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Fuck Me You Are Giving Me The Horn

It’s been a great Bank Holiday weekend, even the weather brightened up in the end giving us a bit of sunshine. Trouble with holidays is that you feel you need to drain every drop of enjoyment from them before returning to work.

I usually end up saying “What the fuck did I do this holiday?”.

Holidays are also a good time to languish in the time you both have together. No coming home from work and not having enough energy to indulge in foreplay. You can stay in bed as long as you like and indulge in pleasures of the flesh without the time constraints of the working day. I love that, to enjoy unrushed sex.

So yesterday afternoon we rushed off upstairs after doing a few chores in the garden, just so we didn’t feel too guilty about not completing some of the jobs we had lined up. After all it’s a lot more fun playing around and fucking. 😉

We both rushed to the bathroom to freshen up, Alex washed me and I washed him. The we rushed off to the bedroom and drew the curtains, me holding my towel around me to avoid flashing the neighbours.

Alex put on our latest acquisition from the Adult Store Maison Erotic from Harmony and then we both slipped on to the bed totally naked except for t-shirts. Alex was in the mood and as soon as we had settled on the bed he was there between my legs.

I love to feel the warm softness of his tongue as he runs it up and down my slit, returning to the top to encircle my clit. The he descends once more and this time raises my ass off the bed slightly as he runs his soft but firm tongue over my perineum. I shudder with the warm stroke of his tongue over my sensitised skin.

But he doesn’t stop there. He lifts me higher and then runs his tongue slowly over my anus. I’m sure I flex at that point, pouting, inviting him to go further. I groan my approval from my pillow. “Is that good?”, he asks raising his head from between my legs to see me mouth the words “Oh fuck yes”.

I feel his breath pass over my left butt cheek as he opens up my ass with the palms of his hands. Was that a tongue or a finger which just massaged my anus? Oh, it was his tongue and I sense him invading me, pushing inside me. Tonguing my entrance. I moan even louder and squirm with delight.

He sucks his finger. Where is that going? Then he pushes gently against my anus, coaxing me to open up and accept him. I’m relaxed and he slips inside me. 😉 He eases up of the bed and on to his knees, his finger still inside me he starts to gently waggle in around.

His cock is hard, it’s there bouncing in front of him calling to me. I reach out and take a firm grip of him between my open legs. He is warm, hard, pulsating and ready for me. I run my finger around the tip of his cock, moistening him with his own precum.

His finger slips from inside my ass and his legs part further. I place my feet on his shoulder, moving closer to his groin and guiding him to my pussy. He is so hard and I want him to fuck me hard. No time is lost as he starts to slap against my ass, pushing deeper with each thrust. I hold on to his forearms which bear down on the mattress for extra purchase.

I start to move to meet his thrusts. The bed is now squeaking and complaining heavily. What was that noise? Was it the bed? I’m momentarily distracted from the good hard fucking I am receiving. There it goes again. It’s a tune I have heard before but not played like that. Then it stops and I feel a sense of relief that I don’t have to listen anymore.

Alex continues to fuck me and I’m so wet. Then the same few bars are played again. It stops…only to start again.

“For fuck’s sake, what is that racket!”, I exclaim. Alex has heard it too and stopped to listen. It was impossible to carry on the stopping and starting of some kind of brass instrument was distracting the both of us so much that we were unable to continue.

It turned out to be our new neighbour over the road. It looks like they are learning the horn or something…I wish I was! 🙁

Sex Burglar

After leaving school with my A levels I took up a couple of courses at college. I somehow wasn’t ready to go in to the big wide world and get a job and become responsible. I’m so grateful to my parents that they indulged me in this and didn’t force me to take up a job to pay my way in the household.

This meant that my teenage years were full of parties and fun, Oh, and study of course. 😉 College was great and the majority of my fellow course mates were easy to get along with. One girl there became a very close friend and we still see each other to this day.

I also met the guy I had the longest relationship with in my teenage years. You know how it is when you are young, moving from one relationship to another. Don’t get me wrong I was never the “one night stand” type of girl. The shortest time I spent with one guy was 3 months, so not quite in to the realms of slag. Pie and Asterisk will know what I mean by that. LOL

For our non Briitish readers the expression “slag” was used to describe a female who would go all the way. You know what I mean now, don’t you? Ok…fuck you or give you a blow job on the first date. I’m sure that is some people’s ideal female but not the reputation I wanted. 😀

During these carefree years I met a guy, lets call him Chris for the sake of argument. He was about 6′ 3″ with short brown hair and dark melting chocolate eyes, come to bed eyes is the best way to describe them. He was a slim built guy, which belied the fact that he was as strong ass an ox.

Chris was a couple of years older than me, a man of the world. He had a profession and best of all his own car. Men with cars at that age are like gold dust, unless you were looking for a much older guy, they always seemed to have cars but I didn’t know one.

He was still living at home with his parents too, saving and hoping to get his foot on the property ladder one day. Until that time he lived with his parents and his younger brother. They lived in a quiet suburb about 4 miles away from my home in a bungalow.

His parents were very easy going and fairly liberal minded, this meant In emergencies I could stay over night in his room as long as one of us slept on the camp bed. Emergencies being very rare, I think I only every stayed overnight a couple of times. I’m damned if I can remember what excuse (valid reason) we gave (engineered) to bring that about. LOL

No, I used to retire to my own room in my parents house of an evening after creeping up the stairs in the early hours, avoiding the steps which creaked along the way. This is a feat in itself when you have been out drinking all night.

I would be out for the count but a couple of times a week woke up early, not because I was a light sleeper but I would set my alarm clock for 4am. Can you guess why. I didn’t have a job with an early start, or classes which started early in the morning.

I’ll let you in to a secret my parents weren’t even aware of. I would get ready and dressed then make my way to the bus stop for the first bus of the morning. I don’t fish either, so you can discount that one. 😀

My journey of 5 stops would take me about 10 minutes at that time in the morning. I would hop off and then walk up the road and down a lane to arrive at my destination. The quiet suburban street where Chris lived.

His bedroom was at the far end of the property next to his brothers. The window to his bedroom faced out on to the driveway and carport at the side. It was quite high and could not be seen directly in to because of this.

Because of the difference in height between me and the window I needed something to stand on. I would bring the bin round to the side of the house and place it directly under Chris’ window. By prior arrangement he would leave the window open just a crack.

I climbed up on to the top of the bin and opened the window. Chris was sound asleep and completely oblivious to my entry. I jumped down on to the carpeted floor and pulled the window closed behind me.

In the darkness of the room I got undressed and then pulled back the covers and slipped between them next to Chris. He stirred slightly and put his arm around me in a sleepy daze. His bed had a really bad creak so most of the time my ministrations would begin with me taking his cock in to my mouth and working my tongue around the end until he started to harden. It didn’t take long before he would be hard enough to penetrate me.

We had to fuck outside the bed, usually with me on all fours so as not to wake his parents or brother. I’m sure they never bought a new bed in an attempt to stop us fucking in his room. LOL

Both of us would fuck and enjoy each other for the next couple of hours before his parents woke. Spending the last minutes of our time together embracing in bed before climbing out and getting dressed, then slipping out briefly to re-position the bin while his mum clattered about in the kitchen, so they would be none the wiser. His mum would knock on his bedroom door and bring in a cup of tea and she always said the same thing, “Oh, hello Suze I didn’t hear you arrive”. We would giggle about this as she shut the door behind her.

On this particular morning I dropped a huge bollock. I forgot to move the bin back to it’s normal spot at the front of the house. I only remembered when the sound of a bin being moved just under the window was audible.

Chris and I looked at each other. “Shit, I forgot to put it back!”, I exclaimed. “Don’t worry they will never guess”, Chris reassured me. There was a tap, tap on the door before it opened and in stepped Chris’ mum with another cup of tea, for me. “I just found the bin round the side of the house, how did it get there?”, asked his mum quizzically. I’m sure my face was painted with guilt at this point. “I don’t know mum. Maybe some kids did it as a joke”, he replied.

“I suppose so, kids these days do the most stupid things”, she said as she left his room. When the door was closed once again, we rolled about with laughter on his bed. It taught me a lesson, I never forgot again.

After drinking my tea Chris got ready in the bathroom and then he took me home. I would walk in to a silent house as my parents were still in bed at that hour. When they awoke and came down there was I sat in the kitchen drinking a cup of tea looking as if I had been home all evening. To this day they have no idea what I used to get up to. Good job I suppose. LOL

She Wants It Long And Hard

Thinking about School yesterday has got me remembering a lot about how my attitudes towards sex and the opposite sex have developed. Initially there was of course the confusion that appears as you begin to learn about your body and the bodies of others. I don’t remember either of my parents actually sitting down and giving me the “Birds And The Bees” talk so I had to gather my knowledge from friends and the school sex-ed lessons, which were far too late to be of use for the first few years of my sexual awakening.

Learning about sex from classmates is bound to get you mixed up. It’s like trying to learn how to ride a bike by correspondence course. Having said that sex-ed lessons aren’t much better as the ones that were being dished out when I was at school where dry and removed from real relationships. They were couched in scientific language and given by teachers who quite obviously would have preferred to be in the staff room filling their pipes with Golden Virginia and combing the breakfast crumbs out of their beards.

And that was just the women.

My initial take on sex was that it happened doggy style. Not surprising when you think about it as my only visual clues as to how procreation took place were from wildlife documentaries and animals tend not to do it missionary. At the age of ten this was misconception was dispelled by my best friend who explained about how people did it the other way round. It was only very much later that I discovered that people do it every which way round. LOL

Of course it soon became apparent that people do it for a number of reasons too. And in each circumstance it means different things. But what did become apparent was that blokes were supposed to keep it up for ages and pleasure their ladies before they came. Except if you were just after a quicky. Shit it’s complicated for a kid to understand sex and sexuality.

Personally I always wanted to give the lady a good time. So by the time I got together with Suze any inclination I had to indulge my own carnal urges with a quicky had been suppressed.

When we first got together I would work tirelessly every night. We’d indulge in long sensuous foreplay, fantastic earth shattering sex and long sexy cuddles afterwards. This was all great and cemented our relationship, but as we grew busier and our relationship changed we both realised that its not always what either partner wants. Sometimes you do want a quick thrill to cheer you up, or maybe even as a comforting reaffirmation of your relationship. It doesn’t mean any less than the marathon shags, in fact it may demonstrate your mutual understanding of each other’s needs.

So in case you were wondering women don’t always want it long and hard, all the time. In my experience at least.

Glowing Breasts

While working my way through college I had a job for a few months at a sandwich shop. It involved early starts, which suited me because I could get up before the sun rose, put in several hours work and get to classes having had a cooked breakfast. The only downside being that I smelled of fried bacon all day.

The thing about working in a sandwich shop is that you’re always hot. It sold hot and cold meals and sandwiches to the local factories. The kitchen was relatively small and populated by the owners (a husband and wife), two women and me. Staff turnover was high. I for example as I have mentioned only lasted three or four months because I was at the end of my college term. But the girls were even more transient, some only lasting a week and the early starts and the heat simply didn’t suite them.

I mention it because as I was working one day, buttering slice after slice of bread I glanced across to one of my colleagues and was entranced by her glittering cleavage. It was speckled with tiny beads of perspiration and as I watched one ran into another and then another and the combined bead of sweat ran down between her breast and into the inviting depths of her cleavage.

I imagined chasing it with my tongue, finally catching up with it as it teetered on the edge of her navel. I don’t have to elaborate on which particular image inhabited my wank fantasies that night.

Some jobs have such unexpected perks. LOL

Playing With Your Pussy

I’m sorry if you came over thinking this was going to be the usual dose of porn.

Alex and I have been cat lovers for the last 10 years or so. I was always a dog lover myself up until recently, I could never understand how anyone could be affectionate towards an animal which is so independent.

How wrong I was, after adopting my first cat (currently on cat two) I was hooked. You have something furry and loving to come home to at the end of the day, Alex accepted. Lol And you don’t have to worry about having to take them for a walk during the day.

Ideal for the working couple.

And our cat like most others just loves to get in to boxes or packaging, in fact anything he can climb in to.

This is exactly why this site caught my eye, you can buy a range of cardboard cat playhouses for your cat to enjoy and you of course.

Go check them out, I like the plane.

Flesh On Parade

Gok Wan is a name that I didn’t think I’d be using on this blog. I’m not into fashion, boring as it might sound I prefer practical, always have. However he does make fashion fun and he’s got a surplus of charisma that tends to enthuse rather than repulse me as some over the top TV stars tend to.

I think the reason that I like Gok as a personality is that he is always positive and presents one of my favourite “chewing gum” programmes, “How To Look Good Naked”. I say chewing gum as it’s chewing gum for the mind in a way. I detest programmes like “The Swan”, or “Extreme Makeover” because the person getting “the treatment” is physically very different by the time the so called experts have finished with them. While there is undoubted merit in enhancing a person’s physical appearance to give them the confidence to change their lives I find it difficult to understand why anyone would want to turn out as a carbon copy of Tyra Banks.

So Gok’s softer approach, emphasising how to maximise what you’ve got is much more to my liking. It’s also much more practical for the majority of us mortals who don’t have a suitcase full of money as required by the cosmetic surgery biased formats.

I suppose this follows on from my earlier post. I don’t like the idea of conformity as a comfort blanket and hate blind acceptance of widely held attitudes without something more than popular opinion to back them up.

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Classroom Fun

Suze Schoolgirl
Peer pressure is an incredibly powerful thing. Mix it with raging hormones and little social ineptitude and you have the perfect mix for some very peculiar behaviour. Which is why our school days are filled with exaggeration, embarrassment, but perhaps most importantly self-discovery.

I was reminded of my school days while watching an old episode of Doctor Who that one of my work colleagues has lent me on DVD. At school I watch it in a slightly different way than those around me. They were all awed by the monsters and the ray-guns, whereas I had just as much interest in the infinite possibilities that travel in time and space threw up. Oh and the cute assistants LOL.

I think everyone has something where they feel out of sync with their friends at school. And I think the most area in which we feel different from everyone else is our sexuality. The reason of course is that we are all different and have our own tastes and nuances that make us what we are. In your teenage years you don’t understand this and the rapid changes in your mind and body means that it’s awfully confusing.

I don’t know about girls but for boys it’s all about how big is your cock, when you first get pubic hair, have you kissed a girl, have you touched a girl’s breasts, or ass, or got inside her knickers. I suspect girls have it the same way.

This led to a lot of lies and bravado. It also meant a lot of my classmates fell into the trap of total conformity. The only acceptable sexuality was straight, girls were for a good time not people who you interacted and had relationships with too. If you hadn’t developed physically as fast as the most advanced boys in the year you were “a girl”. If you didn’t tow the line you were “gay”.

I suffered from this but less than some. I just fell inside the middle third. What’s that? Well the top third was the popular boys who had the confidence through their mutual massaging of each others egos and early physical development. The girls all lusted after them and everyone else wanted to be in their group. Well everyone apart from me because I always saw through the bluff and bluster to see that they were frightened schoolboys like everyone else.

The bottom third was the unfortunate bunch of lads who were picked on because they were either effeminate, late developers, or had family issues. It used to make my skin crawl to watch them being picked on.

I was (just) in the middle third. A bit geeky, and a late developer physically but just clever enough to keep my head down most of the time and able to slip under radar of the bullying taunting top third. Being second youngest in the school year I would have been open to abuse about my lack of pubic hair until most of the other guys had started to develop theirs. However I have always been rather well proportioned in the penis department so that kind of cancelled out any taunts about that.

Being in the middle third also meant that I was able to talk to girls as a friend without being seen as too much of a threat by the tops and not repulse the girls by being one of the perceived pond life at the bottom of the popularity league table.

Now I’ve got my self thinking about H. She was quite something and I’ll have to write about her later. But breakfast beckons.

Analize This!

Fun Factory Bloomy Review

The Fun Factory Bloomy Dildo is unlike any butt plug we’ve ever tested before, not because of its construction or some innovative vibrating function, but because of its shape.

The toy is moulded into its beautiful smooth and elegant form in top medical grade silicon by those clever people at Fun Factory. Most butt plugs have a tapering shape, thinner waist at the bottom and a wide base to stop you losing it up your you know where. The Bloomy does away with the base and replaces it with a curving loop and leaf like section which presses against the perineum when in use. The main insertable end of the toy begins as a smooth bulbous shape, then widens suddenly in the form of two petal like shapes either side of the main shaft.

This is what makes the bloomy so different from other Butt plugs.

I wanted to use the Bloomy while having sex with Suze, so while she looked on I lubed up with Pjur Aqua around my anus and on the toy itself. I lay on my back on the bed and raised my knees to aid penetration.

The first section of the toy entered me easily, opening my inner and outer sphincter and leaving me feeling filled. Pressing the toy further in I felt a sudden resistance from the two “petals” half way down the shaft. After trying for several minutes to push past theses, applying extra lube and adjusting my position the Bloomy finally slid inside me the perineal stimulator resting satisfyingly against my skin.

In place the Bloomy feels great, it’s not too large and the soft caress of the perineal stimulator makes you want to clench your muscles, pulling the toy inside and pressing it against the sensitive skin between your scrotum and anus.

I lay for a while alternately relaxing and then clenching my buttocks to allow my body to get used to the new sensations. Each anal toy is different. I found the Fun Factory Bloomy to be stimulating but not too intense, soft, and yet able to press against my prostate with enough force to make me constantly aware of its presence.

Suze coaxed me to erection with a little nibbling and licking, occasionally looping round the head of my cock to gather the copious pre-cum that was oozing from it. She wanted to be fucked and I wanted to fuck her with this great little toy in my ass.

Screwing with a butt plug in intensifies the experience. The muscular movements involved in sex, particularly when fucking doggy style mean you get a prostate massage and a really intense orgasm.

Suze rolled onto her front and raised her shapely bum towards me. Her glistening pussy lips pouted at me from between her thighs. I couldn’t help lapping at her aromatic slit for a moment. She giggled as I did so and pressed back against my probing tongue.

Erection at the ready didn’t want to wait any longer and rose to my knees behind her. I shuffled between her legs, buttocks clenched. I’ve had butt plugs shoot out before when attempting this and was being cautious. I entered her and began to thrust. Her voice was muffled by the pillow that she had buried her head into. I was very excited and very large. I touched the very deepest parts of her, bouncing off her cervix and making her gasp.

Then the Bloomy flew out of my ass. Because the toy has not distinct waist at its base like most butt plugs and the involuntary muscular contractions that occur during sex it had no chance of staying in. It’s not as if I have something up my ass every night, I have a very tight sphincter, it’s just the Bloomy’s shape that let me down.

However, undeterred I continued to pound away inside Suzanne, every stroke punctuated with the sensuous collision of my groin with her buttocks. When the shattering orgasm arrived I just wished the Bloomy had remained inside me to make the moment that little bit sweeter.

Used during masturbation, or perhaps in a slightly different position the Fun Factory dildo would be perfect. It’s a quality product at an affordable price. Its design is attractive and it works well. As a beginner to intermediate level toy I highly recommend it. My two reservations are that it simply will not stay in during doggy style shagging and the leap of faith that’s required to give the toy that little extra push to get “over the hump” when inserting it.

Another winner from Fun Factory!

Celebrity Sexy

Here’s the thing. Celebrity is a mirage, yet magazine empires, TV series and careers are built on the idea that being famous is enough to earn a living.

There are different levels of celebrity, but the most extremely ridiculous are those generated by reality TV shows such as Big Brother. The Beijing Olympics has highlighted this to me the other day. I was watching Tim Brabants’ win in the men’s K1 1000m finals and thinking about the effort and dedication that lies behind his performance. Every athlete at the Olympics, win or lose, has devoted part of their life to their chosen events. With the exception of the drug cheats they all deserve our respect and perhaps a little bit of celebrity status.

It’s not because of their achievements in sport, you could argue that sport is in itself a frivolous activity and a waste of effort, it’s what that effort signifies and the example it sets to the rest of us.

For the most part athletes toil in obscurity, many never reaching a level of success that registers with the wider public. Professional sportsmen, for example soccer players, earn obscene amounts of money and are envied/lusted after in equal measure. I’m not denying their prowess as athletes, but I do question the huge disparity between their income and that of your average Olympic aathlete.

When they do reach prominence it’s often only to reach for the gold medal but not quite achieve it. And oh, how the media and public judge them when that happens. From armchair footballers to sprint swimmers who can’t swim a length there are people who would tear an athlete to shreds for trying and not delivering a wining performance every time they compete.

That is the price of trying, to subject yourself to the criticism of a small minority of onlookers who would pounce on every silver medal and call it a failure.

Perhaps it’s just a British thing, but it pisses me off. We follow the life of a Big Brother contestant with avid interest but only take notice of our athletes every four years. Like our emergency services, our army, our doctors and our teachers they are the true celebrities who give part of themselves for others. Athletes do not save lives or teach the future generations or preserve our future liberty directly but they do inspire our children, and teach us an important lesson.

The victory is in the effort, the striving to be the best. There can only be one champion but every one who strives with all their heart and soul deserves our respect.

And as Suze points out, if they’re cute too that’s a big bonus. LOL

Personally I don’t find an over-paid celebrity sexy at all. In fact it’s a big turn-off in itself. If they have another talent, if they have earned their celebrity status and more importantly our respect then that can make them a huge turn-on.

I hope that in the next four years we learn to reward the effort and not the glitz and glamour and to adore those who try rather than those who wear the thin veneer of popular adoration to cover their lack of substance.

Bonk Holiday

Here in the UK we are in the midst of a Bank Holiday. That means plenty of spare time on our hands to enjoy or simply catch up on things we haven’t found time for.

Originally the Bank Holidays were quite literally when the Banks allowed their staff time off. The rest of the UK adopted them and they became enshrined in law. Bit of UK history for you there :o) . Modern bank holidays mean that the roads are clogged with people heading for the coasts and the DIY shops are full of reluctant husbands doing the jobs their wives have been waiting for them to finish around the house for months.

For me it means lots of naughtiness and indeed it is going to be a bonk holiday in every sense of the word. I’m well behind on my sex toy reviews and must try and catch up. Shame eh! The things we have to do. Lol

Last night Alex and I reviewed a new toy and I believe it will be a UK exclusive, so stay tuned for that but for now I must dash and get started. 😉

Have a great day whatever you are up to.

Furry Fetish Orangina Ad

Orangina have been running an ad in the UK for a while. It’s CGI animation and as you can see above from the slightly more explicit French version has some pretty weird content. I say weird because although it wouldn’t look out of place on a Furry fetish site actually getting it onto UK national television past the ad censors is pretty remarkable.

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Fucking Him, Fucking Me

Some days I feel just plain dirty, there is simply no other way to describe it. I have to take fucking to the limits. Saturday night was no exception, I felt so horny, naughty and dirty. A great combination for Alex.

Most week nights we get straight down to doing the dirty with very little foreplay, mainly because we are tired from a day at work. There are exceptions but generally we get straight to fucking like rabbits.

Weekends are a bit more special, we have time to languish in the act and indulge in some naughtiness. Saturday was just wild!

Aware of my kinky side breaking free when we had showered together I disappeared to the bedroom to prepare.

Alex had a new butt plug to try out so I put that on his bedside drawers. 😉

Still towelling himself dry Alex entered the bedroom and wrapped the towel around his waist. He walked over to the DVD player and placed one of our latest DVD’s in the drive, Maison Erotic by Harmony. They are one of my favourite producers at the moment, the right balance of kink and pornstars.

He walked over to his side of the bed and removed the towel, casting it on to the chair. As her reclined on to the bed he passed a remark about me being horny tonight. He was so right. 😉

I was prostrate on the bed next to him, totally naked and I knew he wouldn’t be able to resist. Without further words he made his way down the bed and between my open legs. His left hand glanced my nipple and then took a hold, gently squeezing. I could now feel the warmth of his breath upon my pussy as his tongue worked between my labia.

Oooh! He found my clit and began to work it with his tongue. In auto response I began to thrust my hips against his face.

“I want to take your ass”, I whispered.

He raised his head from between my legs and gave me that knowing look, he had seen his new butt plug…ready to go. I wriggled over to his side of the bed and took hold of it. “Get on your knees, I want to see this pushing inside your tight ass”, I said in a kind of semi cliché way but I meant it.

Alex did as he was asked and assumed the position on all fours, his ass pointing towards me. I reached over to my bedside drawer and reached for the bottle of lube. I squoze a drop on to my finger and worked it around his anus in a circular motion and then applied a couple of drops to the plug.

I pushed the plug against his pouting ring and he began to open up for me. Boy, was he ready for penetration the plug slipped in with ease and I took a firm hold of his balls and gently tugged downwards on them. His cock was swaying beneath him, semi erect and starting to drip pre cum on to the sheet below.

That final push of the plug release a low gargling groan from Alex, an appreciative moan of pleasure as his rectum was filled with the plug. I let go his balls and reached under him for his cock with my left hand. His cock was now hard and I pulled back his foreskin and used my thumb to spread his precum around his helmet.

Then I started to slowly wank him as I slipped under him and took the tip of his cock in my mouth, continuing all the while to wank in long deliberate strokes. The warmth of my mouth around his bulging glans triggered an automatic response from his hips as he started to gently fuck my mouth.

I reached round and wiggled his plug, then pulled it a little of the way out and he pushed back against my hand, urging me to replace it inside him.

At this point I felt the need to do something naughty to him, not that I hadn’t already, just something to help him towards anal induced orgasm. I had the perfect idea as the toy hanging from the bedhead tempted me to use it.

It was the leather flogger.

I removed it from the bedpost and struck it across his right cheek. He moaned, he liked it!

This time I flayed it over his left buttock and he gave the same response. This time I raised the flogger above my head, holding the ends as I took aim at the white fleshy buttocks before me. At this point I was really getting in to the role of Domme.

The flogger hit him with a little more sting this time but to be honest it is hard to hurt anyone with this despite it being leather it is more about the sensory aspect than wanting to inflict harm. Which I don’t, I’m not in to that.

Alex was enjoying the scene and very aroused, his cock was oozing string after string of precum on to the sheet, forming a wet patch beneath him. I took hold of his cock again.

“I want to fuck you, bend over”, he instructed me.

I was too aroused to say no and turned to face him with my head pointing towards the bedhead. Placing the flogger on the pillow to the side of me I parted my knees in anticipation of the fucking to come. 😉

Without warning he thrust deep and hard in to me and I yelped, more with surprise than anything else. He started to pound in to me…he was beyond slow build up’s…I guess he was ready to spill his seed.

My g-spot was being assailed by a fat cock and within moments I was moaning like a whore and Alex’s fucking was accompanied by a sloshing. I was too wet. Alex withdrew and blotted his cock with some toilet tissue and then pushed himself back in to my hot wet pussy. I pushed against him forcing him to plunge to my cervix. His balls made contact with my swollen cunt.

A few jabs more and he was trying to climb inside me, riding my back as he released himself inside me. He growled and moaned like a caged animal and the collapsed on to my back. I couldn’t take his weight and we both fell on to the mattress, spent, fulfilled, pleasured to the max.

The Titty Bear…Or Is It Tiddy Bear!

Tiddy BearI was driving home from work yesterday evening and found my spirit lifted after a heavy day at work by BBC Radio 1’s DJ Scot Mills. His show is uplifting to listen to when you are on your way home.

He is a charming and very funny guy, along with his sidekick Chappers they produce some funny stuff.

And last night was no exception, they played an information they had found for the Tiddy Bear. At first I thought they were saying the Titty Bear because they were talking about placing it between your breasts.

This is what all the fuss was about. At first I thought it was a spoof but these ladies seem to believe in the product so…

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Sex In The Afternoon

Much to my shame I’ve never read Ernest Hemingway’s “Death in the Afternoon”. Nor have I ever seen a bullfight. I have no wish to see the ritualised torture of animals. However, for reasons which I may go into at some other juncture I have always been fascinated by certain aspects of Spanish culture, including bullfighting and flamenco.

It is of course the sexuality woven into both which make me feel I ought to know more. Or rather I ought to feel more, be immersed in the visceral energy surrounding the dance of death and the dance of life and death. Experiences for another day perhaps.

And what brings you this little insight into the missing parts of my sensory and literary education? Well, we were taking a break this weekend from writing, so naturally we ended up in bed. Sex in the afternoon, always a decadent pleasure. While the rest of the world washes its cars and puts up shelves, we immersed ourselves in carnal gratification.

What would normally have happened is a damn good fuck; First course foreplay, second hard and passionate banging, post-coital cuddles for dessert. It is always a dance. The two (or more 🙂 ) protagonists circle and cavort, the steps of the dance always different, ever changing. Action and reaction, the lunge and parry, the fall and recover, the challenge and the repost.

Maybe it was Suzanne’s current phallus fixation, or just the alignment of the planets, but either way she ended up giving me one of her legendary blowjobs. She has a technique that is beyond anyone else’s I have ever encountered.

I was already erect when her hand found its way to my groin and discovered my rigid cock. She grasped it with an eagerness that told me her soft lips would soon be embracing it. She threw back the covers and pounced on my unsuspecting member. OK so it wasn’t unsuspecting, but a little surprised at the suddenness and intensity of the oral assault.

You know it’s going to feel good when a woman makes you gasp with her ministrations. This afternoon I felt my head spinning almost immediately with the intensity of the sensations she provided. One hand grasped my balls while her mouth and the other hand took turns to engulf my cock.

The firmness of her dexterous fingers, counterpointed by the soft, warm, comforting, almost womb-like quality of her mouth. Yet no womb has an athletic, insistent tongue, or mischievous teeth, raking at the skin of my penis.

The slight straining of the hand incarcerating my balls kept reminding me of the guilty pleasure which I am now deriving from this acute discomfort. Over the last few weeks I have come to realise that this subtle but powerful form of bondage is intensely arousing for me.

My hands roamed her body, one settling quickly on her pussy. Her slit was moist, the clitoris must have been glittering with her juices. I could not see this, having been manoeuvred into a kneeling position to allow Suze, laying on her side, to grasp my scrotum and attend to my now throbbing cock.

As I approached the inevitable sweet conclusion I felt her body convulse. The orgasm gripped her, back arching, pussy dripping. Only then was her attention distracted, her mouth’s grip on my cock broken for her to emit a sensuous, intensely arousing “Aaaaah!”.

This was too much for me. The warm wetness surrounding my hand as her thighs clamped around it and the look of ecstasy on her face as her eyes rolled into the back of her head began my swift progress to an unstoppable climax.

I came with her hand clasped around my cock, milking me dry. My head bent forward as I let out a low growl through gritted teeth. Blue-white sparks shot up my spine combining into a orgasmic halo around my head and I couldn’t stifle the a howl.

Afterwards, laying in each other’s arms we both realised that we couldn’t remember the last time we’d both cum together except during penetrative sex. Often we’ll give each other pleasure, orally and/or manually, and take delight in seeing the other’s orgasm, but this was a special and long-forgotten pleasure.

Fit Bodies In Skin Tight Lycra

Michael PhelpsWe went swimming on Tuesday evening and I had a little incident. I was doing the breast stroke and as my head went under water the water pressure turned my eyelid in on itself. Not a pleasant experience. My left eyeball was scratched and then bathed in nice stinging chlorinated water. So since then I’ve been irrigating my dry eye with saline eye drops to allow the inflammation this caused to subside.

The point of this story (yes there is a point) is that I popped into the sports store near my client’s offices and picked up a pair of swimming goggles. My thinking being that I would avoid the same mishap and prevent the ingress of water when we next went swimming.

When I showed them to Suze her first reaction was predictable; “Who do you think you are, Michael Phelps?”. Well no, I don’t quite have his technique. I’d not bought a pair before because I’m not a competitive swimmer and I thought having them would make me look a bit “up myself”. However in this case necessity won out.

The Michael Phelps thing played on her mind because later as we were getting amorous she said, jokingly, “Are your hands as big as Michael Phelps?”

I knew what she meant – big hands mean big, well you know ;o)

But what a time to mention it!

A lesser man would have crumbled under the comparison to the towering all-conquering athlete. I brushed the comment off and carried on regardless.

Next the Lycra suit, oh, and 8 gold medals. Don’t hold your breath 😛

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Girl On Girl In The Barn

My taste in porn has changed over the years. Once my interests were in watching the Zero Tolerance range of films, now I like something with a little more kind to it. Something which moves away from the standard porn being produced and certainly not the airbrushed Hollywood style anymore.

I even like a bit of ordinary girl porn, the home grown British porn including the latest DVM one we watched a couple of weeks ago. The people in the scenes are probably more accessible than most pornstars and therefore more inclined to get your juices flowing. That girl could be one whom you passed in the street the other day. You know what I mean. 😉

Even though my tastes have changed I still have my favourite DVD scenes, one such snapshot is a scene from Teanna Kai’s Forbidden Fantasies. She does a good girl on girl scene in a mock barn. Not that I am particularly in to Teanna but her partner, a girl known only as Charlie, who you can see above.

She has stunning blue eyes and a lovely pair of large natural breasts that I would love to get my mouth around. Plus she looks cute in her pigtails. Lol

The best part of the scene is where the girls use a double ended dildo together…

…anyway, back to why I thought of this scene today. I went to my local greasy spoon for my usual sandwich today and they have taken on yet another girl behind the counter.

When I first entered the shop was turned away from me but had her long mousy hair in a plait running down her back. And when she turned around to serve the customer in front of me she was the image of Charlie.

I think I must have been stood there in that shop looking like an imbecile with my mouth wide open just staring in disbelief. How often is it that a girl you have fantasised about on many occasions turns up in your local café?

Now I wonder what she is doing this weekend…

Naked Girls On My Desk

I see a number of ads for applications that allow you to have naked animated girls on your desktop PC. The animations are very good and the image quality is excellent. However I can’t help wondering who would buy them, and where they would install them.

If you haven’t seen them they consist of an attractive and of course well-endowed young lady peeling her top off to reveal her breasts, then putting it back on again. A never ending loop of video for you to enjoy.

The problem is, would you enjoy it? First of all it could be distracting, not in the sense of hypnotising you with her obvious charms, because after a few minutes I’m sure you’d be thinking “Very nice, but is that it?”. What I think would become a problem is her appearing while you try to concentrate on other things, like writing an email or filling in an online order form. Some woman popping out her jubblies will take your mind off the job in hand.

Because the virtual girl on your desktop has a limited range of movement it must be said that the Internet and its infinite possibilities for the seekers of pornographic images has much more to offer.

Then there’s the where … At work? I think not. In my experience it is the policy of most employers to discourage the use of business PCs to display images depicting nudity.

OK at home then? Well if the other half doesn’t mind and the kids wont see it then maybe, but I still think the Web offers a much wider variety and for free too!

No, to me they are just novelties with a limited appeal. Anyone out there disagree, or maybe even have one installed?