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Disturbia – Girl On Top

Sean’s face was red, beads of sweat were beginning to form as he yelled at her, his face only inches from hers. The words were just a noise to her now, each anger-filled syllable indistinguishable from the last.

Her eyes where glazed, neck like a piece of rubber. Her head rolled from side to side as he grabbed her shoulders and shook her.

“You fucking stupid bitch! … all that money … I work bloody hard to keep us in this house and for what? You to throw it away at the bingo! How long did you spend on the fuckin’ bandits today? … Well?”

She stared at him, or perhaps more accurately she gazed through him with the thousand yard stare of one whose mind is elsewhere, safe in a place of its own making. That was the moment he snapped, his right hand left her shoulder and paused briefly above and behind him before careering towards the side of her face.

Her head was thrown sideways by the impact of his open palm. She didn’t feel the impact immediately or hear the loud crack that accompanied it. Rather the pain blossomed as a slowly intensifying glow in her cheek. The slap brought her back to her senses, and with the awakening came a welling of tears that grew into a salty stream trickling down her face.

Sean let go of Shelley. She slumped onto the sofa, body shuddering in silent sobs.

He was talking again, more softly now, apologies, promises never to hit her again, contrition, self-loathing, resetting the timer. The timer that would tick-tick-tick until the next time. The time when the tension inside him was so untameable that he’d hurt her again.


Later, in bed, listening to Sean vomiting loudly in the bathroom, she reflect on the day, an icepack pressed against her throbbing cheek. Not a bad day, she had got away without a beating for almost a month now. And now she had a week’s grace, or maybe more, until he felt bold enough to challenge her again.

It had been a good day on balance. Bingo had been fun, a bit of money on the slots, couple of games, then a wink to Paul before slipping off into the manager’s office.

The office used to be a dressing room for the stars that frequented the building when it had been a theatre. It was the star’s room too, relatively large, with a tiled shower and lavatory in the small room leading off it.

She had waited outside the door, straightening her clothes. It struck her as odd that she should do that, after all Paul was not interested in her appearance, just her money. Even the manager of a provincial bingo hall doesn’t earn that much, so her custom was welcome. He was in his early twenties, ten years or so her junior, but he liked her body. She had looked after herself and had a beauty that would stay with her despite what the years, or Sean, could throw at her. He would probably have fucked her for free if it weren’t for her very specific needs.

Paul locked the door and held out his hand. She placed a bundle of notes into it, which he then stuffed in his inside jacket pocket.

He undressed, carefully hanging up his clothes on the hooks and hangers waiting on the wall. When he was undressed she grabbed his semi-erect penis and pulled him close to her. “you can undress me and fuck me now little boy.

He obliged, taking the same care with her clothes as he had done with his, leaving only her black leather stiletto healed boots in place.

Shelley sat on a chair, legs spread. “Lick me.” She ordered with a callousness that made his flesh creep. But he knelt and did just that, probing her clitoris and outer lips with his tongue, her hands pressing him into her mons, threatening to suffocate him.

She smiled as he squirmed struggling to breath until she felt suitably relaxed.

“Get in there.” She snapped, and he knew where.

He lay naked on the cold hard tiles, cock erect and ready for her. He looked on Shelley as a necessary evil, but strangely was actually beginning to enjoy her visits. She was sexually alive, forceful, and very, very dirty minded. Filthy minded. He chuckled to himself. If his girlfriend ever found out what he got up to …

Shelley lowered her swollen lips onto his cock and guided his cock into her wet cunt. Then she squatted above him, muscles grasping his member. Her face leered down at him, watching as she coaxed him to orgasm. This young innocent little boy, just like Sean was on their honeymoon. Sad that he still acted like a child, maybe that’s why she hated him so much, not the violence.

Paul’s face was beginning to contort into an unmistakeable pre-orgasmic mask. She bounced as hard as she could forcing her pussy as hard as possible onto his cock. He grunted squirting his seed into her, two, three, four powerful contractions filling her with his semen.

She stood up, still astride him and watched him relax. His eyes were closed.

Then he felt it, the hot and wet, cascading down on his belly, then as she shuffled forward, up his chest and eventually onto his neck, face and hair. He clamped his mouth shut and waited for the golden shower to subside.

And waited, and waited, for her final act, the one that she enjoyed the most. A glob of semen slowly slid out of her vagina and landed, plop, on his lips.

“Same time next week you little shit?” She asked.

“Mmmm – mmm”, He responded, not wanting to open his mouth.

Shelley got dressed to the sound of Paul cleaning himself and the shower room. With the spring firmly reinstalled in her step she made her way home.


A few days later and the bruise on her face had subsided just enough to allow her to cover it with the heavy foundation she always kept for these occasions.

Shelley and Sean watched their three children playing in the garden on the new slide Sean had bought them. A new chain sparkled around Shelley’s neck. And a new icy dagger had pierced her pincushion heart.

Sean munched his toast before setting off for work. His face was looking a little puffy these days and he had only just got over an apparently interminable cold. He clenched and flexed his fist.

“Pins and needles again?”, Shelley asked.

“Yeah, it’s getting worse.” He smiled weakly.

“You ought to see a doctor.”

“I’ll be fine, right I’m off to work.” Sean got up, kissed Shelley on the forehead and left for the day.

Their eldest daughter ran in and made herself some toast while Shelley finished her coffee. Shelley glanced across as the eight year old stuck her knife into the jar of marmalade on counter top.

“No!, Not daddy’s marmalade”

Her daughter looked shocked at the sudden outburst, tears filled her eyes. Shelley hugged her, “It’s alright, alright, Daddy’s special marmalade is just for him, remember that.”

Shelley looked the nearly empty jar and at the yew tree at the end of the garden. Time to make up some more of Sean’s special marmalade when the kids were at school.

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A Good Tit Wank

AlexSuze, SuzeI told you the conversations at work just got better and better…

Today we had to surrender our old bras for charity. One of Horny’s friends was collecting bras which didn’t fit any more. I took a couple of ones I have out grown from the cup size perspective.

But Horny took in a whole bag of exotic underwear, many designer labels. She gets paid way too much. Lol I noticed one thing about her I hadn’t before, she is also well stacked. Because she is tall and think I never really noticed before but E is not to be sniffed at.

Well one thing led to another and we got chatting about tit wanks. I know, I could barely believe it either. Horny admitted to having done it a few times as guys seem to like it. She then added “I’m not too keen on getting it on my face!”.

Busty and I burst out laughing. “I don’t know what you mean”, I added with a giggle.

“I’ve tried it but I can’t seem to make it work, they get lost in me if you know what I mean”, added Busty. I looked at her, smiled and replied that I could well see how that would happen she could suffocate a cock to death. She has the most enormous natural boobs on a girl her size I have ever seen in real life. 😉

At that point I added that I enjoy doing it because for years I couldn’t. “Why?”, enquired Horny. I explained that it wasn’t until recently that I had an ample enough cleavage to do it. My boobs were too small to push together and create the required valley for wanking a cock.

“Aggghhhh”, they replied. Then we giggled again. At that point our boss walked in to the room and we had to behave. Shame, but there is always tomorrow.

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Oh Cock!

An appology.

For about an hour yesterday from aroun 20:00 GMT to 21:00 GMT the site became inaccessible. This was due to someone at our host making a change to the web server settings which buggered the site up.

 All back now as you can see. But as I say it wasn’t of our doing, sorry all the same.


Deep In Porn, SuzeI always used to work on the principle that pens were cheap and my time was expensive. As I always used to lose ball point pens I ensured there were sufficient around the house and in my briefcase that no matter where I put one down, if I subsequently needed a pen I would find one just under my hand because my environment was saturated with them. Since the PC became my primary method of recording and ordering my thoughts that is less the case.

I now rarely use a pen, except when scribbling notes at work, they still haven’t perfected a device that’s as convenient as the back of an envelope for recording stuff on an ad-hoc basis.

Something else has taken over our house, saturating it.


As regulars will know we do have a slight problem with toy spillage from the hiding places we have for them in cupboards, and wardrobes. It’s getting worse by the day and now add to that the associated material from A-Rouse that we get in connection with the articles over there and we have a problem. We’ve discussed it before, but it’s not like you can take any of the stuff we have to the charity shop; Oxfam don’t have a section for dildos. And the literature all has to be shredded before it goes in the paper recycling bin.

The immersion in porn also has an insidious effect on our behaviour and communication with others. It’s got to the point where I often get paranoid about how I express myself at work. Or to be exact, how I just expressed myself, often wondering if something I just said and the slight but noticeable pause that followed was everyone thinking, “Did he just say that”.

Talking to people within the adult industry, as we are doing these days (because of many don’t have this problem. Either their full time job is in the industry, and/or their family know, so there are less opportunities for faux pas.

It’s having to walk the line between the online and the real world which is causing the problem. So for now we’ll keep up the porn-sweeps and watch what we say in front of the parents hehehe.

Pornographic Magazines And Dirty Looks, Porn MagsWhen Suze and I first got together it wasn’t long before I realised how open-minded she is. It took a while before she came out and told me that she is bisexual but while it was a surprise it wasn’t such a great leap for me to make. She’s always been pretty frank and open in all aspects of her life and looking back now I suppose I’d have been surprised if she hadn’t at least experimented with same-sex relationships.

What I’m actually writing about though is the fact that one day she said to me “When you’re out next can you get some porn mags”. I probably replied with “Pardon?” as I remember her saying something along the lines of “I fancy flicking through them with you.”

So the next day I obliged.

It has become increasingly difficult to get hold of pornography in the UK in your average newsagents. Many chains do not stock it as a matter of policy and some independent outlets don’t if they’re near schools or in areas where it might be frowned upon. Which is odd because hardcore porn is available more easily than ever from licensed sex shops.

Anyway I was without a car at the time. Bloody hell I’d forgotten how long ago it was, shit we were broke. But not too broke for porn magazines. I was working in the centre of town at the time so before catching my bus home I popped into the newsagents in the central bus depot and picked up three magazines.

The store was empty, everyone wanting to get home after work, most of the commuters had already left. I was therefore able to select the magazines without disapproving sideways looks from other patrons. The joke was paying for them because behind the counter was a sour faced old harridan who obviously thought I was a complete pervert.

OK so she’s not too far off the mark, but give me a break, every guy has owned a porn mag in their lives. Including (if she had one) her husband.

While I paid for them she sucked her teeth and tutted, glaring at me over the tops of her Dame Edna Everage glasses. I was quite amused and pissed off at the same time. For heavens sake she was working in a newsagents that sold jazz mags, what did she expect?

The comment that would really have upset her didn’t occur to me until I was almost out of the door.

“They’re not for me you know … they’re for my girlfriend”

The problem we have now is rather different. We tend to tour the local sex shops when we have time, looking for new toys to review, checking out toys that we’ve seen online at one of our review partners stores “in the flesh” so to speak before we have them sent out. One in particular has a very friendly staff who are instructed to approach you to see if you want any help or advice. We of course politely decline.

But as with many of the UK’s sex shops, despite its light, friendly atmosphere inside, it has to be located in the middle of nowhere, out of sight of those old dears with the silly glasses and the disapproving looks.

They don’t know what they are missing.

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Hot Date Mate

AlexSuze.comI sometimes feel like I am taking part in porno sitcom at work. The girls just keep coming up with more and more strange scenarios for meeting a man. Now Busty is single again the ideas are flowing and being bounced around the room. Oooh, I wish I hadn’t put that thought in to my head.

You know that thought…

…Busty jumping up and down the office on a spacehopper. Now that would be worth seeing. She has to be a G cup, when she walks she has to lean back so that she doesn’t topple over. I’m getting all excited again I must change the subject and move on. 😉

So, yes today’s suggestions were even more obscure than yesterday’s. I almost wet myself when Horny suggested that she should join a sailing club. My jaw must of dropped with disbelief before I commented, “why would you do that?”. Bear in mind that we live in a land locked part of the UK.

She went on to explain that a friend of hers had a friend…I know here we go…stick with it. This friend joined a sailing club and met a good looking and wealthy mate. At this point I suggested that were she to join shouldn’t she posses the one reason for joining…an ocean going vessel. Lol

“And I think you need to be fairly wealthy”, she added. “That’s out of the question then”, I responded pissing myself with laughter. Busty joined in the giggling at that point and wow! Those puppies jiggle when she laughs in her low cut top.

We got down to a bit of work and then Horny suggested “I may try the personals”. “It’s a bit chancy doing that you need to be careful”, I warned. Sometimes desperation can take over common sense.

Then she told us that she was considering joining a dating agency and could she scan an image in so that she could post it on her profile. I suggested that the quality of a digital camera image would be better and she could select something sexy to wear too. So I may be helping her out with her registration at some point. Although it may not be a good idea to do it at work our IT people are snoops.

I suggested that she could have Busty post her up on Sarah Beeny’s site My Single Friend dot com. We will then be able to vet her suitors and select her best match. I’ve always fancied myself as a matchmaker.

Watch this space to see what they come up with next. Going in to work these can be so much fun!

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Fingering Herself …

AlexSuzeIn my early career I worked in an all-male environment, a workshop to be precise. Not my first choice at it was cold, dirty and carried the ever-present danger of something heavy dropping on your head. However, needs must when the devil drives as they say.

I was always amused by the fact that some co-workers were prone to a little exaggeration when it came to describing their sex lives. By reputation they were the ones whose wife was in control of the household and them. The sort of silly situation where instead of correcting the male-biased imbalance within a relationship and creating a partnership they were controlling and oppressive.

The memory that just bubbled to the surface was when we where all in the canteen at snap time (snap=food for the uninitiated). One of the factually challenged members of the team was telling us a story about what had happened when he took the firm’s van out to a supplier that morning for a pickup.

We were all rolling our eyes and winking at each other expecting a standard “I fucked her and then her sister too” type of yarn when he surprised us with his sheer cheek. It went something like this.

“I pulled up at the loading dock and walked to the offices to get the paperwork. Well, as I was walking through the carpark I saw this bird in a BMW. She’d got the seat back and her eyes shut. So I walked past her car and she’s there with her skirt up, stockings and suspenders, no knickers on frigging herself off …”

The sniggers and muttered “Yeah, right!” didn’t put him off and he continued.

“She was there fingering herself. A right piece she was too. So she opens her eyes a gives me a smile, and I watched her for a bit …”

The rest of the tale was lost in a barrage of incisive condemnation of the perpetrator of the lie in the manner that only the vocabulary of the shop floor can achieve. For example “Fuck off you lying bastard”

So, what’s the most ridiculous sexual hyperbole you’ve ever heard/read?

Some Girls Will Do Anything For Sex

I don’t know if I have mentioned this before but my work colleagues are great but they are the most desperate pair I have come across in a long while. They are both single and eager to find a man. I wish it was a woman..*sigh* Busty would enjoy the attention I could give her. 😉

Both of them have been finding ways to entrap men for years. I don’t know why because both are attractive, it’s just that Busty is nearer my age.

Today they sort of gave me a brief history of their experiments with ensnarement. Lol

It turns out that before I started to work with them they targeted the local garage service manager. I think there is a joke in there somewhere but I’ll leave that to you. 😀 Being girlies they don’t know their cam shaft from their prop shaft…Ooohh! Listen to her sounding as if she knows what she is talking about. Lol

They had both taken their cars to him for servicing and after a while they came to trust him and at the same time took a shine to him. But Busty admitted that although he gave them a good service and discounted his rates…he wasn’t the kind of guy she could go for.

Then one night Busty (who Reg had made a play for) was down town having a drink in a bar and he approached her from behind, taking her by surprise. She said she was a little tipsy and all she could remember was his big face beaming down on her and she felt ill. Not a good thing.

I think she shunned him and…well, that was the end of that!

Then as I took up my position with the company Busty had found a new target. The stationary supplies guy. I suspected that she had a thing for him but you don’t like to say anything when you are new.

She would invite him over to discuss stationary and spend lots of time talking to him out of the way in reception where we couldn’t over hear them. I have to admit he was tall dark and handsome but a little too well groomed for my liking. He looked like a high maintenance kind of guy.

I think if my memory serves me well he played her for her orders and then she found out during one of their conversations exactly what the score was. He had a fiancé. End of story.

Then Busty got religion and she almost persuaded Horny to join her. Busty had attended her local weekly Fat Fighters club and spotted a hot guy from the side. When he turned round he was wearing a dog collar with the suit.

It turned out he was from the church next door. She was smitten and I remember walking in to work the next day to become part of Busty and Horny’s conversation about conversion to Catholicism.

They had decided in the 10 minutes since arriving to join the local church. Telling me that there was a great sense of belonging and community about joining the church. What they really meant to say is that they had found a great supply of cock. 😉

Over the following hours before lunchtime I managed to persuade them that church is for life not just for a one night stand. They listened and didn’t get religion after all.

This brings us up to date. Today they were discussing joining a Salsa class. “There will be some great guys there”, commented Horny. I’m not sure, replied Busty. “You will find a man there for sure”, Horny bounced back.

“I just don’t fancy some guy pressing against by breasts”, responded Busty. “I don’t want some bad breathed old bugger snuggling up to my boobs”, she added. “I always end up with the dirty old man”.

I’m not sure if this dancing idea will reach fruition but I would love to be her partner…

Venus In Furbies

AlexSuze.comThere’s a strange and dangerous dichotomy developing in the UK at the moment. It revolves around what is and is not acceptable when it comes to BDSM, D/s and related activities. The government are seeking to pass a law which would prohibit the possession of certain types of material related to BDSM. Not because said material was the result of abuse or non-consenting activity, but because it may appear to be the result of such activity or appear to depict activity that was causing harm to any of the participants.

The problem revolves around two issues; The use of the term “appears to” and the exact definition of “harm”. I’ll not go into it here as this proposed legislation and its implications are bigger than a morning post can possibly cover because of its potential impact on freedom of expression in general and specifically on those whose lifestyles will be affected.

The reason I mention it is that I was speaking to someone last night who pointed out that it’s OK for the media to use bondage/BDSM or D/s imagery and allusion in their advertising and programme content (take the Venus In Furs Dunlop ad from 1993, or Billie Pier in Belle De Jour recently) but not OK for a couple to indulge in such activity and take a few snaps of it for their own personal consumption.

For example, the image of a crop wielding female has been used in numerous ads. There’s an appeal to the image on all sorts of levels. For some it’s the thought of being dominated by the untouchable, powerful woman, for others (me included), it’s about taming a powerful spirit. Less about power exchange, more about the passion involved in, and derived from, the struggle to reach an equilibrium where the tension in a relationship amplifies the passion.

Ooh, that was a bit deep for a morning post.

The problem with advertising using such shorthand for shock effect is that it misses the subtly and interplay that lead to, and arise from, such an image. This video is an exception to that rule in that it emphasises the strangeness of the song to its own ends without really alluding to the lyrics’ and the real meaning of the track. If the advertising standards people had clicked they would surely have banned it.

On the whole the cherry picking of imagery derived from BDSM lifestyle can be just lazy and betray a total lack of understanding of the true nature of domination and submission. If you need evidence Google “Bondage Bears“.

If you want to listen to the full Track from The Velvet Underground click here.

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Be As Bad As You Want, The Fantasy COmpanyWhen you’ve found your perfect partner the possibilities are endless. Aren’t they? But what if you want to indulge yourself and your partner to the full and act out your wildest fantasy? It’s not like you can just pick up the Yellow Pages and look up a company in the “Wildest Fantasies” section now is it … well actually you can!

The Fantasy Company was started by Jim and Jen because they found themselves in the same predicament as numerous other couples. They wanted an intimate service but had no way of knowing who to approach, or if they could find someone who offered to fulfil their needs, who they could trust.

Read the rest of the story here

Fuck And Squirt

AlexSuze, SzueAfter little nephew left we were dying for a fuck and slightly weary. He is wonderful to have and even better to give back. We dropped him off and then came straight back home to rest. His sleep pattern is a little askew and he woke several times in the night.

So when we got back home we went to bed to catch up on a little shut eye. You wouldn’t normally catch us asleep in the afternoon, we may be in bed fucking but rarely sleeping.

We watched some television and then my eyelids became heavy and that is all I can remember until I woke up with someone rolling my nipples between their fingers. I love that, it makes me go warm and tingly.

Alex had his hand on my right breast and was spooning behind me as I slipped back in to consciousness once more. It’s a very arousing way to be woken from your sleep, having your partner play with your nipples whilst lavishing kisses on the base of your neck.

I eased up on to my left elbow, took hold of the bottom of my nightshirt and pulled it over my head. When I turned to face Alex he was smiling. You can always tell when he is feeling horny. 😉

“Did you sleep well?”, he enquired. “Yes, did you?”, I replied.

He placed his hand behind my head and pulled me on to his open mouth. Tongues jostled and probed tasting each other, flicking around entwining. His hand took hold of my breast as I reached down to his groin. That cock was already stiffening without my attention. He must have had a naughty dream to wake so aroused. But who was I to complain…I hope I was in it!

Alex pushed my left shoulder back against the bed and my body turned and lay flat on the warm mattress. Without a word he parted my legs and strode between them. Something caught my eye…Oh, it was a big hard cock bouncing around looking for sanctuary.

“You’re not wasting any time”, I said in a teasing tone. “Shut up and take your cock like a good girl”, he retorted. Oooh, I do like it when he gets all dominating with me, giving up control is a mind fuck for me. It’s not just about the physical, the relinquishing of ones power to someone you trust is so stimulating to the senses.

He pushed between my legs and I bent my knees and tilted my pelvis to aid both his entry and angle my g-spot towards his incoming cock. With one deep thrust he was inside me but he had caught my left labia and pulled it in with him. I reached down to free the fleshy lip.

I couldn’t resist grasping that hard cock at its base as he started to work in and out of my moist gash. He withdrew until he almost slipped free and I could feel the moisture I had coated him with. The smell of my own pussy juice filled my nostrils.

Then back in he forged, right to the back of me. His cock was massaging my g-spot and I felt as if I was about to piss for a moment. He looked down on me with enlarged pupils as he pushed his way back inside my hot sweet pussy.

I started to buck in time with his thrusts, increasing the contact with my g-spot. We were now making the bed rock as he fucked harder and deeper inside me. Another stroke and I was climaxing beneath him, moaning and shouting for him to fuck me. I turned my head in to the pillow, I was aware how load I was and didn’t want to entertain the neighbours after they just ate Sunday lunch. Lol

The more he plummeted in to me the more I wanted him, deeper, deeper… I wrapped my lower legs over his back and he continued to fuck grunting, visceral, beyond the point of no return. He was possessed, hungry, a man on a mission. His face was deep in concentration with eyes closed as he continued without a break in rhythm to fuck my brains out.

I could feel my orgasm rising again from deep within me. Everything started to tingle and I started to moan loudly again. I turned my head back in to the pillow. Then FUCK! I felt like I had exploded and was floating around in space. My body started to quiver and I became aware that my lower abdomen and mons were wet but I didn’t want to pee before we started so how could I…

At that moment Alex gave a final thrust and then ejaculated inside me. Then the slow small movements of his hips milked the last from him. He let out an almighty, “Aggghhhhh” and then collapsed at the side of me, legs akimbo cock laying against his stomach, its tip glistening and moist.

I looked down towards my pussy and my groin was wet through. Then it hit me…

That wasn’t piss, it was ejaculate. I had just squirted when we were having sex. It’s the first time it has happened whilst fucking. Wow, I can squirt!

I want to stand up and shout it out loud but they would probably lock me up for it. Lol

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Wanna See Me Give It To Alex With A Strap-On?

AlexSuze.comRegular reader Rossco commented on our review of the Seven Creations Heavy Metal Butt Plug below yesterday:

Given the acceptance of your mutual use of butt plugs, have you ever used or considered using (and reviewing) strap-on paraphernalia Suze? I’m not if sure the other readers would be as interested as I am but I would think it may be another “adventure” in play for yourself and Alex.

And you know us happy to try out and review new things to tantalize and inform our readers. We have dabbled in the past with a rather dodgy one, which rolled about and didn’t have the rigidity of the new ones now available on the market.

What do think Dear readers, we are completely at your disposal. Would you like me to fuck Alex with a strap-on? Maybe I could have a go at DP using it, I suppose that depends on the harness …Hmmmmm. 😉

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Taboo Sexuality – Anal Sex

There was a time when talking about sex (particularly anal sex) had to be shrouded in smutty innuendo or (male) workplace camaraderie to avoid you being looked at as perverted or depraved. There were only certain times and places where it was acceptable to openly discuss the fact that we are all sexual animals.

Now of course it’s very different. Yes, I would never discuss my sex life with my parents or colleagues in the way that I discuss it on our blog and with Suze, but sex and sexuality are more openly discussed than ever. One of the hugest taboos is of course anal sex. Oral sex has I think already passed into the “normal” range of sexual activity for the vast majority of people already. But will Anal sex do the same?

Between 1533 and 1967 a person physically expressing their homosexuality constituted a criminal act in the UK. That’s not to say that the law dictates peoples attitudes towards their fellow human beings, undoubtedly there still remains a section of society that disapproves to a greater or lesser extent of homosexual relationships. And even before Henry VIII declared “The abominable act of buggery” illegal there was the petition to Edward III in 1376 that “Lombard brokers” and other foreign traders, particularly “Jews and Saracens.” be banished, because of that “foul act that shall not be named” that they were thought to have brought to Britain. Discrimination and prejudice have no boundaries it seems. Homophobia, anti-Semitism and anti-Islamic sentiments all wrapped up in one horrible little package, all for the purposes of commerce.

It would be nice to think we lived in more enlightened times. Although prejudice does remain I think we do. It is now becoming more acceptable to talk about anal sex, both between men and in mixed sex relationships. A lot of men would admit to watching it in a porn movie, but not to actually having anal sex with their partners in case they were accused of latent homosexuality.

When women start admitting to it, as one of Suze’s colleagues did recently, another boundary has been crossed.

Suze didn’t tell me about it when she got home from work, she wrote about it and I found out what her workmate had said when I was proof-reading her post. I was amazed, amused and genuinely heartened by the revelation.

What worries me is that there are certain sections of society that would wish to reverse the changes put in place in 1967 in this country. Worse yet that some politicians seek to impose restrictions on other activities between consenting adults. What we don’t need at this point in the 21st century is to force diversity in sexuality underground again. Doing that would be a retrograde step and ensure that the true danger to our society, ignorance and intolerance, would prevail.

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Disturbia – Shower Sex

AlexSuze, DisturbiaPhil petulantly prodded the button on the shower. The red warning light stared back at him impassively.


He washed in the sink, not having time to run a bath, before grabbing a slice of toast and a cup of three-sugar tea.

“When’s Steve coming round to look at the shower?” he asked his wife.

“He said today.” Replied Rachael as Phil pulled on his trainers.

“OK, see you later darlin’. About eight-ish.”

Rachael kissed Phil on the cheek and watched him walk to his taxi. The sound of the tired engine receding into the distance brought a warm glow to her stomach that spread across her chest and down between her legs.

She walked back into the kitchen and sat down to watch the morning news. Her robe slid off her knee. Without thinking she Slid her hand between her legs and pressed her middle finger against her clitoris, toying with it while she imagined the news anchor’s large masculine hands on her breasts.

Her morning coffee always tasted better with a little masturbation.


An hour later Steve walked out of his front door, toolbox in hand. He crossed the road to number 8. The bell chimed in the hallway. He waited, and waited. A puzzled expression developed on his face. He pressed the bell push again. Eventually a shape appeared on the other side of the frosted glass, he recognised it as Rachael.

Rachael pause before opening the door and allowed her self a devilish smile. I’ll keep you waiting, I’ll keep you keen she thought. She adjusted her low top to display her cleavage to best effect and paused a moment longer then opened the door with a “Morning Steve”, and a friendly smile.

He walked into the hallway, stepping to one side to allow Rachael to close and lock the door. “I’ll put the kettle on, you know where the bathroom is.”

Steve watched her backside for a moment as she walked toward the kitchen, then climbed the stairs to attend to the shower.

By the time Rachael appeared with two coffees Steve was replacing the cover on the shower.

“Done.” He said.

“Big job then?”

“A bad connection on the thermostat. It’ll be fine now.”

“I’d better check it.” Rachael’s mouth curled into a lecherous smile.”

“Can I stay and watch?” Asked Steve, feeling an uncomfortable stirring in his crotch.

“I hoped you might. You can only watch though.”

Rachael crossed her arms, grasped the hem of her top and lifted it over her head. Her bra was full to bursting, red lace framing C-cups. She unfastened her trousers, wiggled slightly to ease their passing over her hips and stepped out of them. She reached into the shower, presenting her round rump to Steve. Water began cascading down the inside of the shower’s glass sides.

Steve shuffled uncomfortably. Rachael slid her arms around him, pressing herself into his crotch. His hands grasped her shoulders while they kissed.

She was a tease and that was what he loved about her. Not like his wife, she just wasn’t interested, just indulged him, Sunday mornings and birthdays, Christmas if he was lucky. No Rachael was different, she really enjoyed sex. Which was odd because Phil didn’t seem to notice, or chose not to. He often though they ought to swap partners, they seemed better matched. Then there were the kids … yes he had actually thought it through that far. Fuck! This was getting serious.

Rachael’s hand was on his groin. Her fingers gripped his cock through denim, massaging slowly and deliberately. Then she broke away and stepped into the shower, leaving the door ajar, the glass was already steaming up and a wet floor was a small price to pay for a good show.

The water streamed down, wetting her brown hair, making it adhere to her skin. Her underwear clung to her, making her acutely aware of its presence. She didn’t need to look at Steve to know he would be watching the fabric clinging to her.

Her eyes were closed as she rubbed herself up and down. She payed particular attention to her breasts. He loved that when she played with her own tits while he fucked her. Hips swaying she knew she would be hypnotising him with her gyrations. He was easy to please and knew how to please her. A fair trade and the one thing that kept her sane since Phil had lost complete interest in her.

It was then she felt his hands on her.

“You took your time.” She scolded with a giggle.

Steve unhooked her bra and slipped it down her arms. Her erect nipples pressed into his chest. Their hands slid across wet skin, aided by the shower gel that Rachael squirted liberally and repeatedly across her breasts. Their bodies foamed and were slick with the soap. Steve massaged her breasts, each one slipping from his grip only to be grasped again and again.

When the bubbles subsided he slid his hand inside her red panties and into her pussy, the smooth wetness of her hot canal contrasting with the more aqueous wetness streaming over their bodies. Two fingers hooked inside, rubbing her G-spot into a blissful high.

Her eyes bore into his, imploring him to make her come. He slowed his stimulation, he could feel her coming, pussy tightening around his fingers already. She began to cum, slowly, moaning, hot fluid streaming down her legs. He continued the relentless massaging prolonging her orgasm unto she almost collapsed in his arms.

She slid to her knees, smiling blissfully. His cock waved in front of her face, his hand grasped around it now pumping steadily. She had seen it from this position before when she had let him cum on her face. That had been for him, it did nothing for her, so as she returned to her senses she pushed his hand away and began to milk his cock herself watching his tight balls tense in one final paroxysm. She aimed for her breasts enjoying the sensation of the jets of semen as they hit her skin before being washed away.

Batteries Are Required

AlexSuzeIt’s a good job that Alex and I did a little prep before this weekend to bring you some of the hottest posts to bring you in to our bedroom because we had a visitor stay with us. It’s a while since he stayed over but we had little nephew because his parents were going to a party.

So once again Alex and I had to move all the sex toys we were currently reviewing and some we have to hand. 😉 And once again we forgot to move one from the bookcase shelf, he was just about to pick it up and look at it as I almost did a dive like a pro goalkeeper to take it from him. Lol

Fortunately the packaging didn’t give much away about it’s packaging so I told him that it was something his uncle Alex was using for his job. Vague I know but it’s hard for me to lie even though it is for his own good.

He was good and doesn’t snoop and very soon we will find it impossible to lie to him because he will be able to read for himself.

It wasn’t until early the next morning when he rose from his bed that I had to consider what to tell him again. He stood next to the bed and opened one of the drawers in my cabinet. Now you all know what a collection of lubes, small toys and other paraphernalia we normally keep in there.

Not this time. I had thought ahead and put them away on top of my wardrobe in a cardboard box. Even so he spotted a strip of AA batteries and held them towards me as I lay in bed half conscious. “What are these batteries for?” He asked.

Well have you ever been pressurised to come up with an answer to a question like that first thing in the morning when your head hasn’t quite come round. The first thing which came in to my head was…”they are for auntie Suze’s toothbrush”. Phew! I got away with that one but I don’t think it will be for much longer. 🙂

Seven Creations Heavy Metal Butt Plug

AlexSuze, Heavy Metal Butt PlugWe’ve been wanting to try out a metal toy for ages, so when this one arrived we were more than ready to try it out.

The plug has an insertable length of 92mm and maximum diameter of 33mm. It’s not a huge butt plug, I prefer the stimulating to the unbelievably challenging when it comes to anal toys. So just right then.

The weight of the toy was initially something of a let-down. It was obviously hollow so I decided to see just how hollow. I tied a piece of cotton to the plug, filled a glass full of water, placed the glass in a measuring jug and lowered in the butt plug slowly.

The butt plug displaced 55ml of water and weighs 164g, giving a density of 2.9818 g/cm2. As steel is 7.4gcm2 and stainless steel is around 8.0 it’s obvious there’s a lot of fresh air inside it somewhere.

As I had always assumed it would be solid my initial excitement at the receipt of the butt plug was therefore quelled.

Not for long though.

You see, the butt plug weighs quite enough to make its presence felt when inserted. Extra weight would have other disadvantages too, as I’ll explain later. Add to this its intrinsically hygienic nature and the ability to use it hot and cold without fear of its degradation (even if you boil it in water to sterilize it) and you’re on to a winner.

Suze described our first use of the butt plug beautifully here. So I’ll not repeat what she said. What she didn’t mention is that when I fucked her with the butt plug in I found that its weight massaging my prostate really enhanced the experience. Because I’d been well lubbed-up the plug was on the verge of falling out. Hence my previous statement that extra weight would have been a disadvantage, any heavier and it probably would have popped out.

This is a toy that I will be using again, it’s practical, hygienic, effective and fun.

And for those of you who think I’m rather anal measuring the density of a sex toy … what do you expect when I’m writing about a butt plug? LOL

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Heavy Metal Butt Plug & A Blowjob

The Seven Creations Heavy Metal Butt Plug is very nice to hold, not too heavy or too big to be uncomfortable. A perfect combination of both size and weight to stimulate both the anus and the beginning of the colon.

We retired to the bedroom and Alex assumed the position on top of the towel we use to avoid lube drip. It was a few weeks since he had been penetrated and abstinence makes the ass grown fonder. 😉

He was eager as fuck to take something in his ass. I squeezed a drop of lube between the crack of his ass just above his opening, which was pouting for me to invade it. Slowly it ran down and into the dimple of his puckered little anus.

I added a couple of drops to the shiny, pre-warmed plug. For those interested I warmed it between my legs for a few minutes, the metal conducts very well so that was all it took to raise the temperature to body heat.

Gently I ran the plug around his ass, spreading the lube around both his anus and the tip of the plug simultaneously. Alex started to respond, moving his hips from side to side slightly. I began to excited at this point, I always do at the thought of pushing a plug or toy inside him. Knowing just how much he likes it.

I sat with one leg either side of his open legs and began to slowly and carefully push the metal butt plug inside. It was quite easy to insert, no resistance and the lube was lasting so no more needed to be applied.

Rotating the plug ensured that his anal walls were sufficiently coated and Alex groaned as the plug moved inside him. I noticed that his cock had started to stiffen as it dangled between his open legs and his balls were beginning to tauten.

With plug in my right hand I took a firm grip of his balls and the base of his cock and started to stroke him. He began to roll his hips and moan his appreciation. I pushed against the end of the plug once more and it was devoured by his ass once more.

He was now at the widest point and still no problems. Sometimes hairs around the anus can get caught and make the passage of the toy slightly impeded but because it is metal the lube really slicks it up.

One more gentle push and the butt plug disappeared inside him, leaving only the wide base outside his body. I continued to stroke his cock, he was now quite hard, almost fully erect. The towel below him was drizzled with pre cum which was now freely running from the end of his cock.

I ran my finger across the tip and scooped it up. It tasted wonderful and I felt as horny as hell!

Alex turned to face me on his knees and asked if I would suck his cock. Of course I would! It was pointing skyward and his balls were practically up into his groin they were so tight. I started to lick the tip and then swirled my tongue around the top. This made Alex shiver, he loves it. 😉

I then placed my tongue underneath his cock and sucked down hard on him, causing his frenulum to grind against my warm wet tongue. Christ, he was hard, I could clearly feel the definition of his helmet on the tip of my tongue as it sprouted from his hard shaft.

Alex started to buck and fuck my mouth not too deep but enough to ensure his foreskin was being moved too and fro. I stared to groan in response to his groans as he bucked away at my pursed lips.

His cock was now burying itself inside my throat and I took hold of his balls and pulled gently on them as he worked my mouth and throat. I was laying on my side with my legs apart for balance. My pussy was already moist by the time I started to suck him off and now I could feel the moisture making it’s way down my right inner thigh. I leaned up on my right arm in front of his groin still sucking away at that thrusting cock.

“Suze, can I come in your mouth?”, exclaimed Alex between his moans. He is such a gentleman. Lol I pulled back off his erection and answered “Yes” ,as quickly as I could before returning to my task.

Alex began to fuck faster in and out of my mouth and I could almost feel him swelling, preparing to shoot his load in to me. I began to meet his thrusts with bobs of my head, my tongue working his frenulum all the time.

Then with an almighty groan and a final thrust he shot his warm cum into my mouth. I kept my tongue depressed against the bottom of my mouth to collect it in the well made by my tongue. He tasted warm and slightly salty.

As the last spurt landed Alex withdrew from my mouth and lent in to kiss me. “Let me taste”, he asked. I opened my mouth and gave him a wide open kiss allowing his cum to enter his open mouth and hit his waiting tongue.

We kissed for a moment exchanging his seed and then I backed off. He had a tell tale dribble of cum running down from the left corner of his mouth. I swallowed my share and gave him a smile.

This was the first time we had snowballed and it had tipped me over the edge. I was so horny that my favourite vibe had to come out to play…


Will I Ever Get Inside Busty’s Pants?

AlexSuzeBusty was a little subdued and quiet this morning, not the usual bright and breezy girl that she normally is. The morning wore on and she revealed that her and her boyfriend had decided to call it a day last night.

It sounds awful but I wanted to stand up and cheer, it gives me the opportunity to get work my magic on her and see if she responds. 😉 Instead I stood up walked over to her desk and gave he a huge boob to boob hug. My oh my, she has a delicious set of breasts. I hope she didn’t notice me sneaking a quick look down her low cut top. 😉 Magnificent is all I can say. *drool*

They had apparently drifted apart and the spark they originally had has faded and died. I wanted to offer her comfort and suggest she could always come over to mine if she gets lonely. I could hear the words in my head but I just couldn’t bring myself to say them, it sounded a little too pushy. Softly, softly…

I’m not quite sure exactly how she feels about me yet. We have moments when we laugh together and she will inadvertently place a hand on my knee or arm. She likes to get close but I’m not sure how to read this, some people are just touchy feely I suppose.

Over the coming weeks I do intend to spend some nights out with her if she is open to the idea. We need to spend some time away from work together for me to best access the situation. This sounds awfully contrived and conspiratorial doesn’t it?

I’m sure it would be easier if I was after a guy, you can more or less tell if a man is interested in you from his body language and conversation but a girl is a bit more difficult. And I don’t want to frighten her off.

Horny and I managed to cheer her up by engaging her in some dirty talk. That always works. Lol

But we didn’t expect her to come out with the story she told.

So, we had a great day…Hah! You thought I wasn’t going to tell you then didn’t you?

We were all talking about boyfriends we had in the past and how they help shape and develop you emotionally and more particularly through experience, sexually.

Busty went on to say that her younger sister had once gone out with a guy who asked her if she would shit on a glass table above him. She said he seemed to be obsessed with getting her sister to do this for him and eventually asked for her to shit in his mouth.

I must say I find corophilia one of the most unusual fetishes to get my head around. I had to stop myself from blurting out, “so he was in to coprophilia then?”. At work I need to suppress my knowledge of things sexual or they may start to guess that Suze is not all that she seems. 😉

Just as I was poised with questions relating to said fetish the fucking phone rang and the conversation moved on. How do you bring the subject up again without sounding a little too interested? That will be my dilemma this weekend. Any ideas anyone?

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You Tube Smut

Just after Suze’s Nipple Arouser Video passed the 20,000 views mark we went over 100,000 total views for our YouTube Videos. And now we have over 20 subscribers. You Tube’s a wonderful invention.

Sex In Disturbia – Phil

AlexSuzeSo to begin with I’d like to introduce you to Philip Keogh, taxi driver, father of two and model railway enthusiast. Phil enjoys his job despite the unsociable hours, occasional drunk throwing up in his cab and being robbed at knifepoint, twice.


Saturday was much like any other Saturday night for Phil. It was around 2:15am, the clubs were turning out, spewing their human dregs onto the streets. He sat in his cab, still digesting a bacon sandwich and watching the young people he despised.

It wasn’t that they were particularly bad, definitely not evil. He’d seen evil and that was something way beyond what these children could possibly understand. They were just wasters. He didn’t disapprove of their drinking, or their promiscuity or their drug taking; well so long as it was only a bit of weed and never in his cab. It wasn’t the foul language, or their apparent obliviousness to how stupid they made themselves look as they shouted at each other in the street, voices slurred, staggering home …

… it was the lack of direction that got to him. Hedonism was one thing, but they couldn’t carry on for ever without a thought for their futures. Most of those he conveyed home lived with their parents houses, even those in their early thirties. Yes, getting your own place was expensive, but they seemed more interested in spending their wages on the beer, the bling and bonking in Ibiza than leaving the nest.

They were crap tippers too, and he had lost track of the number of times he’d had a car full of them bail-out and run into the darkness without paying.

A pair of girls shivering in their skimpy tops and short skirts bent down at the wind.

“Where to ladies?” he asked, peering at their breasts.

“Cavendish Avenue.”

“No problem.”

The cab trundled off, diesel engine clattering discordantly.

Phil listened to the girls chattering.

“He was you know, he’s chelles ex. You know, the one who wanted to piss on her.”

“Dirty bastard, I’d have told him to fuck off too. I thought I knew him. Thanks for stopping me from going home with him.”

“Y’re all right. That’s what friends are for. I nearly wet myself when you told his mates what he’d been up to with chelle.”

“You’re as bad as him.”

Phil watched as one girl patted the other on her bare knee and let her hand rest there. His heart rate quickened.

“Bloody men.” Said one of the girls flatly. There was no bitterness in her voice, it was just an affirmation of a long held belief and in part a statement of sisterly solidarity with her friend.

They hugged each other. Phil considered telling them to put their seatbelts on, then decided against it.

They kissed, gently on the lips. Phil’s groin stirred, his heart thumping now. The anticipation was torture. He’d thought they would just provide him with a good letch. This was good for a couple of wanks at least.

The girls arms encircled each other, hands stroking each other’s hair, neck back. Phil shuffled in his seat trying to create space for his swelling member.

One girl reached down, parting her friend’s legs. Phil strained to see the action in the rear view mirror without crashing the car. Her friend’s legs parted, but it was outside Phil’s field of view. He cursed silently and let his mind imagine slim fingers sliding up a soft inner thigh until it reach a moist crotch. No underwear, just a neatly trimmed bush. Labia pouting and moist, the probing fingers sliding between them becoming wet, glistening. He imagined how it would be to smell those finger tips, lick them and taste the nectar they had gathered.

The nectar from those pouting red lips, red … red … red … RED!

“Oh Fuck!” The anti-lock brakes thumped the ball of Phil’s foot as he brought the cab to a halt two meters past the stop line at the lights.

“Watch where you’re fucking going mate!” cried one of the girls.

“Sorry. Sorry” He blurted out.

“It’s the next left the other girl instructed.”

A couple of minutes later he had taken their money and was on his way back towards town for his next fare. He watched them recede in his mirror, they held hands and melted into the shadows of the porch.


It was almost light when Phil slid his key into the lock. His legs were heavy expressing his fatigue from the longest shift of the week. Before sliding into bed he slipped the 8mm tape from his cab’s “security” camera into the drawer in his study and locked it.

He drifted off to sleep looking forward to a reviewing the footage tomorrow. When his wife was taking her mother shopping. She’d be out of the house for hours. Mother in laws were useful for something after all.