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The Ultimate Spy Cam Babe!

KArly AshworthIf you have been following this blog from the beginning way back in 2005 you will have heard me say this year after year, “I’m not getting entrapped in to watching Big Brother this year”. The words are still resonating in my ears from the last time I said them. Lol

And ended up watching the show, admitedley not as much as I used to do but fairly regularly.

I start off by watching the contestants entering the house to see if any of them appeal to me and then end up watching every show to discover who I like best.

This year it has got me hooked early, before it has even started in fact. I just read in The Sun that there is a racy brunette going in. She is 21 year old Karly Ashworth and she looks like a bit of a minx.

Karly is a 5′ 4″ girl from Fife Scotland and is a fitting 34B. You can check her out here and make your mind up if you may be watching πŸ˜‰

Teenage Sex

BoobsSafe sex is something that almost everyone is aware of, but a great many people choose to forget about in the heat of the moment, or because of pressure from others.

Reluctance to wear a condom when appropriate is the single biggest cause of STI infection. It’s difficult to know how to approach this subject with anyone, especially teenagers who are notoriously reluctant to listen to advice and often feel indestructible and of the opinion “It’ll never happen to me”.

So it’s a pity that the UK Government is being criticised about one of it’s campaign which tried a new approach to reaching young people in an effort to spread the word about how a condom is the only way to reduce the risk of getting or passing on an STI, as well as helping to guard against unwanted pregnancies.

The BBC carried this article about the campaign and the apparent “failure” of the Β£250,000 video download. But I ask you, if kids will not listen to sex ed lessons, advice from their parents, posters and TV campaigns what is the government supposed to do?

Don’t knock them for trying something different. If it didn’t work then so long as the Department of Health learn from it and create a better one next time the campaign wasn’t a failure.

Sex education, sexually transmitted infections, contraception

Huge Boobs On The High Street

Natalie SulimanSexy Ads On The High Street

Marks and Spencer are back in the news again but this time with a more positive slant. You may recall they were reported as adding a few extra pence on to the their bras for the larger sizes, which heralded a campaign against them online which gained tremendous support. Pardon the pun. πŸ™‚

This time they are getting coverage in the press for launching a wonderful new advertising campaign featuring the ad you see above. The model is one I haven’t heard of before but I think we may be seeing a lot more of her. She is 23 year old Natalie Suliman and she is certainly a match for Eva Herzigova who fronted (there I go again) the Wonderbra campaign back in 90’s.

Lucky Miss Suliman sports a tremendous 32E pair of boobs, which are certainly attracting attention. Even Alex was drawn to her obvious talent and had great difficulty keeping his eyes on the road last week. Lol

Natalie’s modelling career began just two years ago when she was swimming in her local public pool and was spotted by a modelling agent. I’m sure she will go far, in fact I will be surprised if she doesn’t get snapped up by Victoria’s Secret.

Secret Teenage Sex

BoobsIt’s a term we have heard so many times “Kids are growing up too quickly these days”. I hear it from my sister in law almost every time we talk about our nephew and society in general. And I must say that I am an advocate despite my adult industry background for children to be children for as long as is comfortable for them to do so.

I say comfortable for them to do so because I have witnessed exasperated parents who are devastated the young Billy has discovered that Santa Clause isn’t real at the age of 11. Well, good on him, everyone else was laughing at him before he realised. I know that sounds cruel but parents can sometimes try and wrap their kids in cotton wool too, which is the other end of the scale.

There is a midway, I’m sure.

I’ll get to the point of this post. I just read this article and whilst I will be the first person to admit I’m not exactly down with the kids, I’m not in the back of beyond either.

I have to say that I cannot see how any of the early terms, especially the numeric ones relate to anything at all but hey, I’m not a teenager! It left me wondering if they made some of this up to create a news item.

What do you think, am I being cynical?

Sex, Sun and Spanking

Naughty Spanking 3As I said the other day we don’t get chance to get bored at Chez AlexSuze. There’s always something to review and since our expansion into reviewing erotica that’s added lots of books, DVDs and other media so our box of pending reviews is bulging.

We had just risen this morning Suze was going through the overnight emails and I was finishing off my review of the new Xcite book “Naughty Spanking 3” when we could hear the postman struggling to get something through our letterbox, it was a young relief post, the Rammer is on holiday by the look of things. I went downstairs to ensure that he didn’t force the thing through and damage whatever was in the envelope.

When I was half way down the stairs it hit the mat along with some other mail. I recognised the return address as one of our DVD suppliers. So now we have even more porn to review. It’s a dirty job … but we get to do it.

We’ve put the porn to one side until later this evening so that I could finish the book review. That’s now complete and you can read about “Naughty Spanking 3” over at Erotic Buzz.


Le Cock?

Bent PenisThe weather here is wonderful, the sun is shining and the temperature is rising by the day. We are set for a hot spell which may last in to early next week. πŸ™‚

This of course has made everyone dig to the bottom of their clothing draw and extract summer wear. Which is always good for perving. Lol

We had to visit the local supermarket this morning to stock up on supplies and were greeted by a girl with a very ample chest in a white t-shirt leaving the store. Alex noted her rather large nipples attempting to escape through her top. I noticed her companion, I’m sure I knew him from somewhere, so I missed the chance to ogle.

It took us no longer than 10 minutes to pick up the essentials we had gone in for and far longer to stand in the checkout queue. I have a habit of checking out other peoples shopping in an attempt to guess what kind of person they are.

Today I was standing in the human chain when I noticed a guy to my left in the queue next to us. He was wearing a Le Coq Sportif matching set of shorts and top in navy blue with a red Coq on them.

I didn’t realise how appropriate this was until I noticed where he put his hand. At first I thought it he had placed his right hand in his shorts pocked. But no. He had only pushed it down the front of his shorts.

Bad enough you may think, least in public. He then began to shuffle about inside his shorts. I stared at him hoping he would turn round and I could embarrass him for the laugh. But he didn’t and continued to fondle his meat and two veg quite openly.

I couldn’t keep it to myself and whispered in Alex’s ear what he was up to. At that moment he removed his hand and I thought that was the end of him touching himself up. Moments later he was dipping back in there again.

Alex remarked how he wouldn’t like to shake hands with him and I thought about the checkout girl who was going to be taking his money. Lol

Oh, I forgot to mention between extractions he did actually raise his hand to his nose and sniff. I wonder if he has a girlfriend. πŸ™‚

Legs Wide, Grab On Tight Girl

Wide LegsI read this article on the BBC news site at lunch on Friday about how the way you hold your glass can tell people about your personality.Β 

I am apparently a “Jack the Lad”, which is wildly inaccurate. Well I think it is, you’d have to ask Suze.

However the article’s definition of “The Flirt” is something I can relate to. The body language displayed by some women when handling a drink in the presence of a prospective mate can verge on the obscene. And I love it.

It’s not just the glass and how you hold it of course. When one of these naughty ladies is on the prowl their whole body, posture, outfit and conversation work to entrap their prey. Prey is probably the wrong word as they are willing participants and would look forward to being eaten later. LOL

There’s something about a woman toying with the cherry in her Martini just before you get to sample her cherry. We all know what too much alcohol can do to a man’s sexual performance, but a little alcohol at the right time and in the right way … Hehehe!

The personality types are a bit broad and the article itself is obviously one meant to provoke conversation on a Friday evening when many people are making their way out for a drink after work.

I wish I had thought of it; Research that you can do while holding a pint? You’re a genius Dr Wilson.

More Porn Star Interviews

SuzeWe hope you liked our last post, the interview with Holly D. Since the interview took place we have found out that Holly has a new site “I am Holly D“. It’s not entirely finished but it’s very stylish and obviously inspired by her love of comics and graphic novels.Β 

In the coming weeks we will be publishing more porn star interviews for you to enjoy so keep your eyes peeled.

In Bed With Porn Stars – Holly D

Holy DIn Bed With Porn Star Holly D

Ever wanted to ask a porn star about themselves and the adult biz?

That’s exactly what I got to do with Holly D one the UK’s rising stars of the adult industry.

I love my job πŸ™‚

I began by asking Holly how she got into adult.

“I began by going to fetish and swingers clubs with my boyfriend. We would always get a bit horny, and end up fucking and always drew a huge crowd of watchers. So it was then I realised how much people liked watching me so we started by making a few little homemade scenes and a couple of week later I was shooting for Burning Angel, Playboy and Killergram!”

Being in the adult business is a subject that everyone has to approach based on their involvement and the people around them. So how has Holly approached it?

“All of my friends know and they all think its cool. I havn’t told my family yet but then I havn’t told them about my tattoos either!”

One of the most notable things about Holly D after perky body and dark eyes are her tattoos. So I asked, “Who does your body art?”

“I get my ink by Kali at Pain Divine tattoo studio in Croydon.”

We know Holly’s into comics and graphic novels, but which are your favourites and is the joker on her arm a clue?

“Yeah I love DC comics, mainly Batman. I have recently had my sleeve finished and had Catwoman and Harley Quinn added to the Joker and Batman tattoos I already had.”

Has Holly had any embarrassing moments while filming?

“I haven’t had any hugely embarrassing moments yet, other than getting carried away a couple of times and kicking cameras and cameramen in the face accidentally.”

I have to admit that aside from the poor cameraman having to explain how he got a black eye, that is funny rather than embarrassing.

Now the killer question, Holly, what’s been your favourite shoot so far?

“I think so far it has to be my shoot with Jay Snake, enough said!”

Holly, I am soooo jealous. Jay’s currently my favourite male adult performer, lucky girl. What about people you haven’t worked with, anyone on your to-do list, or any particular favourites?

“I love them all. I haven’t met too many people in the industry that I didnt like, they all seem to be so nice and I would happy work with anyone of them anytime.” She went on to add “I’m actually looking for some new tattooed/pierced/alt/punk performers to work with me. ”

Does Holly have any preferences when it comes to directors?
“I love the director/producer I have shooting the content for my site, Loco and Jay Riots.

Also, Disanto, Paul Carder, Ric Porter and Hazza from Relish are always good to work with and we always have a lot of fun shooting.

Working with Kendo was a great experience, he is a real porn artist.”

The adult industry locations are sometimes unusual, where’s the most exotic place you’ve done shoot?

“Probably Brighton! LOL”

OK then, where was the most uncomfortable place you’ve worked?

“I haven’t really had any, everyone always seems to make sure I’m always comfortable.”

Here’s something that people are always curious about – What sort of preparations do you have to make before you begin a day’s work?

” Yeah, brushing my teeth before and after a shoot is an essential! I always shave before a shoot. A lot of the time make up and costumes etc is sorted out by the companies. I always use a lot of lube to get ready. I am known for having the smallest pussy in porn and the cocks in porn are pretty big, so lots of lube is needed!”

OK Holly, nearly through now. What’s your ultimate goal as an adult model and performer?

“I just wanna keep making the best movies I can and I will keep doing that as long as there’s people wanting to watch my movies.”

Beyond what you’re doing now do you aspire to direct, produce, have your own studio? Or do you want to move out of adult one day?

“I’m not going to be a performer forever, there’s gonna come a time when I get too old and can’t give as good a performance as I can now and when that time comes, I think that’s when it’ll be time to leave the industry.”

What projects do you have coming up in the near future?

“I am working on lots at the moment, My site as well as a couple of niche sites, my own video game, my own clothing label and my own range of skateboards to name just a few!”

That’s one busy girl.

You can find Holly all over the internet on sites such as her own and and with other performers on,,,, to name a few

You can also find her in several magazines and DVDs.

Naked Flesh And Fucking

Boots and basqueWe have a pretty average suburban semi in a beautiful semi-rural location. In most respects it’s normal, unremarkable and would be a little boring. The two things that set it apart are the view out of the windows over one of England’s national parks and the fact that we run a number of adult websites.

The latter makes the house remarkable because of the stuff that we tend to leave lying around the place, either because we are in the process of testing/reviewing it or simply have very few places left to put it.

I remember very briefly when I was a kid actually being bored. I think it was around the age of five, for about a week. Becoming interested in science, then computers put an end to that. My youth and adult life have since that time been brimming full of things to do.

Since we ventured into the world of online adult websites there isn’t enough time to do all the fun, interesting and plain naughty things we want to do.

This of course presents a problem because, if you’re in our little corner of the web, you get used to images of naked bodies, erotic books and sex toys lying around the place. When someone turns up unexpectedly it can be a bit of a panic, especially if you have a freshly cleaned sex toy in the bathroom, or have left a naughty book on the table in the living room.

The worst problem is the nephew. He’s getting quite big now, inquisitive and he’s not stupid. We may have to put a lock on the study door, but that will only make him suspicious. That’s kids.

Parents are a worry, my mother especially because she has eyes like a hawk and would spot an unusual item around the house immediately. We’ve been lucky so far.

Despite the risk of awkward questions we’re as enthusiastic as ever and loving every minute of it.

So it looks like naked flesh and fucking are going to be part of our lives and part of our house’s decor for a long while to come.

Grand Slam Boobs

Simona HalepWhen Huge Boobs Cause Trouble

From our early teens we girls wish for boobs. Often doing like I did, wearing my mothers bra when she was out and stuffing it with toilet tissue or socks. Lol I spent many a secretive evening prancing around wearing her bra under a jumper to accensuate the artificial curves.

Then a trip to the bedroom mirror to check out how I would look with an ample bossom.

I remember being taken to buy my first bra and watching and waiting for my bust to grow to the size of a fellow class mates. They never did, least not during my school years. There was a girl at school who was gigantic and me and every one of my friends envied her.

Some girls were very lucky.

Now you don’t have to wait or feel inadequate because you can go out and buy yourself a pair of boobs in whatever size you desire. Not so long ago a boob job would be frowned upon and some girls would try to keep this a secret. Now you can be open and proud of your new found chest.

That’s why I was drawn to read the story in the today’s Mirror. There is a young hopeful wanting to become a tennis pro but her boobs are getting in the way of her career. She is Simona Halop a 17 year old Romanian girl.

Instead of having a boob job to improve her size, she is having her 34DD’s reduced to aid her play. She says they are too heavy and slow her down. Looking at the picture I can see why. And most girls would kill to have a pair of natural boobs like hers.

Mother nature sometimes takes the piss doesn’t she…

Boob Day Today and Every Day

I was at work today and found myself, fingers poised above the keyboard, staring through the monitor. I’d drifted off and was imagining myself elsewhere. Luckily my daydreaming was probably misread by my colleagues as deep concentration, so no problem there.

What I was thinking about was breasts. Specifically the sensations I associate with them. The feel of them, the smell, the texture and the taste of them. Anatomically they are uniquely inviting, their attributes conspiring to draw a man’s eye and lure him in. I pride myself on appreciating “the whole package” when it comes to a woman, from the gentle dance of her hair as she walks through her waist and shapely hips and down to the very tips of her toes, not mentioning her calves, I like a nice calf.

Boobs are just one of those elements of a female’s attractiveness, so I’m sure I’ll cover the rest at some point, how they make me feel, how I like to touch them, hold them … but for today it’s just boobs.

The outline of a woman’s breasts, in full light or silhouette is enough to make take notice. It’s a reflex action, a man thing, hard-wired

The weight of a breast in the hand is in itself an appealing thought. The way it feels, soft pliable, yielding. To squeeze a breast in your hand is to experience something that adolescent boys dream about, their first handful of womanly flesh is the first step on their journey towards the ultimate goal. It’s a right of passage, that first fumbling grope, often hurried, always furtive. Yes they want to get into a girl’s pants, but breasts are second base, an experience for the guy and the girl. He is allowed to touch an intimate, delicate part of her and in giving her assent for this to happen confirms her interest. Even if their encounter goes no further a line has been crossed and can at a later date perhaps lead to … Well who knows.

The skin of a breast is so soft and smooth, it begs to be touched, cries out to be licked. That’s my preferred method of sampling the sensory delights of a woman’s breasts. With my tongue. I think women enjoy it too from the feedback I get πŸ˜‰ After all a hand is fine for holding her breast, affirming your possession of it, your dominion over her bosom, but a tongue is so much more sensuous for both of those involved. The most agile muscle in the human body can perform such gymnastics in its exploration of the geography of a woman’s boobs.

My favourite piece of skin on the breast is underneath, on the outside. Soft and smooth, a tongue can press into the underlying tissue and feel the weight of the breast. Inward toward the centre of the chest the skin changes texture as I circle round and over the top of the nipple in ever decreasing circles until I arrive at the areola and its central peak, a firm, sensitive nipple.

Using the tongue to traverse a breast means that I can both smell and taste a woman’s body too, my nose and taste buds in intimate contact with her epidermis. I’m not talking about the smell of perfume, but the smell of a woman. It’s subtle and more potent than any manmade concoction. It’s unique to the individual and as variable a woman’s mood. That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with perfume, it’s just that a woman’s scent, uncamouflaged by chemicals is very arousing if you take the time to savour it.

Taking a nipple into your mouth, feeling its firmness, sucking, caressing with your tongue, that’s a sensation that you take time to do way after second base, maybe after you made a home run. In the rush towards your first copulation you miss the sensory pleasures that can make the ultimate act so much more enjoyable. That is youth, impatient and impulsive. That’s its strength and weakness.

Where as experience means you know how to relish the pleasures of a woman’s body. Unfortunately it means you occasionally drift of into a daydream at work.

Anal Sex, In Deep

pantiesAnal sex anyone?

Not as easy as it sounds, or as watching porn movies would suggest. There’s a lot of rubbish talked about it by people who don’t know about anal sex. Often by those who’ve never tried it.

While we’re not experts our own research and personal experience has given us enough insight to sort out the good advice from the bad that’s scattered all over the Web and put it into one place.

You can find our guide to anal sex, dos, don’t and advice here “Anal Sex Advice“.


Sex And Money

BoxHow much does the sex industry contribute to each of the economies of the world?

There are a number of difficult questions that have to be answered before that question can be given a sensible answer.

The problem primarily is what constitutes part of the sex industry. You could say prostitution, but what constitutes a sexual service? Many people get off on being submissive and are prepared to pay for the services of a dominatrix. Does that make mistresses who offer services that don’t involve sexual acts prostitutes. I think it makes them part of the sex industry but not in the same way as what everyone would traditionally regard as a prostitute.

What about escorts? Another grey area and one where the answer may be yes or no depending on the relationship between the client and provider of the escort service.

Then there are sex toys and other adult products. They surely are part of the sex industry.

But what about magazines. The boundaries between mainstream magazines and pornographic literature are blurred. The once obvious distinction between the top shelf and other magazines is no longer there. As the Internet erodes the traditional market for the old skin mags from the hardcore side and the more adventurous periodicals that live on the naughtier side of Cosmopolitan attack them from the other the market for pornographic magazines is actually growing. Just in unexpected ways. They must form part of the total contribution that the “Sex Industry” gives to the economy.

I wonder if there are any accurate government figures? It would certainly make accountancy more interesting.

Homemade Porn

Suze… Can Teach Us All A Lesson

I’m not sure what percentage of the population has participated in this but I hold my hands up to it. Alex and I have several videos featuring us in action. They were not just a record of our encounters together but it added a kinky dimension to having sex.

Yes you were totally aware of the camera. In fact so much so that Alex kept on jumping off the bed to adjust the camera angle as we moved out of shot. Lol The result was a very amateurish video but it was of us and that made it different, exciting.

Now I come to think about it I have no idea what happened to our attempts at homemade porn. I’ll have to ask Alex when I finish writing this post.

But it brings me to the story I read about a couple of Welsh teachers who made a porn video which appeared online. No explanation is given in the story as to how it managed to turn up online.

The result is that the woman has resigned from her job and the man is facing disciplinary proceedings with the school. I wonder if the kids found it or were they stupid enough to submit it to an amateur site where they were recognised?

Either way, be careful what you do with your homemade smut. It is probably best locked away. Now to ask Alex where he put ours. πŸ˜‰

The Taste Of Suze

Kensho: Awakening
Satori: Enlightenment

“I first became aware of it, Mandrake, during the physical act of love … Yes a profound sense of fatigue, a feeling of emptiness followed. Luckily I was able to interpret these feelings correctly: loss of essence … I can assure you it has not recurred, Mandrake. Women… women sense my power, and they seek the life essence. I do not avoid women, Mandrake, but I do deny them my essence.”

General Jack D. Ripper, Dr Strangelove, 1964

I have something in common with general Ripper, no I’m not clinically insane, I have a certificate to prove I’m sane, mwahahahaha!. No, the similarity is that I’m starting to believe sexual climax can sometimes bring epiphany. Not every time, not in the bolt of lightening, burning bush kind of way, but a little enlightenment nonetheless.

I think the physical exertion has something to do with it, and the single mindedness and focus that being so passionately in love and lust with someone brings. From the moment the first stirrings begin, as the blood fills my cock, when that familiar aroma begins to waft from the sweet valley between Suzanne’s legs, my mind is focussed. Clarity in such a busy world as this is rare, I suppose it takes such a pure and unadulterated state of mind, i.e. lust, to remove the complexities from the moment and allow that singularity of purpose. Which leads to where?

There are points in my life when I have seen the path ahead. In my own limited understanding of Buddhism I would have to describe them as Kensho. There are not many such points, because by their nature they are pivotal and literally life-changing. The one which is most prominent and obviously important in my life is the day Suze and I became an item. Specifically the moment we first kissed. It was a kiss on the lips, I remember the moment vividly and in that instant everything changed.

I can tell you exactly where it was, to within a few centimetres. The colour of the carpet, the walls, the layout of the room. I can recall her aroma, what she was wearing, the taste and texture of her lips on mine. I know the thrill I felt and in her surrender to me and the winds of fate I could see a path in front of me. The epiphany was gone as fast as it arrived, fleeting and more powerful because of that. In that instant everything changed and my life was set on a new course.

What ensued was a metaphorical journey on a Bullet Train through life, so that now while our own private Shinkansen is still running at a respectable speed it does not match the pace it once had.

Have I reached Satori? Not yet, though I’ve certainly had glimpses of it. I find enlightenment is like a bar of soap in the bath; the more you try to grasp it the more elusive it becomes. Over the past few months there have been a number of occasions just after sex that have tantalised me. In the hailstorm of sensory overload that accompanies my orgasms forgotten memories have tried to surface. They seem to be memories of a time of innocence, of my childhood and early teens. They are not exactly tangible yet, and I’ve not been able to slip into one of these dream-like memories for more than a few seconds. The other thing about them is that they are not memories of the events at a particular time but a state of being described in a sensory language that my mind has devised.

I suppose by definition that they are not true memories but the sum of a state of mind which is for the moment at least lost to me. That is not to diminish their importance in any way, rather it identifies them as what they are, road signs on the way to a more content and aware state of being.

The fact that they seem to occur after intense physical love is not something that I attribute to exhaustion or hallucinations, though it is like swimming through what I imagine a good acid trip would be like. If there is such a thing as a good acid trip. It’s more about freeing your mind, emptying it of thoughts (which in my case doesn’t take too long) and letting a new awareness fill the receptive void created.

Undoubtedly the way I perceive these events is linked to my synaesthesia. My perception of the world is slightly different to what might be described as the norm. That doesn’t mean that the significance or meaning of the feelings and sensations is different, simply that my mind has a different and more varied palette with which to describe the moment. That makes me feel truly blessed. I also think these moments of kensho feel more important to me as we’re finally entering a period in our lives together where we can put a lot of the crap behind us.

So in allowing the most basic of urges to be fulfilled I find that it might be leading me towards a lasting enlightenment. If satori is this much fun to attain, I’d recommend it to everyone. And if it doesn’t help me achieve satori, it’s going to be great fun trying. πŸ™‚

Anal Sex – Being Fucked Up The Arse

Anal Ring TossI was writing an information page for one of our other sites this evening when the whole bloody Internet disappeared. Well it did for us anyway. We’ve been having occasional problems with Internet access which we’ve put down to the carrier we have. They of course “Can’t find anything wrong with the line”, and that may or may not be true.

Well we reset everything, left it all off for a while, went to bed for a bit … fill in the gaps. And now it’s all working.

So the info page is unfinished, but it wasn’t a complete write-off. System failure have a bright side.

Tomorrow lunch I’m probably off to buy a new router. I’m considering swapping ours out to see if it helps with these intermittent problems we’re having.

I’ll link to the info page when it’s complete and posted up. I hope it will be a useful resource for anyone wanting to know a bit about anal sex.

What A Lovely Pair And They Are Real ;)

Busty GirlI returned to work this morning with reluctance, after having Monday off the prospect of returning was even harder. The morning started off slow, giving me chance to catch up with my work a little.

Then came mid morning and all our systems went down and as we work online with no manual backup most of us were sat around like lemons.

It gave me chance to talk to Gobshite who had just returned from a week’s holiday in warmer climes. He was full of how wonderful everything was and then got on to the subject of the two girls in his hotel complex.

Now bear in mind that he went on holiday with his girlfriend. He started to tell me how they were two stunners and they were sunbathing topless. “One of them had the largest pairs of melons I’ve seen”, he added.

“Were they real?”, I enquired laughing.
“Yes”, came his reply
“Did they move when they laid down?”, a sure way to test the fake/real theory
“They did move”, came his response but for some reason I doubted he had checked that closely he was too starry eyed I’m guessing

Can you imagine how his girlfriend must have felt with him ogling the two girls.

And it got even better they were with their parents. He went on that they were really good looking girls and yet their parents were mingers. And at this point I think he got a little carried away and said “I told them that I couldn’t believe that they had got two girls who looked like that”.

I suggested that he was lucky not to have come back with a couple of black eyes for one reason or another. Lol

Drowning In Her Boobs

SuzeAlfie made a comment yesterday that warrants more than a quick response in the comments. He posed the question “at what age one changes from being a casual admirer to a being a dirty old man?”

Personally I don’t think it’s an age thing. It’s more of an attitude issue.

I am significantly older than the barmaid I described in this post. Though not as old as her admiring customer, LOL.

While I wouldn’t say no if she were to offer an evening of fun with her inviting chest I am under no illusions that looking at me she does not see a potential mate, but someone who could be one of her father’s mates.

Just asking the question indicates that Alfie has the same mature and realistic perspective on admiring the female form. It would be completely dishonest to claim that men, no matter what their age, find women of all ages attractive for various reasons, be that physical attributes, personality or sex drive. There is however a point where the age difference is so great that you have to wistfully admit that you don’t stand a chance and that being an admirer rather than a prospective bed partner is your role.

Suze and I have a good relationship in that respect. We can both express an opinion that we find someone else, of any age attractive, or comment that they are handsome, good looking, pretty or whatever. We both know that the other has the maturity and common sense not to get any weird ideas that we can or would ever want to pursue someone completely out of our league. We leave that to the dirty old men LOL