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DIY Cock Sucking

AlexSuze.comWe had are usual Friday girly chat this afternoon and I mentioned watching Ashes to Ashes last night. Then I asked if they had seen the trailer for next weeks episode and neither Horny or Busty, now back from holiday had seen it.

I pointed out that at one point they show a clip of Chris holding a small butt plug in the air and saying “This is a big ear plug”. Well Busty burst out laughing but Horny just sat there staring rather blankly at me. At first it didn’t click that she didn’t understand the joke at all.

Busty jumped in to the save the day and said “He was holding up a butt plug”. To which Horny replied “Butt plug, what’s one of those?”. At that point my jaw must have dropped with incredulity, I thought everyone had heard of butt plugs, obviously not.

Here begins the education. Busty then went on to say “It’s used to open up the bottom before having anal sex because the muscle is normally closed”. I just sat there and let her explain away. 🙂

“Oh, I see”, responded Horny in a surprised voice and giggling.

“I bet your friend will have one of those in the bag of toys she drives around on the back seat”, I pointed out.
“I’ll ask her next time she comes over…No, on second thoughts I won’t because she will probably show it me and it will probably have been up Paul’s arse”, she added.

Busty then added, don’t ask me what made her think of it, although it could be me as they are blaming me for all the smutty chat going on these days. 😉 “Did you hear that story about Marilyn Manson?”.
“No, which story is that?”, I enquired
“That he is alleged to have had a rib removed to allow him to suck his own cock”, she said.
“Oh, you mean auto fellatio”, I blurted out before stopping myself. I think I got away without them noticing that I knew what it was called. Lol
“Never!”, perked up Horny.

I just giggled, I wouldn’t of course be knowing about things like that. Who little innocent me.

So what did I do when I got home from work. I did a search on the Internet to check if the story is true.

I’ve had a quick look and cannot find any factual evidence that this is true. I’m sure had it been true he would have owned up to it, he doesn’t strike me as a guy who shies away from publicity like that.

Does anyone know if this has been proven one way or the other?

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Movie Star In Call Girl Scandal

Fatty ArbuckleThat sort of headline will always get people running to buy newspapers. It sells papers, makes careers and more importantly destroys lives. As the recent events surrounding Bittney Spears prove, there is only one thing the media consuming public like to see more than a celebrity on the red carpet, and that’s one flat on her back on the red carpet with her skirt around her waist and no knickers.

I was looking up leap years as the theme for a post today and came across a film called “Leap Year” staring “Fatty” Arbuckle . What happened to him demonstrates that a sex scandal will be exploited by anyone with an axe to grind, a career to further or a with their eye on a quick-buck. Even if that means setting up an innocent man in the process, destroying his career and risking sending him to prison.

Arbuckle would have been a legend, and I think to some he is despite the court case. Misinformation did not appear with the Internet and World Wide Web, it’s just that they have meant that the propagation of information, accurate or inaccurate, is now quicker. Add to this the problem of establishing the voracity of what you read on the net, the volume of information and the relative anonymity it affords an author, and you have a real minefield.

In the Arbuckle scandal he was accused (amongst other things) of “simulating sex” on the alleged victim with a piece of ice. It transpired that he was actually rubbing ice on her abdomen to try and ease the pain she was in, caused by peritonitis, the condition that actually killed her a few days after the alleged rape. A slight twist from a malicious individual and a kind, a compassionate act is turned into a sexual one and viewed as a perversion.

Even after his complete acquittal his association with the case cast a shadow over the rest of his life.

You can read a slightly different account of the events here. The Wikipedia article linked above seems more detailed overall, but this one has a few elements missing from there.

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Girl In An Ivory Basque

Ivory BasqueThe second Christmas we were together I bought Suze a new outfit. It was an ivory coloured basque with suspenders, panties and some matching stockings.

At the time I remember writing on the gift tag “To Alex, from Alex”, as a joke. After all, I would be the one looking at it, right?

Suze loves nice underwear, she says it makes her feel feminine and special, glamorous even. She likes getting ready for a night out (I just about remember the last time we had one of those, I hate being broke), dressing up, making herself up.

I think it’s mainly because she doesn’t feel the need to spend hours each morning in the bathroom beautifying herself. Nor does she have to wear designer clothes to go to the supermarket, and normally she wears no makeup.

So when she does get dressed up/made up I suppose she feels like a different person.

Which is why, at the time, the joke I made was a joke. Since then I have come to realise it said more about my immaturity than I could ever imagine. Now I can’t help but be reminded of the line from Melanie Griffith in “Working Girl”, “Couldn’t he just once buy me something I can wear outside the bedroom”.

Because despite the fact that she enjoyed wearing it and the seeing her in it effect it had on me. And despite the fact that she felt sexy and glamorous in it … I had bought it for me. OK so a lack of imagination at that young age, and the knowledge that she would want to be wearing it while I fucked her can be presented in some way as mitigation, but when I think about it now it bothers me.

Here’s the thing. If you give someone a gift and you were thinking about yourself when you gave it, isn’t that selfish?

I suppose it’s a bit like the series of comedy sketches by Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse depicting two aging DJs “Smashey and Nicey”. One of them “Does a lot of work for charity”, but, “Doesn’t like to talk about it”. Of course he finds time to mention it in every show, I seem to remember him depicted as a deity of sorts tending to sick children in one sketch. Or was that Michael Jackson at the Brits? I forget.

Anyway, the point is giving your time or your money to charity is to be applauded. But then telling everyone about it makes people wonder about your motivation for giving in the first place.

Take for example Jimmy Saville, he used to be very high profile in his promotion of children’s charities/hospitals. In itself this was great and his style. He has quite a unique style :). But then again there’s another celeb, I think it was Norman Wisdom (apologies if it isn’t him), who would quietly slip into his local hospital, put on a porters uniform and simply work as a porter. Each to their own.

So there we are, back to motivation again. I’m not saying that either style of giving is more or less valid or useful to the causes in question, just different.

OK so the choice of present was not the most heinous of sins, but it does make me feel uncomfortable, even now.

Shagging In The Back Seat

There are those moments in life which just make you smile and they come out of the blue. I was driving in to work this morning wishing that it was Friday, it’s been a long week. When I noticed a car approaching me on the other side of the road.

It was a new racing green Bentley saloon. I didn’t get the chance to check out the driver but I was drawn to the registration plate. It read BJ1. No I’m not making it up. It’s perfectly true.

I wonder if it was a pornstar or wealthy Adult Store chain entrepreneur…

So for the rest of the journey in to work I had a smile on my face. It didn’t go away when I got in either. Horny asked me what I was smiling about and burst in to fits of laughter when I told her. “Trust you”, she giggled.

It sparked off memories of in car naughtiness…

When Alex and I first got together, not so much now because we have somewhere more comfortable to do it. We fucked in the front, back and over the bonnet of my company car at the time. In addition we also fucked in the front and back of his fathers car and mine too. I recall clearly having to wipe the seats to remove the white stains before returning them. 😉

We were once taking a trip down south and on the M1 and I got a little frisky and decided it would be a good idea to give him a blow job there and then. I managed to unzip him and free his cock through the zip. So there we were doing 70 mph…ok, 80! Lol With his hard cock in my mouth and 4 x 4’s and lorries enjoying the spectacle. When I think, we could have been locked up for lewd behaviour. 😉

There was also the time when Alex’s parents took us out to a countryside retreat for Sunday lunch and Alex spent most of the journey with his hand up my dress fingering me. It was so hard keeping my face straight so that Alex’s father wouldn’t catch sight of me coming in his rear view mirror.

On another occasion we were taking Alex’s elderly granny out somewhere, I can’t recall where now. She sat in the rear of the car behind Alex whilst I gave him a slow and very careful handjob. When Alex got out of the car there was a small droplet of come on the hem of his t-shirt. She never noticed.

One of my favourite naughty pursuits is to read porn…correction, looking at porn mags in the car whilst Alex is driving. I would love to capture the faces of the guys as we pass and I’m looking at a woman’s pussy. They have to do a double take because they can’t believe what they are seeing at first. Lol

These are just a few occasions that I can recall, I’ll fill you in on the rest when I remember. What’s the horniest thing you have done in a car?

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10,000 Orgasms

AlexSuze.comI found this press release while rooting around last night:

“The 2008 G-Spot Challenge and Orgasm Survey: Wanted – 10,000 women to prove that the G-spot is not a myth!

The UK manufacturers of the PelvicToner vaginal exerciser have laid down a challenge to millions of women who want to improve their sex lives

Contrary to recent articles, Barry Fowler, claims that every woman has a G-spot. Making it work properly is just a matter of them using a simple device that he has developed specifically to help make the G-spot more prominent and more sensitive to stimulation.

He is looking to recruit the largest number of women ever to complete the 2008 Orgasm Survey. In return for completing a survey he is confident that they will notice an improvement in their sex lives – and they will also receive a £10 shopping voucher.”

I’m not sure I like the look of the device. It seems a bit scary to me. But if you’re temped by the thought of a £10 shopping voucher you should go to this site.

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Fifty Women With Sex Toys

AlexSuzeFocus groups are the marketing consultant’s friend. They allow you to assess your target demographic’s reactions to new and existing products before you go to market. You can gauge the effectiveness of your product’s design, the attractiveness of the packaging and even the name of the product.

There have been some turkeys, I mean which focus group inspired the marketing men at Ford to name the Focus the erm, Focus. Or for that matter naming the Ford Ka! However, for the most part focus groups are useful to ensure that when your product goes to market it doesn’t stick on the shelves, but flies out to the consumer in exchanged for their hard-earned wonga.

There are focus groups and consumer panels for every conceivable product. Including sex toys. I’d never thought about it much before today, until I talked to the operations director of one of the UK’s own sex toy manufacturers. We were discussing bringing their latest toy to market and he mentioned having “around fifty women” evaluate and comment on the product before the design was finalised.

The obvious questions are:

· How do you find these women, do you just walk down your local high street and ask a random selection?

· What sort of people do you invite to be part of the panel? Or are they self-electing and put themselves forward?

· Do they tell their family and friends what they’ve been testing?

Unfortunately theses questions occurred to me after I’d finished the interview I was conducting. I’ll email him the questions now and include his answers in my account of the interview appearing on soon.

Late edit: Having read this Suze wants to volunteer for this sort of focus group.

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Fuck, The Earth Moved For Me!

Alex and I fucked doggy which ended up with me banging my head in to the headboard again. Lol Then watched a little bit of Derek Acorah’s Most haunted for the laugh. I’ve only seen a few episodes of this and I find it most amusing, especially the fact that they have to add atmosphere to the location shoots by turning everything black and greeny vision. Lol

If you want to check Derek the psychic out here is his site.

I’m sure you have worked out that I don’t believe in ghosts or spirits at this point. 🙂

We watched for about half an hour which made us feel suitably soporific, then we turned out the light and fell asleep.

The next thing I know, I’m aware of a loud rumbling and shaking of the house which dissipated as I became fully awake. Alex woke too and was like me stunned and concerned. We both got up and took a look around the house to make sure things were ok and then went back to bed.

My heart was pounding having been woken so abruptly and it took me a while to fall back to sleep…can’t say the same about Alex. Lol

The next thing I knew the alarm had gone off and they were saying on the radio that the UK had encountered one of the strongest earthquakes it has had in 25 years. It measured 5.2 on the Richter scale, small by comparison with some countries but still very frightening.

Busty is still on holiday and Horny had arrived at work when I parked up. The first thing she said was

“Did you get woken up by the earthquake this morning?”.
“Yes, we both did. We thought the chimney had fallen on to the house”, I replied
“Well, you’ll have to laugh…”, she continued “Before going to sleep last night I watched Derek Acorah”.
“Strange you should say that, so did we”, I added.
“And when the house started to shake this morning I woke up thinking that evil spirits had come for me”, she said with a serious tone in her voice.

At first I tried to remain serious because she was obviously still a little shaken by it all. But then I just couldn’t help it and I burst in to laughter. Much to my relief so did she. 🙂

Horny is single and added “It’s a long time since anyone made the earth move for me!”

Clit Teaser?

Being bisexual is part of my life and comes quite naturally, looking at both men and women turns me on. I suppose I am having my cake and eating it with a big dollop of cream. 😉 I’m truly lucky to enjoy the pleasures of both sexes and have such an understanding and down right horny fella to share my desires with.

I’m well aware that some women out there never get the chance to honestly express themselves sexually and that is such a shame. We should all feel free to be ourselves and enjoy the one chance at life we have.

Anyway, the reason for this post is that driving home last night I stopped at the lights as I normally do and for some reason I looked out of the passenger window. My gaze immediately fell upon the girl in the driver’s seat of the car alongside mine.

She was looking my way and when I turned towards her she smiled back at me. She had long brown hair tied back in a ponytail with a clip holding it in place. Her face was heart shaped and she was quite a pretty woman. I would have aged her to be about my age or perhaps a little older. I’m crap with ages.

I smiled back at her, half keeping an eye out for the lights changing. They did and she gave me a wave as she put her foot to the floor and turned off to the left. I was going straight on and felt a little saddened that I would never find out if she was just being pleasant or if I had caught her eye.

It would be nice to think the latter.

Which leads me to this dilemma…how do you really know when another girl is coming on to you. With men it’s quite easy to tell, something just gives it away but with other women it is difficult and could be confused with someone just being plain friendly. It concerns me to think that there could have been missed opportunities in the past.

Ladies this one’s for you. How can I tell if she fancies me?

Horny The Office Lesbian

Busty was on holiday today and I missed her. It’s not the same glancing over to catch a glimpse of her boobs or of her fishnet stockings and there just being an empty chair. Although I must say that I probably got more work done. 😉

Horny is good company and has a very dry sense of humour, sometimes she comes over as being quite naïve too. Today I must say she didn’t. Lol

I started talking to her about the program Alex and I watched with Dawn Porter attempting to release her inner lesbian. As I explained to her that the program revealed that most women would like to have a lesbian experience she agreed with me. Not just agreed but affirmed it nodding her head.

“Oh yes I have to agree”, she added. “A woman knows what another woman wants and her femininity appeals to women”. I sat back and listened intently to every word. She was 100% behind the idea of having a female lover and at one point I thought she was going to admit to having had a bit of a dabble herself. She didn’t but I’ll catch up with her on another day. 😉

May I say that at this point I REALLY missed Busty, it would have been a good opportunity to find out if I am ever going to get the opportunity to get dirty with her. *sigh* It was the perfect moment for her to let me know how she feels about girl on girl and she missed it. I may have to tell her about the program when she comes back of her holiday. 😉

No, correction I will be revisiting the whole idea when she returns to work…I’ll just have to be subtle about it.

Without provocation Horny then said that her sister’s husband wants her to go with another woman. Adding doesn’t every man. I agreed, no point in pretending to be all innocent about some things. 😉

But what she said next took me totally by surprise. “When I go round Darren asks me if I want to watch some porn”. “I don’t mind watching it as long as it doesn’t have animals in it”, she went on. Well, at that point I very nearly spat out the tea I had just sipped from my cup. Lol

She finished the conversation on “I can understand how a woman can be attracted to another, it seems quite natural to me”.

Watch this space! 😉

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Moisturising Tit Wank

The weather takes it out of my skin at this time of year. Cold winds and indoor central heating all conspire to try and turn me in to a prune. I’ve never been one to pamper myself and rarely use moisturiser, I think mainly because all I want to do when I step out of the shower is to towel dry and get dressed.

Recently we reviewed a wonderful fragranced gift set with edible lotions and potions and one of my favourites from that set is the almond oil. You can rub it in and lick it straight off without fear of a tummy upset. And the perfume is to die for.

My love of almonds stems way back in to my childhood. On special occasions it used to be the fashion to have almond fruits on the dinner table. These were little oranges, lemons and various other fruits made of marzipan and painted with food colouring to make them look real.

I’m sure they must have been full of E numbers back then. No wonder I had so much energy as a child. Lol When I was old enough to shop by myself I would buy a block of marzipan and slice pieces off to eat. Then when I felt sick I would wrap it back up and place it in the fridge until the next time I fancied a piece.

So when we got the gift set to try it was only natural that my attentions should turn to the oil. When it heats the aroma infuses in the air and makes me feel aroused and vibrant, horny. 😉

I took a shower following work on Friday evening and asked Alex if he would rub some of the almond oil in to my back, it had been dry and itchy. Alex turned on the bedside lamp to provide a little ambient light and took the bottle of oil from his bedside drawer.

I took my hair back in to a ponytail and lay on my stomach. I heard the top being unscrewed and then I jumped as each cold drip made contact with my warm flesh. Alex can be such a tease, he would normally warm the oil between his hands. I yelped as each drop hit and promised to get my revenge later.

His hands started to glide all over my back and up to my shoulders kneading as they went. I could feel the tension being released from me as his hands went to work. The essence of the oil and my state of complete relaxation pushed me towards arousal. I could feel it enveloping me.

“Roll over Suze”, instructed Alex and I rolled on to my stomach. Alex gave me a wry smile as his gaze fixed upon my two fleshy mounds. My nipples were hard and erect and he gave each in turn a kiss and a quick bite. I giggled.

This time he poured the oil on to his palm and rubbed his hands together before placing them on to my breasts. My breasts were now glistening in the light from the lamp. He ran his hands up my sternum, out over my shoulders and then down on to my breasts. Alex started to roll them in the oil, massaging and kneading gently.

It felt so good as he tweaked my nipples making them stand proud and firm. He was now kneeling to the side of me in his boxer shorts and the lycra wasn’t hiding anything from me. He was hard inside there.

As he continued to massage my breasts I slipped his cock out of the top of his shorts. He was starting to dribble, a small bead of cum was collecting at the tip of his hardon. I scooped it up with my index finger and placed it in my mouth provocatively. “You are a dirty bitch”!, he exclaimed.

I know…

I slipped his boxers down his thighs and Alex sat on the bed as I eased them off and threw them on to the bedroom floor. He was rock hard and his cock was now bouncing around in front of me as he straddled my torso. He pushed my boobs together and began to run his cock up and down the valley between them. I knew what he wanted. 😉

I passed him some tissue to wipe his hands and took hold of my breasts, pushing them together to form a deep valley. Alex didn’t need an invitation he pushed his cock between my boobs and I closed the gap around them. Creating a cock sandwich.

Alex smiled at me and started to push his way through my fleshy mounds. As his head appeared his foreskin pulled back revealing his plump dark pink helmet. “I’m a bit dry”, he divulged. I spat on to the tip of his cock before he withdrew it back between my tits once more.

Now lubed he started to fuck my tits with slightly more vigour and I watched as he pumped into me. Don’t ask me why but I love to watch him wanking between my boobs. I was getting wet and excited so I crossed my legs and started to run my thighs together in rhythm with his thrusts.

He was really going for it and I almost lost my grip on the oil and had to retrieve my right breast before it escaped. 🙂 I had him firmly in my grasp again and Alex was getting close, his head was in it’s I’m about to come position and his eyes were closed. He was panting now, trying to hold himself back to build to a more powerful orgasm.

In and out, in and out then…it was like someone had just stabbed him in the back. He arched his back, threw back his head and little white gems propelled on to my chest. One even caught me squarely on the chin. Great shot! I scooped it up and put my finger to Alex’s lips. He sucked my finger clean as his last orgasmic thrust waned.

He fell back on to the bed as I admired his Pollock style creativity.

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Holy Fuck!

AlexSuze.comThis site is read a diverse readership and I sure appeals to most. We try never to become stale or too up our own arse to communicate with our naughty readers. I like to think that this is the kind of blog I would want to read if I wasn’t already writing it, if that doesn’t sound too strange.

As we fast approach our third birthday, I find myself in a reflective mood about where we have come from and where we are going. This site didn’t just happen, it has taken a lot of hard work and dedication, most of which hasn’t received any financial reward. Quite simply we can’t afford to give up the day job, perhaps one day. 🙂

Speaking of which, is anyone has any ideas about what they would like to see happening over hear as part of our birthday celebrations, just drop me a line. We are always pleased to received emails and ideas from our readers, after all we write for you too. 😉

You may wonder why the title for this post, well it seems we have had a visitor from the Vatican State City who appears on our stats. It’s nice to know we have approval from the top. 🙂

Hand Job With Extras – Fukuoku Powerpack

FukuokuWhen I first ordered the Fukuoku Power Pack, I thought it looked a bit gimmicky and was half expecting it to be all mouth and no trousers, as we say over here in the UK. But it surprised me and Alex in more ways than one, as I will reveal shortly. So, don’t be so impatient. Lol.

The Power Pack has three independent fingertip vibrators and is so versatile you can use just one or all three simultaneously. Giving you up to 25,000 vibrations per minute using the variable speed control.

Best of all the Fukuoku Power Pack is fully portable, with the power control unit being worn on the wrist, secured in place by an elastic wristband with Velcro fasteners. Each finger vibe is slipped on to the fingers and kept in place by an expanding plastic ring, so one size should fit all. 😉

It didn’t take me long to decide what I wanted to play with first…

…I loaded the batteries supplied. Very nice touch, no fumbling around for 3 AAA cells. Then grabbed Alex by the hand and lead him upstairs to the bedroom. He lay back on the bed as I removed his t-shirt and he wriggled out of his jeans.

I was too eager to wait for him to undress me and slipped off my black woolly dress, throwing it over the other side of the room. Now wearing only my lilac panties and plunge bra with the red bow I slid over to his side of the bed.

He was looking very relaxed and had his eyes closed. His cock was laying flacid against his left groin. I offered my wrist and the Power Pack to Alex and he attached it to my wrist as I slipped the finger vibes on to each of my 3 fingers.

Each one of the finger vibes has a different pattern embossed in to the rubber, the stippled one looked particularly interesting. 😉

It felt strange as I turned the dial on and the vibrations rippled through my fingertips. Even on the lowest setting there was a phenomenal amount of power harnessed in this small device. I couldn’t wait to begin.

Alex was laying to the side of me prostrate and expectant. I placed my middle finger gently over his nipple and turned up the speed control slightly. It wasn’t long before his nipple hardened under my finger. A strange sensation actually touching him and yet not feeling him, although he was reacting to my touch. It made me slightly aroused to see the effect I was having on him and I hadn’t even started yet. Lol

I played a while with the other nipple and couldn’t contain myself any longer, I wanted to touch his genitals but not give the full sensation to him, just tease him at first. I placed my middle finger on his perineum gently and deliberately dragging it upwards from between his thighs over his balls and up his already stiffening shaft.

Alex wriggled as my fingers did the walking and he moaned his pleasure as if encouraging me. 😉 I pulled back his foreskin and placed my fingers over his frenulum. This sent him wild and he started to twitch with excitement as I increased the speed again.

I was feeling more than a little turned on at this point, my lips were certainly moist. Alex placed his hand between my legs as I knelt at his side, he knows my body so well and found my swollen clit straight away. He started to gently rub me, dispersing my lubrication around my pussy.

AlexSuze.comTo show my appreciation I slid back and forth a couple of times on his fingers, rubbing myself off. His cock was now almost fully hard and I took it in my hand and turned up the control once more. The vibrations were rippling though my fingers and up in to my hand, such a strange feeling, touching yet not feeling.

Alex continued his attentions on my clit and it was now becoming extremely sensitive to his ministrations. His hand was wet and I could smell myself the heady perfume suffusing the air. I started to push back his foreskin and slowly wank his erect cock. It was now almost pulsing with the sheer rush of blood trapped within it.

His cock head was shiny and purple with engourgement. I spat on the tip to lubricate him and started to give him a hand job in earnest. We were now in perfect synchronisation as he flicked my clit and I wanked his hard-on.

He was now under my power and starting to thrust into my grip. One last turn of the dial and I had him hooked. The vibration was so powerful that my fingers were almost beating a rhythm on his erection. I continued to pump away, he was going to come and I wasn’t going to stop.

I was close to coming myself but stayed with it and had the presence of mind to hold back difficult as it was because Alex know exactly how to bring me off. Bringing him off was my objective now and I pumped faster at his cock, watching him buck me and bounce back off the bed each time he grounded.

FUCK! I was close now, he better shoot his load soon.

The vibrations, the bucking, the rubbing…it was all becoming too intense.

Then he stopped…twitched and the first spurt of semen landed on his stomach…swiftly followed by a second. I slowed down my movements and once again he ejaculated. His attentions on my clit wained as he came and shuddered to a grinding halt. I turned off the Fukuoku, as Alex released his last vestige of oral delight.

Right Suze needs to try this sex toy now it looks like the perfect clit stimulator…I’ll let you know how I get on…you do want to know don’t you? 😉

Getting Down And Dirty

AlexSuze.comYesterday’s post reminded me of other time Alex and I have played with food. Neither of us have a particularly sweet tooth, so usually we use something savoury or not sickly. You can only lick up so much sugar before you puke. Lol

One good product to use because it’s not too sweet and can be applied without much mess and fuss is squirty custard. We have spent many a naughty evening covering each other in custard. 😉

A word of warning, don’t use dairy unless you have nothing else available. It can make you smell like somebody just sicked up on you when it starts to heat up on the skin.

While I like a little food play I’m not quite into “Sploshing” I’m too clean to really get in to it. The very idea of having bits of food stuck in my red locks doesn’t do it for me.

The term sploshing was coined by a fellow Brit Bill Shipton, who is also the publisher of Splosh magazine. Sploshing is a derivative of “Wet And Messy”, WAM for short. This fetish uses anything you can cover yourself in with the exception of urine and scat play. Urrrr! That’s a whole other area which I won’t be going in to right now.

Searching the net I found a really good site which provided me with the image above. Go and check it out. I could spend hours over there. 🙂

I got dirty last night, click here to see ;).

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Sex And Chocolate

I personally am not a lover of chocolate, it seems as I have grown older I desire it less and less. But offer me a good cheese and some biscuits and I will be there like a shot.

It’s easy to understand how people can become addicted to the rich brown, velvety texture of chocolate. Not just for the taste but also because it releases endorphins deep within the brain which create a sense of well being and pleasure, some say a sexual high. 😉

If you ask me which I prefer, sex or chocolate the answer just has to be SEX!

Alex and I have played with chocolate in the past, one such memorable tryst was with a Mars bar. I think we had just read up about Marianne Faithful and how she “used” one with Mick Jagger.

We took the bar to the bedroom and after a little warm up Alex inserted the bar inside my pussy and started to eat it. I must say that the thought of him eating it out of me was more exciting than the act.

He ended up looking like Alan Partridge in the bedroom scene with the chocolate mouse and the sheets were no longer white. Lol Alex did manage to eat it all but it made a real mess, we had to strip the bed and wash the linen and shower to clean up.

And long after the event I was slowly dripping chocolate in to the gusset of my pants. Lol All the following day at work I had a chocolate fanny and my gusset had a nice chocolaty aroma.

What reminded me of all this was this festival…happy memories. 😉

The town of Obidos in Portugal is currently hosting the Chocolate Festival dedicated to all things chocolate, check it out here I bet there are a lot of ladies walking around with smiles on their faces over there. Not to mention the tour operators. 😉

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Buckets of Sperm

Regulars readers are by now aware that I possess a very, no VERY high sex drive. I just can’t stop myself from jumping on Alex’s cock at any given opportunity. I love to feel it, kiss it, lick it, even smell it (no, not in a cheesy way before you ask. It’s those pheromones hitting my nasal passages) but most of all to ride it.

To me this is instinctive behaviour and seems perfectly normal. It sometime results in Alex walking around like a zombie at work the next day. I say do it while you can, while you’re still young and able to get in to all those positions. Before your body can’t quite lend itself to all your favourite positions. OK, I’m stopping right there before I depress myself.

What I really want to put to you is this, “what do you personally, consider a normal amount of daily sexual activity”? I need this as a bench mark guys, to level myself. For me 2 or 3 times a day is normal. More if possible, but Alex does have to go to work unfortunately. LOL. Check this link, I’m doing my bit for the UK equalling the totals for the countries France to Bulgaria.

I was prompted to consider my daily sexual encounter count (that was a mouthful wasn’t it? See there I go again) whilst reading about the sexual exploits of others on blogs, this raised the question, “Am I a nympho”? What constitutes a nymphomaniac, where do you cross the boundaries of normal and acceptable copulation and err towards the obsessive? Would you recognise this over zealous behaviour in yourself or would a kind friend have to put you straight? Who decides how many times you should copulate daily?

Yes, I know there are often restrictions within the home and workplace that make it almost impossible to have sex when desired. Therefore, the figures could be slightly skewed by these mundane commitments.

But, if you could put the restrictions and trappings of daily life behind you and not be bound by any shackles. How many times would feel right for you? Does the desire to have sex frequently arise from an addiction? You know like eating chocolate. The more you eat the more you desire only you don’t feel sick when you over indulge in sexual activity. At least I hope not.

I heard that men are only given a bucket of sperm to last them throughout a lifetime. In that case Alex’s bucket must be about ready for a refill. LOL.

Join In The Blogger Orgy

ABH ToplistSome of you may be aware that Alex and I took over the running of Adult Blog Hub recently. This site has helped to promote bloggers for over a year now and has indeed provided us with lots of traffic during the time we have been part of the blogger collective.

There are two aspects to the site, the first being the post listings where you can add your post to the listing and be seen be lots of discerning readers. We are currently working on improving the service and setting up RSS feed reader, so you won’t even have to lift a finger to post. How good is that!

The second side is the Adult Blog Hub Toplist, this works much like Cunning Linguists which you may be registered on already. You are voted for by your readers and climb up the list as they vote for you. The Toplist has just reset (as it does every Saturday) and provides hundreds of visitors to the blogs on it every week.

I urge you all to join if you haven’t already, this is a really useful aggregator and a good place to meet new bloggers. Over the months I have discovered many interesting and talented people over there.

Click here to visit and don’t forget to register yourselves for both and just watch your traffic increase. 😉

I’m Now A Page 3 Girl, SuzeHave you ever wanted to see how you would look if you were to appear in a tabloid newspaper?

Have you ever wondered what you would look like as a computer generated image?

I remember as a teenager learning to touch type, all those laborious exercises designed to help you utilise the correct digit for the character. Endless days of typing up menus and letters. I do…

After all our hard work we were given some “play” time when we would be handed a sheet of co-ordinates and letters to type in to the typewriter. If you followed the instructions correctly at the end of it all you would have an A4 image of a train or something equally attractive. Lol

Well, I have discovered something even better than that. This site enables you to take a photograph and convert it in to text. I could have spent all day doing this but here is one I made earlier. Have fun!, Suze


In Bed With A Married Man, SuzeI think we have all been there at one time or another in our lives, perhaps some of you reading right now are questioning your desires. 😉 It’s the desire to get off with someone who you know you really shouldn’t. The flirting the sexy smiles, gestures and innuendo all with one aim in mind…

My earliest recollection of wanting to taste forbidden fruit was when I was taking probably my last foreign holiday with my parents. He was the hotel owner, very dishy and a fellow Brit from London if my memory serves me well.

He was about 28 and I was probably about 16. Those hormones don’t half play with your libido. 😉 The age gap wasn’t so much a problem I was quite a mature girl for my age, always enjoyed the company of older people, I found them more interesting.

No the real problem was that he was a married man who had a son too. He was a real looker and charmer and I think he knew it. I was at the age that my parents would leave me behind at the hotel to talk to a waitress I had befriended last time we had stayed at there.

This worked extremely well for me. After they left to go shopping I would begin my plan of entrapment. Bikini on and hang around the bar drinking soft drinks. Don’t tell my parents but he would also slip me the odd house hospitality drink too. Shhhh. I tell you I’m sure he knew exactly what I was up to.

I would sit and talk to him as he played bar tender, making sure that he got my best angles especially the cleavage shots in my push up and together top. 😉 My parents were blissfully unaware that I wasn’t learning the local dialect but attempting to sow my wild oats. Or is that have some wild oats planted?

His wife was a very nice Spanish lady who would invite me in to her kitchen where she liked to cook for the guests. She showed me how to prepare paella and other dishes during my stay. In fact one morning she asked me to take a cup of tea down in to their basement flatlet for Gary who was still in bed.

I wonder if she could see the look of excitement on my face as I hurried along trying not to look to eager to catch a glimpse of him between crisp white sheets. My heart was beating like crazy as I knocked on the subterranean door to their room.

“Come in”, came the muffled reply from behind the door. As I opened the door I realised that their accommodation consisted of a bedroom and small bathroom. Gary pulled himself to a sitting position in bed with the bedsheet carefully hiding his modesty.

I will never forget the passionate urge I felt there and then to jump on the bed beside him. For a moment I jostled with the idea and then thought about his wife. I placed the cup down on the bedside table and made my way back upstairs. Moment gone forever.

The next time I remember falling for someone unattainable was when I started work for a small property company. My boss was a very handsome guy, with rugged good looks and the deepest blue eyes I have ever seen on a guy. When he spoke to me, things would happen, pants would get wet.

If he asked me to do anything I was straight there without question. My working day although pleasantly sprinkled with views of him was a constant distraction, I found it difficult to concentrate especially when he was talking to me. Trying to formulate thought when all you can think of is fucking this guy in front of you is hard, nigh on impossible sometimes.

He was about three years older than me and unfortunately married. This time it was even more of a no-no, his wife worked in for the same company as the secretary and would have her beady eye on him all the time. She knew just what a good catch she had managed to land and wasn’t letting anyone else try to hook him.

I almost nearly got a kiss out of him at the Christmas party but his wife came in to the room and put an end to that. I’m not sure if she knew from our body language how close we came to kissing, we were all a little intoxicated.

After that I didn’t really get another chance to make a play for him and left shortly after for a better job.

Now, who else has there been…