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More Sex In The Shower

AlexSuze, DisturbiaPhil petulantly prodded the button on the shower. The red warning light stared back at him impassively.


He washed in the sink, not having time to run a bath, before grabbing a slice of toast and a cup of three-sugar tea.

“When’s Steve coming round to look at the shower?” he asked his wife.

“He said today.” Replied Rachael as Phil pulled on his trainers.

“OK, see you later darlin’. About eight-ish.”

Rachael kissed Phil on the cheek and watched him walk to his taxi. The sound of the tired engine receding into the distance brought a warm glow to her stomach that spread across her chest and down between her legs.

She walked back into the kitchen and sat down to watch the morning news. Her robe slid off her knee. Without thinking she Slid her hand between her legs and pressed her middle finger against her clitoris, toying with it while she imagined the news anchor’s large masculine hands on her breasts.

Her morning coffee always tasted better with a little masturbation.


An hour later Steve walked out of his front door, toolbox in hand. He crossed the road to number 8. The bell chimed in the hallway. He waited, and waited. A puzzled expression developed on his face. He pressed the bell push again. Eventually a shape appeared on the other side of the frosted glass, he recognised it as Rachael.

Rachael pause before opening the door and allowed her self a devilish smile. I’ll keep you waiting, I’ll keep you keen she thought. She adjusted her low top to display her cleavage to best effect and paused a moment longer then opened the door with a “Morning Steve”, and a friendly smile.

He walked into the hallway, stepping to one side to allow Rachael to close and lock the door. “I’ll put the kettle on, you know where the bathroom is.”

Steve watched her backside for a moment as she walked toward the kitchen, then climbed the stairs to attend to the shower.

By the time Rachael appeared with two coffees Steve was replacing the cover on the shower.

“Done.” He said.

“Big job then?”

“A bad connection on the thermostat. It’ll be fine now.”

“I’d better check it.” Rachael’s mouth curled into a lecherous smile.”

“Can I stay and watch?” Asked Steve, feeling an uncomfortable stirring in his crotch.

“I hoped you might. You can only watch though.”

Rachael crossed her arms, grasped the hem of her top and lifted it over her head. Her bra was full to bursting, red lace framing C-cups. She unfastened her trousers, wiggled slightly to ease their passing over her hips and stepped out of them. She reached into the shower, presenting her round rump to Steve. Water began cascading down the inside of the shower’s glass sides.

Steve shuffled uncomfortably. Rachael slid her arms around him, pressing herself into his crotch. His hands grasped her shoulders while they kissed.

She was a tease and that was what he loved about her. Not like his wife, she just wasn’t interested, just indulged him, Sunday mornings and birthdays, Christmas if he was lucky. No Rachael was different, she really enjoyed sex. Which was odd because Phil didn’t seem to notice, or chose not to. He often though they ought to swap partners, they seemed better matched. Then there were the kids … yes he had actually thought it through that far. Fuck! This was getting serious.

Rachael’s hand was on his groin. Her fingers gripped his cock through denim, massaging slowly and deliberately. Then she broke away and stepped into the shower, leaving the door ajar, the glass was already steaming up and a wet floor was a small price to pay for a good show.

The water streamed down, wetting her brown hair, making it adhere to her skin. Her underwear clung to her, making her acutely aware of its presence. She didn’t need to look at Steve to know he would be watching the fabric clinging to her.

Her eyes were closed as she rubbed herself up and down. She payed particular attention to her breasts. He loved that when she played with her own tits while he fucked her. Hips swaying she knew she would be hypnotising him with her gyrations. He was easy to please and knew how to please her. A fair trade and the one thing that kept her sane since Phil had lost complete interest in her.

It was then she felt his hands on her.

“You took your time.” She scolded with a giggle.

Steve unhooked her bra and slipped it down her arms. Her erect nipples pressed into his chest. Their hands slid across wet skin, aided by the shower gel that Rachael squirted liberally and repeatedly across her breasts. Their bodies foamed and were slick with the soap. Steve massaged her breasts, each one slipping from his grip only to be grasped again and again.

When the bubbles subsided he slid his hand inside her red panties and into her pussy, the smooth wetness of her hot canal contrasting with the more aqueous wetness streaming over their bodies. Two fingers hooked inside, rubbing her G-spot into a blissful high.

Her eyes bore into his, imploring him to make her come. He slowed his stimulation, he could feel her coming, pussy tightening around his fingers already. She began to cum, slowly, moaning, hot fluid streaming down her legs. He continued the relentless massaging prolonging her orgasm unto she almost collapsed in his arms.

She slid to her knees, smiling blissfully. His cock waved in front of her face, his hand grasped around it now pumping steadily. She had seen it from this position before when she had let him cum on her face. That had been for him, it did nothing for her, so as she returned to her senses she pushed his hand away and began to milk his cock herself watching his tight balls tense in one final paroxysm. She aimed for her breasts enjoying the sensation of the jets of semen as they hit her skin before being washed away.

Brazilian Babe Gets My Juices Flowing

Ana HickmanI’m off again doing some recreational letching. Being bisexual gives me free reign to appreciate both the male and female form and for me giving equally wet panties. 😉

I’m not sure what it is that I look for in a woman, perhaps you will be able to tell me after all I have always let you in on my latest muse. I don’t like women who have a hard face, for me there has to be an element of soft sensuality.

But I don’t think I have a particular type, maybe you could enlighten me if you are a regular reader.

You will have to indulge me but I just found a stunning girl, the one in the top left corner. She is Brazilian beauty Ana Hickman. Not only is she gorgeous, she is 6’1″ tall with a leg measuring 48″ from hip to heel.

Alex will just have to fight me for her. 😉

Home Made Porn

At the weekend I decided to try and preserve our one surviving porn video, yes that’s VIDEO as in VHS, by capturing it to MPEG format.

Years ago I bought a TV card with recording facility for one of our PCs, but since then the PCs have been moved around and chopped about. The TV card was left out of the current PCs and has been skulking in a drawer for about two years.

I fished the card and its driver disk out and installed it on my old PC. It couldn’t go in my new one as it’s Vista and the drivers haven’t a hope in hell of working with it. But then again Vista drivers don’t work that well with Vista! LOL

I also had to locate our video recorder, yes remember them? After 45 minutes of twiddling, tuning and installing (yes UHF leads) I was able to start the capture. I left the video running and got on with something else.

When I returned I was rather disappointed to find the software had crashed with a cryptic and totally useless error and not a trace of the video was saved to disk. I shut the PC down and harrumphed off.

Then it occurred to me! The PC had probably run out of hard disk space. We are so used to multi-gig files now that I forgot my old PC has a disk just about big enough to hold a shopping list.

So some careful housekeeping of the existing disk and a second drive might be in order.

It’s amazing the lengths people go to just to watch porn. However I justify this as a conservation effort. Preserving classic porn for future generations 😛

Imagine the storage requirements for 3D holographic porn, or porn with AI.

But then again, with all this HD video and surround sound, plus interactive features are we losing something?

There’s a certain pleasure to be gained from watching a low quality recording of a dirty movie. It harks back to the time when porn was strictly illegal, and a little later when it was only available in certain cinemas that smelt funny and had sticky carpets.

Part of the enjoyment to be had from porn is the feeling that you’re doing something wrong, something clandestine, something that you shouldn’t be doing.

Porn nostalgia, that’s something you don’t see written about very often.


Naughty Russian Girl

Sofia RudievaSofia Rudieva was recently crowned Miss Russia 2009. Which was great for a young model.

Unfortunately and Komsomolskaya Pravda have just published nude photos of the St. Petersburg model causing all sorts of questions to be asked across Russia and amongst the competition organisers.

Despite much of the world seeing competitions like Miss Russia, Miss World etc as being meat markets and exploitative they see themselves as pretty wholesome.

It’s all a matter of degrees of course. The images show her topless, not full naked (OK in one you do get to see a bit of pubic hair), they are hardly hardcore porn. It does more to highlight the perceptions of organisations and competitions by themselves and the public at large than cast Rudieva in a bad light.

What is acceptable behaviour for a “Miss” competition model? Can they model underwear before winning a competition like this? Can they do topless? It’s not even certain when the images were taken. You can see them here BTW.

One thing’s for sure, I find the images far less offensive than the complete lack of intellect displayed by this model.

Forceful Sex

Now there are times when I just want a good hard fucking, no romance, no foreplay and certainly no waiting but this story I just read takes things to the extreme.

In North Carolina a prostitute has been jailed after she broke down an apartment door, asking three men to pay her $10 for sex. It’s one thing touting for business but this is money with menaces. Lol

The woman, Nicole Scarpone said that she had entertained at this house before in her capacity of adult entertainer.

‘Defendant stated that she was dropped off over there and had been there before and performed sexual acts, but stated that she was not invited over there tonight and indicated that she just showed up to make some quick money,’ the police warrant affadavit read.

After she broke down the door she forced her way in and told the men she was owed $100, offering them sex for $10.

She was found guilty of burglary and prostitution, although it didn’t say what she stole…could it have been their virginity. Lol

Tickle Torture

This post was inspired by a television program I watched the other day. They featured a couple that were in to tickle torture. I thought about the concept and couldn’t quite understand how you could torture someone by tickling them. But if the girl in this picture offered then how could I refuse.

It seems like a strange way to torture someone, I know. But the more I thought about it the more credible it seemed, you can tickle someone until they submit with their stomach muscles feeling stretched and bruised with all the laughter. This form of torture doesn’t leave any marks either.

I tense up when tickled. It feels good but makes me attempt to resist the stimuli. If tickled too much I have been known to pee myself. Which is probably why I tense up in the first place in an attempt to avoid the embarrassment of wetting myself.

The word “tickle” evolved from the Middle English word tiken (to touch lightly). The actual sensation of being tickled is called gargalesthesia. There are many ticklish areas on the body, more commonly feet, armpits, neck, midriff and groin. However, it is not know why these areas are ticklish.

You are unable to tickle yourself, this is believed to be because you are aware exactly where you are going to be tickled before the event. As a result the stimuli doesn’t tickle. How strange is that? It is believed that effective tickling is derived from not knowing where the stimulation is going to occur.

Tickling can be a bonding activity between parent and child or part of play between children. Developing trust between the two, so should a situation arise in which the child is injured or near danger help can be given.

As a fetish tickling is one of the most common human acts, studies show that almost 85% of adults either enjoy being tickled or tickling. In the fetish sense, it can be administered by a dominant to a submissive using physical restraints. Much the same as with BDSM a safe word can be used to stop activity.

The tickle fetishist derives sexual pleasure from either tickling or being tickled. Tickling implements may be used to heighten the tickling sensation, these are usually composed of feathers. I checked out some of my favourite “Toy” sites but there doesn’t seem to be a great variety of tickling instruments out there. Maybe, I have a marketing possibility there, Suze’s tickly bits. LOL.

Here are some of my finds, not very inspired are they?

There are numerous web sites devoted to this very subject but most seem to be pay sites. I find it most strange that you can find sites devoted to all manner of sexual tendency but try looking for tickling or tit wanking and you seem to be entering the realms of “specialist”. LOL.

This site, The Tickling Media Forum is a good resource and some of the listed sites give free tours.

On the subject of tickling, we had a comedian called Ken Dodd who was very hot in the 70’s, he had a tickling stick and Diddymen and came from Notty Ash. Yes, Notty Ash is a real place in Liverpool. His catch phrase was “How tickled I am”. I know before you say it, he was probably ahead of his time, what with dwarfs and the tickling stick. There has to be a fetish there somewhere. I’ll have to look it up.

I found this picture of the man himself, I’ll let you go and explore the web for the Diddymen. But here’s the site of a rather eccentric fan of Mr Dodd


Fucking In Tongues

My favourite position of the moment is doggy style. It allows deep, penetrative sex which touches all the right bases. My g-spot trips when Alex adopts this position and I think I may well be on the way to checking out this legendary u-spot stimulation.

Last night his thrusting went well beyond g-spot but I couldn’t put my finger on exactly what he was stimulating, it felt good but I couldn’t locate the specific area. I was in a highly sexed mood when he took me from behind because within moments, not minutes, I was coming like crazy.

I was wet, he knew it and it spurred him on to his conquest. He was pile driving in to me like some kind of sex possessed porn star. And I wasn’t objecting to his forceful attentions, I love it when he take over, posses me. 😉 I loose control and need to be guided whilst I am in the state of “fuck” and can only obey orders.

The measure of complete abandonment can be measured by actual grounding and physical awareness. I was in Nirvana and didn’t give a shit about much else. 😉 My animal instincts had kicked in and it was now so unbelievably carnal.

Pleasure was the only thing on my mind. Which explains why I said what I did. Normally I am quite restrained when it comes to bedroom instruction. Not because I am shy but I have seen so many porn films that I am wary of the limited dialogue and do not try to replicate it.

But tonight I sinned and it was a natural slip. I repeated the words “Fuck me there” but in the style of an Hungarian Honey. Slightly muted and unfamiliar with the dialect, it just crept out. I think I also followed it up with “Just there”. But all the while I could here the voice of Rita Faltyano.

I may be turning pornstar without knowing it. 😉

Giant Cock-Up!

In the week that saw Google’s new Street View launch we now have a teenager hoping to have his family home feature a rather unusual piece of artwork.

18 year old Rory McInnes decided to paint a large penis on the flat roof of his parents £1 million home. The giant cock measured 60ft in length, as you can see from the image it would have put the Cern Abbas Giant to shame. Lol

He had watched a documentary on Google Earth and came up with the idea of giving something for aerial onlookers something to see. It took him half an hour to paint and sat there un-noticed for 12 months until a passing helicopter pilot got an eye full.

Rory is currently on a gap year in Brazil but his mother Clare has plans for him to clean it off on his return.

Apparently his idea has failed, Google Maps hasn’t picked it up. Nice try though. 🙂

Frantic Fuck

Every time you have sex is different. It doesn’t have to be with a different partner, involve a new position, a new toy or a new scenario. The nature of sex means that every encounter is an adventure and makes it very special.

Last night was a case in point. The second time we made love I found myself becoming almost orgasmic without being orgasmic.

Let me explain.

We had started by touching and kissing, each of us becoming aroused. I slid over Suze’s body and she rolled towards me, onto her side, allowing me to straddle her lower leg and slip into her by lifting her upper leg. This was great for a while, Suze’s face resting on the pillow, eyes closed, moaning and writhing.

When Suze pushed me away then slid on her knees things changed. As I entered her she let out a squeal of pleasure. She took the whole of me, her wetness presenting no obstruction only sweet friction. However the effect each thrust had on her was magical, she came twice, three times, maybe four and with each adjustment of my angle of entry I was able to elicit louder and more extreme reactions from her.

Unusually, Suze was enjoying being frantically fucked. Most of the time a rapid in-out will do little for her, providing little of no stimulation, but last night was different. I drove into her as fast and deep as I could. I became slightly breathless, this was a sprint not a marathon. I was not yet near orgasm but the physical effort and the excitement of hearing and seeing her reaction was inducing a kind of euphoria in me.

It resulted in a light-headedness and a sparkling cascade of white stars as a result of my synaesthesia. Quite amazing, enjoyable and totally unique. It was like an orgasm without the orgasm if you know what I mean, electric, intense and shudder inducing.

A few minutes later, after indulging in a slower, and more measured fuck I came, the tingling brilliance of my previous non-orgasm still echoing across me.

Stripper Job Fair

Since the economic downturn began there have been a succession of stories in the news about how the decrease in confidence and general gloom has affected our behaviour and what we can do to brighten up our outlook.

There has been the emphasis on cosy nights in with your lover and various underwear and adult product companies pushing their wares. Good on them, sales is after all about spotting new angles and opportunities.

The latest recession themed story to hit the news is about a Rhode Island strip club that’s holding a “Job Fair” in an effort to recruit new staff because they claim they’re experiencing an increase in demand due to the recession. This may or may not be true, it may or may not be a bit of marketing by the owner Tom Tsoumas, either way if it’s creating jobs then it has to be good, right?

Read the full story here.

Cyber Sex

Every few years I hear a technology pundit predict that in a few years we’ll all have a robot to help with the housework. Strangely, although that day is getting nearer the claims made by those same people are getting less hyperbolic as the years go by. There’s a realisation that there are practical problems with robots, particularly humanoid robots, because of the complex engineering and computing resources required, plus the fact that even the most modern of batteries will not keep a walking humanoid robot going for very long.

So when the Japanese FemmeBot HRP-4C was shown to the world there wasn’t the huge fanfare that used to accompany the appearance of a new robotic research project. You can see her here.

HRP-4C is deliberately female in form and movement. This is an interesting decision because it can be seen as the expression of gender equality in robotic terms or the reinforcement of the female role as subservient to a (male) master. Or maybe the creator had just seen too many masculine robots and thought she should be a bit different. You decide.

Ultimately of course it could be possible that like in many science fiction stories robots could perform many if not all of the functions we and our fellow humans do. If that were the case would they have the same rights as us if we gave them genuine artificial intelligence and more importantly sentience? What about if a bot could have sex and was sentient, would it be able to enter into the same form of relationships, loving sexual and maybe even marital, just like a human? Would bots just go with bots or would humans and bots begin to get it on?

I suppose it depends how you define sentience, intelligence and feelings. To most of us emotions are what make us innately human, how could a constructed mechanism feel in the same way we do? And yet if you take a human as a biochemical machine it too is governed by rules, the world around it and the memories and experiences that we accumulate. Give a bot enough experience and free will and why couldn’t it love and lust as we do.

We could of course use bots as sex toys, which is fine if they are only mechanisms and provide relief for those who need it.
But if they began to feel as we do then we’d be guilty of the worst kind of exploitation.

All that is a long way off yet. The movements are still a little jerky, the battery life is very short and the AI simply doesn’t even approach that required to make a bot into what we would regard as a sentient being.

But it’s coming.

Fat Bottomed Girls

AlexSuze, SuzeThe BBC ran a story last year about the “Bobaraba” craze apparently a duo called DJ Mix and DJ Eloh have started a craze for posterior enhancement in the Ivory Coast (Côte d’Ivore). You can read the whole BBC story here

It seems that nowhere is safe from the influence of media in some way. What is worrying is that the preparations being purveyed to increase the size of lady’s backsides are at best useless and at worst positively dangerous, being unlabelled and unregulated.

I’m not particularly pointing the finger at anyone here, I mean the song is about African women having big butts. Can’t say I have a problem with that, in fact if the song espoused the virtue of having no butt, a la size zero catwalk skeletons, then I would be howling my criticism. What it does show is that even when someone has a perfectly well-formed and adequate bodily feature they are susceptible to media pressure.

As TV and other media enters more and more homes in previously inaccessible places I can see this happening more frequently. Not just with distorted body image and the snake oil salesmen trying to take advantage of it. Look at the scandal of selling baby milk into the developing world as a replacement for breast milk rather than a supplement to it/replacement should a mother have trouble producing enough milk to feed her child.

I think this shows how easy it is for one aspect of a person’s anatomy to be given hugely disproportionate significance and create a potentially dangerous fashion.


Boobs, Baps And Muffins

In my blog enteries here over the past couple of years I have kept you up to date with my daily ins and outs at work. As part of that you have been privy to some very interesting conversations with colleagues, ranging from the out right weird to the naughty X rated ones.

I don’t get much chance to catch up with Busty and Horny these days because I am in a different department and another floor to them. But I am working on my new workmates and gradually get them to join in the naughty banter. Therefore I am feeling more at home and have the reputation of having a dirty mind. Good. 😉

Over the months I have also shared with you some of my lunchtime antics, including a little light masturbation.

And not forgetting the staff at my local sandwich shop. There have been a few hotties serving in there over the last couple of years, one in particular got my juices flowing although she was significantly younger than me.

It was a break from routine to go in and one day find a stunning girl serving in there. Well, no more. The shop closed a couple of weeks ago and hasn’t raised its shutters since. I assume that they have gone bust due to the recession or something because there was no warning. One day they opened, the next then didn’t.

I have been going to the local garage for my sandwiches this last couple of weeks but have heard there is another sandwich shop the other way down the road. So tomorrow I’m off to seek it out.

Who knows there could be a whole world of adventure there.

RIP sandwich shop.

Eating Cock

I just got back from a long day at work and sat at my PC browsing through the online papers as I chilled out.

One story caught my eye, a woman had exacted revenge on her letcherous husband big style.

Katya Kharitovonova and her husband Mikhail had invited a friend over for a meal at their home in Russia. Before the meal they all sat down to watch The War Of The Worlds and Katya, 36 fell asleep. Now does that say something for the film, I don’t know.

Whilst she slept Mikhail, 40 and their friend Liza, 33 began to get intimate. Mikhail told the court near Moscow that “Liza started stroking my hair and legs and then it went further.”

Liza responded “I kissed Mikhail’s lips. He didn’t resist and then I kissed him more.”

Kaya awoke to find oral sex being carried out. She hit her betraying friend then bit her husband, though she did call an ambulance to take him to hospital.

Apparently the doctors were able to stitch him back together again and I don’t think he will be straying again in the near future. 🙂

Meanwhile Katya has been sentenced to two years in jail.

More Cock Than Any Girl Can Take

Phallus ImpudicusPhallic Symbolism

Why is it that some people can look at anything vaguely cylindrical and assign it the label “phallic”. I remember seeing a TV documentary about the excavation of an Iron Age fort somewhere in England. The work had been carried out by a well known archaeologist of the mid 20th century whose only interpretation of any find he made was of cataclysmic battles and great conflicts.

For example, he’d find a piece of pottery blackened with soot and immediately decide it was in that state because the structure it was in had been sacked and burnt to the ground – not that it was a cooking pot and would have got covered in soot in normal use. Then there were the pits filled with the bones of “slaughtered children” and soldiers who fell defending/attacking such and such a place. Later these were found to be rubbish pits full of animal bones.

It’s the same with phalluses found both in the remains of the ancient world and in contemporary culture, art, architecture and design.

There are those who would assign the label of male genitalia to any column from Nelson’s to those in the main entrance to the national gallery. Monoliths, Egyptian obelisks and even fungi have been attributed with penile characteristics – Specifically the Common Stinkhorn or Phallus impudicus pictured above.

Of course when you have something vaguely edible one society or another will use it as a medicine and credit it with the ability to improve virility. So dried cock-fungus instead of the little blue pills then.

It’s not just limited to the male anatomy of course, though whether those who named the Coco de Mer (Lodoicea callipyge or “Beautiful Rump”) thought there was a land of bottomless women somewhere or consuming it would give you a Jay-Lo butt will be forever a mystery.

Sex In The Shower Showroom

We went out today to buy a new lawnmower. Suze has never been happy with the one we have and I’ve been saying I’d buy a new one for a couple of years. The old one works, just not very well and I’ve had to make a number of modifications to it including redesigning and making a new back axle and constantly resetting the blades.

Tramping around the DIY store today I spotted the bathroom displays and had a really naughty thought. Would it be possible to find a quiet space in the middle of the labyrinthine display areas and get up to a bit of naughty nookie? After all there were few people in the store because it’s Mothering Sunday and the staff were less than interested in being at work …

Well I decided against it. Rush as it might have been, being arrested was not on my agenda. And then there’s the security cameras and YouTube.

It’s not the first time I’ve thought about doing that sort of thing. The forbidden and elicit nature of such behaviour will always have an appeal. One of thee most likely places to be able to engage in showroom sex is an old family furniture store in the nearest town to us. It’s built in a row of Victorian houses, each four stories tall and with a layout that means every doorway leads to a different set of tortuously interconnected rooms.

There are lots of little alcoves and out-of site mock-ups of rooms, including bedrooms, that you could slip into and … you know what I’m saying.

Anyone else go their own little fantasy about sex in the showrooms?

Were We Spotted Outside The Sex Shop?

Sex Shop On Google EarthQuite by accident we discovered Google’s new mapping service last Thursday at work. Tomgirl wanted to show me where she lived and we took a walk along her road. I looked up our address and it hasn’t been mapped yet.

Immediately problems relating to this new venture came to my mind, like what if a guy is snapped outside an ex girlfriends house and many others.

It is a great idea in principle and they do promise to obfuscate faces, car number plates and even your house if you aren’t happy with the idea of it being viewable online. I think it is a must for travellers, you can not only check out the hotel you are staying at but also the area and street if you wish.

But there have been lots of complaints about invasion of privacy, including one from a guy who was pictured leaving a sex shop and even one of a guy throwing up. Personally I would find it quite interesting hunting out the funny events on the streets of the UK if I had the time to sit and do it. Lol

It was overall a very good idea but someone should have thought it through a little more before releasing it online. I am now going to be on the lookout for a tripod mounted camera on top of a car roof. I’ll be the one waving. 🙂

The Bisexual Reveal

Some years before I met Alex I was going out with a guy who I fell head over heels with. My feelings were so deep that I thought that I loved him. I did say “thought”, yes. Because I think you can believe that you are in love with someone until you really find Mr Right and then you “know” that you love them.

He was the first boyfriend I had had who encouraged me to be me and feel relaxed in his company. You know how some guys/girls can almost make you feel the need to be on best behaviour. This guy didn’t, I could even fart comfortably in his presence. Lol

In previous relationships I had found the need to be who they wanted me to be, even when it came to having sex with them. Again, I use that term because I wasn’t in love with them, I just thought I was. I think there has always been a need in me to find my soul mate, the one I would share the rest of my life with. This blinded me to the truth, even masked the unfaithful activities of previous lovers.

With him I discovered one evening after a night out with the married couple a few door away that I was truly bisexual. I had inklings of liking other girls throughout my teens but thought it was just one of those rights of passage that most girls go through. It wasn’t…

I have written in depth about our first encounter when we were trying on my underwear for each other and how one thing led to another. Before we knew it we were rolling around on our bed licking, fondling and fingering each other.

At one point her husband entered the room and lay on the bed next to me, trying to get in on the action. He withdrew when it was apparent from our infatuation with each other, which nobody was going to interrupt that he wasn’t going to be part of our sexual tryst.

You need to read back in to the archives to find out what happened, lets just say that we had quite a thing going for a month or so.

I didn’t realise, neither did the other couple, that my boyfriend had recorded the events as they unfurled on his camera. I clearly remember him sending them off to a discreet laboratory somewhere in the south of the country to have them developed. I bet they made a copy for themselves too. How many other naughty photos are out there in the wrong hands? Those guys at the labs must have had a ball.

Some days later, I think perhaps a week or more, the photos were delivered by the postman and we eagerly tore open the envelope. They were very explicit and naughty for the time and we got 2 copies, one for the neighbours too. 😉

When I eventually split up from him, he gave me the photos (I’m not sure if they were the only copy, of that I can never be sure!) to take with me. I placed them in the cardboard box of my possessions and left.

Several months later I met Alex. He was a very kind and caring not just wanting to get inside my pants guy and I liked him very much from the start. So much so that I wanted to be straight with him from the start.

I wanted to tell him everything about me but one thing scared me…I just didn’t know how I was going to tell him I was bisexual. I know a lot of guys dream of having a girlfriend who can enjoy both the female and male form but at that time I was a little naïve about those things. We all have to start somewhere. Lol

It took me a couple of weeks, until I thought I had got to know him quite well and could not imagine him being unkind to me if I revealed my secret. I recall we had been out for a few drinks and a dance at a club and we were both a little inebriated. The conversation was flowing and I thought the time was right to come clean.

I braced myself and almost held my breath after I revealed to him that I was bisexual and had encounters with another girl. I sat there rigid as he digested the information and I could almost hear the cogs turning in his head as he considered what I had just said to him. Perhaps he thought I said something else and he misheard me or that I was joking.

He knew from the expression on my face that I was being totally honest with him.

A smile appeared on his face and he said, “I thought you were going to reveal something really bad to me”. “Thanks for being so honest with me, I feel flattered that you can entrust me with that.” I smiled back at him and gave an audible sigh (I can clearly remember that moment to this day).

“So, where are the photos?”