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Sex For Free And All The Fantasies You Can Imagine

Amanda Barrie, Carry On CleoIt’s a fact that when it comes to sex the British have always had a dual personality when it comes to sex. On one hand they purport to regard it as dirty and unspeakable, and on the other hand they watch Carry On movies. And nobody can tell me that the attraction of Carry On films is the sophisticated humour and innovative plotlines.

In one way or another I think it applies to every country on the globe. I think that not because I’ve met a representative group from every one of those nations, but I do get stats for our sites and see visitors from almost every sovereign state on the planet.

Particularly interesting is the large number of people visiting the Adult Blog Hub site from Macedonia at the moment. For such a small nation they have an awful lot of people who like sex blogs. Those Macedonias will now be enjoying our RSS fed section Sex-Press. Lots of blogs over there for you to feast your naughty eyes on.

Pop across and take a look at Adult Blog Hub and Sex-Press, it’s where all the best Macedonians are.

Sexy Leather, Sex And Seduction

Have you ever bought a piece of clothing and immediately thought it gave you sex appeal?

I don’t mean necessarily something like underwear, or what you might think of as textbook sexy. I’m thinking more of a garment that you thought conveyed the right signals to the opposite sex and possibly imbued you with a certain amount of coolness.

The reason I mention this is that I just remembered a grey leather jacket I had, very much like the one worn by DC Chris Skelton in Ashes to Ashes, as opposed to a biker jacket.. Pure 1980s and at the time, very trendy. Well that’s how I remember it anyway. I felt as cool as an iceberg when I wore my jacket. I still can’t understand to this day why I didn’t have women falling at my feet LOL.

Sometimes you buy an item of clothing for its utility, sometimes for other reasons. Take my motorcycle boots, they were really cool, really heavy zips that you had to use engine oil on to keep working. Fleece lined and heavy leather. The girls didn’t fall for them either.

Then occasionally you buy stuff for comfort. A pair of black jeans, boots, a cotton shirt.

And that particular outfit worked. It was what I was wearing when I met Suze. You can see the shirt in the inset picture. The rest of the outfit? She made me throw them away, bu tthat shirt isn’t going anywhwere.

She-Male XTC 9

She MaleIt seems the older I get, the kinkier I get…especially when it comes to pornography.  When I first set out reviewing porn DVD’s my taste was limited to heterosexual and lesbian because I am bisexual and can appreciate both angles.  Or if you like I’m just plain greedy.

I wasn’t an anal fan either and now I love it!  Nothing like watching a girl being taken up both holes at the same time.

And now I have found myself increasingly enjoying watching shemale pornography.  Watching a guy taking it up the ass whilst wanking is wonderfully arousing.  If you’ve never tried it your really should.

I’ve just had the pleasure of watching my latest acquisition from Evil Empire, She-Male XTC 9.  You can read just what I thought to it here.


Music, Mayhem, Make Love Or Fuck

WhiteIt’s impossible to pass through life and not be shaped by the influences around you. One of the most potent influences is Music. Music is inextricably linked to growing up. That’s when you listen to it most, in your formative years, the years when your hormones are surging and the character of your sexuality is forged in the furnace of adolescent lust.

Was that a warped metaphor, maybe.

Music does something at a very low and primal level to anyone listening to it. You may think you are listening to the lyrics but when it comes down to it you actually understand a series of sounds that are a combination of the words, melody and beat. That’s why rock music is so powerful and why, when rock’n’roll first appeared it was so opposed by the establishment. They understood that the music was potent and were afraid of it.

This is not about the drug culture primarily, though drugs are often associated with the creation and appreciation of music. It’s the recognition that music has the ability to stir up emotions and desires in a way that words on their own can’t. It moves people to feel things and do things that poetry, despite it’s undisputed power cannot.

Although the grey-haired opposition to rock music couldn’t fully appreciate the full implications of its emergence in the 1950s they knew it was something outside their control and that realisation scared the shit out of them.

Is there anyone who has not felt moved by music? Is there anyone who does not have a sexual experience associated with a particular piece of music – or indeed a sexual experience that would not have happened if they had not being listening to a particular track?

Quivering Pussy

Pussy Fight ClubOur cat is very nervous tonight, in fact we were wondering what he was up to, then we worked it out.

The local cats have a Fight Club, and the prize? The local female moggies.

Our cat is always up for a bit of a rumpus and of course the ultimate motivator is a bit of nookie at the end of it.

Obvious when you think about it.

Sex On The Menu

Friendly TitsDid I mention this sex story?

“Her hand slipped inside and with his cock still pointing down his leg her fingers worked on his shaft. The discomfort was intense for him, restricted and bent downward in such an awkward position his cock felt like it would snap … yet he knew he would cum, watching her smiling face and feeling her red manicured nails manipulating his hard member.”

The rest can be read here.

Robot Boob Rub

I came across this on YouTube.

I couldn’t find a better quality video on there but you will get the general idea. It’s a breast massaging machine. Don’t laugh, it is a genuine proto type that a clever Japanese guy has developed and is asking for funding to take in to production.

Girls would we use this or simply ask a guy for assistance? 😉


Shirley’s a little bit old for me to get all excited about but she is a true Diva, not because she makes stupid demands on her contact riders but in the true sense of the word Diva. Love this song, video and the performance …

Curvy Sexy Bodies

TamperingTess Daley was photographed for La Senza a couple of years ago in some very provocative underwear and although she is indeed a very tall lady, her image had been stretched. When you looked at it her body was as long or longer than her legs. It looked ridiculous and the paper was having a field day pointing out that real people could never look this way because it is physically impossible.

They also ran an article on a pair of fashionable jeans where the model had been reduced by half her natural size. It could be proven because they also published the original image next to it. Are we really so gullible as to believe that models skins are flawless and even pore less and that there skins have a natural golden glow.

Well the modelling world has always been that way and may never change but you don’t expect it to be the same with porn…or do you?

Check out the image above carefully and see if you can find the bad Photoshopping.

Did you see it? Check out the space between the girls legs. The image has been clearly cut away to make her pudenda more prominent. You can tell because they have and rather badly, cloned the golden stripe between her legs and it isn’t in sequence with the others on the back. Lol

So nobody is safe from the perfect world we know as Photoshop.

Exotica Erotica

Erotica 2011 Olympia LondonSo what did I get up to this weekend?  I went to an adult show in London, Erotica 2011 to be precise.

We arrived in London after a rather lengthy train ride with our large case and the prospect of another 20 minute journey on the subway to reach our final destination, the Olympia Hilton.

Little did we know that we were about to embark on an epic journey via broken signals and engineering works which would see the journey taking us two hours in total.  Just what we needed after a long train journey.

Eventually we made it to the hotel and up to the 7th floor room.  Both of us were tired and hungry and eager to get to the show as it was now about 5pm.  The room was warm and Alex tried to adjust the air con but it was blowing hot air.

After an engineer inspected the air con we decided a room move was best as it was not just blowing heated air but making an awful noise now too.  We relocated to a quiet room on the 6th floor, quickly unpacked and made our way to the show.

It was now 6pm and Erotica was due to finish at 9pm and we were starting to wonder if we should skip it and go the following day.  But we decided to go in and were stunned by the cost for entry.  It was £30 to get in, that would work out to £10 per hour – each! –  as they weren’t prepared to give us a reduced cost entry.

Alex paid them and we made our way in.  There appeared to be a lot of empty space downstairs and the hall itself was reminiscent of an indoor market.  The stands were fairly basic and there was no decoration in the main hall at all.

I was now starting to wonder if we would be able to see everything in our 3 hour visit without the need to come back….



Lap DancerIf there’s one thing that will get the average British tabloid journalist excited it’s the smell of a sex scandal. Sex sells newspapers and magazines. It provides the fodder for documentaries in late night slots on channel 4 filled with lurid accounts about alleged transgressors from people who either vaguely knew them or have an axe to grind.

Sex, or to be more accurate any story about alleged sexual impropriety, is good for the media.

So why do they choose to pretend otherwise? There seems to be a cut-off point. You can be cheeky but not smutty, teasing but not explicit … unless it’s “in the public interest” to do so when reporting on the “sordid” “truth” about a particular news item.

Don’t worry this is just a general rant about the laziness inherent in any media channel which acts with indignation when anyone, particularly a public figure, is found to have sexual tastes outside the vanilla. It also applies to people who deliberately manipulate the media for its own commercial ends. However as always although I find it a bit sad and very annoying when the fish and the sharks get together for their own mutual advancement I know it wouldn’t happen if there wasn’t an audience out there for this kind of thing.

Imagine the scene. It’s Sunday and the scandal rags are out. The BBC’s newsreaders are discussing Sunday’s salacious stories earnestly and with some relish as this is the only day they can get away with dwelling on the sexual (these days you can’t even say “arse” on the BBC without the presenter quickly making a simpering apology).

The family is reading and watching the stories unfold, making the appropriate disapproving noises. Then at some point they go their separate ways and are alone with their thoughts, she goes off to cook Sunday lunch and dreams of the elicit affair with the hunky sports star just featured on the box as having a voracious sexual appetite. He sits, apparently reading the details of the disgraceful story while actually studying the lines of the “harlot’s” breasts through her almost transparent top and wondering what it would be like to cum all over them.

Let’s all be honest. The need to read about this sort of thing and the volume of righteous indignation is proportional to the unhappiness with your own sex life? OK so where a partner has been cheated on and a family has been split up there is some room for tutting and finger wagging but how often do these stories involve single people (celebs) just doing what they enjoy, more often than most of us do, with better looking people and at more expensive venues?

Hypocrisy, jealousy?

Good Old Porn

Vintage PornThere’s often something missing from modern porn. The apparent innocence.

I know, I know, everything is not always as it seems in such pictures. Some of the girls knew exactly what they were doing and some aren’t even that old, staged for a modern audience who yearns for a simpler and predominantly unshaven age.

Modern adult media so very often misses the point when it comes to what makes women attractive. It goes straight for the jugular and tries to get you hard and get you off in a few minutes. Is there no time for the build-up in porn any more?

Apparently not, in our helter-skelter world of living too fast I think we’re missing out on the pleasures our grandparents understood …

Check Out My Pipe

Tomorrow is the 113th birthday of Rene Magritte surrealist artists. One of his most famous paintings “Ceci N’est pas une pipe” had me thinking again. The contradiction and clarification in the image is so appropriate for sex blogging.

The contradiction is of course that a sex blog, like the painting of a pipe by Magritte is not the thing itself. A blog cannot represent the sex life of the author in the same way that a painting of a pipe is not in itself a pipe.

The clarification comes with the legend inscribed below the pipe, or in the case of a sex blog the disclaimer that sometimes accompanies the posts. “This is not a pipe” tells the viewer what they already know, that the image of a pipe is a representation of a pipe. No matter how accurate a depiction of the object a painting is always that, a painting, two dimensional and somewhat less than the original, or at least different in that it is an interpretation of the real thing.

The same is true of sex blogs. No matter how skilful the writing or accurate the descriptions, either by default or design no sex blogger can or would be willing to expose their entire private life to public gaze.

Yes they may tell you about their darkest desires and deepest longings, but you will always be restricted in what you are allowed to read.

And that’s how it should be. After all even sex bloggers have a right to a little bit of privacy. LOL

Weird Sex

BananaThere are few if any fictional stories that are stranger than the sexual antics of real people. Read the newspapers and you’ll find all sorts of odd goings on. OK so some of them may be completely made up but some are real and I’ve witnessed some real weird stuff in real life myself. That can make it a bit of challenge when trying to write something new and different.

Previous visitors to this site will know that I like a bit of the unusual, some would say bizarre in my fiction.

When you realise that life can always beat you in the weirdness stakes it can be a bit disconcerting. Still I will endeavour to find something to try and trump life in the oddness stakes.

Now let me think …

Girls And Boys And Sex And Toys

MinxI don’t like the idea of wonder drugs. Literally and metaphorically there is no such thing as a magic bullet, and yet this article on the BBC’s website might sound like the answer to many couple’s prayers.

The problem is of course, as the article points out, even if the new tablet works there may be other reasons for a couple not feeling like sex. Leaving aside physiological issues there are many good reasons to investigate why a couple stops having sex before resorting to medication. Problems within a relationship and pressures from outside can make sex the last thing on your mind.

Just jumping into bed to cover up the problems a couple have can just make the problems worse. You might just get better at ignoring the real problem.

That’s not to say of course that this drug is a bad thing. Assuming it is passed for use it could benefit many couples who need a little kick start to invigorate their relationship after career and kids have displaced twice-nightly bedroom gymnastics.

We’ll see …

Watch Me Squirt!

Female ejaculation, squirtingI don’t know if my vaginal wiring has changed but I’ve been experiencing squirting with regularity of late.  lol

Alex has been giving me a real hard fucking lately whilst in the missionary position and making me ejaculate.  Apart from the exquisite feeling of coming I didn’t know I had squirted until I felt the cold air against my wet pussy and butt cheeks.

Then a hand under my ass confirmed that I had, the sheet below me was soaked.  I moved over and finished the business on Alex’s side of the bed and took a hairdryer to my side of the bed afterwards to avoid running out of bedding because of frequent ejaculations.

I now know what I’m putting on my Christmas wish list…lots of new bedding.  lol