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Online Sex Isn’t Cheating – So have a Fuck-away Day

Purple PantsI love surveys that are commissioned by commercial organisations and Surprise! Confirm that we should all be using their products. LOL

Of course it may be true but you do have to be a bit sceptical.

In this case it’s the online “Casual dating site” Be Naughty, who say that 70%+ of people don’t think that online flirting is cheating. What they don’t say is if fucking your online chum, no strings, just the occasional mutual orgasm in a hotel room is being unfaithful.

Of course what you do with another consenting adult is your choice, that’s not in question. But like I said it’s like the oil companies bringing out a report that driving a big gas-guzzling car will give you a utopian life – read the small print and remember who commissioned the survey.

Fizzy Blow Job

Sprite Spoof AdLast week I was reading all over the Internet about a German guy who had made a spoof ad featuring Sprite. Max Isaacson the German creator of the ads said that they were originally loaded on YouTube and taken down despite the fact he allegedly made a claim that they were made on spec and not commissioned.

I spent Friday afternoon looking for a copy of the video so I could see for myself what all the furore was about. Despite it being covered in most of the press there were no links to the actual video to be found.

But persistence pays off and I have managed to find a copy of the video so that you can check it out for yourselves.


American Psycho Sex Video

American PsychoAmerican Psycho was a film that we didn’t watch for a long time. The reason was simple. It looked a bit naff from the cover design and it had the word psycho in the title.

That might sound a bit odd but we don’t like sensationalist crap and quite frankly appending the word psycho to something smacked of just that – sensationalism. However we’re completely open to suggestion and having mentioned it to a movie buff friend of mine (I think we were talking about the Dark Knight) he said it was worth a watch …

We’re now huge fans of the film. It’s not perfect but it’s really entertaining and a great performance by Bale.

Anyhoo, if you haven’t seen American Psycho the video above might be a bit lost on you. If you have you’ll spot every reference and appreciate the clever weaving of the music video and the plot of the film. Just without the gory bits. It’s a great Homage and Suze likes the look of Miles Fisher the singer too.

As Suze’s interest had been aroused by Mr Fisher I looked him up and it turns out he’s quite famous … just not appeared in stuff we’ve watched LOL. I suspect we’ll be watching a lot of new TV shortly. Eh Suze?

Bedtime Screw

In BedThere may be an alternative to sleep inducing preparations which is natural and fun, in fact I can’t see any down sides to it.

I just read that a survey of 400 British doctors which was conducted by Crampex the makers of a treatment for muscle cramp has found that it is one of the best ways to have a good nights sleep.

If you think about it sex leaves you feeling relaxed, satisfied and restful. So I suppose it follows that you will be more receptive to sleep afterwards.

I’m going to give it another try later just to be sure. Lol

You can read the full article here.

Ukraine Spam & Porn

Victoria ZdrokAs you are probably aware Alex and I run Adult Blog Hub a resource for adult bloggers to be listed on the Toplist and to add posts. This is a valuable way to both promote your site and meet other like-minded bloggers.

We now restrict new members on the site to being purely “Bloggers” and not the extremely commercial “Girl Gallery” type sites which purely post images and no textual content. The site is also current we don’t have any dead sites listed, if you see a site on ABH then they are currently active.

There is nothing worse than clicking to a site only to find that there last post was in 2003. lol So if you haven’t already signed up and registered your blog then what are you waiting here for. 😉

Sorry, I went a little off piste then.

The reason for this post does relate to Adult Blog Hub in that we get no end of spam clicks in from dodgy sources. And the worst perpetrator at present appears to be traffic from the Ukraine. Now they could be some of the nicest people out there but they don’t half produce some unwanted traffic.

But there is always a ying & yang effect and theirs is that they also have some very good porn stars. Lol I’m trying hard to think of one. Oh yes, Victoria Zdrok the girl up there at the top of this post.

I suppose we have to take the rough with the smooth.

Extreme And Sick With It

Glory HoleIf it wasn’t bad enough that the British government have put in place laws making the possession of “Extreme Porn” a criminal offence the first person to be charged using those laws is also charged with offences against a minor.

I’ve already made my concerns about this law’s possible misuse against people in healthy BDSM relationships and the criminalisation of individuals engaged in consenting acts. So I’ll not go there again. This case is sickening, because it involves a minor, and if the defendant is found guilty then he should be punished to the full extent of the law. It’s also worrying that the alleged paedophile is also deemed to be in possession of “extreme porn”.

Was this assessment made based on his other alleged crimes? Is the pornography genuinely hideous or are the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) looking for a range of charges to ensure that he is given a heavy sentence?

Whatever transpires from this case the public’s perception of porn is potentially going to be swayed and associated with paedophiles when a direct association doesn’t exist.

“Extreme” porn doesn’t make you a paedophile – being a sick fuck makes you a paedophile.

You can read the story here.

Rough Doggy Sex

Doggy Sex DOllI’m used to the fact that as humans we enjoy the pleasures of sex toys. To me that is all quite normal for a full and rounded sexual experience.

But I still cannot get my head around the fact that this “DoggieLoveDoll” has been presented at a pet product show in Sao Paulo Brazil.

Or is someone pulling my leg? Lol

The manufacturers of the doggy sex doll have allegedly taken orders from countries which include the USA, Germany and Japan.

There is another solution … the vet!

Find Me A Real Woman To Fuck

Xerox WomenI’ve just finished one of my more random Internet excursions that took me way back to my childhood. The details of my Web journey are irrelevant though it confirmed to me that I’ve never been one for girls as such. I don’t mean that when I was a boy I didn’t go out with girls, simply that I don’t like girly girls.

Feminine yes, that’s something entirely different and is often confused with being girly. Feminine is about being sophisticated, self-assured, controlled and yet knowing when to let go and unleash the passionate female within. It is not talking about frilly things all the time and pretending to be less intelligent than you are.

Maybe it’s a way of putting men who are intimidated by strong women at their ease but I hate girls who loose all their opinions, intelligence and personality when they’re around a guy they find attractive, or at least a guy who they think finds them attractive. In a way you could say that if they are daft enough to become living Barbie dolls for a bloke then they deserve exactly what they get. Then again if young men think that women are just giggling idiots waiting to become ornaments for their arms they are hardly going to look any further than something that appears to be a compliant and willing partner.

OK so that’s a generalisation and things have moved on a bit since I was at primary school but my original point is still valid. I have always found mature, intelligent women attractive and I’m turned off by bimbo-ism. Relationships are partnerships and I can’t think of many things more hideous than an un-balanced and contrived pairing that is formed from either desperation or compliance with society’s expectations of what you should be.

The other extreme is of course the overly assertive female. Like men women can become too assertive, too sure of themselves sometimes in an attempt to compensate for what they perceive as their own shortcomings. It doesn’t matter what sex you are male or female, I am always suspicious of anyone who tells you categorically “how it is”. It’s like those awful self-help books where you chant mantras to increase your self-esteem. The supreme irony of course is that in the last week or so I heard of some research that seems to prove the chanting of such mantras actually subconsciously undermines your self-esteem. LOL

Peer pressure is something I noticed very early on at school. The groups of girls and boys who seemed to pick up on an idea, a friendship, a TV programme or a film and talk about nothing else. Then they’d postulate theorise and develop opinions about whatever it was that grew so disproportionate to original (film, programme or whatever) that it became surreally displaced from reality.

One instance I remember was a group of friends (me included in this) who started to show off about how they had been up soooo late the night before and seen a Godzilla (or similar) monster flick. We all joined in and added our own embellishments and observations to prove that we’d seen it. Me included, LOL. I wager that none of us had stayed up past the first ten minutes at which point we’d be ushered off to bed – hell we were about eight! I know we were all lying because we were all agreeing and confirming what the guy just before us had said. Quite a vivid memory that one, I can even tell you exactly where in the school yard we were standing.

So please, give me a real, honest woman to talk to, to flirt with and to fuck!

Morning Would

DPIt’s nearly the end of the month so it’s nearly time to press the button and draw the winner from our newsletter subscribers over at Sex Toys Buzz.

What do you mean you’re not a member?

Pop over and register for the chance to win free sex toys and erotic books from our sponsors.

While you’re on the site check out our latest sex toy reviews.

Amazing Nakedness

Lea WalkerIf you have been keeping up here at chez AlexSuze you will be aware that the naturist nude night is taking place this Saturday in York. They will be kitting off and walking through a corn maze, check out my post from earlier.

The maze is enormous, measuring the size of 15 Wembley sized football pitches. I was going to direct you to the naturists site but it is down at the moment, you can however click this link to check out the maze’s site.

I was going to ask how you would keep your excitement at bay. The men I mean. 🙂 But the weather has turned wet and cold here the last few days so I don’t think erections will come in to it.

They will probably be risking hypothermia. If you are attending this event good luck and take plenty of warm blankets and flasks. It is Summer after all. Lol

It’s Got To Be Anal With That Much Lube …

Latex MaidWe took a trip out to the Sex Shop last weekend. I forgot to tell you about it. It’s a great place to check out the consumers and what they are purchasing and I like to check out any new DVD’s on the shelves.

In fact we ought to be offered a cup of tea when we go now being regulars. Lol Their stock isn’t too bad, they try to keep it up to date as best they can but they don’t carry many of the latest items. And certainly can’t compare to the online stores as far as pricing goes.

But one thing they do have in their favour is that you can actually touch the items and check them out. So we usually go and if I see anything I remember what it was and ask one of our sponsors if they can send me one. It’s great being a reviewer. Lol

On this occasion there was a rather strange couple in the shop who wouldn’t have looked out of place in Psycoville. One was obviously female and the other was boderline. I’m normally good at spotting trans-gender people but this one had me foxed.

Anyway, they spent a considerable amount of time checking out the vibes and then turned their focus to the lubes on the central stand near where I was standing. And for some reason I felt compelled to listen to their conversation.

They were discussing which lube would be best and then the shop assistant made her way over. One of them asked what the largest size they did was. Horny I thought.

She disappeared off in to the back and I made my way round the product displays to continue my research. I lost track of the conversation but caught site of them leaving. The he/she person had the largest bottle of lube I have ever seen outside an adult trade show under their arm.

I’m thinking there is either going to be a lube shortage and I hadn’t heard about it or some serious partying. 😉

I Want To Get My Hand In Her Pants

Ana Beatriz Barros.jpgAnd so does everyone else. Lol Are you sat there asking “Who is she?” just like I did earlier today. She is the gorgeous Ana Beatriz Barros. She is a stunning 5’10” brunette who comes all the way from Brazil and if that’s what Brazilians look like I’m emigrating. 😉

It appears that she has been around since 2002 when she modelled for Victoria’s Secret. She has also modelled for Jennifer Lopez’s underwear range more recently.

Currently she is working with French undies manufacturer Passionata and has been commissioned to appear in the prestigious Pirelli Calendar for 2010.

I can’t believe I hadn’t spotted her until today. I’m going to be having some naughty dreams about her.

My Pussy Loves Cock Rings

Dinky BangerI’m counting down the days until we can let the bloody cat out. He has been particularly mental today, huge eyes, dilated pupils and lots of claws and teeth. Lol He has been on guard duty at the front door, with regular visits to scratch and mew at it.

It has been quite warm here and I can’t have the windows open to let fresh air in for fear of him jumping out. Trying to find something to occupy him even for a short time has been so difficult.

I truly think he is becoming depressed as he enters his 3rd week of being banged up in the house. Although I keep on telling him this is his last week I know he doesn’t understand and I feel as bloody frustrated as he does.

Before all this happened, in fact a few days before I caught The Rammer attempting to push a toy delivery through the cat flap and shouted at him to stop before he broke the catch. The ignorant bastard left the parcel on the front door step and went on his way.

And now we have had to remove the cat flap and replace it with a piece of unsightly wood to keep the cat in. I have wondered what The Rammer thinks of this, does he think we boarded it up because of him? Lol

Tonight in desperation I decided to give him one of Alex’s old cock rings to play with. He loved it, I actually think I saw him smile. Metaphorically of course. Alex pointed out that we would have a real dilemma on our hands if he swallowed it.

How could you explain to the vet that you gave him a cock ring to play with because he was bored. Uhmmm.

Can’t Get Enough Of It

KissWell, not me exactly but some women. Want to know what I’m talking about? Chocolate. As a youngster I loved the stuff but when I hit my early thirties I wasn’t that fussed about it. It wasn’t a conscious decision to stop eating it I just sort of fell out of love with it. If that is the right expression.

We have some delicious chocolates over here, slightly towards the luxury end of the scale known as Thorntons. Every year Alex’s dad insists on buying the ladies a box of these gorgeous chocolates. And every year either Alex eats them or they go white in the box.

If you are reading this and have a keen interest in the rich dark indulgence then you would be advised to go over and read this it’s sure to make your mouth water.

Whilst they are gone I’ll tell the rest of your what it is all about. Lol The university of East Anglia is looking for 40 women to eat chocolate daily to test the health benefits derived from the consumption of flavonoid compounds.

That sounds like a study we could all take part in. Apart from me lol.

Tits In Time Square

JordanIn case you’ve missed the latest piece of celebrity silliness … Apparently Katie Price AKA Jordan has auditioned to appear in the next Sex And The City film.

One thing I’m pretty sure she can’t do is act, and lately she’s not been very good at being herself either.

Still with her appearance fees being in the six figure range at the moment maybe it’s just part of her making the most of here heightened profile since her split with Peter Andre.

I Want Lots Of Cock

Unknown PenisIf you were to set up your own museum in honour of something or someone, where would it focus? Have you a particular interest, development or person who inspired and inspires you to this day.

Does someone or something dominate your waking hours? Do you find yourself distracted by the very thought of it?

For me it has to be sex. I spend most of my waking and sleeping hours for that matter thinking about different perspectives of it. It is my world, from the adult product reviews we do, researching articles of interest, socialising with fellow bloggers on the Internet and everything in between. Oh, and yes, shagging Alex. Lol

So my museum would have to be devoted to sex and sexuality and how it has evolved over the years. What a museum that would be. 😉

My inspiration for this post is the very bizarre but interesting museum they have over in of all places Iceland. It is dedicated to the “Phallus” or to the uninitiated “Cock”. Of all the places to find a museum dedicated to all things cock you just wouldn’t expect it to be Iceland. See where having dark nights gets you. Lol

Take a quick look around and check out their image gallery and what ever you do don’t click on “Photo 5″….