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Bewitching Sex

Problems In The Bedroom?

I have to admit that I don’t usually spend much time on Ebay, I have probably only been on the site a few times and that was to check if they were auctioning off anything unusual. Lol It never fails to amaze me just what people manage to sell on there, I noticed that someone was selling a new thong.

Then I became intrigued to know if anyone was offering used undies. You just knew I would didn’t you? Yes, Suze hasn’t come on much since she was looking up naughty words in the dictionary whilst at school. Now come on, you did that too didn’t you? 😉

Next I looked up sex toy and didn’t really find much of interest, just adult stores selling their wares. Not much imagination and a big yawn.

However, persistence paid off big time because I found this  headed Female Orgasm Spell No More Need For Vibrator Sex. Toy. I kid you not this woman is claiming that she can cast a spell which will change your sex life.

Here is a quote taken from the site:

“Within just a few short weeks of my spell casting for you your sex life will improve by leaps and bounds. You will feel more attractive and sexual, you will desire sex more often, and most importantly: Finally be on the road to achieving [sic]that elusive, or all to [sic] infrequent orgasm.”

Now if you are really interested in this auction you must hurry because at last look there was just 16 hours and 1 minute to run. 🙂

That Is Huge!

We were at the petrol station filling up Suze’s car this evening when I commented that the woman in the car next to us had a huge handbag. And I mean huge. It was the sort of handbag that looked as if it had been made from a full cow hide, folded in the middle and sewn up the sides.

What do women keep in bags like that. I can understand that unlike most men who cope with just a wallet in their pockets when they go out a woman might need a few other items. Perhaps a hairbrush, makeup, sanitary protection … spare knickers. But they’d have to have a whole branch of La Senza with them to need a bag the size the one this woman had.

Maybe it’s because I’m a man and just don’t understand.

Suze did say that Busty has a variety of handbags, one of them is quite huge.

I observed that both of Busty’s are huge and that I was very impressed when I saw them.

I thought that was funny but all it solicited from Suze was a grudging “Ha, ha”.

Dark Days and Hot Nights

It’s Wednesday, but it feels like it should be Friday. Christmas really can’t come soon enough.

There, I’ve said it, I mentioned Christmas and it’s not December yet. I should be ashamed of myself. I like to keep Christmas in December, sort of distil it down into a concentrated festival, not spread it out into October as the high street retailers would have us do.

The weather isn’t helping of course. I will be driving to and from work in the dark for the next two months, that doesn’t do much to fill me full of joy. But it’s a consequence of living at this latitude. At least we get longer days in the summer.

Early to bed too of course tonight. I stayed up far to late into the early hours last night, so need to catch up. And snuggling up with Suze is guaranteed to get me distracted later.

I can’t wait for the weekend. As you can probably tell.

Cummy Kisses

Alex is very good at going down on me. He has a clever technique of tongue flicks and licks which can bring me so close to orgasm. I don’t recall that we have ever achieved a climax through his oral ministrations but I have (pardon the pun) come very close. I’m not sure if it is as a result of the abuse my clit has had over the past few years or if I am just difficult to please orally but mechanical methods seem to work best for me.

Not to say that I don’t enjoy the warmth of his mouth upon my swollen labia and clitoris. An experience a toy cannot replicate, warm, sensuous licks… I digress.

And then as a sweet dessert to kiss him once he emerges from between your legs. To smell your own essence upon his face. He is marked with your very own fragrance and that makes me feel so horny. Should he kiss anyone else, they will be able to detect your scent on him.

That just reminded me of one occasion when we had been to bed for a bit of naughtiness one Saturday afternoon and Alex parents dropped in unexpected. I had to remind him to wash his face whilst I let them in. lol

You really don’t wan to be smelling of your girlfriends fanny when greeting your mum.

The reason I was spurred in to writing this post is because I rose from the bed after a good hard fucking and noticed as I stood up that I left behind a reminder of our tryst.

A white kiss on the bedsheet…

I Can’t Show Him That!

AlexSuze.comWe had a busy weekend and despite getting a huge amount done, there’s a lot I didn’t get round to. It’s frustrating that as I sit, taking a break and drinking a diabolically horrible coffee from a Klix vending machine that all I can think about is writing and blogging and toy reviews and videos and, well anything but work.

I feel a career change coming on. Not necessarily into writing full time, but something more creative. Getting back into photography maybe, video perhaps? Maybe even television?

One part of me says that it’s daft to aspire to such things, after all I don’t move in creative circles other than on the Web. Yet the other side of me, the one that wants the change tells me that I, no we, Suze and I, have a huge amount of untapped potential and ideas. They have been dammed up for so long when unleashed they more than make up for our lack of experience.

Now the question is of course, how do you go about declaring authorship of a sex blog on your CV? Do you wait until after the job offer? Well not really, I mean who’s going to give you a job based on the declaration that “I’ve written a blog for three years, but I can’t tell you the URL”?

Coffee break over, back to the grind. (From the ground to the grind, before anyone says it)

The wolf? I love wolves.

Alycia Lane’s Bikini Shots

Alycia LaneFor some people money is the motivation that makes them get out of bed in a morning, for others it’s that sense of achievement they get to know they’ve done a job well, or maybe that they’ve helped another human being. Unfortunately anyone who’s in the public eye and highly paid can focus on the money and fame part of their job a little more than they should.

That appears to be what happened in the case of Alycia Lane and Larry Mendte.

It’s difficult to imagine how anyone would not be rather peeved when their younger, more highly paid co-worker tells you that you are ’50 and on [your] way out’. That isn’t justification for hacking or invasion of privacy of course, but it does indicate a degree of tension between Lane and Mendte that isn’t desirable in any working relationship especially in a high pressure newsroom.

Sending provocative photos of yourself to a TV married exec isn’t the best career move either. Did he ask for them or was she encouraging him to keep her in mind at the next round of pay reviews? It was certainly unfair on Mendte as I can’t imagine him looking great in a Bikini.

Yet again that illusion that we call fame claims more victims.

You can read the story here and make your own mind up as to who was most to blame for the way things turned out. IMHO probably both of them to a greater or lesser extent.

DIY Cock Rings Are The Worst Idea In The World!

Take a look at this amazing story on the BBC News website.

It’s amazing for two reasons. Firstly because this guy had to be a little dim or perhaps alcohol impaired not to realise that the ring he had created for his own penis was too small. From the moment they are born guys have an intimate relationship with their penis; They know what it likes, what it doesn’t like, but most of all they know how big it is.

I’m sure he wont be trying to improvise a cock ring again in a hurry.

The second amazing thing is that it appears on the BBC News Website. It’s a long way from men in suites with RP accents reading out the cricket scores.

There is of course no image on the BBC site to accompany the story. I suppose the guy didn’t want his face shown and the emergency services and medical staff couldn’t stop giggling.

While we were making love last night I was very quiet when I came. We screwed three times, but on every occasion I was relatively quiet when I reach climax. That’s not to say that I scream and shout every time I cum. The sounds I make range from grunts to howls and include (I am told) sounds like Scooby Doo laughing. Last night was particularly low in volume. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy myself. Quite the opposite. On the first two occasions I brought Suze and myself to shuddering orgasms with my cock inside her. The final time Suze insisted she gave me a very expert tit wank. That was the quietest and yet the one which prompted my most vivid synaesthetic response, a rich orange, brown and black. It underlines that my reactions to sex are utterly spontaneous and natural. There is not showboating, no performance. Sex brings out the pure person, as it does in most people. You see the real human being and have their true emotions laid out in front of you. There are people for whom sex is an act but they fool themselves as much as their partner. It’s OK once in a while pretending to enjoy your bedroom antics a little more than you actually did to save your lover’s feelings. But if you keep doing it what does that say about how compatible you are? Feeling that you constantly have to pretend is ultimately damaging and corrosive. We’re lucky and I’m very well aware of that. We have always had a great relationship, in and out of the bedroom. Yes we have had our ups and downs, but then to deny that would be to stretch credulity. In any truly passionate relationship there are turbulent times and if you and your relationship survives them you emerge a stronger individual and a stronger couple because of it.

While we were making love last night I was very quiet when I came. We screwed three times, but on every occasion I was relatively quiet when I reach climax.

That’s not to say that I scream and shout every time I cum. The sounds I make range from grunts to howls and include (I am told) sounds like Scooby Doo laughing. Last night was particularly low in volume.

That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy myself. Quite the opposite.

On the first two occasions I brought Suze and myself to shuddering orgasms with my cock inside her. The final time Suze insisted she gave me a very expert tit wank. That was the quietest and yet the one which prompted my most vivid synaesthetic response, a rich orange, brown and black.

It underlines that my reactions to sex are utterly spontaneous and natural. There is not showboating, no performance. Sex brings out the pure person, as it does in most people. You see the real human being and have their true emotions laid out in front of you. There are people for whom sex is an act but they fool themselves as much as their partner.

It’s OK once in a while pretending to enjoy your bedroom antics a little more than you actually did to save your lover’s feelings. But if you keep doing it what does that say about how compatible you are? Feeling that you constantly have to pretend is ultimately damaging and corrosive.

We’re lucky and I’m very well aware of that. We have always had a great relationship, in and out of the bedroom. Yes we have had our ups and downs, but then to deny that would be to stretch credulity. In any truly passionate relationship there are turbulent times and if you and your relationship survives them you emerge a stronger individual and a stronger couple because of it.

The She’s The Kinky Bitch Next Door

I was surfing around a few yahoo groups today and it occurred to me that while only a small proportion of the population have what you might call non-conventional sex lives (D/s, BDSM etc) there are a high enough number in any locale to mean that within only a few miles of any door in the UK there is a kinky bitch (or guy) lurking.

Of course these people are from all backgrounds and they don’t (usually) wear a T-shirt with “I’m Dominatrix” on them, or “I love CBT”. So who are your neighbours, do you really know and if you’re in an Internet chatroom, how do you know that the sub you are training on the web isn’t the guy from across the road who drives a BMW and looks as vanilla as they come.

Hehe I need a kink-dar to detect them, wouldn’t that be fun.

Third Time’s A Tit Wank

I mentioned in a previous post that Suze insisted, and I mean insisted, on giving me a tit wank the other night. It’s something that we haven’t done for a while; One of those sexual activities that you let slip when you’re busy, or just forget how deliciously naughty it can be.

Well, we’d already fucked twice, the first time ending in me unleashing the contents of my aching balls in a few minutes. My cock was hard and big, one of those erections that demands to be satisfied. Suze gasped at the ferocity and passion of my advances as she lay on her side, me straddling her legs and pinning her down to fuck her. The second progressing more slowly, ultimately resulting in a deep and satisfying doggy fuck for both of us.

When I began to move my hand slowly across her flesh at around half past one in the morning she immediately warmed to my advances. I slipped beneath the covers and buried my head into her freshly trimmed bush. I tasted myself and her pussy juices with each lap of my tongue and enjoyed her squirming underneath me.

She tugged at my leg, coaxing me to lift it so she could slide underneath and take my cock in her mouth. I, of course obliged, and felt myself welcomed my her grazing teeth and lithe tongue. A long 69 followed and then, as I disengaged to do a 180 and guide myself into her wet pussy her hand curled around my cock and guided it into her soft cleavage.

I rubbed myself in the warm, enveloping valley between her tits. From time to time she would crane her neck forward and, releasing me from between her breast, lick and suck my cock to lubricate and arouse me. She could taste my precum, I could tell by the appreciative Mmmms she made as she sucked me. Then it was back to thrusting between her tits and feeling her massage them with her hands as I did so.

I tried to slip a hand between her legs so I could enter her with two fingers, but as she was laid on her side the angle was awkward.

I felt myself approaching orgasm, but had to shift my weight as the memory foam mattress we have had absorbed my knee and meant I was losing my balance. After readjusting myself Suze took me in her mouth again wetting my glans with her saliva and teasing the opening to my urethra with the tip of her tongue.

A minute later I was there again, and gasped “I’m cumming, I’m cumming”. Suze moaned as she felt my hot spunk squirt across her chest and neck.

The orgasm was amazing, orange, brown and black. I pushed her onto her back and leant forward, my tongue scooping up some of the cum on her chest. The I kissed her and let her share the taste.

With her pussy now available I was able to kneel next to her and slide my middle and ring finger into her pussy. I found her G-Spot and began the “cum hither” action that I knew would have her dripping with her own cum in moments. Her G-Spot was swollen with blood, engorged by her arousal. Her moans reduced to the tiniest of squeaks as her excitement made her almost mute, she was so close.

Then I realised I hadn’t grabbed a towel to absorb the imminent flood. Cursing my lack of forethought I eased off and had to settle for bringing her to orgasms but stopping short of eliciting the full tidal wave of fluid that she is capable of producing.

Spontaneity has its drawbacks.

The Changing Face Or Should I Say, The Changing Size Of Porn

CurvaceousI don’t know how I came to miss this one because I am normally on the ball with most things. Vivid have released a new line of DVD featuring larger girls in January of this year (I did tell you I only just found out.) The DVD’s will have larger girls with more curves than the average pornstar.

It’s about time that adult film producers screened women who are after all the norm rather than the stick thin girls they normally use. To cut a long story short, Abbey is about to get married and decides that she is going to party big time before she ties the knot.

The cast are Angelica Sin, Nick Manning, Tommy Gunn, Voodoo, Abbey Brooks, Amber Peach, Ms Panther, Carmela Bing, Van Damage and directed by Shar Rednour and runs for 168 minutes.

I think I may just have to get me a copy of this. 😉

Saucy Fucking

Homemade sex toyI have both seen and heard some strange things in my life but this one is hilarious for so many reasons. Oh, let me explain for those of you who haven’t heard of the famous pasta sauce manufacturers, Dolmio, they err make pasta sauce. Right on with the story.

A guy in Australia was fined after he was stopped by the police after they chased him for ten minutes. The man 46 year old Keith Roy Weatherley was spotted acting suspiciously by the officers.

When they approached him in his car at wait for it…

…Nobbys Beach (you simply couldn’t make this up could you) they believed him to be armed and drew their weapons. He was found with a 750ml pasta jar around his penis. Lol It is claimed that whilst they struggled with him he continued to pleasure himself with his home made sex toy.

In the car with him were women’s stockings, pornography and a Jack Russell terrier who probably wasn’t very amused. 🙂 Weatherley was fined £275 for offensive behaviour, resisting the police and disobeying a police direction.

He claimed to have resisted arrest because he was trying to make himself decent. Personally I think he just needed to finish what he started. Strange I will never look at a jar of Dolmio the same again. 😉

Story taken from The Metro.

Playing With Alicia

AlexSuze.comToday was a half day at work for me. I have to take my holiday allowance before the end of the year as we can’t carry it over.

I thought I would disappear upstairs, relax, put on a naughty DVD (I hadn’t watched one for a while) and have a little me time.

I selected a DVD from our collection and retired to the bedroom. As I placed the DVD in the player I realised I hadn’t checked if Alex had sent me any texts whilst I was in work. He sometimes sends me naughty ones when I’m in the office, it takes me all my time not to giggle and blush. Lol

After closing the drive and pressing play I reached inside my handbag on the chair in the window and withdrew my mobile. I almost forgot to draw the curtains, I hurriedly pulled them too as the television screen is clearly visible to passers by.

Next was choice of weapon…I opened the toy suitcase under the bed and happened across my old and trusty friend the cherry nibbler clit tickler. No need to look any further, I closed the case and pushed it back under the bed.

I placed my mobile and the clit tickler on my bedside drawers and unbuttoned my black shirt and slipped it from my shoulders. Then I unzipped my black trousers and stepped out of them, too eager to climb between the sheets I flung them on to the chair in the window along with my blouse.

Wriggling out of my panties I cast them off to the floor. That was better! I selected the teasing scene from Orgasm Addicts, where Alicia has a girl wearing thigh length boots strung up to the ceiling by her wrists, I won’t tell you any more in case you haven’t seen the scene it’s a hot one. Well, just a little more…a spreader bar is used on the girl. 😉

I quickly check the messages on my phone. Nothing. Alicia begins to move in on the girl and I take hold of my clit stimulator moistening it with my own saliva. A couple of clicks later and I have parted my pussy lips and placed the vibrating cup over my sensitive clit. And wow, it was very receptive.

As I watched Alicia prey on this girl I began to imagine her working her tongue over my clit and sucking at my swollen pussy lips. I squirmed as the battery operated device hit the spot and placed my right foot on top of my left. You all know I do this by now. Lol It just seems to focus all my nerve endings on my masturbatory attentions.

I was very close to reaching orgasm and then the feeling subsided, you girls will know the scenario. You then have to chase the orgasm, adjusting your technique. I began to move the cup gently from side to side over my clit hood. That did the trick and I could feel my nerve endings jangle and resonate through my pelvis and in t0 my lower back.

It suddenly occurred to me I was now moaning quite loudly but luckily my nextdoor neighbours hadn’t arrived home from work, which also meant I could have the volume up on the DVD. Alicia is such a naughty Brit! 😉

A couple more glides over my swollen pink nub and I could feel my orgasm growing within my groin. My muscles started to tense and spasm, legs kicking involuntarily. I actually kicked the cat off the bottom of the bed, I was totally unaware it was there. Lol

My shoulders and upper body lifted off the bed as it took me deeper in to it’s grip. I gripped the bedsheet with my left hand and continued to work the vibe with my other. My upper body lifted from the bed several times like I was doing situp’s, totally out of my control. It was pure ecstacy, I felt as if I was glowing in a tingly kind of way.

I curled my toes upwards and tilted my pelvis, placing my foot firmly against the top of my left one once more. This time I came and my whole body shivered and juddered I was crying out with the emotion of the moment but there was nobody to hear me except Alicia and her friend.

Orgasm subsided and I collapsed spent on to the bed the clit stimulator falling from my loosening grip on to the bedsheet. The orgasm was so grippingly wonderful that I just wanted to share my emotions, the moment with someone.

It’s something I have never done before but I decided to take a picture of my swollen moist pussy with my phone. Don’t ask me where the idea came from I don’t know. Then I decided it would be a good idea to send the image to Alex. I know…sex can make you say and do some strange things. 😉

I captured the image and uploaded it in to a message which said just this, “Hi, I just wanted you to know I had the most earth shattering clitoral orgasm. Love Suze X” Then I pressed Send.

It occurred to me afterwards that I didn’t have a clue where Alex would be, he could have been with a client for all I knew.

An hour or so later when he arrived home I knew he had seen the picture as he entered the door with a cheeky smile on his face. “Well”, I said. “You have the most perfect timing. I was in a meeting at work when my phone went off”. “Oh, no!”, I gasped. “Luckily I waited to view the message until it was over”.

We both giggled.

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Fucking Him With My Strap-On

“Morning sweetheart”, I offered as I rolled over to face Alex. “Morning Darling”, he replied. “How are you?”, I enquired. “My ass feels like it has been fucked”, Alex said grinning at me.

“That’s probably because it has been”, I responded with one huge Cheshire cat grin playing on my face. (You can see the strap-on video here)

And that was the morning after…

I make no secret of the fact that I love to stimulate Alex’s P-Spot. In other words I love to enter his ass, fingers, vibes, butt plugs and yesterday evening a strap-on. How I have dreamed about being able to fuck his ass with a phallus of my own – not that I want a cock you understand, LOL. The very thought of fucking him and all that encompasses really turns me on. I’m not sure if it is the exchange of power or if I’m just a dirty bitch. 😉

Either way I’m not going to over analyse the scenario.

The Fetish Fantasys strap-on had a wonderful webbing harness which would fit the most ample of ladies and an O-ring to house the blue silicone dildo. A few tweaks of the straps and I was ready to go.

It felt good and I was hot just tapping the blue cock from side to side with my palm, watching it sway and return to position. Alex was kneeling on a bath towel in front of me waiting, expectant and horny. His ass cocked high in to the air and pointing right at me, inviting me to enter him such is his trust in me.

I took up the lube from the bedside drawer and drizzled a little between his buttocks just above his anus and watched it slowly descent to his puckered hole. I used my middle right finger to amply spread it around his opening. It glistened, inviting me to enter.

Next I needed to lube up my cock. That sounds funny and a little unfamiliar but I like it. Yes, I lubed up the tip of the phallus and placed the lube close to hand on the bed stood against the pillows.

Sidling up against his butt cheeks I parted them gently with my hands allowing access to his anus. Alex was head down on the mattress with his arms outstretched above his head. Almost in a position of prayer. Come worship your mistress, I thought.

I pushed the end of the dildo against his tight little ass and watched as it pushed through the first sphincter and inside his warm colon. Alex gasped, not a painful gasp but an intake of air coupled with a moan. I relaxed, he was content.

Slowly I pushed my groin towards his anus, watching it eat up every last centimetre of that cock. My hips were now on his butt cheeks. Slowly I retreated backwards, not too far because my cock wasn’t that long, just enough for him to feel me extracting my jelly dong only to push straight back in again. He moaned and I liked it. 😉

My pussy was now quite moist, I was aroused, excited with my new role in this relationship. I wanted to fuck him fast and fuck him hard but I had to wait, had to take it slowly. Least for now. With smooth and steady strokes I moved in and out of his anus, watching it gripping that dong and extending outwards with each withdrawal.

The anal tissue holding on for dear life. Or was it more like pleasure.

Unable to contain myself any longer I rather boldly took hold of Alex’s hips and started to move in and out of him with more urgency. He was clearly loving it and I was to be quite honest getting off on it, my inner thighs were moist and my cunt pulsing with the power and excitement of the moment.

I reached around the front of Alex to check his cock, he wasn’t hard but he was dripping pre-cum on to the towel below him in clear viscous strings. He tasted good as I licked his traces from my fingers.

My hips were banging in to his ass now with renewed vigour and I even added an upward pelvic thrust towards the end. It was obvious from Alex’s response to my fucking his ass that he was enjoying it but I knew that he wouldn’t be able to come so I withdrew and reached round to his groin and took his cock in my hand.

He was flaccid but I could tell that he could quite easily be coaxed in to action I pulled his hips around so that he was now kneeling facing me. His head was tilted back, eyes closed as I started to wank him.

Within minutes he was bulging in my hand and I wanted him so badly. I turned to point my ass at him and without a word being said he pushed his cock deep inside me. He started to fuck me like a man possessed at one point I nearly hit the bedhead with my head. Meeting his thrusts I pumped his cock and came rather loudly. I hope the neighbours were out. 😉

Moments later I felt the familiar twitch of Alex’s cock and he thrust his seed inside my pussy, growling like an animal as he came. A couple of spasms and he was done, collapsing on to my back. I looked beneath me to see my cock wobbling beneath me. Oh, to be a man for a day…

Three Playboy Bunnies And Three Dogs

Playboy BunniesI really was thinking of running a caption competition for this photograph. But I don’t have a prize.

However, if you feel you have a caption to go with the image please feel free to add a comment.

Dress Sexy

Have you ever bought a piece of clothing and immediately thought it gave you sex appeal?

I don’t mean necessarily something like underwear, or what you might think of as textbook sexy. I’m thinking more of a garment that you thought conveyed the right signals to the opposite sex and possibly imbued you with a certain amount of coolness.

The reason I mention this is that I just remembered a grey leather jacket I had, very much like the one worn by DC Chris Skelton in Ashes to Ashes, as opposed to a biker jacket.. Pure 1980s and at the time, very trendy. Well that’s how I remember it anyway. I felt as cool as an iceberg when I wore my jacket. I still can’t understand to this day why I didn’t have women falling at my feet LOL.

Sometimes you buy an item of clothing for its utility, sometimes for other reasons. Take my motorcycle boots, they were really cool, really heavy zips that you had to use engine oil on to keep working. Fleece lined and heavy leather. The girls didn’t fall for them either.

Then occasionally you buy stuff for comfort. A pair of black jeans, boots, a cotton shirt.

And that particular outfit worked. It was what I was wearing when I met Suze. You can see the shirt in the inset picture. The rest of the outfit? She made me throw them away, bu tthat shirt isn’t going anywhwere.

Songs That Make You Want To Fuck

I know that sounds a little bit harsh but that is exactly what some songs do to me. I know from the first play that they arouse something in me. It’s kind of strange but I have a song in my head for most memorable times in my life. Funerals, weddings, breakups and makeups.

I’m sure it’s not just me that does this kind of musical association. For example one of my uncles died the same year as “Life isn’t everything” was released by Elton John. There are so many memories I have stacked up against particular songs.

What brought this to mind was a comment at work last week by Busty, she was impressed that during the daily song quiz I got most of the answers. The reason for this is because I can attach a song to a period in time based on what was happening at the time. It may link to a boyfriend or whatever but all of it is auditable in my catalogue of life. Is that sad or a good thing? I’m not sure.

However it does allow me to get most of the questions right. I just need someone to pay me now. Lol It also stores many memories which otherwise would have been rather blurry so I’m sure it is a good thing to hold so many memories after all it makes us what we are I suppose.

Blimey, that is kind of heavy isn’ t it!

I’m not sure which memory this track will be associated with in the coming months but for now I think they are just a bloody good band making a catchy sound. Click on the image to go and listen, I think the group is from St Albans in the UK.

This group seem to encapsulate the energy and sexual tension contained in me how about you?

Storm In A B Cup

I simply couldn’t resist naming this post as above. Lol Do you recall some weeks back I wrote about having problems containing my boobs in my bra lately. They just would not stay put and kind of muffin topped out of my cups all the time.

BTW, if you can think of the correct terminology for boobs spilling over your bra cup let me know. 😉

At the time Busty at work seemed to be having similar problems keeping her breasts at bay too. We were wondering if it was the time of year or something. Do boobs grow in the dark? After all we are heading rapidly towards winter.

Well, finally I gave in and decided just before we had our couple of days away that I would go and try on a larger size. I went to M&S, not too expensive and they really have some nice ranges in obviously for Christmas.

We browsed the isles of undies together Alex and I and finally decided on a nice brocade style in dare I say it a “C Cup”. You can’t imagine what this means to me to finally be able to try on this size of cup. When I was in my early twenties I was in an “AA Cup”. So I am bowled over that now I was able to try on a larger size.

I wondered off to the changing rooms with a slight amount of excitement mixed with trepedation that my size would fall somewhere between B and C cup. I wondered off to the changing rooms leaving Alex waiting with the other expectant “undie worshippers” outside. Lol How come they always look so nervous as they await their respective partners appearing from the changing rooms.

In this instance I was unable to share the fit with Alex and had to try it out on my own. I slipped off my t-shirt and unhooked the yellow push-up bra I was wearing and cast it to the bench to the left of me. I released the brocade bra from its hanger and took it around my back bringing the clasp to the front to be fastened.

Once the hooks were engaged I slipped it around my back so the cups were now to the front just under my cleavage. Still concerned that it may not fit I lifted the cups in to position and slipped my arms in to the straps. As they reached my shoulders I shuffled my breast in to a central position in the cups and took a look in the mirror.

Bloody hell! It fitted like a glove, no spilling over the top and a wonderful fit. Why do I feel like I just achieved something, am I being silly? 😉

Suze Is Just Nasty

AlexSuze.comThe thought crossed my mind what we’d been posting on the blog a couple of years ago. What I found amazed me. It only seems like yesterday that this post was published, followed by the second part here.

It also reminded me whata filthy mind Suze has.


I’ll have to re-read some of our older stories. We write so much that I often forget what’s been written and reading them back is like reading someone else’s work. Hardly surprising it’s two and a half years since we started and that’s a lot of posts.

Fetish Fantasy Beginner’s Strap-On Sex

Suze has developed a fascination with shoving things up my arse. So the chance to try a Beginner’s Strap-On was an opportunity that she wasn’t about to pass up.

The Beginner’s Strap-on from Pipedream is just the sort of toy that works for those couples wanting to try a bit of strap-on action and those guys who might be a bit unsure about the idea.

Whether it’s about power exchange or the woman wanting to do a bit of thrusting this is a toy that ticks all the boxes for beginners in anal play. And I mean any sort of anal play. The harness is made from webbing with plastic adjusters, the pad behind the dildo/probe section is velvet and the retaining ring for the dildo is soft plastic.

The dildo itself is a soft, blue jelly plastic (don’t worry, it’s pthalate free) with a gently rounded tip and slender tapering length. It’s 12 centimetres long and at its widest 3 centimetres in diameter.

Seeing Suze with a cock, albeit an artificial one, is to say the least a bit odd. I’m not just talking about from my perspective. It made her a bit giggly and she couldn’t help but twang her new appendage as it stuck out in front of her. I laid out a towel and had the lube ready.

We tried three positions. First traditional doggy, that was good but getting the height right meant that the dildo kept falling out. Or more accurately springing out. At only 12 centimetres good hip control is needed to keep it inserted in your partner.

Next we tried with me on my side. Again the length of the dildo prevented Suze from making more than a few thrusts before it popped out of my ass.

Finally we tried with me on my back with my knees tucked up. This worked best and despite the slight awkwardness caused by Suze’s inexperience as the possessor of a cock worked best, both because the dildo stayed in as she thrust, but also because she could see the expression on my face.

The dildo’s smooth shape and relatively small size is great because it stimulates rather than overwhelms you. It’s soft, but just rigid enough to allow penetration.

I didn’t get hard and cum buckets while she fucked me but Suze derived a great deal of satisfaction from learning how to thrust and watching me react to her efforts. We haven’t finished with this toy and will be trying it again to get Suze’s technique just right. Practice makes perfect.

The following night we adjusted the harness and found that by moving it up towards Suze’s tummy by only a few centimetres we were able to give her more control and allow her to fuck me doggy style. The slim, slowly tapering shape of the dildo allowed her to slowly increase the depth of her thrusts until she was able to grind her pelvis against my buttocks.

Suze found the harness comfortable to wear. The main issue was not the strap-on, but the fact that she, like all women, is not a natural when it comes to swinging her pelvis and fucking someone. That is something that can be addressed with practice and careful adjustment of the harness. Like all such toys learning how to use it is part of the fun.

So if you want to experiment beyond a lubed finger up the ass, or a butt plug the Beginner’s Strap-on from Pipedream could be the one for you.