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Easy Porn

Photocopier sexBeing an inventive sort and having a great deal of time on my hands since I was put on short-time working I’ve been scooting around the sites looking for improvements that I can make.

If you’re not already aware we run a sex blog directory Adult Blog Hub. Up until now you’ve had to go to the site to see what new stuff’s been published on there, well as of today you can subscribe to the RSS feed on the front page and pick up all the new posts as they appear :o)

The question is what should I do next? I’ve found all sorts of jobs that I want to do but I do still have to work for the day job some of the time. Pity.

I could prioritise them or stick a pin in a list and let fate do the rest :o)

The Game Of Lust

PoledancerWe tested out a new board game on Sex Toys Buzz yesterday. It’s difficult to get board games right, they have to get you in the right mood, hold your attention and not get in the way of the thing that they are supposed to be doing – in this case making you feel horny.

The game really hit the mark and you can read all about it here.

Ride ’em Cowgirl

CowgirlRemember if you are not already a member today is your last chance to join the Newsletter before the end of August. Pop over now and subscribe to ensure you get the chance to win free sex toys.

And if you don’t win this month tomorrow will see a new prize up for grabs.

Each month the newsletter also gives you the chance to win one of five books from the latest release by Xcite Books, pop over and check out the range of erotica they offer.

Cum Suck My Nipples

I decided to cook a full Sunday lunch on Saturday. Lol I put a chicken in the oven to roast and some vegetables in the steamer on the hob. They taste so much better steamed and not over-cooked.

Anyway, come time to get the chicken out of the oven I removed it and placed it on the worksurface for Alex to carve.

Meanwhile I decided to drain the potatoes ready for mashing and removed the top two tiers of the steamer placing them on a plate on top of the hob at the front. Silly me then reached over to take hold of the bottom section containing the potatoes and…


I only went and leant over the outlet for the steam – and the carrots were in there generating loads of hot steam through the vent.

Still now I can feel just how tender my left nipple is. I think I’m going to need Alex to sooth it for me with his mouth. 😉

Fucking Me Fucking You – Ahaaaaa!

Touch UpI read the saying “Couples who play together stay together” somewhere and how true is that statement. Alex and I love to experiment it keeps things fresh and alive, enriching our relationship. I’m not saying that you have to do anything particularly wild like swinging or cuckolding but try something you’ve never done before, say once a month.

We were once a couple quite content in our comfort zone of the sexual practices we knew and loved. I’m a firm believer that you should try most things once and if it’s not for you then simply cross it off the list and mark it down to experience.

But at least you have now made an informed decision that you don’t like it. For example I didn’t think that I would enjoy light bondage and a light spanking every now and then. Let me tell you at the right time, say when you are being fucked doggy, a light slap on the ass is great.

Always have an open mind and let your imagination run free…

I have selected a range of goodies that you may wish to share with each other on one of those credit crunch nights in. A lot of fun can be had on little money and the bonding and closeness it brings is priceless.

I can’t recall the last time I played a board game, it would probably be a game of Scrabble roughly 20 years or more ago. And now when I think about it, I enjoyed playing and most of all thinking rather than staring inanely at the television. This sexy board game is a little different and you certainly wouldn’t want to play it with your parents. Lol

Once the mood is set and you are feeling relaxed and a little sexy, things can step up a little. You can enjoy caressing each other and practice massage. This massage set is delightful assault on the senses, you can savour the aroma of the fragrant oils as they heat up on your warm flesh. And enjoy the deep and loving massage your partner is giving you, rubbing away the aches and tensions of the day, bringing you both closer together and making you receptive to his attentions.

You could also try one of the massaging vibrators on the market, the vibration works deep in to those muscles. It may not be as sensual as hands but it does the trick making me putty in his hands. This one is contoured and angled just right for you to use on yourself or your partner.

Now it’s time for things to really heat up and the real naughty fun to begin. Why not try gently tying your partner to the bedhead. Creating an air of suspense and sexual tension between you. If you have a scarf why not create a make shift blindfold adding the sensory experience. Light bondage can be so arousing, to be under your partners control, at their mercy. The very thought is making the hairs stand up on the back of my neck.

If you like the feel of the silky bondage rope against your flesh you may wish to look in to practicing one of the many forms of rope bondage such as Shibari. It’s better than the boy scouts. 😉

If you like the feeling of restraint without the knot tying you could always opt for a set of wrist and ankle cuffs. Personally I like the convenience of this under the bed system. They are easy to use and can be left in situ even if you have guests coming round because they tuck nicely away waiting patiently for next time.

And why not give you and your lover a treat whilst you have them nicely restrained. You could use body paint to create a messages of love and then when you are finished lick every trace of the sweet and tasty body paint from their flesh. Add a little tasty twist to felatio and cunnilingus they could never accuse you of not being attentive again. 😉

Lube has come on in leaps and bounds, you can now get long lasting lubes containing silicone, tingling, warming and just plain old water based lube. But even more adventurous is the range of tasty edible lubes. These are not just designed with lubrication in mind but for licking from each other. Gone are the days of having to endure nasty tasting lube when you went down on your partner. They can now taste succulent and fruity.

Now he is hard and excited, raring to go but not just yet. There is an exciting addition he can enhance his penetrative skills with. The old boring cock ring is now a thing of history. This cock ring accommodates most sizes and includes a powerful bullet which will not only bring him off but you too.

If he is feeling adventurous you could try one of the beginners strap-ons. They are designed to be easy to use and none threatening in size. He will love the stimulation on his P Spot (prostate gland) and you will get aroused fucking him with it. I know I do.
I feel this is the ultimate in coupled toys because there has never been anything like it and there still isn’t. The We-Vibe is designed to be worn by the woman internally during intercourse. You both feel the vibrations coursing through your bodies. One end vibrates internally whilst the other stimulates your clitoris.

Ripping Off Zoe’s Panties

DirtyThis story continues from here you might want to read this part first.

I pushed into the cramped cubicle with the girls shutting the door behind me and locking the door. Lisa had put the seat down and was sitting facing Zoe. Zoe was leant forward hands on the wall above the cistern. Lisa reached up and began to massage Zoe’s boobs through her dress.

I pulled up Zoe’s dress to expose her round arse. Her light blue cotton thong was soaked with her own juices, its thick scent filling my nostrils. I yanked them down her legs, tearing one side open in my haste and let them fall to the floor. “Steady on!” laughed Zoe.

I rubbed my fingers across Zoe’s labia, spreading the slippery juices from her pussy over her freshly shaved pudenda and over her asshole. I lingered there a moment teasing the puckered opening with a moist finger. Her sphincter contracted involuntarily, then relaxed as the initial shock of the unexpected stimulation was warmly accepted.

Her hips swayed and her asshole opened inviting me to probe further, but I had more urgent needs to satiate. I unbuckled my trousers and let them fall then yanked my cock over the waistband of my briefs.

Lisa had uncovered Zoe’s breast now and was tugging at her nipples while kissing Zoe passionately. I ran the tip of my cock across Zoe’s glistening labia mixing my precum and her nectar, lubricating me for my intrusion into her sex.

Zoe moaned, mouth still clasped to Lisa’s. My cock was just parting her lips, I waited a moment watching as Lisa’s hand slid into the dark curls on Zoe’s head pulling her towards Lisa ensuring their faces were pressed together. Slowly and deliberately I pushed my cock into her pussy. In a few moments I was ball-deep and wanted to thrust and cum as quickly as I could, but I waited.

Lisa pushed Zoe slightly away and dipped her head to suck on a nipple. That was my queue to begin sliding in and out of a pussy that I had not experienced for nearly 10 years. Zoe rocked with my strokes, first being pushed towards the wall by each one then pushing back wanting more and harder.

I grasped her waist to steady myself and took control of my pace. I rolled my hips back, levering the tip of my cock onto her G Spot, feeling the change in her movements, hearing the more lustful tone of her moans. In ten or twelve strokes she came, already excited by bringing Lisa off and the sensation of Lisa’s mouth on her tits. My cock rubbing her G Spot was the sensation that pushed her over the edge.

Zoe’s pussy became suddenly wetter, her vaginal muscles clenched my cock. I grabbed her shoulders, one in each hand and slammed into her. I was ready to cum and yet wanted it to last just a little longer, five strokes, four, three, two, one Oh fuck! I let myself go and unleashed a wave of cum into her spasming snatch.

We walked back to our hotel Zoe on one side, Lisa on the other. Zoe craned her head to whisper in my ear. “I’ve got your cum running down my legs.”

“I heard that!” said Lisa, laughing.

“So.” I asked Zoe “When did you tell Lisa you knew me?”

“Just before I took her into the loo. I’m enjoying getting to know you again.”

“Hey!” cried Lisa “I’m next.”

And indeed she was …

To be continued …

Cum In My Mouth

I woke up this morning feeling so horny, if I had possessed a cock it would have been as hard as a rock. 😉 Suze must have had what would be called a wet dream if I was a guy. Between my legs was throbbing and my inner thighs were damp.

Alex was sleeping like a baby, it was about 7.30am. I know it was early but I tried in vain to get back to sleep for a while longer as we rise early in the week for work. But I just couldn’t settle and besides I wanted “IT”.

He was laying on his side facing me and at first I pondered about giving him a gentle kiss on the lips to wake him and then reveal to him that I wanted to fuck his brains out. I decided to go for the far more subtle option.

I slowly and carefully eased myself under the duvet as not to wake him. When I reached his groin I felt around in the dark until I found his cock. Bugger! The end was trapped between his legs.

Only one thing for it. I started to gently glide my hand over his stomach in a carefree way, just stroking him gently. Then I went for it, I moved my hand down to his groin and ran my fingers over the base of his cock.

That worked he sleepily moaned and opened his legs to allow me to free him. I think at this point he was semi awake but kept his eyes closed taking advantage of the situation. Don’t tell him I said that but I’m sure he was. 😉

I began to massage his cock against his groin, rolling him gently, slowly. He responded well to my ministrations and within minutes he was becoming firm. He was now hard enough for me to wank.

Before I started I took the end of his cock in to my mouth and coated it with saliva and then backed off to let my hand do the work. I slid his foreskin back and forth slowly, he liked that. 😉 Another moan issued from him.

I speeded up my hand movement and he began to fuck my hand.

That cock was now coursing with blood and sticking out like an arm. I wriggled over to him and took him into my mouth. Immediately Alex started to fuck me and I coughed as he caught the back of my throat in his eagerness.

Just a few minutes and I’ll get on all fours, point my ass at him and ask him to slide in, I though to myself.

I pursed my lips around his cock, pulling his foreskin back with each push inwards. I placed my tongue underneath to massage his frenulum and he fucked away at me. My cheeks sank in as I sucked down hard on that erect cock.

Alex was now between my legs, opening my thighs to gain entry. I felt the warm softness of his tongue on my clit as he flicked it, teased it, made it swell. I moaned my appreciation as best I could from his groin.

I grasped his buttocks and pushed him towards my mouth, making him fuck me faster. It felt so erotic, so damn dirty sucking him off that I completely forgot about him fucking me. I was enjoying this too much to stop now.

My hands had a firm grip on his ass and I began to move my head up and down his hard shaft.

“Suze! Stop I’m going to come”, he shouted from between my legs.

But I couldn’t stop myself and then…

…spurt, spurt…spurt, I felt the ricochet of his ejaculation hitting the roof of my mouth. Then I coughed as one hit the very back. I could taste him, smell him, I wanted to devour him.

As we both stood in the bathroom waiting for the sink to fill with water I caught my reflection in the bathroom mirror. I had a crispy white coating over my top lip. Now I wonder what that was. 😉

Suze’s Lesbian Lust

Olivia LeeIt doesn’t happen very often but occasionally I will see a girl I fancy, she could be in a car, walking on the street or behind the counter of a department store. Oh and lets not forget the latest of Suze’s beauties… the girl in the sandwich shop.

Last night it was on television, I know nothing like falling for the assessable. Lol We were watching a program called Olivia Lee’s Naughty Bits on Channel Four and I just couldn’t help but be charmed by her. How she managed to pull off the situations in this comedy in this hidden camera show I don’t know. I would have cracked in to a smile, there is no way I could have kept my face straight.

Yes Olivia is an attractive, vivacious, intelligent and humorous young lady, the perfect combination for me. And I nearly forgot, she is a redhead too. 😉

As I write this I am trying to find out more about her, I believe she appeared in a show called Balls Of Steel prior to this show. She has that spark which ingnites my fire. How I would love to take her to my bed and show her the wonders of bisexuality.

I’m just visualising Alex’s face if I brought her home. 😉

Every Fetish You Can Wave Your Dick At

Gummy Bear ParaphiliaThe Internet is a place where everyone’s own little fetishes can be expressed. We’ve long since given up thinking “We’ve seen it all now.” Because there is always someone who’s going to prove us wrong.

For a while the Internet has been becoming flooded out with Lego reconstructions of films, books, pictures, porn … and to be honest ingenious though some of them are I find myself getting a little tired of them now.

This guy came to the rescue today with his Gummy Bear Paraphilia calendar.

You can see the full calendar here and buy it here.


Coming Together ;)

DatingThe answer to that question is yes, Alex is a very caring and thoughtful lover and not only does he ensure that I come with him but that I come before too. You see I’m a multi orgasmic gal and find I can come several times during a sexual encounter. I know lucky me. Lol

I’m sure you have read the posts now and are fully aware that after many months of being offline we are now hosting our own videos so that you can enjoy them without fear of the being struck down over night.

Alex has just loaded the latest video for the We Vibe. That has to be the best toy couples toy invented recently. We had a lot of fun testing it. 😉

Watch this space for more visual delights over the coming weeks.

Rate My Boobs

SuzeIt had to happen. The Austrians are hosting a competition dedicated to plastic surgery called Miss Plastic Surgery. Judging will take place by a panel of doctors selected from a panel of the country’s finest plastic surgeons reports the Austria Times.

In order to take part you have to give your vital statistics including your medical records. Entrants will have undergone breast implantation, facelifts and fat removal to qualify for entry in to the only competition of its kind celebrating their newfound beauty.

If you wish to enter the preliminary rounds will be running between the 5th & 6th of September, with the final being held on 9th October.

I’m not sure what the prize will be but I suspect it may be a voucher to spend with your favourite surgeon. 🙂

Fishnets, Fellatio and Tattooed Punk Chicks

GirlscoutHow Small Is Your Fetish?

I believe we all have fetishes, even if they are not the driving force and defining element of our sexuality. Each of us has something that turns us on and excites us out of all proportion to its actual significance.

I started thinking about this when I was going over the little fetishes I have in my own mind. Some of them are very specific and relate to the most exact circumstances and sensory stimuli.

There are the obvious ones, stockings, slightly over-done makeup, the skirt suit and the secretary look … they aren’t so much fetishes though they do it for me without fail. But there are certain things about a women in a skirt suit that I think are a bit fetishy … crossing and un-crossing legs, adjusting the hem of an on-the-knee skirt. I suppose it’s the sort of very human things but within a professional and controlled environment that highlight the humanity and therefore sexuality of the person doing them.

It’s the same with the really cliché action of touching a woman a pen on their lips. To me it’s not the phallic symbolism (and thank goodness my dick isn’t that thin) it’s the unconscious nature of the action and maybe the sensual appeal of lips slightly parted that imply a kiss rather than a blow job. Much more subtle and certainly more personal.

Anyone else have any very specific fetishes like that. It could be a specific tattoo, on a specific person, as opposed to just being into tattoos, or maybe sex in a certain place at a certain time … it would be interesting to hear.

Pussy Powered Music

AssThere are some more videos available on our new video hosting site. One of them is the We-Vibe, quite a revolutionary sex toy that is worn during sex.

One thing we did find while testing it is that you make music while you fuck. As I thrust in and out the note of the vibrator changes. A really unexpected product of its revolutionary design.

Why not pop over and take a look.

Schoolgirls Galore

SchoolI had to pop into the supermarket on the way home and was pleasantly surprised by the latest marketing drive to encourage parents to stock up on stuff for their kids. The Back to School promotion was being supported by all the female members of staff dressing up as schoolgirls.

Now, that put a smile on my face because of course they’re all grown up girls, some of them very grown up. Every possible shape, size age and naughtiness … if you know what I mean.

As Suze pointed out when I told her about it, it’s going to encourage the dads to get involved with preparing their kids for school LOL

From my point of view it’s going to encourage me to go and get any sort of groceries. :o)

Eating Cum

Sperm based RecipesI’ve never put it to the acid test but it is claimed that what you eat is reflected in how your sperm tastes. Obviously it is good for you to drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol and cigarettes, in fact anything that pollutes the body. But this is the real world.

It is claimed that cum is composed of 90% seminal fluid which carries the 1% sperm content along with trace elements like fructose which is a sugar protein, nutrients and minerals. Allegedly the PH value of sperm is 7 which is neutral.

You can change the sweetness of your sperm by eating more fruit such as cranberries, melons (don’t ! lol) apples, pineapple, any fruit which is high in sugar. Vegetables can help too but it is recommended that you steer clear of any from the cabbage family. I’m thinking that is an obvious one for other reasons. 🙂 Oh and don’t go near asparagus because it makes your pee bright yellow and sulphurous so who know what it does to your sperm. Lol

Recommended foods are cinnamon, cardamom (good if you like curry 😉 ) peppermint and lemon.

Why not experiment at home and let me know your findings, I’m sure it would make for interesting reading.

And whey you have perfected the taste why not try incorporating it in one of the delicious recipes in this cook book I just found.

Just one thing, don’t tell your mum what went in to the carrot cake. Lol

Girls Who Show Their Pussy

Britain seems to have a dual personality, especially when viewed from outside. On the one hand there’s the “British reserve”, stiff upper lip and all that. On the other there’s Benny Hill. Alright Benny Hill and the rest of the Music Hall style comedy that populated the TV of the 50s, 60s, 70s and to a lesser extent 80s.

So at one end of the scale we have what would be regarded by non-Brits as Victorian values, and at the other extreme is a music hall tradition that encompasses Pantomime and End Of The Pier shows.

I think I’ve touched on this before when I mentioned Kenny Everret, specifically his character Cupid Stunt. Looking back now the spoonerism is obvious. But in my defence I was young and naïve. Kenny was an incredible figure, a rebel and in his own way very anti-establishment. He started off in pirate radio and while he did land a job with the BBC got himself sacked because of a quip about Margaret Thatcher. From memory it was along the lines of “When we had an Empire we had an Empress, when we had a Kingdom we had a King, now we have Maraget Thatcher we have a Country.” Check him out on Wikipedia if you want to know more.

Kenny is not alone, both in irreverent, highly camp, comedy steeped in sexual innuendo of the sledgehammer kind.

UK readers will remember Larry “Shut that door” Grayson. My abiding memory is of him on “The Generation Game”, were his constant anecdotes about his fictional friends Everard, Slack Alice and a postman called ‘Pop it in Pete’. Not sophisticated but for their time very funny and quite brave as homophobia was rife. When Larry first began his act as a stand-up and drag artist homosexuality was illegal in England so basing your living on being gay was quite brave to say the least.

On the subject of innuendo and me being as thick as a plank, how about Molly Sugden as Mrs Slocombe? If you’ve seen “Are You Being Served” you’ll know the drill. Her entire character was based around a working class shop assistant with aspirations to bettering herself. She had an affected middle class accent that would disappear if she was shocked/upset/ angry or otherwise off her guard. That in itself was, I think, the genius part of Molly’s charactrisation. But she was really famous for the continuous stream of jokes about her Pussy. Of course as a child I always assumed it was a cat. So we had “stroking my pussy”, “showing so-and-so my pussy”, “my pussy drives him wild” and “damp pussy” jokes galore, before the 9 o’clock watershed.

Not all British performers are what they seem though. Remember Sir Ian McKellen as Gandalf in Lord Of The Rings, or as Richard III, or now as Lear? Well you might be interested to know that he has another passion, putting on a frock and playing a pantomime dame. Now there’s someone truly at home with themselves. (he’s the one on the left)

Pretty, Sexy, Slutty

White UndiesI fervently believe that schools ought to teach underwear as a subject. To both boys and girls.

Why? Well consider these facts.

Boys don’t get near any girl’s underwear until long after they have developed an interest in it and its occupant. They therefore have some very peculiar misconceptions about what constitutes pretty, alluring, sexy and slutty. All of these things have their place in a relationship, but getting them confused is not desirable.

For many guys the following equivalences apply for women’s underwear.

Pretty = Something pink with flowers on
Alluring = Nekkid
Sexy = Something black, preferably with stockings
Slutty = Something black and crotchless

Alright that might be an exaggeration and wild generalisation, but you know what I mean.

As for men’s underwear, a word of advice. Posing pouches with elephant’s ears are funny to your partner, briefly, about 300 milliseconds to be exact. In no way are they sexy.

So what about girls. If you’re after adolescent boys, underwear is easy, they’re so busy trying to get it off they’ll not notice it. You could wear threadbare “Brigitte Jones” knickers and they wouldn’t bat an eyelid.

However when in a relationship you must teach them one thing; If they insist on buying you underwear for every birthday, Valentine’s and Christmas, MAKE SURE THEY KEEP THE RECEIPT.

For any guys out there here’s why. You will probably get the wrong size, it will probably be uncomfortable and it may restrict your lady’s blood circulation so much that they risk loosing a limb.

If your man’s trainable then great but if they can only remember one thing, get them to remember the receipt.

Anyway, that was supposed to be a quick introduction to the piece I was going to write which was …

Is it just me or is there nothing like the satisfaction you get from being able to deftly unhook a woman’s bra with one hand whilst your other hand is on her thigh and your tongue’s down her throat?

It’s the surprise she expresses if you do it skilfully I think. Very rewarding. Fumbling about with two hands is sweet when you’re a kid, but the feeling of a sudden loosening of the straps and a pair of breasts spilling forth, unleashed so to speak does take some beating.

The Girls Get It On

Lesbian EmbraceThis story follows on from my fictional series about couple on holiday by the sea. The last part is here if you want to catch up.

Did I mention my girlfriend’s name is Lisa? Maybe not. Anyway, Lisa and I decided to go out to one of the resort’s nightclubs. More accurately I suggested it and she agreed which was lucky because Zoe and I had decided that this was where we were to put our deceitful little plan into action.

In the queue outside I spotted Zoe, she recognised Lisa from the photo I had shown her on my phone. Zoe smiled knowingly and winked before turning away. I didn’t see her again until we were inside the club.

It was early in the evening and the club had yet to fill so the place was busy but not heaving. Went to the bar, leaving Lisa in a booth I glanced over my shoulder while I was being served and saw Zoe walking past my seated girlfriend and “accidentally” spilling the contents of her clutch bag. Lisa helped her collect the makeup that had spilled onto the floor.

By the time I returned Zoe had melted away and we were alone together. We didn’t need the drinks to make us feel horny, there is something about the semi-enclosed private feeling that the horseshoe shaped booths in nightclubs give us. Makes us want to do wicked things. We slipped quickly into an embrace, my hands cupping and squeezing Lisa’s breasts through her boldly patterned blue summer dress. I felt the urge to slide my hand between her legs, they parted as Lisa sensed my intent and I slid my hand smoothly up the soft skin of her inner thigh to the humidity of her crotch. As I gently stroked her pussy through the moistening fabric of her knickers I relished the thought that Zoe would be watching and becoming impatient.

Soon after we got up to dance. I finished my beer and the smell of Lisa’s pussy on my fingers merged with the bitterness of the hops. They don’t sell cocktails like that at the bar.

We were about half way through the first song when Zoe appeared. Lisa recognised her as she made her way from the bar across the dance floor. I asked how they knew each other, they explained and I nodded innocently. The girls got chatting while slipping into that sort of half dancing, shuffling mode that is a necessity to have a conversation on the dance floor without banging heads.

I excused myself to go to the loo and when I returned the girls were sitting in the booth chatting like old friends. Not surprising as I’d given Zoe a few pointers to ensure she engaged Lisa.

I bought another couple of rounds, the conversation flowed. Then the girls decided they were going to the ladies. I waited for a couple of minutes and followed, avoiding the public toilets and slipping down the corridor behind the bar that Zoe had described, finding the staff rest room where Zoe had described it from her time as bar staff at the club.

I crept into the room and into the unoccupied stall, eager to see the source of the moans I could hear. I carefully put the lid down and stood on the loo. The last thing I wanted to do was slip and have to explain to an ambulance crew what I was doing in the female staff toilets. I poked my head over into the next stall.

Lisa was against one side wall being kissed by Zoe. They were having a tongue battle of epic proportions. The semi-erect cock in my trousers was becoming too hard to contain and watching the girls’ hands slide over and grope each others bodies was not helping. Zoe pulled up the front of Lisa’s skirt then tugged at her knickers, leaving the scant garments in a roll half way down Lisa’s thighs. Zoe’s hand ploughed straight into the valley between Lisa’s legs. Lisa began to gasp and moan in time with the rhythmic probing of Zoe’s fingers. At first Zoe rubbed her clit, making Lisa weak at the knees, then she slid deeper, obviously curling her fingers inside, dipping into the delicious nectar whose taste I knew so well.

Zoe withdrew her hand and raised it to her lips and proceeded to lick at her glistening fingers. Lisa was staring into Zoe’s eyes imploring her to reach between her legs again. When Zoe did Lisa began to contort and writhed. Finding Lisa’s G Spot Zoe mercilessly probed and massaged. The smell of pussy filled my nostrils. Suddenly there was a sloshing sound and Lisa came, and squirted, her legs running with cum and ejaculate.

“Very nice.” I said.

Lisa looked up “Dirty bastard.” She scolded with laughter in her eyes and the warm glow of orgasm on her face.

“Is it my turn now?” I asked.

“Yes.” Said Lisa, “I want you to fuck her for me, to say thank you for that orgasm.”

To be continued.

Clit Sucking

Glass crossed legsI was watching some porn – for a change – and I had a revelation.

The guy, no correction boy, going down on the busty porn chick was paying attention to her labia and clitoris. Great I thought, I hate it when all you see is cock sucking, followed by various position, anal, vaginal and then the cum shot you know where …

… but despite the lads best efforts he was a bit mechanical. He licked, but not very inventively, he rubbed her button but like he was trying to get a mark off a counter top. She sounded appreciative, but that’s her job.

I’m not having a go at the lads, he was at least making the effort to elevate the scene out of the production line crap that often gets dished up. If I had been on set I might have pushed him to one side and demonstrated, purely for technical reasons you understand.

I suppose if he stays in the industry he could get either lots of chance to practice if he gets the right director, or end up ignoring the needs of the ladies if he gets unimaginative ones.

One thing he didn’t do is suck on her clitoris. I love doing that it draws the blood to the already sensitive button. If you get it right you can suck, and lick at the same time if you get your lips against hers just right. Always appreciated I find.