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Babestation Nation

Sundae SundayI was listening to Chris Moyles on Radio One last Thursday morning as I normally do whilst eating breakfast when I heard someone mention Babestation and a particular female on there.  Because I was multi tasking and updating my social network page at the same time I didn’t catch who they were referring to.

It’s not the first time that Babestation has been mentioned on the show.  I thought it was mentioned a few weeks ago by someone and again I didn’t catch the detail.

Then tonight as I’m watching the wonderful Keith Lemon’s Celebrity Juice it got another mention and an enactment performed by Keith himself on the desk.

I’m starting wonder if giving the site a mention gets you a reduced rate membership.  If so I’ll just point out the Babestation has some hot girlies.  😉

Do you think they notice I mentioned them?  Lol



Shexy Witch

sexy witchI couldn’t resist doing a search for sexy witch for Halloween, just wouldn’t be the same without some themed naughtiness around here.  😉

Sleeping Around

I’ve never thought of myself as a thrill-seeker. I’ve never gravitated towards dangerous sports or deliberately sought out risky situations. At least I used to think that.

Thinking back now I believe I have identified four occasions where I deliberately put myself in risky situations. The common theme is that they all involved women. Two of those were where the respective girl’s father’s didn’t approve, in both instances not because of my reputation – sadly I didn’t have one LOL – but for other less valid reasons.

The other two cases were because the girls I went after were already involved. There may have been more but I don’t remember them. What I do remember was that around the same time as my pursuit of the girl I’m going to write about another girl was absolutely throwing herself at me and I really wasn’t interested. More fool me, because she was a very nice girl. Perhaps I just wasn’t attracted to nice girls.

And that is why I’ve titled this post “Fucking His Girlfriend”. One final thing, I’ve just remembered a third occasion where I went after someone else’s girlfriend … Ooh I’m a bad boy.

It was late summer, early autumn. We were both in the upper sixth and her name was Mandy. Well it is for the purposes of this account. I went to school in a large village. The comprehensive school I attended still felt like a grammar school despite the influx of new and idealistic teachers. It had a large catchment so you tended to mix with girls from villages that you’d never meet otherwise, from villages miles away.

Mandy and I were out after school. We’d been rehearsing for a school production and were walking home together in a round-about way. We enjoyed each other’s company but as friends. I thought that was all she wanted, though I had different ideas. Not surprising, teenage boy, bright, bubbly, friendly girl with a lose perm and nice tits. There’s only one place my mind headed every time I thought about her …

Because I thought she wasn’t interested and knew she was already involved I kept things at a platonic level. Except I hadn’t. It was probably a combination of the lingering looks I kept giving her the pregnant pauses that seemed to become increasingly apparent in our conversations as things were left unsaid and the occasional joking sexual remarks I made that made it plain to her I was horny as hell for her.

It happened when we were sitting on the dry stone wall behind the church. She caught me staring at her and for once I didn’t pretend I hadn’t been. I kept looking at her grey eyes. She put her hand on top of mine and leant forward, eyes shut, lips expectant. It was very, very innocent.

I hesitated. This wasn’t supposed to happen, she was already with someone, she had never been interested in me. Yes I admit it I was naïve she had been thinking about me for a long time but not likely to deliberately two-time her boyfriend. Quite how long she had thought about me or how much she had wanted me I never found out because despite of what happened next we never talked about it. And until this post the only person I ever told about it was Suze.

The kiss told me all I needed to know about her feelings. We slid off the wall and hidden from view got involved in a long and grope-filled clinch. She didn’t mind my wandering hands, in fact she seemed to welcome them. Maybe it was the waiting that made both of us abandon caution.

Before I knew it she was struggling to sit up and removed her bra, which she did in that magic, without talking her sweater off sort of way that men find so amazing. She slid it out of the left arm of her grey pullover and dropped it on the ground. She lay back down beside me where I resumed my fondling of her breast, unhindered.

Her nipples where hard, almost as hard as my cock. She held it through the black denim of my jeans, gently rubbing, her nails scrapping against the fabric.

Her fingers started to scrabble at the button on my waistband. I helped her out, it was after all the gentlemanly thing to do. Then, in a very un-ladylike fashion she yanked at my trousers and underwear until they were round my ankles.

“Please screw me.” She asked. I smiled, not at the thought of the totally unexpected and much longed-for shag, but the fact she referred to it as screwing. She always did refer to sex as screwing, not sex, or shagging, or fucking. Screwing.

I helped her peel back her tight blue jeans and pink panties. She removed them both completely. Then she straddled me. She rubbed herself along the length of my cock, not to arouse me but in an effort to guide me into her pussy. I was incredibly aroused, but inexperience on both our parts meant the angle was wrong and she had to reach down and guide me inside her.

Mandy bounced up and down for a few minutes, enjoying my hands cupping and squeezing her breasts under her sweater. We both wanted to feel me fucking her, that was obvious, glorious though it was with her riding my cock, curly hair catching the late afternoon sunshine. We both needed to feel me fucking her.

We rolled over, managing to keep my cock inside her, just. The screwing began in earnest. Until I started to think about this I had forgotten how innocent it was. Almost devoid of technique but full of enthusiasm I pumped away, encouraged by the appreciative moans and squeals she emitted. I remember her hair spread behind her head on the grass, eyes closed, mouth open.

I felt her pussy tighten on me and simultaneously become suddenly wet. Her moans got louder, had I not been approaching orgasm myself I would have probably worried about someone hearing us. But I was cumming and did so with a sense of such immense satisfaction that I was probably grinning from ear to ear as I rolled onto the grass beside her.

About a week later I was stopped in the street by three guys, all around my age. They blocked my way on the pavement and made it plain they had something to tell me. I can’t remember the words they used but the meaning was “Stay away from Mandy. Or else!”. She had obviously hadn’t told her boyfriend exactly what had happened, but must have mentioned me a little too often. I brushed them off with a “Yeah whatever” type of attitude, which seemed to disarm the situation more than perhaps a flat denial of any wrong-doing would have done.

Looking back it could have gone a lot worse, or maybe a lot better. I wonder what she’s doing now?

Have A Horny Halloween

WitchOooooh! It’s Halloween! Well almost.

It’s always a danger when manufacturers produce products that can only be sensibly sold at one time of year, take the Christmas themed Rub My Duckie from big Teaze Toys.

Of course around Halloween sex toy manufacturers try the same thing. We have done a few sex toy reviews around Valentines day sex toys but nothing specifically around Halloween. The nearest is a set of glow in the dark bondage restraints over on

What I did pick up was a glow in the dark Nexus prostate massager.  I suppose that counts as Halloween themed.

Girls Who Like Big Cocks

Domme Strap-onMake Mine A Large Cock Please!

I know I shouldn’t laugh at others misfortunes but sometimes you just have to.  While taking a break from writing for the site I found a story about a guy who was talked in to having a tattoo done.

He elected to have a yin and yang symbol and some dragons but what the Aussie got wasn’t quite what he expected.

His “friend” and I use the term loosely because I wouldn’t think that a friend would do this, actually tattooed a large cock on his back.

You can read the full story over here.

Could have been worse it could have been a sex toy!

Bondage On A Sunday Morning

Chain Bondage
I do like a bit of bondage. Nothing too serious or heavy but we play around a bit from time to time. What I do like is nice, good bondage photographs; Truly artistic images not someone being thrashed or bound until bits of them go purple. No thank you.

I also like body hugging clothing, so the image above ticks all the boxes.

Hard And Painful At Times But Such A Thrill

Leather Whip GirlBare concrete has to be the most unforgiving surface imaginable. It’s not physics of the material but because there are harder substances and tougher ones which withstand wear better. I always feel concrete is associated in my mind with memories of my upbringing in the industrial north of England.

I didn’t have an unhappy childhood and adolescence as some people I know did. It was Spartan from time to time, occasionally tough and turbulent at times but I wasn’t hard done to. I am however left with the feeling of an unyielding concrete time in my life where it was easy to get metaphorically grazed and if I wasn’t careful crash into a hard carapace of unyielding artificial barriers set up by those around me.

I wasn’t unique. At the time the country was going through a period of austerity like the one we are about to experience. I was chatting to Suze about it today and I don’t think that we will descend to the levels that we did then, but for those who weren’t born in the 1970s it will feel just as hard. The higher you are the further you have to fall.

In a way I welcome this because it’s times of hardship that really define the character of a generation. When you ask a kid of today about the 1980s they will tell you about yuppies and booming stock markets (they may also mention Audi Quattros thanks to Ashes to Ashes). But what defined that era like every other was the market crashes, the increased disparity between rich and poor and the sense of resentment many young people felt towards figures of authority, official bodies and the government. There was something to rebel against, a cause to rally too, something which is missing in any time of prosperity.

So what does this have to do with a sex blog? Well, a lot.

People feel things more acutely when they are under pressure. I’ve never felt more alive than when I’ve been on the edge and that’s when I feel the most sexually alive too. Everyone should feel like that and while I’m not suggesting that sexual awakenings are a justification for the deliberate inducement of an economic slump I think everyone has to know what it feels like to be outside the cosy care-free world of financial security before they truly know the value of a good relationship.

I would argue that if you listen to the music of the late 1970s and early eighties you can feel the tension.

Tabboo Sex

Humanity is fascinated by the forbidden. Sometimes attracted, sometimes repulsed, but always fascinated by anything that is out of reach, or denied to an individual or culture. Whether the question is “Why can’t I … ?” or “Why would I want to … ?” the fascination is still as strong.

In the area of sexuality taboos have always been used as a means of control. Some are sensible, based on good logical reasoning, take for instance the prohibition of incest in pretty much every culture that has ever existed. Avoiding close family members procreating produces a genetically more diverse population, less susceptible to disease, less prone to genetic abnormalities.

Manipulation of the genetic diversity and restriction of the gene pool has always been the province of dubious ideology. Take the common practice of close family procreation in the ancient Egyptian royal family, or the eugenics and attempted racial “purifications” of the last century. Both the product of extreme and misguided thinking, flawed science and despotic regimes.

And yet I receive spam email containing the promise of pictures of oedipal couplings, or discover stories on websites about “kissing cousins”. Why? Well some people must find it a turn-on. Unless the writer of the story is writing simply to titillate and attract a specific section of the readers on the web, the author themselves must find the subject stimulating in some way.

I’ll just say here that I’ve never seen such a story on an adult blog. They occasionally appear on sites holding “collections” of work, both free-to-view and pay sites.

If these were explorations of the psyche of the protagonists and the interplay between them, society and their family circumstances then I could see a reason for their creation and consumption, but as they are invariably written to arouse they have no discernable appeal.

This isn’t a post about the rights and wrongs of a particular narrow genre of writing though. It’s more about the concept of the attraction of that which we cannot have. Does someone else’s partner seem more attractive, just because they are with someone else? Does the though of introducing something into your sex play seem more exciting because it’s generally thought to be unconventional, or even elicit. I’d venture that it does.

Porn in general is more widely accepted for what it is, titillation, stimulation, material to awaken the sexual beast within. However when does the consumption of porn become acceptable to society at large? It varies from country to country but 18 years of age (as in the UK) is not untypical as the legally defined age where porn becomes available to the individual. OK, so let’s ignore the fact that you can have sex at 16 but not watch a sexually explicit movie until you’re 18.

What actually kicked this post off (now he gets to the point I hear you cry) is a recent news item about the high proportion of teenagers (predominantly boys) looking at online porn. Some of those being “addicted” to it. This doesn’t surprise me, though the figures quoted seemed a little hyperbolic.

What fired me up was an audio clip I heard on the radio. In it a boy said “If I didn’t have a job I’d spend all day [looking at porn on the Internet] … I enjoy it … It’s educational.”

No it bloody isn’t!

I never thought I’d be the one to say it but viewing porn on the Internet especially on commercial sites exposes you to one facet of the gloriously varied universe that is sexuality. I suppose it’s like much of the “information” that we gather from the net, of dubious provenance.

It got me wondering just how widespread that sort of thinking is; i.e. that sex is a series of airbrushed stills where all women enjoy being viewed by men and often penetrated in every orifice, simultaneously. Will we end up with a generation dehumanised by images of sex and a narrow view of what sex is?

If you read a blog you will hopefully learn something, about the author, about relationships, about sex. But even on the best written blogs that can only ever be part of the picture and only in relation to the author(s) of that blog. There’s a real world out there full of people with feelings that do not translate into what one commenter writing on this blog about certain types of pornography referred to as “suck and fuck” stories.

So if you are a teenager and have taken the time to read this piece please take away one thing. Read widely, drink deep from the well of knowledge that is the Internet, but use your intelligence and maintain a healthy scepticism. And above all, get a real life, a real partner, and when you’re really ready for it some real (safe) sex.

Teen Sex

There are times in your life that seem to be preserved as if frozen and fixed forever. They revolve around key moments in your existence, fixed and almost immutable, unchanging except perhaps for the small matter of that golden glow that descends over all treasured memories. It expunges the nasty negative taints and leaves you longing for times past and the perceived simplicity and perfection that they acquire.

It’s called nostalgia or as I heard it once described, longing for a time that never was. LOL

And the title – you know what I’m thinking about …

Hence the music video.

Soaping Up The Sexy Stars

HollyoaksI just don’t get soap operas. It’s as if TV has absorbed pantomime and created a low-rent version drama that repeats itself on a long loop of farce, histrionics and hyperbole. The occasional performance or plot line which raises itself above the mire of mediocrity does little  to make up for the fact that the repetition of the same stories, simply with different protagonists make soaps, to me at least , stupefyingly dull.

Soap operas have at times highlighted social issues such as religious, racial and sexual intolerance. They can create empathy in people of lifestyles and situations that the viewer has not experienced directly but this is the exception more than the rule and can only become increasingly rare in a cash-starved TV industry whose search of ratings hits is overriding any public service element of their franchise agreements.

Ratings are pursued in many ways but sex and its consequences is often a prime candidate for inclusion into a plot. Who fucked who, who’s the daddy or who gave what STI to who will always bring in the viewers, even if it’s simply to tut disapprovingly at the situation the characters find themselves in rather than address and understand the issues that give rise to the behaviour and situations.

In the UK Hollyoaks is renown for it’s sexy leading actresses. Nice to look at but no matter how good the actresses and scripts are (and from what I’ve seen the scripts are pants)  if the primary motivation for watching is to see who’s getting semi-naked this week then the show isn’t going to be tackling many heavyweight social issues.

I know there’s a demand for entertainment but have the TV companies forgotten that the best was to educate and encourage debate about important issues is to couch the stimulus for this in an entertaining format.

Much as watching fit young girls in skimpy outfits is appealing to most men I think those same males would have to agree that a pert bum and a full cleavage is not usually the start of an insightful discussion about the role of women in modern society. Or perhaps it is and I’m missing the point.

Oooh My Bollocks!

Ball Sucking GirlMost people have had an argument with their boyfriend that turned pretty heated but not quite as heated as the one I just read about.

Maria Topp aged 44 and Martin Douglas aged 45 had a blazing row back in January and she ended up doing the unthinkable.  Just thinking about it now make me cringe and I’m a girl…obviously.

She claims that she can’t remember but she bit off Martin’s testicles during a row and he had to have them sewn back on.   OUCH!  That had to smart.

You can read the full gruesome story here.


You Likey Up Skirts Porn?

Up Skirt Porn
I can understand voyeurism but have to say that as with all things on the Internet it’s possible to take things too far. And of course the extremes of porn on the Internet are very extreme.

You see my take on the up-skirts panty shot is that it’s the surreptitious flash of what’s hiding up there that is the turn on. The glimpse of something that would normally be hidden. It’s the same with a flash of stocking or the inadvertent opening of a blouse as a woman leans forward. There’s infinitely more eroticism in that than a girl wearing stockings with legs akimbo with no preamble or a woman taking off her blouse and scooping her tits out with no self-consciousness.

Some things like that are difficult to quantify, but with the up-skirt picture (which I have to say have bee over-done to hell) I think there should be a minimum length for skirts. It’s easy for the photographers to get a show of a girl’s crotch if the skirt is only six inches from waistband to hemline but that has no appeal at all. I would say mid-thigh is the shortest to be properly arousing and then only with the quickest of flashes.

All that said the up-skirts panty shots always disturb me somewhat because of their implied lack of consent, even when they are obviously staged – so they aren’t something I seek out – there’s much better and more exciting stuff out there.

I’d actually much rather first feel what a woman has on under her skirt than stick my head, or a camera up there though that wouldn’t work on the Internet LOL

Anal Sex That Kicks Ass

Butt Plug BootExtreme Anal Wear

Winter isn’t one of my favourite seasons, I don’t like cold and the short days and long nights seem to go on for ever.  It makes me feel like grabbing a hand full of toys and hibernating until spring.

One consolation is that girls tend to get their boots on just before we have the first fall of snow.  This enables them to get some wear out of them as most are impractically heeled to wear in the snow and are probably more suited for the bedroom just like the ones in the image over there.  😉

I spotted some wonderfully strappy knee high ones on a girl at the weekend, I’m betting she was a bit kinky in the bedroom.  Do you think you can tell if someone is a goer by their footwear?

Sex Whether You Like It Or Not

Drinks And KinksDo you ever get the feeling you are being told what to do? If you do are you like me and feel the need to say “No!”?

Being forced into any situation is wrong, but sex without consent is rape. Of course the most obvious kind of rape is the horrible, physical rape mainly perpetrated by men against women. A crime that ranks alongside murder as one of the most abhorrent acts that one human being can carry out against another.

Is it too much of a leap of an extension of the coercion theme to assert that peer pressure and the effects of the media are a form of rape too? The pressure to act a certain way, indulge in a particular sexual practice or indeed experience sex at all is something that has always been present in society yet with sex so omnipresent in magazines and on TV that pressure seems to be almost irresistible to some in society.

Sex is a wonderful thing and can give a huge amount of pleasure to those that indulge in it. I don’t just mean the physical release of orgasm, I’m talking about the joy which can come from discovery, finding out about yourself and your partner too. Sex is very personal and a because of that feeling that you should or should not be acting in a certain way in the bedroom because of an outside influence doesn’t work for me.

I’m all for education and enlightenment, without it we can never make informed decisions and grow as individuals. But when education becomes indoctrination and people are scared to question the advice and proclamations of “experts” or “gurus” something has gone wrong.

When you are growing up and becoming sexual aware there is a pressure from those around you to get laid and lose that heaviest of burdens for a teenage boy, virginity. That in itself was a heavy enough burden, I pity anyone in 2010 who has to discard their virginity without any regard for its worth.

Perhaps I’m getting old but the expectation that sex is part of a night out and a form of social currency makes me feel uncomfortable. I wonder how difficult it is to say no?

Swinging With Suze’s Permission

Fetish DressThe number of surveys that pop up especially before major consumer events like Christmas is quite startling. You notice I mention Christmas as a major consumer event not a festival, LOL, that’s because most surveys these days seem to have an agenda. You have to be pretty naïve not to notice and after all they do make for some amusing reading in the tabloid newspapers and in their online equivalents.

It seems there’s never a day goes by without me receiving one survey or another claiming to show that a need exists in the population for some new adult product. Or that we’re all shagging our partner’s best mates.

They’re all harmless so long as you don’t take them too seriously.

What they tend to do, and I find this interesting, is “research” a premise that we all find intriguing, or a slightly taboo behaviour that we’ve all considered before but never had the guts or opportunity to pursue. The girlfriend’s best friend is a good example, the ultimate taboo, dangerous if it goes wrong. What if she rebuffs you and tells your girlfriend. What if she shags you and then tells your girlfriend?

Then there’s the forbidden fruit thing with fetishes like bondage and S & M. I know this isn’t a survey but look at the Max Mosley “scandal”. It was read rapaciously by consumers of the media and pounced on by the press who seemed initially oblivious to the invasion of privacy and only later acknowledged this point when it became apparent they were not going to be able to nail Mosley as being a Nazi.

My advice. Take all things with a pinch of salt if you suspect something other than total impartiality and enjoy most surveys for what they are, marketing.

Hot And Sweaty Sex In The Cradle OF Civilisation

Consider this. When you think of an ancient civilisation such as the Greeks or the Romans you see their society as we interpret it from the clues they left behind. The pottery, stone and metal artefacts are most durable. The clothing and items made from precious materials may survive but only if the garments do not rot away (which they usually do) and are not looted and broken up as was often the case for the gravegoods of many civilisations.

We know some things about their sexuality, but what we do know is quite narrow in its scope. Take three civilisations. Ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece. The first three things that probably pop into your mind about them are probably:

Egypt: the pharaohs married they close relatives, mothers, sisters etc.
Romans: Indulged in orgiastic sex.
Greeks: Had a thing for young men and invented anal sex.

To a greater or lesser extent these things may all be true, but they are a gross misrepresentation of each of those societies as a whole.

In Egypt only the ruling class probably indulged in incestuous unions. The Roman plebeians didn’t have the money for anything more than basic sustenance and an occasional jaunt to the Circus Maximus to watch Charlton Heston race chariots and the Greeks would have died out if anal sex was their only preoccupation.

It’s the same with today’s society and the stuff we leave behind as adult bloggers. In fact its true of any blogger, or diarist or contemporary historian. No matter how objective and honest you try to be, anyone reading what we write in a hundred years time will get a very distorted view of us. We don’t document every thing we do down to the last second of every day, you get the edited highlights. Which is of course what archaeologist see when they examine ancient texts.

Then of course there the problem of censorship and editing by the scholars of the future. To preserve reputations of to portray our antecedents in a light that serves our purposes there is always a temptation to place a certain amount of spin on the interpretation of “evidence”. Ascertaining the facts is one thing, but how those facts are used and communicated is another.

With every blogger’s work available on the Internet, and assuming it hasn’t all been deleted in a century or so, do you think that our ancestors will think we’re pioneers or perverts?