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I Like, Well, Real Girls

Xerox WomenI’ve just finished one of my more random Internet excursions that took me way back to my childhood. The details of my Web journey are irrelevant though it confirmed to me that I’ve never been one for girls as such. I don’t mean that when I was a boy I didn’t go out with girls, simply that I don’t like girly girls.

Feminine yes, that’s something entirely different and is often confused with being girly. Feminine is about being sophisticated, self-assured, controlled and yet knowing when to let go and unleash the passionate female within. It is not talking about frilly things all the time and pretending to be less intelligent than you are.

Maybe it’s a way of putting men who are intimidated by strong women at their ease but I hate girls who loose all their opinions, intelligence and personality when they’re around a guy they find attractive, or at least a guy who they think finds them attractive. In a way you could say that if they are daft enough to become living Barbie dolls for a bloke then they deserve exactly what they get. Then again if young men think that women are just giggling idiots waiting to become ornaments for their arms they are hardly going to look any further than something that appears to be a compliant and willing partner.

OK so that’s a generalisation and things have moved on a bit since I was at primary school but my original point is still valid. I have always found mature, intelligent women attractive and I’m turned off by bimbo-ism. Relationships are partnerships and I can’t think of many things more hideous than an un-balanced and contrived pairing that is formed from either desperation or compliance with society’s expectations of what you should be.

The other extreme is of course the overly assertive female. Like men women can become too assertive, too sure of themselves sometimes in an attempt to compensate for what they perceive as their own shortcomings. It doesn’t matter what sex you are male or female, I am always suspicious of anyone who tells you categorically “how it is”. It’s like those awful self-help books where you chant mantras to increase your self-esteem. The supreme irony of course is that in the last week or so I heard of some research that seems to prove the chanting of such mantras actually subconsciously undermines your self-esteem. LOL

Peer pressure is something I noticed very early on at school. The groups of girls and boys who seemed to pick up on an idea, a friendship, a TV programme or a film and talk about nothing else. Then they’d postulate theorise and develop opinions about whatever it was that grew so disproportionate to original (film, programme or whatever) that it became surreally displaced from reality.

One instance I remember was a group of friends (me included in this) who started to show off about how they had been up soooo late the night before and seen a Godzilla (or similar) monster flick. We all joined in and added our own embellishments and observations to prove that we’d seen it. Me included, LOL. I wager that none of us had stayed up past the first ten minutes at which point we’d be ushered off to bed – hell we were about eight! I know we were all lying because we were all agreeing and confirming what the guy just before us had said. Quite a vivid memory that one, I can even tell you exactly where in the school yard we were standing.

So please, give me a real, honest woman to talk to, to flirt with and to fuck!

I Would Love To Get In Ana’s Pants

Ana Beatriz Barros.jpgAnd so does everyone else. Lol Are you sat there asking “Who is she?” just like I did earlier today. She is the gorgeous Ana Beatriz Barros. She is a stunning 5’10” brunette who comes all the way from Brazil and if that’s what Brazilians look like I’m emigrating. 😉

It appears that she has been around since 2002 when she modelled for Victoria’s Secret. She has also modelled for Jennifer Lopez’s underwear range more recently.

Currently she is working with French undies manufacturer Passionata and has been commissioned to appear in the prestigious Pirelli Calendar for 2010.

I can’t believe I hadn’t spotted her until today. I’m going to be having some naughty dreams about her.

Risky Risqué

DPI’m sure most of us have had sex in risky situations, where the excitement was fuelled by the possibility of being discovered or because it’s just plain out of the ordinary.  I know I have and come close to being caught.

I’ve fucked on a train returning back from a day trip, in a car down a popular lovers lane and had someone come and tap on the window to have their car pushed out of the mud…lol, on the bank of a river when some guys came walking up the opposite emabankment, in the kitchen of my boyfriends parets, on the work surface to be precise while they were sleeping in their bedroom above and many more occasions which spring to mind.

But I have never shagged on a window sill, with the window open and naked.  I would say you were more than tempting fate there.  Well one couple I just read about fell foul (pardon the pun) of their reckless tryst, you can read exactly what happened to them here.

Wet And Kinky

Sexy Ass Jeans“I watched as the denim between her legs started to darken in a patch that started around her pussy but grew quickly down both of her legs as her pee ran down her inner thighs and soaked outwards towards the front of her legs. Eventually, looking dejected and deflated she looked up at me with doleful brown eyes. I was still standing with my cock in my hand, dripping slightly as I’d not yet shaken being captivated by the sight of my girlfriend pissing herself in front of me.”

The rest is here 😉

The Smell Of Sex

DominatrixMy eagerly anticipated box of naughtiness arrived on Friday and when I opened it I was over come with delight.

There inside my plain clothed white box was the most wonderful purple leather harness in the softest leather you can imagine.  The aroma that it exuded just made me feel so aroused and that’s before I use it.  😉

And in the box along with the luxurious leather harness was the sweetest love heart based dildo in matching colour to the harness.

I was in strap-on heaven if there is such a place, well I visited it honest.  Lol

The box is sitting open at one corner of my desk and a constant reminder that I’m going to be fucking Alex in to submission very soon.


The Sex Pet

The Sex PetBeing a pet, the ultimate submissive, is one of those things that I’ve seen discussed on the internet over the years that we’ve been sex blogging. In a small way I understand it, though I’ve never actually desired to keep someone in such servitude.

That’s not because I have a problem with a BDSM lifestyle of a totally D/s relationship if all those involved are consenting but it’s simply not my nature to desire it and therefore I can’t truly claim to fully comprehend the motivations of those who desire of live such a lifestyle.

I’m always cautious about commenting when it comes to sexual orientations that I don’t have a complete understanding of. And that understanding to me requires that I actually feel it in a deep gut-wrenching sort of way. It’s one thing to read about a sexual persuasion and have an intellectual understanding of it but while the brain might be the largest sexual organ it consists of conscious and subconscious parts working together to make up a person’s personality. So the intellectual part of sexuality is only a small part of the whole

We can all understand the conscious, intellectual side of a personality be that vanilla, BDSM, D/s or any other orientation but to understand the true, rounded personality and therefore a person’s sexuality you need to understand the subconscious, the id.

Having a sexual pet works on two levels. It appeals to the very simplistic desire to have a sexual slave on tap but to live a lifestyle where one partner is truly a pet and the other the owner of that pet is something else. You can role-play the sexual pet/master scenario even as a vanilla couple but to truly live it is another thing altogether. Fankly I’ve never met a couple who actually live it. I’ve met couples in D/s relationships, couples who switch and those who like to act the part of pet and master occasionally but never someone who actually lives it.

I don’t doubt there are people out there who do actually live this lifestyle fully and truly but if there are they must be few and far between.

BTW this isn’t a criticism of those who toy with the master/pet scenario, we’ve all done that to a greater or lesser extent and drawn pleasure from it. But it would be nice to actually meet someone in such a relationship one day.


Oh My Aching Asshole!

Latex MaidWe took a trip out to the Sex Shop last weekend. I forgot to tell you about it. It’s a great place to check out the consumers and what they are purchasing and I like to check out any new DVD’s on the shelves.

In fact we ought to be offered a cup of tea when we go now being regulars. Lol Their stock isn’t too bad, they try to keep it up to date as best they can but they don’t carry many of the latest items. And certainly can’t compare to the online stores as far as pricing goes.

But one thing they do have in their favour is that you can actually touch the items and check them out. So we usually go and if I see anything I remember what it was and ask one of our sponsors if they can send me one. It’s great being a reviewer. Lol

On this occasion there was a rather strange couple in the shop who wouldn’t have looked out of place in Psycoville. One was obviously female and the other was boderline. I’m normally good at spotting trans-gender people but this one had me foxed.

Anyway, they spent a considerable amount of time checking out the vibes and then turned their focus to the lubes on the central stand near where I was standing. And for some reason I felt compelled to listen to their conversation.

They were discussing which lube would be best and then the shop assistant made her way over. One of them asked what the largest size they did was. Horny I thought.

She disappeared off in to the back and I made my way round the product displays to continue my research. I lost track of the conversation but caught site of them leaving. The he/she person had the largest bottle of lube I have ever seen outside an adult trade show under their arm.

I’m thinking there is either going to be a lube shortage and I hadn’t heard about it or some serious partying. 😉

The Sexual Exchange

Black Latex VampThere’s an exchange between  people whenever they interact. In person you get the full array of sensory and psychological interaction, on the phone you can hear their voice and on a webcam chat you get the cideo as well, whereas in an email you are limited to what your correspondent chooses to write.

But when it comes to a picture of a model there’s a third person involved even though you don’t see them. The photographer. They mediate the interaction, directing the model choosing when to take the picture and then often editing it.

What does often shine through though is when the model simply knows what they are doing, you can see their personality shining through, shot after shot. When it’s a model like this there’s a real understanding on both the part of the model an the viewer. She knows that you are looking at the image for the purposes of titillation and possibly straight arousal and she is delivering it with the playful look and making the most of the kinky, sexy wardrobe.

The photographer may moderate but when a model is this sure of herself and experienced in delivering this specific product, the kinky image, the photographer simply acts as facilitator and less as director.

Simply Fetish

StockingsWhat counts as sexy varies so much for each and every one of us.I was doing a little research into fetishes and came across quite a few that seem to be quite bizarre. I suppose using the word bizarre implies those who have these fetishes are odd people but I’ve come to the conclusion that they are not at all odd.

The reason?

Well look at “normal” fetishes. Or perhaps what most people would see as the sort of things that would turn a person on. I’ll elaborate from a man’s perspective here as that’s what I understand best.

How about stockings? I love em, but if you think about it stockings are simply long socks. Now you wouldn’t get all excited about a smelly old pair of socks … would you? You could of course argue that it’s not just the stockings but the act of putting them on, the way they enhance the shape of a leg, taking them off and the whole raft of associations they have with sexy lingerie … but would you get turned on by a pair of false eyelashes?

They are also sometimes part of a woman’s preparation to go out but they are not something that in themselves gets my pulse going. I don’t for example get all hot and bothered seeing someone tease them off their eyelids at the end of a night as I would if she was rolling off her stockings.

What about sexy undies? Why do I like most men find them sexy? After all underwear is there to stop you leaving skid marks in your outer garments isn’t it – hell your pants are anyway. Why is that so sexy? OK, so the underwear might be quite feminine, emphasise certain attributes … but so what? It’s a piece of fabric, an item of clothing like any other.

I’ve decided that the only fetishes that I really have a problem with are those that are potentially harmful. That is stuff like scat or edge play, and I suppose you’d have to say smoking fetish. The latter of course not being immediately life-threatening but longer term … that’s ex-smokers for you sanctimonious bastards.

No, live and let live. So long as everyone’s consenting then whatever turns you on, turns you on.

Sexy Goth Fairies

Hot Goth FairyWhy do girls with little fairy wings do if for me? They’re almost as effective as a little pair of cat ears, meeeeooww.

It’s not innocent little angel wings here either. I prefer naughty little black wings, black nail varnish, slightly pallid, dark eye makeup …

Yep naught goth fairies hehehe.

Ah well, no goth faires here apart from the inset picture but if you want to see a really hot fairy who made Suze cum you can read about her here.

Get Your Freak On And Be Different

On TopSociety in the UK like much of the western world is full of contradictions when it comes to sex. The rest of the world may be the same but I don’t presume to comment on a society in which I don’t live or at least have some level of understanding of when it comes to something as subtle and complex as attitudes towards sexuality.

Fundamentally we are all sexual beings. That doesn’t change if your orientation isn’t a vanilla heterosexual individual, all that changes is the way in which your sexuality is expressed. There are boundaries outside which sexual behaviour is regarded as unacceptable, specifically rape, sex with minors and sex with animals; All of which immediately repulse the vast majority of people for social, cultural and religious reasons, reasons based on the fundamental lack of informed consent which these activities involve.

In theory therefore safe, sane and consensual sex should be universally accepted and embraced if those involved are fully aware of the consequences. Sadly as we all know that is not the case. Prejudice against non-heterosexual orientations and against certain fetishes and lifestyles means that too often sexuality is distorted by the pressure of groups and individuals for whom personal freedom applies to them alone and not the rest of society.

It is difficult to comprehend some sexual behaviour, even if you are open minded and the result of that is doubly tragic. First of all anyone who’s sexuality is for want of a better word “unusual” can feel isolated, even persecuted as they grow up, especially if their experience of other people’s reactions to their sexuality are negative, aggressive or discriminatory. The repression and negative feelings resulting from this are thoroughly unhealthy. But secondly there is a kind of rebound effect on society.

Minority groups of any kind always suffer discrimination from other groups. This is a sad but true consequence of the way in which humans work. It’s not the way we have to work but it is very easy to blame one group or another for a problem, attribute them with vices, flaws or even crimes simply based on one aspect of their appearance, behaviour or personality.

The rebound manifests itself when those discriminated against become insular, defensive and then finally aggressive towards the rest of society. This isolates those discriminated against even further and can make them hostile to anyone who they feel does not share their interests, predilections or views. Even asking a question about a minority can be viewed with suspicion soliciting the reaction “Why do they want to know? What are they up to?”, when the motivation for the question was asked honestly and to seek understanding.

Of course this doesn’t happen to everyone with a fetish or non-mainstream sexuality but it happens enough to make society at large suspicious or even derisive towards them which completes a behavioural feedback loop that locks the minority in and society outside in a perpetual cycle of mutual distrust and misunderstanding.

Extreme Click Rub

OuchAlthough I am a great lover of a clitoris I do not possess one. However even being sans-clit I have to guess that trying this and getting it wrong is going to hurt.

Much in the way that a guy attempting the same thing would inflict terrible damage on his testicles on meeting the newel post at the bottom.

Would it involve lubrication and/or pants with a sturdy gusset?

Getting Turned On In Unusual Ways By Unusual Women

Maggie GyllenhaalI do like things a little different. Places, scenarios, … women. I really don’t have time for things that are average. That doesn’t mean they have to be spectacularly different, just different. Subtle nuances are what grab my attention, as well as the wildly outlandish.

It all stems from overhearing a girl at school claiming that she didn’t want to be different, she wanted to be like everyone else. I found it sad at the time and still do to this day. Don’t be different for its own sake but DO be different for your own sake and that special uniqueness that is you.

That’s why I find people who aren’t from the conventionally beautiful mould far more alluring than the carbon copied “stunners” that the media loves so much. Take Maggie Gyllenhaal for example. She sometimes looks so odd and that is one of the things than makes her special.

However you can take it too far, case in point, Lilly Cole – now she is a little too different for me.

Pornographic Benefits

Clare EvansI have just finished reading about Clare Evans age 32 who has just been prosecuted for claiming £62,000 in benefits whilst working as a topless model.

She has also appeared in a couple of episodes of The Adult Channel XXX’s televison and DVD episodes of Pornomedic directed by Phil Barry.  And yes he is the husband of the renowned Kathy Barry my luverrrrrr.  Lol

Evans is alleged to have been receiving payments of £800 a week for being an adult photographic model but it is alleged that she was pretty prolific.

Clare Evans of Pill, Somerset was given a jail sentence of 10 months.  A bitter pill to swallow indeed.  Lol  Sorry I couldn’t resist.

It would also be interesting to find out how the prosecution found out about her adult productions.  lol


XXX Pick, How Many Partners

Pussy Tongue DickI just found an interesting post over on Adult Blog Hub.  It touches on a subject that I’ve never really given much thought to, the correlation between the number of sexual partners you’ve had and your likely hood of settling down and getting married.

I’m not sure where they found the statistics but they are interesting.  Why not check out “How Many Partners” posted over on “Walk On The Wild Side” and see where you fit in.

You could also read some of the other interesting stuff over there on Walk On The Wild Side 😉


Sleeping With The Boss

Naughty SilhouetteWhat would you do to get ahead in your career?

Would you sleep with the boss?

I know some people would but even if you get over the problem of fucking someone you don’t have any feelings for and paying your way to a promotion with sexual favours there has to be a sneaking suspicion that it will all go sour at some point in the future. Or maybe worse they’ll keep demanding favours …

I suppose the flip side of that is if you actually fancied the boss and when they suggested a liaison in exchange for the bigger office you actually enjoyed it. That really would be a mind fuck.

Personally I can’t see it working either way because all that comes out of it is complications. Relationships are complex enough, be that in your private life or at work. Put them together and surely it can only end badly if your only motivation is career progression.

Relationships between people at work can and do work but it changes the dynamic of your working life irrevocably. It’s only those couples with a strong relationship and the ability to separate work and personal lives that can make it work well.