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Who`s Watching You Fuck?

There was a time not so long ago when blogs didn’t exist and your diary was the place that most people wrote their inner most thoughts and feelings. It would never have occurred to anyone to publish their inner most thoughts, desires and naughty secrets on a medium which allowed anyone in the world to read them.

Now of course things are different and we like may others do say what we think about sex and sexuality, sexual health and a whole host of other topics online, every day. We describe out sexual encounters and let you all into our bedroom, even if it is only in a virtual way. Hell it would be a bit crowed any other way.

Imagine though if we had to discuss the thing we discuss face-to-face with friends, family, colleagues or as is effectively the case for most of our readers, total strangers. Would we be so candid. I don’t think so.

Especially with family!

Once upon a time it was required that parents adopted a pretence that their sons and daughters did not engage in sex, even after marriage. Imagining your child having sex is almost as bad as imagining your parents doing the deed. Even when grandchildren came along there was a sort of blind spot on the part of parents which meant they didn’t have to think about the squelchy deed that made the conception possible.

Fast forward to today and along with blogs there’s Twitter where minute by minute you can, if you so wish, inform your followers of the tiniest of details about your life.

Imagine if your parents were following you and they received the Tweet “We just had the most amazing anal sex!”.

How things change.

Robo Dildo Fuck Machines

Every few years I hear a technology pundit predict that in a few years we’ll all have a robot to help with the housework. Strangely, although that day is getting nearer the claims made by those same people are getting less hyperbolic as the years go by. There’s a realisation that there are practical problems with robots, particularly humanoid robots, because of the complex engineering and computing resources required, plus the fact that even the most modern of batteries will not keep a walking humanoid robot going for very long.

So when the Japanese FemmeBot HRP-4C was shown to the world there wasn’t the huge fanfare that used to accompany the appearance of a new robotic research project. You can see her here.

HRP-4C is deliberately female in form and movement. This is an interesting decision because it can be seen as the expression of gender equality in robotic terms or the reinforcement of the female role as subservient to a (male) master. Or maybe the creator had just seen too many masculine robots and thought she should be a bit different. You decide.

Ultimately of course it could be possible that like in many science fiction stories robots could perform many if not all of the functions we and our fellow humans do. If that were the case would they have the same rights as us if we gave them genuine artificial intelligence and more importantly sentience? What about if a bot could have sex and was sentient, would it be able to enter into the same form of relationships, loving sexual and maybe even marital, just like a human? Would bots just go with bots or would humans and bots begin to get it on?

I suppose it depends how you define sentience, intelligence and feelings. To most of us emotions are what make us innately human, how could a constructed mechanism feel in the same way we do? And yet if you take a human as a biochemical machine it too is governed by rules, the world around it and the memories and experiences that we accumulate. Give a bot enough experience and free will and why couldn’t it love and lust as we do.

We could of course use bots as sex toys, which is fine if they are only mechanisms and provide relief for those who need it.
But if they began to feel as we do then we’d be guilty of the worst kind of exploitation.

All that is a long way off yet. The movements are still a little jerky, the battery life is very short and the AI simply doesn’t even approach that required to make a bot into what we would regard as a sentient being.

But it’s coming.

How Much Cock Can She Take?

Phallus ImpudicusPhallic Symbolism

Why is it that some people can look at anything vaguely cylindrical and assign it the label “phallic”. I remember seeing a TV documentary about the excavation of an Iron Age fort somewhere in England. The work had been carried out by a well known archaeologist of the mid 20th century whose only interpretation of any find he made was of cataclysmic battles and great conflicts.

For example, he’d find a piece of pottery blackened with soot and immediately decide it was in that state because the structure it was in had been sacked and burnt to the ground – not that it was a cooking pot and would have got covered in soot in normal use. Then there were the pits filled with the bones of “slaughtered children” and soldiers who fell defending/attacking such and such a place. Later these were found to be rubbish pits full of animal bones.

It’s the same with phalluses found both in the remains of the ancient world and in contemporary culture, art, architecture and design.

There are those who would assign the label of male genitalia to any column from Nelson’s to those in the main entrance to the national gallery. Monoliths, Egyptian obelisks and even fungi have been attributed with penile characteristics – Specifically the Common Stinkhorn or Phallus impudicus pictured above.

Of course when you have something vaguely edible one society or another will use it as a medicine and credit it with the ability to improve virility. So dried cock-fungus instead of the little blue pills then.

It’s not just limited to the male anatomy of course, though whether those who named the Coco de Mer (Lodoicea callipyge or “Beautiful Rump”) thought there was a land of bottomless women somewhere or consuming it would give you a Jay-Lo butt will be forever a mystery.

Bizarre Stahlwerk, Fetish From Germany

Klinik BizarreI’ve not been back to Germany for too long and the site I found today proves it. Sadly this place is miles away from where we’ll be stopping on our next German excursion, up in the Ruhr to be exact.

This looks like a really kinky dungeon set up for all your fetish fantasies. Particularly loving the twisted nursing staff in Das Klinik *evil grin*

Any body been to this place, or is there somewhere in the UK similar that we could visit, purely for research purposes you understand. Hehehehe

“Lady Carolin of Steel and their team present classical dominance in exciting atmosphere. On over 350sqm find [fetishism], [masochism], slaves and patients the answer to all your unfulfilled bizarre … dreams.” Check out their website here.


Sunday Sex

Tent PoleSunday sex is great isn’t it? Leisurely, decadent and freed from the weekday pressures.

When you wake up with a tent pole like this there’s only one thing you can do …

BTW that isn’t me, he spends more time at the gym.

XXX Pick, Master’s Fuckholes

BDSMYou may already be aware that Suze is a Switch, although I must admit that I err more towards the Domme than the submissive.  I think it’s something to do with the fact that I’m quite an independent lady and have never relied on a partner to support me.  Which probably accounts for the fact that I’m also bisexual.  But I’m not one to scrutinise so intensely.

My choice for today was really laid out for me.  I’m intrigued by the Master/slave relationship and dynamic and it’s a constant source of naughty pleasure.

I was therefore drawn to read “Cunt On Display” who is so devoted to her Master that nothing comes between them.  Her life is to serve and please her Master and he can do with her as he will.

This whole concept intrigues me and I’m sure you will be as captivated as me when you read this blog.  This selection is an image but depicts the lifestyle of Masters Cunt.  You can check out this post and many other’s here.


Squeezing My Way Through A Crowd Of Naked Bisexual Women

Cliched ThreesomeIt’s difficult to move these days without falling over bisexual women. You talking about me?  Lol Specifically I’m talking about celebrities. A cynic might say that pop stars and the sort of celebrities who are famous just for being famous have discovered that announcing that they are bisexual increases their public profile. It also means that many men suddenly feel an urge to take notice of them if they hadn’t before as thoughts of threesomes form in their minds.

I’m not saying that every celeb who announces their newly discovered sexuality is being disingenuous, that would be unfair and most probably inaccurate. However you don’t get to be a celeb without recognising a good publicity vehicle or having people around you that recognise one when they see it.

All this makes for great fantasy material for boys and girls alike. It provides the tabloid press with the column inches that makes a lazy journo’s life easy and creates a thousand smutty jokes and innuendos.

It occurs to me however that this bevy of beautiful bisexual birds is only half the story. Acceptance of female bisexuality is now gaining social acceptability. Girls are willing to experiment with it and even if their adventures into same sex relationships are flirtations and fun rather than a reflection of a fundamental aspect of their sexual preference they are more likely to dabble than ever before.

Would we be as accepting of male bisexuality? If a male actor or pop star announced they swung both ways would their career be adversely affected?

With a few exceptions such a revelation has in practice caused at least a pause in a star’s ascendance while their fan base adjusts and changes. Assimilating such information seems far more difficult when a man is involved and has a greater effect on society’s attitude towards them.

In extreme cases careers can be ended or stunted to such a degree that an individual is relegated to the “whatever happened to so-and-so” category.

Sexist, hypocritical, unfair? Yes it’s all of those things but sadly true.

Showroom Sex

When we last went out to buy a new lawnmower Suze was excited, LOL. Suze had never been happy with the one we have and I’ve been saying I’d buy a new one for a couple of years. The old one worked, just not very well and I’ve had to make a number of modifications to it including redesigning and making a new back axle and constantly resetting the blades.

Tramping around the DIY store I spotted the bathroom displays and had a really naughty thought. Would it be possible to find a quiet space in the middle of the labyrinthine display areas and get up to a bit of naughty nookie? After all there were few people in the store because it’s Mothering Sunday and the staff were less than interested in being at work …

Well I decided against it. Rush as it might have been, being arrested was not on my agenda. And then there’s the security cameras and YouTube.

It’s not the first time I’ve thought about doing that sort of thing. The forbidden and elicit nature of such behaviour will always have an appeal. One of thee most likely places to be able to engage in showroom sex is an old family furniture store in the nearest town to us. It’s built in a row of Victorian houses, each four stories tall and with a layout that means every doorway leads to a different set of tortuously interconnected rooms.

There are lots of little alcoves and out-of site mock-ups of rooms, including bedrooms, that you could slip into and … you know what I’m saying.

Anyone else go their own little fantasy about sex in the showrooms?

The Royal Sex Seat

Edwardian sex chairThere are lots of variations on sex furniture, some are permanent and others inflatable.  All designed to aid sexual intercourse by supporting the giver or taker.  Alex and I have tested a few of these items in the past, the one which springs to mind as being both practical and inexpensive is the Fetish Fantasy Ultra Position Master.

But love furniture goes a lot further back in time as I discovered when reading up on of all people King Edward VII.  I didn’t know this but he was known as the playboy Prince of Wales.

He was a frequent visitor to the bordellos of Victorian Paris and Le Chabanais where he had a specialist piece of furniture awaiting his use.

You can read the full story here it makes some fascinating reading.


More Kinky Chicks

Readers will know we don’t like the gratuitous exploitation of any sexuality here on AlexSuze. What I’m usually talking about here is BDSM, often used (badly) in music videos to create a bit of a sensation.

This video from Rhianna however I like a lot. I also like the song. So that’s Lady Gaga and now Rhianna, what is happening to me lately?

XXX Pick, My All Female Threesome, Part 1

LesbiansI was checking out the latest posts from Adult Blog Hub this evening and came (almost! ) across a fairly new blog but one which grabbed my attention and I just couldn’t resist reading after noticing the title of her latest post.

Having read some of her posts I can vouch for the fact that the title of the blog reflects the entries on it.  “Eternal Wandering Of Some Dirty Minds” is the creation of Miss Smith and Mr Johnson and takes us in to their private world and refreshingly both write and  share their intimate moments with us.

So if you fancy a naughty read why not start with their latest offering “My All Female Threesome Part 1” to get you warmed up to read back through their saucy archives.  😉


Naked, Bisexual And Lustful

Girls KissingSome years before I met Alex I was going out with a guy who I fell head over heels with. My feelings were so deep that I thought that I loved him. I did say “thought”, yes. Because I think you can believe that you are in love with someone until you really find Mr Right and then you “know” that you love them.

He was the first boyfriend I had had who encouraged me to be me and feel relaxed in his company. You know how some guys/girls can almost make you feel the need to be on best behaviour. This guy didn’t, I could even fart comfortably in his presence. Lol

In previous relationships I had found the need to be who they wanted me to be, even when it came to having sex with them. Again, I use that term because I wasn’t in love with them, I just thought I was. I think there has always been a need in me to find my soul mate, the one I would share the rest of my life with. This blinded me to the truth, even masked the unfaithful activities of previous lovers.

With him I discovered one evening after a night out with the married couple a few door away that I was truly bisexual. I had inklings of liking other girls throughout my teens but thought it was just one of those rights of passage that most girls go through. It wasn’t…

I have written in depth about our first encounter when we were trying on my underwear for each other and how one thing led to another. Before we knew it we were rolling around on our bed licking, fondling and fingering each other.

At one point her husband entered the room and lay on the bed next to me, trying to get in on the action. He withdrew when it was apparent from our infatuation with each other, which nobody was going to interrupt that he wasn’t going to be part of our sexual tryst.

You need to read back in to the archives to find out what happened, lets just say that we had quite a thing going for a month or so.

I didn’t realise, neither did the other couple, that my boyfriend had recorded the events as they unfurled on his camera. I clearly remember him sending them off to a discreet laboratory somewhere in the south of the country to have them developed. I bet they made a copy for themselves too. How many other naughty photos are out there in the wrong hands? Those guys at the labs must have had a ball.

Some days later, I think perhaps a week or more, the photos were delivered by the postman and we eagerly tore open the envelope. They were very explicit and naughty for the time and we got 2 copies, one for the neighbours too. 😉

When I eventually split up from him, he gave me the photos (I’m not sure if they were the only copy, of that I can never be sure!) to take with me. I placed them in the cardboard box of my possessions and left.

Several months later I met Alex. He was a very kind and caring not just wanting to get inside my pants guy and I liked him very much from the start. So much so that I wanted to be straight with him from the start.

I wanted to tell him everything about me but one thing scared me…I just didn’t know how I was going to tell him I was bisexual. I know a lot of guys dream of having a girlfriend who can enjoy both the female and male form but at that time I was a little naïve about those things. We all have to start somewhere. Lol

It took me a couple of weeks, until I thought I had got to know him quite well and could not imagine him being unkind to me if I revealed my secret. I recall we had been out for a few drinks and a dance at a club and we were both a little inebriated. The conversation was flowing and I thought the time was right to come clean.

I braced myself and almost held my breath after I revealed to him that I was bisexual and had encounters with another girl. I sat there rigid as he digested the information and I could almost hear the cogs turning in his head as he considered what I had just said to him. Perhaps he thought I said something else and he misheard me or that I was joking.

He knew from the expression on my face that I was being totally honest with him.

A smile appeared on his face and he said, “I thought you were going to reveal something really bad to me”. “Thanks for being so honest with me, I feel flattered that you can entrust me with that.” I smiled back at him and gave an audible sigh (I can clearly remember that moment to this day).

“So, where are the photos?”

Big Firm Tits

Big Firm TitsI got back from gym all hot and sweaty and to be frank, randy as hell.

Needing a little pictoral stimulation I decided to Google “Big Firm Tits” to see what images would come up.  And wow!

I never expected this pair, aren’t they just gorgeous?

Thing is I now feel the need to go and frig myself silly…see you later…

Sex And Blood Lust

Vampires are a constant source of fascination to me. Well, the view we have of vampires anyway. The various myths and legends have been changed over time and added to by films and books. There is a huge range of “rules” about what a vampire is and isn’t, what they can and can’t do, what they can endure and what will harm them.

One thing that is almost universal in the 21st century is that vampires are sexy. They can be male or female, straight, gay or bisexual, what ever they are they are beguiling, attractive and criminally cool.

This may be part of an evil conspiracy by the manufacturers of cosmetics! I’ve been thinking about it, probably too much, LOL, about how the depiction of vampires in film for example is a makeup company’s dream. A vampire’s main feature is the big pointy teeth but everything else which defines them as a blood-sucking night creature is about pale skin contrasting with deep red blood, emphasised piercing eyes and talon-like finger nails.

All of these things can be emphasised by makeup, light foundation, carefully shaded eyes, and in the case of the nails a bit of red nail polish. I’m surprised a cosmetics firm hasn’t used the vampire theme directly to promote its products, a little Goth maybe but it would make very striking posters.

Think about the nails when she’s next running her fingers down your back …

The Oriental Lover That Money Can Buy

There’s a trend in this country, amongst a certain type of man, of a certain age, to seek out companionship in a certain way. A tiny number of women do it too but from what I have seen they form a tiny minority of the individuals involved in this activity.

I’m talking about Mail Order Brides. I’m not talking here about relationships that span cultures, nationalities or race, they are to be embraced. My best friend at Junior School was half Cambodian, his mother had been displaced while east and west fought ideological wars by proxy in the region in the 1960s.

I’m talking about middle aged to retirement aged men who have a bit of money in the bank and too much brash jewellery about their person. They tend to drive cars that are loud, both in terms of volume and styling. They have probably been married before and now as their hair lightens and thins, and the rest of their body heads south they seek to rejuvenate themselves, at least in their own eyes, and I suppose the eyes of their peers, by marrying a younger woman. The women tend to be from the Asia-Pacific region, though eastern Europe is now becoming a source of potential mates.

Again, this in itself is not a problem. If true feeling exists between two people involved in a relationship then age is pretty much irrelevant. There are certain practical issues whereby the life expectancy of one partner is way outside that of the other but then again who knows when our number is up? Fate could snatch us away at any time and it’s the time we spend together not the time we spend apart in a relationship that should matter.

I mean I’m guessing here at the motivation I suppose, because the whole idea of literally importing a human being from thousands of miles away from a country whose culture is different and language is alien is anathema to me. It smacks of human trafficking or even slave trading. No I’m not saying the women are treated like slaves or abused.

The argument in favour seems to be that the women (and they tend to be quite young women from the ones I’ve encountered) are willing participants in the trade. They send money back to their extended family and therefore gain from the deal. There it is you see, deal. It’s a commercial transaction not a relationship. While I can see that an impoverished family would benefit from the arrangement it’s based around a financial transaction. Do we regard this as an extended dowry? Is the girl a long-term-hire escort? Or is it a form of permanent prostitution.

I suppose after a time, when the females involved have learned English (while there is a range of language skills many have only the rudiments of English) and got to know the men they have committed to they may fall in love. That’s great, but being isolated by a language barrier and forced to rely on their new husband for communication and support means they are bound to stay with that man. Maybe they don’t feel like this but to me it looks like a prison of circumstance created by the arrangement they have chosen to become involved in.

I’d like to think, for the sake of the women involved that they are content, or as content as they have been conditioned to believe they can be. I just can’t see it though, am I too traditional in my attitude towards relationships? Apparently so. While writing this piece I found a US law firm which specialises in advising US citizens on obtaining a visa for their new bride, the senior partner is pictured on the website’s front page with a beautiful Thai woman in a western style wedding dress hanging off his arm.

What Shape Porn Fits You?

From what I remember porn always used to have a story, or at least attempted a little narrative before the fucking commenced. It was seen as part of the build-up to the main event, whetting your appetite before the main course of sex. The content was different too. Anal sex was less common, pubic hair still existed and natural breasts were pretty much universal.

Now it’s different and we seem to have been through a stage where some studios produce what I have dubbed in my own head “West Coast Porn”. That doesn’t mean the porn is produced in California, simply that the most prolific producers of this genre (if it can be called that) are based in or take their influence from studios and directors based there.

The removal of the story from a porn film and its replacement by a series of scenes, often of a very similar length to one another, means porn that is generic and boring. There seems to be a menu of sexual acts to choose from, which almost always involves a blowjob, anal sex and a final cum shot on the female participants face. Sometimes the participants in the scene are not just aware of the camera but converse with it documentary style before fucking. It is a production line of empty sex.

Porn is porn, but these films are to erotic movies what a medical text book is to an erotic fiction. It shouldn’t be enough to depict the act as this devalues it and removes its ability to arouse.

Luckily the production of this sort of film does not account for the entire content of the shelves in video stores. One British studio recently (Dom Productions) pointed out that specialist and fetish films are their most profitable lines and that the in-out, in-out variety is not even worth producing, for them at least. I certainly have noticed more unusual titles from different studios (like Dom Productions and Harmony) on the shelves at the adult store recently.

Here’s to imaginative erotica and porn movies with passion.

XXX Pick, Bruised Tits

ShowerI was checking out the days posting over on Adult Blog Hub and came across a post relating to something I’ve never observed before and as a matter of a fact or really checked out what it was all about.

What am I talking about “Steak And  Blow Job Day”, that’s what.  It thought the title was more or less explanatory but not the reason for its existence.  Apparently we girlies have our day, that being St Valentines Day so the guy have theirs one month later, hence the creation of SBJ Day.

Strange I don’t recall February 14th being Worship My Fanny Day or did I miss something?  Lol

Anyway, it all sounds like a bit of fun and Kai over at Tied Up Kai wrote about her contribution to the celebrations.  You will enjoy her little post entitled Bruised Tits as she explains how she got them.  😉


Sex With Toys

I anticipated that the down turn in the economy would lead to more and more of us seeking our thrills at home. This in turn would I thought turn our thoughts to the basic needs of us all … including a jolly good orgasm. Don’t care how we get it as long as we do. 😉

The hormones released as a result of orgasm lead to a feeling of well being and can only be replicated by those released whilst indulging in chocolate. The difference being that sex burns off the calories, whilst we all know what chocolate does. And when the bar is gone that’s it, with toy you can use them again and again and…

I can hear you asking where is this post going. All the way to India. I wasn’t aware of this until I read the article but the sale of sex toys in India is illegal, punishable by a prison sentence of up to 7 years and a fine of 5,000 rupees.

Despite this Indian’s are purchasing sex toys from the US and China via the black market. Indian health officials have reported that there has been a severe drop in numbers of men visiting sex workers in the last year but sex toy usage had increased dramatically over the same time frame.

The turn around has been attributed to the populations fear of AIDS, for the full story go here.

No Spanking Please We’re British

ArseI wrote a couple of weeks ago a bout a new game created by Ubisoft for the Wii and Playstation 3.  The game involved a cartoon character being propelled through the platform game by spanking.

At the time there was a bit of a furore because the game had been classified as being age 12.  There was a public outcry (don’t some people like to moan about the slightest thing? ) and even seniour politicians got in on the act, demanding that the game be kept off the shelves in the UK.

Well the protesting has worked and now Ubisoft have withdrawn the UK from the market.  We will be joining the USA who are also not going to be releasing the game, although they are still planning to release it in Europe.

Why is this country so uptight?  What do you think to this?