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Cheap Sex

BoobsAlex and I attended Venus in Berlin because it is the major event in Europe for kinksters like us. But we also had to be mindful of our expenses and try to keep things to the bare minimum.

Hence our foray out of the hotel and on to the streets for some in room entertainment. The mini bar was available at ridiculous prices and the hotels bars whilst being quite reasonable could still be beaten by supermarkets.

The only problem being choice. There was a Lidl close by and a Netto further up the road, neither supplying the finest cuisine or in this case alcohol. We reached the Lidl store first and decided to go with a couple of bottle of red and one of white.

But when we returned to our room we quickly realised they hadn’t provided us with a cork screw for the bottles of red wine we just purchased. Lol The white wine was fine, it had a screw top on it and as it happened wasn’t a bad bottle of wine.

I love German wines, they are usually fruity and full bodied just like me but I didn’t really get the chance to test them this trip. I’m hoping next year to make more of the experience and I promise I’ll take you with me. πŸ˜‰

First time experiences are great but you also have chance to learn from them. Next year Berlin better watch out. πŸ˜‰

Teenage Sex All Through The Night

There are times in your life that seem to be preserved as if frozen and fixed forever. They revolve around key moments in your existence, fixed and almost immutable, unchanging except perhaps for the small matter of that golden glow that descends over all treasured memories. It expunges the nasty negative taints and leaves you longing for times past and the perceived simplicity and perfection that they acquire.

It’s called nostalgia or as I heard it once described, longing for a time that never was. LOL

And the title – you know what I’m thinking about …

Hence the music video.

Getting Them Out For The Lads

SuzeI have spent many a happy day out at Alton Towers theme park in the UK. It may be pricey but it’s a great day out with lots of exhilarating rides.

But who would know that they also host specialist events like the one I just happened upon. The Splash Landings Hotel on site is hosting a weekend event for the British Naturism community for the forth year.

The theme park is closed in November for maintenance so you are able to wander around in your birthday suit on the weekend of 13th to 15th of November from 6pm on Friday until midday on the Sunday.

I don’t think many of them will be venturing outside though, not since the weather is very bitter at the moment. So staff have no fear of people exposing themselves to the maintenance staff. Can you imagine? Lol

If you are interested in attending the event here is the link to the British Naturism site.

Spit And Tit Wanks

Titty WankWe are busily making our way through our mountain of porn DVD’s, there are over 21 hours of action for us to watch and review. πŸ˜‰ The things we have to do for our readers.

There is quite a range of variety. I’ll let you in to a little secret, we have everything ranging from milf porn to ladyboys, not quite my thing but you have to experience things before you decide if you like them. Lol

Tonights viewing was your standard LA porn with lots of cock sucking which does become tedious after a while but that’s what fast forward is for on your remote and old hacks getting off with young nubile girls. Erm, not exactly what a girl wants to watch. Where are all the young male pornstars hiding? Sigh.

This DVD had a rather unusual practice though, maybe even a fetish not sure. Tit spitting. Lots of girls spitting on their tits and rubbing it around making mid climax sounds. I don’t quite understand why but it obviously got them off.

I think sometimes porn becomes a bit of a parody. For example one girl was actually moaning undoing her waspie. I’m prepared to accept a little showboating but it can be bit silly. I know we aren’t talking Shakespeare here but please pay attention.

Right, now off to see if spitting on my boobs makes me come, see you later. πŸ˜‰

Screaming Orgasm To Satisfying Sex Biz

Shower SexThere’s no better feeling than knowing you’ve got a lot of work done. Except perhaps getting a lot of work done and it’s all been about sex!

We’ve spent today driving ahead with jobs like following up Venus contacts, tweaking sites that have needed attention for a while and writing naughty copy. Of course it’s a treadmill like any other job, but one with lots of tits and arse.

Back to reality in a couple of days when I have to drag myself back into the day job and become immersed in the exciting financial services industry systems again (yawn).

I can’t say the adult industry has quite the same sparkle as it used to have. It’s exchanged it initial exciting buzz for a thoroughly enjoyable feeling that accompanies everything we do. It presents challenges as great as any other business but makes them ones you want to rise to.

The Naked Truth Amongst The Writhing Bodies

Silicone Realistic Love DollWandering around Venus was a real eye-opener and not for the reasons you might think. The Erotic Festival in Berlin allows you to look into the minds of the general public and see what they regard as exciting and arousing. It also shows you how the adult industry services the public’s need for erotica.

And it is a need. To deny the sexual impulse felt by almost everyone in the population is to deny the procreative urge. An urge so strong that it will override all others. In humans (almost uniquely) the urge to have sex is however not always linked to the propagation and continuation of the species. The pure enjoyment is enough to make fucking an end in itself and something that most of us at some point in our life have felt is the primary, sometimes only goal we have.

With that realisation it is not surprising that the halls at Berlin were packed for much of the day and we were lucky to be early risers. By the time the bulk of the visitors were arriving we had done our rounds and were ready to head back to the hotel, leaving the unfortunate exhibitors to experience the crowds until the eight o’clock finish.

In some respects it would have been interesting to watch the change in the atmosphere as the evenings drew on and the emphasis change from those visitors who were interested in the stands vending products to those purveying flesh.

Next Year perhaps, when we have a little more time.

Fucked On A Train

AlexSuze.comThe train pulled away from the station and began to build up speed. Around the sparsely populated carriage our fellow passengers settled themselves for a long journey. A winter night, cold, moonless and dark painted the carriage windows a pitch black. An apparent void only pierced by the lights of the towns we passed and the occasional signal.

Da-dum, da-dum. Da-dum, da-dum.

We too settled for the trip, a long day behind us, another long day ahead.

Da-dum, da-dum. Da-dum, da-dum.

The rhythmic rocking of the carriage slowly lulled us to sleep.

Da-dum, da-dum. Da-dum, da-dum …

… Da-dum, da-dum. Da-dum, da-dum

I drifted towards waking, eyes closed, ears sensing that I was not in my own bed, mind slowly realising that the coarse texture of the fabric against my seat and the unfamiliar smells that pervaded my nostrils meant I was still on the train. I slowly opened my eyes, blinded by the dimmed lighting in the carriage, to find I was the only one awake.

Da-dum, da-dum. Da-dum, da-dum.

My thought processes increasing in speed with each waking breath an accelerating mass of neural energy, a Shinkansen of thoughts and ideas.

Da-dum, da-dum. Da-dum, da-dum.

She was beside me, slumped in her window seat. I reached across and slid my hand across her chest feeling her soft mounds. She stirred, making sounds I recognised from many nights sleeping by her side. A sigh, a half-spoken word. My name? Maybe.

Da-dum, da-dum. Da-dum, da-dum.

My hand travelled southward to the waistband of her jeans, flipping open the button, sliding down the zip. I delved inside. She stirred again, I waited.

Da-dum, da-dum. Da-dum, da-dum.

My explorations went further, deep into the neatly trimmed hair of her mons, seeking out her delicate, soft, moist slit with a single finger. It was all I could manage in the confines of her panties and tight jeans.

Da-dum, da-dum. Da-dum, da-dum.

Her clitoris was alive. The movements of my middle finger soliciting moans from her. A soft, semi-conscious, lament escaping from her lips like a gentle zephyr. My finger worked deftly, knowing her well. Her hips rose pushing her mons against me.

Da-dum, da-dum. Da-dum, da-dum.

Her eyes slowly opened. Her expression passed from the serenity of sleep, through curious arousal and appreciative self-satisfaction to slight alarm at the situation. She flashed an alarmed stare at me while simultaneously holding her hand across her crotch and pressing my hand deeper into her.

Da-dum, da-dum. Da-dum, da-dum.

The passion had its own momentum, overcoming the gradient of apprehension, speeding forward to the crest of the rise. She closed her eyes, savoured the decadence, the indulgence of the moment. Amongst the strangers sat around us she came with muffled grunts of appreciation. Her body convulsed, restrained by invisible bonds of her own making to disguise her orgasm. Finally relaxing, eyes still, shut into a contented doze.

Da-dum, da-dum. Da-dum, da-dum.

I glanced across at the woman asleep across the walkway, facing us. Her eyes opened, not as one disturbed from slumber but with the presence of someone totally aware. She slowly licked her lips with the tip of a glistening tongue, slid her right hand to her left breast and squoze her clearly visible nipple through the cotton of her T-shirt. Her gaze never left me until she shut her eyes again a few moments later, a broad smile on her lips.

Da-dum, da-dum. Da-dum, da-dum.

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Fucking Hard And Hurting Her

boobsSex is good, really good. A silly statement? No.

Sex when it works can be so intense that there are no words to describe it. Good begins to do the job of explaining how it feels, but if you actually try to explain really great sex it becomes impossible. Despite a command of the English language that I regard as more than adequate, explaining the feelings that course through my body when things are going really well between me and Suze is an impossible task.

Tonight was one of those occasions. We were making love and everything just fell into place. She enjoyed a long and enthusiastic licking from me and I fucked her until we were both writhing and growling with passion.

It was only afterwards that I reconstructed the events and realised that my hard, grasping hands had pulled her back onto my cock with such force that she screamed. At the same time I thrust into her with such force that the combined and opposing forces must have left bruises on her shoulders from my grasping fingers.

The pleasure and the pain merged together in a way that only spontaneous and great sex can achieve.

Extreme Japan Reloaded

KatsumiKatsumi Reloaded Part 1 – Avenger Again

Two years had elapsed since her revenge had been completed on Jiro. The thrill of that night still brought a smile to her lips. She had fended off the questions of the police. Her wig and makeup combining to confuse the security guard enough to make her unidentifiable by him or the CCTV in Jiro’s apartment block.

She had continued to work at the store and had risen to the level of department supervisor, in the toy department. Not her first choice but it did provide her with a slightly larger apartment and a steadily accumulating savings account because of her increasingly reclusive nature.

Katsumi couldn’t help thinking about the thrill of that night when she had wreaked her ultimate retribution on Jiro. And yet she knew that to attempt to recreate it would lead to disappointment and possible incarceration for her …


The tiny red dot on his forehead contrasted with the pale, grease-painted white of his skin. His eyes were closed, face serene. She stared at it for a moment, head cocked to one side. Then as if pulled by unseen strings she turned and left him in his quiet repose.


One morning one of Katsumi’s girls arrived for work late. This didn’t trouble Katsumi as she was a generally good worker with excellent attendance and impeccable attitude. What did cause Katsumi to take her to one side was the obvious redness of her eyes and their forlorn look.

At morning break she summoned the girl to a meeting room. She was obviously concerned that the summons meant a reprimand and possibly a dismissal for tardiness but Katsumi immediately put her at her ease.

Hanako had it would seem just broken up with her boyfriend. Katsumi consoled her and held her hand as the explanation of her tardiness and the emotions poured out in an avalanche of sobs. Katsumi listened intently feeling the girl’s pain, wanting to say something to make it go away and knowing from personal experience that nothing she could say would perform that magic.

At the same time she could not help but notice how the floods of tear streaming down Hanako’s face make the silk of her blouse cling to her bra and picked out the laciness of the cups. At one point Katsumi drifted into a daydream, imagining how it would feel to slip a hand inside and scoop out a breast. She licked her lips, imagining taking one of Hanako’s nipples into her mouth and sucking on it …

… Katsumi snapped herself out of the daydream just in time for Hanako’s outpourings to finish. Katsumi found herself staring down into a pair of doleful brown eyes and telling the girl to take the rest of the day off more for her own comfort than Hanako’s.

Katsumi spent the rest of the day imagining the delights of a night with Hanako and wondering how she might persuade her to acquiesce.


It took Katsumi two weeks to find out his name and where he lived. She had seen him outside the store waiting for Yukio but the city was big and Yukio was not an uncommon name.

Another month led her to his favourite bar and some bright red lipstick and an overtly sexual stare encouraged him to ask her back to his apartment for “coffee”.

He was younger than her by about five years, still full of impetuous youth and the arrogance and certainty that accompanies it. She covered up her distain for his attitude by adopting her preferred persona when in the intimate company of men – forceful and sexually aggressive.

She pinned Yukio to the wall and kissed him hard before he had chance to make the coffee then released him to the kitchen while walking slowly around his flat taking in the particularly western layout and décor.

He returned with two cups of hastily made instant and placed them on the table in front of the couch. They sat together making small talk, her hand rubbing his leg, her tongue darting playfully across her red-painted lips, freshly painted after their earlier kiss against the wall.

Katsumi felt his stiff member through his designer jeans and smiled.

“Let me take a look at that …” she crooned.

His cock popped out like a flesh and blood dildo. She spat on her fingers and coated the end with saliva, rubbing the glans and teasing his frenulum with her thumb. Yukio lay back and watched, content for a hand job on a first date. Even he wasn’t expecting this from a girl he’d only met an hour before.

With Yukio now under her control Katsumi watched his face contort while she masturbated his cock. Her fingers pumped his shaft, the head of his cock now wet with precum as well as saliva. She felt herself becoming aroused, the crotch of her knickers first humid then wet with fluid.

This wasn’t the arousal of desire but one born from the power she held over him. It was the same kind of excitement that she had not felt for two years, since Jiro …

His balls were tight and by judging the expression on his face she was able to keep him on the edge for several minutes. She rubbed her thighs tightly together, wishing she had a helping hand down there to bring her off but knowing that there were more important matters at hand.

She quickened her pace brutally pumping his cock. A few strokes and he was pumping hot, white semen over her hand and his stomach. He groaned, sated and content at his own sexual release.

Katsumi reached into her purse and removed a small pistol. She brought the barrel to rest on his forehead. His eyes opened as the cold steel interrupted his blissful repose. Katsumi placed her hand in front of his mouth, “Lick it off.” She commanded. A terrified Yukio obliged gulping down the viscous liquid as instructed.

Katsumi wiped her hand on his T-shirt to remove his saliva. She picked up a cup from the table and slowly poured the hot, brown liquid onto the carpet, then the couch between his splayed legs, slowly towards his groin. Within a few inches of his scrotum she looked him in the eyes, the smell of hot coffee in her nostrils and his face pleading to her to stop.

For a moment she did.

Then suddenly poured the contents of the cup onto his exposed cock and balls. He screamed but kept his head still, not daring to provoke her. His hands gripped the couch, knuckles white.

Katsumi got up and picked up her purse. Yukio began to sob behind her. She took a few steps towards the door, then snapped. She wheeled around “Oh shut up!” she said, pointed the gun and pulled the trigger once.

The tiny red dot on his forehead contrasted with the pale, grease-painted white of his skin. His eyes were closed, face serene. She stared at it for a moment, head cocked to one side. Then as if pulled by unseen strings she turned and left him in his quiet repose.

The halo of blood and tissue framed his head and a small drop of blood ran down the side of his nose from the hole in his forehead.

Sex With Strangers

AlexSuze.comAccepting an invitation to a party when you don’t know the host, or most of the host’s friends, is not something I normally do. The chances of being left in a corner cradling a beer and edging yourself into crowds of revellers to join in their conversations, without looking like that’s what you’re trying to do is pretty high. I accepted the invitation nonetheless, I mean your friends wouldn’t abandon you, would they.

So there I am ninety minutes after arriving, standing in the corner hugging a beer and wondering how my so called mates managed to lose me. I decided that the answer was that they were well practiced at it.

One of the two couples was notorious for slipping off at the first opportunity to get busy in the coat bedroom. This meant that in the winter they were in danger of dying from heat exhaustion due to the layers of heavy garments they burrowed under to fuck. In the summer late arrivals were more likely to see his backside rising and falling as she screamed her passion in a complete stranger’s coat pocket.

The other couple seemed to be locked in a nihilistic cycle involving flirting outrageously with members of the opposite sex just within earshot of each other, getting up close and personal with their chosen temporary paramour then erupting into a brief and apparently cataclysmic row with each other before retiring to the lavatory for thirty minutes for a conciliatory shag. They seemed totally unphased by the accusatory stares of the queue of full-bladdered party goers that greeted them on their exit.

My glass looked rather full so I decided to empty it and make way for the second of what I hoped would be many beers to make the night go quicker. It was either that or walk home now.

I retrieved a recently arrived can from the fridge and cracked it open. The resulting spray soaking my arm. I turned to the drainer to leave the can to settle and in so doing dribbled foaming beer down a skirt worn by a female guest.

“Shit, sorry.”

“Twenty minutes” she replied.


“I’ve been here twenty minutes, I usually manage about an hour before having anything spilt on me.” She laughed, her light brown eyes twinkled.

“Sorry. I’m Peter.” I offered a beer drenched hand.

“You don’t have to apologise for being Peter.” She took my hand and shook it. “I’m Tina”.

Tina it transpired was in pretty much the same position as me, except the couple who did know the host and had invited her hadn’t even bothered to turn up.

Small talk ensued, encouraged by the bond that only two misanthropes can share. Jokes were exchanged, brief biographies, appraising glances. Here hair was dark brown, shoulder length with a slight natural wave to it. Nice neck, with collar bones to match. Her cleavage was enticing too, a B or a C at most but nicely presented.

I didn’t notice she’d stopped talking, I was on my third beer and my mind was relaxing. “Are you looking at my tits.” She asked, amused.

“Yes.” Was the all I could think to say.

“Thank goodness you’re not gay.”

“That’s an odd thing to say.” I was puzzled.

Then I felt her hand grab my crotch. “Because you’ve been looking over there at the rugby player type and I couldn’t work out if it was so you could get a crafty look at my boobs or you fancied a prop forward.” She adjusted her grip, obviously enjoying the feeling of my erection through denim. “Are my boobs that good?”

“You have to ask?” I took half a step closer to her and pressed my groin against her. “I’m guessing that there’s a room free upstairs this early in the evening.”

“I’m hoping you’re right.” Replied Tina as I led her up the unfamiliar stairs.

The first room we visited was occupied, the creaking of the bed announcing it’s tenant’s carnal activities before we stepped through the doorway. The second room was free. A feeble bare 40 watt bulb filled the room with a yellow glow.

Tina sat on the bed before I closed the door. When I turned to face her she was patting the space next to her. Rather than join her I knelt between her legs and kissed her once on the lips. Her hand stroked the back of my neck.

I kissed down her neck, making her shudder and in a few moments was nuzzling between her boobs. She groaned her appreciation. My hand slid up her naked leg, traversing her thigh before reaching her pussy. Her legs parted, my fingers found their way inside, past her underwear and into her moistening slit.

I toyed with her for a moment, but she was impatient and could not quite reach the bulge in my groin that fascinated her. She lay back and I rolled over her onto the bed. Tina pushed me back onto the bed and unfastened my jeans. Her fingers insinuated themselves inside my boxers and stroked my cock. I reached down again and slid my hand inside her panties.

Her clitoris was easy to find as it was sensitive making her quiver with the slightest contact from my middle digit. We stared at each other, not with some new found love, but with fascination as each of us gently masturbated the other. Two people who had only met a few minutes before frigging and wanking in a third stranger’s bed.

“Are we bad people?” she asked with mock horror.

“Very, very bad, they’re the best kind”

I could smell her hot moist pussy, its aroma as much as her gentle wanking of my cock coaxing me towards the final destination. Her panties were soaked. Dipping my fingers further into her snatch I began to slosh around in her fluids. I curled my middle and ring finger inside her and found her g-spot.

She was fixed to the bed, her moans became gasps with a few firm strokes of my fingers. Moments later she came, covering my hand with a stream of fluid. I teetered on the brink of orgasm, the excitement of watching her writhe and moan driving me to climax.

Tina roused slightly from her post orgasmic haze and driven by a lustful enthusiasm pumped my cock with her fist. She slid down my chest and rested her head on my stomach. I thought she was about to take me in her mouth but she simply wanted to watch.

When I came in four or five powerful spasms I splashed my stomach and her face with my semen. She lifted her head and looked toward me, a white viscous streak on her cheek. She smiled for a moment then turned her attention to licking the cum from my stomach and cock.

Which is when the “Coat bedroom couple” stumbled in.

Suze In An Ivory Basque

Ivory BasqueThe second Christmas we were together I bought Suze a new outfit. It was an ivory coloured basque with suspenders, panties and some matching stockings.

At the time I remember writing on the gift tag “To Alex, from Alex”, as a joke. After all, I would be the one looking at it, right?

Suze loves nice underwear, she says it makes her feel feminine and special, glamorous even. She likes getting ready for a night out (I just about remember the last time we had one of those, I hate being broke), dressing up, making herself up.

I think it’s mainly because she doesn’t feel the need to spend hours each morning in the bathroom beautifying herself. Nor does she have to wear designer clothes to go to the supermarket, and normally she wears no makeup.

So when she does get dressed up/made up I suppose she feels like a different person.

Which is why, at the time, the joke I made was a joke. Since then I have come to realise it said more about my immaturity than I could ever imagine. Now I can’t help but be reminded of the line from Melanie Griffith in “Working Girl”, “Couldn’t he just once buy me something I can wear outside the bedroom”.

Because despite the fact that she enjoyed wearing it and the seeing her in it effect it had on me. And despite the fact that she felt sexy and glamorous in it … I had bought it for me. OK so a lack of imagination at that young age, and the knowledge that she would want to be wearing it while I fucked her can be presented in some way as mitigation, but when I think about it now it bothers me.

Here’s the thing. If you give someone a gift and you were thinking about yourself when you gave it, isn’t that selfish?

I suppose it’s a bit like the series of comedy sketches by Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse depicting two aging DJs “Smashey and Nicey”. One of them “Does a lot of work for charity”, but, “Doesn’t like to talk about it”. Of course he finds time to mention it in every show, I seem to remember him depicted as a deity of sorts tending to sick children in one sketch. Or was that Michael Jackson at the Brits? I forget.

Anyway, the point is giving your time or your money to charity is to be applauded. But then telling everyone about it makes people wonder about your motivation for giving in the first place.

Take for example Jimmy Saville, he used to be very high profile in his promotion of children’s charities/hospitals. In itself this was great and his style. He has quite a unique style :). But then again there’s another celeb, I think it was Norman Wisdom (apologies if it isn’t him), who would quietly slip into his local hospital, put on a porters uniform and simply work as a porter. Each to their own.

So there we are, back to motivation again. I’m not saying that either style of giving is more or less valid or useful to the causes in question, just different.

OK so the choice of present was not the most heinous of sins, but it does make me feel uncomfortable, even now.

Alesha Dixon Likes Ass Action

Golden ArseJust been watching the latest instalment of Strictly Come Dancing (The original version of what everyone else in the world knows as “Dancing With The Stars”). A comment was made during the judge’s assessment of the performances that Phil Tuffnel, ex England cricketer, was good at shaking his booty; One judge, Bruno, remarking that he knew how to shake his “arse”.

Tess Daley, co-presenter of the show apologised a few minutes later about the use of the word “Arse” before the watershed of 21:00. What Tess didn’t apologise for was Alesha Dixon’s comment that “we all like a bit of ass action”. Funny that cos everyone on the show picked up on it at the time but it wasn’t remarked upon.

Does the BBC have a secret anal sex promotion agenda? LOL

More likely I suspect they decided not to mention that particular double entendré as apologising for it would imply they recognised the unintended meaning and well, that would have dug them one hell of a hole to get out of.

Horny Girls, Horny Boys And Sex Toys

Girl On DeskOctober Sex Toy Roundup

Wow, I can’t believe how time flies I meant to write this post days ago but our schedules have been slightly thrown out by our visit to the Venus sexpo in Berlin. A lovely distraction may I add. πŸ˜‰

Right, lets get on with business.

Sex Toys Buzz our premier adult product review site is going from strength to strength and has been featured by both the Erotic Trade Magazine in the UK and more recently by European Adult News who kindly ran a feature on us. And we hope to give a little love back by writing up our recent experiences at Venus for their publication.

So, as you can see Alex and myself are currently very busy bees indeed. Lol I’m also hoping to get my hands on some of the new products which were launched at the show and will be giving you the dirty details. πŸ˜‰

Speaking of Sex Toys Buzz, for those of you who haven’t visited us before the site runs a monthly adult product draw. To be part of this and have the chance of wining some wonderful prizes without any cost or effort on your part you need to take a couple of minutes to sign up for the newsletter.

Recently featured prizes have ranged from Β£100 vouchers to spend on all those toys you always wanted, all the way through to some goodie bags which were bursting with naughty things.

Don’t hang around, go over and sign up for the newsletter now. Good luck!

And finally, if you missed last months product reviews here is a summary of the toys we got to play with, enjoy.

Love pacifier butt plug
Fleshlight vibro
Sin Five Akmeo
Tenga rolling head cup
Nexus Neo
Circles of sin vibe
Megasol body glide lubricant
Bunny Plumbs Rabbit
Hot g vibe review

Porn Buddies

BuddiesI want to cover a serious subject now. Well, not entirely serious but it is important.

Although it is true that we live in relatively enlightened times when it comes to adult entertainment, porn and sex toys there are some things that you don’t discuss with your parents and that parents would prefer not to be totally frank about with their kids.

I’m talking porn here guys.

It’s delicate enough talking about sexual matters with ma and pa, sex toys and adult movies are worse and what happens if you’re not there to explain your collection of hardcore DVDs and dildos?

You need a porn buddy.

The problem is who do you tell and under what circumstances should they let themselves into your house if you meet with an untimely end and discretely dispose of your stash? Tricky one isn’t it.

It’s a problem that does worry me, especially because any porn buddy of ours would have to dispose of a van load of adult material.

Anyone out there already agreed porn buddy status with a friend.

Porn On The Train, Plane Or Automobile

QuestionQuick question to you all. How would you like to be able to download some of our content for use on your mobile devices. I know that you can browse the site from some phones like the iPhone etc, but I mean actually having content that’s easily readable by the majority of mobile devices???

If so what device do you all use and what can it handle?

Let us know πŸ™‚

Love Porn, Love Fucking, Love This?

Amateur girl pornWe received a pile of porn DVDs over the last few week for review. We’ve had kinky stuff before but this time we got a pile of very, erm, specialist material.

This presents an issue that I knew we’d hit at some point. We now have to go from reviewing DVDs from the perspective of being totally in to them to reviewing DVDs from a much more objective standpoint.

With 30 hours of porn to watch I’ll have plenty of time to develop my new approach to media reviews. LOL

Sexing You Up

Leather SkirtThe Estrel hotel which we stayed in during our trip to Berlin is a very large family hotel with an atrium at its heart, containing eateries and bars. There is a comfortable seating area too for guests to sit and chill out.

Alex and I used to sit in the middle of the concourse drinking Berliner Kindl beers out of large glasses and take in the atmosphere. In particular people watching, it was great fun.

You could immediately discern the delegates for Venus and the other guests. Girls would walk in to the hotel wearing the skimpiest of outfits and attract the attention of everyone. I recall on one particular evening a girl walked in with a short plaid skirt and white stockings and suspenders.

As she leaned over the pedestal table her and her colleagues were positioned at, you could see right up the back of her skirt. Alex and I smiled at each other. Then the waiter started cleaning the table right behind her very, very thoroughly as he took in the view.

Both of us were holding back the giggles.

I don’t know if the other guests were clued up about what was going on but nobody seemed to bat an eye. Even when Ron Jeremy was walking around the breakfast buffet nobody seemed to notice him.

Very strange but oh so amusing. πŸ™‚

Looking For Kink

Pony PlayAs I mentioned in an earlier post I was expecting to be shocked by what I saw at Venus but I wasn’t at all, I’m not sure if that is in part down to the fact that I view porn every day. Whatever the reason it didn’t detract from my enjoyment of the whole event.

Something which did disappoint me slightly was the Fetish hall. I was really looking forward to looking around and we both decided to cover it on the second day so that we had lots of time to wander round.

When we got inside it was only about half full of stands and therefore there wasn’t as much to see as we hoped. There were some redeeming features though. The dungeon equipment supplier there had some beautifully crafted pieces of equipment which I think were made from oak.

As you would expect they had a hefty price tag but if you have a pro dungeon then they would make their money back over time and service you well. I was particularly taken with the designer cage they had. πŸ˜‰

Another fascinating aspect were the cart pulling ponies. The male one in particular looked very good in his hooves and horse mask. Alex took several pictures so you will get to see more of him and the cart.

Most of the equipment and paraphernalia I’ve seen before but the manacles were something else. They were made of solid steel and weighed a tonne. Any slave having to wear one of the collars for a length of time would have problems with chaffing but I suppose it is all part of the experience of serving one’s master.

Not for me a little too hardcore but a very interesting hall to visit. πŸ˜‰

Suze In Leathers

We were out filling up my car one weekend when we pulled up behind this bike.

Now Suze knows I would love a bike (if we could afford one), but objects on the grounds that I might wrap it round a tree and do myself some mortal injury. Though I think she’d like the leathers, no I know she’d like the leathers, what sort of rock chick doesn’t.

Come to mention it, Suze in leather grrrr!

Anyway, do you think she’s object to an number plate like this one ? LOL