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Who`d Like Some Kink

BoobsI watched a TV programme years ago where one of the presenters pointed out that we all accept that advances in technology will happen and even if news of the latest whiz-bang gadget was exaggerated we would believe it because of our faith in progress. Or at least our faith in the fact that progress will happen as some form of inevitable element of our lives. He also observed that against that society was quite resistant to the implementation and adoption of technological change.

It occurs to me that has changed in the two or three decades since I heard those remarks. The evolution of PCs from geeky toys to real tools at work and centres of entertainment in our homes has taken place as increasingly powerful hardware and easy to use software has been developed. Few people refuse to use technology because it is now an easy to use, powerful and compelling tool rather than an end in itself.

There is I think a parallel in sexuality though the changes are not always towards acceptance. And in the same way that the Internet has connected people via the web and social networking thereby facilitated the adoption of tech into our everyday lives that same Internet has been the instigator of a change in our sexuality.

The ability to express your sexuality and see others expressing it has never been in the hands of so many people. What were once rumours of varied, exciting, strange, arousing and weird colours of sexual preference and activity are now available for everyone to see. Even in the last five years which represent only one quarter of the World Wide Web’s entire life we have witnessed huge changes in the way sexuality is perceived.

Much of what goes on out there is subtle, quiet, intimate and revealed to the wide world as a blog or social grouping on a network with little fuss. You wouldn’t know it was there unless you chose to look or were directed at it. What does get the attention is a few carefully or vociferously promoted sites and/or the extremes of sexuality.

The tabloid newspapers of course love the extremes of sex, as does the wider media to a lesser extent. The newspapers talk about “MPs sex romps with prostitutes”, “Business leader’s dark BDSM secrets” while TV adds more and more naked flesh to its output in an effort to draw better ratings from an audience spread increasingly thinly across hundreds of satellite channels and now the Internet via IP TV and video sharing.

The preconceptions always remain though. We all believe (rightly or wrongly) that there is extreme stuff out there. Take the “donkey punch” for example. There is even a film of the same name. But do you know  anyone who has punched their lover in the back of the head at the climax of anal sex? Nah, me neither.

Where in the world is the most extreme sexuality expressed? Well many people would say Germany for kink and Japan for shear oddness. I would have to agree. Take Germany first. Having visited the Venus show in Germany last year I can testify that Germans can be as kinky as hell. There is a BDSM scene and an adult industry to service it. Without exception the people we met over there were ordinary, friendly intelligent and really into their fetishes. These were people who took their sexuality seriously enough to spend time and money fulfilling it but didn’t take themselves so seriously as to de-sexualise themselves.

Not all the people at Venus were from Germany, the rest of Europe was well represented. And not every German is a kinkster but Germany seems to be a bit of a hub.

Then there’s Japan. Whereas Germany shows how a two hour flight from the UK across the North Sea can present you with a refreshingly different culture travelling to the other side of the world would present you with sexuality from a culture with completely different reference points from ours in North Western Europe. That in itself makes Japan totally different from the English-speaking biased content on the web.

Thanks to technology we can all experience each other’s sexuality. We can believe that the extremes of sex exist all over the world … we just might not want to experience them ourselves.

Lusty Suze

Rav WildingSuze does like a man in uniform. Today we got chatting to a young policeman while we were out. Suze was very enthusiastic and when we finished I remarked about what a pleasant bloke he was.

“He was very nice. ” Replied Suze “Very, very nice.”

“Oh!”, I said “A bit young for you though.” He looked like he was fresh out of training college.

“Yes.” She agreed “We would have nothing in common. Nothing to talk about.”

“I don’t think you’d want to do much talking. ” I said, laughing.

And Suze agreed … dirty cow.

For those of you who don’t know the image is of Rav Wilding. An ex-copper who now works as a TV presenter. Suze has a thing for him too.

All For The Love Of Tits

I was at work today and found myself, fingers poised above the keyboard, staring through the monitor. I’d drifted off and was imagining myself elsewhere. Luckily my daydreaming was probably misread by my colleagues as deep concentration, so no problem there.

What I was thinking about was breasts. Specifically the sensations I associate with them. The feel of them, the smell, the texture and the taste of them. Anatomically they are uniquely inviting, their attributes conspiring to draw a man’s eye and lure him in. I pride myself on appreciating “the whole package” when it comes to a woman, from the gentle dance of her hair as she walks through her waist and shapely hips and down to the very tips of her toes, not mentioning her calves, I like a nice calf.

Boobs are just one of those elements of a female’s attractiveness, so I’m sure I’ll cover the rest at some point, how they make me feel, how I like to touch them, hold them … but for today it’s just boobs.

The outline of a woman’s breasts, in full light or silhouette is enough to make take notice. It’s a reflex action, a man thing, hard-wired

The weight of a breast in the hand is in itself an appealing thought. The way it feels, soft pliable, yielding. To squeeze a breast in your hand is to experience something that adolescent boys dream about, their first handful of womanly flesh is the first step on their journey towards the ultimate goal. It’s a right of passage, that first fumbling grope, often hurried, always furtive. Yes they want to get into a girl’s pants, but breasts are second base, an experience for the guy and the girl. He is allowed to touch an intimate, delicate part of her and in giving her assent for this to happen confirms her interest. Even if their encounter goes no further a line has been crossed and can at a later date perhaps lead to … Well who knows.

The skin of a breast is so soft and smooth, it begs to be touched, cries out to be licked. That’s my preferred method of sampling the sensory delights of a woman’s breasts. With my tongue. I think women enjoy it too from the feedback I get 😉 After all a hand is fine for holding her breast, affirming your possession of it, your dominion over her bosom, but a tongue is so much more sensuous for both of those involved. The most agile muscle in the human body can perform such gymnastics in its exploration of the geography of a woman’s boobs.

My favourite piece of skin on the breast is underneath, on the outside. Soft and smooth, a tongue can press into the underlying tissue and feel the weight of the breast. Inward toward the centre of the chest the skin changes texture as I circle round and over the top of the nipple in ever decreasing circles until I arrive at the areola and its central peak, a firm, sensitive nipple.

Using the tongue to traverse a breast means that I can both smell and taste a woman’s body too, my nose and taste buds in intimate contact with her epidermis. I’m not talking about the smell of perfume, but the smell of a woman. It’s subtle and more potent than any manmade concoction. It’s unique to the individual and as variable a woman’s mood. That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with perfume, it’s just that a woman’s scent, uncamouflaged by chemicals is very arousing if you take the time to savour it.

Taking a nipple into your mouth, feeling its firmness, sucking, caressing with your tongue, that’s a sensation that you take time to do way after second base, maybe after you made a home run. In the rush towards your first copulation you miss the sensory pleasures that can make the ultimate act so much more enjoyable. That is youth, impatient and impulsive. That’s its strength and weakness.

Where as experience means you know how to relish the pleasures of a woman’s body. Unfortunately it means you occasionally drift of into a daydream at work.

We`ve All Done Amateur Porn, Haven`t We?

Suze… Can Teach Us All A Lesson

I’m not sure what percentage of the population has participated in this but I hold my hands up to it. Alex and I have several videos featuring us in action. They were not just a record of our encounters together but it added a kinky dimension to having sex.

Yes you were totally aware of the camera. In fact so much so that Alex kept on jumping off the bed to adjust the camera angle as we moved out of shot. Lol The result was a very amateurish video but it was of us and that made it different, exciting.

Now I come to think about it I have no idea what happened to our attempts at homemade porn. I’ll have to ask Alex when I finish writing this post.

But it brings me to the story I read about a couple of Welsh teachers who made a porn video which appeared online. No explanation is given in the story as to how it managed to turn up online.

The result is that the woman has resigned from her job and the man is facing disciplinary proceedings with the school. I wonder if the kids found it or were they stupid enough to submit it to an amateur site where they were recognised?

Either way, be careful what you do with your homemade smut. It is probably best locked away. Now to ask Alex where he put ours. 😉

Sex With The Staff In Hotel Rooms

SultryTry this on for size:

“A moment later I was in the bathroom watching her hands gliding over her curvy body. Her hair was pinned up with just a few stray strands now clinging to her back. She was facing away from me but I sensed she knew I was there as soon after I entered the bathroom she began to massage her breasts and turned to face me.”

From “Sex With The Hotel Receptionist” on Kinky

Strange Loving Turns Me On

Kensho: Awakening
Satori: Enlightenment

“I first became aware of it, Mandrake, during the physical act of love … Yes a profound sense of fatigue, a feeling of emptiness followed. Luckily I was able to interpret these feelings correctly: loss of essence … I can assure you it has not recurred, Mandrake. Women… women sense my power, and they seek the life essence. I do not avoid women, Mandrake, but I do deny them my essence.”

General Jack D. Ripper, Dr Strangelove, 1964

I have something in common with general Ripper, no I’m not clinically insane, I have a certificate to prove I’m sane, mwahahahaha!. No, the similarity is that I’m starting to believe sexual climax can sometimes bring epiphany. Not every time, not in the bolt of lightening, burning bush kind of way, but a little enlightenment nonetheless.

I think the physical exertion has something to do with it, and the single mindedness and focus that being so passionately in love and lust with someone brings. From the moment the first stirrings begin, as the blood fills my cock, when that familiar aroma begins to waft from the sweet valley between Suzanne’s legs, my mind is focussed. Clarity in such a busy world as this is rare, I suppose it takes such a pure and unadulterated state of mind, i.e. lust, to remove the complexities from the moment and allow that singularity of purpose. Which leads to where?

There are points in my life when I have seen the path ahead. In my own limited understanding of Buddhism I would have to describe them as Kensho. There are not many such points, because by their nature they are pivotal and literally life-changing. The one which is most prominent and obviously important in my life is the day Suze and I became an item. Specifically the moment we first kissed. It was a kiss on the lips, I remember the moment vividly and in that instant everything changed.

I can tell you exactly where it was, to within a few centimetres. The colour of the carpet, the walls, the layout of the room. I can recall her aroma, what she was wearing, the taste and texture of her lips on mine. I know the thrill I felt and in her surrender to me and the winds of fate I could see a path in front of me. The epiphany was gone as fast as it arrived, fleeting and more powerful because of that. In that instant everything changed and my life was set on a new course.

What ensued was a metaphorical journey on a Bullet Train through life, so that now while our own private Shinkansen is still running at a respectable speed it does not match the pace it once had.

Have I reached Satori? Not yet, though I’ve certainly had glimpses of it. I find enlightenment is like a bar of soap in the bath; the more you try to grasp it the more elusive it becomes. Over the past few months there have been a number of occasions just after sex that have tantalised me. In the hailstorm of sensory overload that accompanies my orgasms forgotten memories have tried to surface. They seem to be memories of a time of innocence, of my childhood and early teens. They are not exactly tangible yet, and I’ve not been able to slip into one of these dream-like memories for more than a few seconds. The other thing about them is that they are not memories of the events at a particular time but a state of being described in a sensory language that my mind has devised.

I suppose by definition that they are not true memories but the sum of a state of mind which is for the moment at least lost to me. That is not to diminish their importance in any way, rather it identifies them as what they are, road signs on the way to a more content and aware state of being.

The fact that they seem to occur after intense physical love is not something that I attribute to exhaustion or hallucinations, though it is like swimming through what I imagine a good acid trip would be like. If there is such a thing as a good acid trip. It’s more about freeing your mind, emptying it of thoughts (which in my case doesn’t take too long) and letting a new awareness fill the receptive void created.

Undoubtedly the way I perceive these events is linked to my synaesthesia. My perception of the world is slightly different to what might be described as the norm. That doesn’t mean that the significance or meaning of the feelings and sensations is different, simply that my mind has a different and more varied palette with which to describe the moment. That makes me feel truly blessed. I also think these moments of kensho feel more important to me as we’re finally entering a period in our lives together where we can put a lot of the crap behind us.

So in allowing the most basic of urges to be fulfilled I find that it might be leading me towards a lasting enlightenment. If satori is this much fun to attain, I’d recommend it to everyone. And if it doesn’t help me achieve satori, it’s going to be great fun trying. 🙂

Would You Like To Be In The Navy If She was You CO?

Pin-up SailorOr is it PVC?

Whatever, when I applied for the navy I didn’t think they had ratings like this. If they had I would have re-applied after failing the entry. OK, strictly I didn’t fail, long story, but they wanted me to pass with better scores so I could enter at a higher rank and life as it often does swept me away from a life in the forces before I could try again.

Anyway, if this is what the navy looks like today there must be a lot of competition.

And no, I’m not making any jokes about seamen …

Medical Fetish Fail

Silly medical fetishFollowing on from my earlier post about the ridiculous use of a stethoscope in porn earlier and how it messed up a picture of the gorgeous Aria Giovanni … here’s another one.

I’m guessing the one using the instrument is not a trained medical practitioner and the stethoscope simply distracts from the two dirty ladies about to get it one.

Hell I wasn’t even looking for this one …

Getting Sex Wherever You Are

Yellow SocksFor a while now we’ve realised that a lot of our readers across all of our sites actually consume our content on mobile devices. That’s fine if you have a large screened mobile or a tablet device as a conventional format works OK. But on smaller devices we’ve adopted an automatically applied mobile device friendly template.

That applies to our new site too.  We’re publishing erotic stories over there and because the site will automatically sense if you are on a mobile device you can enjoy them just as easily on your desktop or on the move. You don’t have to subscribe like some services that send sex stories to your cell phone and you will not be assailed by pop-up ads and unwanted webcam windows. We don’t like that sort of intrusive advertising.

Let us know what you think and if you’d like a story in a particular style or about a particular kink then let us know.

A Bit Of A Trim And Boobs In My Face

Bikini GirlHaving long hair means that I don’t often venture to the hairdressers which saves me a fortune but also means I miss out on other things which I’ll come to in a minute.

I usually frequent the local non trendy salon which trims you for a mere £10, great value you may think until you consider the consequences of the visit.  Last time I went they cut almost half the length of my hair off when I only wanted a trim, roughly an inch off.

They kept on cutting small amounts off until there was barely enough to make a ponytail, which I like to wear when going to the gym to keep me cool.  I didn’t say anything as she showed me the diminished length of my hair in the hand mirror but vowed not to return.

So today I went to a more trendy salon.  And yes I did pay almost 3 times more for the service but you certainly do get what you pay for.  The girl very competently managed to shape my hair without hacking away at all the length and it looks great.

Additionally I got to ogle her ample cleavage as she leaned over me.  In fact I asked her to go back over my fringe and got another look down her top.  I’m a perv I know, she must only have been in her early 20’s.

Oh well, I suppose it’s a hidden extra when you visit a trendy hair salon.  lol


Magic Sex Fetish Maybe?

MagicianIf there was ever any doubt you can get a sexy version of any costime …

I’ve never heard of anyone having a magic fetish but she looks like a good reason to develop one. It certainly wouldn’t surprise me if some people do have a magic fetish I mean there are so many different fetishes in the rainbow that makes up human sexuality that I can’t imagine anything that people don’t get sexually aroused by.

Debbie McGee never looked like this.

XXX Pick, Pushing Boundaries

Blindfold And Ball GagI found this post over on Adult Blog Hub and whilst it’s not really a sexual post as such it does make for interesting reading.

His Kit Kat from the aptly titled Possessed writes about her fears and insecurities and how having her Master in her life has changed her, is changing her for the better.

She reminds me of myself some years ago before I met Alex and was developing myself both personally and career wise.  Growing and evolving is all part of a loving, long lasting relationship which stays fresh and alive.

Go read what Kit Kat has to say on the subject in her post “Pushing Boundaries”.  😉


Britney And Rihanna Get It On

The problem is they got it on at eight in the evening. Now while I’m all for a bit of raunchiness we have a ruling in the UK that before nine at night there should be no adult content. I’m sure the US must have something similar. And this certainly pushes the boundaries for early evening viewing.
Oh, BTW, if are looking for a higher res version you’ll have to hunt around You Tube, it seems to be limited to 360p. Dunno if that’s to conserve bandwidth or blur out the naughty bits a little.

The Charms Of Naked Aria

Aria GiovanniSuze will tell you that I have a bit of a thing for Arian Giovanni. However there are some poses that will make and porn star look stupid not sexy.

This is a case in point, a pussy does not respire and you’d be lucky to hear a pulse on Aria’s soft, yielding lickable lips … sorry drifted off there 😛

You with me on this one? No more silly shots please, as if anyone is listening. LOL

Rub One Out For Me

MasturbationI was hanging about on my social networking site today chatting to my friends when someone asked a question which made me think.

They asked the question “Do you ever play and not use toys?”.

My initial response was to say that I usually use toys these days because I’m lazy.  Which I suppose is partly right but also I have so many toys waiting in line to be tested that I feel a quick finger fuck would be a wasted opportunity to give one a run for its money.

And to be honest fingers are good but if it’s a quick thrill I’m after then a battery operated clit vibe or vibrator will do the trick far quicker.

I suppose in a way I’m too spoilt for choice now to go back to the old ways.  Lol

Our BDSM Neighbours

Bettie Page SpankingLong-time readers will know that when our neighbours first moved in we suspected they might be swingers. Well Suze did. She got the idea into her head and once lodged there she wouldn’t let it go.

Interestingly her suspicions weren’t without foundation. The number of different people coming and going was huge. The most persuasive bit of “evidence” was that the number of people in the house over night meant that unless they were mainly sleeping on the floor there would have been some very crowded beds.

The number of visitors has died off and although we never really found out who the legions of nocturnal revellers were it’s probably accurate to assume they probably have a big extended family.

That was until last night …

Suze was out and I was working. I heard a knock at the door. It was the couple from next door, so I invited them in.

She went into the lounge and he and I into the kitchen to make a drink. I was curious as to why they had come round. When we made our way to the lounge I found out why.

She had undressed down to a strappy leather catsuit type thing with metals studs. I was rather shocked, suddenly thinking they were suggesting Suze and I swing. Then he pulled out a thin printed magazine and showed it to me. It was a BDSM themed publication which he explained they wrote and published …

OK, at this point I realised it was a dream. A very, very weird dream that I can only ascribe to our initial rather mischievous suspicions about the couple. I’m chuckling about it now as that’s where the dream ended, with my surprise at the revelation that they were, in my dream at least, active BDSMers and publishers. This morning I didn’t have enough time to tell Suze about the dream so she’ll be reading about it the first time when she reads this.

Strange how the subconscious works isn’t it. Throwing up these things. But if one of our neighbours were to make such a revelation I wouldn’t be shocked. After all would you be shocked if one of your colleagues, friends or neighbours were to come out as say a sex blogger?

After you might know us and not realise it. LOL.


Kimberley Walsh Fancies A Bit Of Tulisa

TulisaNow I don’t like the X Factor, nor do I follow celebrity news and gossip because I’ve got better things to do. Like say staring at paint drying. However occasionally something does pique my interest. Apparently the judges on the show are changing, so far so yawn!

But it turns out that Kimberley Walsh (Girls Aloud), is she a judge already? Thinks that Tulisa from N-Dubz would be good in the job. Dunno what the qualifications for the job are but it would be interesting to see her try. We saw her present a documentary last year and were pretty impressed. Intelligent, caring, thoughtful and of course rather decorative. At least one of the former is probably a qualification for the X Factor job. The other three … maybe they will count against her. :p

If anyone would care to educate me in the ways of the X Factor, or as it should be more properly known “The Simon Cowel Gravy Train” then feel free. The guy is a genius. He gets a TV company to spend millions on a show to promote an act that he then exploits when they have been made famous by someone else’s money and when they are past their sell-by date he gets another one. And now in the UK and US. Wish I’d thought of it.


From Boob Job To Gang Bang

Bad BoobsThe Jeremy Kyle show on Friday morning was both sad and hilarious at the same time.  This guy had purchased his girlfriend a new pair of boobs.  Previously she had been so self conscious that she would wear chicken fillets to make herself look bigger.

Now you would think that they would both be happy with her new ample sized chest but there were more insecurities to emerge.

One night she attended a party and went back to him with messy hair this resulted in him concluding that she had taken part in a gangbang whilst at the party.  She was beside herself with distress and anger at his accusations which didn’t end there, her then proceeded to ask friends and acquaintances if they knew anything about it.  Much to his girlfriend’s embarrassment as they lived in a small village and everyone was now thinking the worst of her..

He also alleges that something was going on with his best friend and her after finding him touching her boobs in their bathroom with his own girlfriend beside him.  He explained that he was merely checking how they felt and that his girlfriend was there but this guy believed something was going on between them.

This guy even thought she had a thing going with her cousin.  He had become totally paranoid.  It just shows you be careful what you wish for.

They had gone on the show so she could take a lie detector test to prove that she hadn’t been putting it about and guess what…her results showed that she hadn’t been playing away from home at all.

Is there a moral in this story?