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Lust And Shiny Stockings

It’s difficult to pinpoint the moment I actually fell in love with Suze. It happened within a few weeks of our being an item and I know exactly when I told her that I loved her. It was of course a pivotal moment in our relationship and marked the true start of our lives together.

Lust on the other hand is a different matter.

I fell in lust with Suze about two minutes after meeting her. She was wearing a skirt suit, hemline around the knee that rose up when se sat down to expose more of her gorgeous legs. He legs were clad in shiny stockings. I didn’t know that at the time, they could have been tights, but I had decided they were stockings before I knew for certain.

If you ever meet her she’s still the same Suze I met all those years ago. Flirt, sexy, provocative. I wasn’t sure of her relationship status so despite being attracted to her in a pant-stirring, lump-forming way I didn’t make a move on her. I thought she was attracted to me, but because I wasn’t sure if she was involved and the mutual friends around us seemed intent on being vague on the matter I was left in that no mans land between jumping straight in and marking her down as “involved”.

It was torture. She was being friendly and flirty, but was it just friendly-flrty? She was, is, as sexy as hell and always has had a playful, sexy smile that she used to devastating effect until I was half crazy that night.

I drove her and her friends home after the party (I was stone cold sober – which is probably the only reason I didn’t try it on with her), she insisted I drop her off last. We sat in the car for hours, literally hours, outside the house where she lived just talking. I finally drove home knowing that I wanted something to happen but nothing had.

Wind forward a few months later when we had our first flat together. I told her that I really regretted not making a move that first night and she suggested something. I dressed in my suit and she in the skirt suit she wore when we first met. We drank a little wine and this time we let ourselves go and set our lust free.

We were sitting on the clapped-out sofa that came with the flat I remember putting down my wine and reaching out to touch her knee. She raised her glass to her lips and watched my hand as I felt her shapely legs. I slid my fingers further up until I reached the top of her stockings. I felt the delicate lacy trim, then the bare flesh above. We had discussed what she had worn that night and she confirmed that she had been wearing stockings and the black basque that she now wore under her suit.

There was a lump in my throat, and as you might imagine somewhere else. She uncrossed her legs and let my fingers find her mons, covered in black satin, hot and humid. She parted her legs as far as the skirt would allow and lay back. I hooked my fingers inside her panties and sought out her hot opening. She moaned, not because I was bringing her to orgasm with the first knuckle of two fingers, but because she could feel me invade her and knew I was enjoying it so much. The pleasure of exploring her most intimate places, the pleasure denied me on our first meeting. It almost transported us back there…

We were both turned on, both ready, both wanting to do the thing that my caution had denied us on our first meeting. So when I withdrew my fingers and licked them she immediately stood up and hitched up her skirt. Suze cast off her satin panties, with a little difficulty as they had to bypass her black stilettos. She lay down, legs wider apart than before, wet pussy beckoning me with its animal fragrance.

I unzipped my trousers and simply let them fall to the floor. I knelt at the edge of the sofa, erection proud and raging. I pushed the tip inside Suze, she gasped. She was used to me by now so it wasn’t that I was John Holmes reborn, it was the excitement, the moment. I withdrew and then plunged in as deep as I could feeling her stretch slightly as our pubic hair intertwined (yes we had pubic hair then).

There was no gymnastics, no Tantra, simply a good hard fuck. We both came, Suze a couple of times and when I reached my climax it was with her stocking clad legs around my ears and stilettos waving dangerously close to my head.

We retired to bed, where a little later we made love again, This time with less clothing, me naked but her with her basque and stockings still on. Corny but oh so sexy.

I am such a lucky man.

101 Days Of Sex

I just finished reading an article about a couple who decided to have sex every day for 101 days. At first I thought they meant they were going to have a “bed in” like Yoko and John but no.

They decided that they wanted to go for this as they were currently finding the time and energy, having two children to raise and full time jobs. During this period they had sex on top of a mountain and at a hotel after visiting a porn industry convention in Las Vegas. Hey, anyone want to sponsor Alex and Suze? 😉

A study from the Kinsey Institute reports that:

18-29 year olds have sex on average 112 times per year
30-39 year olds manage to do it 86 times
40-49 year olds average 69 times per year

I just had to do the maths and Alex and I must be averaging about 800 or so. Wow!

For a minute I was hooked by the story and then I noticed, right at the end they were promoting the sales of their book about the whole experience. Forgive me if I yawn. You have to ask was this just a scam to promote sales of a book. Or am I just being cynical…

Cum Baby Cum

National Orgasm Day (UK)

Now I’m pretty clued up in all things adult but I almost missed this one. Today is apparently National Orgasm Day. I believe every day should be an orgasm day but it gives you ladies out there a reason to drag him off to the bedroom in support of this great cause. 😉

And the guys a chance to whisk your lady off her feet or if you are playing solo make sure you have batteries in.

I personally believe that all employees should be given the day off to pursue their personal quests for pleasure. Lol

And if you aren’t sure what to use to make it happen you can always check out our sex toy reviews over here I’m sure you will find something you like. 😉

I won’t keep you all any longer because I know you are all wanting to get on with things 😉

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Sexy Eskimo

It’s too hot here in the UK at the moment, why can’t it be more like this?

Looking For Pussy

We had a rather disgruntled individual comment on one of our sex toy reviews the other night. I believe the comment went something like “What the fuck is this I was looking for cat toys”. At first I thought it was one of the usual bunch of haradens who leave nasty comments but this guy was genuinely upset. Lol

It seems he had attempted to search the oodles of sites on YouTube and come across one of our reviews in his quest. He had landed on our review of a Top Cat toy, a remote controlled vibrator.

Now do correct me if I am wrong but if you search on YouTube for “top cat toy” our video is clearly displaying still of me with a rabbit vibrator and the text to the right side of the video is saying that it is a vibrator.

So, you would think that the person concerned would be a) able to see that the image displayed was of a vibrator and b) read that the video relates to a vibrator.

Maybe it’s just me but do some people actually think these days or do they need to follow instruction. Lol

Busty’s Vibrator

M-VibeOn Friday I sat at my desk and looked over to Busty to say hello, she had just put the receiver down on the telephone and was now able to acknowledge me. Then I had one of those moments…

…as I turned to look at her as she greeted me my eyes fell upon her neck. I know, unusual for me as I normally say good morning to her puppies too. 😉 I had to hold back a smile as I noticed her necklace. No, it wasn’t a pearl one. Lol

She was wearing a choker length necklace with a lozenge shaped pendant hanging from it. The chain was silver and the enamelled amulet was metallic pink. I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about the lovely necklace above which is both beautiful and functional as the dangly bit is a bullet which you can detach and use at any time.

What a great idea you can have your toy with you at all times so you are ready for any emergency. 😉

I would have shared this piece of information with her but I just couldn’t bring myself to point it out. After all, I don’t want her thinking I have sex on the brain most of the time. 🙂

Hot Or Not

Kelly KnoxTrue Beauty And The Fight For Acceptance.

Last night Kelly Knox was “crowned” Britain’s Missing Top Model on the BBC Three programme of the same name. We were both elated as we thought that the other finalist Sophie was going to win because of her often stated views about the title being a platform for her to change people’s perceptions of disability and become a role model for others. See her interview on BBC News here.

To be perfectly honest Sophie had really begun to wind me up. I started off wanting her to win because she seemed motivated and has looks that are beautiful, and yet accessible. Over the course of the series it became apparent that she was totally preoccupied with whether or not other contestants were (in her eyes) qualified to represent disabled people in the modelling world. I’d go so far as to say preoccupied to the point of obsession, if it weren’t for the fact that the girls were all under pressure. I’ll put it down to displacement behaviour due to the stress of the competition.

But of course modelling can be stressful and until Sophie learns to deal with life and other people in a more constructive manner she will be a handful on-set. She went from someone I wanted to win because of her conviction that she could change attitudes for the better, to the contestant who I didn’t want to listen to. As an ambassador for disability she will need to be persuasive rather than pedantic. I am absolutely in favour of equal rights and treatment for disabled people, but despite Sophie’s aims being the same her approach made me mentally switch off to the idea.

So back to Kelly Knox. I was thrilled she won, she’s strikingly attractive straightforward honest and … now I’m having second thoughts.

She is so good looking and capable that except for the fact that her left arm terminates just below the elbow she isn’t obviously disabled. I want her to be a top model and believe she can be, but is she the right ambassador, would annoying Sophie have been better?

Luckily I think a lot of the girls, Sophie included will have their careers kick started by the programme so it’s not all down to Kelly. And the programme did its job it made me think and I hope it made a lot of other people think about their concept of beauty and disability.

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Jerking Off For A Living

Naughty BoyIf you want something really new and exciting you might want to read my exclusive review of the latest toy from Rocks-Off – the Naughty Boy.

It’s the latest in what’s becoming a family of toys designed specifically for men by those clever people from Kettering. Why should the girls have all the fun, they started out with the Lick, then moved on to the Rude Boy. Now it’s the Naughty Boy.

They even have a couple more toys in the pipeline that we’ll be reviewing soon.

Stay tuned for them, but in the meantime the Naughty Boy review is here.

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Suze Gets Her Rocks Off

A review of the Mini G Rock Vibrator from California Exotics.

Last weekend was so hot the pavement and roads were steaming and no matter what you did to cool down the heat would get to you within moments. I love it to be bright and sunny but we don’t have air conditioning to be able to escape from the heat.

We hoped that the evening would bring cooler weather and a relief from the days heat but it didn’t. Despite being uncomfortably warm I found my libido rocketed, all this sun made me feel so randy. 😉

The only problem being that it was far too hot to fuck. No seriously, both of us were too hot to get close to each other let alone do the dirty deed. Lol Everything we made contact with stuck to us, not very conducive to a good session.

It was whilst laying in bed next to each other, desperately wanting to fuck, to have sex, to come! That I remembered my new toy the Mini G Rock Total Pleasurer. It was too hot to fuck but masturbation, well that was another thing all together.

Alex reached inside his bedside drawer and withdrew his favourite cock ring and I reached in to mine for the G Rock which I had pre loaded with it’s battery when I washed it the other day. I always keep my new toys to hand and ready for use when I am in the mood to test them I find they review best “naturally” rather than setting time aside each day.

The G Rock is ergonomically contoured
Waterproof, good for use in the shower or bath. 😉
The stimulator can be removed for cleaning, choice of cleaning being a quick wash with soap and water, boiling or you can place it in your dishwasher…not too sure about that…I don’t have one, I would have to use a neighbours. Lol
It is constructed out of soft, flexible silicone
At it’s widest point it is 9.5cm in circumference with an insertible length of 13cm
The bullet take 1 x LR-01 battery and operates on an on/off button

Right that said…

Alex was now laying on his back totally naked with the pedestal fan blowing cool air over his body and I was by his side in just a thin nightshirt. It was too bloody hot and I raised my body off the bed and slipped the shirt over my shoulders, casting it to the floor.

Both of us were now naked atop the bedsheet and thin cover. It feels strange to be able to lay naked in your bedroom without the heating being on in this country. And even when you do have it on, it is usually still quite nippy. It is a novelty to be able to lay around with nothing on but a smile but I like it. I may have to move to Florida to experience this all year round one day. 🙂

Alex was getting in to the swing of things, his hand now gently teasing the tip of his cock as he ran his fingers under his cock head. I checked my moisture levels and my finger returned to my mouth wet and tasty. ;0 I tested myself again this time offering Alex the opportunity to taste me too. I placed my wet finger upon his lip and he sucked me over his plump red lips, between his teeth and sucked on me like a calf.

I felt for the G Rock laying by my side and positioned it ready to penetrate me, running it along my pussy to moisten the tip before plunging me depths. The G Rock slipped inside me with ease, perhaps a little too much ease. This toy does not have the girth of it’s older cousin which for me does not quite fill the need in me. If you get my drift. 😉 But for a beginner it would be very good or an adult toy novice.

It did not stretch me and I found the stimulation offered when I pressed the magic button didn’t quite work for me either. Unlike it’s older cousin the bullet is mounted midway along the toy and gives the most vibratory stimulation just inside the opening to the vagina. Which would work for some women but I’m afraid it didn’t work for me. Perhaps I needed the “Maxi” version.

However, I did find that when I used my finger to lift the soft tail of the vibe nuzzling on my clit and began to frig my clit that I was soon able to reach those dizzying heights. Within minutes I was clenching my ass and bucking onto my hand.

This toy would be a must for any newbie to the world of adult toys or one who is aroused by mild vaginal stimulation. That said I would not rule this out as a “base toy” to be used with other stimulation.

It also gave me a chance to use my digits again, I have become used to mechanical stimulation these days and that was fun!

Naughty Nuns Again

Occasionally we have a visitor from somewhere you’d least expect.

The Vatican.

You see the Vatican city state has its own IP ranges and once in a while we get someone on the Papal network reading our site.

We don’t know who they are, but it’s fun to imagine.

It also provides us with an excuse to post up another picture of a naughty nun. Thanks RC HQ


Suze Went Dogging Last Night

I mentioned the other day that we had been to the ETO show at Earls Court Birmingham this past weekend. As ever we did not come away empty handed, which is good. 😉

We didn’t bring home just toys, there were some DVD’s for us to try out. Different to the norm in that they are mainly amateur. It’s a nice change from the usual glossy (and often repetitive), directed ones that fill the shelves at the local adult stores.

So, last night when we retired to the bedroom we put one of the DVD’s in to the player and lay back on the bed. I must admit that I didn’t think it would appeal to me, it was a collection of dogging clips.

I have to admit that I did get very turned on watching these amateurs and they really were amateur. There is just something that presses the right buttons about these clips but I won’t spoil it for you because Alex will be doing a full review later.

That’s if we make it to the end. 😉

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Hottie Fingering Her Whore Twat

Just for a bit of fun last night I decided to key the title of this post into Google images and this picture is what it came up with. Just out of curiosity, there are certain sites that seem to use that sort of post title at the moment, you know who I’m taking about, right.

I simply strung together a few selective sexual words and voile la…

I may just set up a new site with the results of my image searches. What do you think?

Porn Channel Horse Whipped

Lolly BadcockA few days ago on A-rouse I wrote this article where I pondered the levels of censorship and control that UK law has over adult media distribution channels. At roughly the same time it became public knowledge that TelevisionX have had their ass whipped because they transmitted this content on their Sky channel – a huge breach of their license conditions. (UK law prohibits the transmission of hardcore content on broadcast channels.

This is the what they transmitted.

£25,000 is what the transmission of that clip cost them. I knew about the probably fine about three months ago, word gets around in the industry, I just couldn’t say anything because it was effectively sub judice.

So why does UK law prohibit the transmission of such content when it is freely available on the Internet? I would suggest you could go to your local adult store and purchase exactly the same sort of video but only online has the convenience afforded by broadcast channels. In fact online is much more user friendly, discreet and has greater choice. Just to get TelevisionX or Red Hot TV on your Sky box involves ringing a call centre and reading out your credit card details or using the digi-box’s dial-up link. Use their online site or any other VoD site and it’s a much more friendly experience.

As I said in my previous article there has to be control to ensure that minors don’t get to see this but UK law just makes broadcast channels the poor cousin of the online channels – and online channels can be hosted in Russia or China and be subject to no control should an unscrupulous operator be so minded.

Television X are the good guys in that they choose to operate under UK law and bear the consequences if they don’t. Will UK porn laws eventually drive all such channels off-shore, and into the unregulated hell that is refuge for the real criminal purveyors of child porn, rape videos and bestiality?

That said I do have one question. This story has been covered on our sites, various adult industry sites in the UK and US, it even made the BBC news online. For that much publicity £25,000 doesn’t seem like a lot of money.

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Suck On This Baby!

Pju MintsWe had a great day at the ETO show yesterday and made lots of new contacts and shook hands with some we already knew. It was absolutely boiling hot in Birmingham and the heat coupled with being constantly on the go meeting everyone we felt very dehydrated and knackered when we got back.

Consequently I didn’t have the energy to put up my review of the G Rock vibe as the heat melted both of us in to the late evening. We both slept with just a thin cover over us and the fan on last night.

I will try to get the post up later today.

Today I have been sorting through all the things we brought away with us last night. And amongst them were these freebies from the Pjur lubricants stand. I was considering taking them in to work for the girls.

What do you think? 😉

Nasty, Naughty Nurse!

Naught Nurse In PVCSo, there I was minding my own business, up a ladder stripping the paint from the garage door when I turned and rested my arm against what I thought was the aluminium ladder frame. Except it wasn’t. It was the hot-air paint stripping gun I’d just put down, 500 milliseconds and a whiff of burning flesh later and I have the lovely crescent shaped burn you can see below.Fucking nasty, fucking ouch!So I figured I needed a naughty nurse to kiss it better. Suze is busy and in her usual sympathetic way (whenever I have an accident) she exclaimed “How the bloody hell did you do that!”. Nice to know she cares!

In the absence of Suze putting on a ridiculously skimpy PVC number and giving me a bed bath I thought the image to the left would make me and the rest of you feel better.

Getting Dirty With The Pornstars

Ben DoverAlex and I have just returned from a wonderful day in Birmingham at the Erotic Trade Only event. This annual event is attended by wholesalers and suppliers to the adult trade.

We got chance to meet some of the people we have been reviewing toys for over the past few weeks, including a lovely lady from and the guy behind the UK arm of Don Wands, and lots of new people.

All of this should culminate in us cementing new relationships with suppliers ensuring that Sex Toys Buzz does exactly what it says on the tin and buzzes away for a long time to come. I would love to be able to tell you what we have coming up in the pipeline but I will have to keep quiet until things are finalised.

Both Alex and I are buzzing. Lol

I also got to meet Ben Dover and the very lovely Cathy Barry, we are going to have to stop meeting like this. 😉 It was a very hot day in more ways than one and Cathy had a very short white lace dress clinging to her, she looked good.

Alex also took a look at a very interesting and novel inflatable which he will be telling you about. I’m sure there will be some looners out there eager to get their hands on this. 😉

All in all it was a very fulfilling and enriching day but I am absolutely buggered. Lol

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Becca’s Boobs…

I’m a little sad that Rebecca was voted out of Big Brother on Friday night. She is a 21 year old nursery nurse from Coventry. Every year I hear myself saying the same words “I’m not watching BB this year” and then I end up watching with everyone else. Lol

My choices for winning the show this year were Rebecca or Luke. She has a very entertaining personality and he has a very dry sense of humour which lifts other members of the house when they are a little subdued.

But as a couple they made compulsive viewing, frolicking, kissing, making fun of each other. I didn’t really care if it was genuine, it made the viewing interesting and fun, not the usual discussing how much they dislike someone or who they think should win.

And the best part of all was that Rebecca had the most wonderful pair of boobs. Large and round just like melons. I know that sounds a bit cliché but that is exactly what they looked like. Check them out here.

Hey, and don’t forget to come back. 😉

Sexual Animal

There’s a little ditty from Faithless, whose lyrics go something like this:

…I’m a sexual animal, eat you like a cannibal,
Crammed full of energy,
I’m inflammable,
Yeah, I finish my beer
So come here and get nice while I lick your ear,
Put your legs over there and kinda swing on the chair,
I swear you look wicked with your panties in your hair …

We all know that when you’ve had way too much to drink it can be a little difficult for the male of the species to perform reliably. What I’ve found lately is that what I drink has a direct bearing on how I act when I’m making love.

For example wine (red wine only because white doesn’t agree with me) makes me relaxed, and tends to give me a mellow feeling which is reflected in a slow, considered, considerate love-making. Sensual you might say and soft too.

In contrast drinking whisky appears to make me rather more aggressive and assertive. Is it just a psychological thing, or are there chemicals within the booze that affect my sexual demeanour? Bear in mind here that I’m not talking about getting blind drunk and losing control. Far from it, I wouldn’t waste a good single malt that would be a heinous sin. In all honesty I consume less alcohol when drinking spirits than if I’m drinking wine.

Does anyone else have a similar experience?

More Buzz Than My Vibe

Sex Toys BuzzSex Toys Buzz has become one of our favourite projects to date. It gives us the versatility to review adult toys and products for anyone. On this site you will already have noted that we have a couple of partners and try to review toys that have some unique feature, or are simply brand new.

We like to keep things warm and friendly too, this is our site and we want it to reflect our personality.

So, you can imagine just how delighted we were when we brought up the site on our screens this morning to discover that after less than three months since we created it, we have achieved a Google rank. It may just be a 2 at the moment but just imagine how much that will grow in the next few months.

Because of this we wanted to say a big thank you to all you people who have visited, used us to promote your wonderful products and supported the site by reading and linking.

In return for this we promise to bring you even more great products from the adult world. 😉