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Open Access Porn All Areas

BikeA report I just read in a daily newspaper just made me realise how fortunate I am to have a partner who is also a partner in my adult life and activities.

For me leaving sex toys around and testing them at impromptu moments isn’t a problem, likewise if he wishes to take a new toy to the bedroom for testing I will often accompany him and we can enjoy the experience together.

We both review porn DVD’s and quite frequently watch them together without embarrassment or anguish.  Truth of the matter is we are both so comfortable and secure with each other that the adult world can be explored and enjoyed together.

Some aren’t as lucky as to be able to share their naughty side and have to resort to doing it in secret which is a shame because I do believe that these experiences are wonderful to share.  But I can also see the excitement of having a secret “other” side which your partner doesn’t know about.

The problem with that for me is that I don’t like to live a double life, I know I do already in a way because my friends and family know nothing about my “day job”.  For me there would be an element of guilt at my lack of honesty, although I do understand that some partners are so anti porn and toys that the only way to be true to yourself is to be secretive.

Not wanting to stereotype anyone but I’m assuming that the women are usually anti porn whilst the men are unhappy about their partner wanting to use toys.  What do you think?

You can read the full story of the survey on men’s surfing habits here it makes for interesting reading.


Secrets In The Bedroom

Mata HariI read this story about a man who has allegedly confessed to a murder in a bout of post-coital chumminess. Whether it’s true or not it did get me thinking. When in that state of bliss following a sexual encounter our defences and inhibitions are down.

It makes us quite vulnerable to letting things slip. Obviously why Mata Hari was so effective …

It can make for some quite interesting conversations with your lover that you would otherwise not have because they would seem so intimate and revealing outside that context.

So boys and girls, any of you like to spill the beans on something you’ve let slip after sex?

Gotta Love Bouncy Boobs In A Bikini

Nicola BryantKaren Gillan was a big hit with Doctor Who fans in the first two series. The sci-fi drama is down 1.2 million viewers from last series, but I venture it would have seen even worse viewing figures were it not for the new redhead in very short skirts.

In the past there have been some very cute assistants too, one who does spring to mind is right here.

Nicola Bryant played Perpugilliam Brown, or Perri and was notable for a couple of things (see image below). OK there was more to her than that. She fought not only the Doctor’s enemies but the constantly diminishing budgets at the end of Colin Baker’s tenure as The Doctor.

Her (literally) bouncy nature seemed to make up for so much that was lacking in the later story lines, like say money and commitment form the BBC. Until, after her demise the whole series descended into farce with the advent of Bonnie Langford and Sylvester McCoy.

There are times when you need a bouncy young assistant running towards camera to distract viewers from the cardboard sets and Nicola filled that role perfectly.

Nicola Bryant

Anal Washing

PussyA few years ago when we first started blogging I read something online that just came back to me. I think it was fiction but was written as if it were a real blog entry. The subject and author of the piece was a female blogger of whom I’ve heard nothing since, in fact I can’t even recall her name now, so don’t ask. What does stand out is the story.

The woman is told by her Master that she has been promised to another BDSM household for a night as their sex slave. She prepares by showering and getting dressed in latex clothing before being driven to the house by her Master and left as their sex toy. During her preparations she gives herself two enemas, taking great pride in her colonic hygiene.

When the householders start to take advantage of their new toy they bent her over the dining table and peer into her ass, using as I recall a speculum at one point. The Master of the house exclaims “Wow, that’s one clean ass!” to his two submissive household female pets, upon which they both peer up the woman’s rectum. The rest of the story proceeds as you can imagine with bugger, dildos and lots of flogging.

Now in truth that isn’t my kind of thing. It’s a little contrived and while not denying that it might have been true and certainly not deny that things like that don’t happen the story, whilst interesting, didn’t float my boat. What it did do though is make me think about some people’s relationship with enemas and anal sex.

Obviously a lot of people have tried anal and some enjoy it. Anal is not for everyone and there are certain things you have to bear in mind when having anal sex. The four key elements are making sure the receiver is relaxed, using plenty of suitable lube, taking care not to be too rough and cleanliness.

Of course in porn, especially certain types of porn, being rough is all part of the attraction for some consumers so rough anal sex can be depicted as without its potentially disastrous consequences. Similarly anal  sex without a suitable lube is at best painful and dangerous and in most cases utterly impossible because unlike the vagina the colon does not produce a lubrication of its own (OK except a small amount of mucus meant only to ease the passage of faeces.

And that leads on to cleanliness. Despite apparently being happy to be roughly buggered by a stranger rather than a partner who knew her limits she was acutely aware of how full of bacteria the lower human digestive tract is. There are a wide range of fetishes and simple sexual preferences around medical instruments and cleanliness and in many ways this betrayed and interest, nay fixation on at least part of that.

Now, I’m not criticising the story,  in fact  I’m not sure if I have a real point to make here other than to say that some things stick in your mind and what sticks in your mind tends to be the stuff that is very different from your own experiences and what you yourself feel comfortable with.

I’d encourage you all to read stuff on the Internet that you don’t feel comfortable with. And when you do try and use it to broaden your understanding of what people do in the privacy of their own homes and what they fantasise about doing. Remember a lot of what’s written is fantasy presented as fact, or at least left with a context that is ambiguous; some authors like this uncertainty for some reason. Don’t shy away from extreme and unusual stuff but use it to broaden your outlook and expand your sexual horizons. You don’t have to emulate what you read but the act of reading it will add to the panoply of ideas you have and enrich the way in which you think about gender, orientation, roles in a relationship and so forth.

Public Pissing Post

Crouching PissingI don’t normally write fetish stories but I had a request from a FaceBook friend for a pissing story. If you like a little golden shower you might want to read this

I watched as the denim between her legs started to darken in a patch that started around her pussy but grew quickly down both of her legs as her pee ran down her inner thighs and soaked outwards towards the front of her legs. Eventually, looking dejected and deflated she looked up at me with doleful brown eyes. I was still standing with my cock in my hand, dripping slightly as I’d not yet shaken being captivated by the sight of my girlfriend pissing herself in front of me.”

The rest of the story and more like it on

Do You Like Your Pussy Hairy?

Minge TopiaryI wish you could but I would probably need to give it a good weeding before hand. Lol I have battled against the bush since my teenage years. I’m one of those girls who comes out in a rash regardless of if I shave, use depilatory cream or waxing. My pussy just doesn’t seem to like being bare. Lol

I’ve tied every method in the book and not only do they bring about spots but also don’t last for more than a couple of days before the hair starts to return.

So now I simply use a pro shaver set a close and let Alex shave it off. No stubble or spots, just neatly trimmed bush.

It means that Alex no longer has to pull hairs from between his teeth but can feel the light bristle against his face when he gets down and dirtyl 😉

But if you are more in to the manicured look there is the Minge Topiary Book, available on Amazon. Girls, this could be the alternative to the stubble. Itchiness and spots.

I must admit I like my bush to be a bit unpredicatable. Lol

How Would You Like To Fuck?

GoldenI’m a big believer in honesty when it comes to sex. If you like something you say so, if you don’t like something you say so too. Without that sort of openness you tie yourself and your partner in knots and that only ends up in disaster.

Doing something that you think you should do because you believe that everyone else does it is just plain wrong. Get ideas from everyone else but remember that sex is very personal and while they may be having a whale of a time doing their thing you may not enjoy it at all. Ask questions of people but as with all things in life beware those who tell you with utter certainty that one thing or another is normal and if you don’t enjoy it then there’s something wrong with you. That’s as untrue as saying there is only one sexual orientation – heterosexual – whereas there everyone’s orientation is subtly different. Make your own mind up and don’t let a partner, a friend or anyone else tell you what to do.

Similarly don’t let anyone talk you into doing something because they like it. There’s a line that you should never cross. Doing something, or having something done to you, because it gives pleasure to someone else is one thing, but if you don’t derive real pleasure or satisfaction from their gratification then why are you doing it? Giving pleasure as a gift is one thing and is beautifully selfless, sacrificing your own happiness for that of another is a different thing entirely.

We all have sex for different reasons at different times in our lives and at different points in a relationship. Sex should not be a static thing, never evolving, because if it is it becomes stale and dull. You don’t have to change huge parts of your physical relationship to make the difference and you certainly shouldn’t enter into anything out of sheer desperation because you feel it might be the only way to keep a relationship going. Communicate with your partner and use your head. It it feels right then try it, if doesn’t feel right then don’t. Don’t be afraid to stop doing things that you’ve done for years just because “that’s what we’ve always done”.

Sex is a wonderful varied thing so you will never run out of possibilities, adding a little variety in the bedroom can be the key. You don’t have to suddenly get into BDSM, or start swinging or have a threesome to make the difference. It might be that you simply add the occasional sex toy to your encounters or try a different position. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t try a bit of D/s if you want to but whatever you do communicate with your partner and be honest with yourself about your and their motives.

Reevaluating your sex life doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with it and you never know it might just get a whole lot better if you do.

When Your Girlfriend Loves Porn As Much As You Do

EveI’ve seen a number of articles on the Internet about the effect, implications and inferences about you and your relationships of hiding porn from your partner. It’s not something that I’ve had a problem with since meeting Suze. Having a partner with whom you can enjoy pornography is great. No it’s bloody brilliant.

For some of my younger friends this is not an uncommon state of affairs. Both sexes are more open about their sexuality than they once were and more willing to expose themselves to sexual stimuli without getting embarrassed or hung up about it. Whether it’s consuming pornography or experimenting with orientation we are all able to do more in more different ways than I was always taught was “normal”.

Normal, now there’s a word. There is no normal when it comes to sexuality. There’s nothing normal about having a sex blog and co-writing it with your sexy bisexual girlfriend. She’s as likely to lust after the same girls that you do.

It must be awful feeling that you have to keep part of your sexuality from your partner, in fact quite a strain on the relationship. Don’t get me wrong here I can understand why some people would be upset that their partner felt that they wanted to look at porn. It’s like seeing your partner use a sex toy, for some people it’s an addition to the relationship, a turn on in itself in some instances and therefore a very positive thing. There are others for who the mere thought of their partner using porn or a sex toy make them feel threatened and rejected. In some cases this feeling might be valid, in which case there maybe something in the relationship that needs fixing and a sex toy, porn or a lover is not going to fix that. The only cure for a broken relationship is communication.

However porn and sex toys in an open and honest relationship are good things. Each partner has to be open about what they are comfortable with, but the mere act of discovery through using porn and sex toys together can broaden your sexual horizons.

And where did this post come from? Well, which other relationship do you know where the woman wouldn’t be upset that I constantly get porn stars emailing me?

Suze is a wonderful woman.

Does Your Girlfriend Jerk You Off Like Mine Does?

Little Book Of WankingEver happened to you? Well it just did to me.

Suze sent me a link to a book called “The Little Book Of Wanking”. I think it’s her mission in life at the moment to find naughty little books for us to read.

It looks like a fun tome from reading the first few pages. Maybe good for a stag night prezzie – while your still sober enough to read anyway.

Anyway, it got me thinking. How many people out there were surprised when their GF first offered to give them a wank?

I think your reaction depends on the circumstances. If the offered wank is in place of a shag then maybe you were disappointed, but I remember my girlfriend at the time whipping it out for me and really going for it. It was quite a revelation that a girl would want to jerk me off with such enthusiasm. She was obviously fascinated by the jets of cum that shot from the end of my cock and sprayed across my belly as I lay on my parent’s sofa.

That brings back memories.

Suze likes to do it too from time to time. Like me she enjoys the naughtiness of it. Masturbation is the forbidden sexual fruit, if you discount anal. But at least anal involves penetration, whereas wanking is totally unlike vaginal or anal sex and the result is a visual spectacle that you can both enjoy.

Well, back to the grind. I have lots of editing to do.

Oh, and the book’s author? Dick Palmer

Spreading The Camel’s Toe

Gisela DulkoAt one time the search term “Anna Kournikova” was the most searched term on Google. Not so any more but most people know who she is. If you search for her now you can find hundreds of images of her and couple of camel toe shots taken during tournaments and via long-lenses away from the court.

Each to their own I suppose, I never did get the camel toe fetish thing.

Kournikova did make tennis sexy in a way that no other player had done before. I remember my father having a thing about Chris Evert when she played at Wimbeldon, but that was far less overt. The blonde Russian’s debut on the world stage of tennis was where tennis players became sex symbols.

Now of course, with the undoubtedly lovely Anan Kournikova no longer in the ascendancy everyone’s looking for new Court Cuties – hey I just made up a new buzz phrase 😛

The latest seems to be Gisela Dulko. If you haven’t seen her before there’s a picture inset.

Very nice, she can come any play with my balls any time.

How Can You Miss Linsey Dawn McKenzie?

Linsey Dawn MckenzieSpent all my time taking piccies when we weren’t talking business at the ETO show. We didn’t actually twig that one of the catwalk girls was Linsey Dawn McKenzie.

I mean take exhibit A the inset picture, she’s quite difficult to ignore, LOL

Getting Wet And Excited And The Award Winning Pop-Shot

ETO Award Best Online Resource 2011

ETO Award Best Online Resource 2011

We just got back from Birmingham and have a little announcement to make.

We won the ETO Award for “Best Online Resource” for our site!

Suze is so happy that her mouth is probably aching from smiling.

Last night we won the award and the complementary bottle of champagne. We were also given another bottle of champagne by one of the publishing houses there. I didn’t have much luck opening them I’m afraid. The first popped its cork as soon as I had removed the wire cage. I was covered in around half a bottle of champagne and felt very sticky, soooo went upstairs to the room to change.

The second bottle was a bit lively too though not too bad.

Anyway after a second day at the ETO show with lots of very productive wheeling and dealing we even managed to shake the champagne hangovers and can look back on a weekend that has paid real dividends for us.


Let’s Go Outside,

White BoxersI don’t much care for public toilets. They are a necessary evil as far as I’m concerned, convenient, necessary but it only takes a small minority of unhygienic idiots to cover the surfaces in germs. That probably made me sound a bit OCD, I’m not, really I’m not. I just get really pissed off when guys use the loo and don’t wash their hands. I do it. Why shouldn’t they?

It kind of invalidates my hand washing to then be subjected to picking up their bugs. While we were out once picking up a new dress for Suze from the local mall I used the public loos, urinal to be exact and was faced with a dilemma. I had a bag full of newly purchased toiletries and didn’t want to set it down next to the urinals. I mean, the floor is guaranteed to be sprayed with urine, or worse covered in it if someone with a bad aim has used the place just before me.

I decided to tie the carrier bag to a side belt loop on my jeans – Oops! You see when I take a leak standing up, especially in jeans I tend to unzip and unfasten the top button on my trousers. The reason is simple it’s easier to get the old fella in and out with the extra clearance this provides.

However doing so with a weight on you waistband has only one outcome. A moment or too after I started to pee I felt my trousers start to fall down. It was only lighting quick reflexes, a slight splaying of the legs and perfect muscle control in my lower body and urethral sphincter that saved me from ending up stood in a public toilet with my cock in my hand and my jeans round my ankles.

Insert your own punch line here, but no I’ve never met George Michael 😛


HotIt has been so hot today at the exhibition. Like living in a tin hut in the Sahara.

Good fun though.

Tutored In Sex Toys

Girl at deskThere’s been an 11% increase in vocational exams taken in the UK according to the latest statistics. Which is good because an educated workforce will help the economy recover.

I’d like to ask if there are any sex toy testers amongst the students in college.

It’s a perfectly valid occupation. All products need to be tested and none more so than sex toys.

I’m sure there are product testers for everything, including some very obscure and specialist items. Sadly I’d lay money that sex toy testers are omitted from the list of professionals currently certifiable by the exam boards. Maybe we should change that.

Girls Enjoying Their Sex Toys

Butt CorsetTime was when using a sex toy was seen as a bit dirty and rather difficult because of the very small range of sex toys available. On top of that if a woman used a sex toy men would often see it as threatening and if a man used a toy it was often a blow-up doll or rather poor quality and not very erotic.

Of course all that has changed as the reviews on Sex Toys Buzz illustrates.

IMHO it’s still girls who are more likely to use sex toys than guys. And I think they are more likely to discuss which sex toys to buy in a constructive manner than lads. Unless you’re in a small group men can be very superficial and childish about sex toys. Maybe it’s because they feel threatened by the thought of a woman using a toy. Pity because if men and women understood sex toys for their own gender and the opposite sex then they could have more fun and so could their partners.

Sex toys add a whole new aspect to play in the bedroom over and above the fun that can be had with two naked bodies.

Do you talk about sex toys with your partner, or your friends?

Alex, Me And She Makes Three ;-)

Two GirlsWhen Alex and I fuck I very rarely transport myself off elsewhere by thinking about other situations or places to accompany my quest for orgasm.  I’m not really the kind of person who can remove themselves from their situation and transport themselves to somewhere else.

However, every now and then I have ideas appear in my head when I’m getting down and dirty which shape my thoughts, tweak my erogenous zones.  😉  And tonight was no exception as I had my legs up by my ears and Alex was fucking me like there was no tomorrow.  At one point I thought I was going to piss myself he fucked me so vigorously.

It was then, just before the first of many orgasms rendered me helpless that the thought struck me just how much I would really lurve to be straddling another woman cowgirl style complete with a strap-on.  As I enjoy the control of my downward thrusts on to her phallus I’m being fucked from behind.

Alex is behind me cock hard, fucking my ass for all it’s worth.  I can feel his strong grip on my hips as he pushes firmly in to me ball deep.  I’m imaging the pained look upon his face as he approaches orgasm and yours as you watch me reach that peak.  You watch as my brow furrows and my mouth opens, my breaths deepen and I call out for more.

Thoughts running through my head as both you and I simultaneously reach orgasm.  But you don’t know about these thoughts of mine, these dirty desires…