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Orgasms The Squirrels Are Jealous Of

Dildo SquirrelWhen arrived home from work yesterday I was greeted inside the door by the familiar “Sorry we couldn’t deliver your parcel” card from the Royal Mail.

Seeing one of those little red and white cards excites me because I know that it is going to be something new and dirty for me to try out. The only problem is that you cannot collect your mail from the sorting office in the evening as they are closed.

So Suze had to wait!

First thing this morning Alex jumped out of bed…well, no second thing this morning he jumped out of bed…after we had a bit of a kiss and cuddle and a good fuck!

I prepared breakfast while he disappeared off in the car to the mail office, no doubt with a smile upon his face.

Hmmm…I wonder if they have scanning or x-ray equipment down there. Can you imagine how much fun they would have checking my parcels. Lol

When I heard Alex’s car pull up on the driveway I rushed to the door to take the package from him while he slipped out of his footwear.

Straight in to the kitchen I went and retrieved a pair of scissors from the drawer to cut through the parcel tape. Within seconds I was in to the box, just as Alex appeared.

Inside all the packing was a sumptuous deep purple pouch with a tiny lilac bow securing the top…

…right! Tune in later to find out what I got.

No, I’m not that cruel. It was a custom made wooden dildo all the way from America, made specially for me. 😉

Ever the journalist, Alex snatched it from my hands and took it outside in to the sunshine. He then ran upstairs to get something and emerged minutes later with his camera.

Whilst he was taking the shots of my new wooden dildo laying there in the daisies on my lawn the squirrels got a bit upset. There was one sat in the tree making strange noises. That’s her in the picture at the top of this post.

You would think they would be at home with wood wouldn’t you, perhaps they were annoyed because it didn’t have any nuts. Lol

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Fucked By The Machine

Joy of joys. Yesterday our outgoing mail from the domain stopped working. OK, I thought, maybe this is transient so didn’t report it to the host. Well it carried on all night, emails sat in the outbox, not sending.

Eventually I emailed the support team at our host and they have attempted several times to fix the problem … still no resolution though. We can receive OK, but not send emails. So if you want to email us, that’s OK, any replies will come from a different domain though.

It’s like having your right arm cut off, having your primary email account malfunctioning. For some people it’s their mobile phone. Until recently that wasn’t a problem for me, but since SexToysBuzz was launched not having that with me is a no-no, lots of nice adult industry people keep ringing me up :o). Email is still the prime method of communication for me in relation to our online work thought, so I’m hoping this will be fixed soon.

BTW, we’re having a bit of a wood-luvin’ time at Sex Toys Buzz, reviewing Jilda’s wooden dildos. You can see her site here. Even better there are more wooden toy reviews coming …

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Horny Mornin’

There’s a special warm glow that accompanies waking up on a Saturday morning. I’m writing this on Friday night in anticipation of that comforting feeling that comes from knowing you don’t have to get out of bed and drag yourself to the job that pays the bills, keeps the roof over your head, but doesn’t fulfil you any more.

There’s a certain luxurious pleasure that comes from sliding up behind your lover, feeling their warmth, sharing yours with them and knowing that your intertwined limbs will not be disturbed by the weekday necessity to brave the traffic jams and frustration that define your normal morning commute.

It’s those pleasures that make the weekend such a wonderful time of the week,

That’s not to say that we lounge in bed. The option of not having to get up is empowering, the choice, the ability to control your own destiny in even this mall way lifts your spirit. Well it lifts mine anyway. So when we do get up, no matter how early, the creative juices are flowing.

It’s times like this when it is good to be alive.

Of course in such a relaxed state it’s quite normal to be relaxed in other ways. Suze enjoys me pressing my morning erection in to her back as much as I enjoy doing the rubbing. It doesn’t even have to involve a fuck. The naughtiness of feeling my hard cock against her back is sometimes enough to sate us both while we treat ourselves to that extra half hour of relaxation. Though often we’ll indulge our carnal desires to the full. ;o)

So, while you’re reading this I hope we’re making the most of the respite from work … if you know what I mean …

Girls In Corsets

White Corset by =JonnyBalls on deviantART

We were in bed last night … no I’m not going there, well not in that sense anyway.

Try again. We were in bed last night watching TV, post and indeed pre sex as we were at it again later, I really ought to get more sleep …

OK third time lucky.

We were in bed watching TV last night when I commented on an otherwise unremarkable summer dress being worn by a woman on TV “Oooh I like that”.

“Of course you like that.” Said a grinning Suze.


“It’s a crissy-crossy laced up thingy.” She explained.

She’s right. I love anything that laces up, in the clothing department.

I mean pretty much anything in the clothing line, with lacey uppy bits, that’s for me. Dresses, blouses, corsets, stockings (yes you can get stockings with lacey uppy bits at the back. Your basic shoe doesn’t do anything for me, retifist I’m not.

They don’t have to be in any of what might be thought of as “kinky” materials, rubber, leather, PVC, what have you. It’s just the lacing.

I even like the look of corset piercings, aesthetically at least. I’m not pierced in any way, call me a wimp but it makes me wince.

I’m simple and predictable. Can I have a “Typical Male!” from all the ladies 🙂

How about you, is there something that simple guaranteed to get you going?

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Getting Some Wood Inside Me

JildoWooden sex toys, they are just like buses, you wait and then they all come at once. Lol You may have read my recent review of the wonderful, green, warm and friendly Jildo. If not why not *spank*, Ok…you can read up on it here.

Jilda now has a brand new site where you can get some wood click here.

But seriously I have been wanting to test a wooden sex toy since I first spotted one and not only will I be testing one but I have several others that I will be test driving over the coming weeks. Yay!

Each one of these beautifully handcrafted toys is unique by the very fact that they aren’t commercially produced and in the case of one of them I have had a bespoke toy made, just for Suze’s pleasure. 😉

No splinters just lots of good green fun and when you have finishes with them they look great on your coffee table. Would that make them obje d’ahhhh!

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Shiny Leather

Engineers Of DesireAt the passion show we found ourselves surrounded by a huge range of products, from vibrators to video, and as it turns out corsets to chain mail gloves on the Engineers of Desire stand.
I spoke to Cas, the creative talent behind the Engineers Of Desire Name.

The inset picture is an example of some of their work. If you want to read the interview and see more click here.

Well And Truly Fucked

Strapon JaneAlex and I returned to the hotel following our hard day’s work at the Passion show at Earls Court with bags of goodies and tired feet. I decided to get a good wash as I felt more than a little sticky…with the humidity you naughty minded people.

We decided that drinks were in order and Alex left to find a local off licence to purchase a couple of bottles of red to help us sleep through the noise of the trains below our window.

When he returned I was freshened up and in my shortie nightie laying on the bed watching of all things the Eurovision Song Contest. OK, please let me off, there was nothing else on worth viewing. No TV X or adult channels to tune in to and I couldn’t even watch the porn DVD that Strap-On-Jane had given to us. 🙁

He poured the wine in to a couple of plastic cups provided by the hotel to clean our teeth with. Class, heh! Where there is a will there is a way.

Both of us had just about got used to the noise of the trains when the loudest sound system you have heard in your life fired up to the rear of the hotel. It was coming from a club down below and playing 1980’s music, which I would normally relish listening too but when the racket goes on hour after hour it’s very much like Chinese water torture.

Needless to say we did not enjoy the evening and the bummer about it was the we had been invited to the after show party and we declined so that we could go back to the hotel and get some rest. How we regret that now!

After a couple of bottles of vino and a couple of seesaw shags (read what I’m talking about here) sleep took us over and we dropped off.

I’m not sure what time it was but there was no natural night but the double kicker of the night came when I was rudely awoken by a loud girly conference outside our room door. I wasn’t in the best of minds when I crawled out of bed after finally managing to get to sleep being woken by some loud girls.

I opened the door to be greeted by about 6 promo girls from the event…BASTARD!

Poppy Loves Cock

Continued from yesterday, read the first part here.

New Haven, Part 2 of 2

“Unzip me”, demanded Poppy. She was standing with her back to him, the red dress clinging to her every curve. He reached up from his seated position on the bed and slowly drew the zip down from the nape of her neck to the firm roundness of her ass. She shrugged the garment from her shoulders revealing her red satin-clad cheeks.

Kevin ran his hands across the smoothness of her buttocks, palms coming to rest on each hip, fingers reaching round to draw her ass towards him. He kissed her through the silky material, then up to the indentation at the base of her back, his lips now replaced by a tongue, tasting her flesh, leaving a moist trail up her back as he rose to his feet.

His hands moved from her hips around to her front, up her stomach and onto her imprisoned breasts. She pressed her back into his chest as he crushed the soft mounds, her head arching backwards and to one side, exposing her neck. Kevin kissed her neck from shoulder to ear, then back again, the kisses metamorphosing to nibbles, then bites. She yelped, but did not pull away, instead she reached back with one hand and held his open maw on her exposed flesh, teeth almost breaking the skin.

She could feel the heat of the blood in his cock pressed against her back. As his teeth left her shoulder it became the focus of her attention, so much so that she hardly noticed when he unfastened the clasp between the cups of her bra. Only when Kevin pinched her nipples to the point of biting pain did she stop the instinctive, gyration of her pelvis against him.

Her hands joined forces between her legs, one pulling the satin to one side, the other invading her swollen wetness. She tingled as the fabric curtain was drawn back and the air cooled her pouting lips. She groaned as her fingers traversed the sensuous ravine.

Kevin turned her round and gently laid her on the bed. Poppy’s legs were splayed to allow her access to her needful pussy. Kevin watched for a moment while she rolled and wriggled on her back, red bra cups still flapping on and off her chest, hands working with an earnest passion on her sex. He stroked himself, considering the possibility of cumming there and then, spraying this total stranger with a creamy white stream.

No, he needed to fuck her, to be the architect of her impending climax, to fill her as she reached the Zenith. He lay on the bed with her and crouched astride one leg. The other leg he held high in the air while he teased her pussy, closely trimmed pubic hair glistening with her excitement. Sliding into her was a journey of some seven inches, a slow journey, to be savoured and remembered.

Poppy’s hands moved up to her breast, kneading them, letting Kevin attend to the fiery desire between her legs. Kevin watched his cock disappear between her lips, the thrill of the encounter enhanced by the sight of his thick, veined member sliding past a soaking wet red pair of panties.

The wall in the guest house may have been thin but that was not going to stop Poppy from vocalising her enjoyment. Kevin was past caring about Rose, even though she might hammer on the door at any moment. He responded to the increasing volume of Poppy’s moans by thrusting frantically with hard, deep strokes. The form ferociously he drove into her the most she seemed to want “Yes! YES!” was all the confirmation Kevin needed to continue the powerful, but unsophisticated fuck.

Poppy seemed to reach orgasm several times, or was it just one long orgasm. Her eyes rolled, her inner thighs were wet with her own juices. She moaned and shrieked, no longer able to form on her lips. Kevin’s balls glowed with anticipation, he held back for a few thrusts but that was all. One final thrust and then his hips ground against hers.

Kevin collapsed on top of Poppy, still impaling her on his cock. Her leg curled around him.

They fell asleep.

In the morning she was gone. When he entered the dining room for breakfast she served him, with tea, ensuring that he could see down her white blouse. She smiled and winked before moving to the next table.

He left soon after breakfast, his client would not wait. And anyway, she’d said it herself, it was just a fuck. No regrets. He paid Rose in cash and bid her farewell on a day that promised to be warm and bright.

It was autumn, Kevin slipped into his local sex shop to treat himself to an “artistic” DVD. The plasma screen inside was showing previews. “Not bad” he though as the dark haired girl walked into the room, “Funny camera angle. Nice ass though”. The scene cut to another angle, slightly obscured, the girl sat on the bed, crossed her legs, the red dress rode up exposing a knee. Another cut, another angle, she was rather cute, she was rather familiar, as was the briefcase at the end of the bed.

She was Poppy.

Huge Breasts In Japan

Anna Ohura – Or Should I Say Dekapai

Well, I am never bored when it comes to anything sexual. There is always something new to discover, a new technique, toy, practice and even expression.

I found out today that the Japanese have a word for the cartoon sized breasts they feature in their hentai comic books and artwork. It’s dekapai and they love it, obviously because the average Japanese girl isn’t built like Lolo Pops and to be honest they immediately arouse suspicion because normally a large chest on such a petite woman looks out of place.

Now, you know that I am partial to an ample breast or two (OK so one A cup and one DD would look silly, so always two) but I don’t go for enhanced in any shape way or form. It has to be natural and with that comes the slight sag and under arm roll when laying down it’s all part of being a natural girl. And I’m pleased to say that it is a category I fit in to.

So, Japan I’m with you on that one, I like a girl with a good pair too. ;0

You can read Alex’s interview with TelevisionX stars Renee Richards and Carmel Moore here on A-rouse.Com.

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Porn Stars at Passion

Carmel Moore and Renee Richards(And a little something for Suze)

We were undecided about attending the Passion Show this year. Funds as always are tight and while we wanted to be there both to have fun and find interesting stories to you, we had almost decided not to attend.

That was until TelevisionX persuaded us otherwise with the promise of an interview with Carmel Moore and Renée Richards.

You can read the first part of my interview with them here.

Then, if that’s not enough for you all (when is it ever?) there’s a brand new sex toy review on our sex toy review site Suze loves her new Fun Factory toy.

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Sex By The Seaside, Beside The Sea …

New Haven Part 1 of 1.

It’s a fact that in some seaside towns in England there’s a tendency towards the gaudy and the tasteless. Normally you would have to concede that taste is a subjective thing, a complex interaction of upbringing, culture, fashion and the life experiences we all have. Taste is varied and as individual as every one of us, from the most reserved to the most flamboyant.

But in the case of these towns, and in particular some of the B&Bs taste is something for other people. It’s partly because many of them were decorated in the 1970s and have not been updated since then, but mainly because even in the 70s the owners had an eye for pattern and colour that would make most people wince. Add to that a tendency to collect ornaments of the cheapest and nastiest kind, mass-produced prints of terribly painted pictures and nylon bed sheets and you have hell on earth.

So why do they survive? Because they’re reasonably priced and some of the UK population go back to the same establishment year after year. They’re as familiar as a comfy pair of slippers and just as unlikely to surprise you.

It was late spring, about seven in the evening and the tide was in. There was little wind and the waves that there were lapped gently against the Victorian built granite seawall. A silver Mondeo drove slowly along the road behind the prom. Its driver was becoming concerned, he should have booked something in advance and almost at the end of the two kilometres of seafront he had seen nothing in the bay windows of the villa style houses but “No Vacancies”.

Just as he drew parallel with the stacks of deckchairs chained to the railings on the seawall a sign jumped out and filled him with a warm relief “Vacancies”. He parked in the next side street and trudged back to the door of the “New Haven” B&B with his laptop in one hand and overnight bag in the other. He stopped in the porch and was about to place his bags down on the tiled floor when the door was opened. The orange glow of low-wattage tungsten bulbs spilled out and enveloped him, that and the smell of shepherd’s pie and floral air freshener.

He guessed from her appearance that she was the landlady. She looked around fifty-five but dressed twenty years younger. Twenty years ago she would have made jaws drop, not to mention trousers, and she still retained that look in a more mature and quietly seductive way. Her eyes were still young, a piercing blue. Her initially cautious smile softened and widened as she examined her new guest, deciding she liked this nice young man in his neat business suit.

“The sign says you have vacancies?”

“And you’re very lucky we do. Just the one room, probably the last in town.” She giggled, a schoolgirl’s giggle. Unsure how to react he smiled nervously and followed the landlady inside.

Her name, it transpired, was “Mrs Robinson” Could it be anything else? “… but you can call me Rose.” He felt obliged to reciprocate “Peterson, er, Kevin …”. Being after six thirty she apparently couldn’t oblige him with a hot meal, but promised to bring a sandwich to his room.

“That would be great. ” Peter was grateful for an evening meal that didn’t come out of a packet with a golden “M” on it. “I don’t suppose you could give me about half an hour or so could you? I really need a shower.”

“Of course Kevin. Please, follow me.” And he did through the psychedelically wallpapered hallway and up the stairs with a carpet that would have felt at home in a 1960s rock stars acid trip. He passed the glass clowns in alcoves and pressed on down the flock-wallpapered landing to his room for the night.

Kevin hung up his suit and managed to shower in the smallest cubicle he’d encountered outside his parent’s 2-berth caravan. Apparently en-suite meant in the corner of the bedroom, but he wasn’t complaining. It refreshed him and alleviated some of the stress of the day. In fact he didn’t even care that the TV didn’t have satellite, Channel 5 was fuzzy and BBC2 seemed to be missing altogether.

Laying back on the lumpy double bed in his bathrobe with his arms behind his head he started to drift off to sleep. A knock at the door pulled him back into a room now lit by the TV and the quickly setting sun.

“Just a minute.” He made to get up, but the door opened before his feet touched the ground. A woman entered, not Mrs Robinson, but a woman in her mid-thirties. She was slightly shorter than Kevin shapely and wearing a light red dress, cut in a deep V to expose the tempting valley between her boobs.

“Mum said you were hungry. I hope you like tuna” She looked at him, blinking occasionally, with dark brown almond shaped eyes.

Kevin took the tray she was carrying from her. “Thanks, that’s perfect. So you’re Mrs Ro … Rose’s daughter? I can see the resemblance.”

“Everyone says that, it’s Poppy by the way. ” Her eyes had started to look him up and down, Kevin felt a little disconcerted. “So”, she continued, “what brings you here?”

“Business.” Kevin suddenly felt disinclined to reveal too much.

“What sort of business?”

“I’m a management consultant.” Kevin shuffled from foot to foot. “Look, I’m keeping you, ere, thanks for the sandwich, and thank your mum.” He smiled, hoping to bring the conversation to a polite end.

“What’s wrong?” Asked Poppy.

Kevin found himself looking at the curve of the smooth skin of her neck, contrasting against the rich brown of her long hair. “Nothing, I just feel a bit awkward talking to you, dressed, well not dressed. And your mother outside, somewhere, and …” his voice trailed off. Poppy had turned to the door and dropped the latch.

She turned to face Kevin, “Better?”


Poppy took the tray from the dithering Kevin and placed it on the hideous lace covered dressing table. She sat on the edge of the bed, and crossed her legs, the hem of her dress riding up over her knee. Kevin was dumb-struck.

Poppy patted the bed. “Look I’m bored, you’re on your own … I just wanted a chat.” She smiled a sweet smile which melted Kevin from his immobile state and drew him to the bed beside her.

“So, erm, are you and your mother running this place on your own?” Shit that sounded like a cliché, he may just as well have said “You girls up for a threesome?”

“Yes, that’s right, dad left us with the B and B but not much else so since he died we’ve had to manage on our own.” Kevin felt a little tactless for asking, but she seemed surprisingly up-beat about their circumstances. Poppy continued, “Oh, did I say chat? I thought you might be up for a bit of casual sex? No strings you understand, I haven’t had a good seeing-to in months and I’m in danger of getting RSI with the amount of masturbating I’m doing. I’d close your mouth if I were you, it makes you look a bit simple.”

“Wa? We? Woo?” Replied Kevin.

“Oh for heavens sake.” Poppy kissed the wide-eyed Kevin on the lips. He returned her kiss, hesitantly at first, then with more enthusiasm as the sight of her red satin bra peeking out under her dress and taste of her lipstick mitigated any fears of discovery he might have. His hand came to rest on her upper arm, eliciting an approving “Mmm”, finally thought poppy “He’s got the message.”

Her hand sought out his knee and disappeared under his robe, stroking the hairs on his thigh, creeping upward towards his groin. She found a handful of pulsating flesh, soft skinned and slightly humid from his shower, but firm and growing as her fingers encircled it.

Kevin moved one hand to her waist, pressing his fingers into the soft flesh he found there through the thin fabric of the dress. His other hand pushed her dress up and exposed a smooth thigh. His hand slid up until it found a round buttock then squeezed leaving a five-fingered impression. Poppy expressed her appreciation more loudly this time, breaking from their kiss and letting out a giggly “Ooooo!”

“Now look at that!” Poppy was looking at his cock, now erect and crowned with a single drop of pre-cum. She collected the glistening jewel on the tip of her finger and tasted it, the look in her eyes changing from playfulness to one of lust.

To be continued.

Close Up And Personal With Strap-On Jane

Strapon JaneI wrote a while ago about Strapon Jane and her dildonic talents. 😉 Having seen the list of attractions and exhibitors, I knew that she would be at Passion but I didn’t know when or where.

And to my surprise, just as we were walking towards the main concourse I spotted her strutting up, sporting her black strapon in her goth boots, making quite a formidable entrance.

She looked gorgeous! *sigh*

I just had to get some shots of her so I urged Alex to go up to her and ask if he could take some pics. Neither of us were sure how she would respond but she was the most obliging, sweet girl. Within seconds she was posing for the camera, cock in hand. Lol

Jane is a true pro but not at all hardened and stand-offish. She chatted and at one point asked Alex to lay down on the floor. He looked at me and I looked at him and then he followed orders and lay down. The next thing Jane is straddling him holding her cock giving some great upward shots.

For a moment I think Alex thought he was in. 😉

We talked for a while about what we do and asked her a few questions and there was a great photo taken of the both of us embracing which I will treasure. She also gave us a DVD of some of her exploits to review. Unfortunately she had prior commitments and had to dash off shortly after but we hope to interview her in the near future. How about it Jane?

Now both of us were walking around with big smiles on our faces.

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SeeSaw Fucking

Not only did the hotel back on to the main arterial train line and have a club behind it with a great sound system we also had a comedy bed.

I’m not joking…I think everything associated with that hotel was meant to annoy. The television turned itself off at inappropriate moments and there were no adult channels either. Our bathroom had a rather unpleasant smell of what can only be described as piss and I just couldn’t see myself using the shower.

Shall I go on! The water tasted foul and made the worst cup of tea ever, Oh and the main light in our bedroom area didn’t work. I’m guessing that nobody out there is envious. Lol

Then to top the lot when we finally got down to collapsing on the bed after a hard day at the Passion show the bed did strange things.

I assumed the position on all fours in front of Alex ready to take some good hard cock and as I opened my legs I started to list like I was on a boat. Now, I know that we had partaken in a few glasses of wine to help us sleep through the noise but this was ridiculous.

Every time we moved the bed tipped us to one side or the other. It was like having a druken fuck and going off balance all the time. It did add a new dimension to the proceedings, I wonder if the intention was to put people off copulating.

Well, all I can say is it didn’t work after a day looking at semi clad women and sex toys I was not giving up. 😉

Swinging In London

In the 60s London was termed swinging. While there may have been a little wife-swapping going on back then I don’t think that’s what they meant. Rock’n’Roll, followed by the Beetles, The Stones and Jimi Hendrix were the reason for the moniker.

However London was swinging on Saturday and Sunday at Passion. We emerged from the show with my camera bag and Suze’s rucksack full of toys from nice people on various stands. The reviews for those products will be appearing on Sex Toys Buzz over the next few weeks.

That’s all fine while you’re within the confines of the exhibition with half-naked models and stands filled with sex toys and provocative underwear, nobody bats an eyelid. Outside is a little different. There’s a kind of event horizon at the doors of Earls Court. Like a black hole, those within can see outside, but those outside shouldn’t be able to see in when an adult show takes place.

But like a couple of lucky photons taking advantage of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle and the fundamental laws of quantum mechanics we emerged from the compelling innards of the exhibition.

Our first emergence was for an early evening bite to eat at a restaurant in Kensington. Very nice, Italian, Suze loves Italian. She’s partial to Italians too. Then back to the exhibition for a final push before travelling back via the Tube to our hotel at Kings Cross.

If three years ago you’d have asked me what my reaction would be if I were to be spotted on public transport with a huge carrier bag from Fun Factory, stuffed with toys, and a camera bag, similarly full, with a riding crop sticking out of one end (because it was simply too long to conceal inside) … I’d have said utter embarrassment.

I am no longer that person.

Well, quite frankly I wouldn’t have been so brazen as to attempt to carry a pile of sex toys like that, but not now. I ended up sitting opposite Suze. To my right were a couple of girls. The one nearest to me spotted the crop and froze, not knowing what to do, then she leant to her friend and whispered in her ear. They both giggled a little and then composed themselves. I barely concealed a silly smile.

Next the guy sat to Suze’s left took an interest in my large Fun Factory carrier. In a moment of pure comedy, he focused on the “Love Yourself” strap line, then tried to peer in the open top of the bag and work out what the boxes were. He cocked his head on one side to read them, such was his curiosity.

Now, I was suppressing a fit of the giggles. I managed it, distracting myself by trying to motion to Suze with my eyes that the guy had noticed the contents of the carrier and the obvious leather end of the riding crop protruding from my camera bag.

Suze will tell you I love the Tube. It’s a wonderful transport system, apart from the heat, the grime, the crush and the occasional drunk. It keeps London moving.

Well now I love it more and I think the next time we’re down in London I might just try something even more bizarre … without getting arrested of course.

Wild Weekend

When you read this I’ll be at work in the morning, probably being asked that obvious question “Alex, did you get up to much over the long weekend …”

Now I’m a generally honest person who given a choice would choose to tell the truth unless it would upset someone needlessly. This I’m sad to say will not be one of those occasions.

As you’ll know we spent the weekend interviewing adult industry people at the Passion show. It was hugely enjoyable, enlightening and liberating to be able to be our online selves. Funny cos that feels more like our real selves than our “real world” lives do at the moment. Being true to our sexuality is I suppose what defines Suze and I. Having to be circumspect with people in our day-to-day existence feels stifling.

But still I will answer the question “It was OK, got plenty of jobs done around the house. Did a bit of site seeing … ” you see there’ll be a grain of truth in there to make me feel better. LOL

Deceit is such an alien thing to me, but so, so necessary.

Watching Alex With Two Pornstars

Alex with Renee Richards and Carmel MoorePatrick took us inside the venue and waited while we both got sorted out with press passes so that we could take some pictures once inside. We will be sharing those with you over the coming days if you couldn’t make it to the event. Oh, for those of you catching up, we went to the Passion show at Earls Court over the weekend.

Our first stop was the bar and boy did we need it, London was incredibly hot and humid at the weekend and we northerners were more used to chill and rain. We all sat and had a good chat about TelevisionX and the history behind AlexSuze. Patrick came across as being a very down to earth, warm and pleasant guy.

Suitably refreshed, we quickly downed our pints of lager and made for the TVX stand to chat some more. There was going to be so much to cover at the event we didn’t want to waste any time. And I also got the feeling that Alex was more than eager to reach the stand, I’ll tell you why in a moment. 😉

After the formalities Alex took up position on the comfy sofa on the stand and was accompanied on both sides by two lovely girls, a gorgeous brunette called Renee and a curvy lovely called Carmel. I was standing at the front of the stand with Patrick and the others from TelevisionX, whilst Alex looked completely at home with a pornstar sitting either side of him. The lucky b*?!*’rd. Lol

I must say I was hard pushed to decide who I would prefer to spend some naughty time with and gave up in the end, both. Alex was really getting in to his interview with the girls they were snuggled up and giggling. Wait on…”interview”, more like excuse to spend some time with two gorgeous girls from the industry. But he wasn’t going to do anything with me watching…no, I would join in. 😉

As he sat there chatting away I observed several guys approach the stand and the look of envy on their faces as they watched the three of them frolicking was obvious. After he finished with the girls they signed some pics which we will be offering to you dear readers, so stay tuned for that.

Interviews over we made our way to see our friends over at Magma Toys and for some strange reason Alex was grinning like a Cheshire cat. 🙂

You can see our video diary of the Passion show here.

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A Quickie And Off

Passion ShowWe took the train down to London for the Passion show, no point in driving in and having the hassle of finding somewhere to park at the end of the journey. On the way down we were seated at a shared table, which we had the pleasure of sharing with Mr Geek.

Most of us are familiar with the “Laptopper” sitting there with his PC and typing away regardless of all around him, I say him because most of them are male. Sorry! But this guy was fully kitted up, complete with his full ear headphones. And wait for it…attached microphone which he had pointed skywards.

In fact now I come to think about it he looked like Harry Potter online. We weren’t sure if he was going to start answering helpdesk calls or fire up a game of World Of Warcraft. Yawn…Ok, You can wake up now. Lol

Apart from having to play footsie under the table all the way down, the journey was pretty much uneventful. That is apart from Alex jumping on the tube and leaving me to struggle past the alighting Incredible Hulk and getting trapped in the doors as a result of him almost knocking me off my feet and delaying my entry.

It was bloody hot down there in the bowels of the earth too. And dare I say it there were a few dubious characters on there too who I tried not to make eye contact with. Alex sat opposite me and kept me amused. 😉

Once we were up out of the tube at Kings Cross it was a short walk to our hotel. It had a nice mock gothic fronted hotel with welcoming griffins over the entrance, very nice. We signed in and made our way to the fourth floor. All was going well. When we entered the room I was a little disappointed at the décor and facilities they were nothing like the last hotel we stayed in but I dismissed these thoughts as we were in London.

I think we had been in the room about … uhm … 2 minutes when the first came by…then another. We both looked out the window to the rear of the hotel and found the source of the noise. It was a bloody train track directly under our window. A train spotter’s dream, no, orgasm. Lol

Determined that we were going to enjoy our break in the capital city we carried on regardless, unpacked, took a quick shower and headed out to Earls Court via the tube. We had arranged to meet up with Patrick from Television X who we have been working closely with lately and what a lovely guy he is. Patrick if you are reading you are such a sweetie. 😉

He was sitting on the steps outside Earls Court when we arrived. What happened next was one of the most interesting, enjoyable and tiring days of my life …

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Reader Whip Round

You may not be aware if you are new to this site that I review sex toys and put them on YouTube. It gives our readers a chance to listen and watch me perform before their very eyes. Some say they love my giggle too, don’t they Steve at Magma. 😉 I met him at the Passion show and…well, I’ll tell you all about that soon.

Just click here to watch some naughty little snippets and help us reach our 250,00th viewing, that’s one hell of a lot of like minded people who I would love to kiss personally for taking the time to watch me.

To you all I give a big…

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