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10 Porn Stars And Me

Net BikiniI have an early start tomorrow morning but it will be well worth it because it’s going to be a Saturday with a difference.  The difference being…that I’m going to be on the set of a porn shoot with 10 adult stars.  😉

It’s going to be quite an interesting day to say the least and it’s one where I get to meet more adult stars in one place than I have before.  Of course I will be taking lots of pics and interviewing the stars of the show too.

I’m betting that you are all eager by now to find out who is going to be there but I can’t tell you just yet.  Lol

Ok, ok, here in no particular order are the cast.

Angel Long

Lexi Ward

Megan Coxxx

Eva May

Tiger Benson

Michelle Thorne

And not forgetting the guys…

Seb Cam

Scott Collier

Stefan Hard

Seth Strong

It looks like I’m in fun quite a fun day.  Watch this space for all the gossip and naughtiness.  😉


Bad Girls Get Spanked

Cute Red Bottom
Well bad boys do too, which is why I’m setting up the sat nav now for our trip to the porn shoot tomorrow … 

But I will take a moment to pause and enjoy the image 😉

Hot And Cool Chick

Cool In Red BikiniShe’s hot, but has a great idea for keeping cool in the sweltering heat today.

Pity it’s only Friday and most of us are stuck inside 🙁


Simple PantiesI like to take pleasure from the simple things in life.

Very simple and this image gives me a lot of pleasure


Glory Hole Fail

Glory Hole ChurchNow the image above is not exactly what is conjured up in my head when you thin about glory holes. I wonder if the local church realised that they had made an epic mistake. Probably not because they just wouldn’t get involved in that kind of thing. Lol

Some months ago Alex and I visited a swingers club open day for a look around and were personally acquainted with their glory holes. Needless to say I didn’t touch any of the surrounds whilst we were there and washed my hands thoroughly when I got home.

I found the carpet a little sticky though. Lol

Checking Out Large Pussies And Other Such Stuff

Ji Yong Ho "Lion 2"Isn’t that image excellent?  It’s the work of the very talented Ji Yong-Ho.  He has found a very artistic and beautiful way to recycle our old car tyres and I’m sure you will agree the he has such an incredible amount of movement and life in his work.

When I came upon this creation at Chatsworth house today I was completely mesmerised and found myself feeling quite moved and speechless.  That’s how good art work should make you feel, moved and emotional.

For me his work was the highlight of the 24 exhibited works, yes Damien Hirst’s unicorns were both beautiful and anatomical as you have come to expect from him they didn’t quite match the artistic talents of Ji Yong- Ho.

I had a really good day basking in the sunshine of this Indian Summer we are in midst of at the moment.  If you haven’t already visited the “Beyond Limits” exhibition at Chatsworth then you should treat yourself.  It’s a wonderful day of culture wrapped in beautifully designed landscape garden and park land thanks to the talented work of Mr Capability Brown.

A truly relaxing day out which can be enjoyed by all.

You can check out further works by Ji Yong-Ho on his site here  I wish I had the money to bid at the Sotherbys auction it his lion will be auctioned at later in the year.


Get Naked

Get Your Top OffIt’s hot, it’s soooo bloody hot.

I found it so difficult to concentrate this afternoon because of the heat.

If only the office dress code was slacker … I could have dressed down a bit. Though I doubt I would have looked this good.

Tit Wanks And Waterfalls Of Cum

CumI make no bones of the fact I don’t just enjoy sex I look upon it as a voyage which takes me on new adventures all the time.

One of my favourite “out of body” experiences has to be the tit wank.  Now that I proudly sport a C cup unlike in my youth when my A cups just didn’t create the desired wanking ravine required to bring off your fella.

I now rejoice in the ample cleavage I have and the enveloping fleshy mounds Alex likes to penetrate.  As I push them together grasping his hard member as he stabs in and out of them, flushed head shining and foreskin sliding I take in the unique view offered.

An occasional lick of his cock head keeps him lubricated and comfortable.

It usually doesn’t take long for Alex to jettison his creamy white issue all over my heaving tits.  Then there’s the question of what to do with it.  You can gather it up on your fingers and devour it, rub it in to your skin, after all it does contain an element of vitamin E or do you simply let your partner clean you up…

Shaved Girls Have All The Fun

Just to be straight here I do feel sorry for the newsreader. I think she genuinely did have a very sheltered upbringing. Too sheltered I think. Though how she got through school and college without finding out what a muff was I don’t know.

Pain, Pleasure And Exquisite Sex

We walk a thin line in some of our fantasies. An example that springs to mind is the use of military uniforms and fantasy scenarios. Uniforms symbolise power, a power that has to be respected and obeyed without question. The penalty for not obeying is swift, often severe and occasionally arbitrary, depending on the nature and mood of the person exercising that power.

It’s therefore not surprising that uniforms and accutriments reminiscent of the most oppressive regimes and belief systems often turn up in some fantasies, particularly those which involved BDSM. This fuels the belief of those who do not understand it that BDSM is in itself intrinsically sympathetic to totalitarian and uncontrolled sadistic behaviour.

Power exchange and the exploration of sensual pleasure can be extreme in its application, but that does not imply a lack of control, far from it. Control in such situation is everything and without it, what begins as an exploration of sensuality, becomes an exercise in exploitation.

It’s just another way in which those who do not understand sexuality beyond the most vanilla of its expressions sometimes seek to demonise that which they do not understand. Granted there are people who disguise abuse as BDSM, but thankfully these are few and far between. Unfortunately propaganda is a powerful thing. During the last two world wars it was used by every country to inspire their citizens to great feats of selflessness and self-sacrifice and to instil a hatred of the “enemy” to ensure a united country/alliance and therefore the ultimate victory of their ideology.

Even today propaganda persists and is used as a tool by our governments. After the tragedy of 911 I remember seeing a BBC TV special about anti-terror technology. It was absolute bullshit, but meant to reassure the population that the atrocities of 911 were unlikely to be repeated because of the apparent new security measures that had been adopted. I was appalled at the time, but looking back I can see how the powers that be could think it was a necessary piece of propaganda to help reassure the population.

The problem with propaganda is that it’s intrinsically biased. It’s therefore very easy for the media to depict what they decide are non-normal sexual practices as deviant and damaging. Just as they did in early 2008 with Max Moseley. The Internet makes the dissemination of this sort of propaganda all too easy.

Deliberate propaganda aside sloppy writing and bad research mean that gleaning information from the Internet about sexuality is fraught with danger, so beware!

The Sex Assessor

Deep ThroatFrom a time when sex is illegal – da, da, DA!

“The man pressed his glans against her waiting furrow and slowly became one with her. In a smooth movement she raised her legs and wrapped them around his waist. The leisurely, yet passionate ballet that followed drew Evans in from his position as silent, invisible watcher of the two simulated protagonists. He felt himself wanting to share in this union, yet knowing it was but a recording, a depiction of events from summers past, a pale echo of a passion expressed years before.”

And the rest is here.

Fellatio With Kick Backs

Sexy SilhouetteAlex went down on me and I writhed as his tongue went to work on my clitoris.  It felt good to feel the velvety pressure of his tongue upon my swollen clitoris as I played with my pert nipples.

I matched each lap of my swollen bud with a firm pinch of my nipples.  They were now hard and very sensitive to my touch.

As Alex lapped and sucked upon my labia I felt the blood surge making me pout for his attention.  A tingle was felt between my legs as his tongue worked its magic on my clit and vaginal opening.  He knew how to get my attention and I wanted to give some lurve back.

By now I was buzzing on an intimate level and I became aware of my state of wetness, my thighs were dripping, my clit throbbing as I made my way between his legs.

As I edged down the bed I placed my hands either side of his thighs and he parted them, aiming to raise them over my head but misjudged my proximity to his groin and caught me a swift blow to the right cheek as he lifted his leg.

This resulted in him glancing me a blow across my right cheek and me giving a moan of displeasure.  My cheek seemed to glow in the darkness of the room.  A strange feeling being aroused but hurt at the same tine.  Lol

Not wanting this to put us off we started to fuck, me with my legs wrapped around his back whilst pinching my own nipples.  Just moments later I was coming and making no secret of it as he fucked me from the side.

The cold moisture ran over my thighs as I became aware of my predicament, I had squirted and my pussy was soaked and my bedding.  At the same time the right side of my face started to feel warm.

I’m waiting to see the outcome, hopefully it will be uneventful.  😉



XXX Pick, When You Whip Me

Head Thrown BackIf you’ve been reading us for some time you will know that both Alex and I like a little light bondage and the occasional spank or glance from one of our collections of whips.  I in particularly am partial to my rubber whip, it feels good when dragged across the skin and delivers a stinging tingle when applied gently to the flesh.

I was reminded of our particular predilection whilst browsing posts over on Adult Blog Hub when I came across a posting from “The Prattlings Of A Pervert”.

He has posted his thoughts and feelings of being enslaved in a thoughtful ode to BDSM.  You should go and check out his post “When You Whip Me…” his site makes for a very interesting read.  😉


Whipped, Bound, Aroused And Fucked

Bound And WHipsSince we started blogging it has at first surprised me and then refreshed me to find a huge number of people who are into BDSM, bondage, restraint, domination and submission. There are such a wide range of tastes in this area like all other forms of sexuality that almost everyone has their own take on it and even if they don’t indulge in it, or are aroused by the thought of it everyone has their views on it.

I’m seriously considering doing some research on people’s attitudes towards unconventional sexual lifestyle choices and how these choices express themselves in their own sexuality.

But tell me. Would you be prepared to answer, frankly, questions about your BDSM lifestyle?


Panty Flashes

Black Stocking Panty FlashI can understand voyeurism but have to say that as with all things on the Internet it’s possible to take things too far. And of course the extremes of porn on the Internet are very extreme.

You see my take on the up-skirts panty shot is that it’s the surreptitious flash of what’s hiding up there that is the turn on. The glimpse of something that would normally be hidden. It’s the same with a flash of stocking or the inadvertent opening of a blouse as a woman leans forward. There’s infinitely more eroticism in that than a girl wearing stockings with legs akimbo with no preamble or a woman taking off her blouse and scooping her tits out with no self-consciousness.

Some things like that are difficult to quantify, but with the up-skirt picture (which I have to say have bee over-done to hell) I think there should be a minimum length for skirts. It’s easy for the photographers to get a show of a girl’s crotch if the skirt is only six inches from waistband to hemline but that has no appeal at all. I would say mid-thigh is the shortest to be properly arousing and then only with the quickest of flashes.

All that said the up-skirts panty shots always disturb me somewhat because of their implied lack of consent, even when they are obviously staged – so they aren’t something I seek out – there’s much better and more exciting stuff out there.

I’d actually much rather first feel what a woman has on under her skirt than stick my head, or a camera up there though that wouldn’t work on the Internet LOL

Porn Banned By The Censors

Sam FoxThe UK has always had an uneasy relationship with pornography. It’s always been around in one form or another, but never so readily available as today.

A prime example of this is the availability of pornographic movies, first on film, then video tape and now DVD. Or to put it more accurately illegally available on Film and VHS tapes, then about ten years ago becoming legal and regulated as R18 VHS and DVD.

I’m always amused to remember what I heard about the chief censor from the 1950s and 60s who would insist on viewing the most explicit of movies on his own so as not to corrupt other members of the BBFC. I assume he got through a lot of Kleenex.

Use of the obscene publications act and ever changing BBFC rules meant that sometimes sexually provocative and slightly explicit films were OK, and at other times were very illegal. As a consequence film producers could only guess at whether or not their film would be passed as an 18 certificate (previously X rated), much of the outcome dependent on the release data and what guidelines were in force at that time. The ultimate hypocrisy and possibly final nail in the coffin of the old arbitrary classification regime was when video nasties started appearing.

Snuff movies and those like “Cannibal Holocaust” showed just what happens when you ban a genre or cut it to ribbons without consistent guidelines – people seek out the movies underground. Like the horrendous video nasties you could get porn under the counter and while most was tame in comparison to the R18 we have today a 1980s porn movie was not subject to regulation and therefore potentially exploitative of the performers.

I was watching a documentary about Ben Dover, iconic British porn star, a few weeks ago. His first movies were filmed in a camper van, illegally and in the gonzo porn style. He observed that when he was appearing in that genre of porn it was a) more exciting and b) far more difficult to get hold of. Because of that porn was more titillating and much more of a novelty. I can see his point.

While acknowledging the fact that some porn of the illegal era might be questionable in its treatment of the performers I would have to say that porn was more exciting back then. The production values weren’t as high, the acting was just as poor, but it was all somehow more natural. Now as Kenny Styles mentioned in the interview by Suze some producers fall into the trap of becoming repetitive and boring (“the sausage factory”  ), simply because of the number of titles they have to churn out.

We can never go back to the days of surreptitious under the counter porn, the ravenous nature of Internet Tube sites has seen to that. But we must reward those producers and directors that create imaginative, innovative and therefore ultimately more arousing porn rather than those who simply repeat the same, stale formats over and over.

Bringing Out The Dominatrix In Me

Amsterdam DungeonI’ve already written about my visit to Mister B in Amsterdam and the wonderful BBQ and entertainment we were treated to in previous posts.  What I haven’t done is tell you about the wonderful people we met whilst we were there.

We were interviewed for a European magazine feature and spoke to several people including the owners of a very nice adult store in the central area.  We were reliably informed by an insider that they had a vey nice dungeon you could hire too.

So you will never guess where we ventured off to the following day.  You got it!  Lol

We practically stumbled on the shop as we tried to navigate our way through the centre.  When we walked in it was like an Aladin’s cave of fetish products.  The walls were lined with toys of every description and jeanre, even the ceiling had whips and BDSM paraphinalia suspended from it.

There were gags, cuffs, shackles and sex toys everywhere.  And there in the middle of the left hand wall at the very bottom was a small clearing which was occupied.  My eyes came to fall on the most beautiful grey cat with large round green eyes.

I went in for a stroke and kitty backed off so I left him to his own devices.  Best not try stroking kitties when they don’t want to be, not unless you are in to lacerations.

The proprietors were stood at the bottom of the shop at the counter, barely visible through the swathe of naughty bits and pieces.  We made our way over to say hello.  They remembered us and despite not being very conversant in English were far better at it than we were Dutch.

If you find yourself in Amsterdam walking along the Oudebrugsteeg look out for “Smart” fetish and fantasy shop and allow yourself plenty of time to look around their wide range of products.

But I wanted to see something else, something naughtier, The Playroom.

Amsterdam DungeonI asked the woman behind the counter where their dungeon was and she asked if I wanted to take a look whilst reaching for a set of keys.  She lead us out of the shop and next door.  Once the door was opened we were greeted by a steep set of Amsterdam style stairs which we climbed behind her and she opened the door at the top of the stair.

She left us to look around the newly decorated and refurbished Playroom which resembled a functional boudoir with its crystal chandelier and drapes.  Then you noticed that this was more than that.

The room was well equipped with benches, stocks, queening chair and even a hoist for suspension.  Unlike other dungeons I have visited this was a perfect blend of erotic and fetish not at all scary but warm and welcoming and most definitely kinky.

I wished I got time to savour its delights.  After looking round I walked across the polished wooden floor towards the kitchen area, which was well appointed and clean and in to the back room where even more kink awaited.

Amsterdam DungeonThere mounted in the middle of the small anti room was a medical fetish area complete with gynaecological chair.  This place is a haven for kinksters of every persuasion and even if you just want to have a bit of kinky fun.  Then again if you want some heavy duty BDSM you will also be at home.

The whole set up was clean, friendly and atmospheric and I just wished we had something like it local to us.  I could see Alex weighing up the possibilities and the smile playing on his face from across the room.

It was time to leave before I asked him to pop next door and purchase a paddle…

Seriously guys you should pay a visit to Smart at 10 Oudebrugsteeg, 1012 JP, Amsterdam and ask about the “Playroom”.  😉  You can also visit them online here.



Hot Italian Ass

Pamela CamassaForgive the obsession with things Italian but I found this earlier and it one of the most provocative images I’ve seen for a while.

Yes she’s Italian, and boy is she hot.