firmly shut with a magnetic catch. Following through the closure method of the outer box. Nice touch!

Inside the sleeve was the charger cable with jack plug. Ahhh! You are thinking. Yes, this toy is rechargeable so no batteries to purchase. You simply place it in its designer styled case/charging unit and plug the charger cable in to the back. The Fun Factory Delight Vibrator takes up to 3 hours to charge and can deliver up to 90 minutes of pure pleasure (the downside to a reachargeable vibrator is the wait before you can use it). They even included a toy cleaning wipe, how thoughtful is that. Lol Ease of cleaning is another thing that struck me about the device. It’s smooth, has no awkward nooks and crannies to clean and is a breeze to keep hygienically clean.

I’m sure I gasped when I opened the box, this toy is beautiful…and there aren’t many toys that you can say that about! It has an organically curved shape that is enhanced with the two tone colouring. It’s a toy you could leave on the coffee table and not worry that someone may guess what it is. This toy needs to be displayed, it is pleasing to the eye and very, very sophisticated…I love it!

The Delight is constructed from premium plastic and medical-grade silicone and feels wonderfully velvety to the touch. It has a gentle curl for g-spot stimulation and a naughty nodule to play upon your clitoris. The handle has integrated controls, which escalate through several vibration settings and if the + is held down move in to the second phase, the pulsation settings and then if pushed once more delivers even faster and more intense pulsations. Wow! That is some toy. Three modes of pulsing operation, each with their own selectable levels of intensity of stimulation is something I have never come across before. 🙂

When I got home half an hour earlier than Alex I decided take a look at the delivery I received in the morning. I went upstairs closed the bedroom curtains and slipped out of my office wear and in to my black lace baby doll, no panties…they weren’t required. 😉

I was already wet when I lay back on the bed so lube wasn’t necessary and a spot of saliva on my clit was fine. With feet flat to the bed and knees bent I placed the Delight between my legs and eased it inside me. Once up to the hilt I could feel the bulb of the vibe pressing against my g-spot, hooking inside my pleasure zone.

The handle angled towards me for ease of operation and manoeuvrability, something I find difficult with the standard vibes. Usually you have to bend right over to be able to both control the vibe and the speed/settings, not with this because of it’s shape the controls are within easy reach and the curled tail of the vibe acts as a handle. Perfect.

With one push of the integrated controls the vibe started to vibrate and the stimulation was delivered right to the pleasure points, my clit and g-spot were being simultaneously aroused. There was also a red glow from between my legs. Lol The unit’s controls light up when in use in use, and when charging (flashing until fully charged).

I clenched my thighs together and was able to manipulate the vibe because of its shape inside me, rubbing my g-spot and my clit was swollen and pulsing in time with the beat. So “hands free” operation is no problem…leaving them free to tease or tweak the odd nipple. 😉 I’m such a dirty girl. 😉 Time to turn up the volume, I’m not sure how many setting I travelled through on the vibration escalation setting but there were enough for the greediest of girls.

Then came the pulsating modes and the slamming of the door downstairs. I was now arched in to the mattress, with wet hands and a pulsing pussy. “Suze…are you up there”, came Alex’s voice. “Yyyess”, came the short wobbly reply. Well, I was having an orgasm at the time, you try replying when you are shaking with rapturous pleasure. 🙂

I heard his quickened footfalls on the stairs, he knew I had taken delivery of my toy because I was so excited I actually phoned him at work to let him know. He was in a business meeting at the time. Ooops!

Hearing my moans he rushed in to the bedroom, threw his tie and jacket over the chair in the corner and bounced on to the bed next to me. Eager as anything, he took hold of the controls and kissed me on the lips as I twitched under the spell of this pleasure giver. I felt the pulsation of the vibe between my legs and took hold of the handle, angling it firmly against my g-spot, intensifying the feedback. This handle is so good for angling and hooking your mons firmly for incredible auto-stimulation.

Too much for me, I gave up the controls, I just couldn’t concentrate any more as multiple orgasms crashed upon the shore. I’m not sure I made it though all the settings, I was wet through and sated, I just couldn’t take any more. Yes, you read that correctly I, Suze, couldn’t take any more!

Alex was amazed how wet I had made the bedsheets, I’m not sure if I ejaculated somewhere along the way but my clit and g-spot have never had such a good workout I was thoroughly exhausted.

Today I tried it out again and realised that unlike the conventional shaped vibes this can be used and operated in a sitting position, so my journeys to work will be a lot more enjoyable in the rush hour.

This toy is the most versatile I have tried, it can be used hands free and stay in place, it increases the intensity of the vibration if you grip with your pelvic floor muscles. It also can be angled easily with the elegantly styled handle with its sweeping curl. It is a good all rounder, very enjoyable to use and don’t talk to me about the number of orgasms you can achieve. Phew!

Overused Superlative

AlexSuze.comThere is one superlative that is overused in this country particularly by the tabloid press. The red-tops love it and because of their continuous exploitation of the word they have reduced it to a pallid meaningless collection of syllables. If it weren’t another example of the English language being devalued it would be funny to see it used, inaccurately, by newspapers when competing for readers.

The word is exclusive. You can’t have exclusive access to a celebrity when they’re giving interviews to multiple publications about the same details of their latest personal crisis (yawn). The whole point about being exclusive is just that, according to my dictionary; Excluding all other … not available or published elsewhere.

So I don’t use the word lightly when I say that tomorrow we will have an exclusive here on AlexSuze.

And you wouldn’t want me to spoil the surprise by telling you what it is now would you? 😛

What Lies Beneath

I often find that I make judgements, not in a nasty way, about people and then have to adjust them at a later date. One such incidence is the impressions I had formed about my work colleagues. It seems that day by day I am chipping through the prim and proper exterior of these girls and finding the naughtiness hidden inside like a gooey chocolate fondant centre.

I’m finding I have more in common with them than I initially thought. But I suppose we do not reveal our true selves to the people we work with in the early days. It’s like peeling away the skin of an onion, slowly layer by layer we give a little more of our private self away.

Today was no exception for the hot blonde with the ample chest who sits to the side of me. We were discussing relationships with our significant others and she in a moment of spontaneity, because lets face it she didn’t quite know how we may react, revealed that she had dressed up last night for her chap. “I don’t know if I should be telling you this”, she added which fired our interest even more.

“A little bit of role play”, she added. The other girl said she had taken part in role play but it was best done when “slightly tiddly poo”. To the rest of you out there who haven’t a clue what I am talking about, she meant slightly drunk. Lol

She went on to reveal that he had liked the idea of her wearing a suit. We sat eyes fixed on her as she disclosed more. I also found my glasses and put them on and…

We sat eagerly hanging on her every word.

She added, “I found the holdups I bought some time ago”. “Really!”, I added spurring her on with a smile. “Yes they are fishnets”, she went on. I was totally taken back and then she added that they hadn’t stayed on for long.

I was still running the thoughts of this gorgeous, voluptuous girl wearing such a hot outfit when the other girl offered ” I once had sex with my high heels on and I woke up in bed with them on the next morning”. Well we all broke out in laughter.

At this point I got a little carried away and divulged that Alex had a fuck suit which we occasionally bring out of the cupboard. Immediately I let it slip I had one of those “Oh no!” moments. For a moment which seemed like an eternity as it always does when you know you have dropped a bollock. Then she came back with “Lovely, what a naughty idea”.

It’s so easy to just let things slip, I’m going to have to be careful especially now I feel so at ease with my work mates. I don’t think they are quite ready for the full story about Suze just yet. 😉

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Clarissa Part 7 – One Step From Oblivion

This is  the penultimate part of the Clarissa stories. I hope you enjoy it and the final chapter which follows in a couple of days. And if anyone can tell me who to credit the gorgeous lady vampire to I’d be grateful.


The communal dressing room of the Pink Kitty stank of cigarette smoke and stale beer, their malodorous partnership fortified with an earthy undertone of blocked drains. Guido didn’t believe in maintenance unless it was absolutely necessary. The dressing room and the main club were in the basement of a Victorian bonded warehouse, only the entrance was above ground, behind two sets of steel doors as old as the walls around them.

Clarissa stood in the open doorway and regarded the performers for a few moments. There were seven or eight girls milling around in the cramped cupboard of a room.

The lighting was yellow, partly because of cheap tungsten bulbs but mainly due to the envelope of each one being coated in nicotine. Young faces, struggled to apply their stage makeup, peering into cracked age-speckled mirrors. The contrast of their lithe bodies clothed in bright provocative costumes set against the decay around them could not have been more stark.

Clarissa wondered if it was the nature of the job or the decrepitude of the backstage facilities at the club that would grind them down first. She placed the complimentary bottles of wine in front of each mirror, with a plastic cup for each performer. Guido like the girls to be a little mellow before they performed. It avoided problems if the punters got a little too touchy-feely.

“Shall I take some water too?” Clarissa had ventured.

“Fuck that, they’ll be pissing all night and when they’re in the bog they’re not earning.”

So contrary to Guidos instructions to, “Give em that Hungarian red that I can’t shift”, the girls were treated to six bottles of Haut-Brion. After the “interview” Guido had been very businesslike and told her she would be spending her first few nights running errands and getting to know the Pink Kitten before she was allowed near the poles and private rooms.

That suited her. While the idea of floating around a pole in front of entranced males thinking with their cocks had a certain appeal, she wasn’t in the mood. There were other matters that needed to be taken care of. Clarissa paused, momentarily turned to stone by the gravity of the situation she was in. She must confront them, tonight, in just a few short hours …

One girl caught her eye, dragging her from her musings into reality. To Clarissa her soul appeared to be in its mid twenties, though her skin seemed a little older. Late nights, smoke and bad diet conspiring to hasten her passage into middle age. She had been, no still was unusually attractive. A strong face full of character, dark brown hair and brown eyes. She was wearing a tiny thong and similarly inconsequential bikini top, both in red lurex. Despite her obvious fatigue and the effects of her career at Guido’s her soul still had a spark that drew Clarissa.

The girl was ready to go on stage, eyes slightly glazed apparently in hazy contemplation of the night ahead. She felt the weight of Clarissa’s stare and looked up. She smiled weakly with moist eyes. Two tears, the distillation of heavy regret, rolled down her cheeks.

“I know. It’s alright.” Said Clarissa, reaching out and laying a hand on the girl’s shoulder.

The girl stifled a sob.

“Come with me Sarah …”

Sarah looked quizzically at Clarissa, they hadn’t met before, “Guido pointed you out when you arrived earlier.” Lied Clarissa.

Clarissa led Sarah to Guido’s office and unlocked the door.

“We’re not allowed in here unless …”

“… you’re entertaining him, I know.”

“How did you get a key?” Sarah asked. “He doesn’t even let security in here.”

“Oh, you wouldn’t believe me if I told you.” Clarissa giggled mischievously.

The door was now locked and the only intrusion in to the room was the dull thud from the sound system twenty meters away through several brick walls. Guido’s foul smelling cigars had tainted everything, their carcinogenic residues slowly bleeding back into the air from every surface.

“It’s Claire isn’t it?”


“Ah. What did you mean back there in the dressing room? You said I know’. You know what?”

Clarissa paused for a moment. “I meant I know what it’s like to feel thoroughly pissed off with your job and …”


The word was like a slap in the face to Clarissa, she was lying and being found out worried her. She could pass by people in the street she had known for years and make them not see her. She could move silently through the night to find her prey, suck them dry before rending them limb from limb at the orgasmic climax of her feeding frenzy, yet not be discovered.

It shocked her so much because this girl had known. Had she dropped her guard because of the desire that was building inside her? No, she didn’t think so. Maybe she was something more than just another human.

Sarah held Clarissa’s hands and looked into her eyes. “You know exactly why I’m unhappy.”

And then Clarissa did know. Before she’d even tasted Sarah’s blood she knew. Luminous tendrils of consciousness streamed out of Sarah, she had a gift and knew it. She just didn’t know quite what to do with it. It made her feel alone, different, paranoid about her uniqueness. Ever since she was a child she had tried to hide it from even her closest friends. Clarissa stopped herself delving further, her abilities were developing too fast for her to cope with and reaching into a soul as bright and alive as Sarah’s was making her dizzy.

Sarah slipped an arm around Clarissa’s waist. Soft lips pressed against Clarissa’s. So the kindred spirit in Sarah found Clarissa as attractive as she found Sarah. Whatever the outcome of the evening to come it was starting well.

Clarissa’s hand came to rest on Sarah’s buttock. She squeezed, feeling the toned muscles, letting her nails dig into the lightly tanned skin. Sarah’s tongue slid into her mouth, the taste of red wine accompanying it. A slow passionate kiss ensued, tongues merging into one hot, slithering mass of muscle. Their hands moved slowly, both of them relaxed behind the locked door of Guido’s office.

Clarissa slid a flat palm across Sarah’s stomach, down, down until her fingers pushed aside the fragment of shiny red fabric covering her mons.  A digit delicately parted her labia, lubricated by the increasing wetness of Sarah’s pulsing sex and gently rubbed her clitoris. Sarah opened her legs slightly, inviting Clarissa to probe deeper.

Clarissa reach around Sarah’s back and lifted her effortlessly across to Guido’s desk. Sarah lay back, looking up at Clarissa. “You’re just like me, that’s why you knew.” Sarah smiled.

“In some ways. In my experience we’re both quite unique. I’ll show you how different I am later, until then …” Clarissa slid two fingers inside Sarah, finding her g-spot and massaging it. Sarah shrieked, and cried out at the top of her voice “Jessssuuuu-aaahh”.

Fingers slowly and mercilessly moving in the hot chasm of Sarah’s pussy Clarissa brought her to the point of orgasm and held her there. She teased Sarah, watching her writhe, savouring the fragrant raging stream of fluid flowing from Sarah’s pussy. Sarah’s eyes implored Clarissa to allow her the sweet release she craved.

Clarissa leant forward, leaning against the desk and pushed aside the shiny red fabric covering Sarah’s breasts. Clarissa’s tongue traced the outline of Sarah’s areola soliciting grateful moans. Sarah wriggled and undulated under the twin onslaught of Clarissa’s hand and mouth.

Clarissa sucked one nipple into her wide open mouth engorging it with blood. She flicked the it with her tongue then circled it, enjoying the texture of Sarah’s areola, moist with her saliva. Clarissa’s teeth closed around the nipple. She released her suction and held Sarah’s breast under tension between her incisors. For a moment she bit a little harder, enough to make Sarah cry out in pain, then released her breast and its now bright red summit.

Finally, their eyes locked in a gaze that communicated more than words ever could Clarissa granted Sarah her wish. Sarah tensed and moaned a low, long moan, arched her back and finally, like a spring uncoiling in slow motion came to rest on the desk. Her eyes were closed, mouth slightly open breathing deeply.

Clarissa could feel the moistness of her own inner thighs, her pussy craving for attention, but there was not time. She decided to save that delight for later.

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Born Again Virgins

Suze, AlexSuze.comLet’s face it, when it’s gone, it’s gone. The first kiss, there’s only one of those. The first love, singular by definition. And so it is with your virginity. My virginity disappeared many years ago and I don’t lament its passing as it ushered in a new world of sex and heralded another step in the never ending process of learning and experience that is life.

On Saturday night I walked back into the bedroom around 23:45. We’d both been to the bathroom to clean up after a long, luxurious evening of sex. Nothing unusual there for us or countless other couples across the UK, across the world. I looked around the room, one of our bedside lights was on, bathing the room in a warm yellow glow, its paper shade softening the white of the bulb.

I had to smile. The duvet was in disarray, a rubber whip lay where it had fallen after rolling off the bed while we fucked earlier. A pair of nipple arousers (that Suze reviewed recently) lay together like Kastor and Polydeuces resting after a good scrap. Then there was a bottle of lube, a little emptier than earlier in the evening.

I smiled because while we don’t always have the time or the energy to spend hours making love, or indulging in sensuous foreplay, when we do we’re pretty well equipped for it. And it seems normal. Suze has said it before, it’s so easy to let something slip in conversation. To us openness about our sexuality is desirable, necessary, normal even and yet to talk about the scene in our bedroom in real life (rather than on this blog) is unthinkable. While some might think it perfectly OK, they would be in the minority, most would at least think it odd, or more likely that we’re colossal perverts. LOL

That however isn’t the most amazing part of what happened on Saturday night. As I sat there Suze was next to me, typing (faster than I can because the cow can touch type) about the evening too. It started off quite “normally”. OK what’s normal, cut me some slack here. Normal for us, we made love, road tested the Nipple Arousers from Bedtime Heaven, then did a little video for you all (as published on Saturday evening). Then we went back to bed where I instructed Suze to remove all her clothes and lay face down on the bed.

I teased her for about 20 minutes with the multi-stranded rubber whip/flogger that we love so much. I use it as a sensual implement, rather than something to inflict pain, though this evening Suze’s ass rose off the bed with every stroke that I landed on her buttocks. She seemed to have an appetite for it that I’d never seen before. For the most part I drew the strands of rubber across her skin, seeking out her erogenous zones. Across her back, her inner thighs, behind her knees and back up to her neck then out to the soft skin underneath her arms. All interspersed with the occasional and unexpected stroke across her buttocks. The only warning she gets of these blows is when I lift the whip from her back and with a flick of the wrist land it across her soft, shapely rump.

When I stopped she rolled over and I slid down the bed, burying my head into her welcoming bosom. Her nipples invited extensive attention and when I believed they were adequately sated I slid my tongue down her stomach to her already wet and swollen labia. I licked and sucked her from clitoris to inviting opening, probing inside her pussy, tasting her deep inside.

She took my cock in her mouth and caressed it with her tongue. My hips thrust involuntarily forcing me into her throat.

For a while this continued until we could wait no longer. We fucked, slow and deep for a while. I could feel I was filling her, and her gasps confirmed it. She came twice, whimpering almost at one point and with her second orgasm became so wet as to soak both me and her in rich aromatic nectar.

Then she reached behind me and guided me out of her pussy and placed my cock at the entrance to her ass. If you’ve read us for a while you’ll know that we only made our first step into anal penetration a few days ago, and then only a few shallow, tentative strokes. Saturday night was different, so very different.
Suze has already recounted her side of our first “full” anal experience together. I think Saturday night was when we both lost our virginity again. The first time I buried myself, ever so carefully inside Suze’s ass. The first time I came in there. We were still tentative, held back by the unknown and not wanting to cause any harm to Suze, but that added to the experience rather than detracted from it.

Because I held back for so long, resisting the urge to drive in to her as I would normally into her pussy (I was in that sort of mood) my orgasm was long and intense. I shivered and quaked, almost unable to vocalise my ecstasy and bathed in a synaesthetically generated khaki-green ocean of sensation.

We lost our virginity together, willingly, passionately, contentedly and will share that moment forever.

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Another Anal Adventure

Suze, AlexSuze.comIf someone would have put it to me a year ago that I would be allowing a guy to fuck my arse, I would have said no way.  But for the first time Alex entered my sphincter the other day and then there is this evening.

I trust this man implicitly, which is probably why I let him gently fuck my ass last week.  It felt good and I was so turned on that I felt like doing anything for the pleasure trip.  Have you ever felt so turned on that you would do almost anything for the pure sexual sensation of it all?

Tonight, after trying out the nipple clips and coming like a bitch on heat we settled down to watch some porn and then the next thing we were all over each other.  Alex was as hard as a rock and I was so wet that my thighs glistened.  As he rolled me on to my back I felt the wetness between my legs, it had spread down my thighs and butt cheeks.

It was almost as if I had wet myself, I hadn’t of course.  😉  He climbed over my right leg and took my left up towards his shoulder.  I was now laid on my right side with Alex holding my left leg in the air.  He moved towards me and pushed his hard cock inside me.  It entered me with ease I was so wet.

“Fuck, you are wet through”, he exclaimed withdrawing and wiping the surplus cum on to a pieced of toilet tissue.  He re-entered me and began to fuck me slow and deliberately.  I was so wet that again he had to withdraw and wipe his hard cock.

When he moved towards me to enter my pussy again, I pointed him at my slightly gapping ass at him.  “Are you sure?”, he asked with concern.  I love that about him, he never assumes and is so considerate.  “Yes”, I replied reaching round and parting my butt cheeks for his ease of access.

I felt his cock push against my asshole and then pop as it worked it’s way inside my anus.  It felt good, warm and comforting but at the same time I was aware that my ass was being stretched by a hard cock.  He pushed in as deep as he dare go and began to slowly move in and out of my colon.  It felt good but at the same time there was a slight discomfort, after all my ass is not used to having something go up it, let alone a hardon.  😉

It felt kind of strange, good but slightly bad because I was aware that my ass was being penetrated by a hard cock.  I also felt naughty as this is slightly taboo in some countries, I felt a little rebellious and dirty.  Alex slowly and considerately moved in and out of me and from the feedback I could hear seemed to be getting off on the whole thing.

This made me even more randy and I began to ask him to fuck my ass!  Are you sure he replied and despite the encouragement he received from me he still took it easy although started to relax in to it more. He ensured I was well lubed. There was an air of tension, neither of us wanted to push it to the point where it may cause discomfort but we were so totally turned on by this first time experience.

After all, the last time Alex entered my ass he only thrust a few times and then withdrew on my advice.  This time it felt different but we were still erring on the side of caution.  I’m sure he would have liked nothing better than to pummel my ass until he shot his load in there.  He was being considerate.

Alex knew just how much he wanted to give me a good fucking up there…he withdrew his cock and I could feel him wanking away at it like a virgin behind me as I rested on all fours.  He was wanking to the point of no return and I could hear him reaching his pre Nirvana behind me.

Then I felt him push back in to me as my sphincters let go again to permit him access to the very intimate heart of me.  He moved slowly in and out of me and with a loud vocal release he came inside my ass.  Once he had evacuated the cum from his tight balls he flopped across my back with a load groan and lay there in silence for a minute regaining his composure.  I had almost come but not quite.  I have to admit there is no way that you can come or should I say, I can come by being fucked up the ass it doesn’t touch my g-spot or anything else which brings me off but it was a most enjoyable experience to witness my partner cum up there.

I may have to try this with a vibe up my pussy next time.  😉
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Devinn Lane’s Nipple Arousers

My nipples are very sensitive to the touch and as a result I get a lot of pleasure from them being licked, sucked, tweaked and the odd ice cube rolled over them.  Yum!   So I decided that I would like to try some kink of the nipple toy variety.

The problem was that I wanted stimulation but not discomfort and I wondered if these waterproof wireless nipple arousers would be a bit too extreme for me, perhaps venturing a little too far in to the BDSM area with nipple play.  I didn’t realise just how wrong I could be!  Lol

I must also admit that when I requested this sex toy for review I was slightly concerned that they would be really heavy and stretch my nipple and boobs like stretch Armstrong.   This proved not to be the case, each little self contained clamp was incredibly light, weighing just 28 grams.

They are adjustable, applying just the right amount of pressure to pleasure and with their jelly coated pads very gentle.  Alex was tasked with the job of sizing up my nipples for the nipple teasers, he loved doing things like that and with a few winds of the screw he had them just right.  Firm grip as not to fall off and just enough pressure to encourage my nipple to harden immediately inside them.

He clamped them lovingly on to each nipple in turn as I sat on the edge of the bed naked.  Then he placed a kiss on each nipple and made his way to his side of the bed.  The with a press of the button he made some MFF action appear on the television screen.  I reclined on to the bed allowing the clamps to dangle from each nipple, this added to the sensation of gentle tugging on each.

My nipples were now as hard as bullets with two pink pleasure bullets hanging from both.  These arousers are self contained, no wires.  They are controlled by four LR44 batteries that fit inside the screw-up base, which also acts as the on/off variable control for each.  Making them easy to operate and totally waterproof.

Alex reached over and turned the vibe on my left nipple,  He then moved back and did the same with the right one.  The vibration was strong, powerful and totally addictive.  I lay back on the bed with the clamps resting on my boobs.

My naughty companion slipped off his robe and reclined on to one elbow just watching as I shuffled around and moaned my delight.  These clamps were sensational!  Not enough attention is given to the breasts by sex toys and this one certainly hits the mark.

As my nipples resonated with the mechanical vibrations radiated outwards like the ripples from a trout breaking the water’s tension Alex traced his finger over my breast.  This added to the stimulation my nipple, areola and breast were already enjoying.  😉

He glided his finger slowly and gently over my breast and as he reached my outer areola, even with my eyes shut I could feel the intensity of the vibrations.  Then he moved in closer to my swollen pink button and I now felt my clit become fired.  It was almost as if he was earthing my breasts, that is the best way I can describe the feeling. I’m sure there’s a specific term for this effect in the physics of harmonics, but Wikipedia wouldn’t offer up the answer.

My clit was now vibrating in time with my nipples and swelling between my legs.  Alex traced his finger slowly across my areola towards my pinched nipple.  He placed the gentlest of touches to the very tip and I nearly came there and then.  It seemed to focus every watt of power in to the very apex of my nipple, which then travelled down between my legs making my clit vibrate and my pussy swell.  I was so wet and I hadn’t even touched down there.  These things were good.  😉

He now had both of my nipples “earthed” and I was so close to coming without penetration.  I had been so focused on my own enjoyment that I hadn’t paid any attention to Alex’s arousal.  I took a look between his legs and he was swinging there hard and proud.  Not wanting to miss out on the moment I climbed on to all fours and pointed my ass up at him.

And he reciprocated, pushing his hard cock inside my well lubed pussy.  The arousers were hanging beneath me for dear life and the pull on my nipple added to the pleasure and the tingling which had already enraptured me.  I just needed to be fucked…and hard.  Alex took care of that, he must have been ready just like me.  😉

National Stockings Day

Apparently it was National Stockings day yesterday. So we though we’d support this day, if a little late. OK, so this was a Charnos publicity campaign, but who’s complaining. Thanks to Wayne for pointing this out.

Here’s an image of Suze that I know you all like:

Suze In Stockings  
And here’s one from the Adults Only Show in Birmingham:
Adults Only Show, model in stockings
<>More from the adults only show at National Stockings Day, ladies back in stockings, stockings, fishnets, nylons, adults only show

Techno Bits

OK, to business.

Our RSS feed went a bit screwy recently, providing the wrong feed when you requested feed discovery in your browser. With the help of the nice people at I fixed that today. Unfortunately, during the process of fixing the feed I deleted our Feedburner account so although it’s now reinstated you may have trouble with our RSS feed. You’ll need to re-acquire if you’re feed has stopped working.

Huge thanks to Erotic Couple for pointing out the problem in the first place.

AlexSuze Sex Toy ReviewsSuze has been busy creating a new sidebar button for the Sex Toy Reviews blog. It’s over on the left. The code to use it is in the text box on the sidebar of the Sex Toy Review blog itself. I can’t embed copyable links in the posts here as WordPress tries to be helpful and reformats them, breaking them in the process.

The same thing happened when we launched our new site I placed a nice link in the post, which I had tested before, then found out WordPress had thoroughly rogered it. The link code for is in the text box at the top of our left sidebar if you’d like to use it.

On the subject of, if you have any stories from the adult blog world, news, products, quality sites or anything else a little out of the ordinary, email us with the details and we’ll feature it.

… and so to bed … I wish. Lots to do, Clarissa to finish off, a new feature at to write and much, much more.

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Doc Johnson’s UR3 Cock And Anus – Part 2 of 2

UR3 Cock and AnusThe Doc Johnson’s Cock And Anus presents double the opportunity for enjoyment, whether you’re a man or a couple. As Suze mentioned in the first part of this review the toy was obviously designed with gay men in mind. So when the toy arrived  we decided that to ensure the toy was tested fully it required a man, and as I was the nearest thing to a man Suze had to hand that job fell to me. LOL

There are of course two sides to this toy where a man is concerned. A giver and a receiver so to speak.

I first of all tested the cock. As always, in preparation for any sort of anal play I lubed up, or should I say that Suze lubed me up, far more pleasurable and much less awkward than doing it yourself. The feeling of cool lube being dribbled onto your anus and then gently worked inside by your partner’s finger is something that I do enjoy. When she was satisfied that I was prepared Suze coated the head of the cock with lube (water based BTW and supplied with the Doc Johnson Cock and Anus).

The toy was resting on a towel, on one of our pine chairs. I reached round and guided the cock towards my ass.  Suze meanwhile grabbed my semi-hard cock and began to lick it. The Doc Johnson’s Cock is not totally rigid it has quite a lot of flexibility. This is obviously to make it more comfortable when inserted and along with the UR3 “Real Skin” covering makes for a very realistic toy. The downside was that I had some difficulty inserting the toy.

This wasn’t just the toy’s characteristics of course. I don’t insert things into my own anus on a regular basis and therefore performing the insertion blind is not a skill I have developed. Suze was preoccupied, having moved on from licking to sucking and gently biting my cock. The other obstacle to the insertion was that my anal sphincters are very tight, even when I’m relaxed, again because I’m not used to receiving a cock up there.

When I did managed to slide the head and half the length inside me Suze tilted her head to one side and lowered herself so she could watch while still sucking on my dick. She increased her stimulation of me, obviously excited by seeing me penetrated.

A few stokes, me gently bobbing up and down were enough for me. The overall shape of the cock and the veining on the surface were very stimulating. As anal stimulation can be intense for me even with thin toys, the cock was literally breathtaking.

I raised myself from the cock, and pushed Suze back, turning her round. Her initial disappointment assuaged when she felt me bend her over the bed and the head of my penis nuzzle against her wet swollen pussy lips …

… some time later I returned, at Suze’s insistence to the toy and this time the anus. I have to say that only ever having indulged in anal sex once, very briefly with Suze, and then only entering her a few centimetres, I am no expert on the sensations it causes in the giver. What I can say is that the toy affords the user and their partner a novel experience.

A word of advice before using the toy’s anal opening. Out of the box the “anus” is tight, even thoroughly lubed I found it difficult to insert my penis. The answer is to insert a couple of lubed fingers, twisting and stretching the opening slightly. This and use itself means that the toy we have is now dilated about 6-8mm and easy to use.

Having worked out how to gently widen the opening I put the toy to use.  Height was a problem, our bed is low and initially I though that using it knelt at the edge would be best. My thighs were pressing against the frame which was uncomfortable. However Suze solved this problem with some rolled up bedding to adjust the height of the toy and cushion my thighs. Finally she placed a towel underneath the toy to soak up, er, spillages. The toy was thoroughly lubed with water based lube so things were obviously going to leak out.

I positioned myself “behind” the toy, Suze lay face down on the bed watching, the toy’s cock pointing at her. I held my cock down, pressing my erection against the sphincter. Once pushed past the opening it slid into the textured interior with a satisfying friction. The contours of the inner surface are just enough to give stimulation without feeling as if they’ve been put there deliberately to stimulate.

I slowly slid back and forth, getting a feel for the right position, angling my hips for greatest stimulation, pressing different parts of my penis against the inner walls.

After a few moments I began long slow thrusts, much to Suzes delight and despite the size of the toy the tip of my cock emerged from the opening nearest her, covered in lube.

A number of other things became apparent. Thrusting as I was, the feeling of the “skin” of the toy against my own body was very pleasant. Although not like the real thing exactly it does give you the feeling you’re actually fucking something other than a toy.

The cock bobs as you move inside the toy. Obvious when you think about it, but to see it waving at me while I slid in and out was quite a surprise. As was the feeling of a pair of balls in a tight scrotum pressing against my lower abdomen on my deepest strokes.

Suze really enjoyed the show grinning like a Chesire Cat as my cock appeared and disappeared within the toy. I found that the subtle contouring and yielding construction of the Doc Johnson Cock and Anus meant I wanted to thrust into it and burry myself deep inside it.

When I did cum the weight of the toy helped too. It doesn’t shift around and althought it doesn’t implore you to “fuck me harder” or the like its stability is a real plus.

This is the bit that Suze loved. I felt the tension build and my orgasm hit. Suze yelped with excitement as I squirted cum out through the opening of the toy at the side facing her and on to the towel.

This toy is astonishing. We’ve said it before but it bears repeating. It’s not just a toy for gay men, though I’m certain they’d love it, there are ways people of all sexual orientations can use it. As a couple we certainly enjoyed it. We just have to try the final combination, the F-M-M, or is it F-CA-M action Suze talked about in her review. We may even think of some more uses for it …

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The End Of Clarissa

Are you all ready for an erotic story? Well there’s one on the way.

I’ve always had fun with gothic stories. Take “Yew Tree Manor” and the “Clarissa” tales. In both cases they were initially short stories, a single part in the case of Clarissa’s debut in Night Scented Stock and a triptych for the Halloween story “Yew Tree Manor”.

The fact is that both stories recounted (fictional) events that happened within the protagonists’ “lifetimes”. All characters must have a past and a future, and even if a character dies their actions within the narrative touch the remaining players in the story and affect subsequent events. I can’t help but hint at a past for the lives of characters and speculate about their futures.

I suppose this comes from reading Tolkien as a child. His LOTR books and Silmarillion, speak of the times which predate them. The LOTR sees all events leading up to the final battle at the gates of Minas Tirith as necessary to create the world in which the men of Numenor finally inherit Middle Earth. The Silmarillion, a collection probably never meant to be published in the form Christopher Tolkien brought to print, is much more rooted in the past. It has a semi-mystical quality that again forces a reader to realise that a story is like a short river boat trip. You only see the small stretch of a river’s course, but you know it has a source and eventually flows into the sea, perhaps joining with other rivers along the way, their stories mixing and merging. From the boat you only see the banks but can be tantalised by glimpses of life at the water’s edge and beyond.

No, I’m not comparing myself to Tolkien. What I suppose I’m saying is that he first introduced me to the idea that a story can be part of something bigger. It does not have to have a tidy beginning, middle and end. However in the writer’s mind you have to know what came before to build the characters and make them credible.

Anyway, you’ll have noticed that over the past few months my fiction has become less frequent. Not because I have run out of ideas, quite the opposite, I’m developing a couple of ideas very seriously. Feeling that a story requires substance means I’m considering carefully the ones I’m writing. Adult fiction is no different from any other type. Erotica, written properly, is no less valid than non-erotic fiction

I am however conscious that Clarissa needs an ending so I promise to do that before the end of October. In time for the 31st. I already know what the ending is, I just have commit it to paper (OK the word processor).

Until then here’s where she got to.

If you haven’t already seen our new project you might want to check it out here. The latest post is Suze’s review of the Tingletip. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. She did.

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MFM Fun Courtesy Of Doc Johnson’s UR3 Cock And Anus

I was asked via email by one of our readers, Alicia, if I would consider reviewing this sex toy.  I must admit when I followed the link in her email I was slightly taken aback.  After all wasn’t thing a sex toy for the “gay” guy or the “bisexual” guy?

As I sat pondering upon the image on teh toy site it occurred to me that this could be a good toy for a couple.  I get to sit on that nice hard dick and Alex can fuck the ass until he explodes inside it.  Then I got slightly carried away and visualised me fucking it with my strap-on.  😉

Let me just say one thing about this toy, it will not post through your letter box no matter how hard The Rammerâ„¢ may try.  😀  There is a very thoughtful addition to the packaging, you can remove a sticker from the top corner of it and feel a sample of the realistic skin before you purchase your toy (if you were to buy it from a retail store) or open it in my case.  I can’t resist poking holes you know what I’m like. Though why would you buy it from a shop when you can buy online.

I removed the toy from it’s packaging and was surprised just how flesh like it feels, the small sample really doesn’t do it justice.  It’s both heavy and sturdy and the cock needs no encouragement to stay hard.  😉  It also comes with a talc applicator and some soluble lube so you are ready to get started straight away.

The cock is very lifelike with good veining and penis head shape and the balls are uneven in size…very life like indeed!  I gave it a good wash in the bath before much to the amusement of the cat who couldn’t take his eyes off the cock as it bobbed up and down.  Lol

It felt strange washing a cock and arse but it left me feeling horny.  I just had to try a finger in that tight little ass.  I pushed one finger in to discover it’s hidden secret.  It’s textured in there.  I shouted out to Alex who was in the bedroom and he sounded quite excited.

One thing that did spring to mind as I washed this wonderfully crafted toy was that it would be best used when it is at room temperature.  I had hidden it away in a box in the garage because Alex’s parents came over during the day and when I retrieved it, it felt too cold to sit on…or was it?

The anus is fully flushable for the big clean up afterwards as it has an opening at the other end.  You can simply run it through under the tap or alternatively stick a straw in the other end whilst your guy is pumping away at it.  Ok…I know…too much information.  I’m such a dirty bitch at times.  😉

For the specialists out there the dimensions of the cock and anus are:

  • The solid base is 26cm long x 28cm (at it’s widest point)
  • The erect penis is 16cm in length from the scrotum and from the abdomen it is 19cm (Oooh errr!)
  • The penis girth is 13cm round  (Even more Oooh errr!)
  • And it weighs approximately 2.8 kg/6lbs 2.5ozs (You don’t realise how weird that looked.  Having a cock and arse on my weighing scales.  I just made Delia Smith blush.  Lol)

Just returning to the cock detail once more, not that I’m obsessed with cock!  But it has a lovely upward curve just like the real thing and the underside has the prominent corpus spongiosum too.  Now you didn’t know I knew the name for that did you.

I love to use toys but I’m also a bit of an exhibitionist I suppose and I love it even more if Alex is watching me or participating.  So I decided to go for a bit of MFM.  😉  Bloody greedy!  *giggle*

I took my new toy off to the bedroom and being a practical kind of girl placed it upon a towel on the edge of the bed, so if any lube dripped it would be on the towel.  Taking the water soluble lube I drizzled some over the head and then worked it down the shaft with my fingers.

Now ready and glistening  I removed my dress and panties, leaving my black lace bra on.  It would keep my boobs from too much movement if I got a little frantic whilst riding my cock.  😉  I parted my legs wide and reversed towards the toy.

Taking the cock in my right hand I held it up towards my eager pussy and started to lower myself on to it.  It was still a little cold but I was too ready to stop.  Lol  I could feel it’s entry inside me as I lowered my pussy over it.  The head and the veining stimulating my vaginal walls as I sank down further.

I bottomed out on to the fleshy base and it felt good to be sat upon what felt like a body rather than a hard chair.  Angling my hips helped me to get to that all important g-spot and I began to work up and down the cock.

Alex was in the room with me and walked around from the other side of the bed where he had been laying, watching me engulf the erection.  He was only wearing a kahki t-shirt and already quite hard having watched me bouncing up and down on this life like cock.  He walked towards me as I bobbed up and down and waggled his erection at me provocatively.

He was being less than subtle about the fact that he wanted a little attention too.  I took hold of him whilst sitting on the full length of that cock.  I began to twirl my hips moving the cock around my inner walls.  It felt good and as I gyrated I took Alex in my mouth.  I must admit to being totally turned on at the thought of being fucked and sucking a cock at the same time.  A dream of mine…

I pushed my tongue along the underside of his cock, pursed my lips around his hard flesh and began to fuck him with my mouth.  You should have heard his cries.  I fucked sucked and squeezed his balls for all I was worth whilst moving that cock around on my g-spot.

Alex took hold of two large ponytails of my hair and pulled me down deeper on to his throbbing erection.  Saliva was now running down my chin, preoccupied I only noticed as it dripped and cooled on my knees.

“Fuck … I’m close”, he grunted.  I withdrew from his cock and started to bounce up and down on that cock for all it was worth and it stayed right there whilst I fucked it’s balls off.  I grabbed hold of that cock in front of me and began to wank it in time with my movements.  We were in perfect synchronicity.

I was close to orgasm and my fingers and toes began to tingle as my orgasm gripped me.  Despite this I hung on for bare life and continued to hand wank Alex.  He leant backwards with a strained look about his face and thrust his cock in to my hand.  The perfect action…

“aghhh!”, I heard him say as he fired cum in to my face.  I opened my moth and a string of cum landed on it then the next him my cheek, then my forehead.  At that point I closed my eyes (I know just how much cum stings the eyes if it gets in there).  I let go of his erection and he took over, slowly pumping the last of his seed on to me.

I licked my lips and savoured that sweet musky taste of Alex and he collapsed on to the bed bedside me.  I started to bounce up and down on that cock once more…

I told you I can never get enough and this guy is always ready!  😉

As you can tell I had a great time using a toy that you would think is designed exclusively for a gay male. Well thanks to Alicia I’ve tried it out and I can tell you that it works for women too. Solo it’s unique in my experience, the sensation of bouncing on a very realistic cock and feeling a “body” under your thighs is very satisfying. The weight and construction of the toy means it will not move and there are possibilities for some very kinky action afforded by the waiting anus.

More of that when Alex completes the review …

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After Show Partying

After eating the delicious Italian cuisine at the little café not far from the Adults Only Show (catch up by reading this post) we made our way down the street in search of an off-licence.  As luck would have it only a few metres down the road there was a Sainsburys Express store, we purchased a couple of bottles of red and then turned on our heels and headed for our hotel.

Once the brushed steel lift doors had closed I threw my arms around Alex and we kissed deeply and passionately.  I’ve always wanted to shag in a lift but most have cameras mounted in them and I didn’t fancy having the clip posted on YouTube.  🙂

The lift soared to the 18th floor and the doors opened.  We made our way to the room and inserted the keycard in the lock.  I reached for the first of the light switches and turned on the lights at the side of the bed.  Perfect.  The curtains were still open and the cityscape clearly visible through the floor to ceiling wall of glass separating us from inner city Birmingham.

Alex pulled the cork on the complementary ½ bottle of red to start off the evening and poured us both a glass.  I took a sip and then slid out of my t-shirt and jeans, leaving my white lace bra and panties on.  You never know who may be looking through the window.  😉  After all the hotel was surrounded by high rise residential accommodation, although they were a few hundred yards away over the traffic island.  But still…

I gave this some thought for just a moment and thrilled slightly at the prospect of being watched from behind a closed pair of curtains by some horny guy.  😉  Just the thought of having a voyeur focus their attention on both of us made me tingle slightly.  I love the element of danger, just like fucking in the open with the possibility of someone happening upon you.  Naughty but arousing.

I settled down on top of the rich red cover adorning the bed.  Alex joined me after slipping out of his cargo pants and t-shirt.  He was now lying next to me wearing just his boxers and a slight grin.  I reached for my glass and took a large sip of my red wine, then placed the glass on the bedside table.

Alex reached over and traced his finger between my cleavage, then down over my stomach making me twitch as his light fingered touch tickled me.  His finger carried on downwards to the top of my panties where it rested for a moment.  Was he going to place his hand inside my panties?  No, he ran his finger down my inner thigh following the line of my panties…then he pushed his fingers under the gusset and cupped my moist pussy lips.

I turned to him and smiled.  He was now resting on his left arm, facing me.  His fingers ran up and down my slit, spreading the moisture secreted between my puffy lips.  His fingers then homed to my clitoris and he started to roll it under his finger, moving it from side to side.  I moaned and adjusted myself, parting my legs to permit him unrestricted access.

“How naughty do you feel?”, he enquired.

I giggled and replied that I felt “very” naughty.

He took hold of my hand and guided me off the bed towards the window.
“Stand there, now turn around”, he instructed urging me to face the window.
I complied and watched the traffic below as it made its way in to the night.  I quickly studied the tower block opposite, there were several illuminated windows with curtains open.  Could they see me?

I could feel Alex’s hot breath on the back of my neck.  “Take off your panties”, he whispered in my ear and my heart began to beat faster as he ignited the passion in me.  I slid my panties down to my ankles and then stepped out of them kicking them to my right side.  Now I was standing in just my bra, only a couple of feet away from the glazing.

Alex unhooked my bra and my breasts pushed against it, eager to be free.  I loosened it from both shoulders and threw it on to the chair to my right.  I was now totally naked in the window of my dimly lit hotel room.  A pair of boxer shorts flew on to the chair…now Alex was naked too.

I was aroused and breathing fast and shallow as the excitement of the moment took me over.  Hands parted my legs and ran between them, picking up my juices and spreading them over my pussy.  A wet finger moved over my anus and started to run circles around the puckered skin.  Again I could feel hot breath on my neck.

A hand pressed against the middle of my back and gently pushed me forward. I placed my hands on to the cold glass to steady myself.  I rested my head against the glass and watched as the cars passed by below, nonchalantly going about there business.  I felt the warm breath against my butt cheeks, then the warmth of a tongue gently stabbing at my anus.

Alex began to rim me and the window steamed with the vapour of my hot breath as I released a moan.  He was lapping at my anus now and I began to tingle as my flesh broke out in goose bumps.  I could feel my sphincter relax as he pushed his tongue inside my anus.  Wow, it felt good having my ass teased.

He rose to his felt and I felt my lips being parted, this time by his hardon.  He ran it along my puss before impaling me with it.  No gentle entry, he rammed it straight up to the hilt colliding with my cervix and bottoming out.  He then began to fuck me, not slow but fast and furious.  This pushed me towards my first orgasm and I collapsed my shoulders hitting the glass as I came.

He was relentlessly driving in to me from behind, holding my hips and pulling me on to his erection as he fucked.   I came again and Alex roared like an animal, he was close I could feel the change in his penis shape.  Don’t ask me what happens but I know when he is about to shoot his load.  His cock somehow changes shape, I’m not sure if it gets fatter but I can feel the onset of his orgasm.

With one last coming together he shuddered as his ejaculation engulfed him.  I felt him quake and heard his orgasmic Ahhhh,  Ahhhhh’s.  His body flopped over mine as the last drop of cum was milked from his tight balls.  I took his weight and mine on my hands as we stood there for a moment, post coitally coupled.

Moments later his cock became flaccid and slipped out of me and I could feel the trickle of cum down my inner thigh.  “Time to wash”, I suggested not wanting to leave any tell tale marks on the carpet.

If you are reading this and saw a couple fucking in a Birmingham hotel room window, that was us.  😉

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Pond Slime

There are some things that you don’t think of as sexy. Some things that would never pop into your head and make you think of getting jiggy. For example, filling out your tax return, Woman’s Realm, John Prescott … you know what I mean.

So take pond slime. Grab a stick and thrust it into the bottom of the local duck pond, when you draw it out it will be covered in green and brown accretions consisting of single celled protozoa, algae, alluvial sediment and duck shit. And it’ll smell pretty bad too, especially the bubbles that you’d liberate as the rotting vegetation on the bottom of the pond releases trapped pockets of methane and sulphurous gasses. Very un-sexy and not a sensory experience that one would wish on anyone but their worst enemy.

Now remove the smell and imagine sensing the swirling green and brown sludge, punctuated by jewel-like bubbles. Imagine that slowly evolving mass of colour merging with the peak of your orgasm and spreading across your body from your groin like a second skin.

To you it may sound gross but it’s probably the most accurate way of describing my synaesthesia I can come up with at the moment. My experiences are not always like that, the colours vary slowly over the days and weeks, but there is a certain palette. They are not what you’d classically think of as sexy colours, for the most part the past few weeks have been brown and green with a little vibrant blue thrown in. It’s rare that there are reds or purples, what you’d perhaps think of as “couleur de l’amour”, but they do make an appearance occasionally.

Bear in mind I don’t see the colours either, I feel them. The “colours” have a kind of three-dimensional quality, now I can’t explain it any better than that, they have a texture and character. I suppose it’s the mixing of the sense that makes them more than the sum of their parts. If I find a way to better describe them I’ll let you all know.

The reason I mention the pond slime is that I just got that swirling earthy mix of hue when I reached orgasm this evening. A very intense orgasm with a very strong synaesthetic experience to accompany it.

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Double Life

I love writing this blog and letting you all in on events in my personal life and opening the door to our bedroom to share with you our most intimate discoveries and moments.  But there are times when I would love to be able to talk freely about this site.  After all I’m bloody proud of what we do here.  😉

But the truth of the matter is that we can’t reveal ourselves to either our close friends, family or work colleagues.  The reality of the situation is that our online lives and our real lives must have a degree of separation at least for now.

I can’t count the number of times I have wanted to refer to a piece I posted here at work when discussing sexual things at work with the girls.  The other day I nearly did come right out and say “you should have read the article I posted about that on the site”, OMG I can’t imagine how I would have gotten out of that predicament.  Lol

I’m sure the girls at work would be in shock if they knew the “real” me instead of my “professional” me. 

It was difficult enough actually getting around where we were going for our recent 4 day break.  I had to come up with a resort which I knew in case I should be asked any difficult questions.  In the end I told everyone I was going to Scarborough.  🙂  I was dreading them asking me about any of the bars or places of interest.  I haven’t been for about 6 years.  I know it wasn’t the best choice of venues but it was the best I could come up with.

After all I couldn’t tell them the truth…I could just imagine myself saying “we have a couple of tickets to the Adults Only Show in Birmingham.  Ben Dover may be there!”  🙂  I’m not saying that the girls at work are prudish but I think they would probably get the wrong idea about me if they knew.  And remember I’ve got my eyes on the busty blonde one.  😉

No better they don’t know.  They did ask a few questions upon my return to work but I managed to answer them but I’m waiting for someone to mention the photos.  Does anyone have any current pictures of Scarborough sea front about October time?  Lol

PS: Alex has posted a couple of images from the show on

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Quick Post, Quick Links

What do you all think of the floating Quick Link menu at the left side of the blog? Good, bad? I know that the close button doesn’t work in Firefox, I’m looking into it, I don’t know if it’s the Javascript on my Firefox or a general issue with the differences in the way the DOM’s handled between IE and Firefox. But otherwise, is it useful?

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Her First Anal

Suze wrote here about her first anal experience. It was a bit of a revelation for me as it was my first time too, as giver that is. I suppose we’ve been skirting around doing it for some time, a little rimming, the occasional finger, but taking the plunge and finally doing it was a big step.

It’s like another door has been opened, just a crack. We’re not talking about full-on hardcore anal penetration here. We were both relaxed and horny. Suze was very turned on by the general good feeling and relaxed atmosphere generated by a long weekend and a productive visit to the Adults Only Show in preparation for the launch of Everything was right, no pressure, good vibrations all round.

Suze has said before, before, during and after sex that she wanted me to fuck her ass. She genuinely does feel like that from time to time. However for a number reasons we’ve never actually done it.

Initially it was because she’d never had anything up there. To try and penetrate her would have been plain stupid, uncomfortable, painful and a huge turn-off for her. Yes she wanted it, because as she wrote the other day, she sometimes just feels bloody filthy and wants to push the boundaries.

We started by each of us, at different times, rubbing a moist finger around her entrance. A sensation that we can both enjoy, as giver and receiver. We tried a little rimming and that has its own unique attractions and air of thorough naughtiness.

That was followed by the occasional saliva lubricated finger, carefully inserted.

The night of her first anal experience was different. I could feel she wanted to cross that line. Everything was in place, physically, mentally and practically. She lubed herself up and had already slid her fingers inside herself, spreading the lubricant inside her. She was relaxed and receptive.

I just had to laugh. How many crap porn movies have I seen where one or other of the players refers to ass-juice? (there’s me thinking it was the copious amounts of lube porn stars pump up their rectum before a shoot) A vagina lubricates itself for the purposes of intercourse a colon does not. Lube is an essential not an option.

I paused with the tip of my cock pressing against her outer sphincter. I’m not sure how I knew, I think she pushed back onto me slightly, but I knew the first penetration of her ass by my cock wasn’t unwelcome. Four shallow strokes, slow and gentle, well lubed , was all that happened, but in those four strokes we’ve taken another step on our journey.

We’re not fixated on anal. We’ve made love a number of times since then and neither of us has felt the need to lube up and pump away at Suze’s ass like a pile driver. This is a blog about real life, not a porn movie, not a fantasy. We’re in love and lust with each other. We trust each other and are equals, life partners and friends. I’m sure we’ll do it again, when we want to and when we do I know we will enjoy it even more than the first time.

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